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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  May 22, 2019 5:00pm-5:58pm PDT

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>> now, a 47-year-old man with no criminal history >> reporter: frank, heather, woman was kidnapped and over the course of about 5 hours before she was set free. >> >> reporter: a horrible crime in a seemingly safe neighborhood. san francisco police say a 74 woman walking to a friends house is kidnapped mere near prague and crews street. it happened just before 8:00 a.m. court documents a 47-year-old manuel amador is accused to dragging the elderly woman down his driveway to a garage. a dog reportedly bit the woman before she was forced into a room and shoved onto a bed. >> the woman was fighting but unable to get away . >> court documents say the ls b strangled and and sexually
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assaulted multiple times over 4 to 5 hours. amador reportedly admitted to the saying the woman lost rney' is recommended he be held without bail . >> due to the egregious nature of the charges in this case, we felt it was very appropriate to file a motion to detain the defendant pretrial . >> he is also accused of dressing the woman and dragging her back outside, leaving her on the sidewalk . >> the victim was found on the sidewalk by a passerby who called 911. medics came and brought her to san francisco general hospital. we are glad she is arrived alive to tell us what happened so this crime does not go unpunished. >> amador is believed to have no prior criminal he is said to appear in court tomorrow where he is facing a
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long list of charges including and kidnapping. frank and julie, we talked to neighbors on that street who are just stunned and shocked by what happened here. they said it is a quiet neighborhood and they say a lot of men go in and out but people are always nice and there has never been a problem . >> how far is the home from where it happened to where the woman actually lives? >> we do not know where the woman lives. we only know she was out for a morning walk so the house that we understand where the arrest was made is the house that we believe the man lives in. it is unclear how far she walked. if this is part of her morning routine. we know that she was in the neighborhood, had friends who lived there and was y to see this friend. also in san francisco, police are investigating a horrible crime scene after officers found a dismembered body inside a home in the outer mission district. >> christien kafton is live. christion, it was a well-being
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check on a missing elderly man that brought police to the home earlier this week? >> yes, the details are pretty disturbing. let's give you a live look. you can see san francisco police still on the scene. the home in question still cordoned off with crime scene tape. it started as a missing person's taste case and is now a homicide investigation. >> >> reporter: the search for 73- year-old benedict ching began monday afternoon. in the course of an investigation, police discovered body parts. detectives are working to see if the remains are those of the missing man. >> we are waiting for the medical examiner to confirm the remains of the person and confirm or not confirmneighbors described a gruesome scene . >> they were taking out like a couple of, a couple of bodies and according to the news,
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apparently it was someone who was dismembered and it was actually probably one person into. >> reporter: neighbors tell ktvu that an older man lived here with his daughter and grandchildren. the neighbors say a man, the daughter's husband or boyfriend would visit frequently. next door neighbor, mei chan says the last time she saw them was last week . >> he was a nice man. -- i don't believe it. i'm so shocked. >> reporter: police today confirmed they are going door- to-door, looking for leads . >> in any criminal investigation, investigators will scour the area for evidence and that includes video surveillance . >> several homes in the area are outfitted with cameras including mei chan's. she says she shared video of her camera with police of the older man's daughter, her boyfriend or husband and one of
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the children leaving the home over the weekend. she also says she heard loud noises coming from the home . >> i heard a noise, boom, boom like this. i don't know what's going on . >> neighbors said he occasionally heard loud arguments from inside the home . >> you could hear it and i was always wondering who was screaming outside. it was really kind of intense sometimes. >> the medical examiner's office is working to determine who the victim was in the case. for now, this is both a homicide investigation and an ongoing missing persons investigation until the medical examiner's office can determine whether the remains found here the home are those of benedict ching. for now, we are live in san francisco, ktvu fox 2 news. the pentagon is planning to present plans to the white house to send up to 10,000 more american troops to the middle east as tension increases between the u.s. and iran. no official final decision has been made but officials say the plan would include additional
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patriot ships and increased efforts to monitor around. president trump is scheduled to hear the proposal tomorrow. it is unclear whether he will support the plan. the president has repeatedly emphasized the need to reduce america's true presence in the middle east. parents are joining teachers in union city in south asia haywood for better pay and working conditions. teachers from the new haven unified school district were back on the picket lines today for day 3 of their strike. talks between teachers union and school district also resumed today. both sides hope to come to a resolution in the next two weeks. parents told us why they are also on the picket line with their children's teachers today. >> we are out here to support our teachers as long as we need to. we love our teachers. our kids love our teachers. we don't want our kids in the classroom unless they are there
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with their teachers. >> attendance this week has been low. today, less than 14% of students went to school. there are school administrators and substitute teachers in classroom for students who show up but students say they are watching movies and not doing much real classwork. parents plan to rally outside the school board meeting tonight in solidarity with teachers. pg&e has received approval to establish a $105 million fund to help survivors of recent wildfires that were started by pg&e power lines. a federal judge overseeing pg&e's bankruptcy casey. attorneys for the victims argued that pg&e should pay more , up to $250 million. they said that is pay an employee bonuses but the judge said he was only authorized to approve or reject pg&e's approval proposal and
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wanted to see it up and running as quickly as possible. an independent panel of engineers is meeting in new york city to decide whether san francisco's trans bay transit center can reopen. the transit center has been close in september 25 after workers discovered cracks in two still beams. it happened 6 weeks after the transit center open. repairs are now finished but the center cannot reopen until the review panel says there are no remaining areas of concern. the department of motor vehicles recently sent letters asking people who have the real id to share a secondary residency document. that is because people initially were only ask to show 1 proof of residency . >> now those cardholders are getting a bit of a break from the dmv. sara zendehnam tells us they don't have to go back to the dmv. >> reporter: at 7:30 am, jeff nhave to get a real id cense is expiring. >> reporter: he came prepared for his 9:20 a.m. appointment with his one identity document, his social security card and two approval residencies. >> a water bill, mortgage bill, residency and my passport.
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>> reporter: for people who got the real id's before april, they only showed one document to prove residency. late last year, the department of homeland security changed its mind from 1 to 2 documents. >> we already issued driver licenses to a lot of people who only provided 1 residency document. >> reporter: that is why this week, the dmv started sending letters to 3 million real id cardholders to share a secondary residency document but to meet the requirement, you don't have to wake up early and stand in this line . >> we are hoping this will make it as easy and convenient as possible. >> reporter: when a real id card holder gets the letter, he checks the box to confirm the mailing address is right, signs, dates and mails back to the dmv. no office visit necessary .
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>> as soon as the letter comes, we encourage you to please, open the letter, take care of it and get it back to us right away. >> reporter: the process is simple and even if you still need to get your real id, when jeff came outside 5 minutes after his apartment time, he told us with all the right documents, that was easy, too. >> i just zoomed right through. probably the best government run interaction i've ever had . >> if you don't have a real id by october 1, 2020, you will need a passport to flight domestically, get on military bases and in federal buildings. california lawmakers today band the most advanced a bill that could mean tougher rules for vaccination. this is opponent shouted "we will not comply." the bill gives states instead of doctors the power to decide which children can skip shots before attending schools. senators sent the bill to the assembly as the nation struggles with the highest number of measles cases in decades. opponents say the bill interferes with the doctor- patient relationship. still to come, the incredible story of survival after a woman's car goes over a 450 foot cliff.
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it is graduation season. what the san jose state graduates heard at their commencement ceremony today. details on a fire fiery meeting at the white house between democratic leaders and president trump. why the president walked in and then walked out just 3 minutes later. the rain has stopped but there are clouds out there again today. temperatures did warm up. there is a chance for showers in the five day. we will talk about that when i see you next.
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exactly what you need... yes. ...for your growing family? that's yes for less. everything your pet needs at 20 to 60 percent off yes for less. a planned meeting today with the president and democratic leaders, chuck schumer and nancy pelosi went down in flames this morning with one witness saying the president angrily walked out after 3 minutes leaving pelosi
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speechless. the two sides were supposed to hammer out details on a bipartisan infrastructure plan in the works . >> fox news ray bogan tells us the president walked out after pelosi accused him of a cover- up. >> reporter: fox news is told the president walked out of the room and made a statement to chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. when the speaker started to respond, the president turned around and walked out . >> you don't say, oh, let's call russia. it's a hope hoax. >> reporter: there to discuss an infrastructure bill but could not withstand his frustration with ongoing investigations into obstruction and russian collusion. >> i walk into look at people that had just said, that i was
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doing a cover. i don't do coverups. >> reporter: the president was bothered by this statement from speaker, pelosi, minutes before . >> we believe the president of the united states is engaged in a coverup. >> reporter: president trump laid out two paths forward. investigation or investment. he made clear that can do one or the other. not both. >> let them play their games. we are going to go down one track at a time. >> we want the president to do infrastructure. we want our congress to perform its constitutional responsibilities and create jobs, create income. >> reporter: democrats say ence part, that he real come, match the greatness of the challenge that we have. you just -- took a pass. >> reporter: for the shortfor a bar support bipartisan infrastructure bill to a screeching halt but it also will affect other measures like increasing the debt ceiling and setting the budget. in washington, ray bogan, fox news. a federal judge says he will not block congressional subpoenas seeking president
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trump's financial information. a judge released devilish legislation that would allow lawmakers to receive his financial information. the bills don't target the president by name but instead would allow three congressional committees to access any new york returns filed by elected officials and appointed officials. san jose state is handing out more than 6800 new degrees this graduation season and today, it held a first of several commencement ceremonies. undergrad students with the college of science celebrated their graduation at the campus event center. the director of sjs you, craig clemens was today's commencement speaker. he told the class of 2019 that
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his dream job teaching at 10 is a state was a long and winding one and they should not be afraid of making most turns themselves. >> no matter what direction you choose, if you see an opportunity, a turn to an exciting new path, be encouraged to take it and see what adventure lies ahead. >> two other departments at san jose state are holding ceremonies today and there will the more graduation ceremonies podium . >> it is exciting . >> it sure is. let's talk about whether. much nicer today than yesterday . >> more sunshine today and no rain. temperatures warmer by good 5 to 10 degrees. we still have severe weather in the planes which is what i've been talking about for the last week or so. this is the jet stream here. there is the trough and i didn't do a very good job drawing that in but that's the
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basic track. our storm here gets to hear and really opens up. that is what they have been seeing in the wind mast midwest. for oklahoma and parts of the midwest, they have had plenty of tornadoes, severe weather, lightning and thunder and will get more as the system down by vegas, which is our system, starts to roll back into the plains. get ready for that if you are traveling that way. for us around here, we still have snow showers in the higher elevations of the mountains. we had a few thunderstorms today as well. you can see activity up here around reno, the turkey side of town, and putting this in motion, showers coming this way. most of the time weather comes this way for us. through the weekend is the sort of wraparound flow and you can see when there are thunderstorms in the hills, it drives the storms towards us. that is what it tends to do towards the weekend when we have a slight chance of a sprinkle on sunday, even on saturday, too. it will be a day a lot like
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today but some showers could make it in our direction so all of this cloud cover coming from the east and by tomorrow, it will be kind of the same, partly to mostly sunny, and as the storms become more prevalent in the hills this weekend, they will break off and come our way and could drop some showers. it is not a traditional weather system from west to east. it is kind of a convective thing that should die down when they get here, if they get here. weou wt that. temperatures currently at 78 in fairfield, 76 in concord, 69 in san jose. there will ahead of yesterday, 16 degrees warmer in fairfield, live camera shot shows n jose. cumulus clouds from the east coming off the sierra nevada. you can see the bay bridge and a little bit of fog trying to form. i wouldn't be surprised if we see some patchy fog. when i come back, we will talk about what is coming up. tomorrow is going be a lot like today with more sunshine, upper
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70s but the weekend, things turned a little bit. we will talk about that when i come back. a lien at the san francisco zoo died today. the line was born at the zoo in 2003 and has been a beloved part of the zoo for the past 16 years. a cause of death has not been released. golfers will soon be heading to pebble beach. we will have a preview of the u.s. open and show you how new technology will change the event for many of the golf fans. on ktvu news at 6:00, a marin county man who became known as the american taliban is set to be released from prison tomorrow. the answers that some lawmakers are demanding. a father from menlo park enters his plea in federal court to charges of fraud and conspiracy in the college admissions cheating scandal.
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three weeks from now, the best golfers in the world are set to return to pebble beach to play in the u.s. open. today, joe fonzi was there right along the monterey peninsula as festivities kicked off. >> reporter: start with one of the most beautiful and iconic courses in golf, bring in the usga to grow the route longer and narrow the fairway and you have pebble beach. the site of this year's u.s. open. today was designed to be a chance to introduce some new apps that will make it possible for fans to do everything from track their favorite players to
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pose with the open trophy. then it turned into a lot more. at a round designed to promote the open, former san francisco giant post seasons are cody ross made a hole-in-one on the par 3 seven toll. >> i took my 60 degree wedge and gave it a little club twirl and saw it go past and came right back in and what an incredible feeling. to hit a whole in one on number 7. the first one ever, by the way, it is pretty amazing. >> >> reporter: ross's shot was not the only significant one today. open watches will easily recall in a pebbles greatest moments, tom watson's chip in at 17 that led to his win in 1982. 10 years earlier, jack nicholas who dey 1 iron off the tee of that same hole that led to a quenching birdie. today, former san jose sharks great, olen nolan hit a 1 iron from the same distance and can say he did what jack nicholas did. >> it was unbelievable.
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they have a demo club up there and it is a 1 iron. i don't think i have ever hit a 1 iron. it was pretty close. >> reporter: you know the old joke, even god can't hit a 1 iron. >> people can get lucky. >> reporter: those guys might have made a couple of holes look easy today but you can count on the fact that over 4 days and 72 holes or more, that won't be the case.>> it is goin being pebble for u.s. open. i mean that. >> reporter: one thing you can count on in the sixth open ever ing will happen to make it memorable. at pebble beach, joe fonzi, ktvu fox 2. semper just go giants buster posey brought good cheer to kids with cancer today. posey and his wife kristen stop by you cfs ucsf hospital to hand out gifts and chat with some of the sick kids.
5:26 pm
he autographed hats and socks that have his picture and he and his wife asked kids about their families, favorite sports and what kind of ice cream me like. >> it is nice to have something exciting, people that, and care and certainly, people like buster something they look forward to and it gives these kids something special . >> just getting to spend a few minutes with them makes their day a little better, that is worthwhile. >> many of the children in the oncology movement unit have spent months away from home. they also bringing special guest to bring some happiness to their day. >> it just seems like one of those good guys. what you see is what you get. still to come, an incredible rescue in the north bay. what happened when a woman's  car went off a 450 foot cliff. the dramatic testimony today for one of the survivors of the ghost ship warehouse
5:27 pm
fire. what he said about the terrifying moments trying to escape the flames. a familiar face. a heavy metals man was giving back today. the pause that is near and dear to the drummer in metallica. ho. he's so sweet. maybe too sweet? internet's down. go! your home is only as smart as your internet. get reliable at&t fiber and get speeds up to 300 megabits per second and directv.
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authorities say a 20-year- old woman is lucky to be alive after her car plunged off a cliff in the hills above napa. >> ktvu talk with a witness who happened to be biking nearby. the california highway patrol ariel rescue unit in napa tuesday morning. a car had plunged 450 feet off a cliff off highway 21 in monticello road.
5:31 pm
>> i said to myself, this is going to be catastrophic . >> rescuers may never have found the car if not for a cyclist who was riding nearby and called 911. the cyclist told us by phone it looked like the driver was turning the car around and was straightening it out . >> it slowly drove off the road. in a straight line. never turned, braked and disappeared over the cliff. i saw that. >> reporter: the car landed on its side, the driver's-side. the person behind the wheel is a 20-year-old woman . >> i could not understand what she was saying but you could hear her screaming . >> rescuers on the ground had to cut out the car windshield to get to the woman. the passerby ran down the steep terrain to offer comfort. she took this video of what it was like on the ground. you can see the rescuer coming down from the chopper. the aerial unit have the dangerous job of navigating the helicopter through trees to get above her . >> it was very technical. you can see the major tree canopy. it was literally a threat of a needle.
5:32 pm
it was anything, hit, it could be catastrophic. >> reporter: video of what happened next, the woman wrapped tight and hoisted to the helicopter and off to the hospital. the injuries were not life- threatening. the napa chp performs 50 to 60 aerial rescues in the bay area each year. many of them end in severe injury or death. this was a success . >> it is always nice to save a life. >> the woman is home from the hospital, surviving the equivalent of a 45 story fall. there is one last thing, we are told she is 10 weeks pregnant and everything is fine. in napa county, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. something else. one teenager is dead and another is at the hospital after a shooting near a park in antioch. when the shooting happened last night, shortly before 11:00 new memorial field, police say a man walked up to a car and shot the teenager. and 18-year-old was able to drive to sutter delta medical center where he is recovering. a 19-year-old man died and has
5:33 pm
been identified as davon heard of antioch. investigators do not have a suspect description or motive for the killing. the homicide is the fourth in antioch so far this year. not to the ghost ship trial and the survivor who was in a coma and in the hospital for months and took the witness stand today. >> ktvu's crime reporter, henry lee explains why defense witnesses attempted to block his testimony. >> fire seared maxwell's lungs and left him with brain damage but he came to tell a story today. a story the defense did not want the jury to sam is in a wheelchair after being the last to escape the deadly warehouse fire. he spent time in the hospital. he needed a translator to translate because fire damaged his lungs and his brain. he testified there was a bottleneck of 80 people on the
5:34 pm
second floor of the warehouse as the fire raged. he said he made sure no one had been trampled. he told the jury, going down the stairs, i thought i would burn alive. it was scary. i chose death on the stairs rather than choosing an unknown risk. sarah pines was among the 36 people who died. her brother listened to maxwell's testimony . >> to hear someone who was there in the fire and saw how unsafe the stairs were and how scary the fire wasn't to know my sister was in that and that's how she died, it is very painful to hear. >> the defense unsuccessfully tried to keep maxwell off the stand on the grounds that the competent confident by emotion the jury can see the difference between mr. maxwell's situation. >> reporter: former oakland fire investigator, maria sabatino was back on the stand and testified authorities cannot determine the cause of the fire and found no evidence of arson which the defense says
5:35 pm
is what started it. andrew stein, who was brought in to cross-examine, says he is trying to prove -- >> she is incompetent, hiding the truth, trying to protect the city. >> reporter: stein says she had been there investigating . e w living there and did nothing about it. >> >> reporter: while there was no sign of arson, she did say she could not rule out arson. she is back on the stand tomorrow for more cross examination. >> do we know if they are calling anymore witnesses? >> we know they will call more witnesses in the case will go all the way to july . >> a lot more testimony ahead, then. thank you, henry. stay with ktvu for complete
5:36 pm
coverage of the ghost ship warehouse trial. ktvu's henry lee is attending every single day to the trial and posting updates about what is happening. you can go to to read a daily ghost ship warehouse trial log. the drama for drummer for the san francisco-based band was joined in an effort to feed the hungry. lars ulrich had plenty of help filling that fresh food at this food bank on pennsylvania avenue. this is the fourth year the band has hosted the event.nd and they have been doing this for many years. >> for quite some time, we have been donating and a lot of the cities that we have been playing in and giving back but it has been primarily under the radar. a few years ago, we thought it was time to change the strategy a little bit and get into encouraging people and the metallic a family to support us in our endeavors.
5:37 pm
>> when the band tours, it donates $10,000 to a local food bank in each city where it performs. from metallica to buster posey, the bay area is full of a lot of good people. >> we are. some startling claims by a woman detained by ice. some conditions that they were kept in while being detained in the bay area . >> workers are rolling up their sleeves and the south bay. why this housing project needed some sprucing up . >> a man from the sol pais comes forward with allegations of church sexual abuse from years and years ago. why he says he is breaking his silence now. are we tnot yet.? at crystal geyser we put our mountain source on our bottle... that's cool.
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> mafrom the south bay is coming forward with allegations that he was sexually abused at a catholic high school. the alleged crime happened more than 60 years ago. ktvu's supper a reporter, jesse gary tells us why the person is coming forward now after so much time has passed. >> a lot of people who are older, particularly, who, 10 years ago, would not have said anything, now are coming forward. >> in front of st. francis high school where the alleged crime occurred 62 years ago, the attorney for a victim referred to as john doe says sexual abuse took place. in 1957, brother donald
5:41 pm
nicholson was the band director at st. francis. the victims personal statement, read aloud by attorney joseph george, accused eggleston of committing a crime. >> one day, brother donald told me to stay after practice so he could give me extra help. it was then he abused me. i never went to band practice again. >> eggleston died in 2004 but in april of this year, his name was added to a list released by the san jose bishop, naming priests who are credibly accused of sexually abusing children. the original list from last fall omitted eagles and because he was not a priest at the time of the alleged crime. the list has been expanded to include accused non-priests. >> it is really hard to come forward when your predator is a catholic cleric. classics class flicks -- >> reporter: the victims are asking st. francis administrators to notify the new the community of new revelations.
5:42 pm
but acting father anthony mack 20 macaluso says they are already taking steps . >> we are being absolutely transparent because we want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. >> reporter: through his attorney, the victim writes he is hopeful comingadows will lea for others. >> i hope that my telling of this will help someone else come forward with what happened to them long ago or recently. >> reporter: while covering this story, the victims attorney and representatives from st. francis agreed to have direct dialogue even though the alleged crime predates anyone who is currently at the school. the victim has since moved from the bay area but still lives in northern california. in the san jose studio, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. four women who were being detained by u.s. immigration and customs have filed a lawsuit against an i.c.e. contractor for alleged inhumane treatment.
5:43 pm
back in july 2017, the women, who are all for mexico, were taken by the contractor from the west county detention center in richmond to another center in bakersfield. in their lawsuit, the women claimed that during transit, the contractor kept them in shackles in an extremely hot, windowless van with no food, water, air circulation or bathrooms for more than 24 hours. the suit was filed in a san francisco federal court yesterday. i.c.e. ha amhelp and affordable housing complex impacted by the longer than normal rainy season. this morning about 40 volunteers from amazon are rebuilding and rebuilding silicon valley help people living in these apartments. they have been dealing with flooding issues over the last few years. today, the team helped level grassy areas, install new drains, plant trees and drought
5:44 pm
resistant plants. >> this year because of all the rain, we've had drainage issues and some beautification projects throughout the property. >> reporter: the affordable housing units open to 2003 and has about 50 people. today, the service project was one of 400 every year that rebuilding together silicon valley coordinates around the south bay. it was a very known hardware chain in business for decades. how customers may soon see new short stores but with a twist. details on a new lawsuit against boeing involving the grounded 737-max jet series. the rain basically has died down for today at least around here. in the mountains, it is still going on. you can see some clouds. warmer day and more sunshine. that is how it goes tomorrow with a chance of a sprinkle or shower on the weekend. a new episode of our bay area people podcast is out today.
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ktvu's claudine wong sat down with dr. wilson side, and east bay surgeon living with tourette's syndrome. he talks about his condition and the struggles he overcame to get where he is today. you can listen right now. just search for bay area people on your cut podcast player. glad you're back how you feeling? ♪ ♪ (both) exhausted. but finally being able to make that volunteer trip happen was... awesome. awesome. you have to scrub.
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and new lawsuit claims the grounded boeing 737 max 8
5:48 pm
airplanes had a faulty design but were rushed into production anyway. the lawsuit says the planes could crash if a single part malfunctioned and that boeing concealed problems and refused to ground the plane on its own. the suit was filed last week on behalf of relatives of a swedish man killed on ethiopian airlines flight 302 back in march. boeing is also being sued over the october crash of lion air flight 610 in indonesia. a harbor store is making a comeback, sort of. a new store, outdoor supplies to will take over 7 of another hardware's former location. >> reporter: there is not much left of orchard supply hardware. just an historic sign and an old boxcar. for those who grew up in san jose, it was part of their shared history. it was started by simply some of
5:49 pm
san francisco farmers in the depression . >> it is something that resonates with the community. the hardware store was part of the landscape for 80 years. >> reporter: the stores were eventually sold to lowe's and shuttered in 2018. now, they maybe making a comeback, kind of. they announced their open 7 stores all at former working supply locations. the new stores will be called outdoor supply hardware. company director, john green said "the stores have meant so much to the communities over the years and we are excited to bring them back to life. shoppers are excited, too. >> we tried to go there every day and couldn't get any help so yeah. i like to shop locally and keep it small. i like family-run businesses. >> reporter: will you go there? >> yes, is on the
5:50 pm
list but they have been looking at spots around the bay area. along with the stores, locals hope they bring back the customer service, too . >> i'm thinking, bring that back. you had something special that will resonate with people in the community. >> reporter: the new outdoor supply hardware will hire staff and stocking merchandise over the next several months with the hope to be open by september. in san jose, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. parts of oklahoma are under evacuation orders after severe flooding put much of the state underwater. this home, here, fell into the arkansas river in oklahoma and it was not the only one. the river was at 9 feet above flood stage late today. crews have carried out dozens of water rescues throughout the state. the national weather service and officials say levees are already at full capacity .
5:51 pm
>> but you really feel for those folks especially with more rain on the way. let's check in on the bay area weather with chief meteorologist, bill martin . >> definitely problems in the midwest. they have been getting hand hammered and our pattern connects to them. the shower activity going to here now, i mentioned this earlier, will blow out on the east side of the trough and that is what is happening. it explodes and really develops. when these storms get in the planes with more moisture to work with, higher top of the atmosphere, really able to grow big. we do have tornado watches right now in all of these areas, oklahoma getting the brunt of it. it the system, as it goes through, tonight into that area, will create problems again in the next day and a half or so. it has been a ride for them. the flooding is record flooding. whole rivers are flooding and they are seeing all-time records on those rivers. as you look at this spinning around, it is good for us and generally dry but we are
5:52 pm
getting some wraparound stuff like this. if i loop this, you will see it kind of come this way and that is what we are seeing are storms development in nevada, and that brings us showers as they drift across the valley. usually, becoming weaker as they move across the central valley. as we are going to the next, certainly, friday through sunday, we will have a chance for 1 or 2 of these to drift th village may see some residual moisture. we will keep an eye on that. weekend. hy you are hearing it is not this is a different kind of system where most likely, you will be dry and you might see something, these eastern storms that come from the east tend to be top of thunderstorms or pop- up showers. usually, they deliver to the
5:53 pm
inland valleys. it is tough to get them all the way to the coast. temperatures warmer today than yesterday. significantly, and beautiful outside right now. a nice shot of the bay bridge. temperatures oversight will be warmer because of the cloud cover and last night that was pretty cool. tomorrow looks like this. the cloud direction, cumulus clouds passing by. temperatures are back in in the mid to upper 70s tomorrow, not far from today. again, the model, tomorrow morning, and you see it popping up. it is not a washout for the weekend. there is friday morning and friday afternoon. the best chance for this wraparound stuff will be on the weekend. here is the forecast highs. i will give the five-day forecast. there's a chance for showers especially on sunday. we will watch it for you. overall, not a bad looking plan. thank you very much, bill. a number of another migrant child has died while in custody at the southern border . >> people keep dying so this is
5:54 pm
obviously more than a question about immigration. >> how the department of homeland security reacted during a grill and grilling on capitol hill. dozens showed up in san francisco. we show you the massive police suite. a new program called museums for all would allow low income residents to access some of the bay area popular museums all summer long. this portion of ktvu news at sponsored by volkswagen. visit vw alright boys, time for bed.
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listen to your mom, knuckleheads. hand em over. hand what over? video games, whatever you got. let's go. you can watch videos of people playing video games in the morning. is that everything? i can see who's online. i'm gonna sweep the sofa fort.
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well, look what i found. take control of your wifi with xfinity xfi. let's roll! now that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today. lawmakers on capitol hill today grilled the acting homeland security secretary about the conditions in which migrant children are being held. this comes after a fifth child died while being held in i.c.e.
5:57 pm
custody. >> doug mckelway says there was a heated exchange on capitol hill. >> reporter: tense moments on capitol hill as the acting head of homeland security appeared before a house committee in the wake of news that a 16-year-old guatemalan boy died from the flu after being detained near the texas border . >> people keep dying so this is obviously more than a question of resources. it is really clear that this is intentional. is intentional. it is a policy choice being made on person by this administration and is cruel and inhumane . >> there are men and women fighting hard to protect people in our custody. >> reporter: this is the fifth child since december to die after being apprehended by border agents. the center has been temporarily shut down after agents reported a large number of people in custody with high fevers. >> people are being put into
5:58 pm
conditions where it is hard to sleep, placing them in extreme physical and mental stress. that is creating the conditions where you have children dying. >> reporter: the acting secretary expressed this is all the more reason his department needs more funding to address the crisis . >> we need sustained investment, additional emergency support but also changes to our immigration laws to overcome this humanitarian t by the fiscal year ending in september. doug mckelway, fox news. this is ktvu fox 2 news at tentacle aa 6:00. president trump storms out of a meeting with top democrats as calls for impeachment are growing louder. >> we believe the president of the united states is engaged in a coverup. >> reporter: >> today's white house meeting lasted just 3 minutes. i'm frank somerville . >> i'm heather holmes, in for julie. it was supposed to be an opportunity to find common
5:59 pm
ground and discuss infrastructure about the meeting went down in flames . >> live coverage from foxnews lauren blanchard on capitol hill in washington. lauren, the president said he is not happy with democrats' use of the i word, impeachment? >> to put it lightly, frank. >> reporter: what we are told is the president walked into a room, made a brief statement to chuck hu speaker pelosi tried to respond, we are told the president turned and walked out. democrats are saying this was a preplanned stunt . >> i don't do coverups. >> reporter: lawmakers went to the white house to discuss a $2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill but because the president was frustrated with ongoing congressional investigations into obstruction and russian collusion, the meeting was cut short. >> i said i did nothing wrong. let's be transparent. 500 witnesses that i allowed to
6:00 pm
testify. it is a disgrace. >> reporter: president trump pointing to this statement from speaker pelosi just before she departed for the white house . >> we believe the president of the united states is engaged in a coverup. >> reporter: president trump laid out two paths forward: investigation or investment, saying it is one or the other . >> i told senator schumer and speaker pelosi, i want to do infrastructure but yet, these phony investigations need to get over with. >> to watch what happened in the white house would make your jaw drop. we were interested. we are interested in doing infrastructure. it is clear the president isn't. >> reporter: the democrats say they can simultaneously


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