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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  May 22, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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early for pam cook. >> i'm david daniel. dave clark. a little warmer today. there will be a breeze and if you thought yesterday was cool, it was unseasonably cool. i have to believe the 62 in livermore yesterday might be a record low maximum temperature because the average high is 79. i'll have to look into it but san francisco was below. san jose 62, also below. the airport was the only one that was close. it ticked down a little bit or tricked down. 54 to 57. supposedly i have been told the half moon bay buoy will be fixed. i have that on high that they are working on it. i'll believe it when i see it. northwest-northwest west, a gust to 25.
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northwest san jose, the lowest diving into central and southern california so we're on the drier northern side of it. i don't think there is much left shower activity except the santa cruz coast. that is just a teeny bit hanging on, but that is even working its way southward. upper 40s, low 50s around black hawk and concord. 52 sanford dublin. also that is chilly here, but we'll rebound today with 70s in the inland temperatures, but another low on the weekend. 60s, 70s on your temperatures. 6:01. so far, so good? >> better than it was yesterday. that is for sure steve. we have some issues out there, but in general the commute is better. let's start with the east shore freeway and show you what it is like for the drivers on the east shore yesterday, it took almost an hour. we have a big crash. that definitely is a lot better than it was.
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this is a lack now at the bay bridge. it is backed up for 10 to 15 minutes wait. southbound 680 a couple of issues near pleasant hill road and traffic is backing up out of concord and highway 4 slow there. as we go southbound 880, a motorcycle crash there. this is unusual so if you get on the freeway here in fremont, you'll notice they are after stevenson here there is a crash. 6:02. back to the desk. >> we follow developing news about the fbi and san francisco investigation under way in the city's outer mission district. aly rasmus live there. people are investigating after the discovery of dismembered human remains. >> reporter: yes. that gruesome discovery was made in this home here at 100
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block of del monte street in san francisco. the crime tape still out and the vehicle on guard making sure no one enters the home where all this was found. they were investigating a report of a is ming person, 73- year-old benedict ching. inside they found dismembered human remains. we don't know if those are of mr. ching. the coroner's office will have to confirm that. a cause of death has not been determined yet, but when investigators went inside they discovered a disturbing scene. the circumstances were suspicious obviously and that is when a criminal investigation began. we learned the fbi is assessing with that investigation. anyone who may have seen anything or knows anything about this case should contact san francisco police because the investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been made. live in san francisco, aly
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rasmus, ktvu fox news. time is 6:03. san francisco police chief defending the police raid on the home of freelance journalist brian carmadi and he is accused of a lot more than selling a confidential report. >> he was and continues to be viewed by investigators as a possible co-conspirator in this theft rather than a passive recipient of a stolen document. police confiscated cameras, cell phones and computers in that raid on his homer lower this month. the case has raised questions about whether the police violated california's law that shields journalists from revealing their sources. david levine says the police would have to have hard evidence of another crime for that law to be invalid. even sted you came to an agreement with somebody in advance to say you go take that, you bring it to me. i will disseminate it. if i get money, i will share the money with you. that is illegal. you can't con spire to create a
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crime and then hide behind a privilege. the first amendment coalition wants a search warrant documents released to the public. san francisco police will release the equipment and he is expected to get it back today. defense attorneys in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial, she testified she found no arson by molotov cocktail or any other accelerant that could have parked that house in 2016. that contradicts what was said. they were never able to determine the exact cause of the fire. they say that uncertainty bolsters their case. this is the first prosecution in the history of america where people are being prosecuted for a fire and they didn't find the cause of it. he told jurors the cause was likely due to an electrical failure but he called his testimony a "useless witness
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for the government." henry lee will be back in the courtroom today as he has been everyday of this trial. he is posting information on social media and he has live reports starting in the later newscasts. you can also go to to read the daily blog of the ghost ship warehouse fire trial. an attorney rejected the claim by a woman who was dragged by a muni train according to the san francisco examiner. choi lee says she was getting on the train when the door closed on her hand. she was dragged down the platform and slipped under the train. harlem globetrotter claims say she suffered broken ribs, pelvis and vertebrae. the claim against the city, that is the first step towards filing a lawsuit. today and tomorrow, the review of engineers in new york city will meet to decide whether san francisco's trans bay transit center can reopen.
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the $2.1 billion transit center has been closed since september 25th after cracks were found in two steel beams six weeks after it opened. repairs are now completed but the center can't reopen until that review panel says there are no further areas of concern. sanoma county regional parks will mow longer allow alcohol at wo beaches, they have been added to a list of beaches that now prohibit alcohol. park officials say it is part of an effort to reduce negative impacts on neighborhoods surrounding county beaches. the alcohol ban is in place everyday from memorial day weekend through labor day. >> 6:07. teachers in union city and south hayward will be back on picket lines for day three of the strike. only 15% of the students showed up at school yesterday and school administrators and substitutes are in the classrooms for those who do show up. but they are saying the students are basically watching
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movies and really not doing much class work. the times reports each side is waiting for the other side to schedule a new bargaining session. only 1s6 school days are left before the summer break. meantime a rally is planned today by 2500 teachers, students and their supporters in sacramento. in support of education. they are going to march around and through the state capitol building. they want lawmakers to increase funding to allow for smaller class sizes and more counselors. also they want lawmakers to take a new look at how charter squalls are spending taxpayer money. the san jose sharks' season is over after a 5-1 loss to the blues in st. louis. they scored their first goal 92 seconds into the gulf and scored again before the end of the first period and that is all they needed. they took a long pass from
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yoenis to get his first career goal for san jose and the sharks' only one for the night. head coach says his biggest disappointment is being eliminated from the playoffs after all the work the team put in and it won't be rewarded. >> the number of times they were written tor dead and buried and the times they got off the mat and you know and the things guys played through and you know that is the disappointment part for me. sharks flew home last night and will clean out lockers today. the stanley cup finals between the blues and boston bruins starts on monday night. >> hundreds of sharks' fans who watched the game obviously were disappointed. sad but i mine they gave it their best and that is all they can really do. >> always a bridesmaid, never a bride. we'll see what happens next year.
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that is right. well, the fans will have a lot to consider during the offseason. right now, it is not clear which players are coming back. eric carlson, mire and thornton who will turn 40 this summer, all over them are free agents now. >> another incredible season. >> yes. >> the hot housing market could be slowing a bit. the construction trend in southern california that might indicate a cooldown. also the 49ers's top draft pick stuck on the sidelines. the latest on the injury scare for nick bosa. >> much better commute today on the east bay commute, westbound 24. looks pretty good through lafayette on the way to a rin da. it will be better today with the breeze. the rain is moving out for now. we'll have more sunshine and what about the temperatures? we'll take a look.
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rodney: when i think about what makes quality public education, i think about the important people in students' lives that's beyond the classroom. marisa: the needs that students have for emotional counseling are not being met. rosanne: students need art and music. more creative kids tend to be better problem solvers. angelia: one of the things that we're out there marching for is more counselors and more nurses. roxana: when we have those resources and that support, we're able to give students the education that they need. rodney: because we know quality public schools... roxana: make a better california... marisa: for all of us.
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%fo %fo oh, my god. >> what else can you say? a sheriff's deputy in texas in the hospital now after crashing into a train. look at this. you can see the deputy's car stopping, waiting for a into to go by. the problem is he didn't e see a second train coming in the opposite direction. that is the one that hit him. the deputy is expected to recover from his injuries. people in the central
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united states are bracing for more severe weather today. the storm prediction center is warning people from texas to the great lakes and particularly kansas and missouri. the airport is back open after being shut down for an hour last night because of a severe storm. some three dozen tornadoes have been reported in the plains since monday night. we're seeing some incredible storm rescues by first responders. you're almost out. you can do it. in tulsa, oklahoma firefighters pulled a man to safety after a large tree fell on his home. it took crews a couple hours to reach him. while they were working to free him, they talked to him to keep his spirits up. broken arrow, oklahoma after flood waters swept a driver off the road, the rushing water had him trapped for nearly five hours before someone heard his eyes for help. he was clinging to a fence
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post. in the end he was okay. >> 6:14. a woman is in jail after leading police on this wild chase in a stolen rv. it happened last night in the san fernando valley. when police tried to pull her over she took off. she hit several cars and a tree along the way. debris was seen flying out of the rv as she sped down the road. now the chase didn't end until the rv slammed into the back of a car and off the road. she tried to run but she didn't get far. she was quickly captured. >> for the first time since 1977, o.j.'s number is coming off the bench for the first time. it was never retired but it was always associated with simpson. but when newly side running back pearly found it was available, he asked for the number saying it had special
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meaning for him and his family. >> 6:15. >> the 49ers say he hurt his leg yesterday at practice. the 49ers's helped coach said nick bosa injured his hamstring during one on one pass rushing drilling. he said he didn't know how severe it is though. last year he played in just three games at ohio state because of a core muscle injury but lee said he was fully recovered last month after being drafted. j.j. watt did more to hep a student. her class had to create products and use an advertising technique. one of her students chose him to endorse energy chips, the defensive end thought it was a good idea. take a look at j.j. watts' response here. >> oh, hello here. i'm j.j. watts for the houston texans. when i feel like i'm lacking energy, i grab energy chicks.
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only one bag a day gives you all the energy you need for the whole day. wow. and they are delicious. j.j. watts' endorsement has more than 100,000 views on twitter since it was just posted yesterday. >> he is a good guy. >> me and sal will jump in and get a bag of those clips along with everything else we eat. plus you're watching the commutes now. >> yes, and i had my coffee. thanks, dave. good morning. let's see what we have at the bay bridge. much better today. 20 minute delay. now we're getting into the season where the sun starts coming up and blinding our camera. here we are in late may and that is what happens. 680 is looking a little slow because of some earlier issues on 680. southbound 880, a motorcycle
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accident apartment stevenson. if you drive from union city on 880 through fremont will be a tough drive for you. if you get on after stevenson you'll wonder where is every one so take advantage of that. 6:18. let's bring steve in. >> today is much better. >> it is a cool and clearing out morning here. for some we had kelsey hit 38. now they are at 40. jake mckenzie says it is a cool, clear 45 fahrenheit and i go on the smart train. we'll take a look at the temperatures there. 42 in pen grove. napa 43. 46 wood acre. 46 clover dale. jaguar here. 40 lower lake with no wind. it wassous ging 19 to 20 miles
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per hour last night. there are a few upper 30s to near 40. look at the temperatures yesterday. i sent a tweet to the good folks down there at the national weather service inmon ter ray and i said i'm curious is that 62 in livermore a record low maximum temperature for yesterday. 62 on may 21st, livermore. that has to be close to a record low. the normal is 79. that is way below. even san francisco was below. our low is making the turn heading to southern california and going into the four corners keeping them unseasonably cool as well. there is not much left here. we had a couple little guy showers flirting from san jose to gilroy and also in the santa rosa mountains on the coast but there is not too much left, but a little bit. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. a lot of low 50s here.
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woodside both at 51. pacifica, 52. union city at 52. 46 ukiah. 69 sacramento. that is cool for this time of year. more cloud and possible showers and thundershowers for vegas. san joaquin valley and over the grapevine, you can see that system dives down. that is heading down to southern -- central and southern california. if you have travel plans down there, 5 and 101 could get quick downpours there. another low is going to form in the pacific northwest and drop on us saturday into sunday. this is widely scattered, this is hit and miss. saturday night into sunday. you're seeing totals out to the valleynd a sierra, northern sacramento valley approaching 1 inch plus. this is a ton of rain for the end of may as you know. not as much here. that half-inch in san jose i would be hard pressed to verify
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but one of these cells could do it on sunday. 60s and 70s on the temperatures. the breeze will pick up as well. warmer on thursday. we cloud up on the weekend with maybe some more rain. 6:21. big named democrats move full- steam ahead in the in thes to impeachment of president donald trump. en what nancy pelosi says about it. new safety features rolling out for lyft passengers coming up. ♪ flintstones! me flintstones. ♪ ♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present.
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san jose state is confirming commencement ceremonies this morning. the college is celebrating at 9:30 this morning. two other state department the will hold their ceremonies at the event center later today. more graduation ceremonies including the school of business tomorrow. that is happening. lyft is stepping up its security measures. they are inter during a panic, but continue for riders who need to call 911. lyft plans to make license plate numbers larger and more prominent in the app and providing sexual harassment training to drivers. it is the top priority.
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they will go a long way toward that goal. home builders in southern california slowed their pace because of a surplus of new homes that have not showed. a study shows there were more than 3700 new home the not sold earlier this year, up 22% from the same time last year. it is at the highest level we have seen. builders are focused more on upscale homes and more existing homes coming on the market. >> disney's new attractions don't open until next week, but we're finding out what souvenirs and the out of this world price tags to come with them. you can build your own life saver and set you back $200. you can build your own droid. there are relics, coca-cola
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drinks labeled in one of these "star wars" languages. you'll get a sneak peek inside disneyland before it opens to the public. we'll have live reports throughout the day. that is next thursday right here on mornings on 2. a robot is serving up latte's here in the area. gordon is the first barista in the country. it is in san francisco. they punch in their order in a digital kiosk or through an app. hebrews and mixes the drinks in under ten seconds. he got the idea after standing in long lines and getting the wrong order. >> 6:26 here. skipping a trip to the dmv. what the department of motor vehicles is doing to help 3 million californians with the real i.d. driver's licenses. >> could the warriors be using a good luck charm to win the title? >> more things that might have helped the warriors advance to the finals up next. up, up, up above the
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clouds. a picture high above san francisco. the tower. it has been awhile since we have seen this much sunshine this hour of the day. stay with us as we continue mornings on 2. ♪
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from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. a few seconds early as we
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anticipate the opening bell to ring en seconds. home improvement store lowe's expected to dip with lower than expected earnings for the first quarter of the year. all your business and tech news today in dollars and cents. a busy wednesday, may 22nd, 2019. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i have to mention i'm in a little early for pam cook so i think she is going to be back tomorrow. let's hope. it has been fun to be here. >> it is always good to be early or late with you. >> i'm dave clark. there is also a high surf advisory for area beaches. the national weather service says we could see waves as big as 14 to 20 feet through 9:00 tonight. you really should be careful if you're going down there. the waves can be dangerous and never, ever, ever turn your back to the ocean. in fact, we want to take a
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live look. surf line camera from santa cruz. you can see surfers out there lacking for the big wave this morning. >> bill maher tin is the lifelong surfer and so is mark tamayo. they are tracking what the guys are out in. >> it has been cold and it has been cold for a long time. about 54 to 57 degrees. if you are heading out there, be careful because i mean the water temperatures can be upper 50s, low 60s, we're not seeing that they have gone down a little bit. with the north wind along the coast, they might go down a little more. good morning. a cool 48 in valeo. picked up an inch and .69 rain this week. my bees seem a little confused. they are looking for the sun. we ran the story yesterday. this has been a tough time for bees and many in the agricultural business because
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of the rain. and boy, talk about cool temperatures. i think the national weather service the 62 was a record cool or low maximum temperature for the day. if you thought this is cool, it was. 79 is where you should be. all these were below average. only the oakland airport close minus 3. the low is diving into southern california. dry air coming in behind that so we'll clear out showers on the santa cruz close, about done here. 40s and 50s. some low 40ed and 50s and 40s around santa cruz. too much cloudcover and a little shower activity holding those lows up. but another low will pay a visit on the weekend. more on that a little later. 6:32. sal is here. >> in general steve the commute is better than it was
6:33 am
yesterday. >> that is what i tweeted out, sal. >> i watch your tweets closely. you're right about that, but some spots are not that great. let's go show you 31 minute drive to the bridge to the maccarthur maze is much more in line than what we had. yesterday, we had an hour and 15 minutes. now, it is a half-hour so much better. bay bridge, another 20 minutes, 25 before you make it on the span. 880 and 580 not bad in oakland but slow traffic concord to walnut creek. a couple crashes in walnut creek and traffic has been slow. this morning slower than usual. highway 4 is also, slow. if you're driving on 880, the same thing goes. they were clearing a motorcycle accident. that is not this slow this early so if you're getting on the freeway and you add an extra 15 or 20 you'll need it to stay on schedule. silicon valley commute, not bad. there is a little slow traffic on 85 north, 280 north at 17 and 101 but you sil have an
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opportunity there. 6:33. back to the desk. >> >> we're still following developing news where a dismembered body has been found. the police were performing a welfare check. a neighbor was worried about benedict ching. they found a dis membered human body. investigators can't say if that person was mr. ching or the cause of death. they don't know that yet, either. the san francisco medical examiner will answer both questions and the fbi has been called in to help out with the investigation. happening today, house speaker nancy pelosi is meeting with fellow democrats this morning about whether or not to move forward with impeachment proceedings against president donald trump. she has not supported impeachment but a number of house democrats are calling for it. they say the president is obstructing justice and interfering with congressional oversight by telling people
6:35 am
subpoenas by congress not to test fi. beto o'rourke said it is a serious sober decision, not something he takes lightly. he supports moving forward with impeachment proceedings even if it means political consequences for his party or his own presidential bid. our time is 6:35. the dmv is giving people who received real i.d.s with only one proof of residency a break. she is telling us what card holders need to know to make sure their real i.d.s are valid. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there has been a lot of confusion after millions of californians got those real i.d.'d and we were told they need a second have of residency. my mom is one of those confused people. the dmv is making it a little easier. you still have to provide that
6:36 am
secondary document but most don't have to go to the dmv office to do it. they sent letters tuesday asking over 3 million cardholders to share that residency document after they got it with one proof of residency. now you can mail proof to the state. when you that letter, just verify your address bay checking a box that confirms the mailing address is right, sign, date and mail it back to the dmv. the department of homeland security changed its originally approved way to make it easier for people to comply. the letters are going out to people who already have their real i.d.s but for those who haven't applied, these are what you bring. bring one identity document like a birth certificate or passport, one social security number document like your card or w2 and two different proofs
6:37 am
of residency like a home utility and cell phone bill. thou if you haven't gotten your real i.d. yet, you have until october 1, 2020 to do so. if you don't get it, after that you won't be able to fly in the united states without a real i.d. and you won't be able to go into military bases or federal buildings. in walnut creek this morning, ktvu fox 2 news of the >> 6:37. happening today, a district judge in san francisco will hold a hearing on the next steps in the more than 900 federal law suit the filed against monsanto, people who claim the company's roundup weedkiller made them get cancer. they will recall on certain pretrial motions and most will be sent back to their original courts. so far monsanto lost three cases here in the california. the most recent case, a jury awarded more than $2 billion to
6:38 am
a couple from livermore. 6:37. police in danville searching for four suspects. they want your help. they broke into cars. they are women, two women all in their mid-30s and 40s. they used the victims' credit cards, stolen credit cards at safe way stores. a 20-year-old woman is recovering after her car plunged 450 feet off a cliff in the hills over in napa yesterday morning. that helicopter hoisted her from her car in that wooded area and flew her to a hospital in treatment. she is really lucky to be alive. a cyclist happened to be in the area, saw her cargo over a cliff and called 911. a study on the affects of marijuana legalization in california finds an increase in
6:39 am
drug abuse and decrease in pain. visits for chronic pain fell. they suggest in places where cannabis has been legalized such as california and colorado, policymakers should develop plans for potential health risks. 6:39. fans of the band will help to feed the hungry today. they will sorting and packing fresh food at the san francisco ma rin food banks' warehouse on pennsylvania avenue in san francisco. this is the second year the band's nonprofit has hosted this event. now when the band goes on tour, they donate $10,000 to the local food bank in every city where they perform. a 7-foot alligator is back in its habitat after being stuck in a sewer. it was caught on tape. this was found after a man heard a hissing sound coming from underground. he called in police and an
6:40 am
officer's body camera captures the rescue. watch. >> a wildlife trapper safely removes the gator. he lifts him into the back of the truck. now to another animal rescue that did not take quite that much effort but still. it is here in the bay area. a six week old kitten pulled from a storm drain. the sheriff's department posted these pictures to twitter after the rescue. deputies were called in after a woman was out walking her dog and heard mowing from a drain. the deputy saved the little orange and white calico and was taken to a south bay animal hospital. >> that makes you smile. look at that face. >> you might pay more soon for an uber or lyft ride. why they want to tax people coming or going out of the city. last call to 4:00 in the
6:41 am
morning. bars could stay open hours longer than they are now if proposed legislation becomes law. good morningn't we have better news in fremont. one of the crashes blocking lanes has been removed but still slow out there, however, it is better than yesterday. yesterday, we had that terrible commute and you'll probably remember it. today a little better. we'll tell you about where the slow spots are coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. 6:43. members of congress sharply divided after they're ber briefed by a trump administration officials. mike pompeo and patrick shanahan briefed the house and senate in two closed door sessions for all members. white house says there is evidence that iran may be tting ready to attack u.s. military and diplomatic personnel in the middle east. but after the meetings dep carats and republicans had didn't reactions to what they just heard. we know iran is bad, okay? what is the policy going forward? there wasn't enough information on that. >> it was a very good briefing. they explained how the ire iranian threat streams were different in the past, the
6:45 am
attack of the ships and pipeline was coordinated and directed by the iranian government. now the united states has sent an aircraft carrier and b- 52 bombers to counter this reported threat from iran. last call for alcohol could be extended to 4:00 in the morning in ten california cities. the state senate passed legislation by san francisco to allow alcohol to be given two hours after the cut off. the next stop for the bill is the state assembly where it was defeated back in 2017. our time is 6:45. the governor has a new plan to deal with homelessness in california. he says he has a task force that will use a billion dollars set aside for homeless programs set aside for the budget and we need to deal with this regional problem. >> we have got work to do.
6:46 am
this is a national disgrace. >> yes. >> it happened on our watch. we own this. >> the governor has tasked us, charged us with looking at this from a regional perspective and that means from northern region to southern region and central region. >> governor knew some was joined by local and state leaders of oakland yesterday and he is waiting for the state legislature to approve the budget so they can invest that $1 billion in real time. the task force hopes to be hitting the road this summer. now the homeless population is up since the last count two years ago. there were at least 2300 homeless people in the county in january. 43% up since 2017. contra costa health officials say most of the homeless were sleeping in encamp thes, in parks or on sidewalks.
6:47 am
only 27% can be given shelter bed. they are trying to make it easier for tens of thousands recovering from the campfire in butte county. a bill with bipartisan support would streamline the review process and cutback on red tape for the deadly wildfire. more than 50,000 people were displaced. many of them have been struggling to find temporary housing. there is a lot of people that are precariously housed like at best they are living with family and friends, and at worst they might be in their cars or in tents. the bill now moves onto the senate for approval after passing the assembly. your time is 6:47. the bay area's housing crisis is causing major problems for the town of hollister which is about 45 miles south of san jose. the sacramento bee says hollister is the 9th fastest growing city in california with 40,000 residents and it has been adding 500 new homes every year for the past four years. now some of the people who live
6:48 am
in the area are frustrated because their commute times have more than doubled. now it takes sometimes two hours, three hours depending on the traffic. >> it has exploded. and it is putting a strain on our intrastreakture, much more traffic, our schools are impacted. a the love 0 negatives happening right now. >> now the president of the san bonito county association of realtors says growth is needed to attract new business and also more sales tax revenue in order to repair roads. the city is considering expanding the main road into hollister. we're looking at the new seats in the new chasten ter, the future home of the golden wars yours. tweeted out photos of the plush seats inside. the first concert is metallica and the san francisco symphony
6:49 am
in september. >> the warriors have a good luck charm. he was out with an injury and the war of will have been using random things. in game four there was a random reporter for the oregonian who happened to be standing nearby. he said that man jeffrey arnold is now the warriors' good luck charm after the win in game four. can you talk about -- it was good luck today. are you going to fly me down for the times? >> absolutely. i'll may for the ticket myself. >> see. looks like united airlines wants to help him follow through with that offer. hey dre' mon green, we hear you would like to see jeffrey arnold at the next round. we have planes, and we're always around to help our friends of the warriors. the wars yours awaiting to play the bucs and raptors it nba
6:50 am
finals. relatively dry. i'm guessing relatively okay. >> yes. a couple things out there that have been slower than normal, but compared to yesterday i think it is a walk in the park so to speak relatively speaking of course. westbound bay bridge backed up out to the maze. this is a 20 to 25 minute delay. dry roads and making it much easier. if you're driving in oakland, the traffic hasn't been too much. they are recovering after issues. highway 4 slow which is typical. 80 westbound, we have a couple crashes just after the bridge coming out of the crockett. 6:50 now. let's bring steve in. >> thank you, sir. >> you're welcome. >> we are clearing out rapidly as mr. clark would say, i just stepped outside. i did. it is a nice day out there, a little cool though. we will end up with more
6:51 am
sunshine today and temperatures warming up. laura you have had your wish. mer rag ga received .12. i went to the camp there. it is a great school. it was a one room schoolhouse, a long time ago. >> [ laughter ] >> i rode my horse. >> 47 in black hawk. a shout out to gary and tina. 4h7 in black hawk. 47 in alamo. george mccray are you up with? that is pretty cool. i'm 99. the 99% certain the national in monterey 62 was a record low maximum temperature for may 21st. normal is 79 degrees. everyone was below including san francisco. only oakland airport at 65 was close. north winds 17 half moon bay. we'll have a northwesterly breeze. everything is diving into
6:52 am
central and southern california could be a very active day on 5. looks like already that is happening or over the grapevine and down to las vegas. not much left. i think you're done santa cruz, santa cruz mountains. if anything there, won't last much longer. upper 40s at berkeley lab. alameda at 51. berkeley at 50. baby that is cool. 53 in the city with a couple 52s in there. drier air is moving in. more sunshine on the menu today. a northerly breeze will allow some temperatures to warm up. so we're done with the rain, right? no. another low will form on friday. it will dive in on the weekend. saturday night, sunday looks to be the best. gasia mikaelian asked what if we want to go northern sacramento area, watch truckee, redding and bakersfield as we head into sunday and monday,
6:53 am
not only there, but here, as well. pretty impressive totals, 1 inch liquid there. over an inch in bakers vel. a half-inch here. one more system. you would have to think somewhere down the road, we're getting near june, the pattern will change, but one more system to go here. 60s, 70s in this pattern. warmer. then mostly cloudy on the weekend. caller with off-and-on rain late saturday, sunday. >> time is if:53. a freelance journalist accused of committing a crime after the police say he sold confidential information to local news organizations. we have details on brand new accusations against brian carmadi. you have one of the best comedy rooms on earth. >> top comedians are pulling out all the stops to save the punchline comedy club.
6:54 am
the last-ditch effort to keep it open. a live picture. look at the clouds. ♪ i'll take those boats, too. steve, we can just bob in the water there. a beauty shop. live pictures from the shores of lake tahoe, snow in the mountains, the sun peeking through the clouds. a great way to start your day. welcome to wednesday. you're watching mornings on 2 on ktvu fox 2 news. ♪
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welcome back, it is 6:56,
6:57 am
san francisco is home of the top parks in america, san francisco is the seventh best area for parks and everyone who lives in the city within a 10 minute walk to a park, there are many dog friendly features. fremont, san jose, and oakland all ranked in the top 50. fresno was the lowest scoring area in california, according to this report. washington dc climbed to the top of the rankings, thanks to renewed investment in playgrounds and park features. san francisco voters may soon be asked to decide whether to impose a sales tax on every uber and lyft in san francisco. it is likely headed to the november ballot. that proposal calls for a 3.25% tax on single rides. 1.5% on full rides.
6:58 am
the city is estimating the tax could bring in more than $30 million per year with the money going towards improving traffic and pedestrian safety projects.>> at peak am and pm congestion, at least half is a result of uber and lyft. >> it would take the majority of voters in december, and if they say yes, the tax would take effect next year. a private development company is launching a new project that it says will breed life into a san jose neighborhood, the company is called urban catalyst, they are spending $55 million to makeover the former site of the nightclub on south first street. it is the first of six locations up for being transformed, and it is been called opportunity zones. the projects will include investments from both private and private public sectors, it
6:59 am
is a part of the city planned to redevelop neighborhoods that have been neglected.>> we are looking into real estate projects. >> the redesign will include office and retail space, it'll spread over 70,000 square feet of the building. the building, by the way, dates back to the 1880s. it is 6:59, an effort to keep san francisco's iconic punchline comedy club open is underway, the club says it is being evicted from the site after 41 years. the owner intends to lease the space to google, it was a launching pad for people like robin williams, amy schumer, ellen degeneres, and dave chapelle, he was one of a group
7:00 am
of comedians that held a rally at city hall yesterday, urging the board of supervisors to save the comedy club.>> legendary comedy has happened right there. >> and an emergency moratorium to limit how the space is used is scheduled to be voted on by the board of supervisors in two weeks. a gruesome discovery in san francisco after police find a dismembered body inside a home, we are in the neighborhood with a look at what led investigators to the scene and how other law enforcement agencies are also responding. and, california now joins two dozen states and cities in suing the federal government, we will tell you why the attorney general is calling the new health rule unlawful, reckless, and discriminatory. >> from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. >> we are seeing some weather changes on this wednesday, may 22.


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