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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  May 23, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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the dynamics of these lows we are getting. look at the amount of rain we've had come across the
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rockies and get the gold moisture and that is a combination that is usually not good and right there you can see the line on the forms. chicago back to cincinnati st. louis and kansas city and on the weekend, we had thunderstorms. that same load generating a lot of activity because it picks up a lot of strength. a look at the circulation over the west. it was one yesterday in seattle and anchorage, alaska than it was in phoenix. that tells you. 20 degrees below average and look at the date on their. in fact, a friend of mine was talking to another friend and he said is cold down here. that is in arizona. you don't hear that in may very often. some cloud cover might come off the sierra. with patchy fog. temperatures up a little bit the still submit 50s and there and we will have some partly cloudy skies. overall not bad with temperatures bumping up but another low actually two will form in the pacific northwest and drop in on us for the weekend. the main will be on sunday the
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partly cloudy. mostly sunny and low clouds out there as well but 60s and 70s. here he is. the group for all your traffic needs. >> that is very generous of you steve. my pleasure. thank you. >> good morning everyone. steve and i are friends so he has to be nice to me i think. westbound 580 as you come out to the tracy triangle there were some road work there and a little bit of a backup which is unusual for this time of the morning. they should be picking it up but there is a backup right there and also you can see traffic looks good through livermore in the east bay. we have some slowing on northbound 88 approaching 92 also a little bit of roadwork right there and that is going to cause a momentary slowdown. this is a look at interstate 880 n. and south it looks good. there is some roadwork right here on northbound 8866 that is clearing and not causing a big slowdown. at the bay bridge toll plaza it is right. let's go back to the desk.
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this is dave four of the strike by teachers in the new haven unified school district and emotions are running high. >> shame on you! shame on you! >> teachers parents and students packed a previously scheduled board meeting and used the public comment period to draw attention to the teachers demands for higher pay and better working conditions and that includes a 5th grader who pleaded with the board to end the strike for the texas father who is a high school teacher in the district. >> my dad teaches and it has been hard on my family. into the strike. give these teachers what they deserve. >> subcommittees from both negotiating teams met yesterday
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in the district says there will be another session today but the district says the meeting is not a formal negotiation. also the two sides are trying to find areas where they agree. a man accused of kidnapping and a 74-year-old woman in san francisco will be in court later today. 47-year-old manuel amador is accused of kidnapping the elderly woman on may 10 while she was on her morning walk on pride street. not far from mclaren park. police say he then dragged her into his house and her. we've been told she is still in a hospital. the district attorney's office is recommended that he be held without bail. a marion county man who became known as the american taliban after the 9/11 attack will be released from prison today. he is getting out on good behavior the some lawmakers do not think you should be getting out at all. mike tobin reports. we first saw him in december 2001 following a prison up writing in
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afghanistan. he was interviewed by cia agent mike spann from alabama who was killed in the uprising. the first american killed in afghanistan. he was brought back to the u.s. facing charges from conspiracy to murder u.s. citizens to supporting al qaeda. he pleaded guilty to only one charge for aiding the taliban in carrying weapons in afghanistan. his sentence was 20 years. he has served 17. special conditions for his release prevent him from possessing an internet capable device without permission from his probation office. you may not communicate online in any language other than english have a foreign passport even though he has dual citizenship with ireland. >> he got 20 years in some kind of a plea bargain deal and he should serve at all. he probably should've gotten more than that. >> the daughter of mike spann who was killed says his early release feels like a slap in the face. in terre haute indiana. time is now 4:6. the former fire investigator will be back on the witness stand for a 3rd street date in the ghost ship fire trial and
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hearing from amanda survived the fire. our crime report was in the courtroom and tells us what defense lawyers try to block his testimony. >> sam maxwell is now in a wheelchair after being the last one to escape from the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. he spent five weeks in a coma and another four months in the hospital. maxwell testified that there was a bottleneck of 80 people on the second floor of the warehouse. he said he didn't leave until the bottle neck cleared and after he make sure no one had been trampled. he told the jury going down the stairs i thought i was going to burn alive. it was scary. i choose death on the stairs rather than choosing an ongoing risk. the defense tried to keep maxwell off the stand on the grounds of the jury would be swayed by emotion. >> were confident that the jury can see the difference between mr. maxwell situation that he is in physically and his
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testimonies were not more worried about his testimony. in the form of a fire investigator maria sabatini was on the stand. she testified authorities did not determine the cause of the fire and found no signs of molotov cocktails or arson which the defense has is what started it. >> she saw people living there as she did nothing about it. >> make sure you stay right here with us that ktvu for henry lee's coverage of the warehouse fire trial and that you can find the daily ghost ship trial blog. another bay area. it's been tied behind bars for the college admission scandal. 54-year-old peterson victoria of menlo park pled guilty to charges in boston. he is accused of paying $15,000 to have a proctor correct his daughter's answers on her college entrance exam. he is the founder of tj's
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organics that specializes in frozen burritos. he will be sentenced next month and faces up to six months in jail. 50 people have been charged in the college admission scandal. 16 have plead guilty. >> also today the faa is hosting a meeting of international regulator to discuss whether to allow the boeing 737-8 max jet to resume flight. the judge has been grounded said after two of the planes crash one in indonesia and one in ethiopia within five months of each other and under similar circumstances. since then there has been criticism of the certification process used by the faa that gives boeing much of the responsibility for overseeing the safety of its own products. boeing says it has fixed the software on the max jets. president donald trump walked out of a meeting with democratic leaders saying he can't work with them if they keep investigating him. >> i told senator schumer, speaker pelosi and do infrastructure. i want to do it more than you want to do it.
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i will be really good at that. that is what i do. but you know what. you can't do under the circumstances. >> house speaker nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer went to the white house yesterday to talk about infrastructure but just before the meeting nancy pelosi met with democrats about wanting to move ahead with impeachment hearings and she said in that meeting the that angered president trump. >> we believe that no one is above the law. including the president of the united states and we believe that the president of the united states is engaged in a coverup. >> democrats accused president of creating a distraction because they say he can't deliver on the $2 trillion infrastructure deal. they talked about weeks before. >> today is the deadline for a san francisco doctor to turn over medical records of the patient to get medical exemptions from vaccinations. doctor kenneth paul stoler is
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accused of providing false exemptions that the city attorney says puts other people at risk. california law requires all students in public and private schools to be vaccinated against several childhood diseases unless they have a medical exemption. before 2016 parents did been personal or religious beliefs against vaccinations. dublin city council made a controversial decision about the rainbow flag. >> i am disheartened. it feels like i'm not welcome in my own home. >> what community advocates are doing to make sure the flag is flying before ride month begins. in just a couple of days. good news for football fans. we will show you why sundays will be extra special this season. traffic is moving along pretty well. cars coming around the corner for the bay bridge off to a decent start on this thursday. our weather is off to a decent start. some fog out there. looking ahead to the weekend there will be some changes and we will talk about that. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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the city of dublin is now working to create a formal flag trying policy. after a controversial vote against flying the rainbow flag for pride month. the openly council member
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proposed dublin follow the example of other bay area cities to fly the lgbtq flag during june. the community's reaction called counsel off guard at last night's meeting. >> if you agree to fly the rainbow flag can we fly the confederate flag? a communist flag? >> there is no s that would stand for straight. therefore it is not all- inclusive. >> i am angry. i came out of their steaming. swearing. it is unreal that people are against this and it is just a flag. >> in the in the council decided the public flagpole at city hall should be reserved for federal and state and city flags until a formal policy is in place. the council did support a proclamation for pride month and some community members are working on a campaign to fly rainbow flags at other places. pg and a place to bury
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electrical lines underground in the town of paradise and the surrounding areas affected by the big camp fire. there vice president of operation announced the plan yesterday to help reduce the risk of wildfires. pg&e is still determining how much it will cost but is expected to take at least five years. transmission lines in paradise will not be part of this project. distribution lines will be buried underground. cal fire investigators determined pg&e transmission lines fell onto dry vegetation last november and caused the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in california history. lawyers representing fire victims say a $5 million fund meant to help the fire survivors is a lot less than what is needed. a judge overseeing pg&e's bankruptcy approved he wanted to the $5 million yesterday but lawyers argued argued the utility company should be contributing at least 250 million to that fund. the judge says he was only
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authorized to approve or reject pg&e's proposal and he wanted to see the fund up and running as fast as possible. people in sonoma county are getting some help in creating defensible space around their properties. they are encouraging people to clear away dry grass and dying trees that are around their homes and now it is offering to loan its vegetation chipper to property owners who live in unincorporated parts of the county. this program is offered from now until the end of november. the offer is on a first-come first a basis for the first 500 people who sign up. >> we now know what cities will host three of the next four nfl draft. it fell under was awarded the 2021 draft to cleveland in the 2023 draft to kansas city. the leak was not ready to move all bids for the 2022 draft thing about 20 cities are interested in hosting that year. next year's draft was previously awarded to las vegas futurama the raiders and the leak said more than 600,000 people attended this year's
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draft of the three days in nashville. nfl owners moping moves that will please television viewers. they decided to eliminate the single hitter role which previously occurred when viewers into team markets like the bay area would only give two games involving home teams and not a second game on the network televising a doubleheader. there will be three sunday afternoon games to the network market in addition to the sunday night game. the nfl also decided to cut commercial breaks during the super bowl from 5 to 4 quarter. >> more san jose state students will be getting their degrees and diplomas today. commencement ceremonies continued this morning. students in the lucas college and graduate school of business will be honored at avaya stadium at 10:00. then at 3:30 students at the college of health and human sciences will get their degrees. more than 60 undergraduates make up the spring 2019 class.
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and congratulations. yes. a lot of graduations going on. could have some weather this weekend. >> steve will talk about that but first let's check on traffic. >> is pretty good. i remember my graduation i was wearing jeans underneath the gamma thing. >> that is what i expect sal. >> against my mom's wishes. >> she wanted me to be wearing a suit or something. >> it is all about the shoes with the cap and gown. >> i wanted to be comfortable. >> good morning everyone. northbound 101 gilroy hollister pastor bill, we did a store yesterday you might remember about how that everyone always ask what were they going. the answer is everywhere. san jose, san francisco, mostly the silicon valley looks pretty good. as you drive up into the valley is people are up early
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but right now he is still a pretty decent commute into the valley. a couple of spots where they're doing road work but it is not very long backups but you might see some roadwork up there. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and the traffic is moving along pretty well and it is dry. again for the second straight day it will help us out. speaking of the weather here is mr. steve. >> we will get to hear. here we go again. it doesn't take long to get the fog back and there are some areas of low clouds. if you didn't hear it was warmer yesterday in seattle about 7 degrees than in phoenix in it is rougher and unseasonably cold. same for las vegas. 59 and raining in henderson and some of the moisture from the lows spinning there in the four corners wraps back around. in higher clouds out of it again. and certainly in the realm of possibility. i will mention it but you see some the clouds. the lows are up and 60s here for some the 50s for others. a lot more 50s in a senior for a while. 51 in black hawk. 55 in lafayette. 53 and pleasant in the 50s.
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39 in truckee. 54 las vegas the low 50s in sacramento. look at the drivetime getting snow and 34. 20 degrees below average on highs. even san diego had rain yesterday. i believe that is the eighth time this month that pam will take a is unheard of. >> unheard-of for me. >> but that is the pattern and i don't see really much change here. it looks like a series of these lows keep wanted to drop in and that is what's going to happen as we head towards the weekend. it looks like a low was coming in on sunday. until then there could be a splash and ash activity. i think that is slightly overdone for us but not in the mountains. and watch what happened saturday night going into sunday. there you go. that is a lot of rain from areas of reading for this time
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of year. truckee, acres field and maybe a quarter inch from us to about one half inch toward sacramento and that will take you into the holiday. 60 and 70s on the caps here. partly cloudy again and some the cloud cover just continues to roll in. it looks like cloud cover and rain and sunday maybe showers monday. the time is 4:22. floodwaters and tornadoes leaving a lot of destruction in several states. coming up we will show you the damage. plus a comeback. sort of. the plan to reopen seven new locations under a slightly different name. you know when you're at ross and you find.hmmm. a price that has you, like... okay. that's yes for less. say yes to the latest spring trends at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less.
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>> the new company, if they can bring that back, they will have something special that will resonate with people in the community. >> the new outdoor supply will be stocking staff and merchandise in the next several months with the hopes of being ready to open by september. wjz fox 2 news. the battle between you and the train, the train is going to win every time. >> what police are now doing at railroad cdcings. a big blow up at the white house. and what that could mean to the nation's roads and bridges. i am doug luzader in washington. we will have more on that
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coming up.
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