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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  May 23, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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spann,. welcome back to mornings on 2. i am dave. >> and i am pam cook. >> welcome back, pam! >> let's go right to steve. what are we seeing out there today. >> we will see a mix of clouds
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today, maybe a isolated shower. 60s and 70s on the temps. more in the weather coming up. sal, how are the roads? the usual? what the usual but not as bad as earlier this week when it was raining. it looks okay from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. a 23 minute drive which is about normal. then you have the back up at the bay bridge. but, yes, you will see different patterns because of the up coming three-day weekend, the major holiday of the year, memorial day. a lot of people tend to go away. today is the big get away day. you will see traffic that will be busy this afternoon. some people trying to add days around this time. so, you may take a four or five day weekend instead of a three-day weekend. this is i-880 north and south. it looks good. no problems on highway 4. again, it is looking relatively normal for the morning commute.
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maybe tomorrow we may see a light commute and some people may already be on the roads. it is 6:01. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. we continue to follow breaking news this morning from missouri where a deadly tornado hit overnight. >> yes. ktvu's allie rasmus is here in the studio with new video >> yes. right now jefferson city police, fire and sheriff deputies have gas pump a door- to-door search within the city to make sure no one is trapped or injured that has not been reported. the national weather service describes this as a violent and destructive tornado that directly struck missouri's capital city. it struck just before midnight central time. the fire sirens did go off to warn people before the twister touch down. you can see the glass, metal
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siding and bricks scattered across the landscape and power poles and trees snapped in half. here a tornado flipped a car on its side, there is metal, glass and the metal frame of the the dealership was twisted apart. no one in jefferson city was killed but police are looking for anyone trapped or injured within a three square mile area of the city. >> we are going to go door-to- door. one of the mans with we have for later this afternoon is our search-and-rescue, our fire, our police, we are all going to get together and we are going door-to-door to make sure everyone is accounted for >> certainson city is missouri's capital city. the governor of the state report there is the no damage to the state capitol or governor's mansion and the national gaurd is on stand by if needed. richmond police have released video of the bathrooms of two officers that shot and
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killed a 55-year-old man last month. officers say he refused to drop a knife he was using to attack his teenaged son. we want to warn you this video may be disturbing. on april 11 at 2:15 a.m. a teenaged girl called 9-1-1 saying her father was trying to stab people in the home on wilson avenue. the body cam video shows officers arriving the house and telling the girl to come outside. the officers enter the home and see the father attacking his son and the offered order him to drop is knife >> drop it, drop it. [ screaming ] >> the son was able to get away. police say the officers then shot the man because he was moving toward them with the knife. he died at the scene. police say his' stranged wife was also hurt in the attack and had a restraining order against him because of past domestic violence. the time is 6:04. in you this morning the morin
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county man john walker lindh known as the person taliban after the 9/11 attacks has reportedly just been released from prison. he was released from prison early because of good behavior after serving 17 years of a 20 years sentence. lindh used to live in morin county and went to high school in lawrenceburg and traveled to afghanistan when he was 20. that is where he joined the taliban and went to died training camps. he was captured a few months after the 9/11 attacks. special conditions after his release prevent him from having an internet capable device without permission from his probation officer and he can't commute online in any language other than english and cannot have a foreign passport. today is the deadline for a san francisco doctor to turn over the medical records of the patients he gave medical exemptions from vaccinations.
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the city attorney says his actions put other people at risk. california law requires all students in public and private schools requires all children to be vaccinated against several childhood diseases unless they had a medical exemption. before 2016 parents could say they had personal or religious beliefs against vaccinations. and now a new california bill would require state public health officials to grant the exemptions. right now local doctors can decide which children don't have to get the shots before starting school. opponents say the proposal would interfere with the relationship between doctors and patients. the bill now goes to the assembly. this is day four of the teacher's strike by teachers in the new haven unified school district and emotions are running high. high. teachers, parents and students
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packed a previously scheduled board meeting and used the public comment period to draw attention to the teacher's demands for higher pay and better working condition, including a 5th grader that pleaded for the board to end the strike for the sake of his father who is is a high school teacher in the district. >> my dad teaches as logan. this has been hard on my family and everyone. tell me now you will end the strike. give the teachers what they deserve. >> the school district says there will be another session today but it is not a formal negotiation session. the school district says the two sides are trying to find areas where they do agree. well, today the bart board is expected to approve fares for future service to san jose's new berryessa station. the rates are giving some people sticker shock. ktvu's frank mallicoat is live at the bart station. good morning, frank. >> reporter: pam, good morning
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to you. it may sound like a lot but when you break it down it is just about right. two new stations will open up later this year and bart riders will pay $15.50 for a round trip ticket from the south bay to the san francisco city stations in embarcadero. that is $7.75 one way and it is cheaper than caltrain, by the way. when you think about it you have gas, tolls and parking. to drive yourself into work it may be a bargain. not to mention while you are on your way to work you can sleep and relax on the train. much like muni and caltrain they are working on discounts for some of the low income riders that need to make the trip. here in the south bay things have been put on hold due to routers and communications system issues. the santa clara transit authority paid for the extension in june last month and it has been five to six months testing the track for a late 2019 and early 2020 opening.
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bart will also be adding 160 new train cars to the system to accommodate the 22,500 new riders that will climb on board here in the south bay. by the way that is an increase of some 13% in their ridership. that is latest here at the warm springs station in south fremont, frank mallicoat. back to you. still ahead, improving safety around train tracks in the east bay. what the city of richmond is trying to do to improve safety around the railroad crossings. and slowing charter school growth to give districts more control of the construction of the new schools. on the bay bridge already a 20 minute wait. and a lot of cloud cover streams in off the sierra. another day with the temperature held in check and even coastal fog. other than that it will be a
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when you can't get to the mountain... that's cool. ...we bring the mountain to you. let's go hike over there. i'm out. i'm out. me too. guys! crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source. welcome back. we are back with henry lee in
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the courtroom telling us why defense lawyers tried to block testimony. >> reporter: sam maxwell is now in a wheelchair after being the last one to escape from the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. he spent five weeks in a coma and another four months in the hospital. maxwell testified there was a bottle neck of 0 people on the second floor of the warehouse as the fire raged. he didn't leave until the bottleneck cleared and after he made sure no one was trampled. he told the jury going down the stairs i thought i would burn alive. it was scary. i chose death on the stairs rather than choosing an unknown risk. the defense tried to keep maxwell off the stand in worry that the jury will be swayed by emotion. >> we are confident the jury can see the difference between mr. maxwell's situation physically than his testimony. >> reporter: the former oakland fire investigator maria sabatini was back on the stand testified authorities could not determine the cause of the fire and found no sign of molotov
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cocktails or arson which is what the defense says started it. >> she walked into the building and saw people living there and did nothing about it. >> reporter: henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you, henry. stay with us on ktvu for henry's reports on the ghost ship warehouse trial and on you will see henry's daily blog from that trial. san francisco supervisors are set to get a pay raise this year. according to the chronicle they will get a 12% raise. that is three times the size of the raises being given to other elected officials and city employees. the board's raise was approved monday by a 3-1 of civil service commission, a $15,000 pay hike bringing the board member's salaries to $140,000 a year plus benefits. the time is 6:14. democratic state lawmakers are trying to slow down the growth of charter schools. the california federation of teachers supports new legislation that says too much money is going to charter schools as public schools are underfunded. the new bills would give school
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districts more leverage to deny applications to open new charter schools and also cap the number of charter schools in the state of california. thousands of teachers and supporters marched into the streets of sacramento urging support for the legislation and also demanding more money for public education. the city of dublin the working to create a formal policy after a controversy vote against flying the rainbow flag for pride month. openly gay council members proposed dublin follow the example of other bay area cities that fly the will be the request flag during june. but the protestors say --
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>> there is no all inclusive here. >> it is unreal that people are against this when it is just a flag for the month. >> in the end the council decided the public flag pole at city hall should be reserved for federal, state and city flags until a formal policy is in place. the council supported a proclamation for pride month and some community members are working on a campaign to encourage people to fly rainbow flags at their homes. a new report is telling us how many votes in congress that some sitting members in congress have missed since they announced they were running for the white house. according to a pro-public tracking project as of this morning new jersey senator corey booker missed 31.7% of senate votes. ohio congressman tim ryan has missed 31.6% of house votes. dublin congressman eric swalwell has missed 25% of his votes and california senator kamala harris has missed 24.6%
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of votes. it is 6:16. let's check back in with sal for the commute this morning. hopefully no big problems, sal? >> not a lot of big problems, pam and dave. we have traffic getting busier around the bay area and as you may have been hearing, today is thursday before memorial day some people may be trying to get away this evening, so you will have a couple of things going on today commute wise. the westbound richmond bridge you can see slowing here. also a 24 minute drive from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. at the bay bridge you can see traffic is backed up. now, 880 and 580 in oakland looking good. as you see on the road sensors we are trying to figure out what is going on there. is moderate traffic in contra costa county this morning. as we go to the south bay the south bay commute is off to a nice start. 6:17. let's bring in steve with today's weather. >> thank you, kind sir. a mix of low clouds and high and mid level clouds. temperatures near average to
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slightly below, continuing again, although we did bump a little above. as far as rainfall it has been a bonus. 135% for santa rosa and almost 48 inches for the season. san francisco coming in on 25.75. san jose has just over 16.3. concord 51. brentwood 61. there is a big difference there. 51 in pinole. 51 in pleasanton. alamo says come catch me if you can. we are 50 degrees. a lot of cloud cover streaming off the sierra and also the northern sacramento valley. some of that is moving over us right now. so, the possibility of these temps yesterday near average to a little below, although santa
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rosa was above by 1:00. that was because of a northerly breeze with helped. probably not in play today. we will have a mix of a lot of cloud cover and maybe a isolated shower or two. if you are going to the mountains it will pick up again. not only shasta but tahoe truckee and low clouds are back. a combination of low and high clouds. 40s to 60s on the temps. 39 truckee, 50 ukiah, slowing in flagstaff and 306789 las vegas 54. the high is 67. phoenix was 77. they should also be in the low 90s. unseasonably cool there. big time thunderstorms erupted in l.a. and rain in san diego yesterday, a highly unusual pattern here but we should be better today. quite active along the crest of the sierra and some of that is heading in our direction, probably sunday morning. there could be isolated showers between now and saturday but sunday looks to be the best opportunity. if you are going to the mountains or heading to shasta, keep an eye on things because there could be pretty good
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downpours there, as well. again, it looks likes sunday mornings would be our best opportunity for rain or thunderstorm activity. 60s and 70s on the temps. mostly cloudy and partly sunny maybe for a few, but a lot of cloud cover the next few days. cooler temperatures kick in on the weekend and the possibility of rain, pam. >> thank you, steve. 62:01 the time. new steps by pg&e to try to prevent another major wildfire. up next the action that is being taken in butte county to keep people safe. and do you miss your orard supply hardware store? good news -- new plans for some of the old stores!
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the government says the new $20 bill featuring harriet tubman won't be rolled out until 2028. they shade history as a former slave that led other slaves to freedom through the underground railroad. the decision to replace former andrew jackson with tubman was made in 2016 but treasury secretary steven mnuchin says the new $20 bill is being delayed until 2028 because the
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$10 and $50 bills must be we done first for counterfeit purposes. buster posey and his wife kristen stopped by ucsf children's hospital in oakland to hand out gifts, chat be the kids and pose for pictures. he signed autographs and talked to kids about their favorite sports. >> it is nice to have some excitement, people that come and care, and, yes, certainly people like buster gives them something to look forward to and give these kids something special. >> the kids get to spend a few minutes with them. it makes their day a little better that it is all worthwhile. >> many of the children in the oncology unit have spent months away from home, friends and school and the hospital often brings in special guests to add a little happiness to their day. santa rosa residents and celebrity chef guy is
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celebrating his latest honor and got his own star on the "hollywood walk of fame" yesterday surrounded by a group of friends and family, friends, celebrities and supporters for the unveiling. originally from ferndale in humble county, matthew mcconaughey there among his friends showing support. a man from morin county convicted for supporting the taliban is a free man this morning. the reason he did not serve his full prison sentence and the conditions of his release, next. from big house to big time chefs. the inmates spending their time behind bars learning how to cook. and right now we want to take you back live to the "hollywood walk of fame" this morning where we just saw the star being installed. mornings on 2 will be right back. the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate.
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today, life-changing technology from abbott is helping hunt them down at their source. because the faster we can identify new viruses,
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the faster we can get to stopping them. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest.
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good morning to you and thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. it is already thursday, may 23. i am dave clark. >> and good morning. i am pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. >> pam, we are continuing with breaking news coming in from missouri. a powerful tornado -- look at this. it killed at least three people overnight. missouri's capital city, jefferson city, was hit the hardest. no deaths were report there had but about 20 people were rescued after being trapped inside of buildings.
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missouri state workers are being told stay calm today while the rescue and clean-up continues. search teams are out there going door-to-door looking for more victims. >> they expect more intense weather today and in a couple of other states, as well. let's check in for more on that with our weather and steve. >> i read the jefferson city debris from that was still falling a half hour later. debris was still falling from that, half an hour later. >> wow! >> a very powerful system and it will continue. . let's show you the set up here. the lows out of california while they have been really impressive for us, they pick up a lot of gulf moisture in intensity. look at the boundary line from warm air in st. louis to omaha, the gulf moisture coming up, higher dew points and a lot of lifts. look at kansas city, 59 and st. louis is 73. this time of year, may, is crime time and that is what is
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happening. you can get the collapsing low that triggers another round of thunderstorm activity. it will be an active day from texas, oklahoma and much of the plains. for us a lot of cloud cover continues to stream off northern california, northeast in the sierra drifting across a big whopper of a low in arizona. amazing cool in las vegas. the desert of southern california big time thunderstorms yesterday. look as little quieter today. some of the moisture will fire up again with higher elevation snow and rain in the mountains and some of the cloud cover is visiting us now. 40s to 60s on your temps. if you are going down to southern california, cool down there, as well. for us a mix of sun and low clouds and high mid level clouds. another low is dropping in on sunday. we are not done yet with the cloud cover, cool temperatures and rain. today 60s and 70s. 6:31. sal is here. he will tell you first about -- a motorcycle crash unfortunately on i-80 westbound. i have it on the map for you,
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west 80 here between that and san pablo dam road. two left lanes blocked and the fire department just arriving. this could become a bigger deal depending on how long it lasts. in berkeley, meanwhile, to the macarthur maze this may help you a little bit in holding back some of the traffic, so you may want to go relatively soon. here is a look at the maze and at the bay bridge. you can see traffic is backed up, so hopefully we will see the injuries not as severe and they will be able to clear it quicker. this is also a look -- i forgot to tell you about the richmond bridge. it is slow from harvard to the richmond bridge. hayward, union city, fremont and contra costa slow traffic. the south bay is off to a good start which is why i have not been showing much of the south bay. back to the desk.
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a man known from taliban and morin originally has been released from prison. now more on when he will will returning to the bay area with elissa harrington. >> reporter: john lindh scheduled to live in virginia. he is being released on parole. his family still lives in the bay area. he moved to morin when he was 10 years old and went to high school in larkspur. he attended al-qaida training camp and was captured a couple months after the 9/11 attacks where he was brought back to the u.s. where he pleaded guilty to aiding and carrying weapons in afghanistan. he is being released for good behavior but some lawmakers say he is still radicalized and should not be released at all. >> he has 20 years and a plea bargain deal. he should serve it all. to let him out -- most of the people that get out will be back in for something like that. >> reporter: lindh's release
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includes some strict conditions. he cannot use the internet without permission from the probation office and any use will be monitored. he also cannot have a passport and must undergo mental health counseling. happening today a man will be formally charged with a deadly stabbing last weekend in antioch. hang lynn will will be charged with murder. in death of mae tang. police are asking anyone if you have information let police know. richmond police in union pacific are trying new tactics to improve safety at railroad crossings. one of the busiest railroad crossings is right here in the east bay. there are three sets of tracks
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at cutting and carlson boulevard in richmond. drivers often ignore the signs and crossing arms and yesterday in three-and-a-half hours police issued 20 citations for drivers stopped on the tracks. >> you have motorists in such a hurry, such a rush, that they are disregarding their own safety and the safety of other business bypassing these train crossings. >> a citation can cost you up to $400 a time is 6:35. in vacaville people are relieved after finding out their mosque with stay open. the islamic center of vacaville was worried they may have to shut it down after someone complained the mosque may be
6:36 am
operating without the proper permits. the fire chief said it was a misunderstanding. members of the mosque say the clarification is welcome news, especially this time of year when muslims are observing ramadan, islam's holiest time. a 2 investigates report is being credited to force a settlement in a case involving a woman who says she was wrongfully terminated over a family leave discrepancy. she worked for food services for bon appetit cafe in san francisco. when her millifell ill she asked for family leave to go to nicaragua to care for her. she said her boss initially allowed it but later claimed in- laws do not claim for family leave. after our 2 investigates report, her case was involved. >> i would hope any employer
6:37 am
would walk away from a situation lying this with the message that you need to treat your employees as human beings >> records show she was paid all past own some future wages she lost as a result of firing. more than $200,000 in attorney fees and $25,000 in court costs were also paid. if you have a tip for our investigative team, dial the number on your screen or you can send an email to ktvu2investigates@ktvu.c om. a special gourmet dinner with several courses were served to hungry guests in morin but it wasn't as a five star restaurant but from inmates that graduated from the san quentin culinary cooks program, showing them what they need to work in a fast- paced special restaurant. at the end of the program each come earn as food handler
6:38 am
certificate. they focus on discipline, teamwork and accountable for getting the job done, skills needed to succeed outside of prison. prison. seven of the inmates completed the intensive program and they were there to prepare, cook and serve last night's dinner to 50 guests. some of san francisco's world class museums will offer free admission to low income residents this summer. the san francisco museums for all is for people that received public benefits including medical and cal fresh. 15 museums are participating in the program. it kicks off june 1 to september. the the time is 6:38. if you want a way to enjoy the good weather we are having finally, you may want to head to san francisco's presidio
6:39 am
this evening. presidio twilight is a free community camp fire and the historic main campgrounds. there will be food truck, live music and spectacular views and this week there will be long domes available on a first- come, first-serve basis. the national park service is asking you to keep dogs on a leash and don't bring helium balloons or tents. the event runs from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. every thursday night through september 19th. >> i love that area. i love hanging out there. >> so do i. >> very nice. 6:39 is the time. the toughest tobacco regulations in the country. up next, the new laws in beverly hills and the one big exception thanks in part of to arnold schwarzenegger. >> and two warriors being recognized for their great play this is season. i will tell you who. the awards handed out to draymond green. and look at clay thompson. first, let's check in with
6:40 am
gasia mikaelian to see what is coming up in the 7:00 hour of mornings on 2. when i join you in the studio at the top of the hour, dave, concerns over how sacramento police treated a combative 12-year-old boy they were trying to subdue. we are seeing witness and police bathroom video of the -- body camera video of the incident, the bag they put over him and what police have to say about the incident. and is your virtual assistant sexist? why some say siri, alexa and others help to create sexist stereotypes and what could help work against the stereotypes many see as archaic and out of touch. we will be right back.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. word this morning from mount event rest that man from utah died there. a himalayan newspaper says 55- year-old don cash stopped breathing while climbing down from the world's tallest mountain yesterday. the exact cause of his death is not clear but his family thinks he had a heart attack as he was climbing down. according to the time's three people have died on mount
6:44 am
everest during this particular climbing season. pg&e plans to bury electrical lines in the town of paradise and surrounding areas affected by the camp fire to help reduce the risk of wildfires. pg&e is still determining how much it will cost but it is expected to take at least five years. transmission lines in paradise will not be part of the project buddhist because lines will go underground. cal fire investigators determined pg&e transmission lines fell into dry vegetation last november and caused the deadliest and most destructive wildfires in california history. well, lawyers representing fire victims say the $105 million fund meant to help survivors fall far short of what is needed. a judge overseeing pg&e's bankruptcy approved that yesterday but lawyers argued the utility company should be contributing at least $250 million to the assistance fund. the judge says he was only authorized to approve or reject pg&e's proposal and wanted to see the fund up and running as
6:45 am
quickly as possible. it is 6:44. people in sonoma county are getting help in creating defensible space against wildfires around their property. the county wants people to remove dry grass and dying trees from around their homes and now it is offering to loan its vegetation chipper to properties that live in unincorporated parts of the county. it is from now through november and it is on a first-come, first-served basis for the first 500 people that sign up. two players are being recognized for their lockdown defense, clay thompson and drey on the other hand green were announced members of the all-defensive team. ten players are recognized each season for their role as superior defenders and this is the fifth year in a row that draymond green has been on the first or second all defense team and the first time clay thompson has been honored.
6:46 am
well, if you need another reason to watch the warriors in the nba finals, how about free food. taco bell bringing back its steal a game-steal a taco promotions. that means win a game away, you can steal a taco. . the time is 6:46. now we know which cities will host three of the next four nfl drafts. the nfl team owners i warded the 2021 nfl draft to cleveland and the 2023 draft to kansas city. the nfl wasn't ready to move opped byes for the 2022 draft saying about 20 cities are interested in hosting that year. next year's draft was previously awarded to las vegas. the future home of the radars. the nfl says more than 600,000 people attended this year's draft over the three-days in
6:47 am
nashville and nfl team owners made moves that will make tv viewers happy. they decided to eliminate the single-header rule which previously had occurred when viewers in two team markets like the bay area would only get the two games involving home teams and not a second game of the network televising double header. the move will guarantee three sunday afternoon games for every market, in addition to the initially televised sunday night game. the nfl also decided it will cut commercial breaks in the super bowl from five to four per quarter. happening today, bart's board of directors will be deciding the price of tickets in the opening of the berryessa bart station. the board is expected to approve the $7.75 one way ticket price between berryessa and the embarcadero stations.
6:48 am
they are doing a pilot program to offer lower discounted prices to lower income riders. a lot of people you will probably be traveling for this memorial day holiday weekend. according to aaa a record number of americans will travel this weekend. almost 43 million americans will travel 50-miles or more. that is about 1.5 million more than last year. most of the travelers will drive to their destinations. aaa predicts the worst time for to you travel will be today between 12:45 and 6:00 p.m. >> okay! >> got it, pam? >> i will keep that in mind. i will stay home. >> yes! >> i am not going to get out on the roads. if you have to get out on the roads, though, sal, what do we need to know? >> 80 westbound continues to be a trouble spot, dave and pam. a motorcycle accident that is growing into a bigger back up coming in from hercules blocking a couple of lanes.
6:49 am
it is slightly lighter today on 80 because this back up, let's say yesterday or the day before, would have been all the way to the carquinez bridge. some people may be deciding not to work today because the back up should be bigger. i am not complaining, mind you. this is 80 westbound around the berkeley curve. this back up is there, about 25 minutes. that is normal. and the richmond bridge has a back up. in hayward and union city, slowing traffic there and contra costa county is slow on highway 4 and 680. some people may be using 680 instead of 80 after hearing about the motorcycle crash. at 6:49, here is my good friend mr. steve paulson. sal, thank you. sir. multiple layers of clouds and low fog. have fog out there -- there it is. you are looking at the 85-inch high-def tv. a lot of fog at there.
6:50 am
high clouds above. a mostly cloudy day. there is no inland heat so the fact we are getting fog is impressive. a viewer says good morning, steve, when will it officially stop raining? we are in the end of may and we are going into uni. rain, rain, go away. i am so ready for summer. >> to be honest, based on what people are telling me, insure the minority. a lot of people like this. that is just my experience. eventually it will end. i will tell you i would not be surprised if this continues into early june. there are already hints of that. our rainfall is doing quite well as you know. everyone is above here from 102% of normal at oakland to 135% at santa rosa. and you can see the cloud cover. we have cloud cover, fog coming in west to east and high and mid level clouds off the sierra nevada and northeast california from northeast to the southwest. it is going to be a combination
6:51 am
of the two rotating around the low periphery of that sending the cloud cover our direction. could get an isolated shower or two. most of that looks to be confined to the sierra, the mother load of the northern sacramento valley, but boy, it is very, very close. 40s to 60s today. 61 in tracy. santa rosa yesterday was 77. so was phoenix. santa rosa was 1 degree love average. phoenix was 20 below. only 67 in las vegas, amazingly cool and in southern california big time thunderstorms yesterday. a little better today. a lot of luck and cool. another low will pay a visit and arrive sunday morning for what looks to be more cloud cover and rain as we go into the weekend. 60s and 70s today. cloudy to mostly cloudy in the low cloud decks. it looks to be on the increase in the next few days and we are not done with the rain yet. coming up in the next hour of mornings on 2, a new warning about car seats for your parents. don't let the babies take a nap
6:52 am
in car seats outside of the car. we are talking about the risks involved and why it could be deadly. and the oakland a's new ballpark is a step closer to reality. the key hurd until approving construction for the proposed ballpark at howard terminal. and live this morning taking you out the door. a live picture from the surf line camera from shark beach in beautiful pacifica. tiful pacifica.
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welcome back. the faa in dallas is hosting a meeting of international regulators about whether to allow the boeing 737 max to start flying again. two up the planes crashed in indonesia and ethiopia within five months of each other and under similar circumstances. there has been a lot of implications that gives boring much of the responsibility for overseeing the safety of its own products. last week boeing said it fixed
6:56 am
the software on the jets. beverly hills is set to adopt the toughest anti-tobacco lot in the country. it would ban the sale of all recreational nicotine products including cigarettes, e- cigarettes, and chewing tobacco. they unanimously passed that measure on tuesday. our city is not afraid to be proactive and be the first when it comes to these issues. >> this propose benbow still allows cigar clubs to operate which is a big victory. there's an elite group of cigar aficionados an arnold sent a letter and said he supports the anti-tobacco mr., but it needs to exempt private cigar clubs and lunches. the propose oakland a's ballpark along the oakland waterfront is a step closer to
6:57 am
reality. a bill was passed to allow a privately financed stadium to be built near chuck clinton square. that sets up a land exchange between the state and city of oakland. this bill moves to the state senate for their approval. the giants and the braves will wrap up there series today. the picture had a tough second inning. he had a throwing error trying to get the lead runner out and later he had the final out but it got away from buster posey and one or scored. everybody was safe. and then came two braves with home runs. there is one of them. the giants pitcher was on. the giants lost 9-2. the game this afternoon starts at 12:45. more san jose state students will be getting their degrees and diplomas said they.
6:58 am
students in the lucas college and graduate school of business will be honored at 10:00. at 3:30 students at the college of health and human sciences look at their degrees. martin 6800 graduates will make up this spring 2019 class. the san diego police department welcomed deshon bits recruit thanks to the make-a- wish foundation. >> i promise to listen to my parents to tell the truth to eat my vegetables all right. to catch a bank robber and to have fun. >> we all smiled. is going to eat his vegetables. liam was born with a congenital heart defect. it is not terminal. after being sworn he helped guide but all responded to a
6:59 am
big robbery working out to arrest the big rubber. the organizers helped to make it's dream come true. >> it makes me feel great. it's tough right now. a lot of people were insulting or profession but there's a lot of young people that appreciate our profession. >> he was given an official badge and a custom motorcycle just for some helmet all of the other officers. a path of destruction through jefferson city. we will get new information from authorities this morning. body camera video release showing the controversial arrest of a 12-year-old boy. what this video reveals about this incident.
7:00 am
from ktvu fox2 news, this is morning sun two. good morning. lots to tell you about, especially with the weather. >> another cool day on. dave, we do have a little bit of a cloud cover and also high and mid-level clouds. we are not expecting much rain today but we are accepting temperatures to be near average. an average of 76 but livermore is struggling at 72. they should be near 79. it will be close today. the bodega bay water temperature is 52 degrees. we have a lot of low clouds. low clouds and fog with the lower pressure on shore so we ve


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