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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 13, 2019 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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to get to the finals. is a dream come true for us. our families will have a lot of fun with it as well. is a heartbreaker for the a's. they fossae 6-5 every 4-1 lead. next at 11:00. >> i will never be able to celebrate a mother's day again with my son. instead, i have to plan a funeral. >> community in morning after he teenager is killed after suspected drunk driver going the wrong way on the highway. an emotional vigil tonight at washington high school in fremont. hello, i am frank, and i'm
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julie hennard, 17-year-old armando was killed over the mother's day weekend. he was with friends on highway 17 on the way to the beach in santa cruz when he was killed. we are joined now in fremont where hundreds of people gather tonight provigil. >> reporter: he he had a lot of friends who are just devastated. he was active in football, he was popular, well-liked. the losses being felt campuswide. hundreds of people gathered in fremont where 17-year-old armando was a junior. he was just seen in class last friday. >> my son is full of life. i can tell you that he would always throw that cheesy smile up, always having a smile on his face. >> his mother spoke to his
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grieving classmates, all of them in a state of shock and sadness. described as a friend to all, a protector with goals to be a fireman.>> he was looking forward to graduating and being able to get his license. >> he was killed when a drunk driver crashed into a car he was riding in early saturday morning. authorities say 28-year-old ashley of san jose was driving north in the southbound lanes of highway 17 near redwood estates. they were heading to the beach in santa cruz. chp says he and two other teens in the backseat were not wearing seatbelts.>> he was my family. every time i needed somebody he would be there for me no matter what. >> he was also a student in the mission valley regional occupational program. studying fire technology. >> we wanted to become firefighters together so bad. he said he would take a bullet for me any day. and the one time he needed me, i couldn't be there. because someone decided to drink and drive. >> other teens want wittingly
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40 soon >> do not drink and drive period .. do not do drugs. do not get in a car with someone that is drinking. i don't want anybody else to go through what i have to go through. >> counselors were here all day. as for the suspected drunk driver, she is facing vehicular manslaughter, and felony dui charges. her first court appearance is this wednesday with bail set at $275,000. now, dozens of people gather at a busy intersection in the tenderloin this evening, they wanted to call attention to the death of a 66-year-old man who was struck and killed
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by a golden gate transit bus on saturday night. the advocacy group says the number of dangerous intersections in san francisco is a crisis. city leaders need to address it. >> anyone who walks in the city knows they are everywhere. we know where they are, and we have to fix them. we have three people hit while walking everyday and services go.>> we're calling and transportation officials to make changes at intersections identified as dangerous. 13 people have died while walking or biking in san francisco so far this year. we are following news in alaska were at least five people are dead after a mid air crash involving two sightseeing plane. 60 people were aboard the two planes when they collided near ketchikan this afternoon. all of the passengers were guests on a cruise liner that was heading to anchorage. official said 10 people were injured in the crash, and are hospitalized in fair or good
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condition, at least one person is still missing. they are on their way to the area, and will lead the investigation of the mid air crash. a vote by oaklands commission late this afternoon brings the possibility of new waterfront stadiums one step closer to reality. the project still has plenty of critics. >> reporter: a great day for oakland and the oakland a's. he took a victory effort laurent learning the commissioners voted unanimously to give the team the go-ahead to begin the pre-work for stadium. is the first of many steps. is going to be important to get through the environment overviews and get the state legislation done, and bring it to a city council vote early next year.>> before the vote came down, they had an error full to credits critics. you will sacrifice the port for privatization, of the public
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resource. it's for a baseball stadium, and condominiums. they see the team is planning on a long-term success of the port. >> want to preserve, protect, and enhance the capability, and that means making sure jobs are here and grow in the future. that we paying for the land. they are proposing a monthly rent for the a's between 76 and. their pain close to $100,000 per acre. that externally concerning. >> there were defenders of the ballpark including tim smith a resident of oakland.>> we need the affordable housing. >> this deal is structured for
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the spode. expanding successful industry as well as an exciting mixed-use development at jack london square where people are truly excited about keeping our is rooted in oakland. >> a lot of things that go to this that could take a couple of years. they want the stadium completed here by 2023. new, and over driver in the east bay has been arrested accused of kidnapping to women earlier this month to commit . 23-year-old amari of oakland had two separate encounters with female customers who he propositioned for sex, and prevented from leaving the car. police say both women eventually escape. one suffered injuries from jumping out of the vehicle, the suspect remains in custody. uber spokesperson has called
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incident deeply troubling. police are asking for the public's help in locating a possible police impersonator. he was seen driving a car similar to the one in this picture. investigators say a woman reported being pulled over by the driver of the car, but drove away when she suspected the person wasn't a real officer. the suspect is described as six feet tall around 40 years old, with short blonde hair. and a muscular build. police are searching for a suspect after eight officer involved shooting in hayward. it was reported about 3:00 is afternoon on o street near history and boulevard. no one was hurt, police say they are searching for suspects seen racing from a scene in a car.. no information was available. a bay area jury has concluded that monsanto is responsible for causing cancer. this time jurors in l amino county awarded $2 million to a couple from livermore who have non-hodgkin's lymphoma.
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the maker of the roundup weed killer insist that their product is safe. >> the company monsanto put out a release today. this is the third time since august that a jury has ruled against monsanto, they say they plan to appeal this verdict as well. the plaintiffs told me that they have been battling cancer for nine years. they say they hope to send a message with the company. >> they say they use roundup on their home and other properties for decades.>> over the years we were using probably every week. >> at first they say they never thought of any connection when they both are diagnosed with non-hodgkin's lymphoma. they remember the heartbreak. >> when the doctors told me that she was dying. they saw an ad connecting their cancer to monsanto's rent of.
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on monday and oakland jury awarded each of them $1 billion in punitive damages, and 55 million each in compensatory damages. >> it was really good to see the jury follow up. >> i think the messages that roundup can cause cancer. is also pretty clear that monsanto has known about this for over 45 years. >> attorneys for this case say 13,000 other plaintiffs have already filed against monsanto. they said that we have great sympathy for mr. and mrs. billy had, but the evidence in this case was clear that both have long histories of illnesses known to be substantial risk factors for non-hodgkin's lymphoma. the company continued saying that the consensus among health regulators yearwood, the product to be used safely and that is assayed is not carcinogenic. >> the issue is how difficult it is for jerry's to decide
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these questions that are fundamentally scientific questions. >> this is the third case that a jury has ruled against monsanto. the previous ones were in federal court and state court incipit cisco.>> they are making it a little more likely that monsanto will agree to some sort of settlement system. >> it's likely that a judge will find the jury to be too high and reduce the dollar amount. it could be a while before the plaintiffs receive any money as the case works its way through the appeals court. stocks plunge today as the trade war between the u.s. and china escalated. it dropped to .4%. nasdaq fell 269 for his largest decline of the year. apple do a lot of business with
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china and they took the biggest hit. on friday the u.s. raised tariffs on $200 billion of chinese imports from 10-25%. today china hit back with you tariffs of its own. the product that would be affected junipers include rubber, fruit juice, tools, and clothing. president trump said u.s. could have more tariffs on any other chinese goods and not arty subject to import taxes. we have the right to do another 325 billion 25% an additional tariffs. >> we will suffer from the short-term damage done by these trade barriers, but they will to. two he also said he expects to meet with the summit at the end of june, no other talks are scheduled before than. interests, plus drugs and guns. operation redwood and how police in the south bay credit analytics with the success. a new corporate name for
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the oakland coliseum, they're inking a deal for the rights. rain is back in the forecast. umbrellas will be needed, see you back here. ♪ [ crying ] ♪
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this coliseum is getting a new name, according to the chronicle the indications from ring central have reached a naming rights deal for the next three years. the company from belmont will pay $1 million a year for the state to be called ring central coliseum. a spokesperson for the coliseum authority said the deal should come up for a vote by the end of the week. the previous company with naming rights pulled out of its deal after the raiders announced that they were leaving oakland for las vegas. a gun that would encourage gun shows has been suspended. the bills say they'll put legislation on hold, because the board of directors for the palace voted to ban gun shows their last month. lawmakers say they will now work with the community on the
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facility's future which could include plans to develop retail, and housing on the property. federal and local law-enforcement agencies are crediting analytics for a successful 18 month operation to remove criminals and guns on the streets. we tell you about the techniques that investigators used in the crackdown. >> reporter: we started our analysis, it was actually because of a series of shootings. >> investigators with the county crime strategies unit had signatures from gun crimes. each red dot represents a crime. detectives were able to trace scores of shootings to this neighborhood. >> and violence is an everyday reality for not just community members, but irish people.. >> gun violence and legal weapons are a national epidemic
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that everybody in law enforcement is aware of. >> this 80 month investigation is operation redwood, detectives link the patterns with suspects who were involved in overlapping crimes. last month search warrants were served about the warrant. two ounces of heroin, and $42,000. >> no neighborhood should have to live in fear and be victimized. you're not just a pat on the heat matt, you're not a crime scene. your school students. churches of worshipers. homes of hard-working people. >> the same analytics that lead to success in this neighborhood could be duplicated. there's other neighborhoods that need attention. quite frankly this is an operation that we can replicate.
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26-year-old jose ramirez is facing charges for the murder of mason johnson harper that happened before christmas of last year. ramirez shot harper as he sat in a car. dilatory plea with charge of murder. >> officials say that criminals in this area should start looking over their shoulders, because they are quoting, we are coming for you. new, emergency dispatcher in sonoma county has been named the best in the country. 37-year-old works at redwood empire dispatch in santa rosa. she was on the job during the 2017 firestorm that hit napa and sonoma counties. a group called the international academy of emergency dispatch named her the dispatcher of the year. she fielded 911 calls when the calls broke out. >> it is hard to process that,
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we are all proud and grateful for think that we could accomplish. >> she was recognized for offering life-saving advice to callers whose homes were being overtaken by flames. she had to improvise, and set in more than one case she told callers to jump in a swimming pool as the fire swept through.>> we are tracking this massive instability heading our way, is extensive. it extends out past 3000 miles of unsettled weather. it doesn't mean it is in the winter though be a flood watch or flood warning, but this time of year the dynamics are lessened because of the angle, and the jet streams. without much coming through we will see an inch and a half and some of the heavier locations. is a start until wednesday, but
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it rains. thursday morning's commute looks wet, and there's evidence commute looks a little bit soggy. here's how it looks outside now. tomorrow is all about clouds. cloudy all day, and really for the most part used to the clouds, but because that's what it will be. will be mostly cloudy conditions for quite some time. the pattern stays unsettled. daytime tomorrow looks like this all day in san jose. the temperatures are going to be down not because of the air mass so much but because of the cloud cover. the temperatures represented in yellow will be the 70s. that's tomorrow's forecast under cloudy skies. here's the model. here's tomorrow afternoon with mostly cloudy. now we are into wednesday morning. you see it loading up. there's wednesdays evidence.
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wednesday around 10:00, wednesday night it will be raining. that your half inch of rain right there. >> the commute will be a problem. that'll be in the headline on this thing. you of a couple of commutes. there's a five day forecast. we'll see you back here tomorrow. the sharks were looking to go to games. unfortunately they came out flat and the now they are heading to saint lewis tied up at one game a piece. we will have the highlights coming up next in sports.
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the sharks, they're hoping to get up to come and now they are all tied up. >> at least it's a flip. >> the sharks, this is the way they do things. >> you would like to get a sweep, but it's not happening. they look so overwhelmed. they turn it around and from the get-go they are playing catch-up. there fired up and ready to go. >> that we could put out the
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fire. logan was fired up. his right between their. everyone is fired up as you look at the replay of it. it's a beautiful move there. the blues go up again for good as it the first time goal in the postseason. they go, they had another one for the for two final. >> that wasn't anywhere near what we are capable of. outthink we paid to our capabilities period. >> unfortunately the formula
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did not work tonight. we have 20 games that a home run. everybody's happy with a for one lead. it's a big hole guy. the a's were in the top of the 10th. with another solo home run is not good enough for the lead to beat protected as they tie, and omar has a base hit to and heartbreaker as they fall. the giants were off tonight. they are hoping to move it into over gear against portland tomorrow night.
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they to do it without kevin, as he is still not ready to take the court. he will be reevaluated on thursday as the is is is is not healed enough. they hit an incredible game- winning shot for toronto to and the philadelphia season. you have seen it, but you might not have quite heard it like this. >> that's great. in a korean it's hundred exciting. never before has the game seven in the nba decided on a buzzer beater. that was incredible. >> thank you for joining us,
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