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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  May 24, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2. i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. steve, what are we seeing out there for the memorial day weekend? >> well, right now this morning it is about a pretty good fog bank and a west- southwest, or westerly opponent on the breeze for some and gusts already 30 miles per hour. 50s, low, mid to upper. the yooper there, upper, i mean, yooper is michigan! anyway, everyone is close under mostly cloudy skies. the low will be paying a visit over the bay area late saturday to early sunday. i will have updates on that in ten minutes. 50s, 60s and 70s on your temps. 5:02 -- >> let me ask you this, is the weather, it won't be optimal -- is there a spot in the bay area sunnier than other >> there always is. go east. just go east, my friend. better than west. >> i want to hear it from the
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horse's -- or in this case the meteorologist's -- mouth. >> thank you, sal! westbound 580 toward the altamonte pass, you will see a little traffic. as steve and i have been telling you, the weather is not a major issue today so the commute is dry. that is really helping us out. it is not going to be a typical commute. it will be a lot of a get away commute. people here, if you are getting up early right now and you are going somewhere at 5:00 a.m., this is exactly what my dad used to do to us, get us in the car, pile us in the car. if you are doing that send me a tweet if you can and let me know where you are going. this is 880 north and south. the traffic is moving well as you can see. at the bay bridge it is light. i think it will be a lighter day here. 5:03. pam? thank you, sal. we are following breaking news from the u.k.. british prime minister theresa
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may has announced her resignation. now more on the reasons why. good morning, elissa? >> she is resigning after trying and failing to deliver her lexington plan >> i will -- brett kavanaugh plan. >> it was the honor of my life to hold, the second female prime minister, but certainly not the last. i do so with no ill will. but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country i love. >> may has been prime minister since 2016, she was brought in with when voters supported brexit. three years later and the brexit has not happened.
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during her resignation speech may says she will always feel deep regret for being unable to deliver her brexit man. >> i have done everything i can to convince and please those, but sadly i have not been able to do so. i tried three times. i believe it was right to persevere, even when the odds against success seemed high. but it is now clear to me that it is in the best interest of the country for a new prime minister to leave that effort. >> may's last day will be june 7th. she will still play a role as caretaker prime minister during a search for her successor. live in the newsroom, elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you, elissa. the time is 5:05. new this morning an arrest in san jose of a man accused of vandalizing the san jose veteran's memorial. 39-year-old martin vivaco was arrested yesterday after a police street crimes unit
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identified him as a suspect. earlier this month the veteran's memorial was sprayed with graffiti and caused damage estimated at $6,500. the man that kidnapped a wisconsin girl after killing her parents is expected to be sentenced today. 21-year-old jake patterson pled guilty in march to georges of 1st degree murder and kidnaps, and he held jayme closs captive for 88 days before she escaped. several of jayme's family members are planning to give testimony before he is sent to prison.
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oakland police are searching for a teenager that has not been seen in three weeks. the 19-year-old jonathan banbayla was missing since may 3. his car was parked on the san mateyo bridge. he left home for a soccer tournament and the family has not heard from him since. on monday san francisco police found the body in a home on del monte street. later warrants were issued for stephanie ching and douglas loma, the victim's daughter and son-in-law. both have been arrested although police are not saying where that took place. a citizen's arrest in san jose helped police catch a man suspected of starting a house fire on north 6th street.
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it started yesterday morning about 11:00. surveillance video shows a homeless man walking town a porch, then minutes later a sofa was engulfed in flames, right there. the fire spread to the home but the family inside was able to escape >> i heard something pop up. i am like, oh, no, i am getting out of the house. i told all of the kids get out of the house. >> the fire also spread to a house next door but it was quickly put out and no one was hurt. police tell us the man believed to be in the surveillance was seen walking down the street last night. neighbors detained him until police got there. the family believes he started the fire with a lit cigarette. the ghost ship warehouse trial will resume next tuesday after the memorial day weekend. one woman gave details about how she survived and how the defends tried to save others
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inside >> reporter: former ghostship tenant carmen brio went from the stand as she described leaving the warehouse. she saw tenants running toward the fire and helped people get out. she said she never thought the warehouse was a fire hazard. tritoe said i don't think i have ever lived anywhere with such presence of government officials. >> they looked and saw it with us safe for children, three young children to be living in the space which is part of the reason she and others felt safe living there. >> reporter: regardless of the fire's cause, derick almena and max harris are responsible for the unsafe conditions that trapped the 36 people that died. the defense disagreed. in oakland at the courthouse, len len, ktvu fox 2 news. ws.
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and the back-to-back nba champion warriors have a lot planned for you fans during the nba finals. the warriors announced a full slate of events around the bay area. the team ambassadors will be out at famouslandmarks at the bart station and other public transportation locations passing out t-shirts and other items and the warriors are encouraging you fans to wear your favorite gear on finals fridays and warrior's wednesdays.
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>> all right. got it! >> you got it? >> yes the first deadly tornadoes hit parts of missouri. now there is a new weather threat. coming up the reason the airport in jefferson city is now evacuated. plus, dozens of sharks washing up dead on bay area beaches. a marine biologist is explaining why this is happening. good morning. look at the commute. it is not a typical one. it is a little better but i want to warn you about something. we have the traffic report next. i will tell you what you are likely to expect this afternoon on the roads. i switched to liberty mutual, because they let me customize my insurance. and as a fitness junkie, i customize everything, like my bike, and my calves.
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welcome back. in mississippi flood waters are not expected to recede until july. about 800 square miles of farmland is under water. farmers may not be able to plant any crops this year. >> we are hoping to get the ground healthy enough to farm next year. >> some farm owners say the flooding would not have been as bad if the army of engineers
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built a pump station but the corps said the epa vetoed the proposal and only builds problems authorized. now to hurricane season. we are getting our first estimates on what this year's hurricane season could look like. >> it only takes one landfalling hurricane to cause great destruction to a community. we need to prepare now. >> hurricane season is officially starting a week from tomorrow. here is what the scientists at the national oceanic and atmospheric association are predicting. 9 to 15 named tropical storms. between four and eight of them will become hurricanes, and of those between two and four of them will be major hurricanes. >> we need to come together and take action now to protect yourselves, your property and your family.
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take a look at this snowfall in palm springs this wednesday. many have been colder than normal this may in palm springs. there are 4 to 6 inches of snow in higher elevations but it will melt fast. today's temperatures will be in the 80s, then reach 100 next week. >> a roller coaster. today is the last of three days of graduation ceremonies at san jose state. there are two congressmenments, first the college of social sciences will hold their ceremony at 10:00 this morning, followed by the davidson college of engineering commencement at 3:30 this afternoon. more than 6,800 students are graduate from san jose state this week.
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that includes 46 getting doctorates. >> that is great >> yes. the commute is not the same today pam and dave. it is more of the get away commute with this being one of the big holidays, memorial day coming up on monday. a lot of people are taking time off. i will show you with these traffic pictures and maps i show you that traffic is lighter than usual. usually by now i see a little slowing, but certainly this is not very slow. at the bay bridge it is the same thing. by now usually the metering lights are on and there is a back up. there is not a back up right now. and i have a feeling a lot of people are either getting on the road now to go somewhere or they are not going into the office, using fellowship or whatever, but enjoy it while you can. we will keep an eye on it for you. 5:18.
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let's bring steve in. i asked for tweets and i haven't looked at twitter. you do the weather and i will do this a next time okay. we have a little cooler pattern after yesterday. not in much in the way of cloud cover coming off the sierra which fired up thunderstorm activity. highs yesterday were a little above suppose, right where you should be. oakland a little below for livermore and san jose. livermore still 6 degrees cooler. should be 80 degrees but only 74. bodega bay a brisk 51. monterey and santa rosa down a little bit. that is pretty cold water here. the fog has to problem forming even though there wasn't much warm weather inland yesterday. esterday.
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brentwood and pittsburg are in the 50s. las vegas' high yesterday did not hit 70. it was 69 degrees. normal is 91. phoenix's high was 76. they should be 97. that is 21 degrees below average. and even palm springs. i mean 57. amazing. flagstaff is 24 cool degrees. fog and low clouds the main weather maker for us today. the weather low, late saturday and sunday. watch how this drops in now. it won't be today or saturday
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morning, but by saturday evening here it comes. this is portland saturday night. right there. it goes right over ukiah sunday morning. it settles right on the bay area about sunday at 8:00 a.m. you can see the rain. the rain shield right there. the heaviest in this pattern will be probably a little to the south and east. by 1:00 on sunday it is making its move out to monterey. look at all the activity in the mountains. it will push south by sunday night. it is not going anywhere. it is going right down to las vegas. it will keep much of the west cool, then it should lift out. look at the sierra. it keeps going with some of that rain. even into next week. the seven-day forecast not a lot here, although this could easily change. bun forecast model is very wet, and the others are just showery in nature. look at truckee and redding, that is a lot of rain. be careful if you are going up to the mountains. there could be pretty good
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rain. 50s to 70s today. clouds roll in late saturday to sunday into monday with off and on rain. >> thank you, steve. the time is 5:22. facebook deleting billions of fake accounts. up next the actions facebook is taking to stop those accounts before they do damage. and police in new york are searching for a man they say is causing hours of delays for thousands of commuters. you know when you're at ross and you find.hmmm. a price that has you, like... okay. that's yes for less. say yes to the latest spring trends at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a homeowner was home last night when a single engine plane here smashed into the home. a spokesperson for the fay say it happened a quarter mile from a nearby airport but it is unclear if the plane was taking off or getting ready to land. and this morning we have new reaction to facebook's new efforts to stop the spread of false information. ktvu's laura blanchard explains the company's actions to get rid of fake accounts. >> reporter: from october to march phone call removed 3 billion fake account, twice as many as in the previous six months according to officials. >> there are a lot of automated attacks being fed by computers creating these fake accounts. >> reporter: the social media giant says most of the fake
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accounts were caught before they became active but still the estimates of the 2.4 billion monthly active user, roughly 5% are up fake accounts, up 3% from facebook's last prediction. >> they are going after the financial incentives for people to produce fake news in the first place. >> reporter: the company is not saying who is behind the fakery and classifying the accounts as beau sieve. >> sometimes it is regular families to misinformation >> reporter: facebook officials say they believe they are doing everything they can to identify the account, saying they monitor in three steps. blocking fake accounts from being created, removing fake accounts when they sign up, and deleting those accounts already on facebook, which may have made it through the first two defenses. >> they are looking at a lot of things like child pornography. >> reporter: besides the billions of fake accounts, facebook also says they he
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removed over 7 million posts and pictures from the site, saying the content violated the hate speech rules. lauren blanchard, fox news. police in new york are searching for a man who has been pulling emergency brakes on subway cars. investigators released grainy video of the man saying he has pulled brakes on cars on several different subway lines 40 times since february, causing hours of delays for thousands of new york commuters. and they say he may be using a key to access the cars at the back of the train. right now it is 5:27. the former hollywood mogul whose behavior sparked the etoo movement back in the headlines this morning. harvey weinstein's troubles as he gets closer to trial >> reporter: and from bad to
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worse. i am doug luzader from washington and i will have more on what specifically house speaker nancy pelosi and president trump have said about one another.
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good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2. we are looking at cool temperatures for bootalrock. >> yes. we are looking at a pretty good weekend. a shower here and there but otherwise cool, comfortable temperatures. right now west-southwest winds out of fairfield, 50s on the temps. right at 50 and low 50s in
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peninsula. 54 to 56 in pacifica. half moon bay, you are allowed to be under clouds. and the low clouds will burn off today and we will talk about the next system in about 15 minutes. 50s to 70s, a little cooler today. 5:32. you said we would look in about 20 minutes at what is going on at the bay bridge. what is happening? it is actually lighter than usual. i am also saying that i would check my twitter because i asked people okay, are you getting up early to go somewhere? i think that is what people are doing. someone called the vegas hook- up and said they are goal to belgin, california. my dad used to make us get up early to go wherever we were going. so that is what is happening. there is some slowing on 37 heading away from vallejo to sonoma county. but 80 looks pretty good and so does 680. highway 4 does not have a slowdown which is a little
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unusual for this time of year. it will be a different day on the friday before memorial day. this is a look at the macarthur maze, only an 18 minute drive. you know it is different. at the bay bridge there is no back up. usually by now we have a big back up here, so it is not happening. if you are driving this afternoon i think it will be very crowded. people will be leaving, sometime even during the middle of the day to get out of town for the memorial day weekend. 5:43. back to the desk here is a look at some of the top stories this morning. prime minister theresa may says she is stepping down as head of the conservative party on june 7. after that she will select a new leader without needing a nation-wide general election. prime minister theresa may tried to negotiate the brexit effort from the european union and all of them failed. well, teachers will be on the picket lines in the new haven
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school district for day five. the teachers are demanding a 10% raise over two years. the district is offering 1% plus a 3% bonus. acting defense secretary patrick shanahan denies reports that the united states is sending 10,000 more troops to the middle east >> there is no 10,000. there is no 5,000. that is not accurate. we are looking at things that we can do to enhance and enforce protection in the middle east. >> the defense secretary and secretary of state mike pompeo briefed president trump yesterday on the situation in the middle east and they say that may include sending extra troops, but no decision has been made yet. >> the president is looking at it everyday, and we are evaluating the risks and making sure we have it right. >> the president says it has intelligence that iran plans to attack u.s. military targets in
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the persian gulf. iran denies it. we are hearing former movie mogul harvey weinsteins are reached a tentative $44 million settlement to resolve sexual misconduct lawsuits. his attorney told a bankruptcy court judge an economic agreement in principle has been reached. more than 15 civil lawsuits have been filed against weinstein and his company. he still faces criminal charges of rape and other sex crimes in new york and is expected to go on trial in september. our time is 5:35. state fire officials say the bay area needs to get ready for the possibility of wildfires as temperatures start to heat up. it gets us thinking about the danger. thousands of people in lafayette, more rag da and/or run da are getting wildfire guides in the mail that has information about notifications, evacuation tips and how to get ready now instead of at the last second.
5:36 am
earlier this year lafayette practiced an evacuation of homes on spring hill road. officials say the orinda area is vulnerable because so many homes are tucked away in the hills and surrounded by trees and many neighborhoods only have one way out. a $19 billion panel to help states recovering from disasters including wildfires here in california is on its way to a house vote. the senate passed the measure and if the president signs it, california will be eligible for up to $12.6 billion in federal funds. senator dianne feinstein said she included language in the bill to make sure people in paradise are eligible for funding from the usda. the house can pass the legislation as soon as today even though many house members
5:37 am
have left d.c. had for a week long recess. we are getting a look at plans to rebuild a beloved summer camp nereises. the camp destroyed by the rim fire in 2013 and is owned by the city of berkeley. there will be new dining halls, cabins and other buildings. fema is set to cover most of the costs and the camp could reopen by the summer of 2022.
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>> reporter: there is tension between any white house and congress, but this is on another level between house speaker nancy pelosi and president trump. >> i wish his family or staff would have an intervention for the good of the country. >> it was sad when i watched nancy all moving, the movement, the hands and craziness. i thought that, by the way, person has some problems. >> reporter: more house democrats are talking about impeachment, as they conduct one investigation after another as to whether trump obstructed justice. last night a counter move from the president who authorized attorney general william barr to declassify some documents in an effort to expose what some believe are political motivations twined the initial probe into allegations of collusion with russia. but the political has become so personal around here and even a top aide, kellyanne conway, saying pelosi was refusing to talk to her because she was a staff.
5:39 am
>> she treats me like i am her maid, pilot, make-up artist and i am not. i said how very pro woman of you. >> i am not responding to her. i was having a conversation as the speaker of the house of the president of the united states >> reporter: the investigation both sides are talking about could go on now for months. back to you guys. >> thank you, doug. the time is 5:39. happening today the memorial day weekend is getting off to a record-setting pace in one bay area airport. ktvu's jesse gary, you are at the mon net tabay airport. what is happening there? >> reporter: good morning to you. happy friday to you, pamela and sal.
5:40 am
27,500 fliers will take to the skiings from the moneta san jose airport. one inside the terminal travelers will see six temporary gates to help with the summer crush. these temporary gates are a bridge between now and then. >> our growth was tremendous in a short period of time. we needed additional gates. >> reporter: and the skies aren't the only place that will see people getting away for the weekend. aaa predicts 5 million people from california will hit the road this is holiday weekend
5:41 am
for the fifth straight year seeing an increase for memorial day. air travel is up 5.2% overall since last year. the first flight at mineta san jose does not leave until 6:30 in the morning. that is a city ordinance but the planes get boarded, lined up, and as soon as 6:30 hits full throttle and off the first one goes, then one by one off to the skies. everybody is so happy at the airport. they are all going somewhere. i am standing here watching and waving. it will be a great weekend. yay, we made it to summer! >> yes, we did. very busy out there, jets'. >> reporter: it is! >> we will check in with you throughout the morning. free college tuition for the next ten years. details on a new agreement in san francisco and what it mean ifs are students in the future. and let's get ready to ride. we will take you on a ride on a new roller coaster today at six
5:42 am
flags discovery kingdom in vallejo. so far so good on the roads. even the richmond bridge is better than usual. more on this coming up. and the forecast this week has had its ups and downs and today will be a down as we talk about cooler temperatures.
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. the time is 5:44. welcome back. fare cheaters on bart cost bart millions of dollars every year and officials now want to
5:45 am
make changes to the fare gates to stop them. one idea to use floor to ceiling turnstiles like they use in new york city but bart officials like a cinch gate that has higher air pressure to keep fare cheats from prying the wedges open. there is also the idea of vertically stacked gates where one opens at the waist level and the other opens at the chest level. the stack gates will appear at the richmond bart station this summer. there is a flurry of legislative activity in sacramento ahead of the holiday weekend. >> a bill requires california businesses to provide electronics, not paper receipts. it passed the senate yesterday. under that legislation a customer would only get a paper receipt if you ask for one. the bill was authored by san francisco assemblyman phil tang. if the governor approves it it will take effect in 2022. the state senate also passed a bill requiring inmates
5:46 am
in state prisons to be housed according to gender identity. state senator scott weiner authored the bill pointing out transgender people in men's prisons are assaulted, raped and put into isolation for safety. the bill would require prison staff to refer to inmates by their preferred gender pronouns. the bill now moves to the state assembly. and a bill extends the california paid family leave program. right now workers are entitled to 70% of pay for six weeks and the new bill would change it to 100% of the worker's income for people that make up to $100 a year. the bill now goes to the state senate. if you are looking for a fast, cheap destination wedding, head to the east bay. today the clerk reporter in contra costa is allowing coupling to get married at the summit of mt. diablo from 10:00
5:47 am
a.m. to 3:00 p.m. today only. the clerk will offer a total of 16 appointments. as of this morning there are still slots available. the fee is $60 and the marriage license is $86. the time is 5:47. this story is just for pam cook. they call it one of the world's most anticipated new roller coasters of 19. that coaster is right here in the bay area. look at this iconic batman ride. it is at six flags, discovery kingdom of vallejo. it is the first of its kind 4d roller coaster on the west coast. it is 120 feet tall and it lets the riders face each other as you tumble through the roller coaster ride. it officially opens to the public tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. make sure you stay right here with us on mornings on 2, because ktvu's frank mallicoat will be testing it later this morning >> that will be fun. i just realized i love roller coasters, sal, but i cannot
5:48 am
watch a video of a roller coaster. that makes me kind of sick. do you like coasters? >> i do, but as i have gotten a little older i leave that to the younger folks. >> you are kidding? >> yes! >> you will hold the bags as they get on? >> i will hold the bags. you have fun and i will sit here with my craft beverage. thank you! let's take a look at the tracy commute if you are driving on 580. there is a little slow traffic now on 580 at 205. it is not completely light but it is better than it normally is. if you drive everyday you will notice it is a little lighter. on the east bay look around. i do not see a lot of slow traffic. maybe a touch of slowing on 880 south near 92, but look at 880. it looks very good. when you get to the bay bridge it is light. so, obviously what is happening here is people aren't going in the same volume this morning. but i think it will be one of
5:49 am
those things where a lot of people will be leaving the bay area for the memorial day weekend and driving this afternoon. 5:49. let's bring in steve with today's weather. thank you, sal. as you know we have be a rather incredible may temperature- wise, although we have leveled off in the last couple of days. but rainfall-wise. the national weather service there for you folks in monterey. as of yesterday the total rainfall for the month of may at the monterey climate station was 2.54 inches. the record is 2.67 set in 1998. if you were around in 1998 that was a very strong el niño year. can they set that record? take a look here. hold on, don't go anywhere. there you go. i onto he had to find my clicker. watch the monterey station here over the next couple of days. i think it could put a .26, putting them at 2.80. they are in line to set a may record rainfall.
5:50 am
if you are wondering about san francisco, that record is 4.02 back in 19 25. i doubt that happens. san jose's is 2.69 back in 1915. unless we get a big rain, which one model is kind of hinting at, but if you are heading to the mountains watch out. there will be a lot of rain up in the truckee area. area. we had a pretty good line of convection forming yesterday off the sierra to the diablo range to santa clara county. looks a lot quieter today. the on shore wind is in place. 40s and 50s on the temps. 54 in gilroy.
5:51 am
55 in so-cal. saratoga and cupertino at 51 degrees. san jose close to 52. 5 and 53 arcadia to ukiah. phoenix is 60 and flagstaff is a cool 24 degrees. man, that is cold. we have a low cloud deck north of us today. another low will drop in and it will take a track right near the coast. the question is will it go over water. either way there will be thunderstorm activity in the mountains and also for us there as it comes in sunday morning. so, dave, don't be surprised sunday morning if we get rain. >> you warned us, steve. thank you. our time is 5:51. we are staying on top of breaking news this morning. prime minister theresa may's overnight announcement, she is resigning. what happens next for the united states' strongest ally. and a new addition at the san francisco museum of art.
5:52 am
look at this. it involved 1200 people and a talented artist. and first, a live look outside san francisco. there is sale's force tower right there. look at the sky? are you ready for a friday? you are watching mornings on 2 from ktvu fox 2 news. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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there is a parasite in the water essentially. a little guy that swims in the water and infects them, gets into their brain and makes them potentially disoriented and they start swimming at the beach. >> some years the problem is worse than others. in 2,017,000s of leopard sharks died. this year could be just as bass because of the rainy winner. the state department of fish and game is investigating the trend. it is 5:56. we are getting our first look at a unique mural featuring the images and voices of more than a thousand people. it is in san francisco. french artist j.r. created the chronicles of san francisco as a way to learn about san francisco. look at this. it is a large scale, slow- moving, digital mural on display at the san francisco museum of modern art. j.r. visited neighborhoods across san francisco and interviewed every single person you see in
5:57 am
the mural >> it is really a mural of san francisco. it represents the richer to the poorest. no one is more important than another. everyone is under the same light. >> you can listen to the voices of each of the 1,206 people in the mural including draymond green of the warriors and they have ipads at the museum where you can listen through a free app. the mural will be up there for one year. it is on the ground floor of the museum and it is free and open to you, the public the time is 5:57. still ahead, brexit consumed her administration. after three years on the job in great britain, prime minister theresa may just announced she is stepping down.
5:58 am
you will hear her fairlywell announcement. plus, here at home a citizen's arrest in san jose. how a neighborhood came together to catch a suspected arsonist. did you know comcast business goes beyond fast with a gig-speed network. complete internet reliability. advanced voice solutions. wifi to keep everyone connected. video monitoring. that's huge. did you guys know we did all this stuff? no. i'm not even done yet. wow. business tv. cloud apps and support. comcast business goes beyond at&t. start with internet and voice for just $59.90 a month. it's everything a small business owner needs. comcast business. beyond fast.
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. good morning, it is friday on mornings on 2. may 24. i am pam cook. >> and good morning. i am dave clark. you will want to know if you need a coat or umbrella for the holiday weekend. steve paulson is right here in his office. >> it depends on where you are. at the coast, yes. inland maybe not so much today but by sunday a lot of cloud cover and rain is in our forecast. that is sunday morning. yesterday was near normal, just slightly below. livermore was 74. should be 80


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