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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  May 10, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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vegas it has been an active overnight and will continue today and even going off at the arizona overtures warm up in the pacific northwest so a different twist. onshore breeze for us, not screaming or anything but it is decreasing so little hint the mainland temps will warm up and overcast for everybody, 50s on the peninsula, 57 seems popular and even on the coast mid-50s so not much of a difference at all arizona and the four corners a big-time show but everything continues to be south of us but the highs in the north and a load thing south and offshore breezes kicking in, inland temps will jump up, not so much of the coast. 60s all the way up to some low 80s. 4:30 am, it is probably solano county time.>> i would say sola county, will check that, traffic moves along well as you go from fairfield to vallejo
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and no major issues into the richmond area so if you're driving on 80 or 680 out of costa county it looks good and you can see traffic at the main, 17 minutes to get there and at the bay bridge it is still light and so this friday we hope it will stay lighter than it normally is the first four days of commute week. now back to the desk. the two suspects in the deadly school shooting outside of denver will be formally charged in court. 18-year-old devon erickson and a six-year-old are accused of the shooting on tuesday at stem school highlands ranch they killed one student and injured eight others. prosecutors are also expected to decide today whether to charge the younger suspect as an adult. security will be tight today in san ramon, the threats
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were received over the past two weeks, administrator say only 20% of the students showed up for class yesterday which was the day mentioned in the threats. school district also had tighter security. the fbi is part of the investigation. federal authorities in southern california me charges - year-old man accused of opening fire on a synagogue during passover service. the charges would make john ernst eligible for the death penalty and prosecutors say the and set fire to a mosque in escondido. 16-year-old lori k was killed in the shooting and three others wounded. a plea of not guilty was injured on his behalf. a trade valeryl with china's growing this morning after new us tariffs kicked in overnight. the truck at ministrations hard- line approach has the chinese promising retaliation, doug luzader reports on the impact it could have on the economy. >>reporter: chinese officials are promising what they promise as necessary countermeasures after pres. trump is promised raised tariffs on china at midnight.
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with hundreds of billions of dollars in trade hanging in the balance, as of this morning the rules of changed.>> we are the piggy bank everyone steals from including china. >> the president following through on promises to hike tariffs on a range of chinese goods from handbags to clothing to perfume. >> we are now raising it to 25% on friday it will be 250 billion dollars and 25% and it will be $325 billion at 25% and we are starting the paperwork today. so we will see. >> the talks underway in washington have not been able to resolve issues that divide china and the us and china's role in the world economy has long been an issue for president trump and the latest moves are not without their critics in congress and elsewhere. >> will have a negative impact on the growth of this economy and people's jobs did>> the markets this week have been on a roller coaster in the question now will be the long-
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term impact. >> with the chinese ceiling 400 $400 billion of us intellectual property each year it will hurt to try to get them to stop doing this and it will get ugly>> the talks will resume this morning here in washington and it is not clear at this point with the chinese response will be in washington doug luzader fox news. pres. trump says he was surprised to learn the republicans on the senate intelligence committee subpoenaed his oldest son as part of the continuing investigation into the russian interference in the 2016 election. some of the senators are apparently concerned that donald trump junior may have lied to investigators and to the committee in earlier testimony about a meeting with russian officials at trump tower.president said the subpoe is not necessary because in his mind the russia investigation has already been put to rest.>> i was very surprised. i saw them saying there was no
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collusion two or three weeks ago and he has now testified for 20 hours or something, a massive amount of time.>> what he said to his father about the meetings in trump towers with the russian agent and why he said he was only peripherally aware of the negotiations when in fact he was in the thick of it. he truly misled the judiciary committee.>> now michael cohen the former personal lawyer of the president told lawyers he briefed donald trump junior 10 times about plans to build a trump tower in moscow and donald trump junior testified he had only limited information about the idea. military and political tensions continued to increase between the united states and north korea. the us has for the first time seized a north korean cargo ship for smuggling call which is in violation of un sanctions. yesterday north korea launchedt
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the sea of japan and that is the second test in less than a week. north korea has been increasing its public displays of military power after the breakdown of the summit between kim jong-il and and pres. trump in february. >> we are looking at it seriously now and there were smaller short range missiles, nobody is happy about it but we are taking a good look and we will see. >> 10 minutes after the north korea missile launches yesterday the was fired and intercontinental ballistic missile in southern california into the pacific. but the pentagon says the timing was a coincidence and that it was a previously scheduled test launch. officials in yuma arizona says the resources are being stretched to the limit by the arrival of a large number of migrants the mayor of yuma arizona said more than 2500 people have come through the city shelter system in just the last month and the city's food bank has become a migrant
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donation center where volunteers are sorting through clothing and other odts for tho come across the border.>> we are looking to try to make sure that we meet all the needs of our community but with this we our congressmen can work through this so that it does have an end. it is hard for us and we cannot keep this up.>> the migrants are now being sent to a makeshift shelter at an old salvation army thrift store but that building can only hold 200 people in the mayor says the shelter is overcapacity as well . chelsea manning is enjoying some freedom this morning but will probably not last long she is the former army intelligence analyst the provide classified government information to wikileaks. while the president commuted her 35 year prison sentence a judge ordered her to jail in march after she refused to testify before a grand jury
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investigating wikileaks she was released yesterday when the grand jury expired but could be held in contempt of court as soon as next week. tonight two men are recovering after the car they were in was hit by gunfire while they were on interstate 580. this was around 12:30 pm yesterday in the eastbound lanes of the 238 split castro valley, and the shooting left a nissan maxima riddled with bullets. some of his windows were blown out and as you can see here, the driver suffered a wound to his right hand of the passenger was hit in the torso, both are expected to survive so far the chp has not said what led to the shooting. >> they pulled over and they were ultimately transported to a local hospital and they are being treated for what i am being told is non-life- threatening injuries. >> chp shut down the freeway while the police searched a wooded area on the side of the highway. so far no arrests have been made a gang-relatedooting sent three people to the hospital in south san jose
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yesterday on center road near olden way. when the police arrived they found three men suffering from gunshot wounds and one is a critical condition and the other two are expected to survive lease confirmed the shooting was drug-related and so far no word on any arrests. also today the livermore police department will hold dui checks later this evening. officers will be stopping cars to chuck licenses and monitor drivers at a location police say has been known to have a high occurrence of dui crashes and arrests. san jose mayor and oakland mayor will be joining other leaders talk about the housing crisis at a summit in san francisco today. it will be held at the hyatt regency starting at 8 am this morning. dozens of speakers including state senators, real estate of stockton and sacramento will be talking about some of the
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root causes of the bay area housing supply and affordability crisis. online registration is closed but registration is still acceptable at . at least 50 people were cleared from a homeless encampment in downtown san jose without arrangements for housing. that camp has been off bassett street near a railroad track for almost 2 years but this week officials with union pacific swept the clear after issuing a 72 hour warning notice last friday and the residents did not get the assistance that usually goes along with a sweep since it is not on city-owned property. and city crews did not carry out the sweep. 4:40 am, amazon ceo is making an out of this world announcement and up next is plans to get to the moon by 2024. >> the future is now, we will show you what researchers taught and advanced humanoid robot to do that many people
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cannot do. >> good morning, we have traffic off to a start on inter 880, so far so good and we will tell you more coming up. >> i would not say the forecast is out of this world but it does look a little warmer and i will talk about where coming up. ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2, today facebook will be visiting 50 bakeries all new feature on facebook, copenhagen bakery and cafi in burlingame is one of those locations in the facebook new feature is called birthday
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stories were family members and friends can add digital birthday cards, photos or videos to a story to celebrate your birthday. 6:30 am today and will end at noon. new research has found the city of san francisco has more billionaires per capita than any other city in the world. a study from the economic research group well facts found san francisco now has 75 billionaires and that is roughly 1 billionaire for every 11,600 people which is more per capita than cities known for tremendous wealth including dubai, hong kong and new york. researchers point to the high- tech industry and initial public offerings as the main reason. well to the moon, amazon's founder and billionaire owner jeff bezos says it is time to make the next giant leap and get astronauts ba revealed plan spacecraft to the moon and here it is. this robotic ship named blue
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moon will carry for rovers and it can deploy satellites orbit. this was weeks after vp mike pence challenged nasa to get astronauts back to the moon by the year 2024. >> nasa is not currently capable of leading american astronauts on the moon in five years and we need to change the organization. not the mission. >> we can help meet that timeline but only because we started three years ago. it is time to go back to the moon and this time to stay. >> just bezos wants to colonize the moon and he is aiming for a three-day journey and landing on the moon with people on board. researchers have released a new video of this, 343 pound humanoid robot wainbeam cundy. the level of balance is hard for even humans to do this robot
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used perception, control and planning algorithms and the company says the robot is 50% successful over the terrain anright now it is working to increase that rate of success. this morning there is a trail of destruction from the midwest to the south is heavy flooding forced evacuations and what are rescues in many states and a massive storm hit missouri, oklahoma and arkansas and louisiana, major floods, roads and entire towns are flooded and others are bracing for what is to come.>> there is nowhere to go, all over town is flooded.>> the high flood season last from march until may each year but this year has not been average at all.>> this weather event is moving into our area and it is a very serious one and everyone needs to take it very seriously.
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>> the storm has turned deadly, crews in austin texas ever covered the body of a man who was swept away by rising floodwaters, nearly 20 million people are at risk of flooding from texas through louisiana and up into arkansas. now we are looking at the commute in the bay area, how does it look cell?>> sometimes you don't get a lot going on the first hour and that is fine with me, what's go over to the tracy area. you see some slowing in the area, traffic will be slow on 205 primarily as you drive, no major issues. the traffic continues to move along relatively well if you're driving into livermore, although a little bit of slowing at the past itself. as you can see the east bay commute is off to a nice start today, 680, 580 and this whole area looking very good. no problems in front of oracle arena traffic in both directions also at the speed limit. a couple of early lines at the
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bay bridge toll plaza over to the far left but if you are driving and taking fast track or the carpool lanes no backups right now. that usually does not happen until the 5 am hour now let's bring in steve with today's weather.>> a big fog bank still in place but the delta wind hardly anything and in fact it has collapsed so there are hints that the inland areas will warm up after a couple of very cool days. all of the activi thunderstorm activity is in central california, san joaquin valley, around bakersfield, it is lit up as of your travel plans, fresno, central sierra, and over towards las vegas there's a lot some record heat yesterday in seattle, they checked in and i will show you just a second, still an onshore breeze although santa rosa showing in north when along with oakland
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in the last couple days it is been west or southwest and fairfield only 8 miles per hour, yesterday this time 32, a big difference. northwest hayward and livermore, fog burning off sooner today, 51 up to 57 almost covers everyone, 56 in santa cruz, mid-50s and low 50s santa cruz mountains, it is active down into arizona and much of the four corners. i talked to a friend of mine in utah who said it has been cold with a lot of activity so active from denver to albuquerque. and near phoenix and also las vegas and now into central and southern california. look at the offshore direction, this is the upper ms or the. some of that surface which mean see warmer temps. the pattern that is setting up looks to be one of a little warm-up today and back to
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morning fog on the quiet side going into the weekend. seattle a record high yesterday of 83, la was 66, portland was 84, not a record but still very warm. fog giving way soon and will be warmer for those away from the coast today than over the weekend a little change. back into the 60s and 70s. a couple of low 80s but you have to go far inland to find it. 60s and 70s even to look low 80s today, temperatures very cool and below average the last three days, then go little bit above but not doing much going into the weekend. the seasons are changing in yosemite national park and coming up the attraction the park rangers are reopening as the winter snow starts melting away.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, today is may 10 the oakland a's are celebrating the unique culture of the east bay, tonight when they play cleveland there will be giveaways, a dj and some postgame fireworks as well. yesterday the oakland a's could not complete asleep against the cincinnati reds and dirk dietrich of the red had a two home and in the first inning which was more than enough, the oakland a's were shut out 3-0.
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oakland a's president will be a guest on the nine this morning here on ktvu and he will talk about the oakland a's celebrating 510 day, the reason behind it, all the activities planned and he will give us an update on the new oakland a's ballpark. steve says tonight weather at oracle park will be in the mid 60s, that is tropical compared to what the giants went through yesterday in denver where it was cold. 39 and snowing. the giants started off the game just as cold as atr, the rockies jumped out to a 7-0 lead but the giants stormed back, tie the game up in the sixth, first baseman tyler alston hit two home runs and drove in six runs but the giants pitching struggled and the giants lost to the rockies but it was a slugfest. the giants lost 12-11. tonight against the reds and the giants the game starts at 7:15 pm.
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is the annual event that unofficially marks the changing of the season and the high sierra. today yosemite national park opens glacier point road the heavy snow forces the closing of the 16 mile road in late november. workers driving snowplows have been really busy the past few months clearing the road in time for the spring and summer vacation season. is mother's day weekend as you know and a lot of fun events are planned here in the bay area the next few days. here is our weekend watch.>>reporter: happy mother's day weekend and here's a look at events happening around the bay. in san francisco celebrate the day at the ferry building featuring crafts and give making for mom with activities running from nine until three and in union square the annual taiwanese cultural fair is back and offers a celebration of taiwanese culture through food, music performances and workshops that a saturday from 10 am until 4 pm.
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he spake the park street film festival returns to downtown alameda with vendors, live music on three stages, kids area, food, craft beer and wine print and denials cruise over to the spring fever our show from saturday nine until three of europe for shopping find treasures at the original townwide yard sale in crocket where you will find everything from antiques and furniture to car parts and artwork. in the north bay there is fun for the whole family at the fifth annual down-home day on the grounds of artful arrangements 1915 homestead where you can enjoy live music, barbecue, games and more happening in saturday. i didn't downtown petaluma join for weekend of art d food at the spring artisan market at the historic bank. last stop, the south bay, get a taste of japan in an open street event which will include swing music, artists, games, sunday and san jose's japan
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town put at in sports the giants and the a's are home and the warriors and sharks continue their playoff run. i amnine . former tenets of the oakland ghost ship warehouse take the witness stand and what they said about the living conditions at that warehouse. and progress at the salesforce transit center in san francisco. coming up the work that work crews have completed and what it means for reopening that two $2 billion center.
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veterans in the south bay devastated after a memorial honoring the nation's heroes discovered with graffiti and vandalized. and ipo day has arrived for uber , the rideshare company making its debut on the new york stock exchange but some employees are not happy about the company goon 2. >> good morning and thank you for joining us on mornings on 2 friday morning may 10 i am pam cook.>> good morning, i am dave clark we could use a little warmer weather. >> i think so, a little bit but
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not too much.>> it will be just right, so do not worry a little warmer inland, will get to today's weather and down in southern california but the reds are visiting the giant's, a brutal road trip after yesterday's day game against the oakland a's and they went across the bridge and checked into the hotel and they play the giants tonight. not a bad week to hang out. it looks mostly clear and the fog will be around producing. high blanket of fog, martinez seen 54, a lot of 50 force. concord and danville and lafayette. everyone else is within a degree or to.


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