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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 15, 2019 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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ance lore chanslor. live where the weather is forcing cancellations. >> one of the biggest nonprofit fund repairses of the year and fundraisers and this plaza was water logged. >> we've first day. >> on the outdoor patio empty. shades drawn. where customers look few
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umbrella. wednesday night market was rained out. >> the storm is nuts. i wasn't expecting this today. >> and not a gentle spritz, this was cold driving rain. with wind gusting and bringing down scattered trees and loose limbs. santa rosa will add a few more inches to the 40 it got this season. >> people are ready for summer. it's almost memorial day. it's not supposed to rain. >> we have the signage for the partners. >> wet weather is wrecking events like the outdoors. a gala for 300 people. it's been postponed. >> mother nature has not been good us to. >> last year everyone wilted in
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the heat wave. so they shifted to may. >> we checked the almanac, previous year's weather reports and seems like they should be safe. >> real sympathy for those who can't reschedule. >> the brides that dreamed of an outdoor experience. won't happen this weekend. >> the soaking so late is a boon for the new landscaping recently planted but puts a damper on barbecue plans. >> take all the cushions off the furniture the house what. >> college commencement, think of the many this weekend. guests and grads will squeeze
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inside. the late rains tamp down fire danger, it just causes the grasses to grow material. >> we want to go to bill martin and where the rain is falling and what to expect tomorrow. >> we have more rain coming, cal is graduating this weekend and rain in the forecast. big rain tonight. the numbers are significant. the windsor number, all the numbers i'm showing you would be significant in february. in may? this is huge. we're looking for more rain tonight. the front has slid through, in the mountains a winter storm warning. snow levels high, the storm warning above 6,000 feet. rain falling down in the south bay, mainly in the newark area. yellow areas representing
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moderate rainfall and the mountains going off. we're going to get more showers tomorrow. scattered showers all day tomorrow. not like today. it's not rain from front to back. scattered showers, more scattered showers and one or 2:00 a chance for a thundershower and more scattered showers, the sun will come out but heavier rain forecast for the weekend. >> you can check live radar anytime at, just look for the weather tab on a man wrongf of attempted murder is now a free man after 17 years in prison. >> 40-year-old was released today. the northern california
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innocence project spent five years disproving eyewitness accounts. the district attorney office formally dropped charges. shortly after his release he described the moment before he walked out of prison for good. >> unreal. i couldn't believe it. i asked the officer, is that door really going come open. he said yes. he popped it. it was a shock. >> he says he enwition from the for now he will spend time with his family. he may be eligible for every day he was l fire conclud pg&e equipment is responsible for the wildfire that wiped out paradise.
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that was no surprise, we learned that the equipment sparked two fires in butte county and cal fire is recommending the d.a. bring charges against pg&e. >> cal fire said the investigation was meticulous with 20 investigators coming that the equipment caused the fire. >> the tree is burning next to us. >> six months ago the campfire roared to life changing the lives of thousands in butte county. >> there fire is faster than we can keep up. >> it broke out on november 8th. during regular flag conditions, dry vegetation and strong winds and low humidity kept the fire going. wiping out the town of
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paradise, killing 85 and warning 153,000-acres. there was speculation of what started the fire. today the rumors were laid to rest. >> electrical transmission lines coming into contact with equipment owned by pg&e. >> it looks like a fire coming over the hill. >> the second flare-up near rim and continue cal roads and the fault of pg&e. call fire recommendation that charges >> gets the -- attorney gets the information they will bring charges. >> i think the biggest thing is that the report and the fact that they
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found that pg&e is responsibility, could be helpful in the negotiations surrounding the lawsuits and the bankruptcy. >> we have a sense of urgency paying the claims, making sure the people that were affected get paid. >> this is an active investigation but the fate is in the hands of the d.a. >> as for the possible charges could include recklessly causing a fire. it will be weeks to months before a decision will be made. it an emotional day in court for the ghost ship family victims. fire crews were told there were people inside but the 15 minute video
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was silent with no cries for help and no rescues. the fire chief said they arrived a minute after the fire was reported to see dark smoke. >> this was built in a way that was dangerous, it was dangerous for the firefighters in there and made it difficult to find the fire, to get their hoses in and defend against the fire. >> derrick and max each face 36 counts of involunty manslaughter. testimony continues tomorrow. alameda sheriff deputy accused of assault and driving under the influence. he was arrested on may 4th. he's on leave from the sheriff deputy. a spokesman said they can't
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comment because it's a personnel matter. san francisco police chief is confident that the raid of a journalist home was legal. the police raided the home and office on friday. they are trying to determine who leaked a police represent a report. chief scott said the search warrants were in compliance with the shield law. now the richmond, friends and family held a vigil for a father of three. miguel ramirez was checking his mail when hein the head by a bullet that police belief came from a shooting two blocks away. it was one of two shootings in an hour.
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ramirez was a custodian and came home happy. >> we grew up in richmond, we've heard of shootings happening a lot. it something we know. we never thought it would be, that it would be us, that it would be him. it's not fair. >> the family has set up a gofundme page. he a easing the housing crutch with inlaw units. >> new regulations for smart home devices. california lawmakers want to protect your data. >> we have rain now with more rain to come. as we get going further i'll let you know what to expect.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ . a bike rider was killinged
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in oakland riding across highway 24. the chp said the rider was on the center divide before crossing into traffic. lanes were shut down while the highway patrol investigated and rush- hour traffic was backed up on to 980 and 580. a secretary is under arrest for soliciting a minor. gary carsoning acedly passed a note to a 16-year-old boy and propositions him. police arrested him yesterday. he's on paid administrative leave from the fire department. now to the south bay, the number of applications to build in law units has increased five fold. the mayor is proposing more
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changes to get more homeowners on board. >> accessory dwelling units have caught the eye of homeowneconsidered a her backyard but scared off by cost. >> you have to pay permitting fees before you get started. >> the mayor offered a ray of sunshine amid the lack of affordable housing. making it easier and cheaper to build in their backyard. >> we need to bend the cost curve. >> construction costs for traditional home exceed $6,000. an inlaw unit could be one to two 00 ,000 dollars. waiving the impact fees. >> this will cut costs for
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homeowners interested in building an adu and provide affordable housing. >> the mayor wants to forgive the loan after five years if the homeowner rents to a low or middle income person or family. >> the mayor will submit a proposal in june. the goal is to vote on the idea before the end of the fiscal year. >> we're looking at every possible tool that we have. >> one developer who has a program on the house teachers says the cost- ificant measure efforts impact. >> we should see a reduction in costs that the homeowners have to front. >> that could have people placing a build order instead of looking at what is the future of
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home building. 16 years, that's how long the planning process for a mixed income housing project took. now that project is underway and today city and community leaders gathered for groundbreaking ceremony. it will provide affordable housing for people. it includes 211 affordable rental units. later more a units and three to water front apartments will be built. it will benefit working class residents. >> this is not just affordable housing, this is a mixed income water front community. that's special and part of oakland's values. we want an inclusive center where everyone can enjoy the amenities.
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>> lack of funding, red tape and roadblocks led to years of delays. legislation moving forward in sacramento requires privacy rules for smart home devices. it prohibits manufacturers from selling voice recorders that may have been collected. the very wall assistance controls your thermostat with the click of a button but there's concerns. >> we want to enjoy the benefits of the speakers, they are neat, but we have to safeguard privacy. >> this bill comes on the heels of a report that revealed thto and l
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that break the law face fines. watching the showers move through the bay area. heavy showers on the afternoon commute. couldn't have timed it worse. lots of delays. rainfall accumulations significant for this time of the year. over an inch of rain. san jose, maybe a quarter of an inch. for san francisco north and the oakland hills we saw a half inch to- as it showers, glides through the bay area into the mountains. that winter storm warning stays in effect through friday. more showers tomorrow. cooler part of the system will come through and deliver a day like this. a little bit of sun, a little
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bit of clouds, and a thousander in the afternoon -- thundershower in the afternoon. it will be on and off again, you may not get wet but you look across the bay and will see berkeley is getting wet. flag delays, you see it's wet out there, the model does this for tomorrow morning. that's not a big deal. tomorrow snowing down to friday the next few. out back is something for saturday and into sunday morning. go figure. it will be a wet weekend. all these things going on. weddings and graduations.
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the cal graduation is a lot of people. >> with a lot of rain on saturday, it will be a messy. >> it will be a drag. >> for a lot of people. sorry about that. sunday will be messy in the morning. coming up in sports, did the sharks use a hand pass to score their winning goal. they took a 2-1 lead in the conference finals. >> and one look outside at the weather conditions. is
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star wars galaxy's edge op
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. mark is back with sports. more on the sharks win. the last play is questionable. >> it's sharks hockey. nothing comes easy. you know what it goes the way of the member in teal and like it or not they have a 2-1 lead in the seriwestern conference finals. in st. louis.
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eric carlson scores, thornton 2- 0 off the rebound. four st. louis goals in the 2nd. finally the sharks will tie it with logan couture in front. we're going to over time. here it is battle in front. timo myers touched it with his hand that's clear. if he did it on purpose. the bl have made it legal. the blues are not happy. there you go. the bottom line the sharks lead the series 2 games to one. two pitchers going different ways. one on the way out, the other coming in.
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watch edwin jackson, he's with his 14th team. that's a record. still throwing. 2 run ticket to ride. the 3-1 lead. anderson not only 5 innings giving up 2 earned runs. but with the bat got a double his mom loves it. great that the family could be there. brandon crawford decides it with a 6th inning solo shot and the giants split the series with toronto. the warriors are beeking ahead. the eastern and it is a jumper he had 31, only 2 points in the
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4th quarter and milwaukee wins. brook lopez had a lot to do with it. 29 points. and a 1-0 lead for milwaukee. got time. why not check this out. the phillies game. he's a new jersey native. takes batting practice swings. he's a lefty. that's worth checking out. that's the sporting life at this hour. >> go sharks, can't wait. >> warriors tomorrow. seresto, seresto, seresto. jake... seresto, seresto, seresto. whatever your dog brings home to you,
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