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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 16, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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region's wine industry. the eleven o'clock news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. elite seasons is drenching the bay area and more is on the way. hello again everyone . >> this is unusual weather for the middle of may. in fact, we are only halfway through the month and in a matter of days the bay area cities have ended up getting more rain than their average for the entire month. we have team coverage. bill martin says we will get a brief break before marin. winemakers are closely watching the wet weather. rain in the fall we know is bad because close to crest can dilute sugar and flavor. but rain now, this late in the spring can cause to.
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kind of frustrating. busy season is beginning. locals may put off a visit when is raining. wine tourist don't have taluxury. they are finding it.
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they are coming. we said welcome to california. here we are in rain again. they came from chicago. embarking on a four day winery tour rain or shine. >> it's not going to hurt us. >> it drinks the same. >> that's a vin tack of a dirt year. in farming there's a new crop. mold is not a problem. quantity, one more variable. >> wills unless we have umbrellas to put over vineyards. >> it will be a few more weeks if the weather causes shatter, when the grapes don't grow completely. it would be great if the rain
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came weeks from now. more vines would be flowering and vulnerable. >> now to bill martin on the rain and what we can expect tomorrow. >> you see that rainfall accumulation, that was a half foot of rain in two days, we had extreme rain events throughout the bay. these numbers are numbers i've never seen before. >> it is wet out there. with that said, there's more coming our way. rain will dial up on saturday that could bring another inch of rain to the bay area. that's a lot a winter storm.
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snow levels in the 5500-foot range. they will get another foot and a half of snow. rainfall accumulations we're not used to seeing. tomorrow is dry. then we get back into it on sunday. >> there is a lot of new snow in the sierra. drivers traveling east chain controls on 80. turn b ktv udot com. >> the situation here in the bay area is growing dire. the three largest counties showed double digitin creases in the number on the street. in santa clara county it was 31
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hub. in alameda 8,000. and in san francisco the number of homeless topped 8,000. taking to homeless advocates. more needs to be done. >> the data really backs up people are seeing on the streets. homeless people living under overpasses and near the creek. homeless add sew cats -- advocates say it not enough. >> passing out hamburgers to the homeless, underneath highway 87 in downtown shows. >> we're going to have rain for five that's. i'm freezing.
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it's really cold. >> she's among the hungry. she hases in multiple sclerosis. she's called this tent home for three years. for every one person they house three more fall into homelessness. in san jose numbers are up. the count is done every two years. >> it's sad and disappointing. you hear rhetoric, there's a lot of money to be spent, but on the ground floor, on the frontline we're losing the battle. >> the numbers are unacceptable but not surprising. >> the city of th department says the disparity of living and wage stagnation is to blame. last week the city opened the supportive housing development on second
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and key streets getting 100 people off the street. >> we know the answer is housing we need to build it at a greater amount scale. >> the city needs to do more than building affordable housing. dave cortez says more resources need to be spent on housing. >> shared responsibility is a big issue. >> the county and city officials are optimistic. back in 2016 voters approved a housing bond allotting 0 million three annex felon
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counts of murder. jefferson is facing 13 felony counts including the attempted murder of a peace officer and exfelon in possession of a firearm. jefferson shot and woundedded a sheriff deputy before being taken into custody. the shooting ram panel began in oakland and continued in san francisco and berkeley. witnesses place him at the scene of all three killings and he's confessed to killing all three people. uni is looking at a fix for the malfunctioning door. a muni operator will be on the train to observe the door to make sure it working properly. last month a door closed on a
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> a plan down juvenile hall is closer to reality. members voted in favor of closing juvie hall. of the youth crime rate has dropped and only 30 young people are at the facility. as annual terp tiff they are looking at a smaller facility. the full board of supervisors will main it in. >> the warriors beat the trail blazers. warriors have a 2-0 lead in the western conference finals. paul chambers tell us it kept fans on the edge of their seats. >> the defending nba champs did
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it again. >> too close for comfort. >> i went to game five, dependent think it would be topped. >> the warriors beat the blazers 114 to 111. in game two of the western conference finals the dubs had a hard time. as the warriors battled back, it was a sea of gold and blue there were black and red from portland fans. >> i was 8-year-old in the conference finals against the lakers. >> most people come for the fun, the excitement and to be part of the action some came for a different reason. >> coming home for a bridal shower. >> a bridal shower at a warriors game. the couple had feud as the bride and groom are on opposite
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sides. >> i'm going to be there for her. >> missing in action of the kevin durant with a dauphin jury. calf injury. >> we love having him. we don't need him to win. we have a solid team without him. >> he got his ring, let's turn the page. >> you want him to leave. >> i'm tired of the hype. >> the warriors are doing good without him. gives him time to get healthy. >> we'll have to continue on without kd. he's not traveling to portland for game 3 on saturday. teachers ready to walk the picket line starting next week. a fighter jet slams into a
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warehouse, no one was seriously injured. a few showers around the bay right now, tomorrow will be a pretty okay day. rain back in the forecast for the weekend. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪ ♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock.
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. an international guard pilot ejected before a fighter jet crashed in riverside. you can see the in the roof of the warehouse. there's no reports of serious injuries on the ground. a photo shows the tail of the plane surrounded by wreckage. the pilot was not hurt. the plane developed hydraulic problems. it is a miracle the building didn't catch fire. investigators say dna lunged an accuse killer to the death of a
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stanford student in the 70s. a man was arrested for the killing of a student in 1973. the dna lunged him to janet taylor one year later. >> there is a commitment with the d.a.'s offices in both counties to expedite the cases. the clock is ticking. he has not been held to account for decades. he's not entered a plea in earth case. we have new details on an officer involved shooting in hayward. officers fired at three suspects on monday afternoon. officers fired the shots after one of the suspects pointed a gun at them. no one was hurt and the
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suspects escaped in a black honda accord. they hope these images will lead to arrests. teachers in union city and south hayward are preparing to go to strike. they are disappointed the contract talks broke down with no deal. the union loyers the request for a pay raise to 10% over two years. >> they deserve a raise, a substantial raise, we don't have the money to do it. >> i cried when i found out. we love the kids and it's a disruption for them and for us. it's tough. it's really tough. >> the union has more than 500 teachers and support staff and 11,000 students. the parents want to support the
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attitude -- teachers. >> showers through the bay area, you may see a little bit in the area, you can see by the scattered nature it winding up be moving on up into the lake tahoe area. truckee 32 degrees. now it's dropped a degree. we could see snow lake level tonight of the which is cold. a few scattered showers. temperatures running cooler than last night by five or 6 degrees. yesterday it was a front. today it was the cold low. that's why we had the funnel cloud in patterson. here's how tomorrow goes. i would say by the afternoon it mostly sunny. that puts us in the temperature range of the mid-60's to the upper 60s.
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a nice day. saturday goes south quickly. the morning starts out dry. by saturday, 9:00, 10:00 it's game on for rain. higher latitude. gets here saturday. here's the clearing day, here's saturday. this is a thousand miles out in the ocean. as it moves onshore it will drop rain, an inch of rain in some places, maybe more. in the mountains and the hills of the north bay. the model clears it out. here we go, saturday morning. not too bad. 11:00 it's going. 6:00 it's working through, but it lingers into sunday morning. the best days are friday and saturday afternoon as we go forward. time for the weekend watch.
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>> looking ahead to the weekend, here's some of the events. the costume run across san francisco. there will be annex poe at fehr 35, the latest in gear. in east bay oakland veg fast. the cutest dog contest and the kids area. in fremont, look to the sky at the kids and kites festival. 4,000 fights will be activities, performances and food. head to walnut creek for the art carnival at the center for community arts. find art making stations, face painting,
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music makes and more. enjoy classic and custom cars, street rods, tricked out trucks at the arroyo charity car show. live music, vendors, 100% benefits high school sports. in the north bay rose parade and festival. local school marching bands, community built floats, equestrian teams. cruise on back to the happy days of the 50s and 60s at the 2019 saluamerican foie gras footy. >> -- graffiti. coming up next. the warriors and blazers game
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score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. flap. if i'm the trail blazers i win both games in portland or the series is done. the thing i took away from this game. portland looked wide-eyed. they have the big lead and the warriors were champions and they were calm and then it was it. brotherly love. do not sprain your ankle jumping over your brother. stephan had he had 37. 36 in game one. the warriors down 15 at half. kd there to greet them. he's been ruled out for the
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next couple games at least. after a turnover, struggled with the block. klay had 24. the warriors down by 8 with 4 minutes left. steph curry clutch shot. portland goes up by 1. here are the warriors, draymond beautiful two. looney 14 again. the warriors leading by one. it came down to this to lillard and iguodala picks his pocket. he all ball here. it goes the warriors way and it's 114 to 111 final. >> we stole that game. i thought they outplayed us for
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much of the night, but we brought enough competitive fire in the 2nd half to overcome their great play. >> the a's took it to detroit in the motor city this afternoon. the hulk. needs to work on his throwing. >> then it starts. profar, deep and gone for the a's to start it rolling. 16 hits. five leave the field. what a game for vaguely, four for five. 4 rbis, 2-run shot here. 17-3 is the final. let's go tobethpage black new york.
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tiger woods, beautiful shot here to nail down an eagle. he finished at two over 72. the man to catch is brooks. course record 30-foot record. i'med in we have time. this is a classic play-by-play call of all time, minor league baseball. >> double digit wins on the young season. swings and fouls it off. toward the baseball booth and i make the catch on the foul ball. i'm proud of myself. i hope someone got video of that. >> i'm so proud of myself. that's mark swart of the summerset patriots. i'm so proud of myself. >> he kept hits cool. thanks for joining us. alright boys, time for bed.
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