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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  May 20, 2019 5:00pm-5:58pm PDT

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they say 4 out of 5 students did not go to school today and features teachers say they are in the strike for the long haul. drivers in union city in solidarity. nearly 600 teachers in the new have striking for better pay and working conditions. but a lot of teachers are working more than one job to make it and commuting at least two back to 4 hours. ssible if more state fair contract and i want to be a future teacher. >> reporter: jocelyn romero and her friends are joining the picket line. the strike comes with 4 weeks left in the school year. >> if they end up with the grade they left off with, they are probably going to get rescinded. >> reporter: i know a couple of friends in uc berkeley or -- >> reporter:
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>> we hope you will not go until the end of the year. we are putting of students showed up districtwide. studen enrichment activities . >> one student said they were watching a movie. that saddens me . >> what is breaking my heart, it is really hard. i don't think we have ever been at a point this low . >> we don't want to leave our students behind. we want them to know we continually breezed support them even we can't be present in the classroom. >> reporter: the district says they are thankful for the community support and are receiving donations of food and water and even seniors spend the afternoon barbecuing for teachers during the lunch hour. some parents to of work so they could join teachers on the picket line.and knows of the possible long-term impacts and they are hoping to get teachers back into the classroom. >> cristina rendon in district
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headquarters in union city. reports of an active shooter in san francisco this afternoon turned out to be a false alarm. police were called to a building on rhode island seat street between 16th and 17th about 12:15 pm. the initial call came in as a report of someone seen outside the building with a piece of metal resembling a knife. as the word spread about release response, someone thought there was an active shooter inside the building. >> the police response to the suspicious person outside the building and the shelter in place that was ordered by building security became interpreted as a possible r bei building. an individual call 9-1-1 and made that report a possible building and that elicited the police and fire department response. >> police say they conducted a room by room search of the billing but no suspects were found inside or outside of the building. a man was arrested and released in utah over the
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weekend after allegedly making threats to shoot youtube employees. police in orem, utah were contacted by utah -- youtube about threatening comments made online as far back as september. 35-year-old david swanson reportedly came here to visit the bay area recently and brought a handgun with him. swanson posted $100,000 bail last night and was released from jail. he faces charges of making a terrorist threat. this is not the first threat for you to. just over your, ago, you may remember a woman who shot 3 employees in san bruno youtube before taking her own life, upset about policy changes in which she believed her posts were censored and limited her ability to sell ads on the youtube channel. president trump has asked don began to skip a house hearing tomorrow. the white house decided mcgann cannot be compelled to testify
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about his official duties. the move could set the stage for the panel to vote to hold the former white house counsel in contempt. the committee wants to ask mcgann about incidents in the mueller report that showed the president asked him to direct the firing of robert mueller, which mcgann refused. iranian officials announced they have quadrupled their production of uranium after a day of warnings between iran and the united states. 's jennifer griffin reports from the pentagon about the military response to these rising tensions. >> reporter: military escalation between the u.s. and around continuing over the weekend. iraqi officials say and unguided rocket landed less than a mile from the u.s. embassy in baghdad. nobody was hurt and american offi trump tweetedwants to fight, that will be the official end of around. never threatened the united states again." iran's foreign minister responded with his own threatening tweet, followed by announcement that iran has
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quadrupled production of low enriched uranium, possibly signaling a revival of the country's nuclear program . >> we just don't want them to have nuclear weapons and we can't be threatens. >> reporter: the u.s. is expanding its military presence in the region, citing increased threats from iran and its proxy. the u.s. abraham lincoln arrived assault another ship. it is part of what the president calls a maximum pressure campaign. world powers are warning iran not to provoke the trump administration. >> i don't want a war with iran but if american interests are attacked, they will a terribly -- retaliate. >> reporter: acting defense secretary, patrick shanahan and the chairman will brief lawmakers tomorrow on the
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response to around. at the pentagon, jennifer griffin, fox news. a heart wrenching day in court today as the last x messages of the ghost ship warehouse fire victims were read aloud. today marked the start of the third week of testimony in the trial. >> our crime reporter, henry lee was in court today and is here now with more on the emotional text. >> very emotional, frank and julie. fire, knowing what we know now but on the night of the tragedy, friends and loved ones any fire was part of the music at the warehouse. 11:25 pm, the night of the fire, nick tested his girlfriend, "i love you, fire." alexa abrams burst into tears on the stand and told the jury she thought he was referring to a bonfire. earlier that evening, one text referred to a music event at the warehouse. he wrote, wow emma i just uncovered a whole new level of
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underground music, lol, involving a phone number and voicemail. another witness, alexa burrell became emotional while testifying that her friend, nicole seacrest texted, there is a fire here. she, too thought she was referring to a bonfire. curtis briggs, the defendant for max harris says the d.a. has garnered sympathy for the victims . >> they are not legally relevant. the prosecution wants to bring them in because they want to build up the emotion involved because that is an advantage they have. >> reporter: also understand was born a ghost ship tenant, adam cannon, a carpenter who said he had "no he went up the thousands times, at least 1000 times and he never had an issue with those stairs. the stairs were viable stairs.
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those stairs save people's lives. >> we heard from the city of oakland planning and building officials who said the warehouse was known only for storage, not for residential use or assembly of large events. the city's own records show no one properly had applied for the correct permits for decades . we will have more on that tomorrow. mchenry, you have been in court every day of this trial so far. given what happened, it is extremely emotional but today, hearing from those last text messages, just what was it like to be in court today? >> we heard from two loved ones of victims and just to have the woman just burst on the sand stand immediately after identifying how she was related to her loved one, day in and day out, family members in the gallery who are dabbing their eyes and passion tissue boxes. it is a collective hurt that goes on . >> hearing their last words, coming from those messages . >> what about the blessed mac
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you can start to see that in their text messages . >> who was on the stand tomorrow? >> we will hear from the city of oakland building official and the defense says they did not plan on attacking through this line of defense the fact that the warehouse main not have been properly documented for years . >> thank you. consider this a warning. we went along for a sting at the dmv, busting people for illegally using disabled parking placards. the warriors tonight trying to close out the portland trail blazers but to do so, they will have to go a little deeper into their bench. we will tell you why coming up in a live report. we have clouds behind me on the live camera. we have clouds increasing tonight and a chance for showers or sprinkles as we head into late tonight, early tomorrow morning.
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the warriors can advance to their fifth straight appearance in the nba finals tonight. >> they have a 3-0 series lead and can finish off the portland trail blazers with a sweet. ktvu's joe fonzi is live in portland. joe, a sink and sweep? >> reporter: they sure would like to do that, you guys, get a little extra rest before the final start and no team has ever come back from 3-0 to win a series so history is on the warriors died. you can see klay thompson warming up behind me. this is an arena that is full of red but i can't help noticing as it starts to fill up, there are a lot of people wearing warrior jerseys in this arena tonight so they will get a lot of support. one thing we did not know until a short time ago was andre good
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dollars the blessed is back. we saw him coming with the team an hour and a half ago. it is considered to be a gametime decision whether or not andre would play. if you watched game 3, he tweaked his calf in the first quarter, did not play anymore in the game and it was a gametime decision but steve kerr, maybe half an hour ago said iguodala definitely will not play tonight. you have to figure if this is a game the warriors have to win, they would probably have him and but they do have the 3-0 margin. what that means is the warrior bench which has been very strong since kevin durant when out will have to step up even a little further. a guy who was always stepping up during playoff time is draymond green. all he did on saturday night was go for a triple-double, 20 points, 13 rebounds, 12 assists and if there is anybody who can get a team into playoff mode and a closeout type mentality, it is draymond green. >> i think it is very motivating for us, to try to sweep the series and have the time off. obviously, we are a little banged up and so 9 days off will be great for us.
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it would allow andre time to heal. >> reporter: one of the thing that has been a storyline tonight is watching the curry brothers warm-up a short time ago, they were ou storyline for the first 3 games of the series but this could be, tonight, after the warriors can close it out, the last time we will see them on the court together this season. it was obviously history making to have two brothers facing each other in a conference final . that had never happened before in the nba. the storyline kind of goes away tonight because all it is about tonight for the portland blazers is aelimination game an have to stare down an
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elimination game 4 times in order for the warriors not to move into the nba finals for the fifth consecutive year. a lot going on but the warriors will have to go deeper into the bench. it has been a successful formula ever since the houston series but they will have to go even deeper tonight without andre iguodala. >> it is a foregone conclusion that the blazers will not advance to the finals and the warriors are. if the warriors and when the warriors advance to the finals, who do you think they match up with better, toronto or with milwaukee? >> it is interesting, frank. >> reporter: i would probably say and you hate to think ahead because you are assuming things that have not happened yet so history says that yes, it will be the warriors and they would be the first ones to tell you, that is the last thing they are worried about last right now. both teams, because they are in the east, it is a little bit of a mystery. it is not the same as you when you play them duguys drive both
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those teams. the warriors are more balanced than either one of those teams but a little bit of a mystery. i don't think it really matters to them. both of those teams are high profile but not quite the roster up and down that the warriors have especially if kevin durant comes back . >> all right, joe fonzi in portland. a preview of game 4, the wars hoping to sweep things in portland. joe, thank you. now to the stanley cup playoffs. once again, the sharks will play in another elimination game and could be without a lot of their star power. captain joe pavelski, forward, tomorrow turtle and star defenseman, erik karlsson were all injured during ding 5 game 5 yesterday. they did not say whether gabe would travel with the team to st. louis. they have one 4 games i need to win another 2 if they hope to make it in the stanley cup finals. game 6 is tomorrow. the sharks are hosting a watch
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party at sap arena. game seven, if there is one, would be thursday at sap arena. parts of the midwest are cleaning up after a weekend of severe weather. dozens of tornadoes touched down in oklahoma, arkansas and louisiana. many say it was terrifying. >> it sounded like destruction, complete mayhem. like a train was colliding. that is how much force and wind, trees were falling. >> more severe weather is expected in oklahoma and texas and in the rest of the central united states, could see damaging winds, flash flooding and tornadoes. it is hard to believe that there is more rain expected in the bay area this week. with that in mind, the sunnyvale department of public safety is reminding people they can load up on free sandbags if they need them. people can come to the corporation yard at 221
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commercial street to get prepared for the wet weather. >> it was nice to see little sunshine today. chief meteorologist bill martin joins us now. could be bad enough that you need sandbags? >> i don't see that coming but who knows what to think. maybe mudslides in the burn zone? >> is there much more coming? >> no, the heavy event was over the weekend but what we had, pointing out those numbers, over 10 inches of rain on the north coast over the last 4 to 6 days. that is significant. you can understand why people would be sandbagging at that point. some 48 to 72 hour totals, been lohman, santa ains nearly 5 inches of rain, the san rafael area about 4 inches, just rough numbers to give an idea how much we got. there is a little more coming but not a major player. this is not quite as wet as the last one and is coming down from the north. the cooler weather system is already dropping sprinkles and showers in the north coast around eureka around the oregon border. we are further south and we will see those showers develop probably about 9:00, 10:00,
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11:00 and midnight around the rest of the day. scattered showers will be enough to leave residue on the roadways tomorrow morning with a few sprinkles as well. tomorrow morning's commute has the potential to be slightly impacted by wet weather. nothing like we have been seeing but impacted. so the forecast highs tomorrow will be about where we are now, using current temperatures. temperatures tomorrow are generally going to be cooler because we have plenty of cloud cover so most temperatures we in the mid 60s tomorrow. today, temperatures running well above average. mount diablo in the distance, still green hues showing up on the side of the mountain. clouds increasing as the system from the north begins to preload itself to bring us showers like tonight and early tomorrow morning. the forecast, overnight lows as clouds increase with a few light scattered showers will be kind of cool. upper 40s and low 50s. 53 in vallejo, 34 in antioch.
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when we get into tomorrow, we are looking for a few scattered showers in the morning, especially the early morning commute. this stuff starts around midnight. it is a nonevent in terms of heavy rainfall accumulation but it is going to leave moisture on the morning commute. with that said, sprinkles and light showers on the morning commute. after that, it turns to partly cloudy, partly sunny and maybe a slight chance but certainly, more clearing toward the afternoon. the wettest period will be late tonight and early tomorrow morning. kaisers new dublin medical offices and cancer center open the doors today. the new state-of-the-art facility located on dublin boulevard just west of fallon road. kaiser says it decided on the location because it is centrally located and provides easy access for patients who live in dublin as well as those who are traveling from livermore and pleasanton. two years ago, his dream job turned into a fares from cable car customers.
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coming up next, with his name cleared, what he now wants from the city. >> reporter: coming up on ktvu news at 6:00, despite the rain, the color for bay to breakers race went on without a hitch and police report extremely low arrest numbers. the city of berkeley is cracking down on illegal parking especially near memorial stadium on game day. the major increase if you get a ticket. my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants ddeal is back. with grilled ham and hickory smoked bacon or grilled sausage on a warm, buttery croissant, it's way better than dry cereal. i wish i was warm and buttery.
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life, lived jason's way. chase. make more of what's yours. my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants ddeal is back. with grilled ham and hickory smoked bacon or grilled sausage on a warm, buttery croissant, it's way better than some mediocre cereal. that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me! download the jack app and order my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants. cable cars, they are a san francisco stable and working as
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a trolley operator was a dream job for one bay area man. >> that was, until he was arrested for pocketing fares. rob roth talked to the operator when his life turned upside down and is now trying to repair his reputation. >> reporter: for 14 years, david reyes worked as a cable car operator. he said he loved every minute of it. >> that was my dream job. >> reporter: the dream turned into a nightmare in 2017. san francisco pohe and another will pocketing some of the cash fares from passengers . >> if you can imagine going to work and there are 20 to 25 it was really, really stressful. >> reporter: then came the news accounts of the arrest . >> my mug shot was shown in the local tv, newspaper and family, friends, my daughter lives in connecticut and having to have
5:25 pm
her see that, too. >> reporter: raises trial ended in a hung jury that leaned toward acquittal and late last week, he learned the district attorney has decided not to retry him . >> i never stole anything and that's the thing. >> reporter: a second cable car worker, albert williams was also arrested and is awaiting trial but during the ordeal, reyes' mother died, not knowing the outcome. he lost his operator. he wonders whether he can ge the job back but is not sure . >> we are working with our teams to determine that. >> reporter: within two years of the arrest, cable cars have a pilot program where passengers write tickets at the turnaround that limits cash transactions . >> there are times when they still handle cash but this allows vehicles, people when they get off more often than other parts to prepay.
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>> reporter: david reyes says he is thinking about suing the city if he cannot get his old job back. he said he would like to at least get back pay for all of the time he has missed. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. state agencies say some people don't know better and some are trying to say time. whatever the reason, improperly using a disabled placard is a crime and agents are enforcing the law. that story straight ahead. google put restrictions. more on president trump's recent executive order rces st learn about difficult topics.
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is an ongoing problem that we all know about the people using a disabled parking
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placard to getwith them. >> and continuously surprises me, frustrates me that so many people have a blatant disregard for the needs of those with disabilities in our community. >> reporter: over two hours, monday morning, i love dmv investigators and the san jose parking enforcement office canvassed a 6 block stretch of san fernando street near the san jose campus. this student was cited for using a disabled placard to take her final exam . >> the reality is i feel bad for the person who cannpark there because there spot is taken. >> reporter: state investigators say disabled slackers are the ones that hang in the car and the ones on the vehicle license plate. this woman picked up her client
5:31 pm
, parked in a handicapped space, she blamed it on miscommunication . >> i had to take her today to the doctor because her daughter mentioned that i have to come and take her and she said, no, i told you to be here at 1:00. >> reporter: she was given a warning and a lecture of the proper use of disabled slackers. state officials say dating back to 2015, the number of operations and citations has steadily increased. san jose parking officials say they have seen a similar increase from several hundred tickets per arto a little over thousand . >> we have more officers in the field paying attention to these violations. >> reporter: that was the case for this student who parked on the san jose state campus to take a test using someone else's placard and driving without her drivers license. 51 people were checked for placard use with two the dmv to citations issued and 3 san jose parking tickets. a san jose
5:32 pm
ticket will run $410. a dmv citation, $250, however there arcourt costs associated with the dmv citation the could push the cost about $1000. officials say although the numbers have been increasing since 2013, they expect there has been a plateau in san jose and they expect to see a decrease. in the san jose studio, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. santa clara county supervises are set to vote on a $5 million fund tomorrow designed to drastically wrap- up services for victims of sexual assault. the money would go toward establishing twocrisis centers. it would also increase law enforcement training to investigate and prosecute sex crimes. in addition, the fund would help provide more resources for sex assault for survivors from job placement and mental health to childcare. supervisor, cindy chavez joined
5:33 pm
san francisco city leaders and advocates to rally in support of the fund. advocates say the initiative is in response to an alarming rise in the number of reported and sexual assaults. >> it is an agenda that is focused on surviving, serving survivors of violence and moving forward with a critical services that we need for justice and healing. >> the plan would need approval by santa clara county's full board of supervisors. now to concord where the parents of a young man who died in a skiing accident have won a court case that allows them the use of his frozen sperm to produce a child. a supreme court judge ruled thursday that the parents of 21- year-old west point cadet, peter zhu can attempt mother us sperm. the judge said his parents have not decided whether they will try to use it. he died in february following a skiing accident at west point. his mother said the family wants privacy and will not
5:34 pm
comment on the case. friends and family send their final goodbyes to east bay congresswoman, ellen tauscher at a memorial service in washington, dc. this morning, ellen tauscher was remembered as an infant additional influential politician and powerhouse in congress. there were a number of notable speakers such as senator dianne feinstein and former secretary of state, hillary clinton. those close to tauscher say they knew her best as a loving mother and loyal friend. >> after the 2016 election, she became one of my most trusted confidant. to work through the consequences of that loss and the ongoing challenges facing our country. when i think of her, i think of the line from the beatles song, "the two of us. those quote you and i have memories longer than the road that stretches ahead. >> tauscher passed away last month. her family says she was dealing with pneumonia since january. she was 67 years old. the fcc says today they had
5:35 pm
of the fcc endorses the merger between will t-mobile and sprint. this as each agreed to various concessions including a promise not to raise prices for 3 years. t-mobile is the third largest u.s. wireless provider. sprint is number 4. the burger moves the two companies closer to the two biggest providers, verizon and at&t. tensions with china are escalating after google suspended some business with chinese smart phone makers. it is a blow to the chinese tech company that the trump administration wanted to blacklist around the world. the move by google is an effort to comply with federal government demands. fox news correspondent, mark meredith has the latest from washington. >> reporter: google confirmed sunday it suspended the android license and their access to updates. they will only be able to use an open source version.
5:36 pm
restricting access . >> i will very much get angry at huawei who sold me something google does not recognize anymore. >> the problem is very much that huawei is in a market in western europe where we are here and it is a real problem. >> reporter: the new trumpet ministration policy issued last week requires federal government approval for all purchases made by huawei and affiliated businesses of us- made microchips, software and other components. a google spokesperson said "we are complying with the ." suspicious of huei , amid threats that the equipment could be used to spy. >> reporter: huawei responded saying, continue to supply security updates to all
5:37 pm
existing huawei and smart tablet products . this announcement highlights the growing damage to huawei's businesses outside of china. the chinese tech companies one of the world's largest smart phone suppliers, second only to samsung. in washington, mark meredith, fox news. google is updating its line of virtual reality glasses. the new headset is called glass enterprise edition 2. it features a more powerful cpu, better camera and new artificial intelligence capabilities. they were first rollout in 2014. google stopped telling them selling them in 2050 after privacy and securitys started $ ford motor company of the
5:38 pm
focused at ford headquarters in dearborn, michigan. ford says the cuts will eliminate bureaucracy and save about $6 million a year. on wall street, tech stocks fell as the u.s. removed business from huawei. the dow dropped 84 points, nasdaq dropped 113 and the s&p was down 19. an amazing gift of $40 million that would change the lives of an entire graduating class at this college. coming up next, the local ties to the billionaire behind the amazing donation. 2 also ahead, the rest of the company country is following hawaii and california sleep. details about the bill to raise the national smoking age. download the new ktvu fox 2 weather app. the power 2 prepare.
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at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more.
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the founder of a san francisco-based investment firm is promising the class of college graduates in atlanta and unforgettable gift . >> my family is making a grant to eliminate student loans.smh made the pledge yesterday as he delivered the commencement speech to the nearly 400 graduates at morehouse college. the school is an all-male, historically black college. smith made his the audience to remember to pay it forward. >> because we are enough to take care of our own community. we are enough to ensure we have
5:42 pm
all the opportunities of the american dream. >> the gift to the class of 2019 is reportedly valued at about $40 million. smith is 56 years old and founder and ceo of vista equity partners which is headquartered in san francisco. it also has offices in oakland. the firm invests in software, data and technology driven companies. according to its website, the company manages equity capital commitments of more than $46 billion. it oversees a portfolio of more than 50 software companies. a man is in custody, th capital murder for the killing of an alabama police officer. late last night, a heavily armed man opened fire on 3 officers from auburn, alabama. the officers had responded to a domestic disturbance at a mobile home park. officer, william bieber was killed and two other officers were also shot . >> we are very sorry that we have lost an officer in the
5:43 pm
line of duty. to his family, we are here with you. we will not leave you. we will stand beside you to help you get through this. police a 29-year-old grady wayne wilkes was captured this morning after a brief but intense manhunt overnight. the two other officers who were shot are expected to recover. senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell is teaming up with senator tim kaine that would raise the smoking age from 18 to 21. the bill would cover tobacco products, e-cigarettes and vaping products. both say the rise in e- cigarettes is a significant health concern for teenagers and young adults. 14 states have already raised the age to buy tobacco to 21, including california. they teach us a lot in the academy. what they don't teach us is the negative things that american
5:44 pm
law enforcement is responsible for. >>.anymore. coming up next, before san jose recruits hit the streets, they will first have to complete a history class about current political and social issues. there are clouds behind be representing a chance for sprinkles or showers in the next 24 hours.
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a former university of oregon football star with ties to the san francisco 49ers and being called a hero for tackling a student who came to school with a gun. keanon lowe now works as a security officer at parkrose high school in portland where he is also a football and track coach. police say last friday he confronted an armed student and wrestled him for his weapon before anyone got hurt. low says he launched at the gunman as others ran screaming out the back drop. he held the suspect down until police arrived. he was a wide receiver for the oregon ducks and later worked as an analyst for the 49ers. today, granato diaz, the suspect, pleaded not guilty to charges. katie hughes and ruben explains how the chief wanted new officers to understand political climates so they are hitting the books. then is a police officers
5:48 pm
are getting a crash course in the past, this the first of its kind class, when the police chief says was born out of necessity . >> what they don't teach us in the academy is the negative things that american law enforcement has been responsible for. we need to own up to that . >> in partnership with san jose state university, the chief to devise a history class to cover local topics like the 1933 lynching in st. james park a >> when you see these shootings take place, it is just the final straw in a has been years in the making . >> the idea to give new recruits context before sending them out in the community. bethany torres says the class has been invaluable . >> at first, it can be difficult to talk about or
5:49 pm
listen to how others might perceive that or the reason that others might have acted the way they did but in the end, it widens the picture . >> the class is taught on san jose's campus by professor greg woods who also brings guest lecturers into give the community perspective. he would love theo r police departments follow suit . >> the class helps us save lives because it helps us to increase understanding and awareness of the very obstacles that have led to friction and a lack of trust. >> torres says she has taken the lessons to heart and will use them on the street . >> learning the facts behind it gives me more information to make sure that it does not happen again . >> there are about 46 recruits this spring. they will have their last class at san jose state this friday. in san jose, and ruben, ktvu fox 2 news. san jose city and transportation leaders gathered in the downtown area today to celebrate 1 years since implementing san jose's better bikeways program. the first of its kind project started last year and led to
5:50 pm
the redesign of certain streets to provide safe bike lanes in downtown san jose. it is part of a larger climate smart san jose plan to reduce local greenhouse gas emissions . >> in san jose, 63% of greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation. we cannot make a dent in that unless our cities are safe for people to walk, bike, take transit and get around without having to drive all of the time. >> san jose mayor, semel cotto was there with his bike. he rides a lot and was in a collision with an suv while writing it earlier this year. the city of woodland in yolo county is cleaning up after wild weather this weekend. the fired premises it responded to at least 3 lightning strikes within city limits yesterday afternoon. lightning struck a redwood free within feet of people who live nearby and another homeowner says a lightning bolt hit is jimmy . >> that sounded like a loud gunshot or a bomb.
5:51 pm
>> it fell up against the wall. i saw the spark. >> reporter: fortunately, no one was hurt. the fire department says being outside near trees is the worst place you can be during a lightning storm. they say staying indoors is the safest spot. chief meteorologist, bill martin joins us with a look at our weather. >> we have a lot of rain over the last couple of days and yesterday and the day before. the month of may, this is the last 24 hours of rain totals but the month of may in the bay area and in california, this is granato over the last week come over 10 inches of rain. but for the month of may come that there are many cities in the state of california that are 300 to 405 from to 500% of average rain totals. it has been exceptional. that is where we are. 4.0 in san rafael is what they got. everybody is well above average. reservoirs are full. snow in the mountains and more is coming. it is not a major deal but a
5:52 pm
little bull's-eye, this little guy will slide down the coast, cooler weather will get here tonight. it is not a wet system as much as the last few have been so a few scattered showers possible, not a major deal. you see sprinkles around eureka, some stuff around oregon. that area, the green area to the north is coming our way. there you go. when you look at the satellite where, you can see a few clouds lingering, not fog but clouds. the clouds will thicken as we go into the next hour or so and sprinkles developing around the horrible, just a little damp. diablo is stgreen. clouds thickening up. for most us, it looks like this. it is not massive, 5/100 or 1/10 inch is what we are thinking between midnight and 8:00 in the morning and by
5:53 pm
lunchtime, it kind of clears up. there will be scattered showers in the offing, certainly, maybe something over here or there, the chances, again, will be less by the afternoon. this is tomorrow or tomorrow morning or midnight, that is the main event. everything behind it is that. that is not a.m. where you see something and it turns into nothing. really, the main event is overnight tonight around midnight. we will track that for your. here is the five-day forecast. you can see that tuesday is the day, tomorrow and temperatures begin to stay on the mild side, some clouds of the weekend and cooler for saturday. >> two extradition request for wikileaks founder julian aside, one for the u.s. and one for sweden where will he go first? we will have details about the battle coming up next. >> coming up on ktvu news at 6:00, a bay area man is dubbed the american taliban and is set to be released from an american prison this week this >> we just learned the number of arrests during the yesterday
5:54 pm
bay to breakers. it was less than expected. thank you for watching ktvu fox 2. >> where the power of 2 comes from you. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪ ♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock.
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wikileaks founder, julian assange is facing two requests for extradition and is is creating a potential battle between the u.s. and sweden as to where he will go first. we have more now from london. >> reporter: swedish authorities reopened an investigation of wikileaks founder, julian sis. prosecutors are looking at the allegation that hea swedish woman in 2010. they are seeking his extradition from britain to sweden. the district attorney says they hope justice prevails . >> i'm convinced no prosecutor
5:57 pm
would've opened an investigation unless there was significant evidence. >> i was convinced they would not reopen the investigation . >> this is setting up a potential battle over the u.s. and sweeting over where he goes first. a swedish prosecutor says the decision of which country to send him to falls to the uk, a former attorney for assigned says he is provide surprised by sweden's decision to prosecute. he believes the relationship with uk will be honored first. he plans to fight being extradited . >> i do think he is disappointed because this will take energy from the real case that he did, as a journalist, reveal what united states really did in iraq and afghanistan. >> assigns had been staying at ecuador's embassy since 2012.
5:58 pm
he was arrested on april 11 after ecuador revoked his asylum. some of his documents were seized and handed over to the u.s. he faces a 4 year prison sentence if convicted on the sweetest right charge. swedish charge. this tvu fox 2 news at 6:00. >> day 1 of a teacher strike in the east bay and 80% of students decided not to cross the picket line but staying out of class leaves some high school seniors in limbo. >> i have a couple of friends getting into their number one school and if they end up with the grades they left off with, they probably will get rescinded. >> nearly 600 teachers and staff walked off the job today in the new haven school district in union city and south hayward. good evening. i'm julie haener . >> i'm frank somerville. ktvu's christina red zone tells us what teachers demanded when they bay may get back to the
5:59 pm
bargaining table . >> drivers honking in solidarity, nearly 600 teachers in the unified school district art striking for better pay and working conditions. >> a lot of people working in this district work want more than one job to make it and they are commuting at least 2 to 4 hours. >> teachers what i took percent raise over two years. the district is offering a 1% raise plus a one-time 3% bonus. more raises up to 1% are possible if the district that's more state funding. talks stalled over the weekend. the next chance for negotiations could happen wednesday . >> i want to be a teacher . >> joslin and her friends are joining the picket line. the strike comes with 4 weeks left of the school year . >> i have a couple of friends that ended up in the number one school and if they end up with the grades they left off what, it will probably be rescinded .
6:00 pm
>> we all hope it is not going to go 3 weeks until the end of the year. we are putting some plans in place to see a how we will handle grades toward the and or graduations. >> district spokesman, john maddow says an estimated 20% of students showed up to school district wide monday. the students participating in enrichment activities . >> 12 one student said they were watching a movie. it saddens me. >> it is really hard. i don't think we have ever been at a point the slow . >> we don't want to leave our t them to know that we continually support them even when we cannot be present in the classroom . >> teachers are grateful for the outpouring of support they are receiving, including donations of food and wate


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