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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  May 15, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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emergency calls of flames in butte county last fall. >> the catastrophic camp fire would burn for more than a month killing 85 people in the process. today cal fire said pg&e were to blame. >> ktvu new this, is the 4. >> this afternoon cal fire said investigators determineed the camp fire in butte county was caused by electrical transmission lines owned and on operated by pg&e. welcome to the 4, i'm alex savidge. >> and i'm heather holmes. they also blamed pg&e for a second source. hide say the cause was vegetation into the electrical distribution lines. >> the camp fire killed 85 people and burned 19,000 structures destroying most of the town of paradise. cal fire's report on this fire
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has been forwarded to the butte county district attorney's office who will determine the charges. i spoke to a deputy director who said that the agency is recommending charges filed in the case. >> be sure to stay with us here on the 4. we'll talk live with the mayor of paradise and get her reaction. we want to shift now to the weather here in the bay area. rain has arrived. it's a rainy mayday across the bay. you can see some sun breaks right now but do not be fooled. we're here to tell you that the storm is about to ramp up. yeah, the first one moved in this morning, shower, but the main core moves in over the next few hours. rainfall rates will pick up in the bay area between now and
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8:00 this evening. these are not extreme amounts. this is may 15th and we're talking about over half an inch of rainfall in santa rosa. a few hundredths of an inch for san mateo, concord and other areas. it is a bit unusual to be talking about a series of storms and fairly strong for this time of year. today, thursday into saturday, that could last into sunday. you can see what's happened so far throughout most of the wednesday t. clouds streaming into the bay area and the rain focused up in the north beautimagniface here is the coverage you see covering this portion. the yellow links up to more intense downpours. the rainfall rates are starting to pick up and the trend will slide to the south torr change
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will slide to the south. you can see the coverage from san francisco to oakland. not as much coverage in the east valley. san jose mostly cloudy skies but more action developing offshore in the pacific. winds will be the story. no wind advisories but they're ramping up. take a look at the sfo observation with winds gusting to 33. clouds moving in, rainfall develops. over the next few hours the intensity picks up across this portion of the bay area and will carry us into the 9:00 hour this evening. plan on heavier downpours over the next few hour, stronger winds and we have more storms in the five-day forecast. we'll have more coming up in a few minutes. >> well, as mark was just telling us, this is unusual. it meant many of us have to go
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searching for the stowed away umbrella. and a lot more rain is on the way. christian is joining us live from king street in san francisco with more on how the storm may impact the commute. >> reporter: that's right. literally since the show started the rain started falling as we we are wrapping up the weather. i felt my actual first drop. the rain definitely starting to hit here in san francisco. we're on king street where we're monitoring the progress of the storm. the san francisco giants just wrapping up a day game fitting in nine inning, fans telling us the ballpark was pretty empty. it was a sign that some were worried about getting rained out. we're seeing the ballpark traffic here on king street. the traffic is expected to get worse once the rain really starts falling. we expect a major impact on the evening commute.
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we caught up with the director of emergency management and he is not expecting a large scale flood but he said there is a possibility that we could celo callizeed street flooding and small stream advisories and flooding so certainly a lot to monitor over the next 48 hours and into the weekend as this series of storms rolls through the bay area and how it will affect the evening commute. live in san francisco, ktvu news. >> this storm is also hitting the sierra as well. here is a look at the harrah's casino camera that looks out over lake tahoe and you can see all of the clouds and rain and stormy conditions right here in the middle of may. now for all of your weather needs including the seven-day forecast and live radar
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download the ktvu weather app. it was another emotional day in court for relatives of the ghost ship fire victims. many wept today as they saw the helmet camera video from an oakland firefighter who responded to the warehouse. fire crews were told there were still people inside but the 15 minute video clip was eerily silent. almena and harris face 36 counts. you can find henry lee's updates everyday on and around the clock. now these fans are real fans. more than a hundred people lining up early this more thanking to show their undying
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love for the san jose sharks. >> that's dedication. and up next, the downtown san jose safe way that's been the anchor for that area is shutting down. coming up, why the doors will soon be closed for good. [phone ringing]
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let's roll! now that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ . >> we want to return to our top story and the announcement from cal fire that pg&e is to blame for the deadly camp fire that broke out in butte county last
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november. we want to get reaction from the mayor of paradise, jody jones. she is joining us live on the phone. mayor, you, like so many in your town, lost your home. what do you make of the cal fire findingings today? well, i don't think that anyone is really surprised by this because pg&e, a month or so ago, said they were likely at fault, but it is very nice to have the report. i know that cal fire does a very thorough job and it's nice to have some finality here. >> they say the agency is recommending charges of some kind but not being specific. they're recommending the charges as it's forwarded to the butte county district attorney. what would you like to see the d.a. do? >> i think i'll leave the
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d.a.'s job to him. he's got to assess the evidence and see if he thinks it will hold up in court. certainly i'm like to see pg&e held a counteddable if he believes there is evidence of criminal wrongdoing, absolutely. >> mayor, what do these findings mean for the city, the town of paradise, and its recovery? >> well, what i'm hopeful for is that the findings will help in the negotiations with pg&e over our lawsuit and the bankruptcy. i'm hoping they come to the table willing to negotiate in good faith and that this report being out will help that happen. >> it certainly gives you the evidence to point be to there. mayor, last week, i'm sure you know that a federal judge ordered pg&e board members to tour the devastation from the
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camp fire, specifically to take a trip to your city of paradise. i'm wondering if and when that visit happens are you going to be a part of it, do you know, and what's the message you'd like to get across to the pg&e board member subway nightly sports. yes, i believe that i will be a part of it. i think it's going to happen some time in june. i believe the judge is going to come with them. almost all of the board members are new. they were not part of the board when the fire happened and they're not responsible for this but they're responsible for happens going forward. i think seeing the result, the devastation, will have some impact on them and howe they conduct business in the future. >> mayor jody jones, thanks for
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talking to us again. >> we appreciate the mayor weighing in. for more on cal fire's finding, you can find everything up online at our website, >> now we go to the south bay and the main grocery store serving downtown san jose made a big announcement today it's closing in a matter of weeks. this is the safeway on 2nd street. residents are a little upset by the closure. >> reporter: yeah, they're frustrated that they'll have to go further for groceries. city officials are hopeing the vacancy will be short lived and they'll be able to find another grocer to move in. >> reporter: for those who live and work in downtown san jose it's a big loss. the safeway is closing its doors on june 14th. >> i'm disappointed. are there were problems theft
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and loitering and then parking. >> part of me is surprised it's been open this long. >> reporter: they say the numbers just weren't there. they say it's occasionally necessary to close location that is are not meeting company goals. the mayor said the city fought to save it. >> it is something we anticipated might happen with the loss of the public parking at that site. we tried to keep it but we were not successful. we'll have to work hard to find another grocery store. >> reporter: the san jose downtown association sees it has critical for downtown. >> we have to thousand units in the pipeline and 40 or 50 projects in the works. if we can get them built we'll have the mass we need to sustain a grocery store. >> reporter: so residents see the closure as bad omen.
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it's just not happening. the cinema closed, the grocery store. >> reporter: city officials say there are other grocery stores in a few mile radius so, for some, the extra distance is a hard time. i'll have to go to 7-eleven to get snacks. >> reporter: again, the last day of operations here, should be around june 14th. safeway anticipates getting most of the employees into other stores. >> san jose mayor unveiled a propose toll encourage more construction of affordable housing in an effort to help ease the city's housing crisis. this proposal would waive some fees and provide loans to homeowners who build accessory dwelling unit, in-law units. they'll be encouraged to
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convert garages into housing units special conditions on rent. >> we know that the city impact fees have got none the way. we're proposing waiveing the fees and trying to offer a forgivable loan for the home other thans who are willing to restrict the rent to ensure that these will be guaranteed to be affordable. >> the mayor says the accessory dwelling units can be a source of income for many homeowner whose are struggling to pay their mortgage. >> tonight the san jose sharks hope to take the series lead in st. louis. some fans are going the extra mile to show support by getting tattoo. of course, that's what you do to show support. the sharks offered free sharks tattoos to the first 40 fan
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that is resigned up -- fan that is leaned up outside the parlor. >> my first tattoo ever. i also wanted a sharks tattoo. hide said free and i said there is no excuse not to get it. >> the sharks are offering limited number of free tattoos during each road game your next chance is friday at the black lagoon tattoo parlor. >> it's amazing the fans lining up to get the tattoos. mark is here dedicated to weather. yeah, seems like we're dedicated to the radar this year. >> yeah, we were about to put it away and head into the dry season but not yet. may, 2019, at least the mid portion of the month will be active. the for a normal may you can see how much rainfall is picked up. the average a mount of days and we could, in terms of
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rainfall, we could be doubleing the normal rainfall totals just within this short span coming up. take a look here. here is a look at some of the numbers. we'll take this through saturday at 4:00 p.m.. these numbers have been changing a bit. we're not just expecting a tenth of an inch or quarter of an inch. some are possibly over a inch and a half in the coastal hills. here is the satellite and radar, the rainfall streaming in from the pacific. we have yellows indicating heavier downpours. as we move the map to the south we have showers developing in san francisco approaching oakland and alameda and hayward. not as much action in the south bay but that will change over
4:19 pm
the next few hours and out here in the pacific more rainfall. winds are up there. southerly wind in oakland 26 miles per hour. our live camera, this is the san jose cam remark not much in the way of rainfall but the clouds continue to thicken and we're expecting the storm to move in over the next few hours between 5:00 and 8:00. rainfall will be picking up, gusty wind, 30 to 40 miles per hour. tomorrow you have to be prepared for everything. showers likely, scattered showers, possibility of thunderstorm, especially if you see the sunny breaks. we'll call it a cool unsettled forecast. here is the rainfall coming in this evening. this is 9:00. then we have more break in the action and then developing again in the thursday forecast. more rain clouds for the weekend. we'll update the five day in a
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little bit. coming up, world leaders are coming together to try to ease tensions in the middle east. we'll have an update. >> tune in tonight for the celebrity showdown on masser chef junior at 8:00 and then things heat up on paradise hotel at 9:00. we hope you stick around after that for the 10:00 news a and the 11:00 news all here on, the tvu. tvu.
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. there is a widening risk growing between the u.s. and world powers when it comes to a threat. president trump is standing firm on his decision. >> reporter: tensions between iran and the u.s. rashing up this week. the trump administration blames iran and the u.s. is now
4:24 pm
increasing their military footprints in the region. on wednesday the state d.ordering all non-essential personnel to leave iraq but giving no details. iraq's prime minister asking both to back down. >> we hope thing also end well there. is a real desire to find outlets. >> reporter: the stance was put in the u.s. ine creasingly at odds other world powers. some say america is rushing into a middle east war. supporters say it's needed to protect those throughout the region. >> we be don't send them to the persian gulf on a training exercise. >> reporter: lawmakers reason capitol hill are asking more questions.
4:25 pm
most republicans are standing behind the campaign while acknowledgeing the growing threat of a military conflict. >> they don't want to face u.s. military but they want to push back as best as they can. >> reporter: they plan to brief lawmakers tomorrow on the present iran strategy. >> the world's technology leaders are meeting in paris to fight hate speech and extremism online this. is part of the tech for good conference. the meeting was put together following the church shoot in addition new zealand that left 50 dead. the attacker used facebook to live stream the deadly rampage. representatives from facebook and google were among those attending. >> we think these are principle that is everyone can get behind and we can come together with government to make sure we reduce harmful content online. >> in response to the new
4:26 pm
zealand attack, facebook says they'll tighten rules for the streaming live. coming up, the judge rules on whether a 16-year-old suspect in a shooting should be charged as an adult. . up next, the governor of alabama signs the nation's strictest abortion ban making it a felony in almost all cases. what it moans for row for roe v. wade and california.
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. just over an hour ago the
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governor of alabama signed a bill that will make ate felony to perform an abortion in the state in almost all cases. doctors could face up to life in prison. bakers hope the law could leave to the over turn of roe v. wade >> reporter: furious outrage after alabama passes a law essentially banning abortions by penalizeing the doctors who perform them. it cleared the senate 25-6 making it a class a felony for a doctor to perform an abortion at any time. many are hoping they challenge it in open court hoping to put it in supreme court. >> it's designed to be just that. we were trying to keep it just as it was which is direct the
4:30 pm
issue that roe v. wade was decided on. >> reporter: even some democrats are willing to roll the dice believeing the courts will strike down the measure without touching roe v. wade. >> i think the bill has too many flaws in it. maybe it's the best thing it goes up there. >> reporter: the issue is sure to permiate the 2020 election cycle. kamala hair vice calling out republicans for inconsistency when it comes to women's health. >> the same kind of people who stand in the way of what women need to have access to issues like prenatal care. >> for more on this issue we're joined now by a professor of law at santa clara university. we appreciate you coming on to day. alabama is the latest to put forward the legislation,
4:31 pm
directly challenging roe v. wade. so i guess the question is what do you think the chances are this issue will be taken up by the supreme court? >> we, i think it's certainly going to be changed and brought before a lower federal court. i suspect if it's faithful to press dent underneath roe they'll be obligated to strike down the alabama law. the purpose of this law is really to set up confrontation at the supreme court with the hope that is the supreme court, i think, would then over rule roe and all abortion precedents. >> is there a cummulative affect -- there is state after state, of late, passing these very restrictive laws dealing with abortion. when you have more states like this sort of pushing the boundaries of roe v. wade, does that make it more like lithia
4:32 pm
the supreme court hears these case, ultimately? >> it certainly makes the narrative that this is a trend or a wave of state legislation that requires the court to step in. it makes the narrative more robust. it's fairly clear for observers on the ground. this is usually model legislation that is shocked to jurisdictions. >> the make-up of the supreme court has changed and shifted to the right. if the issue of abortion is taken up by the high court do you see a scenario where the supreme court would over turn roe v. wade? >> i think that is certainly a strong possibility. the last time the supreme court considered a state law that had
4:33 pm
significant restrictions on abortion was a time when the supreme court was constituted very differently than now. we now have two new justices, gorsuch and cavanaugh and i think both were appointed with the expectation they would not be afraid of over turning roe v. wade if that situation were presented to them. we don't know their particular views but i would suspect they would not have been nominated had there not been a feeling that they would be receptive to argument that is roe v. wade should be overturned. >> certainly that was lot of the questioning when we heard justice cavanaugh during hearings. let's say we fast forward and there is a scenario where roe v. wade is struck down by the high court. i'm curious, i mean obviously we're looking way far ahead here, but what does that mean for individual states such as
4:34 pm
california? >> well, so what it would mean, essentially, is there is no constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy. that doesn't mean that individual states could not, them several, protect that right either through their legislative process or through their constitutional amendments or through state court rulings n.a place like california it is entirely possible that the right to terminate a pregnancy can be protected through state law. in other states it would awe lou states like alabama, georgia, mississippi, for example, the pass the types of laws they have to restrict or ban abortions out right. there is a lot of political processes within the states themselves. >> absolutely alegal battle that is starting to heat up here. we have to leave the
4:35 pm
conversation there. we appreciate your insight. thank you. >> thank you. >> two teenagers accused of shooting and killing student and hurting others each phase 48 counts of murder and attempted murder. they were in court today and the judge ruled the 16-year-old suspect will be tried as an adult. along with the 18-year-old suspect they broke into a locked gun cabinet at the older teen's house and stole the guns used in the shooting. meanwhile, colorado's governor declareed today kendrick castillo day. he was the one killed as he rushed one of the gunmen last week. you're looking at pictures of about 600 jeep drivers who wanted to honor castillo and his love of the vehicle. they participated in the
4:36 pm
memorial for the young man today. >> a new book looks at women in silicon valley. the arthur joins me live. it's the middle of may but we have been winter like storms approaching the bay area. we have more rain clouds toward the weekend and we'll update the bay area forecast coming up. >> how about coffee and pizza for breakfast tomorrow? we'll tell you how it tastes and fox 2 celebrates national pizza party day. >> put the power of 2 to work for you. so, jardiance asks... when it comes to type 2 diabetes, are you thinking about your heart? well, i'm managing my a1c, so i should be all set. right. actually, you're still at risk for a fatal heart attack or stroke. even if i'm taking heart medicine, like statins or blood thinners?
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. alpha girls tells the story of four incredible women rising up and taking on the male dominated roles of silicon valley. the arthur, elaine guthrie, is here now. i have a copy of the book, alpha girls. it is getting a lot of attention. why did you decide to write this book? >> i was on tour with my other book and i was meeting with a lot of entrepreneurs and engineers and i would look out
4:40 pm
into these rooms and there would be like a thousand people, maybe ten women. i started to look around and these are dynamic fields but where are all it will women? so then i looked closer in your backyard at the field of tech and then i zeroed in on venture capitol.  it's an impactful field, industry, little understood but has impact on shaping how we all live, how we communicate, what we drive, the medical devices we may one day need. >> you found it is lacking in women. talk about the gender gap, specifically, when it comes to the role on venture capitol. >> when i started by report, 94% of all investing partner, those writing the checks to the companies, the companies that get founded and funded, 94% are
4:41 pm
men. i thought wow, what does that mean for the technology that is getting made and built but who are -- who are the 6%? who succeeded? i started to track those women down. >> what did you find by talking with them and telling their story subway nightly sports. >> i found i was really surprised. the book alpha girls is full of surprises. i found women who came to california at different times with a shared dream of making it in this world that is seemingly inhospitable to women who found success works are in the industry today and who helped build and finance some of the companies of our day and yet their stories have been largely untold. they're kind of the hidden figures of tech. we hear so much that is negative about silicon valley. there are the barriers and
4:42 pm
they're ridiculous and they exist but there are also women who thrive, who find a way to make it work. they have lessons for all of us. you talk in your book at the set backs and betrayals that they face. >> true, but the story ends up as one of triumph but there are the barriers, the set backs. there are the betrayals, both personal and professional. there are stories of women holding themselves back. we're all human and we're all bias. we have to figure out our expectations for ourselves, as will. there are shocking betrayals in the book. there are successes and it's astounding how they did it. it's victory that is added up
4:43 pm
to something significant and paveed the way for others. >> what are some of the lessons learned from these women? >> use humor. it's great to diffuse a tough situation. have a thick skin. get in the game, network. know when to take offensive at something, an off colored joke, and when to let something go and eyes on the prize. as cliche as it sound, that's what they did. >> i love the character, i love the story. it's getting will the of attention going from book form to television soon. >> it is. it's being adapted for a television series and by a remarkable woman in hollywood and has kind of lived this story to a degree. she's one of three in history to win an academy award as a producer. the story is in good hands.
4:44 pm
>> it is. congratulations. thank you for coming on. >> thank you. >> head to our website,, and click on the web links tab. >> ten dead whales have washed up on shore here in the bay area in a little more than two months m.reason experts say they don't know why this is happennen but they suspect the whales are looking for food or suffering from a disease. a few of them were hit by ships but experts say it could be related to disease or starvations. right now the whales are on their annual migration to the north to alaska. >> there could be more being brought into the san francisco bay for food but the waters are calmer in san francisco bay than the ocean. maybe they're taking break. we don't know. >> a dead whale washed up in pacifica yesterday.
4:45 pm
they'll take samples of the whale to figure out the cause of death. rain drops are hitting the camera lens. rainfall rates are increasing, especially up in the north bay. this has been a pretty remarkable development this week with a series of storms heading toward the bay area coastline. it is a bit unusual. wednesday, thursday, once again as we head into saturday. here is the radar and you can see what's happened. we're going back to the 2:00 hour and things are developing rapidly. more greens and yellows, santa rosa, heavy rain for the 4:00 hour. as we move the maps down to central portions of the bay, we have rain developing in san
4:46 pm
francisco, approaching the east bay and then back toward the south not as much coverage but we have more development out here in the pacific. as i mentioned, the rainfall rates will increase over the next two to three hours camera in the south bay with mostly cloudy skies and the rainfall will be picking up. the storm impact, most areas will pick up half an inch to maybe an inch and a quarter. maybe the coastal hill, they could have about two inches of rain. winds around 40 miles per hour. in the sierra, they'll pick up snowfall, winter storm warning in place. you can see some of these projections. you get the idea, we're not talking about a tenth of an inch or quarter of an inch. a lot of areas approaching an inch or topping that. we may be bumping up the
4:47 pm
forecast values a bit based on the next few hours. wednesday, thursday system is right here. it looks like more rain with this development and that is in your saturday forecast. that evening rain and wind picking up because this front will be moving across the bay area. behind the cold front you have the cool air. you'll notice a temperature drop in your forecast. the cold unstable air could lead to thunderstorms. we could have sunshine, clouds and then heavy down pours a possibility of a thunderstorm. winter storm warning in effect up above 78,000 feet with amounts around ten inches. here is the plan tonight. 7:00 and we put this into motion, 11:00, the rain line scoots out to the east. tomorrow we'll have clouds and showers popping up. this will set up an unstable
4:48 pm
environment to set up few thunderstorms in your thursday forecast. friday we need a break and we get a break, especially by friday afternoon. there is a chance of showers friday morning and decreasing in the afternoon hours. it'll be cooler tomorrow. five-day forecast is busy. partly cloudy skies friday, rain develops into saturday and into sunday it looks like some rainfall but looks like early sunday morning. so there is a good chance we could squeeze out a nice day on sunday. get ready. it's part of the weekend that might be okay. >> one day. >> salvage the weekend? we're trying to find the breaks. coming up aunique festival is planned for this week mend the north bay. >> there is only one other like it in the country. how organizers are raising awareness of people with special needs.
4:49 pm
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. in today's bay area people, we're introducing you to a group of artist and performers in santa rosa this weekend for the inclusion festival. >> there is no other music festival of this kind here in california and it's one of two she knows about in the entire country. >> [ music ] >> reporter: for these artists, there is nothing like performing. the song, "this is me" is like.
4:52 pm
>> andy: them. >> we're happy for this moment. no matter what i'm in the best head space. >> i like that we get to move around in dance class. >> reporter: and the pride you see as the music takes over can take your breath away. >> it really spoke to the artists. it's about this is me, here i am and this is what i have to off teriaco world. i'm proud. >> reporter: pride is what you see when you take a walk through the non-profit. it's all about art in every form. here the artist are adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. >> with these student, when they sit down to paint, and i watch some of them paint, i can honestly say in all of the classes and places i've been, the om time i look down and i see that i'm watching really a
4:53 pm
genious paint. genious paint. . >> reporter: so much of the beauty is in their joy. you hear it when they lift their voice in song. and you see it in their eyes when you ask artists like jessica to pick their favorite song. >> there are so many. >> reporter: or when you find out julie always carry as harmonica with her. and she's convinced to play a few notes. the belief is that art should come without labels and here they work to give every artist a voice. >> it's so important for everybody to be able to express themselves through art, dance, music and they are incredible to. have that outlet, you see the passion in their eids and it
4:54 pm
just exudes out of their body. >> reporter: all art performances are important. they happen here at the alcamea but this group is preparing to perform on may 18th at the inclusion festival in santa rosa. it was founded by emily parker. >> there is not another inclusion festival happening in our state. there is a similar event that occurs in pennsylvania. we have a stage that is outside and we're going to have a variety of live music including their choir and then inside we have a silent disco.. [ music ] >> reporter: it is a chance to perform for the community, to be included. >> it's surprising that it
4:55 pm
makes us feel good when we do a good job. >> reporter: for their mentor, the gift the being part of the process. >> it is incredibly rewarding. they are sunshine to me. >> inspiration beyond belief. it changed my life. >> reporter: it's about the joy. >> it's fun, doing what we enjoy and on top of the roof. >> reporter: and when they stand together it's impossible not to cheer. >> they're all superstars. i love to see that . if you'd like to suggest person or organization to be featured by bay area people send office tip. share your suggestions by visiting the bay area people tab on our website, >> and check out today's new edition of the podcast.
4:56 pm
it features erica dann. she talks about being a woman in tech and what inspired her to enter the pageant world. >> kutv fox news at 5:00 is coming up next. we'll tell you about an investigation by the highway patrol on highway 24 that left a cyclist dead.
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. >> kutv fox news at 5:00 starts now. >> cal fire's report is in and they make it official. pg&e was responsible for the massive camp fire that killed 85 people and destroyed most of the town of paradise. good evening everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the investigation is confirmation of what many suggested, the pg&e sparked the devastating wildfire in paradise. >> alex savidge is here with the remarks from the mayor and what this means for pg&e and those who lost their homes. [ no audio ] >> reporter: the report blames pg&e for a second ignition source and they say in that
5:00 pm
case vegetation touched an electrical distribution line. november's camp fire was deadliest and most destructive in california's history. the fire killed 85 people and destroyed 19,000 structure, wiping out almost the entire town of paradise. the yor of paradise talked to us during 4:00 and she said they should strengthen efforts by the fire victims to get the compensation they deserve. i think the biggest thing is that the report and the fact that they found pg&e is responsible could be helpful in the negotiations surrounding the lawsuits and bankruptcy. i'm hopeful that it'll be helpful in bringing some early resolution to all of that, that pg&e will cooperate with that. >> reporter: pg&e filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy back in january. the utility is facing


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