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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  May 23, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> reporter: prosecutors say given the severity of the allegations they pushed for the defendant to stay behind bars for now. investigators will now run his dna to see if he can be connected to any other unsolved sexual assaults. >> not to say he has criminal history or otherwise, but the nature of the offenses such that we want to err on the side of public safety. >> reporter: investigators say the nature of the crime and age of the victim add to the outrage of an already heinous crime. police say they are inspired by the strength of the victim who is still recovering in the hospital. >> in my 20 years of policing i have rarely seen a case that has been more difficult, more horrific, just demoralizing and crushing, do believe that this could happen in the city and county of san francisco. >> reporter: members of the community were thanking the police for the relatively quick arrest and thanking a multilingual officer for coming in on his day off to interview the non-english-speaking
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victim, providing critical information that led to the arrest. >> everyone heard about the case is shocked, and we feel especially people who are not english-speaking and in impacted communities, we are very vulnerable. mikey is due back in court june 12 and install then will remain in custody without bail. christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. new details in a gruesome homicide case in san francisco. arrest has been made in the death of benedict chang. the chronicle reports that warrants were issued for stephanie ching and douglas lobos, his daughter and son-in- law. the two may have pled the country, but again, two people now in custody. police are looking for to suspects who carjacked woman last night near golden gate park. it happened around 10:30 in the area of lincoln way and 24th avenue. a woman was getting into her car when two men pulled her
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from it and drove away. the woman was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. anyone with information is asked to call police. check pleasanton police say eight people were arrested in an undercover prostitution sting on monday. officers created fictitious advertisements online. seven men went to a hotel where officers were waiting. they were arrested for solicitation and other charges. another man, who identified himself as a pimp, was arrested on felony charges. a bay area teacher was charged with having sex with one of his students. the east bay times is reporting that hector velasquez was fired from a previous teaching job in madison, wisconsin, over allegations of inappropriate conduct with female students. the school district in wisconsin felt he was dangerous for children in his custody. he was charged earlier this
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month with having sex with a 16- year-old female student while teaching at jefferson union high school. administrators told the east bay times they were unaware of his history. the union representing striking teachers in the new haven unified school district are set to bargain with the district tomorrow. today is day four of the strike in the district encompassing union city and south hayward. the two sides met today to get ready for friday's bargaining session. an official says they discussed finances and budgetary priorities. the teachers are striking because they want higher pay and better working conditions. >> everyone knows the cost of living, especially in the bay area, it is kind of on the nuts side. it is unreal. teachers as we have been saying, the things we do is above and beyond all the time, we know that. but the contract piece is just
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kind of a statement of value. >> student attendance continues to fall at schools in the district. today less than 12% of students attended classes. two major organizations are dropping their opposition to a bill that would change the other definition of deadly force. the legislation would allow police to use lethal force only if necessary. that is a change from the current standard of reasonable fear. the measure has been revised to say that officers would not lose their right to self- defense if they use objectionable a reasonable force. the bill is set for a vote next week. the man known as the american taliban, john walker lindh, was freed from federal prison today after serving 17 of a 20 year sentence. heather holmes is here now with reaction to his release. >> reporter: john walker lindh lived in martin county from the time he was 10 years old and attended high school in larkspur. he has not headed back here. he will live near washington, dc under the terms of his release. he was 20 years old when he
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traveled to afghanistan, joined the taliban and attended out al qaeda training camps. he was captured in 2001 and is now 38 years old. he was serving a 20 year prison sentence and released three years early for good behavior. president trump said he's tried to stop the release, but there was no legal way to do so. the president vowed that lindh would be closely monitored. >> we will be watching him closely. what bothers me more than anything else is here is a man who is not given up his proclamation of terror and we have to let him out. am i happy? not even a little bit. >> reporter: lindh's release is also opposed by the family of cia operative mike spann, killed in a prison uprising at the compound in afghanistan where lindh was being held. he had questioned lindh an hour
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before, but lindh was never implicated in the death. today secretary of state mike pompeo said that the release is unconscionable. >> a relatively short sentence calls for a review of our processes. i think we need to review it all. >> a judge has imposed conditions on lindh's release. he cannot use the internet without permission and any use would have to be monitored. also he cannot have a passport and must undergo mental health counseling. at his sentencing in 2002, lindh said he made a mistake in joining the taliban, but an assessment from the bureau of prisons two years ago says that he has made recent statements in support of the islamic state. alarming numbers tonight about infant mortality in alameda county. officials say the number of infant deaths for black americans is more than double the state average. alyana gomez is in the newsroom
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with what officials say is to blame. >> reporter: in the last five years, the infant mortality rate among african-americans in alameda county has risen by more than 3% and we are learning preterm birth is the main driver for infant mortality. tonight we speak with her mother who lost her daughter who was born prematurely. rocking her 2-year-old son gabriel back to sleep, jennifer featherstone took a moment to comfort her baby boy, even though she was the one needing comforting. she was about to share the traumatic loss of her baby girl publicly for the first time. >> emily is not drinking her bible -- her bottle. she had a really heightened, squeal like cry and i heard her through the phone. i said immediately take her to
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the hospital. >> reporter: her journey to motherhood was not easy. they already had one son named aaron who was born premature. when they decided to grow their family, and nearly ended her own life. >> i was very sick. i contracted sepsis during the pregnancy, where i was hospitalized for some time. >> reporter: she ended up delivering her daughter at 35 weeks, but at four weeks old, emily contracted meningitis. emily went into a coma and eventually died. >> she struggled and battled and it was time. >> reporter: what happened to jennifer and her daughter emily is in prayer. according to the alameda county board of health, infant mortality among african- americans is on the rise in alameda county. >> for black women in the state, it is 11.1% mortality rate for women. for babies, 11.8%. for preterm birth, 11.1%. >> reporter: i am told the mortality rate has risen from
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8.6% in 2013. alameda county has the second- largest population of african- americans in the state. the increase is related to stress associated with racism and socioeconomic factors. >> if you are food insecure. if you have to choose between childcare and your rent. there are so many factors in being a parent and being a mother. >> reporter: jennifer agrees, saying from experience black women don't always receive the same medical care as others. she says the community needs to be aware of it, which is why she is sharing her story today. >> i can't change that i am african-american and i am proud to be. this is how god created me and i love my baby as much as any other mother and i should be treated as such. >> reporter: nationally, african-american women are 3 to 5 times more likely to die than white women, a startling statistic that leaders like kamala harris are struggling to
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address. she introduced a bill that creates grant programs to make sure women and of color have access to competent maternal care to reduce mortality. alyana gomez, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up at 6:30, there were few dry eyes in court today during testimony in the ghost ship warehouse trial. prosecutors played 911 calls of those trapped inside and a survivor took the stand. first, after the break, the bay area's shifting population. we name the fastest growing city and see which big-city actually decreased in population. and we have some whether to talk about. the weekend won't be perfect. we look into that and what you can expect tomorrow, it's friday. and cruise going door to door in missouri's capital after deadly tornadoes ripped across the region. taking a live look at the thursday evening commute as we inch closer to the memorial day weekend. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 will be
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the economic forces at work in the bay area have people on the move from one region to another or out of california altogether. >> you wouldn't expect it, but san jose has seen a population decline. jesse gary has a look at the numbers and what is driving them down. >> reporter: the new looker in
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san jose's vista park neighborhood is this four bedroom, 2 1/2 bath on the market because its owner and family are calling it quits on san jose. >> san jose has become more of a rat race. we want to be able to spend more time with our family. >> reporter: middle school teacher david cardenas says a quality life is no longer possible, even on two incomes in the capital of the south bay. no numbers show san jose's population declined last year by 0.2%. the first decline since 2010. the driving force driving people out is the high cost of housing. realtor joe velasquez says the trend supports the statistics. >> they are saying the high cost of living in san jose and the affordability, even though we have strong employment, these high-tech companies driving these high prices, what we are getting a lot from the middle class, i would say, it is still unaffordable for the
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majority that are not in high tech. >> reporter: san jose's losses again for other cities. when people leave here they're moving out of state, but also other cities within the bay area. the city that leads the pack, dublin. yeah, dublin, with a 4.5% population increase. >> dublin is building a lot of housing. >> reporter: professor kelly snyder says and tell san jose's housing construction catches and outpaces demand, the capital city will continue to see in exodus. >> the first wave cities closer to the bay have an established population we are losing. dublin is going from green, open fields of nothing, to putting up townhouses and apartments and condos. >> reporter: david cardenas and his family are headed to colorado for cheaper living on
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just one income. meanwhile, this house is on the market for the third time in the past seven years. in vista park, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. checking on the weather, these were the highs today. about where they were yesterday. probably one of the warmest days of the week. it will be the warmest day as we go forward, because we will see more clouds in the next couple days and temperatures will trend off. i am showing you the pattern that represents what is going on across the country. here is the jet stream. these are right now temperatures. i'm sorry, that is tomorrow afternoon's forecast, but 94 in atlanta. triple digit heat in parts of the carolinas. 81 in miami. in this zone we are getting really bad weather as storms come out. we are all connected and that is a good example. that pattern is stuck in place for a while. it will be that way through the weekend, pretty much. whatever is happening out there now is continuing.
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they are seeing all time, in some cases, historic flooding. in parts of the planes. nuts for them. for us we are still seeing showers. folks in lake tahoe. some of them were powder skiing a couple days ago when that system came through. there is a lot of snow and still some snow falling. it is raining in higher elevations. we have thunderstorms popping off in the hills. when you look close, you see temperatures today running ahead of yesterday. 74 degrees in fairfield. there is the fog. when i come back i will set you up for friday. wild weather hit the nation's midsection. three people were killed and 2500 others injured overnight in missouri after storms and tornadoes caused widespread damage. one of the hardest hit areas is missouri's capital, jefferson city. rescue crews have been busy going door-to-door, looking for people trapped inside their homes.
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>> reporter: an aerial view of the discretion left behind after a tornado hit missouri's capital overnight. the governor surveying the damage in jefferson city, both on the ground and from the air. >> you see a lot more devastation up there, the damage to the roof tops in the buildings. you get a much more different view. a lot of damage, significant damage to a lot of roofs and homes. >> reporter: at least three people were killed as severe weather swept through missouri in the latest round of storms to hit the southern plains and midwest. oklahoma dealing with days of flash flooding. today runaway barges crashed into the webbers falls dam, near a small town already under evacuation. now across missouri there is the sound of chainsaws as residence clear away fallen trees and debris and begin to rebuild after the storms. at this church, stained-glass windows are shattered. doors and walls are torn apart. but the minister says faith will help their community heal. >> we will rely on god and in
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the midst of that we also live in hope that we will rebuild as a community. we will come back bigger and stronger. >> reporter: in jefferson city, storm survivors tell us they heard those tornado sirens and had enough time to take shelter. the governor says it saved lives. in jefferson city, matt finn, fox news. strike the u.s. senate has passed a $19 billion package to help states recovering from disasters, including wildfires in california. if the house passes the measure, and the president signs it, california will be eligible for $12.6 billion in federal funds. the package includes money for people living in paradise. the house could pass legislation as early as tomorrow, even though many house members have left washington, dc, for a recess. strike no details on efforts to rebuild a summer camp near yosemite. it is owned by the city of
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berkeley and was destroyed by the rimfire. today officials unveiled drawings of the planned restoration including new dining halls, 78 cabins and the stage. fema and insurance are expected to cover most of the cost. supporters have a goal of raising $1 million for trails and landscaping. the city says the camp could reopen in the summer of 2022. still ahead, a new edition coming to a bay area airport. the construction underway to build new gates and increase capacity and why it is only temporary. also ahead, dozens of leopard sharks have been washing up in recent weeks. we will look at what is causing the die off.
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napa valley's bottlerock music festival kicks off tomorrow. skyfox was over the festival this afternoon as crews worked to get everything ready. you can see one of the stages is just about set and ready to go. there are a number of food and wine tents on the ground. tens of thousands of people are expected for bottlerock on friday, saturday and sunday,
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although the weather may not cooperate. headliners include imagine dragons, mumford and sons, santana and one republic. this weekend marks the unofficial start to the travel season and one airport is expected to set a record for the number of passengers. this morning maureen naylor got a tour at san jose international where travelers will soon see some changes. >> reporter: an unusual sight at san jose international airport. gates without any passengers. that is because these are still under construction and off- limits to the public. thursday, officials gave the media a sneak peek of terminal b. six new gates, but they are only temporary while a long- term plan is worked out. >> we were in a situation where our growth was so tremendous we were being constrained and needed additional gates. >> reporter: the airport had a new record last year, serving 14.3 million passengers and
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expects 15 million passengers by the end of this year. to accommodate for growth, the airport added the interim gates, saying the long-term plan will take 7 to 10 years before there is a permanent structure. travelers will notice power outlets at every seat and boarding to jets from the ground level and walking up to the airplane. >> it is a little different, but the bridge can be reused in the permanent facility. >> reporter: the designer said one of his goals was to maximize the use of natural light. what is it like to know in a few years this will be torn down? >> it is a bummer, but on the other hand it is great because it is constrained and will serve a purpose. >> reporter: the addition cost $58 million and was paid for with airport funds. it comes as the tsa predicts the busiest travel summer on record, both nationwide and in the bay area. >> here at san jose, we expect to break records. last friday was our busiest day ever. tomorrow we expect another
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recordbreaker and that should be repeated all summer. >> reporter: these gates won't be empty much longer. gates 31 to 35 are expected to open june 13 and gave 36, november 1. at the san jose airport, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next with more emotional testimony at the go ship warehouse trial. one survivor took the stand, weeping, as she described escaping the deadly fire. and lessons learned from paradise and other fires. the public awareness campaign to get communities ready. and later in sports, the warriors given update on kevin durant. he could be back for the start of the nba finals.
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now to our top stories. black infant mortality is on the rise in alameda county. that is according to the county health department. from 2012 to 2014, black
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infants made up about 10% of births, but 28% of infant deaths. advocates say poverty, nutrition, stress and racial bias all played a role. the man accused of kidnapping and a 74-year-old woman pleaded not guilty and are today. 47-year-old man well on the door is being held without bail. investigators are checking dna evidence to see if he is connected to any unsolved assaults. the american man known as the american taliban has been released from prison. john walker lindh served 17 years of a 20 year sentence, getting out for good behavior. he joined the taliban when he was 20 years old. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. more emotional testimony today from a former tenant of the ghost ship warehouse. >> reporter henry lee was in court today as he has been every day and the witness spoke
6:31 pm
about the fire and how one of the defendants tried to save those inside. >> reporter: former ghost ship tenant carmen, seen here after an earlier hearing, wept at the stand as she described escaping the warehouse. relatives of victims also cried as 911 calls were played in court. she testified that she saw defendant max harris running toward the fire and helping people get out. she also told the jury she never thought the warehouse was a fire hazard, especially because of prior visits from police, engines from a nearby fire station rolling past, and cps workers making sure it was safe for the children living there. she said she didn't think she never lived anywhere with more presence from government officials. >> they look through it thoroughly and saw it was safe for three young children in that space. that is the reason she and others felt safe. >> reporter: former oakland
6:32 pm
fire investigator maria sabatini wrapped up three days on the stand. she acknowledged she could not rule out arson or the defense theory the molotov cocktail started the blaze. >> this was set by someone. maybe they were high, maybe they were drunk, maybe they were angry they couldn't get upstairs, maybe it was someone i asked to leave, but this was intentionally set. >> if this was intentionally set, we win. >> reporter: he says arson is not foreseeable. >> we are looking for reasonable doubt. we only need reasonable doubt that the fire was arson and mister harris will be acquitted. >> reporter: the d.a. says regardless of the fire's cause, master tenant derick almena and max harris are responsible for conditions are trapped the 36 people who died. the defense disagrees. >> there is no legal case that says a tenant or subtenant is responsible for the conditions of the building. they are scapegoats for the landlord. >> reporter: the fourth week of testimony begins tuesday, after the memorial day weekend.
6:33 pm
at the courthouse in oakland, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. a large dump truck slammed into the garage of a home in the oakland hills this morning as the owner was in the backyard. this happened just before 11:00 this morning on colton boulevard near snake road in the montclair neighborhood. from skyfox you can see the truck was carrying a load of dirt. it plowed into the garage door and the front of the house. the driver suffered minor injuries. no one in the house was hurt. we spoke with the owner who didn't want to go on camera and she told us she was in the backyard at the time of the crash and that the driver said he may have lost his brakes. as temperatures heat up, residents are being urged to prepare for wildfires. thousands of people living in the lamorinda area are receiving wildfire guides in the mail. cristina rendon has our report. >> reporter: living among the picturesque hills in the east bay comes with the risk of wildfires. >> this is a great place to
6:34 pm
live, beautiful hills and trees, but cannot bring the potential for disaster? absolutely. >> reporter: more than 62,000 people are receiving this in the mail. the lamorinda residence guide to wildfire preparedness and evacuation. the guide has information about notifications, evacuation tips and how to get ready now instead of the last second. >> i am somewhat prepared. i have more things i know i should do, but i have done quite a few. >> reporter: officials say the lamorinda area is vulnerable because so many homes are tucked away in the hills or surrounded by trees. many neighborhoods only have one way in and one way out. >> we have developed two evacuation zones, where we know the direction people will have to travel to get out. >> reporter: earlier this year they practiced and evacuation of the homes on springhill road. the wildfire guide was put together a various agencies including lafayette, moraga, the moraga-orinda fire
6:35 pm
district and contra costa county fire protection district. it follows the recent fires in recent years, including last year's deadly fire in paradise. officials urge people to register their phone numbers online for the contra costa county emergency warning system. >> anyone with homes surrounded by wildlife or the urban interface, we consider susceptible. >> we want one location where you as a resident can find it easily, get your family ready. no what police, fire, community groups want you to know, and you don't have to go out in google and find it in a bunch of locations. >> reporter: this wildfire guide is one piece of a bigger puzzle when it comes to fire prevention. in the coming weeks and months, fire crews will be working on the lamorinda fuel break declare vegetation and prevent wildfires from spreading. in contra costa county, cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news.
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coming up, insults continue to fly between the president and house speaker nancy pelosi. why she is calling for an intervention. >> the white house is crying out. that is why he fled yesterday.
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it appears gloves are off between top democrats and president trump as democrats push for more documents linked to the rush investigation and the president's finances. >> lauren blanchard tells us the president today referred to
6:39 pm
speaker nancy pelosi as crazy and the speaker said the president could use an intervention. >> reporter: tensions between the president and house speaker nancy pelosi continue to intensify. it is a showdown between washington's most powerful lawmakers, all in public view. >> the white house is crying out. that's why he fled yesterday. >> reporter: a day after the failed meeting between congressional democrats and president trump on infrastructure, house speaker nancy pelosi is not mincing words about what she described as the presidents temper tantrum. >> again, i pray for the president of the united states. i wish his family or staff would have an intervention for the good of the country. >> reporter: the president is pushing back hard on twitter, saying i was extremely calm yesterday with my meeting with pelosi and schumer, knowing that they would say i was raging, which they always do. >> the presidents feelings weren't hurt. she accused him of a crime.
6:40 pm
let that sink in, she accused him of committing a crime. >> reporter: the top republican in the house told reporters that pelosi's comments are not helping getting anything done. >> i think it was irresponsible. she walked before the microphones and claimed something that we just spent years showing is not true. >> reporter: thursday, white house press secretary sarah sanders said if relations between the white house and congress don't improve, the president will be forced to take administrative action to get things done. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. we are looking at the weather. we have some holiday weekend weather to talk about. see you back with that. alex savidge is in the newsroom with a look at some of the stories we are working on for the 7:00 news on ktvu plus. >> anyone heading to lake tahoe for memorial day will notice a
6:41 pm
big difference in the clarity of the water. we will learn what is behind that change. also tonight at 7:00, huber goes underwater. the ride-hailing company has launched a new submarine service. we will tell you about it. those stories and more coming up tonight, live at 7:00, over on ktvu plus. plus, sharks dying in bay area waters. why biologists say dozens of leopard sharks have washed up. and taking a look at the golden gate bridge as we listen to a little crystal blue persuasion. >> ♪ ain't it beautiful
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another dead whale was
6:44 pm
discovered today in the bay area, this time beached at point reyes. it is the 13th found dead in the area since march. biologists have performed necropsies on 11 of those whales. the findings show the whales died from malnutrition or after being hit by a ship, which can occur if the whale is weak and unable to get out of the way. statewide, 36 whales have been found dead this year. according to noah, that is a huge spike from last year when there were only 13 dead whales in all of california. people are also noticing more and more dead and dying leopard sharks washing up on beaches, especially in alameda. as rob roth found out, it often happens this time of year, though researchers aren't entirely sure why. >> reporter: when lauren shea went for a walk on crown beach she came across this and took a picture. >> we saw a three foot leopard
6:45 pm
shark in distress. washed up on the sand, struggling. flipping over back and forth. >> reporter: by morning, it had died. it is one of what marine biologist and researchers say are 100 leopard sharks washing up in recent weeks. because of big currents, crown beach gets many of the carcasses. those familiar with the shark die off, as many call it, say it has been happening in san francisco bay in late spring and early summer, caused by a parasite in the water. >> there is a protozoan parasite. it swims in the water and infects them. it gets in their brain and makes them essentially, they get disoriented and start swimming at the beach. >> reporter: some years are worse than others. 2017 saw thousands of leopard sharks die. this year could be as bad because of the wet winter. >> the convergence of the high tide pushing them inward and the animals seeking those inland and nearshore waterways.
6:46 pm
then they just run into this cloud of pathogens. >> reporter: the die off is also affecting bat race and other species of fish. >> we find it alarming because we are losing so many animals this time of year. >> reporter: there are so many unanswered questions that the department of fish and game is conducting a study to try to get to the bottom of what is going on out there. >> when we can, we will take a sample and send it to a lab to be tested. >> reporter: the public is urged not to try to help a struggling leopard shark. researchers say by the time it reaches the shoreline it is too far gone to rescue. the die off should end in august, at least until next spring. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. let's bring in meteorologist bill martin now. a beautiful day. sharks are so beautiful. >> we were talking earlier. they are, like nature's ferrari
6:47 pm
or something. >> it is just perfect. >> i know, that design, it is an interesting observation. car designers, right? the fence and everything, the 50s cars. there is a little bit of shark and a lot of those. as we go outside, look at the instability coming down from the north. we talked about it yesterday. the sunshine is getting close. modesto, almost out into livermore valley. you may be hearing, if you are in livermore or out toward america, you might be hearing some thunder, perhaps. you go to san francisco airport and you see a little fog on the san bruno mountain. that is an indication of coastal fog forming tonight, which would make sense. we have decent high pressure over us, but these clouds are coming from the other direction. high pressure exists, that's
6:48 pm
why the fog can form, but the clouds will stick around, pretty much right through the weekend for the most part. sunday there is that chance of a shower or something of that nature by sunday afternoon. i am not changing my plan sunday. i know a lot of folks have big holiday weekend plans. there is tomorrow morning, there is tomorrow afternoon. that looks good. here is saturday morning, you see clouds hanging out. then on sunday, this system comes down through the valley. we are kind of on the weak side of the dynamics of this system. the strong side will be over the sierra nevada. a few scattered showers possible. that's the plan. we will watch closely and see if that transpires. hopefully a great weekend overall. many folks are off tomorrow. that is cool. you have monday off, too. don't sweat these two, both of these days will look like today
6:49 pm
with a few more clouds. come back at 10:00 tonight and we will update in case those models make adjustments. >> bill, thank you. the rap group lonely island has released a satirical movie featuring mark mcgwire and jose canseco. the >> ♪ we are the perfect pair to start a new society ♪ >> the lonely island says the experience shows their love for the players, when they were hitting home runs for the team in the 1980s. jose canseco tweeted in response to the video, saying i can't stop laughing. loved it. you can see the videos on netflix or listen to the songs on any streaming service. >> i like their sense of humor. up next, an update from the warriors on two of their injured stars, plus how a voting snob could cost klay thompson millions of dollars.
6:50 pm
don't worry, he will still make a lot of money. sports is next. and here is a look at the primetime lineup. things get steamy on paradise hotel at 8:00, followed by the 10:00 and 11:00 news, right here on ktvu.
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mark is here now with sports to give a health update on some of the warriors. >> it pretty much as a medical update officially received by the team. all in all, pretty happy that they have nine days before they start the final. back on the court today, kevin durant. it doesn't look like he will be ready for the first couple of games. they are happy with the progress, but he has not game ready and hasn't been cleared for that activity. the news is a little better for demarcus cousins. cousins injured his quad muscle in his left leg on april 13. they are more confident he will be able to return. this is video from today's practice session. if you look closely, it doesn't look like he is moving real well, but considering what he has come back from, the torn achilles in his second playoff
6:54 pm
game. you have to give him credit for getting back this fast. >> it has been a wild season. i feel that is what adversity does, it builds you up to make you stronger for the next moment. that was one of my darkest moments dealing with the achilles. i feel like i am in a stronger mental capacity when it came to dealing with this one. i'm happy to be in this moment. if i get the opportunity to play i will take full advantage of it and try to help win a championship. >> there was some other news. by the way, andre iguodala looks like he will be ready to go. steph curry name to the all nba first team and kevin durant the second team. oddly enough, klay thompson who has been playing spectacularly throughout his entire career, did not make the all nba team, 12 or three and is not happy at all about that. he has played exceptional defense, average 21 points per game during the regular season. i don't know what more you could ask. i tell you this, klay thompson
6:55 pm
also is going to lose some money. not making the first, second or third team, he will not be eligible for a supermax contract this year, five years, $221 million. instead he will max out at $191 million. our cameras caught him spontaneously as he found out he was left off the teams. >> i mean that is cool and all, but when you go to five straight finals. i respect those guys. when you go five straight, it takes more than a couple nba guys. they are all in the team, but whatever. i would rather win a championship then be 13 all nba, so it is all good. >> there you go, team guy. long days journey into night for the san francisco giants. it started at 12:45 ended the 13 innings later, after 5:00.
6:56 pm
another frustrating loss. despite the cuteness out there. tyler austin, a right-handed power hitter. 4-2 lead over the braves going into the 8th inning. this is the name to remember. austin riley, this kid has been up for nine big league games from the minors. that was his fifth home run already. a two-run shot to tie this. here he is again. austin riley, shot to right with two outs. a laser that brings somewhat turned out to be the 5-4 deciding run. 13 innings, atlanta takes it from the giants this week. meantime, it will be a tumultuous off-season for the san jose sharks. they have lots of free agents. where to begin? at the top of the list, that guy. joe thornton. what a hall of fame career he has put together. but he has not completely
6:57 pm
decided at the age of 39 with 21 seasons under his belt, whether he will come back and try to play again. i tell you this, it sounds like if he does, he is a shark in his heart. >> i am a shark. i am a shark. you know, there is one team this year. i haven't made any decision. i feel like i can still play, for sure, but i haven't made any decision. >> he can have all the time he needs to make whatever decision is right for him. we love him. >> it will be an interesting off-season for the sharks. check this out. this is women's high school softball in delaware. never will you see a better catch than this young lady. taylor gillis, robbing a home run. that is worthy of big league baseball, mlb. highlight of the night, can't watch it enough. there you go, taylor gillis. that is the sporting life at
6:58 pm
this hour. >> mark, thank you. the 7:00 news up next on ktvu plus. have a good one everyone. >> good night. you need to place yourself whilin the moment.sears, you need confidence in the appliances you select to build a home and life you love. shop the sears memorial day event through june first for up to 40% off on appliances... use your sears card and get an extra 10% off, or up to 18 months special financing. you'll also get three hundred dollars cashback in points and don't forget about free delivery.
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and here's another interesting weather fact. another? great! changes in jet streams can affect the speed at which the earth rotates on its axis, so bad weather can actually make the day longer. well, there must be a hell of a storm somewhere. joke if you must, but you're going to miss these moments. with leonard home in a few days, this was your last time driving me to the grocery store. you know, i will miss this. i'll tell you what, if my apples are mealy, we'll hit the produce section for one last crazy blowout. heck, you can even push the cart. please don't take my looking forward to leonard's return as criticism of the job you've been doing in his absence. i won't. that criticism will come later in your report card. yeah, i didn't stay for the detention,


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