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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  May 21, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my hometown. that is downtown philadelphia, pennsylvania, with the music of elton john serenading my hometown ♪ [ music playing ] aying ] ♪ looks beautiful this morning with elton john featured in the new movie rocket man which will be in theaters this weekend. it looks like a beautiful day there and it looks okay here, as well. >> your old hometown. >> my old hometown! well, good morning. i am gasia mikaelian in for pam cook who has another day off. >> and i am dave clark.
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good to see you, gasia. >> did you see any rain today? >> no, but the roads were wet! >> steve, will it continue? well, it started overnight and it continues. good morning, gasia. >> good morning. >> cool, unseasonably cool. temperatures are well below average with off and on rain. sfo is seeing gusts to 31. livermore up to 24. has been moon bay northwest at 28 miles per hour. we are seeing the temperatures continue to be really cool, i mean way below average for this time of year. livermore should be closer to 80. 65 was is high temperature. that is what we are looking at as far as temperatures go. we are looking for a little rain toward mendocino county and morin county with isolated cells. no big deal but some of them continue to pick up in intensity. a mostly cloudy day and occasional rain, maybe briefly heavy. then also in the mountains it
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is still snowing. everything coming down out of the northwest and temperatures 40s and 50s on the temps. east bay temps, as well, quite cool, upper 40s. black hawk is 49 degrees. when you get this kind of a pattern temperatures are hard- pressed to warm up. they will a little bit on wednesday and thursday but another low is dropping in on the weekend. more on that in a bit. but right now it is 6:02 and sal is here looking at the screen, he will tell you -- we have bad news. >> oh, no! >> yes. check this out. westbound 80 right here. almost all lanes blocked here westbound 80 at gilman street, just past university. look a few cars are getting by and the traffic is a mess. this is a game-changer. this is a game-changer for you if you drive from vallejo. the time is going up by the
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moment. i started showing you this. it said 48 minutes. now we are at 53. so this is a big problem. one of our crews driving town fairfield saw and told me the back up stretches for miles and miles. we are in trouble, folks, if this is your commute from vallejo to the macarthur maze. these give yourself pliant of extra time. it will take a while. a crash as well west 80 at mcbride and a crash at the back up. let me show you the freeway here. you can see the traffic here will be slow all the way down to the area. give yourself plenty of extra time for this crash. again, right there at university avenue. the bay bridge, you can see that traffic is getting a little lighter. people aren't getting through. 880 looks okay in oakland. 6:03. back to the desk. sal, we are following breaking news in fairfield right now. police are on the scene of an officer-involved shooting that happened earlier this morning
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near clay bank road and horace porizon drive. police have not said why they opened fire but the victim was hurt. no officers were hurt. we have a ktvu crew heading to the scene now and we will bring you more within the hour. this is the second day for hundreds of teachers to picket outside of schools in union city and south hayward demanding better working conditions and more pay. ktvu's elissa harrington is live and most students are not expected to cross the picket lines again today, are they? >> reporter: that is right. there was very low attendance yesterday at all 12 schools. teachers expected to be back on the picket lines at 7:00 a.m. also happening this morning there will be a news conference then a rally at 11:30 at old he will have a rad doe park. around 600 educators are taking part in the strike with the new haven teacher's showings,
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effecting 12 schools. teachers want higher pay. they want a raise of 10% over two years but the district cannot afford it and is offering a the 1% raise and a one time 3% bonus. the next bargaining session could come as early as tomorrow. live in union city, elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. san francisco supervisors moving ahead with a controversy
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plan to force the medical treatment from homeless people that suffer from addiction. but the committee does not support the legislation and voted to send it to the full board anyway. now the supervisors are scheduled to vote on the measure june 4. the san francisco mayor london breed is encouraging supervisors to pass the legislation. homeless advocates are opposing it saying more voluntary services are what is needed. uber is fighting back against sfo's plan to divert ride sharing from the loading zone to the garage, saying the move would help ease congestion. uber emailed 45,000 drivers asking them to sign a petition urging the airport to continue allowing curbside pickups for ride share cars. the time is 6:06. officials in danville warning residents about interruptions
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to electrical service today. pg&e customers around the san ramon valley boulevard between green brook and ridgeland drives will be effected. the work will interrupt service between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. and also between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. the san jose sharks are fighting to stay in the nhl play-offs as they play the blues in st. louis tonight. the blues lead the series three games to two after sunday's rough 5-0 loss at the shark tank. . the sharks have not updated their playing status for tonight. but they are hosting their official watch party for fans at the sap center calling on supporters to fill the tank for the important and pivotal game 6. tickets are $5 and all the
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money raised will go to the shark's foundation and parking in the abc lot is free and gates will open at 5:00 p.m. the golden state warriors are heading back to their sixth straight nba finals after sweeping the portland trailblazers. now all eyes are on the eastern conference finals at toronto and milwaukee play their game four tonight. stephen curry led the way tonight. clay thompson tied the game late in the 4th quarter. damian lillard had a chance to win the game but the ball bounced out and draymond green nailed a plus-shot. shot. the warriors win 119-117. curry and green became the
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first players in nba play-off history to have a triple and a double in the same game. >> they was getting everything they wanted and everyone else was. we knew if we wanted a chance to win the game we needed to make a stand defensively and that is what championship basketball is about. you may not be able to do it for 48 minutes but if you can lock in the most when it matters we can live with those results. we gave ourself as chance and we were able to play it out. >> we have been through a lot of different experiences and the championship mentality showed down the stretch tonight. just finding a way to get it done in advance. >> the warriors now have nine days off before beginning the nba finals on may 30. they will either play the toronto raptors or the milwaukee bucks. >> it was an incredible game and night. >> i am glad you stayed up to watch it. >> i did. i had to! >> good! still ahead, a possible audit for the alameda schiff's department and why some are
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calling for major changes in the sheriff's department. and the nfl could be changing a position on players using marijuana and the changes it could be making for the sake of the players' health. and major delays on 80 westbound because of a crash in berkeley right in the middle of the freeway. very few lanes getting by and we are in trouble with this commute. we will tell you all the delays coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 6:12. democrats are moving toward the impeachment hearings of the president and now more from doug luzader in washington and the legal standoff between congress and the white house. good morning, doug. >> reporter: good morning. congress pushing forward on the informations and the white house is pushing back. at a rally last night in pennsylvania president trump whipped up an already enthusiastic crowd, railing against democrats in congress pushing one investigation after another >> it is all a game. it is not like they didn't know. they knew there was no collusion. they are smart people. everyone from schiff to gnat letter to schumer to nancy pelosi, they all knew there was no collusion >> reporter: but there could come to a head today on capitol hill when former white house council don mcgahn is expected
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to refuse to show up for a house judiciary hearing to talk about allegations that the president obstructed justice and some democrats are getting closer to talking about impeachment. house speaker nancy pelosi has been trying to rein in those within her party pushing to remove the president but it is getting harder to contain them. >> this is part of a broad effort by the trump administration to defy congressional investigations on every front and that is enormously frustrating to the house democratic chairman and it fuels the desire by some
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house democrats to move forward with impeachment >> reporter: even impeachment, though, of course, falls far short of removal from office which would require a buy-in from the senate that just isn't there right now. back to you. >> doug, thank you. 6:15. republican and democratic senators say they reached an agreement on aid for puerto rico. the initial senate gop bill included $600 million in food stamp aid but democrats argued that fell short. they want to add a requirement for the department of housing and urban development to release federal grants and other money to help puerto rico repair damaged water systems. lawmakers are hoping to get a vote on the disaster relief package before the up coming memorial day weekend. the time is 6:15. democratic state lawmakers debating how many undocumented immigrants should qualify for
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subsidized health care under california's medical program. hundreds of immigration activists demonstrated at the state capitol calling on medical coverage for all immigrants. governor gavin newsom proposed letting undocumented immigrants under 26 to enroll in medical however some democratic lawmakers say low income people of all ages should be eligible regardless of their immigration status. the nfl is considering using marijuana to treat players in main. the league and the nfl players announce they are creating a committee to research mental health and pain management. part of the announcement includes research into alternative therapy including marijuana. all teams would have access to the same treatment, including the state where is medical marijuana has not been authorized for medical marijuana purposes. sal, you have been talking about a major traffic problem from the vallejo to macarthur
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maze? >> that is right. and there soot one approaching the caldecott. i guess the wet roads have not helped the commute at all. berkeley westbound 80 and university there is a crash blocking several of the lanes. some cars are getting by and some of the people on the on- ramp are getting through and some people in the far fast lane are getting by herebound 80. you can see some people are getting on the freeway but most of it will be slow. i want to show you some video of one of our crews driving past the scene. this is just -- most of the commute is blocked by a bunch of emergency vehicles. you can see how slow it is and the back up is growing and growing. we can't show you all of it, obviously, but here it is one more time. you can see most of the lanes are blocked. let's go back to the live picture i have up on the screen. you can see some of the fire trucks are beginning to move to the side which is a hopeful sign, but it is going to be a tough commute. we are talking about at least an hour to drive from vallejo
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to perk leigh. let's talk about the bay bridge. it is stuck. people aren't getting through. highway 24, there was a crash blocking all the lanes near the tunnel from morin da up the hill there and traffic is becoming very, very slow. i have a feeling this has to do with the wet roads and people driving too fast for the conditions. please give yourself extra time this morning. steve? tahoe and truckee reporting lights snow. incline is 27.
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truckee is 32, south lake tahoe is 34. and speaking of cool temperatures, these are the highs yesterday, all below average for this time of year. livermore 65. they should be closer to 80 degrees. 65 in livermore for the third week in may is unheard of just about. we have had lain here. not much but a little. le. there is more on the way and also the breeze has picked up. half moon bay gusts to 24. speaking of, the beautiful livermore valley and west at hayward and west at sfo with gusts at 31 miles per hour. moving into mendocino county and lake county. occasional hit and miss showers near bodega bay and morin county where they kind of fall apart. and a little line there at the san mateyo coast to the st. clairsville and santa cruz mountains. everything is coming down out
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of the northwest. 50s on the temperatures and upper 40s. it has been a cool, cool pattern here and there is no change in that today. if you are going to the mountain look at this, they are paying pretty heavy tolls for the weekend. even around here we will get rain saturday night to sunday. 60s on the temps. unseasonably cool weather continues. there will be a little rebound wednesday and thursday. don't expect sunshine and warm temperatures for the weekend, gasia. it looks like more rain. the rain steve has been reporting on has had a big impact on growers. we will explore the damage some strawberry farmers are seeing because of the may rain. also the company now using self-driving trucks as a way
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new this morning, an option not to do anything until 2021 to give the state and federal governments time to update laws. if nothing is done by 2021 all flavored tobacco sales will be outlawed. many wonder how much good can it come from changing local law? 90% of young people they say get their supplies online, while others say their parents or older family members buy flavored cigarettes for them. a two week pilot program will be test driving self driving trucks for a trip of
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more than 1,000-miles. during the pilot program a team of safety drivers and engineers will ride along and the self driving technology will only be used on highways. the 22 hour trip usually requires a two-driver team to comply with federal regulations limiting drivers' hours behind the wheel. dress barn is closing all of its 650 stores. it has been a difficult year for many retailers with more store closings announced than all of last year. they are owned by parent company new jersey, one that also owns ann taylor, loft, lane bryant and justice stores. the company has not announced an exact timeline for the closing. there are eight dress barn locations in the bay area. well, "game of thrones" brought in 19 million people watching and streaming the final episode, 1 million more views than last week's episode. the previous hbo series finale
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with the most viewers was the sopranos with 11.9 million viewers. still, the final episode is nothing compared to series finales in the '80s and '90s. the 1983 series finale of mash is still king with more than 105 million viewers. cheers wrapped up with 84 million viewers in 993. 76 million televisions were tuned to watch the final episode of seinfeld in 1998. jeopardy champion james hole tower is continuing his winning streak, winning his 23rd consecutive game last night. he is a professional gambler and the game show took a two week break for a teacher's tournament. nowies total wins is $1.8 million, however he is in second place for all-time winnings. ken jennings took away $2.5 million several years ago. we continue to follow breaking news in solano county.
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there has been an officer- involved shootings. in a moment we will have the latest information from fairfield for you on this breaking news. also, a look at the big decision in the south bay as two restaurants are being forced out of the san jose airport. the big vote coming up. and let's take you outside with a beautiful picture of what is happening on discovery bay. clouds outside but the sun is peeking through. let's have a great tuesday morning together here on mornings on 2. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪
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♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present.
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good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2. i am gasia mikaelian in for pam cook who has the morning off. >> and i am dave clark. >> well, we are looking at the strawberry harvest. usually it starts in late march and runs into october, but with all the rain we have been having it is damaging the
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berries on the vine and the mildew thus spreads to other berries. farmers say there are fewer berries right now but the season in general should not suffer. i hope it won't. >> and we are talking about going cherry picking in brentwood. >> yes. my strawberries, same thing -- >> your backyard strawberries? >> i don't have very many but i noticed it yesterday. >> the moldy mildew? >> yes. and it spreads. you have to get rid of them fast. well, we have rain out there again. light rain while at a standstill, sal, on highway 24. we have two of those. i see that. >> yes, sir. >> doesn't look good. >> yes. 24 and 80 also. and renton in 24 not much. more toward the caldecott. there is light rain picking up out of the northwest making it on the peninsula now moving
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into morin county as well as to the north. i will show you that in a second. snow on 50 and 80. a winter weather advisory goes until 8:00 tonight. these were the high temperatures yesterday. on the right is where they should be. all or below normal. 65 in livermore when it should be close to 80 is almost unheard of. gusts about 25 to 30 miles per hour. half moon bay and sfo, also out to livermore and mendocino and lake county, pretty good cell there is moving through. as well. quite an active pattern. not too much in morin county but it is picking up slightly now. that is why everything will be moving through. mainly a light event. 40s and 50s on the temps. we will see temperatures held in check again today. 60s on the highs. another cool day for us. 80, first, sal? that is right. 80 at university they are clearing an accident, westbound 85 right near university. some of the weather is coming
6:33 am
in. you can see there is still only a little bit of traffic. i went back a little too far here, but still only a little bit of traffic getting through here. it does look like these areas are blocked. traffic is backed up for more than an hour driving from the carquinez bridge to this spot. when you get to the bay bridge, people aren't getting through. it is very light. if you are going to the bay bridge right now it is light.  i will tell you, another reason it is light, there is a problem on highway 24 near wilder road near the old gateway exit. several lanes blocked there. and steve's friend who texted him that picture, who tweeted him that picture, this back up is backed up all the way out to lafayette. look at this. here is the picture that steve just put up. i made it just a little bigger. this is what you are dealing with up to the tunnel. let's talk about the south bay commute. that is a little more routine thank goodness. 280 and 85 getting a little slow. there is downtown san jose. not everywhere is bad but give
6:34 am
yourself extra time. as steve and i have been telling you, the rain is a factor. back to dave. we just received new details about this morning's breaking news in fairfield. police say they opened fire on a burglary suspect who they say refused to obey their commands. it happened after 2:00 this morning at a business on horizon drive. the suspect was rushed to a trauma center in critical condition. no police officers were hurt in the incident. ktvu's sara zendehnam is just arriving at the scene now. we will go to her live when sara is able to talk to the police. the oakland city council is set to vote tonight on a resolution in support of auditing the alameda county sheriff's department. 29 women have filed lawsuits against the sheriff's office for civil and human rights violations over the past five years. before the council meeting there will be a rally by immigration, housing and criminal justice reform advocates who support the audit. the sheriff denies mistreatment and says he runs quote the best
6:35 am
big jail in the nation. testimony resumes today in oakland's ghost ship warehouse trial. heartbreaking final texts sent by the fire victims to their loved ones were read allowed in court to the jury. one woman told the jury she thought her boyfriend was referring to a bonfire when he texted i love you. fire. another witness became emotional while testifying that her friend texted her there is a fire here. she said she also thought her friend was talking about a bond fire. the defense lawyer says the d.a. is drawing on new motions and the sympathy for the victims. >> the prosecution wants to bring them in because they want to build up the emotion involved because that is an advantage they have >> a former wire wire tenant testified he had no issues with the stairs inside the warehouse. the defense wants to show the
6:36 am
jury that the defendants derick almena and max harris are responsible for the conditions at the warehouse fire before the deadly fire. ktvu's crime reporter henry lee will be back in the courtroom. he has been there everyday of the trial. he is posting information on social media. he will have reports in our later newscast. don't forget, you can go to to read a daily blog of the ghost ship warehouse trial. a vote today could force two san jose restaurants out of the san jose international airport. city leaders are set to vote on new concession contracts at the airport. they do not include two local favorites. the san jose joe's and the brit. they are both staples in the community that will likely no longer have a presence at the airport. >> we are already disappointed. the brit is very upset. they have been in town since 1988. >> reporter: an airport spokesperson says travelers are looking for a mix of international and local flavors. the airport is recommending 14
6:37 am
new offerings with more than half of them having local ties. our time is 6:36. pro-choice and women's rights organizations are holding rallies around the country for reproductive rights. several events will be held here in the bay area including one on the steps of san francisco city hall. the supervisor will be joining representatives from planned parenthood northern california, the california democratic party women's caucus and other groups at the rally at noon today. there will be a special announcement. and in oakland the noon rally will be held right in front of the grand lake theater. that protest will be hosted by the grass roots political organization indivisible east bay and the public policy advocacy group, move on. the stop the bands movement comes on the heels of several states passing very strong law on abortion. another bay area parent is scheduled to enter a guilty plea in the college admissions scandal. the owner of contes is a wines
6:38 am
is accused of paying $300,000 to have his daughter's s.a.t. scores improved and recruit for the the usc water polo team. well, a 3-year-old gelding named spectacular music suffered a pelvic injury while running his first career race. his death is being investigated by the state horse racing board. the race track was closed to racing for most of march while authorities invested the racing circuit for possible causes contributing to the death of the horses. the races resumed after the racing board approved several horse safety measures.
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a young sealion was rescued at a san diego hotel. he was spotted hiding under the sign. police think he waddled over from the beach across the road. at first offered attempted to move the pup back to safety himself but he refused to budge so they called the humane society for help and he was taken to seaworld where he was treated for dehydration and malnutrition. take a look at this bobcat mother and her two young cubs captured last week and released over the weekend. the mother bobcat is moving her kittens to a new den within the west creek regional park. three handwritten wills discovered at the estate of aretha franklin. what this could mean to the future of her assets, next. and dangerous weather after a dozen reported tornados in the united states. and millions are still at risk
6:40 am
today from severe weather in the midwest. and there is a huge problem in berkeley on highway 24. that means that several lanes are blocked. if you are going to the bay bridge it is light. if you are approaching from 880 you may want to do that right now before everyone gets there. we will tell you what is happening coming up. and our active pattern continues. another mostly cloudy day with some off and on rain. nothing too heavy but there is plenty going through already.
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new this morning, police in new zealand have filed a terrorism law against the shooter in the mosque attacks. he is facing 51 murder charges after another of the shooting victims died recently. and top officials in the trump administration heading to capitol hill. they will go behind closed- doors to brief the house and senate on tensions in the persian gulf. area of low pressures want to know the reason for the escalating rhetoric against
6:44 am
iran. >> i believe that if, in fact, this administration attempts to go to war with iran, they need to come to congress, they need to debate the pros and cons, costs and consequences and congress should either authorize or not authorize the use of force against iran. >> the president is sending secretary of state mike pompeo and acting secretary patrick shanahan to meet today with lawmakers. and shoe canes, nicky, addidas and under armour are more than 170 shoe companies that send an open later to president trump yesterday saying the new tariffs would be catastrophic to their business.
6:45 am
president trump addressed companies with business interests overseas. >> if anyone doesn't want to pay the tariffs has a simple solution, build your products in america >> the trump administration is expected to discuss the proposed increase in tariffs with china next month. the shoemakers warn the higher costs from sheriffs will likely be passed on to customers. people in the midwest are worried severe weather is heading their way tomorrow and the rest of this week. oklahoma could see flash flooding across the state today. since saturday more than 65 tornadoes have been reported in five states and funnel clouds like these touched down in texas, oklahoma, arkansas, missouri and kansas >> i was in the living room reading a book and then i could hear it go crazy outside. when i looked out the window i saw my carport getting blown
6:46 am
away. >> luckily the impact of the storm has been less than forecasters predicted. classes are actually back to session in oklahoma city and tulsa after they were closed yesterday. in texas crews are cleaning you want after the latest round of storms. powerful rnadoes touched down near lubbock texas and around the texas panhandle. it took hours to get the power back on in neighborhoods. crews are busy clearing away downed trees and there is no word yet of serious injuries. 6:46. president trump is approving a major disaster declaration for californians effected by flooding from this year's winter storms. the move makes federal funds available to supplement state and local recovery efforts in areas effected by flooding, landslides and mud slides from february and march. the areas include amador, butte, morin and napa counties. the time is 6:46. happening today the walnut creek city council will talk about more bike sharing and
6:47 am
electric scooter options in walnut creek. in january they approved a plan for up to two bicycle or scooter operators as part of a pilot program. line bikes operated the program which walnut creek city staff say were getting positive feedback in a recent survey but line has not renewed its agreement with walnut creek so the city hopes to pair up with one or two other operations. and a new bill in the state legislature would require registration of electric scooter rentals. it is now a step closer to passing. yesterday the state assembly passed legislature requiring scooter companies like bird or spin to get permits from cities. it also requires the companies to agree to rules for parking, maintenance and safety. the bill now goes to the state senate. a new study finds that many children are not wearing bicycle helmets. according to researchers 18% of children never wear helmets when they are on a bike. the survey also found older children were less likely to wear a helmet than younger
6:48 am
children were. in 2015 alone more than 426,000 children went to an emergency room with injuries after failing to wear a helmet. children 17 years old and under must legally wear a helmet in california. it may soon be a crime in new york state to text while you walk across a street. that bill was first introduced last year but it has been gaining support. if it is passed the law would let the police hand out a ticket between $25 and $50 for a first of the being caught using a cell phone while walking across the street. a state-wide ban in new york state would include texting, checking emails and browsing the internet with egyptians of an emergency. a new york company is offering a way to get out of traffic on the way to sfo or oakland international arrangement. the company called blade has been up and flying in new york. it is offering a morning flight that leaves oakland, passes through palo alto and then sfo.
6:49 am
it is $195 a person and designed for people trying to get to the airport easily. if you had a helicopter you would likely take it from san pablo to the macarthur maze, because 80 is a mess today. >> you are not kidding. sal, take it from there. you have a lot going on. oh, yes, i through in helicopters for ten years of my career. well, let's look at 80 here. the crash is on the side there. you see it there? they are moving it as we speak. the damage is done. it is an hour and ten minute drive from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. that will really be a long, long drive. it is backed up pretty much all the way through. that is not the only thing. look at the bay bridge. people aren't getting through because highway 24 has a crash
6:50 am
that is clearing from right near where the tunnel comes up. the traffic is backed up all the way out to walnut creek. that is because there was an injury accident there, as well. look at highway 24 here through lafayette. it is going to be slow. very, v. slow. this is stop and go. it will take you a long time. you may want to think about taking bart instead. this is a picture we have tweeted to steve a little while ago. this is what you are dealing with. let's take a look at the south bay commute and the rest of the commute. not as bad. you can see the san mateyo bridge is moderate. so is the dumbarton bridge and the south bay commute is beginning to fill in at 6:50, let's bring steve? >> thank you, sal. >> you are welcome. we will get to rain totals. we have a couple little editions here. more hit and miss and a sign of things to come for another round.
6:51 am
jim? sausalito saying... sausalito saying... the full moon was on the 18th. so our next one won't be until june 17. some of the rainfall here from observer raymond, by the way, .37. mill valley, vallejo hasn't changed. napa .21. san francisco officially .10. san jose .08 and oakland .06. the cool, cool temperatures here. do you get the feeling this will last? do you get the feeling? i do. i do. not this cool, but, sometimes you can just feel it in the air. you can feel when it is hot and you can feel when it is cool. these are really well below average for this time of year. nothing too heavy going through but there are lines that can produce brief moderate rain. kind of picking up from the morin coast to the peninsula and south bay. even in the mountains there are chain controls on 80 from donner lake to nyack and light snow down to the 5,000-foot
6:52 am
level west of oakland and 16. west of concord, west of fairfield, napa and novato. liver more west 18 to 24 miles per hour. parts of lake county, right there, some of the bans moving through. they seam to weaken as they move east a little bit. from morin county not much to picking up a little bit. a few isolated showers in fairfax to mount tan. some from saratoga. 50s on the temps. upper 40s to low 50s. napa 47. low 50s along the russian river. tiburon, all around 50 or a 51. that is cool. ukiah, arcadia, redding, sacramento, bakersfield, santa barbara all in the lower to mid 50s at best.
6:53 am
if this is an unseasonably cool pattern, i don't see much change. we will see a little jump in the temperatures wednesday and thursday but another low is dropping in on the weekend that will backtrack. it may have a little trajectory over water. watch what happens in the mountains. redding over an inch 06 rain, fresno an inch-plus and here a quarter to a third of an inch. no big time changes any time soon. the trend is your friend and the pattern seemed to stick. i think this one is sticking for a while although the next few days look good. i think we will see more rain on the weekend. dave? the time is 6:53. what about the warriors. they did it again, sweeping the portland trailblazers and they are headed back to nba finals. we will show you more of the warrior's big win last night. and first, cracking down on the illegal use of disabled
6:54 am
parking permits. what is happening now in the south bay to make sure the parking placards are being used properly. and right now, let's take you outside. these are live pictures from beautiful pacifica. that is the way you wake up! you are watching mornings on 2 on ktvu fox 2 news. .
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welcome back, the former star of the tv show the bachelor will be sentenced today on a charge stemming from a deadly crash in iowa, he was first charged with a felony for leaving the scene of the crash in april, 2017. he was driving a pickup truck that crashed into the back of a tractor, killing the driver. he pleaded guilty last year to the reduced charge of leaving the scene of a personal injury accident, that is an aggravated misdemeanor. he could get up to 2 years in prison. a hearing is set for next month about the discovery of several handwritten wills found inside the home in michigan of aretha franklin. a lawyer says the latest is about 5 years old, it appears to give her assets to family members, although some of it is hard to read.
6:58 am
the lawyer says he is not sure whether these are legal. the parents of a young man from concord who died in a skiing accident won a court case that lets them use his frozen sperm to produce a child. a supreme court judge ruled that the parents of the west point cadet can attempt conception with a surrogate mother. his parents hadn't decided if they will try to do that. he died in february. think again, if you have been driving and using an illegal disabled parking ticket, the officers were out, they are at the san jose university campus looking for people illegally using those disabled parking placards. the number of citations giving
6:59 am
out stays wide has gone up steadily.>> we feel badly, but the reality is, i feel worse for the person who can't park there because there spot is taken. >> we have more officers out in the field, paying attention to these types of violation.>> in san jose, the fine is $450. police in san jose say the recruits are getting a first of its kind class in training to help them understand the current social and political climate. it is a history class, covering local topics like the 1933 pledging and the officer involved shootings from ferguson to the bart station shootings.
7:00 am
it is giving police contacts before they are sent out in the community. >> this class helps us save lives, it helps us increase understanding and awareness of the very obstacles that leads to friction and the lack of trust. >> there are 46 officer recruits, the last class in san jose state is this coming friday. breaking news from fairfield, there has been an officer involved shooting this morning, one person has been shot and injured. we are at the scene with new information from police about what happened. plus, hundreds of east bay teachers are back on picket lines this morning, we are outside the elementary school, we will tell you what the teachers are asking for and what is in store for today.>> from ktvu fox 2 news , this is mornings on 2. >> it is a busy morning, thank you for being with us, tuesday, may 21. we are going straight


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