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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 17, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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c1 . a dangerous situation in napa. what we are learning about a crash that led to a shelter in place, and the toxic chemicals that are concerning first responders. a 4-year-old boy dies during a dental career in oakland. now the investigation underway. what was discovered on a campus yesterday, and the security measures in place for the rest of the school year. good morning afternoon, everyone. i'm frank mallicoal. >> and i'm allie rasmus. a developing story in the north bay, a truck carrying hazardous materials overturned prompting evacuation and shelter in place orders. it was just before 7:30 this morning. it was on redwood road near lynnwood drive. the truck driver had minor injuries. the hazardous crews said the
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truck was carrying chemicals to make wine. >> we know there was nitrogen, argon, sulfur dioxide, used in finery practices. some tanks are ruptured, and some are offgassing, and at this point, we are trying to keep the residents out of the area. they don't understand the nature of the danger. >> reporter: the area is supposed to remain closed for the majority of the day. the red cross is on hand to assist people who have been affected. the rain, as you know, has been a big story this week. we are getting a slight break, but more wet weather is expected over the weekend. if you're headed up into the sierra, be ready for more fresh powder. more wet rain over the weekend. rosemary has a look at latest storm system. >> yeah. we are again, with some beautiful weather for today.
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dry weather a little bit of sunshine out there, and that will change as he head into the evening hours. the high pressure is going to be in place for today, and it's going to bring us temperatures on the cool side, but it will keep the rain away. if you look to the north, approaching the northern california coastline, it's the next system. by tomorrow morning, we are looking at the rain, and it is expected to stick around, not only for tomorrow, but into sunday as well with the scattered showers in the forecast. the rain fall. s, we could see up to an inch of rain over the next few days. additional rain on the way, making it an unseasonably wet may. in addition to the rain at home, as frank must mentioned f you're traveling a winter storm watch starting saturday afternoon, until sunday night, and if you do have plans to ed up along the west slope, you're going to find a wintery type of
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weather into the weekend. when i come back, i will have the future cast model, raking down the timing of the system, breaking down the temperatures you can expect for the rest of today in a bit. new at noon, an investigation is underway connected to the death of a 4- year-old boy at a dentist office. it was confirm the death at the youthful tooth office is under investigation. according to a gofundme page, he died on april 24th. he was given two doses of anesthesia and stopped breathing during the procedure. youthful tooth has not excepted about what happened. security will increase on campus at one school campus after graffiti was discovered yesterday.
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there's been several cases of threatening graffiti discovered at cal high. they will add extra security cameras, and they will work with the sandy hook promise organization to create a safer overall climate. new at noon, a man has been arrested for secretly reporting victims in a restroom at a trampoline park in fremont. police tracked down richard by using license plate readers on his car from a surveillance camera. earlier in the month, an employee discovered hidden camera inside of the men's rest two. there were several videos including children using the bathroom. during a search warrant of his home, several videos were discovered including child pornography. the investigation is ongoing, and anyone who may have information on those who visited the trampoline park earlier in the month, they are asked to give fremont police a
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call. despite the effort to care for the homeless, more people are falling into homelessness. there's increases in three of the largest bay areacounties. jesse gary is live outside of san jose city hall where officials are reacting to the large increase in the numbers. jesse? >> reporter: frank, good afternoon to you. santa clara county houses the largest number of homeless individuals in the bay area, and almost 10,000, and two- thirds of that number live in san jose. the san jose mayor sent me a statement reacting to numbers, and it says the stark numbers compel us to think and act differently. we must double down on homeless prevention and found ways to build more housing with stretched resources. we must house homeless
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neighbors here, no the preverbial somewhere else. on any given day or night, you can see homeless residents camping in parks, under overpasses, and along creeks and railroad tracks. many homeless say they have no other option. >> we are going to have rain for the next 5 days, and i'm not prepared. i'm freezing, and it's really cold out here, you know. >> it's sad and disappointing. you hear rhetoric from the city and county, and there's money to be spent, but on the ground floor, on the front line, we are losing the battle. >> in san jose, the number of homeless increased 42% to 6100 people. in santa clara county, it was 9700. there's also increases in alameda county, up 43%, and in san francisco, the increase is
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17%. the officials down here say the numbers are disappointing, but not surprising. the county official says the regional program means a regional approach for the solution. the problem will only get worse. >> reporter: 48 hours ago sam lacardo revealed a plan to make it easier and cheaper for homeowners to build adus, also called inlaws. the city will wave the impact fees and construction cost loans will be forgiven if the homeowner rents to a middle or low-income family or individual for 5 years. the mayor wants to build 25,000 units of housing over the next 25 years. to date, so far, they have built approximately 2500 units, and under construction, another 2200 in the pipeline for development. officials say for every one person say pull out of homelessness, three others are
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pushed into it by economic factors, and obviously they have to change the ratio. live this afternoon, jesse gary, fox 2 news. back to you. >> thank you for that, jesse. hayward police hope new surveillance photos will help them find two suspects in an armed home invasion robbery. the robbery was monday afternoon at a home on capitola street. a 19-year-old man and his father were inside at the time of the robbery. the son was able to secretly call 911. when officers arrived, the suspects pointed a gun at police, and three officers fired shots on them. the men got away in what authorities think it was a two- door black honda accord. the ghost ship fire trial is out of session after testimony yesterday by police officers. henry lee was in court, and officers were asked about their visits to the warehouse before
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the deadly fire. jonathan lowe testified that derrick almenda respeededly denied that anyone was living in the warehouse. 2 years before he was called to make sure his children were okay. lowe said he went, looked bo the fridge and took no action because there was food, shelter, and clothing, and the kids seemed happy. while investigating a dispute in 2014, retired police officers ty kushner responded, and at one point he commented on the body camera, you have cool stuff in here. kushner said he had no idea people were living inside. >> to select harris and halmina because of tragedy, i think it's a misdirected strategy. >> reporter: both officers were asked if they have ever cited people for illegally living in a warehouse. >> let's pretend that he had
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spoken 100% truthfully and said we are living here, what difference would it make? these police officers never in their career have arrested somebody for living in a warehouse, nor should they. both have been charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, one count for each victim who died. >> the fact there was never action taken, and to suddenly make it a 30-year case because of the tragedy that occurred, to me, does not make a lot of sense. >> reporter: also on the stand was ivan merits. he escaped the fire and said the stairs were unsteady and uneven. many victims died on the second floor. the fire chief said as soon as he believed he didn't believe the fire was survivable because of the heavy smoke, and he stands behind the tactics of his firefighters. the battalion chief rejected the suggestions by the defense he was trying to protect the city from liability in a
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pending lawsuit. he said all firefighters believe in service over self- and his only goal was to tell the jury what happened that night. the trial will resume on monday. >> henry lee will be back in the courtroom on monday morning. he will bring us the latest developments throughout the trial on air and online. a big win for the golden state warriors, and coming up at 12:30, scott reese will join us to talk about the team's amazing comeback. tensions are rising with iran, and i'm doug luzaider in washington, and we will have more on the white house tensions coming up. while shopping at sears,
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to build the home and life you love. our products and services bring moments like this to every family. shop top-brand appliances at sears, including kenmore. sears, making moments matter. an air national guard pilot is safe after ejecting from a jet. you can see there's a gaping hole in the roof of the being. building. the pilot and 11 people on ground were injured, but everyone is expected to survive. there were hydraulic problems during the training mission, and it's a miracle that the building did not catch on fire from the jet fuel. missouri lawmakers have approved a bill to ban abortions after 8 weeks in pregnancy. it's among the most restrictive in the u.s. it would include
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abortions for medical emergencies, but not for rape or incest. women who receive abortions will not be prosecuted. similar laws have been passed in several states once a heart beat is detected. ohio state announced a team doctor is responsible for sexually abusing 177 men on and off campus. most were on 16 different athletic teams and those who visited the health center. the claims against richard stross span his entire time. tensions with iran are rising, and president trump hopes it will not lead to war, but members of congress are not so sure. there's growing fears that a misstep could lead to a massive confrontation. >> the coming days, there will
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be a full brief briefing for the senate on what is happening with iran, but many don't want to wait that long as relations go from bad to worse. with a carrier strike group standing by, and massive b52 bombers in position, the elements are there for an all- out conflict with iran. >> are we going to war with 1999. >> hope not. >> reporter: there's growing concerns that iran is planning to attack the united states. staffers have been evacuated. >> have they been given instructions to prepare to attack americans? >> the leadership in iran is under enormous pressure. with more and more u.s. military assets in the region, the question is if the intelligence is correct. leaders in congress attended a classified briefing yesterday, but there's growing frustration along the democrats and republicans. >> what in the world is going on here.
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the constitution requires this decision to be made by congress, not this president. >> i'm not going to comment on something i don't know about. i would tell the administration you should pick up the phone and call members of congress so we don't have a microphone put in our face, asking us why we are doing something when we have noclue. >> reporter: president trump has a division in the white house with him pushing back against some advisers. a mix of sun and clouds behind us here in the studios, but it's unseasonably cool for this time of the year. >> you're right upper 50s, low 60s at this hour, and most of us remaining in the 60s, when we typically get into the 70s this time of the year, but it's a beautiful shot. we can see the golden gate bridge, and a mix of sun and clouds for the afternoon today, and temperatures are warmer than yesterday, but still remain below the seasonal norm. here's sfo, that's where san
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francisco and sfo are reporting upper 60s right now. oakland 63, livermore, 59, san jose at 58. a cool one out there, and a little breeze in some areas as well. here's a look at the 24-hour temperature range. up by 7 degrees over napa. 5 in concord. notable change for you there. around the bay, we have more sunshine out there, and definitely feeling better today. here's a look at the winds, and that's where we have a wind gust at oakland airport, 22 miles an hour. fairfield also gusty at 22 miles an hour. sustained at 12. a breeze out there for today. temperatures, below average by a bit, and we are looking at dry conditions for the rest of your afternoon, and you do see a little bit of moisture there, and perhaps over the higher elevations, maybe squeezing out a shower or two, but mainly dry for all of us today; and as we get into tomorrow, things will change. we have the next system already moving into areas like washington, oregon, and you can see the moisture there.
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on the north edge corner of california, here's a look at the futurecast model for you. for the rest of today, partly cloudy. dry conditions, and here's tomorrow morning. you can still see the brunt of the moisture well off the coastline, and we will wake up tomorrow morning with mist and drizzle, and definitely a possibility. mostly cloudy skies, and fog out there as well. noontime, 1:00, it's becoming more widespread. light in the beginning for the first half of the day. by the afternoon, it does begin to become heavier, and a second round will march through for the evening hours. some sunday, we do have scattered showers in the forecast, and it's going to be one of those interesting days we experienced yesterday where we have a little sunshine, a little cloud cover, thunderstorms, rainbows, perhaps that's what sunday looks like at the moment. rain fall amounts, another inch or so, and maybe more in the hills. if you're going to the sierra, talked about this a little while ago. winter weather advisory for tahoe. mostly sunny today.
12:20 pm
rain in the forecast for tomorrow, and then it will switch over to the rain-snow mix by sunday, and afternoon highs for today, upper 50s, lower 60s, and here's the extended forecast. dry today, rain returns tomorrow. scattered showers in the forecast on sunday, and dry on monday, but look at tuesday. we may have welt wet weather in the forecast next week as well. same-sex marriage is legal in taiwan. lawmakers approved the bill today giving them full marriage rights including child custody, insurance, and taxes, too. taiwan is a self-ruled island and the first place in asia to legalize same-sex marriage. the new laws will take effect in a week. still to come at noon, you don't want a chatty uber driver? there's a way to let the driver know with the push of a button, but there's a catch. we will explain. you know when you're at ross and you find.hmmm.
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let's take a check of the stocks right now, concerns about about escalating trade war with china continues to put pressure on the market. the dow is down a third of a point, and 87 points at 25,775. the nasdaq down a full percentage point, and the s&p down half a percentage point. boeing is working with the faa to schedule a certification flight to get the 737 max planes up in the air that i have completed the software update addressing the problem with the automated flight control system. the company spokesperson says
12:24 pm
they have flown the 737 max with the updated software for 360 hours on 200 flights. a number of citations given out by the highway patrol for distracted driving continues to soar. the chp said they have issued 20,000 tickets statewide last month, which was designated as distracted driving month, about 700 over the same period last year, according to the state law, drivers cannot hold an electronic communication device while operating a car, and drivers under the age of 18 are not allowed to use cell phones for any reason while driving. chp said distracted driving tickets were also given out for eating, putting on makeup, using the vehicle's touch screen, and changing clothing while behind the wheel. uber is launching a few feature called quiet mode, but there's a catch, what it will cost passengers a little less to order a conversation-free ride. >> reporter: an answer to the
12:25 pm
problem that is decidedly first world. uber rolling out a quiet mode feature for the higher priced cars a preference that tells your driver you're not in the mood to talk. >> i think it's silly. >> wouldn't even think of it. >> reporter: back in the old days, it was settled with a simple comment. a human connection stopped with the push of a button. >> they are not there to socialize. they are there to get home or get where they are going. >> reporter: it's enough of an issue, uber spent 3 months developing the feature. there's speculation they developed it ahead of the ipo as a way to boost revenue with the priceyiest option. >> it seems like common courtesy, not like an extra entitlement. >> sometimes i just don't want to talk. >> reporter: in addition to quiet mode, they also allow you to request help with your luggage, choose your
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temperature, and give you an extra 10 minutes for your driver. they said whether it's heading to the important meeting or arriving in style for date night, we are offering a number of ways for riders to personalize their experience. it's just a request. they cannot force the driver not to speak to you. at some point you may have to have a conversation with your driver and ask them to keep the chatter down. on the upper east side teresa priolo. if you're looking to make money, you may want to consider an internship. glassdoor found paid internships at some companies pay more than some jobs and careers. glassdoor compiled the top 25 companies offering paid internships. facebook was on top, $8,000 a month for their internships. amazon is second at $7,700 a month followed by saleses force, google, and microsoft. >> i thought they were always
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free. there's big concern up in wine country. the rain could impact the grape crop used for wine. bay to breaker race in san francisco. what you need to know if you're attending the event and the possible impact from the rain. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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we want to take you back to a developing story we have been following in napa. shelter in place order are in effect after a truck carrying hazardous materials overturned. it was just before 7:30 this morning near lynn drive on redwood road. the truck driver suffered minor injuries. the truck was carrying chemicals used to make wine. some tanks ruptured, and they are leaking. the area will likely be closed for the majority of the day. the red cross is on hand to help people impacted by this. a brief break in the rain today, but more wet weather is on the way. >> we are enjoying the sunshine upstairs, but that's going to change, come the weekend. >> i'm thinking maybe curl up with a good book, pick something indoors, or unless you're doing the bay to breakers, and it's all good anyhow. we are looking at scattered showers returning, by tomorrow afternoon, and then it will stick around, a live look there at a beautiful view over the
12:31 pm
east bay, and we have a park in our view with the mix of sun and clouds, and temperatures upper 50s to low 60s. warmer yesterday for most, but below the seasonal norm for this time of the year. the view of cloud cover from up above. the higher elevations are under partly sunny skies, and we could even maybe squeeze out a sprinkle or two, but for the rest. it's a dry day. that will push the storm track, at least holding it away from the bay area for one more day. by tomorrow, things are changing once again, and you can see the line of rain on the edge of northern california, and we will continue to track this for you. for today a mix of sun and clouds, with the rain returning into the morning hours, and we will see the mist and drizzle we typically get, and by the afternoon, the rain is widespread. by sunday, the center of the storm is moving through the bay area a lot like yesterday, a mix of sun and clouds, the
12:32 pm
possibility of thunderstorms, brief downpours, and of course, the rainbows, and when it comes to the rain fall amounts, we could see another inch by the end of the weekend. that's a good amount of rain for this time of the year. the unseasonably active pattern is expected to last. i will show you that in the extended forecast. if you're traveling to the sierra, yes, in deed, winter weather expected saturday into sunday, and we could see up to 18 inches of snow over the higher peaks, expect that. temperatures into the 40s for the afternoon. a detailed look at the tahoe forecast and what to expect at home in a bit. >> thank you, rosemary. wine makers are closely watching the weather as well. a brief break from the rain today as we know, but more rain on the way over the weekend. the late spring storm may disrupt the grape-growing process, resulting in smaller props.
12:33 pm
>> mother nature will do what mother nature does, and we will flex with, but it's frustrating. we are ready for warmer weather. >> i will second that. it will be a few weeks before we know if the weather affected the grape development. preparations are underway for the bay to breakers race. it will happen sunday, rain or shine, and they expect about 40,000 people to take part in it, and tens of thousands more to line the streets to watch. >> reporter: bay to breakers has been going on for 108 years, the first in 1912, and that will make it one of the longest consecutively run foot races in the world. organizers said a little rain on sunday morning will not change that. >> maybe add another layer. >> reporter: it's known for the participants wearing unconventional costumes, many references or mocking pop culture and politics. other traditions including the flying tortilla toss. >> what are you expecting?
12:34 pm
>> i don't know. what are we expecting? >> fun. >> we are not going for a time right now. we are just going to enjoy. >> see the sights. >> reporter: there's also serious runners in the event, and it's after all, a timed 12k run, and the competitive athletes always start the race with the fun racers trailing behind them. >> there's 48 states and 40 countries represented, but it draws people in. in the running community, it's a bucket list type of race. >> reporter: the race course, 8:00 a.m. on sunday morning at maine and howard streets through the middle of the city to end at the great highway and ocean beach. expect treat closures along the way. muni, metro, and bus routes will be rerouted. there's a number of transit options. bart will run at 6:00 a.m. cal train will have extra trains from the peninsula. a 6:00 a.m. ferry from vallejo, and they
12:35 pm
will have private shuttles to get runners and spectators to san francisco on sunday morning. >> thank you, allie. the golden gate suicide prevention group is showing us the barrier they will be installing. it's been built in richmond to serve as a model for the construction crews. the net will be made with marine grade stainless steel. parents of suicide victims who jumped off the bridge took part in the reveal, and they believe it will make a big difference. >> i'm happy it is now. i wish it had been in 2010 when my son died. if my son looked down and saw the net, he would have probably sat down and cried. >> to physically see it, to physically touch it, it's kind of unbelievable. i feel if there was a net there, and kyle looked over and saw a net, it would have saved his life. >> the suicide net will be placed 20 feet below the
12:36 pm
sidewalk, extending 20 feet out from the golden gate. the project is estimated to cost $211 million, set to be completed by january 2021. in his first sit-down interview since becoming attorney general, william barr discussed immigration to the investigation of president trump by robert mueller. the interview comes as he traveled to central america. >> people have to find out what the government was doing during that period. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with fox news, william barr explains the investigation into the russian probe. >> if we are worried about foreign influence, we have to worry about if government officials put their thumb on the scale. >> reporter: president trump said my campaign for president was conclusively spied on. nothing like this has happened in american politics a really
12:37 pm
bad situation. treason means long jail sentences, and this was treason. >> when you have the head of fbia trump administration official saying it was a counterintelligence operation to keep america safe from foreign interference, we should listen to them. >> reporter: barr traveled to el salvador to focus on the trump administration's focus on cracking down on ms13 violence, and the crisis on the u.s.- mexico border. the president announced thursday a merit immigration plan. >> it's a condescending word. it's the merit of donald trump. >> reporter: at the white house, kevin corke, ktvu. parents of seth and steph curry are making sure that everyone knows they are pulling for both their sons.
12:38 pm
they are wearing split jerseys. last night dad feature's seth's jerseys on the front, and steph on the back. mom was similar with steph on the front and seth on the back. talk about divided loyalties. the warriors lead 2-0 after a huge come backlast night over the trail blazers, and scott reese is joining us now. i think the coach said we stole one, and i agree. >> first things first, i think nike should market the jerseys. they would sell a few. the warriors will probably win, but you never know how. a terrific team effort against the blazers' squad that had goals of stealing the home court advantage. looking like they would do just that. damion had 3 of his 23 points,
12:39 pm
five triples. portland leading by 17 in the 3rd quarter, and then the warriors crank it up. steph free for 3 of his 37 points, and by the way, also had 8 rebounds and 8 assists, and he was phenomenal. it was pretty much tied throughout the 4th. late in the game, it's little brother, seth curry who had a nice game in his own right. 16 points. portland by one late, and final 14, this is the dagger. curry to green. the warriors win it, and they take a 2-30 series lead, and both curry brothers were great, but steph was just a little bit better. >> he was amazing tonight. my parents, i know we talked about it the whole series, the last 2 games probably as nerve
12:40 pm
wracking as heck for them. he played perfectly, and we won. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the turning point in the game was 9 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter. the warriors crank it up. suffocating defense. leading to points on the other end. when they played that kind of defense, there's not a team on the planet that can hang with them because they are so good offensively. >> we forget about that because clay is one of the best defensive player in the league. >> as is draymond. >> seth is no slouch either. they cranked it up, outscoring by 15 in the 3rd quarter. >> the 15-0 run. iguodala does not get enough credit for the end of the game. >> it was really just an impressive way to come from behind, the defense fueling the offense, and we saw that. >> quickly, no k.d., not making the trip. you think he's done? >> i think especially now they are up 2-0. he's not playing in 3 and 4. even if they split in
12:41 pm
portland, 3-1, why? >> rest him. no need for him. let's move on to the big game tonight. game number four with the blues and sharks. if they can win the second game in st. louis, it's pretty well done. >> yeah, the sharks make it interesting, right? >> you think they may take the strangle hold, and then they keep it a series. it was a gift it should have been a hand pass, and it was the game-winning goal, and to give them the lead, bad calls are a part of sports, right? >> just ask the new orleans saints. >> a hand call or a reaction? >> it's a hand pass. no question they blew the call. >> critics said they got lucky, shouldn't have been a 5-minute major. there was a call in the vegas series that cost them a goal that should have counted. vegas went up and won the game. the point is, calls go both ways. nothing you can do about it, and the sharks had a 3-1 lead,
12:42 pm
and they let it get away, and st. louis came back, and then they let the lead get away. >> boston cannot wait. >> they have to wait. >> that's true. >> scott, thank you so much. allie, back over to you. >> thank you frank and scott. teachers at another bay area school district are preparing to go on strike. what we are learning about the latest labor dispute that would impact 10,000 students. my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants ddeal is back. with grilled ham and hickory smoked bacon or grilled sausage on a warm, buttery croissant, it's way better than dry cereal. i wish i was warm and buttery. aww man. download the jack app and order my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants.
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that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me! download the jack app and order my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants. the paradise campfire victims, rebuilding supplies have been stolen. thousands of pounds of wood went missing, and pg&e admitted they are to blame. marley martinez explains what went wrong. >> reporter: along the quiet mountainside of paradise, sounds of revival pierce the silence, after the city burned to the ground 6 months ago when the state's deadliest wild fire
12:46 pm
ignited. >> i ache for my community. >> reporter: debbi moved here for the views, and now this is her view. >> right here was the dining room. >> reporter: the butfe county native channeling her sadness into hope, rebuilding with the trees that survived. >> it was part of what made me love the property. >> reporter: 20,000 stacks of woodpiled high, marked as private property, but the signs tossed to the side. >> i went to go to work, work, and when i got back, it was missing. >> who needed it more than i did? >> reporter: pg&e took the wood. >> unfortunately we had a few cases where the opt out forms where people wanted to keep the
12:47 pm
wood we had cut on their properties was not processed. the utility company offered to replace her supply, but they can't locate her trees. >> that tree was there long before it sat over and watched my community escape out of paradise. >> reporter: yodder is just one of a handful of people who their trees taken. >> we are all human, and we all make mistakes. >> reporter: now she is focusing on her new project, the pheonix rising from the ashes of paradise. >> i just thought it would bring healing to others as much as it would bring healing to me. >> that was marlene martinez reporting. teachers in the east bay are preparing to go on strike. they are disappointed the contract talks ended with no deals, and they will be out on the picket lines on monday. they are part of the new haven
12:48 pm
unified school district. there's just over 11,000 students, and the union said they lowered the request for the 20% pay raise to 10% over 2 years, but the district says it's not in their budget. >> they deserve a substantial raise, but we don't have the money to do it. >> i cried when i found out. we love the kids, and it's a disruption for them and us in our year, but it's tough right now. >> the new haven school district offered a 1% increase in pay with a bonus of 3% for a one-time payment. they are prepared to go on strike. the district will keep all cools open with substitute teachers and administrative staff leading the classrooms. weekend plans this weekend? >> of course we have bay to breakers sunday, and i think they are going to get wet. >> i think you're going to need the reindeer if you're going to be out and about, and temperatures will be on the coolside, at least for this time of the year.
12:49 pm
outside of our doors at this hour, look at that. lake tahoe, a gorgeous one for today, and lake tahoe, and here in the bay area, we are going to see changes. there's lafayette, a mix of sun and clouds out there, and temperatures ranging from upper 50s low 60s right now, and a cool day, even though it's a dry day. here's storm tracker 2, and there's a few have up above, and you can see the clouds from the higher elevations. we will be drier today. we are tracking the next system, and already, you can see, spinning out over the pacific, high pressure is going to nudge in, just a little bit, and keep us dry for the bay area friday, and by the weekend t will change once again, and the next system beginning to sweep through, and it's going to be a one-two, very similar to what we had wednesday and thursday. steady rain on wednesday, and then, it will get more interesting on thursday, with the possibility of thunderstorms, and here's the view of what we can expect for the rest of today, and it will be partly cloudy, dry conditions, and there's tomorrow morning, and mostly
12:50 pm
cloudy. the mist and drizzle, usually ahead of the brunt of the system. we don't see a lot of blue there, but chances are, we will have drizzle to start the day. into the afternoon, perhaps this is your lunchtime or so, and it's more widespread, and it's light, and there's a wave moving in by the second part of the afternoon, early evening hours. if you have dinner plans expect it to come down good in many spots. there's sunday morning. i don't know if you can pick it up, but the center of the circulation was here. that colder air is what triggers and the most unstable air triggering the thunderstorms on sunday. as far as rain fall amounts, up to an inch of rain for the bay area, and the hills could pick up an inch and a half by sunday. there's a winter storm watch for the west slope, i-80 and 50. the winter weather advisory for tahoe. you can expect rain, and it will be a rain-snow mix into sunday, and it's going to be cool with the temperature in the 40s. afternoon highs for today, under partly cloudy skies.
12:51 pm
61 in san francisco, 66 for concord, and 65 in san jose. here's the extended forecast for you. one more time. dry, breezy for today. temperatures warmer than yesterday, but below average, and cooling it down once again by saturday, and rain in the forecast. possibility of thunderstorms on sunday, and we dry out monday, and it could be temporary because the future cast models want to bring us more rain on tuesday, and back to you. >> our break today is short lived. still to come at noon, she became an internet sensation. the look at the life of the kitty known as grumpy cat.
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
welcome back. let's check the big board one more time. a few minutes before the closing bell. you can see the dow is down a third of a percentage point. the nasdaq down almost a full percent, and s&p half a
12:54 pm
percent. it's a crowded field of democratic presidential candidates, and it's hard to stand out if you are one of them. >> this afternoon ktvu will sit down with seth moulton. how he is hoping to rise up in the ranks to make a name for himself. an internet icon has died. she was furry and grumpy, and she had millions of followers on social media. more on the legacy of grumpy cat. >> misery loves company, maybe, or everyone can relate to her frown. >> reporter: the internet sensation known as grumpy cat is dead. her owners tweeting she passed away on tuesday from complications from a uti. her real name was tartar sauce. the grouchy face was the result of feline dwarfism.
12:55 pm
she rose to fame after her cranky photos were posted in 2012. few have attained the celebrity status of grumpy cat. 2million followers on instagram and a million on twitter. she was immortalized at madame tussauds'. >> she was thrilled. as you can see, she is still thrilled. >> reporter: there was a grumpy cat book, made for tv movie, and tons of merchandise. she was once estimated to be worth $100 million a figure her own disputed, but one thing is not in dispute, she will live on forever in memes and in our hearts. in new york, fox news. ashley dvorkin. habitat for humanity is hosting a women's leadership build in fremont. there's 150 women taking part
12:56 pm
today including fremont's mayor. habitat for humanity already built 11 town homes in the development, and they are in the process of building 19 more. >> homeownership is the corner stone for families. you build safety, health, and it's out of each for too many families. that's the way we are bringing that to low income families. >> homes will be completed within a year. it's an affordable mortgage for low-income families who help build their own homes. at the end of the project, they can own a house they could not afford otherwise. look at this. a fawn was rescued in kent field after it fell down the storm drain. the kentfield fire department posted the photo showing the firefighter climbing down into the drain, rescuing the baby. >> they do more than just fight fires. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news on this sunny friday afternoon. >> that will change as we know, but sunny for now.
12:57 pm
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>> what do we really know about heaven? >> another dimension of existence. >> we investigate the science. population5% of the will have a near-death experience. >> and tackle some of your biggest questions. >> who will i see? >> plus, extreme x-rays you have to see to believe. coming up next. ♪ already foryou season 10? >> yeah! >> i love you, dr. oz. [applause]


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