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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  May 10, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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huber making its debut on the new york stock exchange but some of the uber employees are not happy about the company going public.>> from ktvu fox 2 news this is mornings on 2. thank you for joining us here on friday morning may 10. i am pam cook. >> it is friday and good morning on dave clark, we're talking about the weather and if you live in linda you may notice a change. >> a tricky forecast, a little heads of it offshore and i have seen jumps about 140 compared to yesterday. a big lightning show and also snow in the central sierra from the moisture in the low forming in central california but we have a fog bank in place. if you are going down towards a
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back and there's a west southwest breeze but higher elevations in lake county shown a little easterly. 50s on the thames and everybody's and cloudy, upper 40s and mid-40s for a few but a lot of 50s, with the low forming and high-pressure to the north it looks like the floor around that might give some a quick little one. 60s and 70s and then low 80s inland. 4:01 am friday morning and he is here and he will tell you about that super commute time.>> good morning steve and happy friday. super commute starting out on tracy with a little bit of slow traffic on 205 approaching the 580 interchange, not much but it is there as you drive over to livermore. you see the rest of the east bay commute looks good with no major issues in front of oracle arena. if you're driving to san francisco right now is a good time with very little delay at the toll plaza.>> today uber
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hours away from its initial public offering and the san francisco bride-based sharing company price its ipo at $45 a share in this is an mid-growing support for a measure to impose a city tax on public offerings in san francisco. the supervisor says the income gap in the city is getting larger as more tech companies go public and the tax measure would help fund affordable housing and programs for small businesses. the critics say the measure will discourage startups from setting up shop in san francisco and if passed the ipo tax is estimated to generate up to to hundred million dollars during the first years. and as ever gets ready to debut on the stock exchange some drivers are demanding higher pay and job security, earlier this week rideshare drivers turn off of their apps and hit the picket lines and the drivers say they are frustrated with the lack of healthcare and benefits as independent contractors and huber says
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drivers make an average of $20 an hour or more. today we will closely watch trade talks between us and china. overnight tariffs on 200 billion dollars of chinese goods went up from 10 to 25% and yesterday treasury secretary steve management and the chinese premier met but did not work out a deal and china already says it will retaliate.>> we are taking well over $100 billion a year and we never took $.10 from china. not $.10. i think it will be a very strong day. >> there is no winner in a trade war and the interest of china, the us and the whole world.>> the chinese vice premier says now it is up to pres. trump and china's president to make a deal. the warriors go to the western conference finals and if they win tonight in houston, they are going into tonight's
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game is 3-2 record in the series lead after wednesday nights win over the rockets. however the team will be without kevin durant who will makes at least the rest of the series with a strained calf and tipoff is at 6 pm. democratic presidential candidate people to judge. in san francisco today for campaign stop and ask for events hosted by silicon valley donors ending tonight with a fundraiser at the regency ballroom. he is campaign for california and yesterday he attended a fundraiser in los angeles. california sen. , harris does a lot of campaign california to raise money and the democratic presidential candidate spoke last night to a packed house in san francisco for the sun reporters 70th anniversary event. sen. harris says the upcoming election is a chance for voters to decide on the future of the nation. >> this is an inflection moment in the history of our country to look in a mirror and ask a
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question, and the question being who are we.>> now she continues to build momentum ahead of primary voting in the first democratic presidential debate which takes place next month. former vp joe biden is making a lot of money from hollywood donors for his presidential campaign, a single fundraiser in los angeles wednesday raised more than $700,000 for his third white house bid. among those at the fundraiser were dreamworks cofounder jeffrey katzenberg, and the president of cbs films and 300 people attended the event, many paying the maximum individual donation of $2800 just to get in the door. a total of 21 democrats have declared they are in the race to unseat donald trump in 2020. bernie sanders and sen. harris raised the most money from individual donors followed by beto o'rourke.
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police in daly city investigating a death after a body was found at thorton beach in daly city and the chp says the death was reported about 5:20 pm yesterday. the person died near thorton beach road but so far we have few other details. 4:06 am, the ghost ship warehouse fire trial in oakland resumes monday after testimony from some of the former tenants who described the living conditions there before the fire to view crime reporter and really was in the courtroom as one former tenant testified the conditions made her feel unsafe.>>reporter: on day four of the testimony of the ghost ship trial jennifer turner testified she moved into the warehouse in 2014 and she said she found the warehouse filled with junk. it was so that she slipped or slept in her car a couple times and she said she quickly moved out only after three weeks. >> i think the district atty.
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will argue that she saw right away it was a fire hazard and left but remember my last question was you really left because you cannot sleep>> she said that she moved out was the same day oakland police were called to investigate an alleged assault and the attorney said it was the client who called police against another.>> she has a bias and her biases against us and that is why she is a witness >> the defense accused turner of credit card fraud at a nearby 24 hour fitness or she said she preferred to take a shower instead of the ghost ship, the da fought back and she confirmed it was an autopay issue with her account. also on the stand was warehouse tenant is a avalos testified against his friend and sarah's and all of us that he paid rent to harris and never thought the building was unsafe. >> he and max are still friends he will be a great when it's for us and as a was there that
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night. >> avalos cried on the fantasy described escaping from the warehouse as it was on fire and running into a woman with blond hair and big eyes, he lost sight of her and asked by the diyer happened he said it is because i did not grab her. he burst into tears. it is believed that woman is among the 36 people who died during the fire and the trial to start monday. radioactive material that was removed from a shed in san carlos last week has now been identified test results showed it consisted mostly of naturally occurring radioactive material. now the home, 82-year-old ronald seaford died in january and the radioactive material was found at his home and as it was being prepared for sale on the california department public health removed the material taking it to a secure location. bart is playing work this weekend shutting nonservice between semi space stations. bart will replace old trucks and other equipment to make a
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smoother and quieter right. and workstations in the bosporus will be in place for commuters to travel between the stations. there is a new director of transit for san francisco's municipal transportation agency. julie kirschbaum is now managing day-to-day operations and has been the acting transit director since october. they are still searching for a new transportation director to lead the agency after ed rice can announce his leave in august. and repair work for the two cracked us salesforce steel beams has been completed and ahead of schedule. workers hope to reopen the transit center sometime next month. the damaged names were first discovered eight months ago forcing the closure of that brand-new, $2.2 billion transit building. it is for 10 am, more than
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$30,000 stolen from a bay area little league and coming up who authorities believe is responsible. a dump truck slammed right into a home in petaluma and what that truck was doing moments before the crash. >> good morning, if you are ivi now is a good time. traffic moves along very well across the bridge. >> and the fog moves along pretty well although there are signs it may burn off sooner for some, we will look at those friday temps. (dad) this ice cream cake needs a freezer.
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the man accused of killing a young woman, 18-year-old mia wilson, at the oakland bart station is due in court, john lee cowell is accused of stabbing and killing her and injuring her sister last july. are in custody, they are accused of several armed robberies and carjackings in the south they. investigators say the suspects set up fake tender accounts to lure male victims to locations where they would rob or carjack them at gunpoint. these crimes occurred asleep at night in san jose between march 16 and march 29.
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the suspects are facing several charges including armed robbery, carjacking, auto theft, and hit and run. three women have been arrested on suspicion of stealing tens of thousands of dollar of merchandise throughout the bay area and they are suspected of stealing $25,000 worth of merchandise from a victoria's secret store in fairfield last month. detectives found out the same women were linked to at least nine other thefts. two of the women were arrested tuesday for strong armed robbery in napa. the third was arrested later that day in fairfield. the former treasurer of a little league in union city is facing embezzlement the union national little league for nearly 2 years and the team president said the board called the bank last august and noticed some unusual charges to their account after morgan failed to tell the board was
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neither made for a fundraiser and she was arrested in march after a six-month investigation, court documents should morgan admitted to using the little league account to pay for a trip to reno resort, a rental car and items from amazon. >> none of us want to believe it and we had it there in black and white we knew we had to do something and could not let it go.>> is terrible to think someone would take money away from little kids. >> morgan claims she used the teams account by mistake and she reimbursed the league for the charges that she made. the little league said because the money was taken they could not afford to pay rent on a storage unit that had equipment, uniforms and championship banners from the past 16 years and the team president said they raised the money to pay back the storage company but they were one day too late and the items were auctioned off. some homeowners in petaluma have a lot to clean up after a
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dump truck slammed right into the house take a look at what looked like yesterday. the petaluma fire department said the truck was parked on a hill and unoccupied when it's brakes failed. that truck barreled down the hill and slammed right into the garage of the home. thankfully no one was hurt. san asking for help to find the vandal who defaced the san jose veterans memorial and it was been vandalized just after midnighty city crews quickly removed the graffiti and the city's parks and recreation department is working with nearby businesses to try to find surveillance video to help police. an air force veteran who lost friends in the vietnam war says he is upset someone would vandalize the memorial.>> a lot of outrage, hurt, bewilderment. we lost a lot of people in vietnam, like 58,000+.>> now
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this is not the first time a veterans memorial has been vandalized in san jose. last august someone defaced the sons of vietnam memorial on west santa clara street downtown and in that case google out pay for the repairs. now let's get you moving this morning, you're starting off the day busy, what just happened? >> that is right, we do have traffic that will be out there dave and pam even though we do not have any major collisions with had some things going on, northbound 101 to san jose that traffic looks okay continuously with no major issues driving up into the south bay. as we look at roads it looks pretty good and traffic is okay. the traffic also looks pretty good on northbound 280 getting up to highway 17, here at macarthur it is doing well and that while there is a crush on westbound 24 at this ranch road which came a little while ago and it doesn't seem to be an injury accident.
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and at the bay bridge toll plaza it is like. now let's bring stephen with the forecast. >> thank bank already in place, it burned off a little bit and came charging right back and moving up the coast. they need it up there, it was very warm and hot in portland and seattle. the low that came off the central sierra as formed over central california and you can see the difference yesterday, seattle 80 and la 66 not something you see all the time. morning fog and it looks a little warmer the shows and activities thunderstorms down and the san joaquin valley. the temperatures today appear to warm up. i am kind of easing into it as a pretty big jumps all based on north/northeast breeze and as the low moves south we have thunderstorm activity around bakersfield and fresno. and in the sierra some of the
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higher elevation, snow above 8000 feet, but the floor around this is producing a little offshore breeze the upper atmosphere not of the surface and if it makes it down to the surface that fog will burn off sooner. so far not yet with something was going forward. 50s on the temps, fairfiled 51, 58 san jose 52 a santa rosa, east bay 50s, pittsburgh and brentwood 55, you can see the activity continues around las vegas which is very active. some of that has made it into central on southern california so if you're going down, that is the offshore direction, is it in the upper atmosphere and will it make it to the surface question some of the moisture coming up this year but taking a dive toward central southern california. it missed us by that much. by that much. >> that much.>> the fog and low
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clouds retreats the 60s and 70s, there is a woman, if you say today is warmer that is because if it does not get to that you know the east wind never made it a really tough call today. looks like a quiet pattern into the weekend.>> now this is a reminder for you to download the ktvu weather app with interactive weather radar, hourly updates in the 70 forecast and also a really easy feature to upload your weather photos and videos. the ktvu weather app is free to download for your smart phone or tablet. 4:20 am, whistleblower chelsea manning is a free woman and out of jail. but that may change. coming up, the reason the judge is ordering her back to court just one week after her release . a sold-out crowd for the premiere of a documentary that gives an inside look to san francisco's chinatown. we will take you there.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, a new documentary on the history of san francisco's chinatown just premiered at the castro theater. >> helped kick off the center for asian american media's annual film festival, and amber lee introduces us to the filmmakers.>>reporter: at the castro theater the personal storysold-out crowd.
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the film, chinatown rising, is a portrait of the iconic neighborhood as seen through the eyes of two men, harry chuck and his son josh, both born and raised in chinatown and have experienced is resolution or evolution. >> grew up in a time where no one moved out of chinatown and they just lived there and i used to say that you were born the, you worked there and you died there. >> is clearly not the same and i do not think it be the same ever again and so i'm pretty concerned.>> this from an intimate look the role chinatown plays in the history of san francisco, black and white footage was largely shot by the 83-year-old when he was a graduate film student at san francisco state back in the 1970s and he captured the unrest of his vener ange because they felt that the traditional way of doing things was no longer effective.
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>> there were protests highlighting the struggles that chinese immigrant families faced. >> people were living in very poor conditions. >> families lived in cramped quarters and old buildings, snapshots about life in chinatown was stored away as he raised a family, worked as a high school teacher and then a minister in chinatown.>> might for me got so crazy so i never got close to finishing it. >> more than four decades later, check with the encouragement of his son decided it was time to finish the film that he started, a story that spans generations. >> i have always been struck by the risk people took and the sacrifices people made overlong time frames. just to try to make positive change. >> the father and son hope their film inspires those who sees it to embrace the history
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of chinatown and help preserve it. in san francisco amber lee ktvu fox 2 news. 4:26 am, tensions in the pacific 20 us and north korea continued this morning and coming up the show of force between those to countries and what may be next for north korea's nuclear program. us china trade talks are not going to well and in fact us raised tariffs on china at midnight. we'll have more on that impact coming up. good morning, after a nice start and if you're driving on 24 westbound looks good heading up to the tunnel.>> in the weather, covered in a blanket of fog but inland temps will bump up on this friday forecast.
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>> good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2, it is friday friday, may 10, i am dave clark.>> and i am pam cook, thank you for joining us. we have some plans for the weekend. >> we do.>> mother's day. i told my girls i want help in the garden, i want to get the garden going good >> that is great.>> feeling okay pamela?>> it is cold. >> hang in there and the system that dove into california is lit up with lightning detection from all sorts of activity and higher elevation snow but that is southeast of us look at that down towards bakersfield and the san joaquin valley and high desert, also around fresno. if you're going down five or the e or la or las vegas it has been an active
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overnight and will continue today and even going off at the arizona overtures warm up in the pacific northwest so a different twist. onshore breeze for us, not screaming or anything but it is decreasing so little hint the mainland temps will warm up and overcast for everybody, 50s on the peninsula, 57 seems popular and even on the coast mid-50s so not much of a difference at all arizona and the four corners a big-time show but everything continues to be south of us but the highs in the north and a load thing south and offshore breezes kicking in, inland temps will jump up, not so much of the coast. 60s all the way up to some low 80s. 4:30 am, it is probably solano county time.>> i would say sola county, will check that, traffic moves along well as you go from fairfi


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