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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 20, 2019 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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home run so that's good stuff. >> that's adorable. >> it's 11 o'clock in time for more news. next at 11: >> we all want to protect the kids and want what is best for the youth. >> tonight another bay area city is deciding whether to adopt an ordinance to restrict the sale of flavored tobacco products. tonight san rafael is trying to determine the best way to keep tobacco products out of the hands of young kids.
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>> reportele of flavored pet tobacco products. the so-called cold generation is growing. purchasing vaping devices for them. they give their supplies to students.
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we are trying to find solutions. >> reporter: marin's health officer says tobacco uses tasty flavors to attract young people, and they become as addicted to nicotine as any other smoker. >> they want to hook you when you are 13, and when you are 13, you're more susceptible to making decisions in the moment. it is not going to change. >> reporter: councilmembers were conflicted, here from health advocates and former smokers who insist e-cigarettes improved their health. >> i don't not craving a cigarette every five minutes like i was before, and i particularly like the black flavored salt.
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>> reporter: 90% of youth who vape get their supplies online, not from a local store, and for that reason some of the councilmembers wonder what effect this ban will have. dill, they seem inclined to enact something, most likely to be sold only at stores that do court for age 21, and no new stores going forward. reporting live in san rafael, debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. a student discovered threatening graffiti today in the girls bathroom at diablo vista middle school in danville. a red, "shooting tomorrow, my brother said. 5-21-19." there is no evidence to suggest the threat is credible, but danville police are going to ca we understand how disturbing some reports can be and respect that a number families may choose to keep their children at home from school tomorrow.
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christina rendon on tells us students stayed out of the class too with only 20% showing up for school. >> reporter: drivers in union city honking in solidarity. nearly 600 teachers and the moon unified school district are striking for better to pay and working conditions. >> a lot of people that work in this district are working more than just one job to make it, and they are commuting two to > raise over two raise plus a 3% bonus. raises more than 1% as possible if the district gets more state funding. talks stalled over the weekend. the next bargaining session can a teacher. >> reporter: shia is joining the picket lines. >> i have a couple friends, and
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if the end up with the grades that they left off with, they're probably going to get rescinded. i know some friends who could be rescinded from uc berkeley or irvine. >> we hope they will not go three weeks or till the end of the year. we are putting some plans in place to see how we are going to handle grades toward the end or graduations. >> reporter: the school district representative says 20% of students showed up to school today. those students participated in enrichment activities. >> one student texted me saying they are watching a movie. >> it's breaking my heart. it'shard. i don't think we've ever been in know that we continually support them, even when we are not in the classroom. >> reporter: teachers are grateful for the outpouring of support they are receiving including donations of food and
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water. some students spent the afternoon barbecuing for their teachers during the lunch hour. the district is aware that this strike and have some long-term impacts. they really helping to get teachers back in the classroom very soon. in union city, christina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. the marin county neighborhood who is called the american taliban is set to be released from federal prison in indiana the day. john walker lindh was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison for working with the tain the months following the sometime relevant attack. he accepted a plea deal in 2002 to avoid life in prison. now he's being paroold at the time oarea because the terms of his parole requdeo no raid on the san francisco home of a freelance news photographer over the leak of the police report on the death a public defender jeff adachi. brian carmen released this video of officers using a
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crowbar at a sledge hammer to break the lock on his security gate on may 10th. the video shows police did not give any warning that they were coming in. in a tweet, george gascon questions the use of the search warrant, absent evidence that the journalist broke any law. mayor london breed is also questioning the rate but she says she supports who finding out who leaked the document. police were called to rhode island street between 16th and 17th in a neighborhood at about 12:15 this afterno the building with a piece of metal resembling a knife, but as word spread someone apparently believed there was an active shooter inside the building and called 911. it turned out to be a false
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alarm. the building was searched and cleared by about 3:00 this afternoon. san mateo police arrested this man. they say he impersonated the police officer at two shopping centers over the weekend. investigators say 27-year-old allen of san mateo was carrying a fake gun and told people at the hillsdale mall he was an undercover officer. they say he left the mall and was later located at the laurelwood shopping center. police say grabbabeski was charged in 2010 with multiple counts of impersonating a police officer and other crimes. santa clara county has filed a lawsuit to reverse a decision that cut millions of dollars from the 49ers' annual retroactive refund of $36 million in reduced the team's annual taxes by $6 million. the board said taxes should be split 50/50 between the city and 49ers. the county assessor argues the team should pay 100%, and they want the revenue back to fund
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schools and other government agencies. the golden state warriors are now on their way to the nba finals for a fifth straight year after winning in overtime tonight to complete a sweep of the portland trail blazers. >> she's here now with what they are saying about tonight's big win. i assume they are fired up. >> reporter: well yes, they are thrilled. they say they could not have asked for a better game, another nailbiter to sweep the portland trail blazers. an overtime victory to clinch the western conference championship sent fans into a frenzy at the alameda theater watch party. they say the added drama at the last minute hearonly sweetens the sweep. >> it was the best game i've
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seen in a long time. shout out to the warriors. we got the sweet, sweet, sweet! >> all the way, all the way! >> the heart they have and the fight is amazing! >> amazing! they don't give up. they keep on fighting. >> reporter: the comfort of the theater and the chance to win warriors swag in a raffle attracted hundreds of fans. >> i like to call it a hidden gem. this is my hidden gem. >> and it was a gem of a game. i high-scoring, spectacular show. warriors fans say they are glad the series ended in 4 games. >> reporter: they say with both teams playing well in game four, the warriors' edge is the experience. >> their mentality, they are battle hardened, so they have been here. >> reporter: fans played warriors trivial during the breaks in the gametheir eyes we always on one price, a victory at the finals. >> i would love to see the warriors bring one home before they moved to san francisco. >> reporter: the warriors will get the much needed rest . the
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first game of the finals will be may 30th. the warriors will play in milwaukee or toronto. live in alameda, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. contests and perspective for future police officers. the unique class being taught to recruit in san jose that covers everything frhing to pulley shooting. the latest on the go shift where of trial, witnesses testified about the final text messages they received from loved ones on that fateful night. some reports of some showers and sprinkles north of the santa rosa area. showers headed our way tonight is in the morning hours. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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at the ghost ship warehouse trial testified today about heartbreaking final texts from their loved ones, as fire raged through. alexis abrams-bourke thought nicholas walrath was referring to a bonfire when he texted i love you, fire.
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another witness becoming emotional after saying her friend nicole sievers texted her there is a fire here. she thought her friend was talking about a bonfire. the defense attorney said the da wants jurors to have sympathy for the victims. >> the prosecutor want to bring them in because they want to build up the emotion involved because that is an advantage they have. >> reporter: >> also today from the ghost ship tenant, adam kennon who's a carpenter, testified he had the debt fans want to show neither max harris or derick almena work could responsible. a goal to help officers understand the current and social political climate, as ann rubin explains new officers are hitting the history books before they hit the streets.
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>> reporter: san jose's future police officers are getting a crash course in the past. this is the first of its kind class, one the police chief says was born out of necessity. >> it teaches a lot in economy, what they don't teach us and the academy is the negative things that american law enforcement is responsible for. we need to own up to that. >> reporter: in partnership with san jose state university come the chief devised a history class. they cover local topics like the 1933 lynching in st. james park and the batons and brutality and 1959 siesta delarosa. also coffers involved shooting for ferguson to fruitvale station. >> a lot of times when you see the shootings take place, that's the final straw in a situation thatmaking. >> reportthe idea, to give new recruits context before sending them out in the community. bethany torres says the class has been invaluable. >> present can be difficult to talk about or to listen to how
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others might perceive that, or the reason that others might have acted the way they did, but in the end it widens the picture. >> reporter: the classes taught by professor greg woods. he brings guest lecturers to give community perspective. he says he would love to see other police department follow shoe. >> it helps us to increase understanding and awareness of the very obstacles that have led to friction and a lack of trust. >> reporter: torres has she taken the lessons to heart and will use make sure that it does not happen again. >> reporter: there are about 46 recruits this spring. they will have the last class at san jose state this friday. in san jose, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. the former all-pro player on the 49ers is devastated that someone pulled out and
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snapped 2000 of his young cherry trees on his farm in brentwood. former 49ers center jerry newberry says you can imagine the effort it took to destroy $30,000 worth of cherry trees. he says he's heartbroken but he's also going to replant the trees and says he will install surveillance cameras to deter further vandalism. he says his farm is still open for sustenance to pick cherries. so far, no arrests have been made. newberry plate for the 49ers, raiders, and charges before retiring 10 years ago. we can storms displaced nearly 50 people in stockton when a roof gave way in an apartment complex. >> the whole roof fell in, and it almost smashed me. >> the section of roof collapsed at the met agreed apartment says the city was being counted with heavy rain and hail. 20 units were damaged. fortunately, no one was to seriously hurt, the residents said they were terrified. >> i was frantic. i was all over the place , scared, you know, trying to get
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stuff off the way and trying to grab and putting stuff in the garbage bag. >> some residents said they had previously complained about leaks in their ceilings during heavy rains. the city of stockton is investigating the condition of that building and the red cross is helping those displaced. powerful, destructive storms are hitting the nation's hard-line. tornadoes have been reported in oklahoma and texas. one tornado touched down in greer county, oklahoma. the national weather service gh the two states for the first time in 2 years. tracking some rain coming into northern california. it's been in the north part of the state pretty much all afternoon, and that it's starting to work its way south. it is this guy right here. it's this area, this energy pack that's going to come right down to the area, sort of right through the central valley
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basically, so we see some thunderstorm's already up in the reading area, and they continue. we could hear some thunder and see some lightning around here later on tomorrow morning late tonight and see showers get closer. it's pretty unstable, cool air, and you see the green showing up just north of the bay area now, and that slides in, but after midnight. santa rosa, i've had a few reports in occidental of a few showers. so this is all going to come down this way in the next few hours. it's low-grade stuff, but it's enough that it will wet the roads for morning commute, which causes nothing but problems. it is a live camera. i guess there is a cloud in front of it or something? there is a live model run showing showers for tomorrow morning. that is how it looks for most of us in san jose. on enough showers in the morning commute. most of the activity will be while you sleep tonight, and it's not big activity. it is 10th of an inch, a quarter of an inch tops, but 10th of an inch would be in the high end. so anytime, clears up pretty quick with the continued chance of scattered showers, so this is how it looks.
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you see tomorrow morning scattered showers. that is when it is at its height, and that it opens up into that, which is don't change your plans kind of weather, but the morning commute will be impacted. wednesday looks good, thursday looks good, friday looks good, saturday calls up a little bit. morning showers, not a big deal other than the morning commute, but amount we'll be light. then you get into the rest of the week and into the weekend, and things kind of quick and along. a little cooler for the weekend, julie. >> all right. feels like a long spring. >> it really does. it's not going away. >> thanks, fifth straight nba finals. mike ibanez with highlight him tonight exciting overtime win and postgame reaction from the players. >> you can show your warriors pride by sharing your congratulations. just go to ktvu on facebook at
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much describes it all, right? five straight times going to the finals. i mean this is boston celtics bill russell vented stuff. >> last season and oakland, could not have asked for a better scenario. >> it sure was not easy. years from now, you got they swept portland, no big deal, right? this thing was not a no sweat sweep. it took a lot of blood, sweat, and here to get it done. have you ever heard of meyers leonard? i think a lot of warriors fans were wondering who was that guy? 25 points, that is more points he scored in college or the pros. here come the warriors in the second half doing their thing. beautiful ball movement. draymond had 18 points, 14 rebounds, 11 assistss. he and staff, and fourth quarter, they drive from 17 down to tie it. yes 37 points, averaged 36.5 in
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the series. 1.53 left, down three, jump ball , thompson hits it to tie it. he was only 7 of 21 shooting, but that was the clutch shot that helped send it to overtime. you feel like they've been through it all, and they can handle it. still up one. green with 1.3 on the shot clock. steph finds him. that is not his thing, the three, but then he bangs at home in the clutch, and the warriors go up four. damian lillard hit a layup. last chance now, portland has the ball, final tick in the clock, and damian lillard can't quite hit it. steph curry, what an incredible series, as he says better luck next time to brother seth. that is a heart wrenching scene with your brother, and the warriors take it 119-117. here's steph afterwards. >> you know, five straight finals, the historic nature
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what that is? kind of crazy to think about. i want to enjoy it. we know whoever wins wins the championship, so we got a stay locked and pick >> like the best basketball of career. now they have nine, 10 days up before they face either milwaukee or toronto. giants taking it over there in oracle. the other oracle. you get the idea that she really did not want to dress up like game of thrones? game of thrones. first page of the game by andrew suarez. two homers braves to wigiant highlight. pablo sandoval, the big man can move! he was plgreat ball yesterday in arizona. beautiful. cleveland a little brisk by the lake today, but there are a's
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fans there, and they like what they saw, becoming with him at the second. he started to pick it up at the back. a's lead 1-0. 21 shot. his 11th. 6-4, a's in ohio to start a series with the indians. in case you missed it over the weekend, the big pga championship, this is a weird o >> are they and he brushed her off right an seconds? thanks for joining us, good night. alright boys, time for bed.
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