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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  May 12, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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a 3-year-old girl is safe but her father is under arrest for allegedly lying about an abduction that prompted a bay area amber alert. why police say he gave false information. the trade war with china is escalating. now, mixed messages from the white house about who will end up bearing the brunt of the new tariffs. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville . >> i'm julie haener. a father from san francisco is under arrest tonight, accused of lying to police by saying his 3-year-old daughter had been abducted in oakland. >> the case set often areawide amber alert after the father
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reported his car stolen with his toddler inside. ktvu's monte francis is here with more. >> the father faces charges of filing a false police report. police say there was in fact a carjacking but the 3-year-old girl was never in danger. >> reporter: an amber alert went out across the bay area saturday night where a 3-year- old girl had been kidnapped. because of her age, we have blurred her face and her withholding her name. the girls father told police he parked his car at international boulevard near seminary avenue at 8 pm in oakland and went into the store, leaving his daughter in the backseat. he said when he came back, the car and the girl were gone. police say a major detail on the story turned out to be false. >> at the time, the vehicle was taken, the 3-year-old was not in the car. the 3-year-old was safe with the mother. >> reporter: police in el cerrito spotted to stolen mercedes at about 11:40 pm saturday night. a short the intersection of carlson boulevard and san pablo avenue.
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police arrested the carjacking suspect but there was no child in the car. investigators say that media reports led friends to call the girls mother who eventually told police the toddler was safe and sound. police say the amber alert involved several agencies including the fbi, all based on what police say was a lie. >> investigators have learned that the reason why the father had told police that the 3-year- old was in the car was because he was hoping that he would be able to get his stolen vehicle back sooner. >> reporter: instead, the father now has a badly damaged car and is facing charges of lying to police. >> police say the father was with the 3-year-old earlier in the day but she was out of the car when the car was stolen. police also say they are turning the case over to the district attorney who will decide whether to file charges in this case. monte, if he is convicted of filing a false police
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report, what kind of punishment could he face? >> if found guilty, that is a misdemeanor with a maximum of 6 months behind bars. now at 6:00, a san francisco supervisor is calling for changes at the end intersection where a pedestrian was killed last night at about 7:30 pm. this happened at golden gate avenue and high street in the tenderloin. the golden gate transit buses being investigated in concussion connection with the death. the intersection is called incredibly dangerous with drivers making quick turns through crowds of pedestrians becky is calling on transit officials to forbid drivers from making turns well pedestrians are crossing. a white house economic advisor contradicted president trump today by acknowledging that american companies will be bearing the brunt of additional chinese tariffs, not the chinese. >> fox news rich edson reports now the two nations have found themselves in the midst of a trade war that shows no signs of ending anytime soon. >> reporter: the u.s.-china trade fight escalates with the
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white house raising tariffs and preparing to go further after the latest round of trade discussions ended last week without an agreement. the united states increased tariffs on friday on $200 billion of chinese imports. the administration says it is beginning the process of even more tariff increases. targeted at $300 billion, an additional chinese imports covering about every remaining product china sends to the united states but the white house as the two sides were approaching an agreement when china backtracked on significant commitments. the trade fight means higher prices for consumers and less business for american farmers. top white house economic advisor, larry kudlow says the u.s. is trying to correct a generation of unfair policies. >> i think this is a risk we should and can take without damaging our economy in any appreciable way. the toughest virgin -- burdens
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are on farmers. we have helped them before on lost exports. we had an authorization of $12 billion in we will do it again if we have to and if the numbers show that out. >> reporter: china has yet to renounce if or how it would retaliate. administration officials are expecting a tough government response. chinese exports are limited. chinese imports much less than the u.s. imports and chinese goods. there are no negotiations scheduled between the two countries though the white house says there is a good chance the two presidents will meet later next month when they both attend an international summit in japan. in washington, rich edson, fox news. is bay congressman, barbara lee called on a attorney general, william barr to resign amid the growing standoff between house democrats and the white house. the congresswoman made those comments earlier today on mornings on 2. >> the attorney general should resign. i was one of the first to say he should. he is acting as the presidents personal attorney and he is not acting on behalf of the people of the united states. i have the mueller report and i've read quite a bit, not all of it and let me tell you, so
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much of it is redacted. also today, california congressman and house intelligence committee adam smith shift -- adam schiff accused -- and counsel says robert mueller will testify on capitol hill but did not give specifics. washington is set to become the first state to into the private health insurance market with a universally available public option. a set of tiered public plans will cover standard services and are expected to be up to 10% less expensive than comparable private insurance. this is thanks in part to savings on a cap on rates paid to providers. washington's public plans are said to be available to all residents regardless of income by 2021. the legislature approved the plan last month and washington's governor is expected to sign it into law tomorrow. bard is expanded part is expanding how long they will test their new cars.
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they started rolling them out last october but now the san francisco chronicle reports many cars are developing maintenance issues sooner than expected. the paper says both types of new cars are expected to run 6000 hours before there are any equipment issues but right now, issues are popping up after 1000 hours. bart wants to make sure the car manufacturer has the time to live up to their contract specifications for putting more cars out on the tracks. affordable housing projects are moving forward in the south bay along with an expansion of an adjacent park. the milpitas city council approved a $6.5 million loan for a housing project on single court. 40 units will be set aside for veterans and several others for special needs households. the city council also approved the purchase of a property next door which will allow augustus rathbone park to double. we will get an update on the seven -- boeing 737 max 8
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later this week with the house committee is expected to question officials from boeing, faa and national transportation safety board on wednesday. lawmakers will ask about the process the faa used to certify the updated 737-max the max debts were grounded after two deadly crashes overseas that killed a total of 346 people. delta airlines is planning on testing free wi-fi on the planes later this month. the or learn the airline is charging passengers as much is $16 to connect to the internet on domestic flights but starting on may 13, delta plans to start a free wi-fi for trial for two weeks. it will be available on around 55 domestic flights the specific flights with free wi- fi will change daily and customers will be notified by delta if they are on one of those flights prior to departure. jetblue is the only other airline to offer free wi-fi. actress felicity huffman is expected to plead guilty for her role in the nationwide college admissions scandal.
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she is charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud. she is accused of paying $15,000 to have somebody correct her daughter's s.a.t. tests. she was charged in march along with dozens of other parents and coaches at elite universities. actress alyssa milano is calling for women to boycott sex to protest a new abortion law in georgia. in a tweet, she said, in part, "our reproductive rights are being erased until women have legal control over our own bodies, we just cannot risk pregnancy. this after a couple of days after a governor in georgia signed a bill banning abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. what is behind the latest round of increased tension between the u.s. and iran? coming up. >> she is always there, always supportive. also ahead, how a bay area family celebrated mom on this mother's day.
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united states is revving up pressure on iran. the pentagon says a warship and a patriot missile battery are on their way to the middle east to join the carrier strike route already deployed to the region. >> the trump administration says there are growing threats from tehran against u.s. forces and interest in that area. we have more known from jerusalem. >> reporter: as tension rise between the united states and iran, the u.s. is sending a second warship to the region along with a patriot missile
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defense system. the uss arlington will join the uss abraham lincoln, a vessel capable of holding up to 90 aircraft in the persian gulf. fox has independently confirm the move comes after a specific and credible threat against u.s. forces was identified last week by israeli intelligence services and given to the americans. a number of b-52 bombers were sent to an air base earlier this week as part of a u.s. readiness preparation. a commander in iran's revolutionary guard says today that if america makes a move against iranian forces, they would "get hit." the commander added that u.s. aircraft in the region used to be a threat to around but are now seen as an opportunity. iran has called the american military moves, psychological warfare. today, israel said they could ran could fire rockets at israel. these military moves in the middle east do come as iran is
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under immense economic pressure after the trump administration added yet another sanction on the country just last week, this time targeting iran's industrial metals. mike pompeo traveled to russia for meetings this week with russian president vladimir putin. secretary pompeo and president putin are expected to talk about -- don't see eye to eye when it comes to iran, syria, venezuela and elsewhere. secretary pompeo will confront putin about russia's efforts to interfere in the elections in the united states and elsewhere. president trump declined to bring up election interference with rush the blessed putin
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when they spoke on the phone this month. catholic churches have resumed sunday mass since the easter suicide bombing. the terrorist attacks on churches and luxury hotels carried out by the islamic state killed at least 250 people. today, heavily armed military forces guarded saint teresa's force in the capital city, one of the country's largest churches. it was full of worshipers including many who lost relatives in the bombing. even though we have been through tough times, we are stronger than that and we will rise up through kindness and forgiveness. >> regular religious services were canceled and most churches after the bombings last month, the deadliest attacks since the civil war 10 years ago. government officials say they have identified many islamic militants who were responsible nka, 50 miles outside  the capital city today. a dispute between christians and muslims that began on facebook turned violent. officials report mobs throwing stones at 3 mosques and muslim
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owned stores. the violence began after some residents saw a social media post as a threat to christians. at least 1 mosque was left with extensive damage. police imposed a curfew until tomorrow morning in the area. the actress who played julie barnes on the groundbreaking 1960s tv show called the mod squad has died. peggy lipton was part of the first interracial tv show that tried to deal seriously with a change in culture and sensitive topics including drug use and domestic abuse. lipton also played the role of norman jennings, the owner of a diner in twin peaks and she married music producer, quincy jones they had two daughters together, rashida and could data. they divorced in 19 89. her family says lipton died of cancer. she was 72 years old. today is mother's day and people all over the bay area were out celebrating. andre senior caught up with some families treating mom to mother's day brunch . >> happy mother's day! >> reporter: to celebrate mom, we came to jack london square and asked people on question.
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what makes your mom so special? >> she is always there. always supportive. good advice. she helped me wake up for school and drive me to school. >> she helps me and it would be very different without my mom . >> she is always there. she would sacrifice anything for us. she has made sure we had everything we needed. >> reporter: a mother's day brunch with scott. a photo shoot and roses and little things to show mom or every special woman in your life that she is appreciated. >> getting together and sharing the day. that is the best part for me, being with loved ones. >> reporter: as clouds cleared, a perfect day to watch the boats go by, spreading the love . >> i love my mom a lot. >> reporter: after all, if it wasn't for moms, -- >> i would not be here without her. >> reporter: at jack london square, andre senior, ktvu fox 2 news. a new poll found the average american has not made a
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new friend in 5 years. on poll study says shyness, family commitments, moving and limited opportunities to meet new people are some of the reasons why. researchers looked at 2000 americans and found that on average, people have around 16 friends with most making friendships in their early 20s. one expert says the best way to overcome a friendship slump is to host a gathering and have friends bring other friends. it is interesting thinking about this. how does social media affect, how does your phone -- >> yeah, you are isolated . >> that is what it looks like to me . >> the other thing is, what defines making a friend? is it having coffee with somebody? and what is the relationship? what is a friendship versus an acquaintance? >> nowadays, you can be a friend on social media but in the old days, you go out and do things together . >> you would actually talk in
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person. on the phone. hey, what a concept,? >> all right. that is an interesting story, for sure. the weather will be interesting. rain returns. showers on wednesday night into thursday and it will be wet, knock out the tree pollen, put water on my grass. not a ton of rain but maybe 1/2 inch or something like that. look at the pacific. it is very active, lit up. 1, 2, 3 weather systems. they will not provide a huge punch but they are out there, moving our way and will bring rain to the bay area, most likely wednesday evening, into the wednesday/thursday will house. it could move around a bit. i will show you the models in a minute. we have a few thunderstorms showing up in the sierra nevada. you can see those. come in a little closer and you will see temperatures that represent about where we were yesterday. some areas cooler, some warmer, fog coming in at the coast and this is how tomorrow looks. mostly cloudy in the morning, pretty much for hayward oakland and most areas. then the day is fraught with clouds, partly cloudy, partly
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sunny all day. later in the day, we get a little more sunshine. that is tomorrow. tuesday and wednesday, the clouds really thicken up. forecast, tomorrow, fog at the coast, few clouds move in. yellows are 70s and you will note we are not seeing any oranges so tomorrow, not necessarily any 80s in the offing. upper 60s to low 70s for the bulk of us. here is the long-range model. i stop it here. it is not a high-resolution model so i did not get really specific with it but here is wednesday at 11:00. wednesday evening, this complex moves on shore. then it kind of lights up. thursday mornings commute has the potential to be pretty wait for a may commute. then we have a bit of a break and another week. and impulsive slides through friday afternoon. wednesday night into thursday morning looks a little bit what into thursday afternoon. plan accordingly.
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commutes, certainly. the forecast highs tomorrow, tomorrow will be the warmest day, probably of the week. temperatures are going to trend down in the five day. tomorrow will be the warmest day of this week and temperatures, not just with the weather systems but with a cooler pattern, temperatures, look at these numbers, low 70s to mid 60s and i can pop the weekend and here and you can see we have got saturday and sunday and even a chance on saturday. it is sort of an unsettled period. it will change. more details tomorrow but for now, look for wednesday night into thursday as the wet period. it was a perfect day for the fox -- soccer fans and stadium today. a roaring crowd decked out in red, white and blue cheered on the u.s. women's soccer team on mother's day. the team was ready as the players kicked off their final series of matches before the world cup in france next month
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and the fans were ready, too . >> this day is made a and we are here to celebrate the women to run up to the women's world cup. we won last time around and we are here to support our athletes. >> the squad includes several players with bay area links according alex morgan, stanford stars kristin frantz and kelly o'hara and stanford university standout julie heard. you can watch it on channel 2 and the fox family of networks starting june 7. joe is up next with sports. -- >> finals and there will be a veryesting nba first when they do play. each morning,
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the warriors now know who they will play next and there will be a little sibling rivalry going on. seth and steph -- >> the curry family like basketball royalty right now. the warriors now know the opponent for the fifth consecutive trip to the nba western conference finals. the venue in denver was the site for today's deciding game between the nuggets and damian
6:26 pm
lillard's portland trail blazers. the nuggets put the blazers in an early hole in the second quarter. a pass stolen by mady morse who spritzed on the court. denver had a 17 point lead at that point with the blazers chipping away at it. tomorrow murray controls the ball with 30 seconds left, dental and one denver fan saw their team put together the best record in the nba this year but they would come up short today. cj mccollum was the guy who carried the load for portland. mccullough makes it a 3 point lead with 12 seconds left. maccallum had 37 points and 9 rebounds. the blazers win in 7 games, 100- 96. the warriors host portland in game one of the western conference finals on tuesday in oakland. mother's day is always a special sunday in major league ballparks around the country. moms and kids enjoying the afternoon at 24 willie mays plaza. the giants and the reds traded 2 run innings in the first at the cincinnati had gone from
6:27 pm
the top of the inning, pablo sandoval went opposite tyler mahle with steven duggar board. the reds took a 4-to lead with runs in the second and six. kevin pillar gets one to drop in center for a hit. sandoval running hard and he scores. the giants retire in the ninth and go on to win by a score 6- 5. the oakland a's in the final with their series and cleveland. more than 500 breast cancer survivors run the game before game time. it was a 2-to game when cleveland got the big one. two run is aboard and two runners reached base against starter daniel mengden. no late getting heroics for the oakland a's in this one as they lose, 5-3. a tune up against south africa this day for the u.s. women's world cup game at samantha new has controlled the ball and hitting the net, 1-0,
6:28 pm
the score at the half. now it is 2-0 in extra time. watch the u.s. stay with it after a cross. carli lloyd eventually gets the gold. that was the 108th of lloyd's career, moving her into fourth place on the all-time list of u.s. wins, 3-0 and just short of 20,000 turned out today in santa clara. guaranteed the sharks will lose tomorrow night . >> how about all week as we have a playoff game? >> how cool is that? warriors one day, sharks next. >> only in this area. >> thank you. >> thanks for joining us tonight. we will be back at 10:00 and 11:00. see you then. >> see you later. >> goodnight. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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have you guys heard about this research team that's trying to transgenically manipulate chicken dna to create some sort of chicken dinosaur? oh, i think that sounds wonderful. what? you're afraid of both dinosaurs and chickens. yes, but tell me a dinosaur chicken salad sandwich wouldn't hit the mesozoic spot. hey, guys. hey. hello. we still on for tomorrow night? yeah. i'm excited to finally meet your girlfriend. yeah, oh, and speaking of which. according to a recent study out of oxford university, when someone takes on a new romantic partner, that person loses one or two close friends. since when do you read social science? i go to the bathroom like everybody else. why would i lose friends just because i started dating someone? yeah, you didn't lose anyone when you met amy. rso romantic partners. because i started dating someone?


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