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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  May 17, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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reporter: this is a much sought at the rock in jump trampling part. >> it's disgusting, to the kids especially that's not normal.>> reporter: it happened earlier this month. i learned that an employee spotted the black hole in the white toilet seat cover dispenser and found a camera still recording. police reviewed the camera and st card and investigator said they found numerous videos of victims including boys using the restroom. also caught on the video was the suspect setting up the cameras. police used surveillance cameras from the business and license plate on city streets to identify the suspect from the vehicle he was driving. authorities say a search of his home covered more recording pornography. this is the second incident at rockin' play that has led to an arrest.
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55-year-old jose ortiz touched himself while watching children playing. workers take him outside and got his license plate. torrance we spoke to were alarmed and said they think twice about visiting.>> you have to protect the kids. >> i would not want to send him to any of that kind of location.>> reporter: both suspects are not affiliated with rockin' jump which declined to comment today. charles rocha has pleaded not guilty to a felony child porn charge and three misdemeanor counts of using a concealed device to invade privacy.>> this is the service this is disturbing what do they have in terms of security? >> they have a lot of floor staff and it is the floor staff the police credit for helping stay on top of the suspects.
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i have left kids at location for birthday parties expect them to be safe, you're certainly not in the bathroom with them at a certain age so you never know what could happen.>> it's going to cause parents to be more vigilant. make sure you are looking around. health officials are warning people might have been exposed to measles in the east bay last week. the berkeley public health departments as a resident might have exposed others to the virus at the berkeley bowl ery. anybody who visited on may 7 between 3 and 5 pm is asked to watch out for symptoms which include a runny nose, red eyes and fever. anyone who develops symptoms is advised to contact their doctor right away. evacuation orders have been lifted after a big rig carrying chemicals overturned this morning.
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the chemicals were used to make wine but could potentially be explosive. fortunately the driver was not hurt. the accident happened just before; 30 this morning on a sharp curve near lynn drive. the tanks released gas after a crash and a shelter in place order was in the nearby area.>> it had nitrogen and argon and sulfur dioxide using winery practices considered an inhalation hazard. some of those tanks are ruptured.>> in the last 30 minutes redwood road reopens traffic after chemicals removed. and oakland man was killed while riding his bike, the street in east oakland has been named in his man's family as a reminder they have been able to make the streets safer for all cyclists.>> reporter: this video shows how deadly
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35th avenue can be and it is difficult to watch, the day her older brother was killed.>> that is hard for me to look at. my brother being the type of person he is, if that was me my brother would be doing the same thing.>> reporter: she ride into the path of a car and police role he was at fault for the accident but since then his family has pushed for changes.>> lots of accidents and people getting killed on the street. i'm glad that some of these changes are being made.>> reporter: today work was underway with crews remarking streets. the corner where he die was renamed in his honor. a reminder for other cyclists who use this busy road.>> it's sad to hear bike. it seems to happen a lot more than you think. it's a great response and a great way to honor him.
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>> reporter: over the next few months $2.7 million will be spent improving this stretch of road. drivers will now yield to pedestrians.>> i'm so proud of him he always had a positive message. >> reporter: losing his life he helped others through community meetings his family played a role in changes with hope other families don't have to endure the pain of losing a loved one.>> i just want the public to know the pain i endure, not a day goes by that i don't think about my son.>> reporter: almost a mile of roadway and traffic will be clearly marked, flowing on one side and parking on the other. it's all in an effort of safety and to save lives.
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a san francisco driver is recovering after being beaten unconscious while at a stop sign. the incident happened around: 50 near 25th street in the mission district. investigators say the driver was stopped, went up to five guys in front of his vehicle and assaulted him taking his property. the victim regained consciousness and was taken to the hospital with head injuries. the suspects were described as being in their 20s. a woman gets her hand caught in the door of a train and was dragged, tonight they say they have a fixed to this problem. tumor sensors have been added to the doors to prevent them from closing on passengers.>> i think anybody that has seen a video remembers it, now there's a new one of any safety system >> reporter: it shocked passengers last month. the days that followed learned there were similar incidents
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closing on passengers and not releasing. following those incidents the new doors were released, now they have the fix.>> there are sensitive edges.>> reporter: the problem lies with the sensitive edges on the doors and has now added two additional sensors to the ones already in place.>> to ensure no matter where you are putting your hand or how small your finger might be it is definitely going to send the obstruction. >> reporter: was tested last week and today was put into service on one test train.>> we have two operators on board one of our new trains. one is driving and operating the vehicle, the other one in the back keeping a close eye on that rear door to make sure nobody obstructs it. >> passengers are happy to hear the fix has been proposed and is already being tested.>> i saw the video it was terrifying
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but also i am happy they are trying to fix it.>> they will continue testing the new sensors for the next week, if they continue to work they will roll out a fix to the rest of the new cars, as for the cost it will be picked up by the manufacturer of the trains which are still under warranty. the u.s. trade battle with china, coming up why garlic farmers are celebrating the new tariffs. missouri passed the strict new other states. san francisco's most colorful race, the city and runners are
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ready for beta breakers this weekend. were tracking other system just in time for your weekend forecast, we will have that coming up.
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whether you are an experienced distance runner or just somebody looking to have fun, san francisco is bracing for the annual beta breakers one of the largest foot races in the world, one of the oldest dating back to 1912. >> how people are getting ready for this race including mother nature.>> reporter: rain or shine the race will go on and given sunday's forecast it
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appears the race will be both wet and wild. beta breakers is turning 112 years old sunday, it's wrapped in one big city celebration.>> the people cheering one, the music, it's like a big party for miles.>> reporter: friday was the first day they could pick up t-shirts and others like. at 87 this man just might be the oldest person running in sunday's race. he and his wife flew in from australia to give it a go.>> it is so much fun, it's enjoyable. >> reporter: there might be a dark cloud or two, the forecast shows rain at start time but everyone we spoke to said they
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did not care in the least. >> sounds like it's going to dry up by the afternoon. it will be nice and cool and.>> reporter: they're famous for people running in costumes.>> i'm going as a pokimon, the pikachu. >> mom helped me with the cost him. >> reporter: some people choose to run not just without a costume but without anything at all.>> the sad thing is the naked people don't look so good. if they were really buff that would be great but not so much.>> reporter: the race heads west through the city through golden gate park in ocean beach. the race keeps the city is public works department busy, it typically takes up a tons of beta breakers trash.>> launchers people leave behind, lots of sweaty shirts and sweatshirts and sweatpants come off. band-aids, gum wrappers, water bottles, cans and posters. lots of trash.>> reporter: about 40,000 people are
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expected to raise, tens of thousands more should be watching but people are saying the beta breakers is a lot less rowdy and alcohol fueled than in years past.>> and with the rain is probably going to be a little bit cold to be running around naked. they'll probably do it anyway. let's get an idea of what it really looks like. >> it looks like we will be talking about some rain first thing sunday morning, the rainfall makes a come back tomorrow and your saturday forecast, probably the rain showers will linger in sunday especially for the morning hours. let's jump right in for the forecast, temperatures in the lower 50s there is that rain cloud and even mid-to-late morning there's a chance of scattered showers as the runners worked their way closer to the breakers at ocean beach. here is the forecast with the first system coming on board
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for saturday, rainfall about half an inch to over an inch when around 35 miles per hour and they will pick up, another winter storm watch will soon be a winter storm warning. here is the satellite as you can see there are some clouds just off shore approaching the bay area, a bit of green on the radar still scattered showers of their to the north and to our east. current numbers we have 60s for san jose and san francisco 58, napa 64 santa rosa 63 degrees. it was nice to have some sunshine today with the clouds clearing out, there is a live cam looking out toward the golden gate bridge for friday afternoon looking okay for tonight and once again into early saturday morning will bring in a chance for a shower especially by midmorning and leading up to the afternoon hours. 7:00 tomorrow morning for of sh into the afternoon hours rain and wind going up about 30 miles per hour and rainfall is
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likely by 4:00, that will take us into the saturday evening hours. here is the sunny break for today, here is the storm track the upper level wind here and the next storm is developing out in the pacific. here is the plan for tomorrow rainfall is developing, it could be moderate or heavy at times. study rainfall into the afternoon hours and into sunday the cold part of this system moves and that could keep the possibility of showers in the forecast for sunday especially for the first half of the day. 10:00 we're looking just fine and into saturday 7:00 lots of cloud cover, notice not a lot of rainfall just yet although there's a chance and then 11:00 saturday morning lots of coverage increasing here, this is saturday 5 pm and maybe some rainfall heavy at times, saturday evening here is sunday morning just in time for beta breakers were watching out for that with the possibility of
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thunderstorms and into the afternoon hours we will scale back on the shower chances. the forecast ties for tomorrow keep the umbrella nearby for any other plans especially through saturday afternoon, amateurs in the 50s to 60s i have to keep reminding myself we are in the latter half of may but look at all these rain clouds. saturday into sunday partly cloudy skies, monday another system to pay us a visit by tuesday and after that finally more sunshine and warming temperatures. this month most recent storm brought almost a foot of snow. the valley said it received 11 inches of snow in just 24 hours bringing the season total to 700 inches of snow that makes this the third snowiest season there on record. you can stay with ktvu for the latest on this may storm. you can download our free
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weather app for the latest conditions. today lawmakers approved a bill that would mean in your total ban on abortions. the missouri governor is expected to sign a measure that outlaws abortions after eight weeks of pregnancy. we have more about the bill that was passed in the state house by a vote of 110-44. >> reporter: final approval to a strict antiabortion bill banning the procedure after eight weeks of pregnancy. the legislation allows exceptions for medical emergencies but not for pregnancies caused by incest or rape.>> if your body is used against you you are rich. i want to be forced to be used against you for nine months.>> reporter: it doesn't target women that undergo the procedure instead penalizing doctors who perform them with a possible 15 years in prison. supporters challenged the argument that women will now have to resort to unsafe means to terminate an unwanted
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pregnancy. >> abortion will not be safe if it is illegal and abortion is not safe. a person dies in every procedure. >> reporter: groups plan to challenge the law but it's a risky move, whichever side loses would likely appeal, potentially sending the matter up to the u.s. supreme court where justices could debate and overturn the bill. if any part of it is dismantled a new law would immediately go into effect banning abortions from the moment of conception.>> if i get raped and need to take the morning after pill i am going to get a felony.>> under this language i think so.>> reporter: the republican governor is expected to sign the bill earlier this week saying he wants to make missouri the most pro-life state in the country. 177 students say they were sexually abused by ohio state university dr., the new report was released by the school and
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a team of investigators was hired to look at complaints against this man. investigators alleged she groped students from 1979 to 1997 during his career at ohio state. he committed suicide back in 2005, the report says university personnel failed to investigate complaints against the doctor at the time.>> people questioned us and we knew the truth. osu has been trying to escape responsibility for this new method and now there is no way for them to escape responsibility.>> reporter: the president released a statement today apologizing to the victims, lawsuits have been filed against the school and university says the lawsuits are in mediation now. an annual tradition of giving back, the local family surprised with the new car today thanks to the generosity of a bay area auto shop. a terrifying story here, a
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tripod crashing into a van driving down the highway, police say this was no accident. a legal setback for the california attorney general. . a price that has you, like... okay. that's yes for less. say yes to the latest spring trends at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. ♪ ♪ they're the moderne stone age family. ♪
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exactly what you need... yes. ...for your growing family? that's yes for less. everything your pet needs at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. a bill that would have required state lawmakers approval for pg&e rate heights has failed. the bill introduced by jerry hill died in committee, this week pg&e was found responsible
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for causing the camp fire which destroyed the town of paradise and killed 85 people. the aim of the bill was to prevent the utility from putting customers on the hook for the legal liability connected to wildfires. currently the utilities commission has the power to regulate rates. tearing up for wildfire season the city is planning to conduct the annual evacuation drill tomorrow in the scott valley. officials say those areas are prone to wildland fires. this video shows residents are encouraged to participate if a disaster strikes. beginning at 8:30 notifications will be sent out alerting residents about the evacuation. switching gears a lucky family received a much- needed gift today thanks to a local auto body shop. >> each year mike's auto body
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finds a deserving family and gives them a newly refurbished used car. this years recipient is the stewart family, they were for the coast guard and his wife is a stay-at-home mom to their two young kids. they needed a second car for a while now. a coworker wrote to them and now the stores have a like new honda accord. >> that's the goal we look at. give to somebody that really needs something and make something better of themselves and the family.>> this is the 19th year of the relevance program, of the last two decades they have gifted 80 vehicles to families in need. still ahead while most u.s. farmers are taking a hit from the trade war gilroy is celebrating. a 25% tariff, a great day in
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the world. >> avenue terrace are giving garlic farmers new hope. this 4-year-old goes under the knife at an oakland dentist office and does not wake up. the new agency now looking into how this little boy died. a massive drug ring links to a number of deaths busted in stockton, the year-long investigation that led to several arrests.
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the white house announced it agreed to lift tariffs on steel and aluminum coming from canada and mexico. it clears up a hurdle to the passage of a new trade agreement, that deal would still have to be approved by lawmakers. this came hours after president donald trump agreed to putting tariffs on automakers. farmers have been hit hard by the u.s. trade war with
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china, garlic will benefit. we live in gilroy where increased tariffs have christopher ranch rejoicing. >> reporter: the market was illegally flooded with low- price product but now there hopeful producers will be able to compete and maybe even grow in size. >> reporter: garlic and christopher ranch is the biggest employer. >> today were producing about 1 million pounds per week, fresh garlic, roasted garlic, you name it.>> reporter: now there ramping up to almost double production thanks to the newly increased tariffs. can christopher advocated in washington for garlic to be included.>> we have been waiting for this moment and now there's a 20 to 25% tariff, it's a great day here in the capital of the world.>> reporter: in the recent years the market has been flooded
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with an expensive chinese garlic hello the cost of production. chinese garlic would go for about $20 per box compared to $60 per box for california grown.>> in the 1990s there were 12 commercial garlic farmers across the u.s. since the illegal dumping we are down to three.>> reporter: for christopher the tariffs signal adding shifts and equipment while they can. >> we will have a chance to expand acreage and get into more markets than before. increase employment and infrastructure. >> reporter: the tariffs are bad news for many farmers.>> we have lots of crops shipped overseas. >> reporter: the farm bureau hopes the trade war ends well.>> tout up with the short-term pain for long-term gain. >> reporter: there hoping market gains can be permanent. >> we are not pro-democrat we
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are pro-american farmers.>> reporter: the timing of the tariffs could not be more perfect, they are set to begin harvesting this years crop in about three weeks. kaiser mental health clinicians have voted over willingly to approve a strike as soon as next month. therapist and social workers have been without a contract since september. workers held a five-day strike last september and say understaffing can leave patients waiting up to two months for a therapy appointment. the union also wants cost-of- living wage increases. both sides are meeting with a mediator now. a 4-year-old boy died after undergoing a procedure at a dental office in oakland. the dental board of california has launched an investigation after doug lee was treated at the useful tooth office in oakland april 24.
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the family says after two doses of anesthesia the boy stopped breathing. he was rushed to ucsf children's hospital in oakland where he died. the family has set up a go fund me page. investigators say they have broken up a massive filmmaking operation in stockton connected to the overdose deaths of 12 people in the sacramento area. more than half a dozen people have been named in the case of the counter should counterfeit pill ring. >> reporter: a crackdown part of a three-year investigation into an alleged narcotics operation in stockton. it's called the barnes drug trafficking organization. this house was one of the homes agents say served as a drug lab. is located just doors down from an elementary school where children play. another house on venlo drive where agents found a pill press that can make more than 5000 pills an hour, drug enforcement
5:34 pm
agents began his investigation in 2016 after a suspected counter should counterfeit prescription pills that contain fentanyl. we obtained a 99 page criminal complaint outlining the accusations and state the drivers could be related to fentanyl debts. another location rated is a music studio, today a sign posted on the door reading warning, laboratory for the manufacture of the drugs at this location, we found broken glass and broken window left behind. the recording studio is located literally right upstairs from a candy shop, a shop where children frequent. the owner says she is shocked. >> they called in a hazmat team.>> reporter: the owner says people from the studio would come to the shop to buy candy. >> they are customers that came i guess to make music. i met writers and producers and
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that is what they do. they worked in the music industry and were coming to my candy.>> reporter: she says agents dressed in hazmat suits removed items and evidence from the recording studio while one sign remains, warning that there still might be hazardous substances at this property. the 2017 shooting massacre in las vegas could cost mgm resorts a hefty amount of money. the casino giants might have to pay up to $800 million to settle a slew of liability lawsuits. the company said it is reasonably possible that an agreement will be reached by next year. a lawyer handling mediation talks says it is too soon to report a possible settlement range, the casino has fought back against liability claims connected to the mass shooting. still had a heinous murder of a pregnant woman in chicago, the suspects accused of strangling her and
5:36 pm
then taking her unborn son. after a number of whale death around the bay area this year the changes cargo ships are making as they enter the bay. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ let's do it every year. we'll do it every year. i thought you'd say that - let's do it. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. a historic day in san francisco where a school is being renamed after a civil rights leader.>> the school in the lynn park neighborhood continues to inspire generations at 89 years old. >> who has the power?>> civil
5:46 pm
rights activists still energizing crowns, 89-year-old on hand for celebrations of the newly named elementary formally known as spearmint elementary. . >> reporter: in san francisco the board of education generously approved the name change to honor the woman who dedicated her life, she founded the union and helped organize the strike in 1965.>> i will say it is something i have been thinking about and talking about for many years. my mom taught me who they were. >> reporter: also credited with the phrase yes we can, something these students have
5:47 pm
already learned.>> i was like oh my gosh my mind is blown i really want to hug her. i really want to tell her she is so awesome how do you do this?>> reporter: songs and a mural dedicated in a city she has history with. she still receive monthly payments following a lawsuit she one after police officers deter in 1988 during a demonstration near union square.>> thank you for sustaining me as the work that i do and organizing but also for honoring me with this education has to be number one.>> reporter: this we replac front, now with the new name it will continue to inspire for generations to come.
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from one trailblazer to the next the life of rosie was celebrated today in richmond, memorial garden dedicated to mary head on park drive. in 1943 she held a piece prior for entering the shipyard and was given the nickname pieced, she died april 12 at the age of 94. switching gears want to see what the weather is going to be like this weekend. our meteorologist has been very busy. >> people are blaming the weather department for all these events this weekend, it's going to be wet. normally not this much rain maybe a few showers but the deal tomorrow, rainfall will be picking up could be heavy at times in the bay area it is nice to have that break in the
5:49 pm
rainfall, we actually have some sunshine but things will be changing in your saturday forecast as you can see maybe early tomorrow morning six or 7:00 things are looking okay but then the rates will be going up into the afternoon hours. 12:00, 3:00 and 6:00 there will probably be some breaks from the action but you get the idea we are expecting the driest part of the day tomorrow will be tomorrow morning. here's that system still developing in the pacific, rainfall happens to possibly over and infer the coastal hills. when around 35 miles per hour, the wind will pick up more snowfall so we will go ahead and reset the rainfall values here showing a bunch of zeros but these numbers will be going up into your weekend forecast and most areas up above half an inch, this is right through the weekend. here is the satellite and radar you can see cloud cover just
5:50 pm
offshore. we have mostly clear skies for the next hour or two but things will be changing. current numbers showing your 50s and 60s, san jose 63 san francisco 57 and fairfield 69 degrees. outside we will take the sunshine we had today and you get the idea, based on the coloring that we have we have a hint of clouds moving into the bay area, overnight lows will be in the 40s to 50s with a chance of showers in fact here's the next system developing offshore so for saturday rainfall will be developing from gusty wind topping 30 miles per hour, that is the main front that will take some time to move through the area until early sunday morning. then on sunday scattered rain especially sunday morning tapering off to scattered showers into the afternoon hours. just amazing, the winter continues in the sierra with it
5:51 pm
being spring and a winter storm watch begins tomorrow up to 10 to 15 inches for the higher terrain. here we are tonight and here we are tomorrow morning at the clock, look what happens the coverage is increasing, maybe another band of heavy rain moving in saturday evening and then sunday morning on a clock scattered rain and with this pattern we could have some thunderstorms by sunday afternoon, we will scale back on the shower chances and the coverage. highs tomorrow mid 50s to low 60s and here is a look ahead, if you want sunshine and warmer temperatures you have to wait a few days until wednesday, between now and then were talking about the big ring thought for tomorrow and by sunday afternoon you might be able to get outside and enjoy some sunshine. but tomorrow you're going to be asking yourself what month is this. uber is launching a new
5:52 pm
feature for passengers that don't like smalltalk. it's called quiet mode but there is a catch. we show you what it will cost passengers to order a conversation freeride.>> reporter: an answer to a problem decidedly first world. the right hailing giant rolling out a quiet mode feature for higher-priced cars, a preference that tells your driver you are simply not in the mood to talk.>> i think it is silly.>> reporter: back in the old days this was settled with the simple comments. human connection replaced by the click of a button.>> lots of people want to catch up on work, personal items are in the car. >> reporter: it's clearly enough of an issue that uber spent three months developing this feature. the speculation that the company deployed quiet mode ahead of their anticipated ipo as a way to boost revenue with the priciest option.>> seems like common courtesy.
5:53 pm
not an extra entitlement. >> sometimes i just don't want to talk.>> reporter: uber also allows you to request help with your luggage and gives you next or 10 minutes to meet your driver. in a statement over my said weather is heading to a department meeting or riding in style for date night we are offering an increasing number of ways for writers to personalize their experiences. quiet mode is just a request because the company cannot actually force your driver not to speak to you, due to existing employment law so at some point you might have to have a conversation with your driver and ask them to keep the chatter down.>> you have to pay someone to not talk.>> just say i'm not in the mood to talk tonight. badly burned way only 15 pounds but we have an update on the bear cub orphaned by the campfire. we will see how it's doing. coming up more rain in the forecast, one bay area water
5:54 pm
agency is taking action to prevent possible flooding. also a military veteran impaled at a homeless man in custody after a tripod was thrown from an overpass and landed in the highway below. we will hear from the driver coming up.
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federal officials irving schutz urging ship to slow down as they approach san francisco. that message from the national marine sanctuary comes in the wake of a series of dead whales washing ashore near san francisco this year. at least four of those whales were killed by ship strikes. only about half of incoming ships are slowing down to the recommended speed according to federal officials. a bear
5:57 pm
cub orphaned in the campfire and rehabilitated either lake tahoe wildlife care center has been released back to the area where it was found in march. the bear weighed only 15 pounds and had burned pause when it was picked up by fish and wildlife wardens. workers at the care center named their rescues after the area where they were found so this little tub is named paradise and now he is all healed up and back where he belongs. more video of paradise is on our website, you will find that the grumpy look to put smiles on faces of countless people is no more. grumpy cat passed away today, the feline reminiscent of somebody throwing shade has been an internet sensation. even though she is gone she will live in internets names forever.>> everybody can relate to her frown.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: the internet sensation known as grumpy cat is dead. her owners tweeting that she passed away tuesday from complications of a urinary tract infection. she was seven years old her real name was tartar sauce, that grouchy face was the result of feline dwarfism.>> she had a really neat face but she never seemed grumpy to me.>> reporter: she rose to fame after her photos were posted online in 2012, while other felines might have had their 50 minutes of online fame this one attains the celebrity status of grumpy cat, with more than 2 million followers on instagram and 1 million on twitter her sourpuss stair was immortalized in a statue alongside other iconic figures. >> she was thrilled as you can see, she is very thrilled. >> reporter: there was a book, a movie and tons of merchandise. she was once estimated to be worth $100 million. a figure her owner disputed.
5:59 pm
but one thing is not in dispute, grumpy cat will live on forever in means and in our hearts. remember this video of a woman being dragged by a train when her hand got caught in the door. now there is a fix and there's a video of the safety improvements. >> it adds three sensitive edges to ensure no matter where you're putting your hand or how small your finger might be it is definitely going to send the instruction. >> it was added to sensors to prevent those train doors from closing on passengers. is being called a quick fix for a high-profile problem. the changes that many writers can look for. this stunning video of a woman caught in the doors of a
6:00 pm
train shock passengers last month. the days that followed we learned of four similar incidents of doors in the cities light rail vehicles closing on passengers and not releasing. following those incidents they disabled the new doors until a fix could be found, now they say it has that fix.>> there are three sensitive edges.>> reporter: she says the problem lies with the sensitive edges and they have now added two additional sensors to the ones already in place.>> to ensure no matter where you're putting your hand or how small your finger might be it is definitely going to send the instructions.>> reporter: the new door was tested last week and today was put into service on one test train.>> we have two operators on board one of our new trains, one is driving and operating the vehicle, the other is in the back keeping a close eye on the rear door to make sure nobody obstructs


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