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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  May 20, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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been at a point this low. escalating tensions between the u.s. and iran after a rocket landed at the u.s. embassy in baghdad. >> they can't be threatening us. >> reporter: handicap placard crackdown . >> it frustrates me that so many people have a blatant disregard for the needs of those with disabilities in our community. the operation targeting drivers parking in handicapped spots. from ktvu news, this is the four. would begin with this, the new haven school districts last, best and final offer to teachers is rejected and now educators have hit the picket line until their demands are met and we are waiting on a press conference from the teachers union. there are live pictures from the union offices in union city there. we are prepared to bring you more information about the status of the strike and contract negotiations as it unfolds. nearly 600 people, teachers and union city are challenging.
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>> the district says it's teachers are already the highest paid in alameda county and simply cannot afford to pay them more. ktvu's christina run down is here with the report. >> reporter: thousands of students and hundreds of teachers are striking. this was a very strong show of response from the teachers across the district, striking this morning and this afternoon . the strike for today wrapped up around 15 minutes ago but parents and students are joining in on the strike and the crowd seems to keep growing. drivers in union city, honking in solidarity. nearly 600 teachers in the new haven school district are striking over pay and working
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conditions . >> a lot of people in this district are working more than 1 job to make it and they are commuting at least 2 to 4 hours. >> reporter: teachers one a 10% raise over two years. the district is offering a 1% raise plus a one-time 3% bonus. more races up to 1% are possible if the district gets more state funding . >> i believe that teachers have a fair contract and i support them because i want to be a future teacher. >> reporter: students are joining the picket line. >> if they end up with the grade they left off or, they will get rescinded. >> we hope it will not go 3 weeks until the end of the year. we are putting some plans in place to see how we are going to handle grades toward the end or graduations. >> reporter: district spokesman, john matsko says an estimated 20% of students showed up on monday, districtwide. met one student texted me earlier and said they were watching a movie. that saddens me.
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>> it is breaking my heart. it is really really hard. i don't think we have ever been at a place this low . >> we don't ever want to leave our students behind. we want them to know that we continually support them even when we can't be present in the classroom. >> reporter: teachers say that the community has really come out to support them today. they were taking donations of food and water throughout the afternoon. some parents took the day off to picket with their children at different schools. we understand that the district is meeting with all of the administers at the school district today to try to figure out how things went and how they can improve as the strike continues and wednesday could be the earliest day that another bargaining session is scheduled. >> more than 11,000 kids are hanging in the balance. cristina rendon reporting live in union city. the teachers union is set to speak, laying out demands and outlining the strike. these are pictures and union
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city headquarters. we are waiting for them to speak. you can find the latest information on and in the next hour on ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00. a report of a suspicious person with a weapon forced the evacuations of hundreds from a building in san francisco this afternoon. police were called to a building on rhode island street between 16th and 17th at about 12:15 pm. for skype fox, you can see one vehicle and a large presence of law enforcement. the initial call came in as a report of someone seen outside the building. a piece of metal resembling a knife was seen. after word spread about police response, someone apparently thought there was an active shooter inside the building. >> the police response to this a suspicious person outside the building and the security was ordered that was interpreted as a possible active shooter inside the building. an
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individual call 9-1-1 and made that report of a possible active shooter inside the building and that elicited the police and fire department response. >> police say they conducted a room by room search of the building but no suspects were found inside or outside the building. a man from utah is accused of making threats to shoot youtube employees. police say he went as far as driving to the youtube headquarters and standing outside with a gun. david swanson was released last night after posting $100,000. bail. he faces charges of terroristic threats. this is not the first time a threat was made against youtube. back in 2018, a woman shot and wounded 3 people at youtube headquarters before taking her life in san bruno. it is said that she was angry at youtube for limiting her post and limiting her ability to fell ads.
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the last text messages in the ghost ship fire will read today as the third week of testimony began in the manslaughter trial. two witnesses they believe friends and loved ones were referring to a bonfire when they sent text about a fire at the warehouse. a woman testified that a carpenter said that he had "no issues with the stairs in the warehouse." the defense is trying to show that neither harris or almeida is responsible. stay with ktvu for henry lee's report on the go ghost ship trial, who will bring us the latest developments on the court trial tonight. tonight, a proposal is set for a vote. the proposal would establish two crisis centers and increase law enforcement availability to prosecute sex crimes. it would also provide more resources overall from job placement and mental health to childcare for survivors.
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today, chavez joined city leaders to advocate for the fund. this in response to a number of reported and results on the rise. we are at the point and president of historic progress in our community to work towards not just preventing violence, thank you but working to make sure we are in alleviating the harm that violence is causing. >> this plan would need approval by santa clara county's full board of supervisors. some drivers in san jose may have gotten more than they bargained for while misusing a disabled placard to try to get more convenient parking. ktvu's south bay reporter, jesse gary is live in the studio with the sting. i'm sure officials have heard excuses but what is the most common reason for using those placards? >> reporter: heather, investigators say that
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typically it is a family member who lends the placard to a relative, not realizing the placards are not transferable. investigators say they have been doing these types of stings and we saw today for the past two and half years they have seen a steady increase in the number of citations they have written. >> it continuously surprises me, frustrates me that so many people have a blatant disregard for the needs of those with disabilities in our community. >> reporter: for two hours monday morning, a handful of dmv investigators and san jose parking enforcement officers canvassed a 6 block stretch of san fernando street near the san jose state campus. this student was cited for illegally using a disabled placard to get better parking while taking her last final of the semester . >> we feel bad that we made someone feel that way but i feel worse for the person who cannot get a spot because the placard was used illegally. >> reporter: the registered
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owner of the placard must be present while i placard is in use. a caregiver arrived earlier to pick up her client parked in a handicapped space and was nearly cited. she blamed it on miscommunication . >> i have to take her to the doctor because her daughter mentioned that i have to come and take her and she said, no, i told you to be here 1:00. >> reporter: valencia was given a warning and a lecture on the proper use of disabled placards. state officials say dating back to 2013, the number of operations and citations has steadily increased. san jose parking officials say they have seen a similar increase with several hundred tickets per year serve to over 1000. we have more officers paying attention to these violations. >> reporter: that was the case for the student who parked on campus to take a test but was using someone else's placard and was driving without a
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driver's license. >> officials say 51 people were checked for placard use today. there were two dmv citations and 3 san jose city tickets. that will run you about $410. for a state citation, that is $250. however, there are also court costs associated with that and the final number could be well over $1000. officials say those numbers have been increasing since 2013 but they believe in san jose, they expect to see a decline. jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. it is expensive but hopefully people out there get the message. thanks so much, jesse. marking a milestone in san jose. an update on the project designed to reduce the number of -- admitted in the city. warriors are trying to close out the portland trail blazers and for the fifth consecutive year, make it into the nba final. i have a live report coming up. believe it or not, the
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let's talk some warriors now. they're looking to wrap things up on the road in portland this evening . >> they certainly are. the team has had its second western five conference finals sweep. jesse joins us ahead of tonight's big -- joe fonzi joins us live. >> reporter: it reminds me a
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little bit about houston. it is already everywhere here and the team is in an elimination game just as the rockets were a couple of weeks ago. the differences the blazers are down 3-1. on saturday's game, it would be a big mistake to think that they're going to coast to a sweep tonight. for a lot of the serious, the storyline has been about the curry brothers and they arrived a short time ago. seth arrived before his older brother but that is not the story tonight. it is about desperation and survival for the portland trail blazers. it has also been about injuries throughout the series, the postseason for the warriors. kevin durant has not played in the series and andre goodall is a gametime decision so the warriors have a decision to make as far as he is concerned. one thing that we know is closer games are tied tough and even though story says nobody has ever come back from a 3-0
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deficit, nobody is taking anything for granted . >> whatever the situation is, whatever you can do to get your body ready, we rely on experience. we know how important this time of year is and the opportunity that we have . >> this is the part of your i love. this is the part where you are playing for all the marbles and you can't get out for that, what can you get out for? >> reporter: the one thing it really feels like the warriors have done at this postseason is they have gotten a little more into their rhythm and gotten better, gone deeper into the bench so the bench contributors that they are looking for tonight. tonight and the other thing is they would like to get this thing closed out tonight because that would mean a longer rest, roughly 79 days before the finals actually begin. that would be a time for people like kevin durant to heal up, andre goodall to heal up and
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heading into a final series against milwaukee or toronto. again, as always, a lot is at stake but you have to like the warriors position, 3-0 and trying to close things out tonight for the sweep. >> healing time will be necessary because both toronto and milwaukee are good teams right now so hopefully they can locked this up tonight. joe, thank you so much. it is hard to believe, folks but there is more rain in the forecast. sunnyvale department of public safety is reminding everyone that they are offering free sandbags for residents. people can come to the downtown corporation yard at 221. commercial street to get ready for this next round of wet weather. chief meteorologist, bill martin is here. bill, at least we got a break today . >> we did have a might nice break today. go back to the rain over the weekend and it was stunning. the rainfall at human relations, over 10 inches on the north coast. that is a lot of rain. places like this, last week, it is cumulative. four inches in san rafael.
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kentwood coming in at 5.5 inches, and the santa cruz martian mountains, nearly 4 1/2 races. we don't get rain in may. we get rain but not this much rain. we have a ridiculous rainfall totals. in sacramento, they surpassed their all-time record for the month of may for the rain that came down there and the records go back in sacramento a long, long time to the gold rush era. as you look at the system off shore, here it is. can you see it? there is a tweak in the north coast. this will run down the coast by late tonight and early tomorrow. some of that green, shower activity, is coming our way. with that said, expect a few sprinkles maybe after 10:00 or 11:00 tonight and in the morning commute, we might have a little bit of a dusting of wet on it. this is not by any means the type of weather system, it is not as robust as the weather systems we have seen with the
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extreme rainfall accumulations. temperatures today running warmer than yesterday. the sun did come out. 13 degrees warmer in fairfield, 5 degrees warmer in concord, 6 degrees warmer here. isn't that sunny? it is like a monet or something. it is beautiful. you are seeing the browns and the golden color on the hill. you have some green in there and that is unusual for this time of year as well. as we push forward, we are going to take you through tomorrow. i have the latest computer model that will dial up what you can expect to go through as we head to the next 24 hours. you may need your umbrellas for tuesday. today is biking weather in san jose. city leaders and transportation leaders celebrated 1 year since implemented san jose's better bikeways program. the program started last year
4:19 pm
and led to the redesign of certain streets to divide safe bike lanes around san jose. it is part of a larger climate smart plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. in san jose, 63% of greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation. we cannot make a dent in that unless our city is safe for people to walk, bike, take transit and get around without having to drive all the time. of course, san jose mayor was there with his bike. he is an avid cyclist. he was injured in a collision with an suv early this year. the entire graduating class at morehouse college received an incredible gift. a look at the billion are behind the blockbuster donation. check out our line appear. the fund kicks off at a clock
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with each of them, 9-1-1 and 9:00 and stick around for the frank and julie's 10:00 and 11:00 news right here on ktvu. this is the fox insider sponsored by cbs and yell yelp. give me a racquet
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my family is making a grant to eliminate their student loans . >> this is the story so many people are still talking about. the founder of a san francisco- based investment firm has promised this year's graduates at morehouse college and unforgettable gift, to pay off their student loans. billionaire, robert f smith made the pledge in atlanta yesterday as he delivered the commencement speech to the nearly 400 seniors actuating from morehouse. the school is an all black mail historically black college. as he made the announcement, he challenged those in the audience to pay it forward . >> because we are enough to take care of our own community. we are enough to ensure we have all the opportunities of the
4:24 pm
american dream. >> there is a whole background. he is the founder and ceo of vista equity, the firm that invests in software data and technology. it was a gift to the class of 2019 reportedly valued at about $40 million. for more on the men behind the donation, we are joined by washington's columnist, keith alexander. keith, you profiled smith in 2014. he is set to be the first black billionaire with a net worth estimated at somewhere around $5 billion, more than opera. how did he amass such wealth? >> reporter: he is not actually the first black billionaire in the u.s. but he is a billionaire with a capital b. he amassed it basically by buying and selling software companies. he started out as an investment banker on wall street. he did this for various firms
4:25 pm
like goldman sachs and then he decided to branch out on his own because he learned so much about what kind of companies to invest in. and what kind of companies to sell off. so he started his own firm and that is how he amassed this wealth, over decades of buying and selling software companies . >> probably the first african- american to be doing something like this at this time. you pointed out that his company, vista equity did not have the picture of him on his website. you had an interesting hypothesis. what was it? >> reporter: i talked to several african-american ceos and entrepreneurs who have done the exact same thing. what they have learned is that often, customers will close the door on them and won't trust them if they see that this person is an african-american so what they do on their website and various pamphlets is the use generic stock footage of individuals as opposed to putting their own face up there because what they want is a chance to show them,
4:26 pm
despite this color of their skin that they can do the work and they are good at it and that these individuals should trust them . >> when i first heard about it, robert, a few wares ago, i went to the website like you did and i could not find a picture of him so it is interesting that he did that. the company has been around for nearly 20 years but has remained relatively quiet. why do you think he is now going public after living relatively secretly here so long? >> that is a good question. when i profiled him in 2016, he said he watched the police shootings of michael brown. he saw what happened in baltimore after freddie great. and he said, you know, it is time. it is now time. i approve i have proven myself and it is now time that i show individuals what can be done so just watching all of this turmoil in african-american
4:27 pm
communities got to him. he was doing a lot of things for people. he was investing, giving money to cancer research to find out why african-american men were dying of prostate cancer at alarming rates versus white men and black women of breast cancer so he was doing a lot of things behind the scenes. he decided to come forward, finally, to show this is a black man doing this and here is why i'm doing it. >> and in fact, he donated to the african american history museum in washington, dc, the second largest donor only to opera. it seems that smith became increasingly aware that perhaps being among the few black billionaires in this company country, he would have a huge impact on young black americans in the community because that your impression overtime for the last two or three years? >> that is exactly the point. when he got involved in the african-american museum in 2016, it was sort of, it revived him to do more, to become more vocal and more visible. he doesn't do a lot of interviews. you notice, my story is
4:28 pm
probably one of the few interviews he has had. he still wants to remain as much as a private person as he can for his family, his young kids and his wife. but he realizes that people are looking to him. they are looking to him as an example and he is saying, you know what? this is a prime example of what he did on sunday. the reason why he did it . >> he has done it before but the important thing and people need to remember that this is not the first time he has done something like this but now he is putting himself out there. your article is probably the only time he has gone into his background. mostly everything he has done has been about his business. keith i want to thank you for enlightening us on this man that we have heard about for
4:29 pm
years and now we have insight on the good he has done. thank you so much. >> thank you, we appreciated. still to come here on the four, senator camilla harris in her campaign. her pitch to voters. iran could be ramping up its nuclear production is tensions in washington escalate. more on the administration's responses coming up. coming this june on ktvu fox 2. it's time for our memorial day sale on the
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after a day of back and forth warnings between the i run and u.s., a runyan officials a rainy and officials announced they have quadrupled a rainy and uranium production. >> reporter: military escalation between the u.s. and
4:32 pm
iran is continuing over the weekend with let iraqi officials saying and unguided rocket landed less than a mile from the u.s. and see embassy in baghdad. officials are not investigating but hours later, president trump tweeted, "if iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of around. ever threatened the united states again." iran's foreign minister responded with his own threatening tweet, followed by an announcement that iran has quadrupled production of low enriched uranium possibly signaling their intent to revive the country's nuclear program . >> we don't want them to have nuclear weapons and they can't be threatening us. i'm not somebody that wants to go into war. >> reporter: the u.s. is expanding its military presence in the region, citing an increased threat from iran and its proxy. over the weekend, the uss abraham lincoln, aircraft carrier, trained alongside another large warship in the arabian sea. using marine jets and navy
4:33 pm
super hornets, it is part of what the president calls a maximum pressure campaign and world powers are warning iran not to provoke the trump administration. >> i don't want a war with iran but if american interests are attacked, they will retaliate and that is something that iran needs to think about very carefully. >> reporter: acting defense secretary, patrick shanahan will brief lawmakers tomorrow on the administration's response to iran. at the pentagon, jennifer griffin, fox news. more on the rising rhetoric . i'm joined by international relations professor at the university of ottawa. thank you for being here. it seems that tensions really heightened after the late-night rocket strike near the u.s.  embassy in baghdad. was this, in fact, a warning shot to the united states? >> it is unclear. i'm shocked there are a number of groups active in the area and while they have -- rockets
4:34 pm
that were seen before, it is not clear that this was a deliberate act on the part of iran. obviously, we do not know yet exactly and doubleã investigating these attacks. >> if it was a deliberate act, what type of message do you think that iran was trying to send? >> well, the united states and iran have seen and been engaged in escalation in the past weeks and even months. so what is dangerous here is that, obviously, the escalation could lead to military confrontation. doubleãdouble ã
4:35 pm
-- many lives on both sides could be dragged into the complications . >> you mentioned washington and tehran say they do not seek war but do you believe that the situation could in fact spiral out of control? >> it would not be unheard of. historically, either side has been locked into what we define as -- essentially escalating tension and reading it as provocation and even as posturing if not war acts. possibly, this is a time when reasonable prevail on both sides, hopefully. either that the -- united states has put on iran and iran is trying to show defiance and even increasing their iranian
4:36 pm
production which could be read as a threatening act by the united states. at the same time, iran may read the american troops moving into the region as a threatening act so it is a dangerous situation and it is leading to exclamation. escalation. >> it seemed that president trump was softening a bit until this rocket. i will sugar tweet he sent earlier today. "if iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of iran. never threatened the united states again." we are just out of time almost. how do you think iran is taking this tweet? >> hopefully, there is more substantial diplomacy going on. i do not believe the united states and the president of the united states wants to erase
4:37 pm
iran or end iran so it is time for more substantial talk, most likely, be signed behind the scenes especially since the united states has walked away from the agreement on the uranium program and has adopted sanctions. hopefully, there will be more substantial talk somewhat exactly is desired by both sides here and if there is any so there isn't any military confrontation . >> professor, we appreciate your time. president trump is in pennsylvania tonight for a rally in support of a republican candidate for congress. early pulse of the president is trailing former vice president joe biden in pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin, three key states where president trump
4:38 pm
took the lead in 2016 . >> president trump says he has a hurting economy from the obama biden administration that was given to him. >> reporter: biden moved with his family to delavan delaware. camilla harris made her first campaign stop in southern california since officially entering the race. we spoke with the senator about her hopes in the election. >> it is good to be home! >> reporter: california senator kamala harris hopes her first presidential holds her first presidential rally in southern california. it is a packed crowd in los angeles . >> i believe this is the moment in time where leaders must speak truth.
4:39 pm
>> welcome back home . >> good to be here. >> reporter: a veteran prosecutor gives us an exclusive one-on-one interview . >> i know how to successfully prosecute a case. >> we are ready to start addressing senator harris as madam president real soon. >> reporter: polls show joe biden is in the lead. why do you think that is and where do you prioritize california with your larger electoral strategy? >> listen, i a very proud daughter of california and i am very proud and honored that the state of california and the people of the state have elected me 3 times and i'm going to fight to earn the vote of every californian. >> reporter: harris says this week she will announce a new plan to address the pay gap for women and already has a plan to increase teacher pay to close the gap . >> our teachers make a little more than $10,000 a year less than similarly educated people.
4:40 pm
the votes of -- >> reporter: the votes of all of these folks will matter more than before. california's early voting begins the same day as the iowa caucuses. >> we need a prosecutor, one who will hold people accountable. >> we need the women to stand up for us and she is a woman i can do the job. >> that is only part of the interview. you can watch the full interview with senator kamala harris saturday on our weekly show called the issue is. house speaker nancy pelosi, a tickler that led her to receive the john f. kennedy profile in courage award. don't put the umbrellas
4:41 pm
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house speaker and san francisco congressman, nancy
4:44 pm
pelosi was given the john f. kennedy profile in courage award. that the pappas explains how she was chosen for her work in expanding healthcare coverage for all americans. >> reporter: the kennedy family presented the 2019 profile and courage award to u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi. she was honored at the jfk library in boston sunday night. >> thank you for this award which i will probably display in the speaker's office of the capital of the united states. it is a shining -- is a shining symbol of our obligation to meet the challenges of the times that have found us. >> reporter: the john f. kennedy foundation chose pelosi this year for her work to expand access to healthcare for all americans and her leading the effort to elect the most diverse congress in u.s. history . >> she'll tell every new member of congress that it is important you remember your
4:45 pm
wife. >> reporter: she joins -- >> nancy has been one of the real leaders in washington. some people may not agree with you but she is a leader. she stands up and gets it done. >> reporter: nancy pelosi right now is earning the profile of courage every single day, fighting donald trump on everything he is trying to do. >> reporter: pelosi says she is continuing to fight against laws she believes are unjust like the recent move to ban abortions in alabama. >> it is most unfortunate. i think it is most unfortunate. i don't think any politician should have anything to say about a woman's timing and size of her family or health. >> that was let the pappas
4:46 pm
reporting. pelosi has held her congressional seat for more than 30 years. past recipients for the profile in courage award include former president barack obama, george h. w. bush and former congresswoman, kathy gifford. friends and family said their final goodbyes to east bay congressman, ellen tauscher. this morning she was remembered as a trailblazer for women in fire finance and a powerhouse for women in congress. there were notables speakers like dianne feinstein and former secretary of state, hillary clinton. friends say they knew her best as a loyal mother . >> after the 2016 election, she became one of my most trusted confidant. to work through the consequences of that loss and the ongoing challenges facing our country. when i think of her, i think of that line from the beatles song , the two of us. you and i have memories longer
4:47 pm
than the road that stretches ahead. >> -- >> reporter: ellen tauscher passed away last month. her family say she was dealing with pneumonia since january. she was 67 years old. i was actually going to introduce you -- >> i know you were. >> i will let you take it. sorry about that. we have some clouds out there now that are moving our way that will bring showers late tonight, early tomorrow morning but nothing in terms of intensity like we saw yesterday and the day before. just not more than 4 minutes ago, heather was taking a picture of this shot . >> so pretty, right?
4:48 pm
mac the colors are so vibrant. >> i love all of the dimension with the clouds . >> i do, too. it is a neat thing since we have gotten these hd cameras. they are so clean. in the old days, we had them but it wasn't like that. this system, you see green around eureka. that guy comes our way. it is going to drop right down the pike and come through tonight and tomorrow morning. it is working its way towards us to bring us breezy conditions as well. wind gusts could get up to 25 to 30 miles per hour. not a windy day but a breezy day. showers and accumulations, pretty light, 1/10 inch maybe, maybe more but i think 1/10 inch or under especially in a place like oakland or fremont. the way it impacts us is probably on the morning commute because there will be a few drops on the road, a few drops on the windshield and a little bit of what on the road because there will be shower activity so these are the current highs. warmer than yesterday. a live outside you, you are seeing some development here of that cumulus cloud trying to form as the ground heats and you will see more of that as the atmosphere disables further. maybe even a thundershower late tonight or early tomorrow
4:49 pm
morning. forced forecast overnight lows, 40s, 50s, 53 in vallejo, 52 in concord. the forecast, san francisco, redwood city, oakland, alamed san rafael, napa, sprinkles tomorrow morning. not rain but sprinkles and showers. look how quickly it goes away. that is the plan for tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon, again, there might be a sprinkle embedded in there but for the most part, it is about the morning. as you look at it from another angle, late tonight around midnight, that is the main event and then you get scattered showers tomorrow morning, the kind that move through all afternoon tomorrow. tomorrow will be a day when you see sun, she some clouds, showers, you may not get wet
4:50 pm
but you will see them in the distance. wednesday, it clears out. thursday looks like a nice day as well. the 5 day forecast, you can see the chance tomorrow for scattered showers especially in the morning and wednesday, as i said, it cleans up nicely, thursday and friday looking good, too. you see temperatures hovering, not in the 80s but by saturday and sunday can we we get into a mild pattern to say the least. there is the plan for the next 5 days. look for a bit of rain to start late tonight, linger into the morning and scattered, light showers with some sunshine tomorrow . >> thank you, bill. google helping law enforcement and sharing your data? >> coming up, we will look at the data google shares with the government in order to track down and catch criminals.
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we are learning about a program that google has been using to share user data with the government and help law enforcement track down suspected criminals. gillian turner looks at the technology and privacy concerns. >> reporter: americans have long known google tracks your whereabouts, travel, friends, what you are ordering online and even what you are eating for lunch but i bet you did not know the company is now sharing your location with law enforcement. they are using it to track down terrorists, domestic abusers and common criminals. sources confirm the existence of a massive database known as centerfold by employees that is used as a digital dragnet used by police departments nationwide. >> this kind of technology,
4:54 pm
with a search warrant, can be used to find out who was there at that time on that particular day. >> reporter: it tracks and stores location data through millions through android phones and apps using google maps. when police are looking for a suspect, they select an area and a time period. google pulls info and sends it to police. google's ceo says it is aboveboard one done with a search warrant . >> we comply with varied law enforcement requests. >> reporter: the law enforcement community agrees . >> it is all about the connection of bluetooth beacons, gps, cellular towers and wi-fi. all fused together and aligned. >> reporter: still, lawmakers are alarmed and demanding answers from google's ceo. the potential ramifications for consumer privacy are far- reaching and concerning when examining the purposes for the sensor vault database.
4:55 pm
they claim google has compiled an extraordinarily detailed database of a vast number of consumers stretching back than a decade. google has briefed its membs on sensor vault though they are not sharing the details. new indications that sensor vault use is on the rise and with more risk comes more risk that innocent americans will get swept up in the dragnet. gillian turner, fox news. a groups of naval undergraduates took part in a very messy naval tradition. the naval academy class of 2022 in annapolis tried to climb the herndon monument. every year, they cover the monument in greece. there is a lot of slipping and sliding as you can imagine as they tried to climb the greasy monument. finally, one plea was able to
4:56 pm
throw his hat to the top . >> that is very difficult. frank and julie our next on ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00. no details about golden straight warrior player andre iguodala. he just updated his injury status. we will have an update from portland in about 15 minutes. history for san jose police recruits. coming up tonight at 5:00, the first of its kind class that forces soon-to-be officers to learn about difficult topics. alright boys, time for bed. listen to your mom, knuckleheads. hand em over. hand what over? video games, whatever you got. let's go. you can watch videos of people playing video games in the morning. is that everything? i can see who's online. i'm gonna sweep the sofa fort. well, look what i found. take control of your wifi with xfinity xfi. let's roll! now that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere
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ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 starts now. >> what we want? >> contract. >> when do we want to? >> now. >> on strike for the first time heather, about 600 teachers went on strike this morning after negotiations broke down last night. the district includes 12 schools in union city and hayward. it evening. i'm frank somerville . >> i'm julie haener. teachers are fighting for better pay in an area that has become more expensive by the year. the district says they are already the highest paid in alameda county. cristina rendon joins us live in union city with where things stand right now. christina? >> reporter: julie, frank, the
5:00 pm
new haven teachers association is calling day 1 a success. they say 4 out of 5 students did not go to school today and features teachers say they are in the strike for the long haul. drivers in union city in solidarity. nearly 600 teachers in the new haven ified hool district are expecting striking for better pay and working conditions. but a lot of teachers are working more than one job to make it and commuting at least two back to 4 hours. >> reporter: teachers one a 10% raise over two years. the district is offering 1% plus a one-time 3% bonus. more races up to 1% are possible if the district gets more state funding. talks stalled over the weekend. >> i believe teachers deserve a fair contract and i want to be a future teacher. >> reporter: jocelyn romero and her friends are joining the picket line. the strike comes with 4 weeks left in the school


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