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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  May 24, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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today president trump is heading to japan for a three- day visit where he will meet with the prime minister and the
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country's new emperor, after a day of personal insults between the president and house speaker nancy pelosi. doug luzader has more from washington, d.c. with more on that and the plans for today. good morning, doug. >> reporter: the relationship between president trump and house speaker nancy pelosi may be near a breaking point. sure, there is tension between any white house and congress, but this on another level now between president trump and house speaker nancy pelosi >> the president of the united states, his family or staff should have an intervention for the sake of the country. >> it was sad, the moving and the hands and the craziness, i thought that is the person that has problems. >> reporter: the president is furious because more house democrats are talking about impeachment as they conduct one investigation after another as to whether trump obstructed justice and last night a counter move from the president who authorized attorney general
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william barr to declassify some documents in an effort for what some believe are motivations into a probe >> she treats me like i am her made, driver, pilot, make-up artist and i am not. i said to her how very pro woman of you. >> i am the speaker of the house to the president of the united states. that is it. >> reporter: the deteriorating relationship between the president and the speaker makes it very unlikely that we will see any major legislation between now and election day. back to you. >> doug, thank you. the time is 4:34. acting defense secretary
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patrick shanahan denies reports that the u.s. is sending 10,000 more troops to the middle east. >> there is no 10,000. there is no 5,000. that is not accurate. we are looking at are there things we can do to enhance protection in the middle east. >> the defense secretary and secretary of state mike pompeo briefed president trump yesterday about the security situation in the middle east and say that may include sending extra troops but no decision has been made yet. >> they have four spots the president is looking at everyday. we are evaluating the risks and making sure we have it right. >> the trump administration says it has intelligence information suggesting iran has plans to attack -- in the persian gulf. we are hearing former movie mogul weinstein reached a
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settlement to resolve the sexual misconduct lawsuits. his attorney told the bankruptcy court judge that an economic agreement in principle has been reached. more than 15 civil suits have been filed against weinstein and the company. he faces criminal charges of rape and other sex crimes in new york and is expected to go on trial in september. 4:36. wildfire officials say people living in the bay area, you have to prepare for the possibility of wildfires as the temperatures start to heat up. now, to get us thinking about the danger, thousands of people living in lafayette, moraga and other run da are getting wildfire guides in the mail. this is what it looks like. it was put together by various agencies in contra costa county and it has information about notifications, evacuation tips and how to get ready now instead of at the last second. last second.
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. >> officials say the orinda area is value non-perishable because of the hills and trees and many neighborhoods only have one way out. there is a flurry of legislative activity in sacramento ahead of the long hollywood weekend. >> first there is a bill requiring california businesses to provide electronic, not paper receipts. that passed the senate yesterday. under that legislation a customer would only get a paper receipt if you ask for it. the bill was written by a san francisco state assemblyman phil ping. if the state approves it and the governor signs it the change would take effect in 2022. the state senate also passed a bill requiring inmates in state prison to be housed
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according to gender identity. the bill pointed out transgender women put in men's prisons are often assaulted, raped and put into isolation for their safety. the bill would also require for prison staff to refer to inmates by their third gender pronouns. the bill now move tots to state assembly. and a bill on the paid family leave program would be updated. you would get 100% of a worker's income for people that make up to $100,000 a year. the bill now goes to the state senate. alarming new numbers this morning about the number of people in alameda county that experience the trauma of losing a baby. county health officials say infant mortality among african- americans is more than double
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the state average. ktvu's alex savage explains some of the factors. >> reporter: infant mortality among african-americans is 11.8% compared to the overall rate of 7.2% in alameda county and now the rate has risen to 7.6% in 2013. the increase is said to be contributed to threats related to racism and socioeconomic factors. >> i think the conversation will help change the tide or provide hope and encouragement. if that happens i did my job. >> reporter: alyana gomez, ktvu fox 2 news. the stage is set for the
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start of bottle rock 2019 in napa valley. the gates open up later this morning. it is expected to draw more than 100,000 people to the napa valley fairgrounds. six stages will have big stars like santana, neil young and bay area acts >> it is taller and bigger and wider than it has ever been with even bigger video screens than the past so within any viewing angle from the festival you will feel up close and in person. >> food trucks are also lined up and ready. there will be food from some of the region's michelin star festival. the organizers this year say they increased the number of staff, and done more to address the neighbor's concerns about noise and traffic. it is getting more organized and it won't be crazy hot this
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weekend for sure so maybe the colder weather will be nice for that. >> for sure. would you believe free college tuition for the next ten years? a new plan in san francisco and what it means to students in the future. and six flags discovery kingdom in vallejo is opening this weekend. a preview up next. and good morning. a look at the golden gate bridge. looks pretty good. and traffic in morin county is off to a nice start. it has been a roller coaster ride on our temps. it looks like they are on their way down again. i will explain.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 4:44. some students from san francisco city college will have their tuition paid for the next ten years, part of a college program. mayor london breed says they will invest millions into the program for eligible san francisco residents. we will, fare ebaiters at bart take advantage of the fares every year. now bart is thinking about a new kind of gate that has a higher air pressure and keeps
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fare cheats from prying the wedges open and they are also thinking of vertically stacked gates where there is one at your waist level and another at your chest. if you are looking for a cheap, fast destination wedding, today on the east bay you can get married at the summit of mt. diablo from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. the clerk is offering the marriage ceremony possibility for $60. they are calling it one of the world's most anticipated roller coasters of 2019 right here in the bay area. this is the d.c. iconic batman ride. we will show it to you in a moment and the iconic six flags
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magic kingdom in vallejo is 120 pete tall, it lets you look at each other as you tumble through the roller coaster ride. the ride officially opens to the public tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. make sure you are here with us on morning morning because ktvu's own frank mallicoat will try it out. that is later this morning. >> oh, no. he will need extra hair spray! >> i know! as many people gear up for the hollywood weekend it will be pretty busy at the airports here in the bay area. today is expected to be the busiest day in the airport's history. oakland is expecting to see about 163,000 travelers over the four-day holiday period and 43,000 passing through the gates today at the oakland airport. sfo is known as one of the busiest airports in the bay area. tsa is recommending arriving up to two hours early for domestic
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flights and up to three hours for international destinations. as you can imagine a lot of people will be hitting the road this weekend for the memorial day holiday. aaa says almost 43 million americans will travel 50-miles or more. that is about 1.5 million more than last year. and many of the travelers will be driving to where they are going well, if you don't already have plans for this memorial day weekend, don't worry. we have ideas for you. here is rosemary orozco with the weekend watch. >> reporter: looking ahead to the weekend, memorial day weekend will be the focus for many including the parade in san francisco. you are invited to join military member, and friends and family that died for our country at the national cemetery. also this weekend the 41st carnival festival will feature dance, music, food and other activities in the mission district all weekend long.
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the parade is sunday morning at 9:30. and in the east bay enjoy the san ramon art and wind festival sunday and monday where you can watch teams of kite fliers and individuals perform their amazing tricks in addition to a kite-making workshop and tethered hot air balloon rides. and in the concord area there will be activities for children that stimulates learns and exploration. the attractions and activities are included for a $6 fee and a donation of canned food for the food bank. that is in downtown concord. and in fremont downtown on saturday there is burger & brew, complete with snack vendors, art vendors and live entertainment. and in jacqueline square there is a three part cooking competition among bay area chefs. the event is free to watch. and in the north bay celebrate on the sonoma coast with
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oysterapalooza on sunday where you can enjoy barbecued oysters, local beer, wine, margaritas and music. and in sports the giants and as are home. i am rosemary orozco and that is your weekend watch. >> all right. interesting. will you be barbecuing? >> i am going to try, yes >> sal, it will be tough because it will be a little rainy. >> we can do it. >> pam, i have barbecued in the rain before. put the little hoodie on. >> a big umbrella, maybe. >> exactly. it still tastes good when you bring it back in the house! now i am getting hungry. let's not talk about food at this time. westbound 580 near 205 looks all right. there have been no major issues driving through. a couple of minor things but it really has not caused slow traffic. today is a get away day. a long weekend coming up. a lot of people trying to take friday off, as well.
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i don't blame you. a four day weekend sounds better than three. here is 880 in oakland. looks good. at the bay bridge we don't have a big crowd. i will be surprised today if we have the regular crowd at the bay bridge. we will know in about 20 minutes. 4:50. let's bring my good friend mr. steve paulson. do you ever barbecue in the rain? >> i have in the past. yes. i live more in a wind tunnel, so -- >> got you! >> but, yes, who hasn't? and speaking of that breeze, boy, it has been kicking up pretty good there, gusts from maybe 20 to 30 miles per hour. it will be a cooler day today. now, yesterday everyone was pretty close except livermore. the high temps on the left what, is normal on the right... right...
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look at the bodega bay water temp, a brisk 51. the water is cold on the coast as you can see. the lows continue to churn here. the first one not so much this weekend, but the second one will. clouds coming off the sierra and gusts up to 30 out of travis. an on shore breeze. 50s on the temps. wakeport is 54. livermore is 53. novato 54. not much of a big difference here. 5 in santa cruz, gilroy is 55, as well. 32 in truckee, yucky can a is 53.
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25 degrees in flagstaff. 61 in las vegas. san bernardino is 49, cool temps for the end of make. low clouds will pay a visit on sunday right over us. there won't be a lot of rain but look what happens. if you are heading to redding, shasta, truckee, look at the projections next week. there will be a lot of rain for some. some forecast models are a lot wetter for us. some have more rain versus showers. 50s to 70s on your temps, coming down a little bit for most. clouds and mostly cloudy into the weekend and monday off and on rain. >> steve, thank you there is a new addition here at the san francisco museum of modern art that involves more than 1,200 people. we will hear from them and the artists. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present.
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welcome back. the san francisco museum of
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museum of modern art has a new exhibit featuring 1200 people >> reporter: the conicles of san francisco is a large scale, slow moving animated digital mural on display at the museum of modern art. it captures the images of 1,206 people. >> it is really a mural of san francisco. it represents the richest people to the poorest. >> reporter: from the homeless to the famous, all connected by this project. j.r. interviewed every single person in the mural by visiting neighborhoods across the city in a large truck that functioned as a mobile studio. >> no one is more important than another. everyone is under the same light. >> reporter: he asked them how they wanted to be remembered, including one woman with
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muscular dystrophy. >> it was so nice to be a part of this. it is really important >> reporter: his subject included public figures. figures. >> draymond green came, listened and talked. >> reporter: draymond green, a michigan native, spoke about his love for his adopted city. >> it is such a great city. i come into my manhood here. i love it here. it is like a home here. >> reporter: and this san francisco native and founder of sale's force is holding a sign about equal pay. >> one of the most important things to me at sales force is not just trust, growth or innovation but equality. >> reporter: thursday's opening night is the first time the participants saw the finished work. >> looking at the mural is amazing, very awesome. >> reporter: the one-time graffiti artist takes his street art to a new level. j.r. is in the mural himself.
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this work is his way of inspiring people to learn about those around them. >> when people stop and listen to each other, take a look at each other, that is what this is about. >> reporter: this mural will be up for one year. it is located on the street level in the public space area of the san francisco museum of ma dern art so it is free for everyone. in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> our time is 4:58 up next, a woman that survived the oakland deadly ghost ship warehouse fire testifies on how she survived the fire and helped others escape. and a bay area teenager that left home for a soccer tournament three weeks ago and loved ones have not heard from him since. the latest on the search for him and where his car was last seen.
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