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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 9, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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a 21 point $5 billion surplus. where the money will fly across the entire state. another threat in east bay high school. increased security today and why the fbi is involved. the latest on kevin durant injury as the wires are one win away from heading back to the western conference finals. good afternoon everyone. >> governor gavin newsom's budget was unveiled at the capitol in sacramento. >> the entire $213 billion budget is up from 209 billion in january and includes a record high surplus of $21.5 billion. this means more money for schools, child care and affordable housing. ktvu frank mallicoat with more on the story. >> reporter: lots of numbers
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and you hurt some of them. they are very good. the rainy day reserve flush with cash, $16.5 billion, a huge surplus of 21 billion dollars to pay down the wall of that. as for the revised budget nearly half, 45% will go toward education. it includes the uc system and community colleges. but the larger share will go through katie 12th grade. k-12 grade. $1 billion will go to cure the homeless issue. $650,000 of that will go to help cities like oakland and san francisco that have a real crisis on their hands. >> this homeless issue is out of control. the homeless issue, like the housing issue is a crisis. it is a stain on the state of california. the homeless issue is rightfully top of mind for people all across the state.
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there are rage by and disgusted by it and wondering, what is going on in sacramento. and they should. >> homelessness and affordable housing go hand-in-hand. only 77,000 new units were built in the state last year. the governor says we can do much better. nearly $2 billion will go toward that. governor newsom said the state is repairing for recession. with a decade of growth we are due for a downturn in california will be ready. >> i remind folks that we have had 10 recessions since world war ii. we are in the 10th year of expansion and feeling anxiety. and we are cognizant of that. i think we are being thoughtful about that and judicious in terms of the budgeting. and planning strategies. >> despite the news the governor added the state is projecting a 3% revenue growth this year and all of that work begins with month-long negotiations on a due 15th deadline of passing that revised budget bill. in the newsroom frank
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mallicoat, ktvu fox 2 news. tense moments for workers at a lab. at 9:30 am two alarm fire started inside a room at the national testing systems lab on cherry street. lead battery testing was being done the lead to overheating and a chemical fire toward the back of the building. that prompted evacuations of all employees. >> with any sort of lead acid, lithium ion battery, there are hazards associated with that. especially with the potential reactivity with water. the sprinkler system, confined the fire to the testing facility and crews were able to extinguish the fire with a combination of hose lines and dry chemical distinguishes. >> there were no injuries and the damage was contained to a metal testing shed. also firefighters in hayward
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investigating an early morning fire that burned four homes under construction. this was overnight on holyoke avenue near olympic avenue. eight other nearby homes had heat damage and blown out windows. no injuries were reported. the cause is not known. check multiple threats in east bay high school this month prompted federal authorities to involved. the fbi's role in the investigation at california high school in san ramon. >> reporter: fbi agents were on campus at california high school, helping the san ramon police department. the department says the fbi was here based on the threat of violence. not because of a potential hate crime given the nation of the third threat with a racial slur that. investigators are working hard to figure out who did this. police cars lined up, officers standing guard. this is and because something already happened at california high school. but to make sure that nothing
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does. >> we take these kind of things seriously. >> reporter: so seriously that when the fbi reached out to the san ramon police department wednesday to help after three threats at the school, the department didn't hesitate to say yes. >> the more minds we can put together, the better. so the more people, the more suggestions, the more investigative leads we can look into. the idea is to get it the bottom of it. >> reporter: the recent threat was spotted in the bathroom by student wednesday. the graffiti said quote tomorrow, library will be shot up first then court record yard and myself. it also had a racial threat against african-americans. to other were found last week. one in a bathroom and when you're the football field. officers with the department say they talk to many people about the incident and they're working on leads as they come in. >> we don't have anything to substantiate a critical threat but we cannot say for certain other. >> reporter: parents to drop their kids off our concern but comforted by the officers on campus. >> the increased police visibility and everybody being hypervigilant.
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>> reporter: the plan is there will be a lot of san ramon officers on campus tomorrow as well. they are also counselors to help students and staff. in san ramon, ktvu fox 2 news. the judge of the ghost ship warehouse threat trial is threatening to close to the public. the judge wants to asters of their influence by possible and appropriate indications. defense lawyers responded to testimony from the former assistant fire marshall yesterday who testified that they were responsible for making sure the building was safe. >> they never did anything. the fire department failed its duty and responsibilities. >> each have been charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. one for each person who died in the fire. stay with ktvu and
12:07 pm through the duration of the ghost ship trial. henry lee will be in the courtroom every day and we will have coverage on air and on his ghost ship blog at a tax measure going on san francisco's november ballot is picking up more support. some supervises and out support about an hour ago on the steps of city hall. the ip attacks would help tackle the city's extreme income inequality. it would be used to fund affordable housing and education, youth programs and stabilize small businesses. uber, lyft and air b&b are examples of companies that could be taxed. >> san francisco can be a place for all kinds of people. were the success created by many does not only benefit a few. were corporations are responsible neighbors. and where technology and innovation act and service to society. instead of the other way around. >> if passed by voters the tax
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will generate up to $200 million the 1st years. the san jose sharks season continues after a 3-2 victory over the avalanche. >> the chart got a boost when the team captain was announced in the game opening lineup and with his official return, he was hurt against vegas several weeks ago. he score the first goal off of the flaxen and assisted in the second goal to make it 2-0. after the game he said it felt good getting back on the ice. >> i felt like i was able to do a lot of things and it felt good. >> the sharks will host st. louis, the city of blues in game one for the restaurant conference final saturday night. the same matchup is 3 years ago when the sharks made their only appearance in the stanley cup finals. join us tomorrow morning were the most sacred trophy in hockey will be right here in
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the studio. an injury could have kevin durant out of tomorrow's game. the workers are one win away from the western conference finals. >> it was a big start for the workers last night. the words hello lead early but the rockets stormed back. the teams flip-flop, taking the lead in the third quarter. klay thompson went 5-10 from beyond the arc. joe fonzi tells us what's next for the warriors after their 104-99 win over houston and reports that kevin durant is out for game six. >> reporter: the warriors gutted it out last night. there is no other way to describe it. they finished without kevin durant who led left in the third quarter. steve kerr was so proud of his players that he went seriously out of character in his post game press conference.
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>> i apologize to my mom is probably watching. our guys are [ bleep ] giants. that was unbelievable. sorry mom. >> reporter: drat will have an mri today and in all likelihood will not play games six. the warriors know that will change the rotation but they have been here before and are up for the challenge. >> the guys will have opportunities to step up and do it collectively. >> we will have to collectively make up for what he does. we've done it before. is going to be incredibly difficult but this is the playoffs and i know they will not feel sorry for us. the media and the fans. it will be a gut check time to go down there and give it the best effort. that is all we can do. >> reporter: the warriors will travel today and wrap up the series tomorrow in his in. the one thing assured with last nights win, golden state has not played his final game at oracle arena. in oakland joe fonzi, ktvu fox 2 . thousands of commuters get
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out of their cars this morning. the president's -- lawmakers want to talk with donald trump, jr. again. that story is coming up. lutzel clouds over the entire bay area for today. get ready for cooler temperatures. we track the chance of showers by tonight. more on the chance is coming up at the forecast after the break. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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president trump's oldest son is being called to capitol hill. congress has issued a subpoena for donald trump, jr. lauren blanchard reports it is another fight over the mueller report that is far from over. >> reporter: the president's son to be subpoenaed to testify. the republican-led senate intelligence committee called for donald trump, jr. to answer more questions about his 2017 congressional testimony and what he knew about a plan to build a trump tower in moscow. it comes after the president's former lawyer michael cohen testified. >> one of the things they are trying to figure out is how russia infiltrated our elections and what the attempt was to do and a matter to prevent this from ever happening again. >> reporter: acting white house
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chief of staff mick mulvaney criticizing the committee for not informing him the subpoena was coming him. >> to subpoena his son and not get a heads up i thought was in bad form. >> reporter: the house minority leader saying on twitter that the younger mr. trump already spent dozens of hours testifying and the endless investigation by either party won't change the fact there was no collusion. the subpoena, coming as the house judiciary committee voted to hold the attorney general in contempt of congress. and the president asserted executive privilege over the mueller report. >> every day they are advertising obstruction of justice by ignoring subpoenas. >> do we have a constitutional crisis? in my opinion we don't. it is a clash. >> reporter: nadler hopes to have bob mueller brought in the testimony may 15. it is the same date the house intelligence committee chair gave the justice department to hand over the full mueller report. in washington, lauren blanchard, ktvu fox 2 news.
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california senator and presidential hopeful kamala harris is making an appearance in san francisco today. she will be the speaker at the 75th anniversary celebration of the sun reporter newspaper. and african-american weekly publication. the gala is at the hyatt regency at 7 pm. in the meantime democratic presidential candidate pete buttigieg will be in san francisco tomorrow. he will host a fundraiser at the regency ballroom from 6:30 pm to 8 pm. he's in los angeles joining that mayor for an event supporting organized labor. we see gray and wind across the area. >> it is one of the cooler days and we have stubborn overcast. here's a live camera look toward san francisco bay. solid overcast blanketing the city. the same deal in san jose where you can't see the
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overcast. the clouds will slowly backup near the close coastline. the satellite showing you the clouds hanging tough near the coastline. also showers, not just here yet but approaching the bay area later on this evening. the forecast model is backing off on the shower chances for us later on today. current numbers, we have santa rosa chilly and 56 in san francisco warmer. san jose, 66 and walnut creek, around 60. typically the shallow marine layer is 1000 and 1500 feet deep. that layer has been expanding. right now it is above 3000 feet. all of the cooler marine air that is typically tucked into the coast can make a strong inland push and as a result no 90s or 80s, we are sticking with the 70s this afternoon. we are watching this area of low pressure backing out near
12:18 pm
the close impacting central and southern california. press we have fog, drizzle, clouds and temperatures in the 60s and 70s. we will have more sunshine inland but still some patchy fog for a portion of the day. tonight we bring in a slight chance for showers as the system backs up toward central california offshore. we could pick up some wraparound clouds. the latest model backing off on the shower chances. here we are tonight, 6 pm was showers approaching modesto. that we put into mesh motion. showers dissipating but close enough to bring a slight chance of a sprinkle tonight. then for friday. for friday we expect decreasing clouds by the afternoon hours. this will set the stage for a fairly nice weekend with temperatures warming up a little bit as we head toward sunday.
12:19 pm
the forecast hi this afternoon, 60s and 70s. stubborn cloud cover for santa rosa this afternoon. you will see more sunshine though out toward antioch and brentwood. fairfield reporting mostly sunny skies. more overcast for san francisco and pacifica, san jose expecting partly sunny skies this afternoon. 5-day forecast, no big changes. temperatures for tomorrow once again a slight chance of a shower tonight and through friday. it looks nice as we head into the weekend. temperatures by sunday, mother's day could be approaching 80 degrees. >> mother's day looks great. thank you for that. what the president is vowing to do to stop people from getting hit with surprise medical bills that can rack up thousands of dollars in debt. here you go little guy.
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u.s. and china have been weighing in on markets all week long. the s&p 500 index is on pace for the worst week of the year. the dow jones, i should mention it was down 400 points at one point today is crawling or fighting back currently down 200 points. the trump administration is increasing pressure on iran with extra sanctions on steel, aluminum, iron and copper exports. this policy announcement by iran's president he's giving european leaders 60 days to fix the iran nuclear agreement or iran will resume building its nuclear program. iran wants assurances from the remaining countries, britain, france, germany, china and russia that iran will reap the benefits of the nuclear agreement. the british foreign secretary 1
12:23 pm
ron not to violate the commitment. >> if they break the deal and there will be consequences in terms of how european powers react. we urge the iranians to think long and hard before they break the deal. >> this comes as the u.s. is increasing military presence in the persian gulf following reports that iran was going to attack forces in the region. president trump is found to hold insurance companies and hospitals responsible for surprised billing. when an insured patient is hit with costly charges without realizing they go to a doctor out of network. the president called it one of the biggest concerns american have about healthcare. many times in emergency patients are admitted to the hospital in their network but then they are treated by someone who is out of network. leading to surprise cost.
12:24 pm
>> anyone buying tobacco products or e-cigarettes has to be 21 here in california. there's actually a push by lawmakers now to make it a federal law. >> reporter: a group of bipartisan senators proposing to make tobacco 21 legislation. to raise the federal age for tobacco products from 18 to 21. >> tobacco damages the human body. tobacco kills people. let's try to help young people from getting hot on this terrible product. >> reporter: with seven states already increasing the age minimum, this is another step in the growing movement to extinguish youth teen addiction. especially with the alarming rate at which children are vaping. >> in 2018 e-cigarette use increase by two 80% among high school students. 15 percent among middle schoolers across america. >> reporter: the proposal sparking a debate. >> what good is it to increase the age when it is already
12:25 pm
being broken at such an early age. >> reporter: and on wednesday, walmart becoming the most recent retailer to raise tobacco buying age to 21. the retail giant also removing any fruity or dessert flavored nicotine from shelves. the policy shift in the roughly 500 nationwide stores will take effect july 1. the city of beverly hills could be the first city in the u.s. to ban most sales of tobacco products. city councilmembers indicating they will pass the measure may 21. research by the national academy of medicine said raising the federal age could prevent more than 220,000 smoking-related deaths. in new york, fox news. the consumer of financial protection bureau could make changes to how often debt collectors can contact people about money they owe. the proposal allows collectors
12:26 pm
to text, email and private message people but limits it to seven times a week. the plan would ban lawsuits or threat of lawsuits if the statute of limitations has expired. the pope issued the first global rules for reporting abuse. the law from the vatican on how catholics and clergy around the world will handle reports of sexual abuse. lawmakers on capitol hill reacting to the latest missile test by north korea to. you know when you're at ross and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. at ross. man, that's a cool looking hot tub. we should check on the baby. he's so sweet.
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specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. these are some of the top stories were following today. governor gavin newsom has revealed his budget. up from 200 billion dollars. a surplus of $21.5 billion means more money for schools, child care and housing. the governor says after a decade of growth and other recessions in california will be prepared. california high school in san ramon is following the latest threatening message on the campus. extra security greeted students and teachers when they arrived at the school this morning. there have been three anonymous threats in the last week. warning about a shooting on campus.
12:30 pm
all catholic priests and nuns are required to report sexual abuse and coverups by superiors to church authorities. the pope announced the largest this morning. it provides whistleblower protections for anyone making a report and requires all dioceses around the world to have a system in place to receive the claims confidentially. the new tensions between u.s. and north korea after a freighter was shipping coal in violation of sanctions. in the meantime they fired two short range missiles today for the second time this week. >> reporter: and other weapons taste and north korea. two short framed -- the second test in five days. it comes as the special representative for north korea is visiting south korea to discuss denuclearization. but unlike other test this one doesn't seem to be delivered provocation. it flew a few hundred miles. some experts suggesting that
12:31 pm
the north korean leader is trying to send a message to president trump without risking military retaliation from the u.s. >> kim is trying to stay active but trying to really keep it within the short range self defense type of weapon so that he shows he is active but not provoking more maximum pressure. >> reporter: 10 minutes after the north korean launches, the u.s. military fired its own rocket from a base in california. the long range missile flew 4200 miles over the pacific. they say the timing was a coincidence not in response to north korea. the white house says it will continue exerting what it calls maximum pressure on the north until they agree to give up the nuclear program. >> our position in regards to north korea is going to continue to be the maximum
12:32 pm
pressure can pain. our focus is on denuclearization. >> reporter: senior officials from south korea at the u.s. and japan are meeting this week to come up with a unified response to the threat of north korea. in london, fox news. by tomorrow we should learn the charges being filed against two suspected shooters at the colorado school. friends and family and staff remembered the student who died trying to stop the attack. the senior was shot and killed in class tuesday with eight other wounded. many ward t-shirts from team enough that works to and gun violence. the 18-year-old is called a hero for charging one of the two shooters. he was shot to death as he and others tackled the shooter giving classmates a chance to escape. a second shooter was captured by an armed guard. another student calling kendrick castillo a hero. >> two high school kids, often
12:33 pm
people jumped into action without hesitation and i was more than lucky to join them. i want to make something very clear. kendrick castillo died a legend. he died a trooper. >> the two suspects appeared in court yesterday. the district attorney says it is not decided whether to file adult charges against the 16- year-old suspect adding they are not old enough to be charged as an adult. san francisco cabdrivers will hold a protest against uber and 30 minutes. yesterday uber and lift drivers held their own rally. many turned off the apps and set up picket lines across the country in cities demanding job security and higher pay. they are seeing earnings decline they say. >> we've been working 2 years and i can survive anymore. >> uber and lyft say drivers average $20 an hour. the strike would consign with the public offering.
12:34 pm
uber will set the ipo price today and trading will begin tomorrow. a study reveals right healing vehicles like uber and lyft account for the majority of san francisco traffic jams. researchers at the university of kentucky analyze millions of trip in the city between 2010 and 16. they found ride sharing accounted for half of the 62% increase in weekday traffic. uber and lyft disputed the findings in the study did not take into account jobs and population growth. regulations give teachers the ability to expand sex education curriculums. the board of education approved revisions to the sex ed guidance for public schools. it allows talking about gender identity with young children and discussing safe sex and lgbtq relationships with
12:35 pm
teenagers. the board removed several from the suggested list after parent complained they were explicit. one book, changing you shows cartoon illustrations of private body parts. thousands around the bay area are riding their bikes to and from work. many commuters are leaving the cars at home. >> reporter: time to ditch the car and jump on a bike. it is good for the environment and by the way it is good for you. the 25th anniversary of bike to work day. and oh yeah, this is a family affair. >> happy bike to work day! >> reporter: say head to the brown and armstrong family from right here in san jose where they had a great turnout this morning. a perfect morning, nearly 100 cyclists on hand at 7:15 am to take a healthy seven mile trek around the city. and leading the way is the mayor. it is his first big bike ride since the new year's day accident. you may recall he slammed into an suv on his bike, broke his sternum and two vertebrae. it has been a long recovery but
12:36 pm
he's nearly 100% and he tells me he's excited to get back on his bike. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. i got the brace off two weeks ago and i'm fired up to get on the bike. >> did the doctor so you can get on the bike? >> yes. it took several appeals. i had to go to court but it all worked out. >> does this day have special meaning for you? >> yes. it is fantastic and great to be on my bicycle. is going to be a beautiful day. the sharks won last night and a lot of good things can happen. >> the city is doing a lot to promote safe biking and healthy pedestrians. >> we are working on expanding the mileage of safe bike lanes. segregating them from traffic and we are seeing more cyclist taking advantage. >> back on his bike and looking very strong i might add. by the way, san jose is one of a number of cities all over the bay area. 100,000 strong riding their bike to work today. and hopefully getting the
12:37 pm
traffic some time off. right now co., ktvu fox 2 news. many oakland writers gathered at the bike station this morning. there is a program called flood the streets with bike to encourage children to hop on two wheels whenever they can. >> doing afterschool programs, bringing bikes to schools and teaching kids to ride bikes and everything. >> an estimated 100,000 cycle is expected to be participating in bike to work day across the bay area. nearly 150 people in san jose used to be homeless have a roof over their head. yesterday was move-in day for people at the second street studios on the edge of downtown san jose. it is the 1st of its kind in san jose offering permanent housing. the complex with modular units. >> it is the idea that not only
12:38 pm
do they have a home but they have the services that allow them to not only stay housed but thrive. >> san jose's mayor said the city needs more projects like the second street studios. the mayor said 500 units of affordable housing are currently under construction in the city. a taco shop in pleasanton is attracting attention for the generosity of owners and customers. two amigos has a policy to make sure that every customer is that if they don't have money to pay for the meal. the restaurant also has a board where customers can purchase an extra meal for someone else. someone in need can use the receipt as a voucher for a female. >> as you can see right now you are interviewing me and people are taking pictures of the wall. they post it there and all the people can participate. >> the owners give away about 50 meals a week. often times those in need offered to clean up around the
12:39 pm
restaurant to pay for their food. the interstate instead just write a thank you know. rebuilding after tragedy. the support the families who lost their homes in the camp fire are getting. as well as the relief coming from fema to 2 counties. salad cloud cover over san francisco. we will be tracking shower chances by tonight with more of the forecast coming up. you wanted to save on prescriptions...
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claims from last year's wildfires in southern california top $12 billion. the state insurance commissioner said the majority of the claims are from the camp fire. his agency is committed to helping wildfire victims rebuild and recover. six months after the devastating camp fire that nearly wiped out the town of paradise the town said it has approved 13 residential building permits to replace the 14,000 homes destroyed. >> many people were living in fema trailers are wondering where they are going to go from
12:43 pm
here. >> reporter: in the serene setting of bidwell canyon state park, marina curtis has found temporary housing finally. >> i moved 14 times since the fire. so finally i have a place where i can stay. >> reporter: curtis escaped the campfire with her two dogs and everything else is gone. she is one of 70 travel trailers in the community established by fema. people can live for a year rent free and work with a case manager to to figure out the next move. curtis says she would like to buy a mobile home and return to paradise. >> i don't know. it depends on the building codes. i'm still walking on eggshells about that. >> i came off of the mountain with the clothing on my back and the old pickup truck.
12:44 pm
>> reporter: neighbor shows us the melted metal from the motorhome he lived in. >> surviving the fire is the easy part. it is trying to recover it is killing me. >> reporter: is not sure what to do next or if he wants to return. >> something is pulling at me saying i should be up there to be part of rebuilding the community. >> would you like to go back? >> it is undecided. >> reporter: fema has set up these communities in 18 state parks. enough to cover 300 households but fema says finding shelter for all of the camp fire victims is a challenge. >> placing individuals in housing that is safe, secure and that will meet their needs off of the bat is a challenge and continues to be a challenge today. >> reporter: fema says 90% of the victims have places to stay. >> it is the other 10% we have that were uninsured renters that lost everything along with documentation. that has made it a challenge for those individuals.
12:45 pm
>> reporter: 30 miles north in paradise, some have gotten permits and started building. >> when we got the call that we are going to get the permit, it felt like it is time to move on. >> reporter: he's renting in chico with his wife and 11-year- old daughter. he hopes to move from a year from now. >> paradise will be fine. i'm not worried about it at all. hopefully it is better. >> if it doesn't work out there, i'm going to move to the ozarks where my sister moved to after the fire. >> reporter: six months later the camp fire is turning lives upside down. the futures of many and out. in butte county, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. a little bit of instability
12:46 pm
out there across portions of the bay area. maybe some drizzle as well to cut the roadways. outside right now we have clouds in place with mostly cloudy skies. the bulk of the showers to the east of the bay area but we are watching the action by tonight especially. here's the camera looking out at walnut creek. the tree is moving around a little bit with the onshore breeze. with that we will keep temperatures on the cooler side today. 60s and 70s, that is it for afternoon highs across the bay area neighborhoods. we have a lightning strike to the east. you can see showers popping to the east of fresno. some activity drifting closer to the bay area later on today. right now, solid overcast from santa rosa to san francisco. fema and san jose. we have clearing toward portions of solano county around fairfield. also toward the antioch area. current numbers, santa rosa 56, san francisco, 58 degrees. it looks like some 60s for fremont, mountain view and san
12:47 pm
jose. 66 degrees. a shallow marine layer would typically keep the fog into the immediately coastline but the rain layer is stretching out right above 3000 feet. that is a thick marine layer. we are not talking about 90s or 80s for today. the source of the shower threat today has been this area of low pressure that will be backing toward the coast. so today we have the fog, the drizzle and the class. 60s and 70s. the system back toward the coastline of central california. this will warrant at least a slight chance of a shower for us by late tonight and early friday morning. the forecast models have been trending down with the shower chances. here we are at 6:00 here come showing you the cover co-side. we have sunshine inland approaching modesto. the bulk of the action is fizzling to the east, mainly approaching areas to the south. the slight chance later on
12:48 pm
tonight and by friday we should have decreasing clouds with patchy overcast. here's the breakdown for today. temperatures and sky conditions, pacifica, san francisco, oakland and berkeley mostly cloudy with patchy fog in santa rosa. then clearing, out toward fairfield and more sunshine toward concord, antioch and brentwood. for the south bay, partly cloudy and sunshine toward pleasanton and livermore. clouds are hanging tough toward half moon bay and san mateo. it depends and how much sunshine you are as to where you are. friday, partly cloudy skies in the weekend looking good. by sunday, it should be the warmest day of the weekend. any outdoor plans for mother's day, hikes and barbecues are looking pretty good.
12:49 pm
happening now, the boston red sox are visiting president trump at the white house. to celebrate the world series championship. a number of the players and coaches are not there. red sox manager alex cora and nearly every other player of color did not make the trip for various reasons. he says he's opting out because of president trump and the government's handling of the aftermath of hurricane maria in puerto rico. you see the president speaking in front of the players that made the trip. the 20 players there including mitch moreland and world series mvp steve pearce. >> the oakland a's are down to - year to the reds at the  coliseum. the ace hoping to sweep the series. last night the a's were down 4- 2. the game went to the 13th inning before a blasted walkoff homer. the a's won 5-4 in a game that lasted three hours and 58 minutes.
12:50 pm
the giants are down 3-0 to the colorado rockies right now. the game is in the second inning in denver. no buster posey. the giants put the catcher on the injured list with a concussion. it is unclear how he suffered the injury but he has taken several foul balls off his face mask recently. the giants put posey on the same list a couple of years ago after he was hit in the helmet with a fastball. it looks like basketball legend jason kidd is a candidate for head coach of the lakers. it appears dash -- he was looking for a five-year contract. the lakers are turning to other candidates including former cal and st. joseph's high school star jason kidd that interviewed earlier for the job. no one's journey begins with a trophy.
12:51 pm
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a never rough day for the markets as we approach the closing bell on this thursday afternoon. you can see the dow jones in negative territory from the beginning. it was down about 400 points. as you see it is now down 153 points. a couple that used to be homeless is refusing the mvp treatment from the warriors. >> the team surprise them last night with playoff tickets. >> reporter: from their new living quarters inside his fallen for million-dollar, 4500 square foot estate in piedmont, to standing courtside at oracle arena. greg and marie are humbly embracing these gracious gifts after living on the streets of oakland for 10 years. >> we would take showers and bath any time and it feels so good. i don't ever want to go back to living that life and i will not
12:54 pm
forget where i was. >> reporter: they camped out in the doorway of a building to survive until three months ago when a real estate developer rather story in the san francisco chronicle and invited them to live in the in law unit of his home. >> i stepped out and said come on i will take you guys. that felt real good. >> they didn't get a warm welcome from neighbors reportedly called police after seeing the pair walking around the neighborhood. they did get a warm welcome at oracle arena. the golden state warriors were touched by the couple's journey and invited them to experience of a lifetime at the nba champions taking on the rockets for game 5 of the playoffs. >> we were very moved by that. we love all of our fans and
12:55 pm
wanted all of them to experience coming to a game. >> i still couldn't believe it. >> reporter: already big warrior fans, now given the star treatment. a guided tour of oracle arena. and a courtside view of their favorite basketball players, warming up before this highly anticipated game. >> we never dreamed we would ever be able to come to a playoff game. >> reporter: it turns out that warriors player quinn cook called them to surprise them with tickets. and got a chance to see them in person. >> it is the beginning of more games to come. researchers and berkeley are counting a scientific breakthrough that could eliminate plastic waste. >> we will speak with the head of a project that could lead to 100% recyclable plastics. more on the idea that could
12:56 pm
have a $2.5 trillion impact. that is today 4:00. a special olympics track meet is underway. >> opening ceremonies happen this morning. 300 athletes are participating. it is the first time -- 100 students are volunteering at the event. >> this is a great opportunity for our students at the high school to be involved with special olympics. and learn more about inclusion. we have a lot of classes they came out to watch and cheer the others on. >> the athletes are from schools in antioch, brentwood, pittsburgh and oakland. we have an update on kevin durant who is injured last night. the way you're saying he had an mri today confirming the initial diagnosis of strained right calf. he will not travel with the team for game six to the texas.
12:57 pm
he will get some treatment here and i hope everything works out for game seven. hopefully he will be there this coming weekend. thanks for watching everybody. have a great rest of your day. n with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box.
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try my new spicy chicken strips combo today. with 100% all-white meat chicken. >> abducted by a family friend. >> i was kidnapped and strapped to the back of a dead in a motorhome. >> told aliens would kill her. sexually abused and manipulated. >> i haven't finished the mission. >> and her parents blackmailed. >> your abuser convinced your mother to be unfaithful. >> he threatened to expose that. >> coming up next. dr. oz: today's show contains content meant for mature audiences. some of our discussion may be inappropriate for teens and young children. on an autumn day in 1974, 12-year-old jan broberg left to go horseback riding with her parents permission. she was driven by a


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