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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  May 22, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> i don't do coverups. >> reporter: lawmakers went to the white house to discuss a $2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill but because the president was frustrated with ongoing congressional investigations into obstruction and russian collusion, the meeting was cut short. >> i said i did nothing wrong. let's be transparent. 500 witnesses that i allowed to testify. it is a disgrace. >> reporter: president trump pointing to this statement from speaker pelosi just before she departed for the white house . >> we believe the president of the united states is engaged in a coverup. >> reporter: president trump laid out two paths forward: investigation or investment, saying it is one or the other . >> i told senator schumer and speaker pelosi, i want to do infrastructure but yet, these phony investigations need to get over with. >> to watch what happened in the white house would make your jaw drop. we were interested. we are interested in doing infrastructure.
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it is clear the president isn't. >> reporter: the democrats say they can simultaneously investigate and legislate. >> he just took a pass. >> reporter: for now, it brings any chance for bipartisan infrastructure bill to a screeching halt and could also jeopardize other important matters including increasing the debt ceiling and setting the budget. frank, heather? >> lauren blanchard in the nation's capital. lauren, thank you. now to san francisco and new details about a shocking crime. a 74-year-old woman kidnapped off the street and repeatedly before being left on the sidewalk nearly 5 hours later. that attack happened while the woman was on a morning walk. it was almost 2 weeks ago and we are told she is still in the hospital tonight. the victim was abducted on broad street, not far from the clear and park and what neighbors call the southern hills neighborhood. cristina rendon has the latest on the investigation and the man in custody.
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>> reporter: a horrible crime in a seemingly safe neighborhood. san francisco police say a 74- year-old woman walking to a friends house is kidnapped of the sidewalk near prague and cruise the streets. it happened may 10 just before 8:00 in the morning. court documents say 47-year-old manwell amador is accused of dragging the elderly woman down his driveway to a side door near the garage. a people belonging to amador's roommate reportedly bit the woman multiple times on her feet, ankle and left hip before she was forced into a room and shoved on the bed. the woman, fighting but unable to get away. >> we know he forcefully, with at least his bare hands, assaulted the victim. >> reporter: court documents say the 74-year-old recalls being strangled and and sexually assaulted multiple times over 4 to 5 hours. amador reportedly admitted to the , saying the woman lost
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consciousness for about 30 minutes. the district attorney's office is recommending he be held without bail . >> due to the, certainly egregious nature of the charges in this case, we thought it was very appropriate to file a motion to detain the defendant pretrial. >> reporter: amador is also accused of dressing the woman and dragging her back outside, leaving her on the sidewalk . >> the victim was found on the sidewalk by a passerby who called 911. medics came and brought her to san francisco general hospital. we are glad she is alive to tell us what happened but we do know that we have the suspect in custody and hopefully, he will face justice. >> reporter: amador is believed to have no prior criminal history. he is set to appear on thursday in court facing a long list of charges. people in the neighborhood are stunned and shocked saying it always seemed safe. cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. also in sentences google
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police in the tenderloin conducted another sweep today, targeting fugitives. this time, officers arrested 61 people on charges ranging from drugs to parole violations. these are the mugshots of 4 people arrested. this is the fourth sweep in the tenderloin in 6 months. so far this year, police say violent crime is down 14% and property crime is down 15%. in palo alto, two teenagers are under arrest expect the blessed suspected in a home invasion. officers responded about 12:45 to a home on colorado avenue. the suspects frightened the homeowner by kicking in a side door, took jewelry and cash before driving away the victim's car. they were arrested a short time later. now to oakland and the ghost ship warehouse trial. a man who survived took this stand today. sam maxwell spent weeks in a coma and was hospitalized for months. of a crime reporter, henry lee explains why defense attorneys tried to block his testimony.
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>> reporter: sam maxwell is in a wheelchair after being the last one to escape from the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. he spent 5 weeks in a coma and another 4 months in the hospital. in court, his hands shook. he needed a speech therapist to translate because the fire damaged his lungs and his brain. maxwell testified there was a bottleneck of 80 people on the second floor of the warehouse as the fire raged. he said he did not leave until the bottleneck cleared and after, he made sure no one had been trampled. he told the jury, going down the stairs, i thought i was going to burn alive. "it was scary. i chose death on those stairs rather than choosing an unknown risk." sarah was one of the 36 people who died. her brother listened to maxwell's testimony . >> they were in the fire and saw how unsafe those stairs were and how scary the fire was and tomorrow to know that my sister was in that and that is
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how she died is very painful to hear. >> reporter: the defense unsuccessfully tried to keep maxwell on the stand on the grounds the jury would be swayed by emotion . >> we are confident the jury can see the difference between mr. maxwell's situation that he is in physically and his testimony so we are not worried about mr. maxwell's testimony. >> reporter: former oakland fire chief maria sabatino was back on the stand. she says authorities could not determine the cause of the fire and found no evidence of mock tough molotov cocktails or arson. andrew stein was brought in specifically to cross-examine her . >> she is incompetent, hiding the truth, trying to protect the city. >> reporter: he says she had been in the ghost ship two years while investigating a fire . >> she saw people living there and did nothing. >> reporter: the attorney will continue to cross-examine the former oakland fire official on thursday. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. new information tonight about a cliff rescue in napa county. authorities say a 20-year-old woman is home and recovering after her car rolled down a 450
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foot cliff. the chp says she is incredibly lucky to be alive and rob roth tells us she might never have been rescued if a man hadn't been riding his bike nearby. >> reporter: the call came into the california highway patrol aerial rescue unit in napa tuesday morning. a car plunged 450 feet down a cliff off highway 121 monticello road in remote napa county . >> we arrived on scene and i said, oh, no, it will be catastrophic. >> reporter: rescuers may never have found the car if not for a cyclist who called 911. he told us by phone and look like the driver was turning the car around and was straining it out . >> then it just slowly drove off the road. in a straight line. never turned, never break. it just disappeared over the cliff and i just asked myself if i really just saw that. >> reporter: the car landed on its side, the drivers side.
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the person behind the wheel does a is a 20-year-old woman. >> reporter: i could not understand what she was saying but she was screaming. >> reporter: rescuers had to cut out a car window to get to her. she took this video of what it was like on the ground. you can see the rescuers coming down from the chopper. the aerial unit had a dangerous job of navigating the helicopter through trees to get above her . >> it was very technical. there is a tree canopy. >> it was literally a threat of a needle. we hit anything it could be catastrophic for the air path aircraft. >> reporter: the woman was wrapped tight and hoisted to a helicopter and off to the hospital. the injuries were not life- threatening. the napa she be chp performs 50 to 60 aerial rescues each year. many and in severe injury or death. this one was a success. >> it is nice to be able to save a life. >> reporter: the woman is home
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from the hospital. she survived the equivalent of a 45 story fall but there is one last thing. we are told she is 10 weeks pregnant. and everything is fine. in napa county, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up here on ktvu news at 6:30 pm, police tape at a home in san francisco where investigators discover a dismembered body. what we have learned about the victim and possible suspects. a big rally at the state capital, thousands of people taking part. what they are demanding from lawmakers. we're tracking the clouds moving in. it is cloudy right now but we go back to sunshine tomorrow with a chance for more clouds as we head toward the weekend. first, metallica is showing off its softer side. see how lars and his fans are helping to feed the bay area
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hungry. a live look at rush-hour traffic on i-80 in emeryville and berkeley. not as bad as it usually is this time of night. ktvu news at 6:00 will be right back.
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the drummer for san francisco-based band, metallica was join my more than -- all to help feed the hungry. lars ulrich had plenty of help at the san francisco on food- based warehouse and pennsylvania avenue. this is the second year of the nonprofit called always in my hands hosted the day.
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lars says this has been something the band has done for many years. >> for quite some time, we have been donating and a lot of people we have been playing in, giving back but it has been primarily under the radar. a few years ago, we thought it was time to change the strategy a little bit and get into encouraging people, fans, metallica family to support us in our charitable endeavors. >> metallica also brings a charitable attitude on the road when the band tours. it donates $10,000 to the local food bank and each city where it's performs. now to union city where parents are joining teachers tonight in their fight for higher pay and better working conditions. this is day 3 of the strike by some 600 teachers and staff in the new haven unified school district. today, talks resumed between the union and the district.
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there hoping to come to a resolution before the next couple of weeks before school lets out for the summer. teachers and parents are planning a big rally at 6:30 pm when the school board meets. we will have a reporter there and have full coverage coming up tonight at 10:00. in sacramento, thousands took to the streets stay demanding more funding for public education, part of the national read for and movement. the teachers, california federation of teachers says too much money is going toward charter schools. the protesters are calling on lawmakers to support legislation to fix what they say are broken laws governing charter schools. they want them to address what they say is the chronic underfunding of public schools. >> we are 43rd in the nation of per-pupil spending but the fifth largest economy in the world. >> reporter: >> today's march began around 1:30 pm near the west steps of the capitol and wound its way through downtown sacramento. now a 2 investigates update surrounding a wrongful
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termination case. it involves a woman who says she was a dedicated employee of bon appitit for decades. she claims she was fired for taking time off to care for her dying mother-in-law. new court records show after 2 investigates got involved, the food service company suddenly settled. >> in february, we made several attempts to contact bon appitit . lawyers representing bon appitit claim in-laws don't qualify for family leave and the company let i funny assigned to know go. she sued. she worked inside genentech in south san francisco for 13 years. she was employed by bon appitit and assigned to food services. when her mother-in-law fell ill, she asked for family leave to care for her in nicaragua. she says the bosses initially
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allowed it but later claimed in- laws don't qualify and blamed the firing decision on computer software. in california, there is a loophole in the law that makes caring for in-laws a gray area for employers. right now, there is a push for new legislation to change that. after our initial 2 investigates story, her case was is all. records show she was paid for all past and future wages she lost as a result of her firing. also more than $200,000 in attorney fees and $25,000 in court costs. documents say trial preparations and our investigation were useful in the ultimate resolution of the case. >> the case was at an impasse before you got involved and after, it resolved. i think your involvement probably had a lot to do with that. >> i feel the stress and i think i can go on with my life. >> i would hope any employer would walk away from a situation like this with a message that you need to treat your employees as human beings but
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-- >> i have my life back. i will say that. >> the exact amount she received is confidential but she does have a new job and she is happy and relieved. former governor jerry brown vetoed a bill that would include in-laws and the family rights act. there are efforts to change that and governor newsom is said to be supportive of the law change. if you have a tip for 2 investigates, send us an email at ktvu, 2 investigates at or leave a message on our tip line, 510-874-02 due to -- 0222. >> we have an update on the forecast. a nice-looking day coming up tomorrow. not bad today, mostly sunny and clouds came in. they are coming from this direction.
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do see the rotation? that is the plan the next few days. we will see plenty of sunshine but in the afternoon, some of this stuff coming off the nevada will bleed off into our area, we could see thunderstorms toward the weekend in the central valley and maybe see scattered showers our way. it should be light at best and not a game changer if you have to get out and do some things. showers are in the forecast for the weekend especially sunday but not, the chances of getting under one are pretty slight. you might see want and we will talk about one but they are not going to be prominent. so you see the clouds coming in that direction, it is unusual, coming from the east. most of our storms come from the west. we are still getting snow in higher elevations. cloudy right now in san francisco, san leandro and oakland. temperatures up this time higher by 17 degrees in fairfield. even with the clouds in, they tend clue to cool
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things off a little bit. there is a picture by the university. a beautiful day. tomorrow we will see more blue sky but we will see the clouds increasing towards the weekend. when i come back, we will talk about that. i don't want you to freak out about the weekend being a mess because i think sunday is the best chance for a shower and i think we are looking at hit and miss showers, not something that will ruin your day. we will see you back with details. a record number of californians are expecting to travel over the upcoming memorial day weekend. aaa says more than 5.4 million people are expected to travel this weekend. traffic is expected to start building around the bay area, starting tomorrow and be at its worst on friday in the late afternoon. aaa says despite high gas prices, 4.5 million californians are expected to drive to their destination this weekend. about 500,000 be at california airports and that is a 5% increase from last year's memorial day. a new study has found san francisco is home to some of the top parks in the country. the nonprofit, trust for public land rent san francisco at seventh best for parks across
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the country. everyone who lives within the city is within a 10 minute walk to a park and there are many dog friendly amenities. fremont, san jose and oakland ranked in the top 50. fresno was the lowest scoring area in california, according to the study. washington, dc ranked number one thanks to renewed investment in playgrounds and park amenities. san francisco also has some world-class museums in the summer, low income residents in the city will be able to visit them for free. the museum for all program is open to residents receive public benefits including medi- cal and everyone should be able to visit the city's art and institutions no matter what the price. 15 museums are participating. the program kicks off on june 1 and runs through september 2. excitement is building for the u.s. open at pebble beach. see how the course is being prepared for the arrival in the
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pros in a few weeks. plus the former san francisco giants got a hole-in-one during a celebrity outing today. also today, a come back of sorts as a hardware chain that has its roots in the bay area get ready for a revival. when you watch mornings on 2, you have the power to stay in the know. >> within the united states, these are the simple steps you have to follow. >> the power to prepare . >> we are starting to see some rain. >> for all of the news, weather and traffic to power your day, watch mornings on 2, tomorrow from 4:00 to 10:00 a.m.
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a stunning day on the monterey peninsula, three weeks before some of the best golfers in the world arrive to play in the u.s. open at pebble beach. >> it certainly is pretty. festivities have already kicked off and some familiar well- known celebrities were out for a round on the court course. >> former san francisco giants even got a hole-in-one. >> reporter: start with one of the most beautiful and iconic courses in golf, bring in the usga to roll the rough longer and narrow the fairway and you have pebble beach, the site of this year's u.s. open. today was designed to introduce some new apps that will make it possible for fans to do everything from tracking their favorite players to pose with the open trophy but then it turned into a lot more. at a round designed to promote the open, former san francisco
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giant postseason star cody ross made a hole-in-one on the par 3 seven toll . >> i used my 60 degree, gave it a little twirl and saw it go past and came right back and it was incredible. to hit a hole-in-one in number seven, the most iconic hole in golf, par 3, the first one ever, by the way. it is pretty amazing. >> reporter: his shot was not the only significant one. open watches will easily recall one of pebbles greatest moments, tom wanted to been at 17 that led to his win in 1982. 10 years earlier, jack nichols hit a 1 iron off the tee of the same hole and led to a clinching birdie. today, former san jose sharks great, owen nolan hit a 1 iron from the same distance and can say he did what jack nicholas did. >> that was unbelievable. they have a demo club up there and it is a 1 iron and i don't think i've ever hit a 1 iron or
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hit it good. >> reporter: you know the old joe, even god can't hit a 1 iron. apparently you can. >> people can get lucky. >> reporter: those guys may have made a couple of holes look easy today but you can count on the fact that over 4 days and 72 holes or more, that will not be the case . >> it will be pebble being pebble for u.s. open and i mean that. >> reporter: one thing you can count on in the sixth open ever held here, something will happen to make it memorable. at pebble beach, joe fonzi, ktvu fox 2. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 pm starts next with a report of a missing man that led police to dismembered body parts. >> we are waiting for the medical examiner to confirm the remains of the person. >> what neighbors are saying abt the family that lived in the home where the body parts
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were found. new allegations of sexual abuse in a catholic high school in the south bay. what a man from the south bay says happened to him more than 60 years ago and why he is finally deciding to come forward now. the oakland a's are red- hot. they suddenly one 6 in a row. we will talk about today's conquests coming up in today's sports.
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president trump walked out of a meeting with congressional leaders today. and said he won't work with democrats until they drop all investigations. democrats say the walkout appeared to be scripted. the white house meeting was said weeks ago to discuss infrastructure and issues where the two sides thought they were fine, ground. a man is accused of kidnapping a 74-year-old woman on her morning walk. dragging her into his house and then her for several hours. investigators say it happened around not far from mclaren park. the da is recommending the suspect 47-year-old manuel
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amador be held without bail. a man who barely survived the deadly 2016 ghost ship fire took the stand to testify. in the manslaughter trial in oakland. maxwell spent weeks in the coma and was hospitalized for months. he testified he thought he was going to die. the defense unsuccessfully tried to keep maxwell off the sand saying the jury would be swayed by emotion. you watching ktvu fox news at 6:30 pm. san francisco police investigating a horrifying killing at a home and the outer mission. >> officers were dispatched to do a welfare check at the home when they discovered a dismembered body. christian tells us investigators are looking for the missing man's relatives.>> reporter: the search for 73- year-old benedict began monday before noon. the investigation leading to a home on del monte and the outer mission neighborhood. police say in the course of
6:32 pm
their investigation they discovered body parts. now detectives are working to see if the remains are those of the missing man. we are waiting for the medical examiner to confirm the remains. of the person. and just confirm or not confirm whether this is the actual missing person. >> reporter: neighbors describing a gruesome scene. >> there were taking out you look like a couple of bodies. someone was dismembered. it was probably one person. >> reporter: neighbors telus an older man lived here with his daughter and grandchildren. the neighbors say a man the daughter's husband or boyfriend would visit frequently. the next-door neighbors that the last time she saw them was last week. is a really nice man. >> reporter: police today confirming they're going door to door looking for leads.
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in any criminal investigation investigators were scouring the area for evidence. that includes a video surveillance. >> reporter: several homes are outfitted with cameras. she said she shared video from her cameras with police of the older man's daughter her boyfriend or husband and one of the children leaving the home of the weekend. she said she heard a loud noises coming from the home. neighbors also say they occasionally heard lard loud arguments. yelling and screaming. you could hear it. i was always wondering who was screaming outside. it was really intense sometimes. >> reporter: medical examiner working to determine who the victim was in the case. for now this is both a missing persons investigation and a homicide investigation until the medical examiner's office can determine the remains that
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were found here at this home are those of benedict chang. one teenager is dead and another in the hospital after the shooting in antioch. it happened near memorial field 11 pm last night. a man walked up to a car and shot the two young men. an 18-year-old was able to drive to the hospital where he is recovering. a 19-year-old man died. he has been identified as donovan heard of antioch. the homicide is the fourth in the city so far this year. 52 years a southbay man is coming forward with allegations of sexual abuse at a catholic high school. the victim's attorney read a personal statement in front of st. francis high school in mountain view today. in it he said brother donald eagleton abused him while he was the band director at the school in 1957. eagleton died in 2004. earlier this year his name was added to a list of priests with incredibly accused of sexually abusing children. i hope my telling of this will help someone else come
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forward. with what happened to them. long ago or recently. >> the victim and his representative one admonition is to notify the school community of the accusation. the school's acting president said he has already done so. menlo park man is the latest parents to plead guilty in the college admission scandal. 54-year-old peter sartorio admitted to paying a college consultant $15,000 to have a proctor correct his daughter's answers on her college entrance exam. sartorial is one of 10 parents who have entered elsie please. three marplan parents are expected to plead guilty on friday. another next month. amazon nonprofit joined forces to help people in affordable housing complex in cupertino. about 40 volunteers from amazon and rebuilding together silicon valley went to work at the vista village apartments.
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the residence have been dealing with minor flooding issues the past few years. today the team helped the level grappled grassy areas trim trees and also plans it vegetation. this year because of all the rain we have had drainage issues along the back property line that needed to be addressed. solidification projects. the up the housing units open in 2003. and houses 50 people. today service project was one of 400 each year that rebuilding together silicon valley coordinates all around the southbay. coming up the man from marin county the american caliban set to be freed from prison tomorrow. what we are learning about the terms of his release and the concern of critics. most of the people who get out will be back in to something like that. >> a new episode.
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the marin county man who became known as the american caliban: the 9/11 attacks is set to be released from prison tomorrow. john walker was just 20 at the time. he has served 17 years. of a 20 year sentence. he is getting out early for good behavior. some lawmakers don't think he should be getting out at all.>> reporter: we first saw him in
6:40 pm
december 2001 following a prison uprising afghanistan. when we lent the name of the young american whitt joined the caliban. he was interviewed by cia agent from alabama who was killed in the uprising. the first american killed in afghanistan. he was brought back to the u.s. facing charges ranging from conspiracy to murder u.s. citizens to supporting al qaeda. he pleaded guilty to only one charge for aiding the caliban and carrying weapons in afghanistan. his sentence was 20 years. he has served 17. foreign policy magazine reported a leak document from the national counterterrorism center while in prison he continued to advocate for global jihad. and to write and translate violent extremist text. special conditions for his release prevent him from possessing an internet capable
6:41 pm
device without permission from his probation office. he may not mcqaid online in any language other than english. have a foreign passport even though he has dual citizenship with ireland. alabama senators at the bureau of prisons lacks sufficient safeguards to prevent offenders from three. returning to violence. some kind of plea bargain deal. he should serve at all. he should've gotten more than that. to let him out most of the people who get out will be back into something like that. >> reporter: he sued for the right to communal prayer in 2013. in 2014 he joined a lawsuit allowing inmates to wear uniforms in keeping with islamic traditions. the daughter of the cia operative who was killed that his early release feels like a slap in the face. nice- looking day. a few clouds out there. more clouds towards the weekend. there is the outside chance for showers was late in the weekend. we'll talk about that and what you can expect for thursday.
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we go to romance in the newsroom with a look at the stories we are looking on for the 7 pm hour. the hot button issue of vaccinations exemptions once again taking up by state lawmakers. the decision reached today despite parents saying they won't comply. pg&e gets approval to establish a fund for wildfire victims. it is much less than survivors can ask for. those stories and more coming up live at 7 pm. excitement in the oncology unit at a bay area hospital for children. the special visit today by buster posey. a live look outside as we listen to.
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an independent review panels of engineers are still experts meeting in new york city to decide whether san francisco's trans bay transit center is ready to reopen. the two-point $1 billion transit center has been closed since last september 25. after workers discovered cracks into steal things. that was six months after the transit center open. the repairs are now complete. the center cannot reopen into the review panel says there are no remaining areas of concern. orchard supply hardware is making a comeback of sorts. a new store outdoor supply hardware to take over seven former locations. an offer many of the same products and services as the original stores. the central network retail
6:46 pm
group is hoping to re-create the appeal. the company has been tightlipped about the seven sites. sources say they have been looking at locations all around the bay area. some people came along we tried to go the other day it cannot get help. the small orchard was much better. the new outdoor supply hardware will be hiring staff and stocking merchandise the next seven months with the hopes of being ready to open by september. jesse did a piece and it was farmers who started it many years ago. during the depression. >> a long time ago. i love stories like that. we are back to the weather around here. the weather is basically nicer than it was. we will stay this way.
6:47 pm
midwest getting slammed and they will keep getting slammed. tomorrow will be another day of this. as they go into friday as well. beware if you're heading to chicago. dallas has had flight delays. certainly kansas city. st. louis. the major hubs dallas and chicago. denver has the weather. all because of this week system come to our area. they go out there and blossom. the environment out there is much more condivto conductivity this time of year. that is why they have severe weather this time of year. these things come here. for us job a quarter inch of rain. they go out there and create tornadoes. that is how it can happen. in the mountains you have this activity coming off the west slope. the flow will continue right through the bay area weekend. that is why there is a chance of a shower on sunday. even on saturday. even on friday a little bit. this is wrapped around stuff. look at how much warmer it is
6:48 pm
because of the sunshine today. the wraparound stuff when it comes in off the west slope of sierra nevada is thunderstorms. it blows up. then it jumps over the valley. gets into that convective area and the heat around stockton and sacramento. they blossom even more. then they the remnants jephthah towards us. we sometimes get a straight thunderstorm or shower. they are not does not like we get these waves that will drench the bay area from north to south. i'm trying to. saturday is the best day. sunday will be fine too. that is the pattern. that pattern could change. right now it is. there is tomorrow morning. it does it again. that stuff blows up in the afternoon. it is thursday. then we go to friday. the flow changes a little bit. you saw onshore flow. it goes back into the flow on saturday. and sunday specifically. we will see that coming off again. that is a tough forecast. even though the model say a chance of rain it is tough to
6:49 pm
make that happen. a lot can go on and that system. if the trough moves a degree to the south it is not happening. it looks like a good day tomorrow. warmer tomorrow. probably the warmest day of the week with temperatures trending down towards the weekend. sepsis go giants catcher buster posey brought a lot of smiles the kids with cancer in oakland. he and his wife stopped by the children's hospital oakland to hand out gifts and chat with kids. he autographed hats and socks that have his picture on them. posey and his wife as the kids about their families their favorite sports and also what kind of ice cream be like. it is nice to have some excitement. people that come in care. certainly people like buster. it gives us something to look forward to. and gives the kids something special. getting to spend a few minutes with them if it makes their day a little bit better.
6:50 pm
it is all worthwhile. many of the children in the oncology unit have spent months away from home. friends in school. the hospital often brings special guest to add happiness to their day. it gives them a chance to think about something other than their illness. really nice of buster posey and his wife. the a's are loving life on the road these days. winning their sixth straight game today. mark will have the highlights coming up next in sports. in prime time tonight on ktvu masterchef celebrity showdown. that is followed by gordon ramsay's 24 hours to hel and back. his stay with us for the 10 pm and 11 pm news. ws.
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marta joins us to talk about the a's who are on a roll. now that your sharks. his other hot team. they are a hot as a matter of fact. as you recall it was about this time last year. it was early june when they took off on a hot streak. here they go again. what a great road trip through
6:54 pm
detroit and cleveland. sick straight. there at 500. there are averaging 7 1/2 runs per game. nick hundley has something. games are getting great production out of the catcher. second home run of the year. 3-0 and cleveland. second and third. when you're going good those things find a whole. rbi single. 4-0 over cleveland. chris davis on the injured list. getting a lot of. three rbis. at this double. added a home run. the a's leading cleveland. getting off to the lead and good strong pitching. frankie coming on of late. six innings no run struck out 9. his era 2.40. one of the league leaders. 6-2. the a's are heading home 7- 2 winners. a lot of people are going through warrior withdrawals.
6:55 pm
they don't play again until the nba finals start a week from tomorrow. hoping for good news tomorrow injury wise with regard to kevin durant. if he is ready for basketball activities. he will get back to practice. today more good news. it starts with the defense. draymond green is playing like a man possessed. 2018/19 all defensive team getting second-team honors along with klay thompson. who should have been on this team a long time ago. he played sensational defense. hard to believe that is his first honor of his career. he averaged 21.5 points per game. so he could score. draymond green doing it all as the warriors rolled into the finals. 49ers and raiders with some organized team activities this week. the raiders happy to have antonio brown. their big off-season acquisition who missed yesterday taking care of a speeding ticket in pittsburgh. an action. connecting with their derek car. they're hoping that begins a
6:56 pm
long time relationship. when a connection where number 84. developing a report. i think jon gruden already is sick and tired of hearing about these relationship questions. you can't rush a relationship. you just don't have a great relationship and three weeks or two months. it is something you have to earn and you have to work at. that is why it is important we spend time together. i'm a little worn out with all of the relationships and all the things that really don't matter right now. just play football at this point. it is time to check this out. tom brady one of the all-time if not the greatest quarterback of all time. where does he rank as far as the barber? his son might have a word to say about that progress. check this out.
6:57 pm
that was a big chunk of your hair. big chunk of your hair. my dad used to do that to me. a player gets involved. >> check this out. this is a unique way of scoring a goal. high school kids. with his derrihre. a lot of things you can say about this play. i don't want the kid to be the butt of any jokes. pretty creative. check that out. that is the sporting life. for right now. giants play tonight against the braves. are news comes up next at 11 pm. excuse me at 7 pm on ktvu plus. we will see you at 10 pm
6:58 pm
and 11 pm.
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7:00 pm
sheldon, it's not a great time! what do you want? hello to you, too. i'm sorry, but this is important. what is it? back to the future ii was in the back to the future iii case... and back to the future iii was-- get this-- in the back to the future ii case. so? so, did you do that, or am i in the house with an intruder? sheldon, i got to go inside. it's getting rough out here. you're dodging the question; i knew it was you. (deep rumbling growl) what was that? what was what? this isn't a very good connection, but it sounded like someone just released a kraken.


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