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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  May 23, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> thank you. >> and steve paulson is here talking about our weather and the weather around the country. well, these lows coming out of california and arizona, once they cross the rockies and into the plains, that sky we are having all this. these are very dynamic for this time of year. there won't be a quiz though, i promise. >> oh, okay! >> well, if you thought temperatures were closer to normal yesterday, you were right. santa rosa was only 1 above. san francisco right where you should be. oakland went above by a couple, but livermore and san jose still struggled. san jose was 72 and phoenix was only 76. but the activity was in las vegas, southern california and the desert and also now in the four corners. so the lows then generate a lot of moisture coming in on the backside, rotating around. some of that moisture comes off the sierra and drifts across
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toward us. we are just on the edge of that. cloud cover could sneak back in. the lows are already up, 50s and 60s here, a lot around 54 and 55, including santa cruz at 55. up to the mountains it will be cloudy, off and on rain, possible thunderstorms and another low is dropping in late saturday and sunday for us to give us an opportunity for rain again. 60s and 70s near average on the temperatures for this time of year. 5:01. sal is here. super commute time or something else? >> super commute time. we check in, steve, at this time with our tracy friend, people that come in from the central valley on 580 and 205. you will find slow traffic at the tracy triangle which is typical for this time if you are getting on the freeway in livermore, it does look better for you. driving out to the dublin interchange. it is crowded but not a lot of stop and go traffic.
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look at these commutes. we have had a couple of minor things but for the most part you will get a nice commute including 880 in oakland and the bay area bridges. right now there is a little more of a crowd but no metering lights yet at the bay bridge toll plaza on the way to san francisco. 5:02. back to you at the desk. >> thank you, sal. a violent and destructive tornado rips through the capital city of missouri overnight. allie rasmus joins us now from the newsroom with the search teams discoveries now that the sun is rising. >> yes. they are discovering a the love damage and they are going door-to-door. this violent tornado killed at least three people in jefferson city in the city itself. 20 people have been admitted to the hospital with injuries but the local sheriff says it is a miracle more people were not hurt. video of the damage just after
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daybreak shows broken glass, metal siding and bricks scattered across the landscape, power poles, trees and signs snapped in half. many homeowners are assessing their property, being told to leave the area as the tornado struck just before midnight central time in missouri. many people were asleep in their homes but the city activated sirens. the tornado poured through the city traveling 40 miles per hour. this is what used to be a car dealership in jefferson city. you can see multiple vehicles tossed on their side, shattered glass everywhere and the metal frame of the building and garage in the dealership twisted apart. local sheriffs say they want feel to stay out of the impacted areas for their safety and to protect property. >> we have not identified specific looting, but we know if people are in an area just to see what is going on,
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temptation may overcome them. with recontrolling those area business putting law enforcement in a place so where they are there in case someone does come to that area that doesn't need to be there. >> emergency crews are still going through homes and buildings looking for people that may be trapped inside. jefferson city is the capital city. the governor report there had was no damage to the state capitol or the governor's mansion and the nationality guard is on stand by to help local authorities if needed. live in the newsroom, allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you, allie. this is day four of strikes by teachers in the new haven unified school district and emotions are running high [ chanting ] teachers, parents and students packed a previously scheduled board meeting and used the public comment period to draw attention to the teachers' demands for hire pay and better working conditions, including a fifth grader that pleaded with the board to end the strike for the sake of his
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father, a high school teacher in the district >> my dad teaches at logan. it has been so hard on my family and everyone. one. tell me now you will end the strike. give the teachers what they deserve >> the district says there will be another session today but it is not a formal negotiation. the two sides are trying to find area where is they agree. democratic lawmakers in california are pushing a package of legislation to slow down charter school growth in the state. the california federation of teachers supports the new legislation saying there is too much money going to charter schools and public schools are under funded. the new the bills would give school districts more leverage to deny applications to open new charter schools and cap the number of chatter schools in california. in sacramento thousands of
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teachers and supporters took to the street urging support for the legislation and demanding more funding for public education. the time is 5:06. the man accused of kidnappings and raping a 74-year-old woman in san francisco will be in court later today. 47-year-old manual amador is accused of kidnapping the elderly woman on may 10 while she was on her morning walk not far from mclaren park. he dragged her into his house and raped her. the victim is reportedly still in the hospital. the d.a.'s services recommending that amador be held without bail. the morin county man that became known as the american taliban after the 9-1-1 attack will be released from prison today, getting out on good behavior but some lawmakers do not think he should be getting out at all. here is more. >> reporter: we first saw him in december of 2001 following a prison uprising in
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afghanistan. he was interviewed by mike span from alabama, killed in the uprising in afghanistan then brought back to the u.s. ranging in charges from murdering citizens to supporting al-qaida, then pleading guilty to only one charge, aiding and serving in afghanistan. special conditions prevent him from possessing an eternity capable device without permission from the probation office, communicate online in any other language other than english. and cannot have a dual passport. the daughter of mike span, the cia operative killed says his early release feels like a slap in the face. >> the time is 5:07. the former oakland fire investigator maria sabotini
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will be back on the stand for a third straight day in the oakland ghost ship warehouse trial. we are also hearing from a man that survivalled the deadly fire. henry lee was in the courtroom and tells us why defense lawyers tried to block that man's testimony >> reporter: sam maxwell is in a wheelchair after being the last to escape from the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. he spent five weeks in a coma and another four months in the hospital. there was a bottle neck of 80 people on the second floor of the warehouse and says he didn't leave until the bottleneck cleared and after he made sure no one had been trampled. he told the jury going down the stairs i thought i would burn alive. it was scary. i chose death on the stairs than rather the unknown risk. >> we are confident the jury can see the difference between mr. maxwell's situation he is
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in physically and his testimony. we are not worried about his testimony. >> reporter: the former oakland fire investigator was back on the stand. she testified that authorities could not have determined the cause of the fire and found no sign of molotov cocktails or arson which is what the defense says started it. >> she walked into the building, saw people living there and did nothing about it. >> reporter: henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> make sure you stay right here with ktvu for henry lee's reports on the ghost ship warehouse trial at you will see henry's daily blog from the trial. well, today is the deadline for a san francisco doctor to turn over medical records of the patients he gave medical exemptions from vaccinations. dr. kenneth stoller is accused of provides false exemption that the city attorney says puts other california people at risk this after children are required to be vaccinated against several diseases unless
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there was a medical exemption. before 2016 parents could say they have personal or religious beliefs against vaccination. an oakland man is scheduled to be in court today in connection with five bay area bank robberies. the indictment says he is stole a total of $33,000 from banks in palo alto, mountain view, alameda, south san francisco and castro valley. the crimes occurred between october of last year and february of this year. he faces 120 years in prison if convicted on all charges. our time is 5:10. the dublin city council made a controversial decision about the rainbow flag. >> i am disheartened. it really feels like i am not welcomed in my own home. >> what community advocates are making sure the rainbow flag is flying before pride month starts in a couple of days. and good news to football fans. we will show you why sundays will be extra special this season. good morning. we have traffic that is
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welcome back to mornings on 2. our time is 5:13. hundreds of bay area students are heading to lisbon spain on board a csu maritime academy ship after they were stuck in
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barbados when their ship crashed at port. it was posted on facebook the ship has been repaired after it smashed into a crane on board on tuesday. the students and faculty and staff worked on the mast over the past two days and were finally able to leave overnight. the city of dublin is working to create a formal flash flooding-flying policy after a controversial vote offer flying the flag over pride month. the community's reaction caught the council off guard at last night's meeting. >> if you agree to fly the rainbow flag, can we fly the confederate flag, the black lives matter flag, the communist flag. >> there is no s which would stand for straight, there for it is not inclusive. >> i am soaking withry.
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i came out of there screaming and swearing. it is unreal that people are against this when it is just a flag for the month. >> in the end the council decided the public flag poll at city hall should be reserved for federal, state and city flaggings until a formal policy is in place. the council supported a proclamation for pride month and some communities are working on a campaign encouraging people to fly rainbow flags at their home. pg&e plans to bury electrical lines underground in the towns of paradise and surrounding areas affected by the camp fire. the pg&e vice president of operations announced the plan to help reduce the risk of wildfires. pg&e is still determining how much all of this will cost, but the job is expected to take at least five years. transmission lines in paradise won't be part of this project, buddhist because lines will go -- distribution
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lines will go underground. it was determined the pg&e lines fell into dry vegetation last november causing the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in california history. in the meantime the lawyers representing the fire victims say the $105 million fund meant to help fire survivors is not enough. the lawyers argued pg&e should be contributing at least $250 million to the assistance fund. the judge said he was only authorized to approve or reject pg&e's proposal and wanted to see that fund up and running as fast as possible. the time is 5:16. people in sonoma county are getting help in creating defense i believe space around their homes and property and encouraging people to clear away dried grass and dying trees from around their homes and offering to lone its vegetation chipper to property
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owner that live in unincorporated parts of the county. the program is offered from now to the end of november on a first-come, first-serve basis for the first 500 people that sign up. we know which cities will host three of the next four nfl drafts. nfl owners awarded the 2021 draft to cleveland and the 2023 draft to kansas city. the league was not ready to move oned byes for the 2022 draft saying about 20 cities are interested in hosting that year. next year's draft previously awarded to las vegas, the future home of the raiders and the league says more than 600,000 people attended this year's draft over the three- days in nashville. it bring as lot of money to the town and the nfl owners made moves that pleased television viewers. they decided to eliminate the single-header rule which previously would only involve the bay area markets like ours
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only getting alva and alberta pilliod games. the move will guarantee three sunday afternoon games now for every market. that in addition to the nationally televised sunday night game. the nfl also decided to cut commercial breaks in the super bowl from five to four per quarter. if you love football and watching football on sunday afternoon, great news for the people in the household who don't enjoy watching football on sundays and want to get the family outside, you know, you have a little competition now. >> there you go. the time 15:18. >> i used to hate that. okay, there is a double header, except we don't get it, then i have to get up and if i really want to watch the game i have to go to a sports bar or something. >> oh, my gosh. >> that is a first world problem right there [ laughing ] you know what, the gilroy commute as you are driving town san jose, you will see the traffic is off to a good start, but we already have slow traffic. this is something that has goned in the years that we have
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been doing this in reporting the super commutes and it has been growing more everyday. this is a look at the westbound bay bridge. this is backed up. the metering lights should be coming on if they are not on already very soon and the traffic on the bridge looks okay. no major issues here. the golden gate bridge traffic looking good. i don't see a lot of fog here on the golden gate bridge, but there are some low clouds out there and that is a perfect transition for my friend, mr. steve paulson! >> sal, just a red zone channel. that is all you need. >> well, i watch that, too! >> thank you, sir! we will get to it here.
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a mix of low clouds and high clouds. another day of partly cloudy skies. brian says good morning mr. steve. >> well, thank you mr. brian. a beautiful day in san mateyo yesterday. we could definitely get used to this. i think redwood city was 72. that is close. speaking of san mateyo, it is 53 degrees there this morning. woodside is upper 40s. fremont is 53 and low 50s in and around menlo park, stanford, los altos and los altos hills. temperatures running a little below average to slightly above in santa rosa yesterday. 77. normal is 76. oakland also 2 above. it will be close again today. a lot of cloud cover rotating around the northern edge of that and coming in on the northwest side of it. it continues to rotate off the sierra. another crazy cool day down in
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the desert southwest and a lot of cloud cover popping up over the sierra and shower activity that will develop again today. if you are going up there i will show you the projections here in a second. look at the cloud cover coming back in. again, here we go with lake county, napa county, eastern solano and santa clara county today, as well, in line for cloud cover. 50s on the temps and low 60s around the bay. 53 in kensington at the berkeley lab and close in alameda, downtown san francisco and official will i in oakland, all 54. 50 in ukiah. 39 in truckee. a brisk 31 and snowing in flagstaff. unbelievable. phoenix at 55 degrees. only 76 yesterday. even in the desert of southern california they are looking at vaccine cool temperatures and off and on rain today. for us partly cloudy turning mostly sunny this afternoon. there could be a isolated shower or two. not a big deal going into
5:22 am
friday. more likely over the higher terrain. late saturday to sunday if you are heading to redding, shasta, truckee, tahoe, even out to the valley, look at that. some rain being painted for us, as well. not a lot but maybe a quarter inch to a third for some. the timeline shows over the sierra, up toward shasta, watching this, right there. that is saturday evening. 7:00. and watch what happens as we go into sunday morning. see, starting to fill in right there. light rain for us and over the sierra, as well. we are not done yet. 60s and 70s on your temp, near average to slightly below. overall a lot of cloud cover and another cooler pattern into the weekend. >> all right. thank you, steve. 5:22 is the time right now. it is time for alexa and siri
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to have a #metoo movement? and how you can score tacos during the nba finals, coming up.
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well, the voice on your smartphone speaker is reinforcing female stereotypes, that in a new report by the united nations. it says hearing female voices on your ai device that may be sending a signal that women are abliging and eager to pleas. they say... they say... >> men don't listen to other men. >> that is one theory. the report also suggests the devices could be creating gender stereotypes among children because of the sub
5:27 am
conscious message they are getting about gender roles. well, taco bell is bringing back its steal a game steal a taco promotions. that means when an away team steals a win from the home team taco will give you one free doritos loco taco on june 18th. the warriors will play either the toronto raptors or milwaukee bucks. the battle between you and the train, the train will win every time, unfortunately. >> a crackdown around train tracks in the east bay. the action police are taking to keep people safe. and a big blow up at the white house and what it could mean for the nation's roads and bridges. i am doug luzader in washington. more on that coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. thursday morning, may 23. i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. breaking news out of the midwest. a violent tornado killed at least three people in missouri. take a look at this video, unbelievable. a large and destructive tornado touched down in the state capitol. jefferson city police described
5:31 am
the situation. >> everything from debris from a rooftop into the streets, uprooted trees, damage to vehicles, roofs of businesses. there are several businesses on the south side we are trying to assess how much damage there is to the building. >> missouri expects more severe weather all morning along with kansas and oklahoma. that may include tornadoes and hail. more than 80 tornadoes have hit the region since monday. that leads us right no steve paulson. you are talking about all the that weather coming from us here, as well. >> that low was the one that gave us the thunderstorms on sunday. >> yes. >> they come across the rockies and pick up some colder air and higher elevations and come out of the plains and pick up the gulf moisture and that is the alpharetta pi for a lot of problems and that is what is happening here. chris henry is down in morgan hill. hill. oh, let's go first to the satellite. there cao. is that you, ken?
5:32 am
did you show up for work? ken finally showed up for work. okay, thank you! you can see right there that is what is going on. some of the cloud cover continues to stream across and there are possibilities that some of that could maybe produce a isolated shower or two. temperatures were near average yesterday, slightly above to still below. san jose and livermore below, but santa rosa went above from 77 normally to 76. all this moisture continues to rotate back around the big apparent low in the four corners. there is a series of them coming off the sierra. a mix of sun and clouds today,
5:33 am
even patchy coastal clouds and the lows are way up over the cloud cover. a possibility of that later this afternoon and another low looks like it is dropping in sunday morning to give us another round of rain and 60s and 70s on your temps. 5:33. sal is here. super commute time or something else? we are starting with the solano county super commute where we will go first to 80 westbound as you drive up to the commute. looks like i misdialed it, but what the heck, i will show you highway 24. why not? there you go. no major problems on highway 24. now up to solano county. you can see there is already slow traffic on 37 heading over to sonoma and morin county. when you get to morin it looks good but there is always bunching up on 37 west. this is a look at the rest of the freeway here, vallejo to hercules, richmond, 680 to the sorrow knee that bridge.
5:34 am
and the macarthur maze to the carquinez bridge taking about 20 minutes and the metering lights are on. new this morning the morin county man known as the american taliban has just been released from a prison in indiana. his sentence was 20 years, but he served 17 years. ktvu's elissa harrington is joining us live in lark spur to tell us why he was released early. good morning, elissa. >> reporter: he was released early, dave, because of good behavior but some lawmakers say he should not be released at all because he is still radicalized. the question is will he go now? will he return to the bay area? there are reports he will be living in northern virginia. his family moved to morin county when he was just 10 years old. he went to high school in larks spur. he was 20 years old when he traveled to afghanistan, joined taliban and head of an al-qaida training camp.
5:35 am
he was captured and interviewed by cia officers as mike span after the 9/11 attacks. he was never charged with his murder, but he was brought back to the u.s. and pleaded guilty to aiding the taliban and carrying weapons in africa. the alabama senator richard sell bisay there is are not enough safe guards in place to prevent him from returning to violence. >> you have 20 years and some kind of a plea bargain deal. he should serve it all. most of the people that get out will be back in for something like that >> reporter: he left behind three children when he was skilled. his now adult daughter says paul lynn's early release is a slap in the face. elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you, elissa. president trump says he can not work on policy issues with democrats if they continue to
5:36 am
investigate him. good morning, doug luzader live at the white house. >> reporter: what really did take place behind closed-doors at the white house? it was enough to rock even veteran washington players back on their heels. >> to watch what happens in the white house would make your jaw drop. >> reporter: it really started two hours earlier down the road at the capitol where house democrats met to discuss impeaching the president. while house speaker nancy pelosi has long been seen as skeptical of the move, she emerged saying this. >> we believe the president of the united states is engaged in a cover-up. >> reporter: a cover-up and that was it. there was a sexualed meeting at the white house to talk -- scheduled meeting at the white house to talk about fixing the
5:37 am
$2 million infrastructure. house minority leader chuck schumer and nancy pelosi, including the president, were there. but he simply walked out. >> instead of walking happily into a meeting, i walk into looking at people that just said that i was doing a cover- up. i don't do cover-ups. >> reporter: now that all raises questions as to whether anything will get done around here in the months ahead. >> this is not what people want to look at. a lot of this is just a sad side game >> reporter: at the very least it seems unlikely that a $2 trillion infrastructure package will ever become law. back to you guys. >> doug luzader, thank you. the time is 5:37. after 62 years, a man in the south bay is speaking out about allegations of sexual abuse at a catholic high school at which time man's lawyer read a
5:38 am
personal statement yesterday in front of st. flan sis high school in mountain view. the statement he says brother donald eagleson abused the man in 1957 while he was the band director at the school. brother eagleson dies in 2004 but he was added to the list earlier this year of priests accused of sexually abusing children. >> i hope my telling of this would help someone else come forward with what happened to them long ago or recently. >> the victim and his representative want st. francis administrators to notify the school community about the allegations but the school's acting president says he has already done so. richmond police and union pacific are trying new tactics to improve safety at railroad crossings. one of northern california's busiest railroad sections is in the east bay in richmond. police say drivers and
5:39 am
pedestrians often ignore the signs and crossing arms. yesterday in a matter of three- and-a-half hours police issued 20 citations for drivers stopping on the tracks. >> you have motorists that are just in such a hurry, such a rush, that they are disregarding their own safety and the safety of others to bypass these train crossings. >> trains are an optical illusion. they look like they are not moving as fast as you think they are. but they are actually moving faster. >> reporter: police say in the past five years there have been five train collisions at this railroad intersection. three pedestrians were killed and two drivers were injured. a citation can cost you up to $400. the time is 5:39. happening today bart's board of directors will be deciding the price of tickets to its yet to be opened berryessa bart station. the board is expected to approve the proposed $7.75 one- way ticket price between
5:40 am
berryessa and the embarcadero station, which means a round trip will cost $15.50. bart will join muni, caltrans and more in a program providing discounted fares to low income riders. the station is due to open by the end of the year. 5:40. a major recall of beef that was shipped across the country. we will show you what to look for as we head into a big barbecuing weekend. and we will tell you how lawmakers in sacramento are helping the oakland as take another step toward building a new waterfront ballpark. good morning. right now we have traffic that is beginning to get busy on some of these thursday morning commutes. we will tell you more about the richmond bridge approach and some of the others when we come back. and high clouds continue to stream across the sierra. partly cloudy skies today and low clouds. any rain? maybe going forward. we will take a look at that
5:41 am
coming up.
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5:43 am
meat from the aurora packing company in illinois on april 19 was shipped nation- wide for more processing and distribution. the recall includes several cuts of beef including short ribs, rib eyes and briskets. in the most serious cases e. coli can lead to kidney failure. ilure.
5:44 am
in the last four years cases of sexually transmitted diseases went up. chlamydia went up 30% nation- wide, gone rhea went up 17% and syphilis rates have gone up 40% and the babies born with syphilis has quadrupled. >> a lot of times people have hook-ups and don't know the last name of their partner or their home so they can't even notify them if they have an std. >> doctors say a lot of people feel uncomfortable talking about it but blame the lack of education and the lack of talking about it as the factors in the rising numbers. beverly hills will adopt
5:45 am
the toughest proposed ordinance including the ban of all nicotine products, including cigarettes, e-cigarettes and chewing tobacco. the council unanimously approved the measure on tuesday. >> our city is not afraid to be proactive and be the first when it comes to these issues >> the proposed ban will still allow cigar clubs to operate. a big victory for cigar aficionados, including former governor arnold schwarzenegger. he says he supports the measure but it knee needs to empty private cigar clubs and lounges. the oakland a's ballpark along the howard terminal and waterfront is closer to reality. the state assembly passed a bill to allow a privately funded land bill. that bill now moves to the
5:46 am
state senate. the giants continue their series this afternoon. last night there was a tough 2nd inning. a throwing error and later in the inning he had a final out that got away from buster posey. one runner scored, everyone was safe, then came two brave's home runs. they lost 9-2. this afternoon's game is 12:45. you know memorial day is coming up. a lot of people will be traveling and hitting the roads. according to aaa a record number of americans will travel this weekend. almost 43 million americans will travel 50-miles or more. that is about one-and-a-half million more than last year. most of the travelers will be driving to their destinations and aaa predicts the worst time to be traveling will be today between 4:45 and 6:00 p.m. >> okay. i am staying put then. >> right here. >> right.
5:47 am
right here! but sal will help us get through some of that. good morning, everyone. let's look at what we have for the morning commute. highway 241 looking good toward the tunnel. we are also looking at the macarthur maze where the traffic is looking good. the golden gate bridge. so a lot of these commutes are okay. and, again, in the evening it will be different. put that in mind. it will be a tough commute. let's go to the altamonte pass where westbound 580 is pretty slow. westbound backed up on the 205.
5:48 am
eastbound becomes the area where people will hit i-580 and probably get on to highway 5 for their weekend holiday commute. and the east bay commute, however, is off to a nice start. commute day and get-away day for some people. sal, i know you say we see each other's tweets. what did sfo and las vegas have in common yesterday? they were both 67 degrees. >> really? >> yes! >> vegas 67? >> that is 24 degrees below normal for them. and sfo, well, that was only 1 below. you may not see that again for a long, long time. >> at this point i would think vegas would be in the 80s. >> should be 91. how about that. phoenix was only 77. it was amazingly cool. warmer in seattle and santa rosa than phoenix. coming off the sierra and the
5:49 am
northern sacramento valley, this is one of those ones, do you really want to be in weather? you have to call this. some partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. we got a bump up on the temperatures after being very cool for a while. santa rosa, you can pat yourselves on the back, you are one above yesterday. 77 normal. oakland 76. sfo should be 68 or 67. livermore and san jose both below, struggling to get near 80. it may be a little warmer today. the unseasonably cool pattern is associated with another upper low coming in off of california and the four corners. in southern california it was lit up yesterday in southern california. ucla had two-thirds of an inch of rain. the bel-air hotel had an inch of rain in 50 minutes. no, i am not kidding. look at this moisture coming across. still some coming in from the northeast back toward us. lake county, napa county and the solano and santa clara county, contra costa, i think you are in line for cloud cover
5:50 am
today. 50s and 60s. bodega bay is 52. 49 in mill valley. 39 in truckee. 50 and 60 in ukiah and sacramento. 54 in las vegas, well below average. they should be closer to 68, so they are 14 degrees below and 57 in palm springs. more rain and cloud cover and very cool temperatures. for us a mix of sun and clouds. i think the clouds will increase later on and another low will form and pay a visit over the weekend. probably early sunday morning. but for those of you heading out maybe to shasta, watch out. there will be rain and thunderstorms up there. tahoe, truckee and even out to the valley, that is impressive for fresno and bakersfield. our best opportunity will be sunday morning to get rain in here. 60s and 70s on the temperatures. near average. low cloud covers cooler temperatures and off and on rain going into the weekend.
5:51 am
new video coming in from richmond of a deadly officer- involved shootings. the situation police found themselves in right before the shooting. and going inside california's oldest prison where dinner is served. we go behind bars for a culinary training program giving inmates a taste of what they can achieve after they get out of prison. but first, how about a live look outside. these are pictures at the bay bridge. you can see for yourself it is foggy out there. be careful. you are watching mornings on 2 right here on ktvu fox 2 news. you know when you're at ross and you find.hmmm. a price that has you, like... okay. that's yes for less. say yes to the latest spring trends at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day.
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take a look at this amazing meal. and no, it wasn't served at a popular restaurant. this was made at the san quentin prison. it is a they have program. at the end of the program each cook earned a food handler certificate. the team focused on teamwork, accountability and skill to get the job done. all the skills ooh used for a job outside of prison. seven inmates completed the intensive program. they were there to prepare, cook and serve last night's dinner to 50 guests. the time is 5:55. members of a mosque in vacaville relieved after finding out their house of worship can stay open. the islamic center of vacaville
5:56 am
was worried it would have to shut down after someone complained the mosque may be operating without the proper peits. the vacaville fire chief cites misunderstanding and told members that the mosque ask stay open as long as someone is living on the property. >> at no point did we try to shut anything down. at no point did we ask them to stop. >> members of the mosque say the clarification is welcome news, especially this time of year. muslims are now observing ramadan, the holist time of year for it lamb. a significant pay raise for the san francisco board of supervisors. we will tell you about the pay bump they are getting compared to other lawmakers investigators and teachers in the east bay hitting the picket lines again this morning. how far apart teachers and the new haven unified school district are on getting a new contract. right now we have traffic that is ramping up on many of the commute, including the
5:57 am
commute here approaching the macarthur maze. we will let you know more about this when we come back. and we are getting a lot of cloud cover. low clouds and high and mid level clouds going into the holiday weekend. another round of possible rain is in the forecast, as well. we will take a look, coming up. shopfor up to 40% offal day eveon appliances...first use your sears card and get an extra 10% off. and you'll also get three hundred dollars cashback in points. sears, making moments matter.
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spann,. welcome back to mornings on 2. i am dave. >> and i am pam cook. >> welcome back, pam! >> let's go right to steve. what are we seeing out there


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