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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 22, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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. this is the 10:00 news on kutv fox 2. >> a bay area city says no to request to fly the gay pride flag sparks strong reaction from the lgbtq community. i'm hurt. feels like i'm not welcome in high hometown. >> east bay si of devlin will not fly the rainbow flag next month during pride. i'm heather holmes in for julie. >> i'm frank somerville. residents spoke out against the idea. they say if the rainbow flag is put it, it will open the way for other flags to be put up. we're outside dublin city hall. >> reporter: frank, heather, the idea of raising rainbow flag rejected here in the city
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of dublin. the city has no formal policy for flag requests. you can see flee flags fly high, the american, the state and the city of dublin. the city of dublin prides its set of on youtube ti and touted as one of the best places the raise a family. the move by city council has some questioning that. >> as a gay man growing up through the marriage equality fight and serving in the military under don't ask, don't tell, we have more work to do. >> reporter: sean is the first gay city council member. when the request came before the city council it caught many off guard. >> can we fly the black lives
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flag, communist flag >> there is another letter that wants to be added in what's being propagated in and that's the letter p for pedophile. >> there is no s which could stand for straight. >> i'm so angry. it's unreal that people are against this when it's just a flag for the month. >> reporter: this month honoring pride at city hall called it hateful and hurtful. >> it wasn't fun. i'm not surprised. >> reporter: mike grant has been a resident of dublin for 30 years and owns guns unlimited. he brought his nra flag and says if that one should fly so should his. 've been discriminated against by the democrats. i'm in the same category as
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they are. are the council ultimately decideed the public's flag pole is reserved for the federal, state and city flags only. some community members like this straight mom are organizing grass roots campaign to fly rainbow flags at their home. they suggested flying the flag for one day and that got shot down. the council did approve a proclamation for pride month and city staff is now considering coming up with a formal flag policy. back to you. >> all right, thank you. >> now to union city where emotions ran high at the new haven school district board meeting where teachers are on strike for a third straight day. >> i can't even look at you. >> a handful of teachers shouted at district superintendent orlando smith while inside it was packed
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room. teacher, parents and students sounded off including fifth grader who talked about his dad who is a high school teacher. >> my dad is a teacher. it's hard on my family. give these teachers what they deserve. >> talks did resume today between the district and union. teachers want a 10% raise over two years. they say there is not enough money to give the teachers more than the 1% raise plus a one time 3% payment. >> many took to the streets to demand more funding for the public schools. many at the rally were teachers from the bay area and they dress in red for the red for ed movement. they organize add day of action and they want lawmakers to
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address the under funding of public schools. we're the largest economy of the world. are california federation of teachers say too much money is going to the charter schools. they want to change how the schools are governed. >> new at 10:00, a crack down on unsafe drivers at railroad crossings. our cameras are there as the police catch drive evers sitting on the tracks. the bay area is a busy corridor for train traffic with commuter, long distance and service all missioning with cars. richmond police join union pacific trying to catch the drivers who don't follow the rules. they spoke at the intersection tonight. amber. >> reporter: heather, this evening in a span of three and a half hour, police issued a
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total of 20 citations for drivers stopping their cars on the train tracks. union pacific and richmond police say this campaign is about saving lives. the sights and sound of an approaching train didn't stop a silver sedan from speeding across the track during the evening commute. union pacific says this intersection is among the busy in knock knock with three sets of train tracks. >> people are stopping on the track, not stopping at the limit lines or for the railroad signals. >> reporter: all common violations. >> reporter: richmond police par neverred with union pacific. the driver was cited and blames congestion. >> there is too much traffic. >> the train is going to win every time, unfortunately.
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>> reporter: the trains travel up to 60 miles per hour for union pacific and 70 for amtrak. there is a sign stating do not stop on tracks and there are crossing arms at this intersection but police say in the past five years there have been five train collisions here killing three pedestrians and injuring two motorists. you have motorist that is are in such a hurry, such a rush that they're disregarding their own safety and the safety of others. >> reporter: trains can come quickly from different directions. in texas on tuesday a union pacific train hit a sheriff's vehicle when the deputy drove around the lowered crossing arm. the deputy survived. >> reporter: this back here in richmond, this pedestrian is breaking the law. the person is trespassing. >> trains are an optical
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illusion. they look like they're not moving as fast as you think they are. they're actually moving faster, especially if there are red lights flashing and bells whistling. you might want to pay attention. >> reporter: here they conduct safety training once a mob a.citation can cost up to $400 depending on the violation. amber lee, kutv fox 2 news. >> in east oakland police are investigating a homicide near 78th avenue and weld street. officers responded to a shotspotter alert just before 7:00 p.m.. when officers arrived they found a person suffering from one gunshot wod. the person died a the scene. officers set up a perimeter in the area but were unable to locate experts. >> a man accused of kidnapping and raping 74-year-old woman in san francisco is scheduled
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to appear in court tomorrow. the 47-year-old kidnapped the woman while she was on her morning walk. police say he dragged her into his house where he repeatedly raped her over a five hour period on may 10th. he ease accused of dressing the woman, dragging her outside leaving her on the sidewalk. the victim was found on the sidewalk bypasser buys who called 911. medics came and brought her to san francisco general hospital. we're glad she's alive to tell us what happened. >> the district attorney's office is recommending holding him without bail. >> also in san francisco, a gruesome killing at a home in the outer mission. officers were sent to do a welfare check and they found a
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dismembered body. now they're looking for relatives of the victim. >> reporter: the search for benedict change began monday afternoon, they discovered body parts and now detectives are working to see if the remains are those of the missing man. >> we're waiting for the medical examiner to confirm the remains of the person and to confirm orpheus not confirm if this is the actual missing person. >> reporter: neighbors describing a gruesome scene. >> they were taking out a couple of bodies and according to the news it was someone dismembered and maybe it was one person. >> reporter: members say an older man lived here with his daughter and grandchildren, the husband and
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boyfriend, would visit frequently. >> he was a nice man. in the morning sometimes i would go to work and i would see him and he say good morning. i so shocked. >> reporter: police today confirming they're going door- to-door looking for leads. >> in any criminal investigation, investigators will scour the area for evidence including video surveillance. >> reporter: several homes in the area are outfitted with cameras including may khan's. she also says she heard loud noises coming from the home. >> i don't know what happened. are neighbors say they heard loud arguments from inside the home. >> yelling and screaming. always wondering who is screaming outside. it's kind of intense sometimes.
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>> reporter: the medical examiners office working to determine who is victim was in this case. now this is a missing person's investigation and homicide investigation until they can determine if these are his actual remains. >> president trump storms out of a white house meeting saying help won't work with democrats until they drop the investigation. it's warming up around here. temperatures up in the 70s and tomorrow warmer. there is a chance for showers in the five day. >> it's graduation night for san quentin's culinary night. see how the inmates are being taught job skills for a productive life outside prison life. it's time for our memorial day sale on the
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sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. save $1,000 on the new queen sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, only $1,799. only for a limited time. . federal authorities have revised the death toll of my grant children in u.s. custody. they now say six have died since september. a ten-year-old died months ago but her death wasn't reported until today and it's not clear why it wasn't disclosed to. day the acting director of
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homeland security appeared after reports of a 16-year-old died from the flu while in u.s. custody. it's cruel and inhumane. >> men and women fight hard to protect people in our custody. >> the acting secretary says they need more funding to address the crisis created by the large number of migrants. >> president trump walked out of a meeting today saying he can't work with democrats if they keep investigating him. the meeting was seen as an opportunity to find common ground on a bipartisan bill. >> reporter: heather, the president called the investigations a witch hunt. democrats said he stageed today's walk out because he couldn't make a deal. the bottom line is the $2 trillion infrastructure plan was kicked down the road. the comment that sparked his anger came from house speaker
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nancy pelosi as she emerged from a meeting. we believe the president of the united states is engaged in a cover-up. >> speaker pelosi and chuck schumer went to the white house to discuss infrastructure. president trump stayed three minutes saying he wouldn't do a deal on infrastructure while they investigated him and then he walked out. >> i'm the most transparent president probably in the history of the country. >> reporter: president trump said he is victim of a witch hunt. >> i told senator schumer, speaker pelosi i want to do infrastructure. i want to do it more than you want to do it. i'd be really good at that. that's what i do. but you know what? you captain do it under these
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circumstances. >> reporter: seman accurates say president trump is creating a disease traction because he can't deliver on the infrastructure deal they discussed weeks before. >> approximate president asked where would they spend and i was prepared to give a 35 page plan detailing this. now that he was forced to say how he'd play for it, he had to run away. >> reporter: this comes as the constitution's power comes now that they may decide whether to impeach. >> if we allow that to happen we'll have a loud executive branch to extinguish congressional oversight. >> this is the democrat, so much focused on taking down the president, not doing what's best for the country.
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>> one professor wrote a book. >> the biggest shift we're seeing is a blanket refusal of the administration to abide by subpoenas and provide documents. congress has no business at all doing these investigations. that's a kind of a straw and assertion of presidential power and demotion of congress' power that is different. are he says historically congress and the white house have managed to do investigations and govern at the same time. he said during nixon and clinton administration, major legislation still got through washington. >> the u.s. government says the new $20 bills feature harriet tubman won't roll out until 2028. the decision to replace former president andrew jackson by
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harriet tubman happened during the obama administration. the fate has been endowed since the 2016 campaign. then candidate donald trump criticized it as pure political correctness. steve mnuchin says it's being delayed because the $10 bills and $50 bills must be redone first. >> stocks finished lower over the uncertainty of trade policies and earnings. the dow dropped 100 poignants, nasdaq develop 3 had known points. qualcomm dived almost 7%. >> now to morrin county where a multicourse gourmet dinner was served tonight. this dinner was prepared at san quentin by inmates who
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graduated from the quentin cooks culinary program. the 12 week program teaches them the skills they need to work in a fast paced restaurant. organizers say the course focuses on teamwork, discipline and acounted built forgeting the job done. those are all skills needed to succeed outside of prison. >> you have to want to change. you have to want to change. if you don't want it, zero. if you want it sky is the limit. seven inmates completeed the intensive program and were on hand to prepare, cook and serve the dinner. we'll have more on the programs and the inmates and hop it's helping them thrive. we're looking into the weather right now. we have showers that are going to be doing this all week. the showers are swinging right
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back out over the sacramento area now. the flow, the trends, see the flow? that's unusual when it comes from this direction. that's why you're hearing chance of showers for the bay area sunday. we might see a sprinkle or something on friday and saturday. it would be low grade stuff based on what we're seeing now. for now look how close this stuff is getting. sacramento a few showers. so it's not going to be hard for some of this to sneak across the valley as we get into saturday and sunday. cloudy out there in the south bay but clear in the morning or mostly clear. temperatures tomorrow are going to go back to where they were today. concord is 67 degrees right now. tomorrow is going to be warm, mid to upper 70s. we do have that chance of a shower looking at us for the
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weekend. we'll try to explain why that is. he saw a car disappear right over a cliff. how an alert cyclist touched off a risky rescue operation that saved a pregnant woman's life. also, the oakland a's plan to build a new waterfront ballpark. how they advanced the project today. ect today.
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. new at so, plans for a new oakland a's ballpark cleared another hurdle today. the state assembly pass add bill to allow the stadium near jackson's square. the executives say the privately financed ballpark will be a model of great design and sustainable development and they say it will create new jobs with great wages. some say it could have a negative impact on shipping operations. >> the u.s. open at pebble beach is a few weeks away but plans are underway. there railroad familiar faces
10:26 pm
on the course today including former player on the giants who got a hole in one. >> reporter: start with one of the most beautiful and iconic courses in golf, bring in the usga and you've got pebble beach, the sight of this year's u.s. open. today we had the chance to introduce new apps for fans to track players to pose with the open trophy and then it turned into a lot more. in a round designed to promote the open, former giant cody roth, made a hole in one on the par 37th hole. >> came right back in. to hate in one on number 7, the most iconic hole in golf,
10:27 pm
par pthat was amazing. >> reporter: open watchers will easily recall one of pebble's greatest moment, tom watson's chip in at 17 that led to his win in 1982. ten years earlier, jack nicholas hit a one iron off of the same hole that led to a clenching birdie. owen nolan did a one eye from the same distance and can say he did what jack nicklaus did. >> unbelievable. they have a demo club up there and it's a one iron. you know the old joke, even god can't hit a one iron and you can. are they may have made a couple of holes to look easy today but over four days and 72 holes or more, that won't be the case. >> it'll be pebble being pebble
10:28 pm
for a u.s. open. >> reporter: one thing you can count on in the 6th ever open held here, something will happen poteet make it memorable. never turned, never braked, just disappeared over the cliff. >> a cyclist see as cargo over the cliff. how he got to the driver 450 feet down the cliff. >> later, relief at a bay area mosque. why worshipers fear it may be forced to close. and a survivor of the deadly ghost ship fire and why the defense tried to block the testimony. >> it was one day late but the raiders knew antonio brown made it today. we'll see if mark is on time coming up later in sports.
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. a 20-year-old woman this, is incredible. she's home and recovering, incredibly lucky to be alive after her car plunged down a 450-foot cliff a.chp helicopter pulled her to safety. they say she may not have been rescued or found if a man had
10:32 pm
not been riding his bike. >> reporter: the call came in to the california highway patrol aerial rescue unit. the car plunged 450 feet down a cliff off highway 121. >> when we arrived on scene i said this is going to be catastrophic. >> reporter: rescuers may not have found the car if not for a cyclist riding here by. he said it looked like the driver was turning the car around. >> it slowly drove off the road in a straight line, never turned, never braked, just disappeared. >> reporter: the car landed on its side, the driver's side. the person behind the wheel is a 20-year-old woman. >> i could hear her screaming. >> reporter: rescuers had to cut out the car windshield to get to the woman.
10:33 pm
the passerby ran down the steep terrain to try to offer comfort. you can see the rescue coming down from the chopper. they had the dangerous job of navigating the helicopter through the trees. >> if we hit anything it could be catastrophic with the aircraft. >> reporter: the woman was wrapped tight and hoisted into the helicopter and then off to the hospital. the injuries were not life threatening. the napa chp performs 50 to 60 aerial rescues each year and many end in severe injury or death. this rescue was a success. >> nice to be able to save a life. >> reporter: the woman is home from the hospital and surviveed the equivalent of a 45 story fall. we're told she's ten weeks pregnant and everything is
10:34 pm
fine. >> really is amazing. >> in san francisco, police arrested dozens of people has part of an operation targeting fugitives. officers arrestees 61 people in charges ranging from drugs to parole violations. the station captain says these operations are part of the department's overall strategy to try to give people a safe and healthy neighborhood. >> another parent pleaded guilty in the college canada. he admitted to page $15,000 to have a proctor correct his daughter's answers on her college entrance exams. he's one of ten parent that is entered guilty employees. he is the founder and president of pj's organics. he is scheduled to be sentenced on october 11th. >> now to oakland and testimony
10:35 pm
in the ghost ship trial. a man who surviveed the fire took the stand today. he spent weeks in a coma and was hospitalized for months. >> reporter: sam maxwell is now in a wheelchair after being the last one to escape from the deadly ghost ship fire n.court his hands shook. he need add speech therapist to translate because the fire damaged his lungs and brain. he said there was about 830 people on the second floor of the warehouse. he said he didn't leave until it cleared. he told the jury going down the stairs i thought i was going to burn alive. it was scary. i chose death on the stairs rather than choosing an unknown risk. one brother of a victim
10:36 pm
listened to his testimony. >> to listen to someone there in the fire and see how unsafe the stairs were and to know my sister was in that and that's how she died, very pantoffle hear. >> reporter: the defense unsuccessfully tried to keep maxwell off the stands. >> we're confident the jury can see the difference between mr. maxwell's situation. we're not worried about his testimony. >> reporter: former oakland fire investigator was back on the stand. she testify thad authorities could not determine the cause of the fire and und fono evidence of arson or molotov cocktails. one brought in to cross examine her says she reese trying to prove that she's hideing the truth and trying to protect the city. >> she walked into the building
10:37 pm
and saw people living there and did nothing about it. >> reporter: an attorney will continue cross examineing the fire official on thursday. henri lee, kutv, fox 2 news. >> and be sure to stay with us here on kutv for henry's coverage of the ghost ship drive. at you'll find our daily blog. it's a famous name here in the bay area. >> we're tracking bit of a warm-up and then a cool down again. it's going to be familiar to you. coming up in three minutes the man known as the american taliban, the backlash to his release from prison tomorrow.
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when you can't get to the mountain... that's cool. ...we bring the mountain to you. let's go hike over there. i'm out. i'm out. me too. guys! crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source. new at 10:00, members of a mocks in vacaville are relieved to learn their house of worship will stay open. someone complained that the mosque may be on operating without the proper permits. one said it's a misunderstanding and they can stay open as long as someone is living on the property. >> at no point did we try to
10:41 pm
shut anything down or did we ask them to stop. >> members say the clarification is welcomed news especially this time of year. they're observing ramadan. >> the man became known as american taliban is set to be released in tomorrow. he is getting out early for good be very. he was brought back to the united states from after after following the 9/11 attacks in 2001. the government's case was considered weak and lind pleaded guilty to one charge for aiding the taliban and carrying weapons into afghanistan. some lawmakers say he may still be radicallized and should have a stiffer pun nichment. >> he got 20 years and he should serve it out.
10:42 pm
most of the people who get out will be back in. are the terms of his release prevent lind from possessing an internet capable device without permission from his probation officer. if he goes online he can only communicate in english. have to live neared with live near washington d.c.. >> a woman asked for family leave to care for her mother in nicaragua. centeno's case was resolved. >> i hope any employer would walk away with a message that
10:43 pm
you need to treat your employees as human beings. >> she was paid for all past and future wages she lost as a result of her firing and attorneys fees and $25,000 in court cost. still ahead, a program allowing free admission to san francisco museums this summer for people who might not be able to go. the plan to reopen seven orchard hardware locations under a different name. bill martin is tracking the holiday weekend forecast. show us which day has a chance of showers. of showers.
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orchard supply hardware is making come back sort of. a new store, outdoor supply hardware will take over some of the locations. >> the parent company is hoping to recreate the appeal of the original. >> reporter: there is not much left of orchard supply hardware, just empty store front, historic signs and empty box car. osh was part of their shared history, started by a group of
10:47 pm
farmers that always kept the hometown feeling. >> there is something that resonates the community is osh hardware. >> reporter: the stores were sold to lowes and shuttered in 2018. the central network retail group is announcing they easy paying 7 stores in california a at former locations. that eye elle be called outdoor supply hardware and offering the same hardware and services. they say these stores have meant so much to these communities and we're excited to bring them back to life. shoppers are excited to. >> i tried to go the other day and couldn't get help. the small orchard was much better. >> alike to shop local and keep it smaller. >> reporter: the company has been tight lipped about the seven locations chosen and they
10:48 pm
have not said if san jose is on the list. locals hope as long as the stores bring back the customer service too. >> it's a new company and if they can bring that back they'll have something special. >> reporter: the new outdoor supply hardware will be hiring staff and stocking merchandise with the hopes of being ready to hope by september. >> all right, in the line that our weather affects their weather, check tout storms in the st. louis area. these are tornado watches. this is like the third night in a row out in this area. the trough is feeding this weather system. when they get out in the planes they develop and blossom. flights to chicago, st. louis,
10:49 pm
dallas, parts of oklahoma, flight delays on and off during day. the showers around here are rotating around this low and working its way across the valley. this is sort of the pattern. these are actual showers. some of these will get close to our area, especially on sunday. right now it does not look like it's going to be a big deal. i don't want you to blow up your weekend because you're were richauned about sunday's showers. these types of storms are typically hit or miss. the overnight lows in the 50s, 52 in fairfield, 57 in antioch. you have thursday morning looking like this for all of
10:50 pm
us. the wind shifts will occur on friday when the winds come on shore. tomorrow nice day all day. mostly sunny, upper 70s. not 80s and 90s but upper 70s. friday looks pretty darn go ahead. as we get into saturday we see the thunderstorms starting to pop in. they'll start to come out into the valley. we see this a lot in the spring months. here is the five day forecast there. is a chance in there and it's going to stay in there. if you get wet, not that big of a deal. you see the temperatures spike tomorrow. wind shift saturday and sunday cooler. clouds on the weekend and cooler. there is a chance but don't put much into that. >> some of san francisco's
10:51 pm
world class museums are offering free admission to some who receive public benefits. the mayor said that everyone should be able to visit the city's museums no matter the price. 15 museums are taking part in the program that kicks off june 1st-september 2nd. >> coming up next in sport, a hot hitting oakland a's are loving life on the road. they're scoring more than 7 runs per game. mark is on deck at 11:00. >> inside california's oldest prison dinner is served. we go behind bars for a culinary training program that gives inmates a look at what they can achieve once they're released. this is not a bed.
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. mark joins us now. i wish you had good news to deliver. >> he does, the a's won. >> but not in regards to the giants. >> doesn't it seem calm on the sports front with no playoff action. shark, the dream is over and the warrior, a week from tomorrow. you get the feeling there may be a many summer nights for the giants like this.
10:55 pm
lack of energy, sloppy play. ball game over after atlanta's six run 2nd. jeff samardzija gets it all the bat of alby. the ball gets by buster. in comes a run to make it 2-0. the next pitch by samardzija is deposited, over and out. dansby swanson, three run shot and freddie freeman homered, 6- 0. even when it was good it turned bad for the giants. nick markakis with a beautiful throw. buster is a goner. six unearned runs in that one inning. that seals it for the giants. 9-2 is the final. but there does seem to be a
10:56 pm
team ready to take center stage and tie us over until football season. a's on a bit of a roll. six straight win, they're at .500 averaging 7.5 runs per game. nick hundley getting good production there. robbie grossmann, those are those that sneak through. matt olsen with the slide is in, 4-0. chryst davis on the injured list getting a lot of his at-bats. he had a homer, rides this one off the boards. three rbi's a double, 5-0 lead. you get the pitching that is the starting pitching. frankie coming in, e.r.a. 2.40 and he is 6-2. the a's
10:57 pm
have won six in a row. the warrior, everybody thinks they press a button and turn it on. the button has a d and it starts the defense. we've been seeing plenty of it. draymond green was supposed to have started, named to the nba's all defensive team asecond team honor for him. he's made it the last five years. clay thompson, first time honoree. he plays desense and has since he broke into the nba but this is the first time he's been honored as one of the top players in all of the nba. meanwhile, ota's for the 49ers and raiders but oakland is getting the news today because antonio brown showed up. number 84 missed yesterday dealing with a speeding ticket in pittsburgh.
10:58 pm
derek carr, these two are going to develop a rapoport if that is any evidence and developing an early connection and relationship. you know what? from the sounds of it, jon gruden is tired of hear about the relationships on and off the field. >> yu just don't have a great relationship two weeks or three months. you have to work at it. that's why it's important to spend time together. i'm worn out with all of the relationships and the things that don't matter right now. >> just play football. he's a football guy, jon gruden and so is tom brady. did you know he also wheels a [ inaudible ] check this out.
10:59 pm
>> what was that? >> that was big clump of your hair. that brings back memories. this is brandon a double to left field. no problem. watch him tear about first base. that is one of those wanna get away moments. teammates rubbing it in. he got a hit and they beat the dodgers. triple play classic, 5-4-3 and the white sox turn it beautifully. that is the sporting life at this hour, 11 obamacare london bridge atime for more news. >> coming up next at 11 a.m. the, the battle between you and the train, the train is going to win every time.
11:00 pm
ador altogether lgbtq. union pacific said the safety campaign is to tell of the damageers of crossing. the sight and sound of approaching train didn't stop a sedan of speeding across the tracks. union pacific said this intersection is morning the busiest in northern california.


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