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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 18, 2019 10:00pm-10:44pm PDT

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ktvu fox 2 . graduation canceled. thousands of people scrambled to make other plans on what should have been a signature and memorable day. another unusual spring storms are causing comes across the bay area and it is not over yet. >> good evening. downpours from the east bay to the north bay, drivers putting windshield wipers to good use while others ventured onto soggy streets on foot. crews from sonoma county worked a large part of the day to remove a tree that crushed 3 cars. the tree came down onto power lines which sparked a fire in two homes. upon arrival, we had lunch tree down on top of 3 different vehicles, 2 with weiner -- minor damage, one destroyed.
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we had a meter outside of a house that was burning and across the street we had a meter underneath the house, electrical fire in the insulation. fire officials say trees are more likely to fall during late-season storms due to the extra weight from thick foliage. that was the not the only trouble that the weather cause. we are live on campus with rob malcolm. >> reporter: good evening, andre and eliana. we can see the mist blowing through the lights here behind me. that is the kind of day it has been. many families showed up today trying to make the most of a bad situation and they are still hoping to see their loved ones walk the stage this weekend. as the day began, the signs were already there but this
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sign on campus said it all. >> i'm very sorry. i'm sorry for the graduates and their parents, sorry for the faculty, too because we were looking forward to this. >> reporter: over 1500 guests and graduates it cal state hayward contest concord's campus -- make he was nervous and anxious to get here and i'm like, there is no rush because it has been canceled. >> reporter: with the wind blowing and a stage already set, the family was not about to let it rain and spoil the party. >> woo hoo! >> thank you, thank you! it may not seem like a big deal about graduation ceremonies were held on the hayward campus and there was a report of someone slipping and falling on the astroturf. here, they have grass and it wasn't a d canceled it. >> mint >> reporter: this family drove up from san jose and had no plans to waste bird the crowd,
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patiently waiting so a good time. >> reporter: wet chairs and drenched soil? no problem . >> unfortunately, it wasn't good news but we wanted to come here and check it out. >> woo hoo! >> i am cherishing this morning and happy to be here. >> reporter: daniel took his celebrations indoors. >> the commencement was cancer but we made the best of it. >> reporter: this soggy day will be one to remember. >> happy graduation! >> reporter: that is one way to do it. l join the hayward's mai campus tomorrow but the ceremony has been delayed until 5 pm so families and loved ones hoping to celebrate will have to keep an eye on the weather tomorrow. >> you to feel it for those people not able to see the loved one walked on the stage. let's go to meteorologist, mark tamayo.
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>> you would not expect the hefty numbers for may but that has not been the case. remember we were talking about rainfall moving into the bay area and we have added up the numbers and over the past week, most of this, these numbers going back to just wednesday, over 5 1/2 inches of rainfall, been lohman, over 3 1/2 inches, san rafael, 3.1 inches and petaluma, approaching two and half inches of rain. just over the past 24 hours, canfield over 2 inches, santa rosa, over 1 inch, napa, 6.7. not everyone picking up extreme amounts for today but still heavy downpours. here is a . a well-defined fron moving into the bay area. here is radar coverage right now. you can see the focus in the
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north bay. it has shifted into portions of napa county. pushing the math maps to the south, scattered showers in the central portion of the bay, the same for the east bay, especially in dublin with scattered showers. it looks like we have more development close to the santa cruz mountains close to morgan hill and in the santa cruz valley some scattered green to talk about indicating scattered showers. here is a live camera looking for the bay bridge. we still have wet roadways. cars are driving through some big puddlesarea over the past h we are not done just yet. look at what is headed our way for tomorrow morning. we will talk more about the sunday forecast and eventually the 5 day forecast where we will warm things up coming up in a little bit.
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the sierras got several inches of new snow. in less than 10 minutes, we will go live to tahoe for the latest on conditions up there. new at 10:00, an underground switch failure caused a power failure at walnut creek around 130 this afternoon. residents said it sounded like an explosion. the outage affected nearly 3200 customers. most of the power was restored a few hours later. police in san francisco are investigating a fatal shooting that happened early this morning. officers responded to a report of shots fired around 5:30 am on turk street between fresno and go. they found a man on the street with a gunshot was pronounced dead at the scene. no arrests have been made. anyone with information should contact san francisco police. up-to-date, there are 23 candidates hoping to be named the democratic candidate for president. the latest, new york city mayor bill de blasio. according to the latest fox
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news poll, former vice president, joe biden leads among the democratic primary voters with 35%. that is up from 31% in march. senator bernie sanders is second with 17% followed by elizabeth warren, 9 percent, people to judge with 6% and rounding out the top five. is, harris with 5%. biden kicked off in philadelphia which is the key swing state in the 2020 election. his campaign headquarters is also headquartered there. his message was all about unity. >> reporter: former vice president joe biden is in pennsylvania saturday holding his first official presidential campaign rally near the philadelphia art museum as he continues to make his bipartisan pitch about unifying the country. >> american people want a president to add to our division? lead with a clenched fists? they don't need me. they have president donald trump. >> reporter: the address marked biden's first public appearing in philadelphia. he showcased the importance of the key swing state as a battleground in the 2020 presidential election. >> we are here.
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the fact is two of the most important documents in the history of the world were written here. >> reporter: since april 25, biden's message has focused on the reason he decided to one to run. >> i'm running for 3 reasons. the first us to restore the essence of who we are. the second is to rebuild the backbone of this nation. the third is to unite this nation. on america. on america. >> reporter: the democratic contender taking the top spot since he entered the rate, succeeding a front rather front runner status, a position making him the target for adversaries and fellow democrats but it appears the 76- year-old politician is not slowing down. in the coming weeks, joe biden will be traveling to tennessee, texas and florida, 3 states
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that president trump won in 2016. in philadelphia, brian yunus, fox news. democratic presidential candidate, bernie sanders is going after charter schools in his new educations plan. the vermont senator announced he supports a ban on for-profit charter schools and a moratorium on public funding for all new charter schools. he said he also wants to address racial disparity in education with teacher salary minimums, universal school meals and more money for schools in low income neighborhoods. >> this plan calls for a transformative investment in our children, our cheaters the teachers and our schools.e fund of public education systems. >> sanders did not offer specifics on how he plans to pay for the proposal but hinted at rolling back tax cuts enacted during the trump administration. massachusetts congressman and presidential candidate, seth moulton has endorsed
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marijuana access for parents. he told the washington examiner in recent days he has introduced 3 bills to "modernize the va's canada policy." the the -- legislation would prevent doctors from -- the veteran and harvard graduate was on the floor yesterday and talked about his military experience and why he thinks he is the best fit for the job. >> on the only candidate in the race who has actually had the experience of leading troops in combat in the middle of our longest war in american history and fundamentally, my job was to bring an incredibly diverse group of americans with different beliefs from all across this country together and get them united behind a common mission and i think that's the kind of leadership we need for the next president of the united states. >> we posted a length of the full interview on our youtube page.
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molton has yet to gain enough support to qualify for the first presidential debate on june 26 and 27. to qualify, candidates have to receive donations from 65,000 people or register 1 person's support and 3 pulls. more ahead, tornadoes touching down in the midwest, tearing through homes and businesses. the latest on the cleanup as it begins and where the severe weather is headed now. rain or shine, the race will go on. what you can expect ahead of this weekend's annual bay to breakers race. fox news covering the crazy, the closers and the spectacles that is that race. live coverage starts tomorrow and ktvu mornings on 2.
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spring strong spring rain and weather conditions are more of a mess in the midwest. tornadoes have touched down in kansas, tearing through fields, destroying buildings and overturning semi trucks. the high winds have been kicking up a lot of debris. twisters have left behind piles of destruction this morning residents spent the day sifting through damage as rescue crews went from one property to the next. >> the gentleman that lives in the house, he was out walking around and she was standing up through window that collapsed on her bed. >> a lucky woman there. the severe weather is expected to continue next week. another strong salt form system storm system is targeting the midwest. meteorologist a life- threatening flooding is going to be a major concern in the next few days. back here at home, the
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storm system bringing us rain is also dropping snow on the sierra. several inches fell around lake tahoe over the past few days and there is more to come this weekend. with summer just a little over a month off, most resorts are still open for business. joining us now is kevin cooper to talk more about what is sure to be a great economy for the resorts in the mountains. >> reporter: it is looking pretty good right now. it's kind of a break here at lake level. just a few minutes ago, it started to snow but over the last 7 days, 18 inches in squaw valley, and we are open up for the weekend at heavenly and every day through july 7 at squaw valley. so it is great to see. right now, it is really good quality snow over the last few days. we are looking at another's series of systems to break tomorrow morning into monday and another set of systems coming through next week so looking really good. it is actually really fun right now . >> how thick is the snow?
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i grew up on the east coast for there is no and i know how to tired of it we got. we did not get nearly as much is you get over there. how sick are you of it? >> well, that's a great question. as a 30 year local, we are little bit like, wow. this was just a really consistent winner winter. usually like tahoe, you get a series of storms a come in over 1 to 3 days and it is sunny for 5 to 6 days. in february, we had 24 of 28 days of snow. 228 inches. then literally, it started snowing in december and did not stop until april. right now, it is like, this is great and great for the water tables but it is kind of challenging for locals because we are going to have to shovel again but actually, it like taco lake tahoe, it is not that bad. it is amazing for california and the water tables in and around lake a tahoe and
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california. >> i'm sure a lot of people are taking advantage in like tahoe and a lot of people will be making that trip maybe even tomorrow. we will have to see about that. ray, kevin, always a pleasure to talk to you on a saturday night. enjoy the rest of your weekend. >> take care, my friend. have a good weekend. from the snow, back down to the bay area, it is expected to be a rainy bay to breakers race tomorrow. more than 1000 people are expected to take part. it is not just all fun and games for those who has been going on for 108 years in san francisco, the first rake was in night -- lays -- the first race was in 1912. organizers say a little rain sunday will not change that . >> costumes are welcome. >> reporter: bay to breakers is known for colorful, creative and unconventional costumes.
10:17 pm
other traditions associated with the race include the flying tortilla toss . >> what are you expecting? >> i'm not sure. >> reporter: fun? >> yes. we will see the sights. >> reporter: there were also serious runners in the event. this is, after all, a timed 12 k run. >> i believe we have about 40 countries were representative, 48 states. it draws people in from the running community. it is a bucket list type of race. >> reporter: here's a look at the course, it starts at 8 am sunday morning at main and howard and goes to the middle of the city, golden gate park to end at the great highway and ocean beach. expect street closures along the way and bus lines will be rerouted. there are a number of public transit options to get into the city.
10:18 pm
bart will begin running at 6 am. caltrain will have extra trains coming in from the peninsula. there is a 6 am ferry from vallejo and a 6:45 am ferry. and there will be plenty of park-and-ride stops to get runners to san francisco. it looks like to start things off tomorrow, there's a good chance of rain, and we are tracking a cell that will be approaching the bay area first thing in the morning. let's jump into the forecast or bay to breakers. temperatures in the lower 8:00, breaks in the action. later in the morning, you can take your time getting to ocean beach for the breakers. there is some chance for showers, between 6 am and 8:00 tomorrow morning. temperatures on the cool side, low to mid 50s. you can see the green moving it
10:19 pm
to northern california, the bay area. here is the current situation. to our east, toward roseville, it is approaching plaster ville and grass valley. it is eventually approaching the sierra. another look at radar, closer to home, you can see some of the rain. we will move the map around, closer to st. helena. we have yellows and oranges moving up, indicating heavier rain amounts. scattered rain towards san francisco, closer to scotts valley, the santa cruz mountains, morgan hill, san jose, mo athe current wind speeds, oakland air port 23 miles per hour. sfo, 14 and half moon bay gusting at 24. we still have rain coming down at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is very well-defined, the showers impacting the ride this
10:20 pm
evening so be extra careful in the short term. for tomorrow morning, look what happens. this is 5 am and it could be packing some thunderstorms. 7:00 tomorrow morning, more scattered showers. we will have some breaks in the activity but we will not be completely dry. here is another rain cloud in the for day -- 5 day forecast. we will talk about that in a couple of minutes. how the russia probe began. why democrats in the attorney general's efforts to get answers is just a cover. what a way to beat traffic. a company that says flying cars will be a reality within 10 years. rocket to stardom with the savings at kohl's!...
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thank you for watching ktvu fox 2. >> where the power of 2 comes from you. kick take a look at this. one of those giant digital billboards it times square caught fire just after 3:00d
10:23 pm
as they were putting outs flames. firefighters kept the flames from spreading and no one was hurt. no word yet on what may have caused the fire . >> the governor is expected to sign a bill into law that bans abortions after the eighth week of pregnancy. it follows similar laws this week in georgia and alabama. under the missouri bill, doctors who perform abortions could face felony charges and up to 15 years in prison. democrats are calling the bill unconstitutional. >> william barr discusses how he is working to recover the origin of the russia investigation. garrett tenney reports, many top democrats say these efforts are just another way of protect the president. >> reporter: in his first interview since becoming
10:24 pm
attorney general for a second time, barr told fox news he had been trying to get answers as to how the trump/russia probe began and answers he has gotten, just don't add up and now he has more questions about what happened and when he started which is why he believes these investigations into the government's actions are so important. >> if we are worried about foreign influence, for the very same reason, we should be worry about whether government officials abuse their power and put this on the scale. i'm not saying that happened but i'm saying that we have to look at that. >> many top democrats argue barr is just trying to defend president trump with the investigations. this morning, one congressman slammed the attorney general for his actions. >> the deep space conspiracy theory which the attorney general of the united states just advanced is a classic right-wing authoritarian
10:25 pm
propaganda move, a kind of stab in the back thesis that there are people inside the government that started all of this and concocted it. we know that is absolute fiction . >> the justice department is overseeing a number of missed -- investigations in the trump russia probe. one of them is being conducted by the inspector general looking into the fbi surveillance warrants on trump associates. the report is expected to be complete within the next month. i'm garrett tenney, fox news. former governor, arnold schwarzenegger is said to be doing fine after he was attacked it and event in johannesburg, south africa. the 71-year-old was talking to fans on somebody drop kicked him in the back without wanting. schwarzenegger is seen being pushed to the ground as we saw there. a man was dragged away by security but later tweeted and said he thought he was pushed further crowd and he was fine. when we were kids, we were
10:26 pm
told we would have flying cars by now. we don't have them yet but the first test was done earlier this month. the on many aircraft hovered a few feet above the ground before landing successfully. this puts lily m in the front of a pack of tech companies trying to launch the first air taxi services. sign me up. >> right. >> preparing for the worst case of aerial -- scenario, how some bay area residents are gearing up for wildfire season. proud moments at uc berkeley commencement. ♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, jason wu could pay practically anyone, at any bank, closed captioning for the 10:00 news is brought to you by
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the city of novato spent the day preparing for wildfire season by holding evacuation drills today. ktvu's leigh martinez reports. >> reporter: on a rainy saturday, novato firefighters and law enforcement drove through novato's western oak neighborhood for an emergency wildfire evacuation . >> we want to direct them. >> reporter: it wasn't real but this is done in case the north bay burns again. >> we wanted to do this in place of inclement weather but we got a good response. >> reporter: a push alert went out to every phone number that registered for the . it said, in spanish, this is a voluntary evacuation drill. next, law enforcement will
10:30 pm
drive into neighborhoods to avanti back announce evacuations. they can get out i different areas where the fire service may focus on one certain area. we want to get out in front of that and have our law enforcement folks knocking on doors in advance of the fire. >> during saturday's emergency drill, residents drove to the hills jar -- jim. >> it makes us aware that we need to have a go bag of stuff so this is a what if we are leaving and there is valuable stuff left in the house that needs to be taking care of that we want to have with us? >> if you are not repaired, more likely you will make a mistake. >> it was important for diaz to have his young son participate. >> we got this notice last week
10:31 pm
so we have talked to him about it. here's what's going to happen, this is what we are going to do. we are going to see the firefighters, highway patrol, everybody's going to come so don't panic. >> here are photos from the 9 am evacuation. >> as for all of that rain, the novato fire department says that can make the fire feel that much worse . >> we will dry out later this summer and it will possibly, depending on when the rains come back, may extend the fire season into november . >> the fire department still has to go through all the surveys it collected but is estimating of couple of hundred people participated in the mock evaluation. east palo alto residents have a safer way to get across highway 101. >> 3, 2, 1! >> woo hoo! city leaders held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new pedestrian and bicycle overpass. the bridge was built to unite two sections of east palo alto. one third of the city is on one side of 101 across the freeway from the city pool, major
10:32 pm
retail outlets, parks and community centers. >> when they put in the 101, they divided the community. today, the two communities are connected and now residents can come across the bridge and shop and do things they need to do. >> the overpass connects toll roads. the $14 million project it took 18 months to complete. about 15,000 college students are wrapping up their college careers. k to be use sara zendehnam spoke to some of the graduates and their proud parents. >> herehard work and for this moment. surrounded by thousands of at memorial stadium, uc berkeley's class of 2019 turned their tassels and turned to the next chapter of their lives. >> it is surreal.
10:33 pm
it is weird to think that the past 4 years have gone by so quickly . >> there are about 5800 graduating seniors at today's ceremony. that means thousands of young adults are really excited for the future. >> i plan to go through medical school so it is a very good moment. >> hopefully the foreign service and maybe one day, ambassador. >> it is not just an exciting day for graduates but also for their biggest cheerleaders. >> i am so proud of him. you don't know how proud i am. i never thought he would become an engineer. >> it is fantastic. >> reporter: nothing could dampen the spirits that youth uc berkeley, not even rain in the forecast. students were ready. if this is any indication on how prepared they are for the workforce, we are in good hands. at uc berkeley, sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news. now we are learning a
10:34 pm
classic me and up in the food we eat. the eye-opening discovery after the break. in weather, we are perching approaching the latter half of may. coming up, the sent chance of thunderstorms in the sort forecast and eventually we clear things up. we will have those changes coming up in the full forecast in a few minutes.
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visit your local chase branch. a group of researchers are trying to bring attention to the growing amounts of plastic heading into the ocean. 8 million tons of plastic are being dumped into the ocean every year. the biggest collection, known as the great pacific garbage
10:37 pm
patch is estimated to be the size of texas. researchers say tiny pieces are floating on the ocean and killing marine life and making its way into the food we eat . >> organisms in the ocean are ingesting these tiny pieces of plastic and it ends up in there/and if we'd fished, we may be eating plastic pieces as well. >> something to think about. researchers say much of the plastic in the ocean is from single used items like water bottles. an estimated e consumed every year worldwide. now it is the middle of may but we are talking about winter like storms moving into the bay area. it may as well be january or february. they are pretty cold and putting a chill in the air. take a look at some of the rainfall totals going back over
10:38 pm
the past 24 hours. canfield, over 2 inches, santa rosa over 1 inch, san francisco about 1/2 inch making today the fifth what his may 18 on record in san francisco, not a r this time of year. oakland, 0.49 and here is a another impressive amount, picking up over nine inches of rain. there is still more rain for tonight in two tomorrow. here is the satellite, the green over the bay area, look at the yellows and oranges showing up closer to the foot hills, plaster ville, grass valley and the sierra. we willa winter storm warning in a second. in the north bay, we have rain toward napa, youngsville and vacaville. this one area, let's slide the map, showing yellows and oranges impacting highway 29. moving the maps around, more
10:39 pm
developing for san francisco, a change over the past 15 to 20 minutes. there is one cell over the berkeley area. the rainfall is enhanced since the 10:00 our. more scattered showers toward san ramon and livermore. scotts valley, morgan hill, and look at all is action here closer to mountain view toward palo alto and los altos, sunnyvale and shifting over to santa clara and san jose. current numbers, lots of 50s, so a bit of a chill in the air and not much warming for the forecast tomorrow. here is a live camera look toward the bay bridge toll plaza. still some downpours for this portion of the bay area so the rainfall is picking up once again. little waves of rain, one wave moves in and backs off and the
10:40 pm
rain re-intensifies. rain likely tomorrow morning at 7:00. then in the afternoon, we will see sunny breaks but still the chance of a few scattered showers throughout the afternoon on sunday. here is our weekend storm, looking upstream, this is the next one that could bring another round of showers. that will be tuesday. tonight we are talking about thunderstorms basically earlier this evening. the cold air moves and keeping the chance for showers in the sunday of forecast especially for the morning hours. in the sierra, snowfall will pick up tonight into sunday morning. a winter storm warnings in place until 5:00 a.m. monday and possibly over 1 foot for the higher elevations. here is the forecast model. this could pack some thunderstorms. 7:00 tomorrow morning, keep in mind, bay to breakers, things could improve by midmorning but still scattered showers for the sunday, more breaks in the often. action. monday should be okay with clearing skies. highs tomorrow on the cool side in the 50s to around 60 degrees. here is the 5 day forecast.
10:41 pm
after tomorrow, tuesday, rain clouds and that is about it. we will clear out clouds and warm up by mid weeks. >> the bay to breakers will be a wet mess. >> at least for the start. that is it for us in news but sports wrap is next. >> and how the awards mount another come back to portland on the brink of the elimination. details next. xt.
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♪ [ crying ] ♪ you protect them at home. we help protect them online. this is beyond wifi. this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome.
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xfinity. the future of awesome. fox 2 sports wrap starts now. >> good evening, everyone. welcome to the saturday night sports wrap. after two black the blessed 2
10:44 pm
wins at home, the warriors took game 3. >> this is a must win. we have to approach it like that and do whatever it takes to get a win tonight. >> for a while, the blazers heated their coaches word. lillard dishes to myers, leonard fouled, leonard would finish the 3 point play. next time down the floor, steph curry takes the ball away from his brother. he comes down and hits a 3. places were in front by 18 with 2.5 minutes left in the half. they picked up the 13 point lead in the locker room. the warriors put together one of their dominant third quarters. steph curry hits the 3. curry missed the free throw. draymond green was everywhere. he was sent to play thompson for two of thompson's 19 points.
10:45 pm
watch the rebound. running the floor, he will give it up jordan bell and get it back a triple-double for green, 20 points, 13 rebounds, 12 assists. curry knocks down a 3 later in the third quarter, the warriors up 1, curry would go for 36 points. defense, again the key. jordan bell with the block on zach cohen with the warriors up 3. they would add to the lead in the fourth. another bench contribution for alfonso mcentee. now it is green threading the needle with come on looney. eight points on 3 for five shooting. the warriors outscore the places, the looks on the faces say it all. the warriors have a look of a championship team and the trailblazers do not. the warriors win


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