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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  May 24, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. good morning, it is friday on mornings on 2. may 24. i am pam cook. >> and good morning. i am dave clark. you will want to know if you need a coat or umbrella for the holiday weekend. steve paulson is right here in his office. >> it depends on where you are. at the coast, yes. inland maybe not so much today but by sunday a lot of cloud cover and rain is in our forecast. that is sunday morning. yesterday was near normal, just slightly below. livermore was 74. should be 80 degrees.
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santa rosa was actually one above. santa rosa 77, by the way, was warmer than las vegas, phoenix and palm springs. san jose was shy by 1, san francisco by 2. the water temperature is very cold. bodega bay down to 51. 50 in monterey. a couple weeks ago they were 58 and 59. the cold water there because of the series of lows that keep dropping over us, taking the turn and going to arizona. that is the situation yesterday. a lot more luck over the area yesterday. the lows are down and it was muggy yesterday with the cloud cover. a lot of 50s. a few 40s but a lot of low to mid 50s for some. oakland hills 51 degrees. low clouds maybe a little thicker here today and the next system will drop in on sunday coming out of the pacific northwest which looks like it will give out big time cooling
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trend and more possibility of rain. today 60s and 70s, a little cooler with a breeze. 6:02. sal, so far so good? something new? so far, so good. if you are driving to work, well, if you are driving anywhere, you will notice it is lighter than usual. the bay bridge toll plaza is looking very good with no major issues. and back to 880 as people come up to 80 to the toll plaza it looks very good and continues to be a very nice commute. even the drive from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze is very light. earlier this week we had an hour commute in this direction because of the rain that we had earlier. that is not the case now. i think today will be a different day. if you are saying i won't see traffic all day, you could be wrong about that. i am guessing people will be getting on the road out of the bay area this afternoon. it will be a tougher drive then. keep that in mind.
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back to the desk. we are following breaking news from the u.k. this morning. prime minister theresa may is stepping down after failing to secure a brexit plan. she announced her resignation today saying it would be in the best interest of the party for someone else to take over. ktvu's elissa harrington joins us now from the newsroom with what is next. >> good morning, pam. what is next is the search for a new prime minister. may is officially stepping down as conservative party leader june 7 >> i will shortly leave the job which has been the honor of my life to hold. the second female prime minister, be you certainly not the last. i do so with no ill will, but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country i love >> may has been under a lot of pressure from her party to resign after failing to leave britain out of the european
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union. she has been prime minister since 2016 and brought in after voters supported brexit, prompting then prime minister david cameron to quit. she said she will always feel deep regret for being unable to deliver the brexit plan. a former deputy prime minister from her conservative party says the british leader's resignation won't necessarily fix the issues at hand >> it has been inevitable for some time. i think she earns a considerable amount of personal sympathy but frankly the politics has moved on. >> other politicians across the pond have been weighing in including former prime minister david cameron and tweeted may should be thanked for her tireless efforts on behalf of the country and she made the right decision. live in the newsroom, elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. well, wikileaks founder george is currently being held
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in london and the u.s. is filing new charges ajuicing him of filing an espionage acts. he is charged with soliciting and publishing classified information that armed the u.s. and our allie's. julian assange's actions are not those of a journalist some say. an arrest in san jose of a man accused of vandalizing the san jose veteran's memorial. 39-year-old martin vavanko was arrested yesterday. a police street crimes unit identified him as a suspect. earlier this month the veteran's memorial was sprayed with graffiti causing damage estimated at $6,500. a couple is behind bar this is morning accused of selling a woman's 73-year-old father. on monday police found the body of benedict ching. warrants later were issued for
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the victim's daughter and son- in-law. sources say the two may have fled the country but police are confirming both have been arrested and they will not say where it took place. the san francisco medical examiner is investigating the discovery of bones at a home in the mission district. investigators removed the bones and other evidence from the scene at 21st street near folsom yesterday. coroners have not determined if the bone bones are human. a citizen's arrest in san jose helped police catch a suspect accused of a house fire that started yesterday morning on north 6th street about 11:00 a.m. look at the surveillance video here showing a homeless man walking up to a porch and minutes later a couch is engulfed in flames. the fire spread to the home but the family inside got out safely. >> i heard something pop up. i am like oh, no, i am ting to get out of the house. i got myself and the kids out of the house. >> the fire quickly spread next
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door but it was put out and no one was hurt. a man seen on surveillance last night had police getting him and detaining him until police arrived. the family believes he may have started the fire with a lit cigarette. a high school student plans to walk out of class today as part of a global effort to demand action on climate change. the students will hold a rally on campus at 10:00 this morning then march to the wells fargo in mountain view. the students want congress to support the green new deal introduced by new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez it is 6:07. striking teachers in union city in hayward will be walking picket lines again on day five of their strike. more talks are set for the teacher's union and the new haven unified school district. the teachers want a 10% pay
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raise over two years and the school district's last offer a 1% pay raise and a 3% bonus. also, student attendance has dropped during the strike. only 12% of the 11,000 students yesterday were in class. three more parents are expected to plead guilty today in the college admission scandal. 16 people including actress felicity huffman have pled guilty to paying elite bribes to get their children into country. her and her husband as well as lori loughlin and her husband pled guilty of the same charges. well, the toronto raptors have a three game to two lead against the milwaukee bucks in the eastern conference finals of the nba. the raptors dug themselves out
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of an early 14 point hole. then look at this, 15 points in the 4th quarter to send the top seeded milwaukee bucks to there first losing game of the season. game 6 is tomorrow night in toronto. the winter of this best of seven series will play the warriors in the nba finals. the warriors will go on the road for the first two games. now, the warriors will probably have to play game one next thursday night without kevin durant. the two time nba finals mvp is still recovering from the strained right calf injury. remember him limping? he won't be ready for the game. doctors checked him out yesterday and expect ken to return to the court at some point during the nba times but he hasn't yet been doing shooting workouts or practice with the team since the injury. the warriors do have better news about demarcus cousins.
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the warriors head coach steve kerr said cousins may potentially play in game one, but that is still questionable. he has been out since april 16 when heer to his left quad september muscle during a play- off game against the l.a. clippers. he can't wait until he gets back on the court. >> it has been a wild year for me all season. i feel like that is what adversity does. it builds you up and makes us stronger for the next moment. >> demarcus was hurt on just his second career play-off game. the warriors still in the break as they swept the portland trailblazers in the western conference finals. >> games three and four will be at the oracle arena and fans are being warn about ticket scams. 1,000 fans have been denied access to home games because they bought counterfeit tickets from non-verified vendors. the only place to get verified
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tickets is through the warrior's official website. game three and four game 5 and 7. and the back-to-back nba champions have a lot planned for fans. team ambassadors will be out at some of the landmarks. bart stations and other public transportation locations handing out t-shirts and other items. the warriors are encouraging fans to wear their favorite gear on finals fridays and warriors wednesdays. >> there you go! our time is 6:11. delicious food, fine wines and great music today. bottlerock napa valley 2019 festival begins. we will tell you about the headlining acts this weekend. and disgraced movie producer harvey weinstein reaches a deal with his accusers to resolve lawsuits for those claiming sexual assault. i am looking at something here, how light some of these
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commutes are, which is good, but don't think there won't be slow traffic later. we will tell you more on what we expect will happen this afternoon. a bigger fog bank today. not as much in the way of cloud cover off the sierra. a little different twist today, but it looks like changes for the weekend. more on that coming up.
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bottlerock will be hosting big names like santana beginning today for the three- day festival >> for the entire festival you will feel like you are up close and in person with our larger than ever screens. >> and food trucks will be lined up and chefs from the michelin star festival will be there. in year festival organizers say she have increased the number of staff and done more to address the neighbor's concerns about noise and traffic. it is 6:15. a new batman roller coaster ride at six flags in vallejo will open this weekend. this morning we are giving you a close-up look at one of the
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most technologically advanced rides in america. and ktvu's frank mallicoat is our guide. frank, you are looking good! you are at the amusement park in vallejo. are you ready to ride? >> reporter: steve, i am looking good now. give me an hour or so. i am not so sure, but we will see how it goes. this is the batmobile. this is cool. this is batman. can you wave to our viewers? he is very cool! but look upstairs. that right there is batman the ride. that is even cooler. it is a rough and tumble roller coaster, here at discovery kingdom six flags. i will take a ride on that baby in about an hour or so. i have mark marino here to tell us about this. tell us about this unbelievable, one-of-a-kind ride? >> there is really no ride like it on the west coast. it is the first of its kind.
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you will flip head over heels several times as you go across the track. it is not like anything we have put in the park before. it should be fun this morning! >> reporter: we are going up 12 stories, 120 feet. >> that is right. >> reporter: how long is the ride? >> it is just over a minute long. >> reporter: and while you are cruising on the coaster itself, the cages are spinning, correct? >> yes. they do spin as it goes over the track and it interacts with magnets that spin as you are going through the ride. >> reporter: is there clean-up service here at all for those that don't make it? >> i think we may have hoses nearby just to make sure and buckets, but we should be good! >> reporter: you may want so have those readily available. i haven't been on a role he will in a couple years. certainly nothing like this. mark, thank you very much. we will see you in about an hour and we will see you here
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on batman the ride. there is a little sneak peek as they continue to test it and we will see how it all goes about 7:15, guys. keep me in your thoughts, would you? >> will do. see you later, batman. batman there, too! i am setting my watch for 7:15. i have to see this. >> i know. exactly! 6:18 is the time. about an hour from now. we also want to know, sal, are we having our friday traffic jams? >> we certainly are, pam. it will be road trip songs. i already got a couple of requests. the best way to get them in the hit me up on social media and use the hashtag #ktvu. speaking of the roads, let's see what we have on the bridges and causeways. the richmond bridge. a little slow traffic. i don't want to mislead you. it is not completely light but
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it is lighter than usual. also on the east shore freeway nearby. it is only taking you about 20 minutes to drive from vallejo to oakland. then at the bay bridge there is not really a back up. we expect to happen what has happened every other year. people start getting on the road around the middle of the day and leaving the bay area for whatever they are doing. tahoe, wherever you are going. evenly the airports as you heard. we have been following those, as well. we are checking people out here as they leave the bay area. this is i-880 in oakland. it is looking good. remember, this weekend is a maximum enforcement weekend. chp is on the road looking for impaired or rule-breakers out there. designated driver and have a safe weekend. 6:19. let's bring in steve with today's weather. thank you, sir. we will get right to it here. a cooler pattern. yesterday we had a south wind, 60s for temps and the thunderstorms activity was
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around yesterday afternoon. not today though. it looks like mainly the fog is here and it will be cooler. the water temperatures are cold. bodega bay is 51. i have been informed by the powers that be that the half moon bay buoy will get fixed. it has been down for a year. that is what i have been told! look at this activity that fired up yesterday. this model nailed it. 23-mile per hour gusts, gusts at 30 out of travis, an on shore breeze. 50s on the temps, a couple 40s. most are in the 50s here. wood acre up to kelsey a little cooler and 46. pope valley is 49. napa is 5 . a lot of mid 50s around the russia river.
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32 in truckee to 53 in ukiah. it will be warmer today. yesterday was unseasonably cool. las vegas was only 69 degrees and phoenix was 76. palm springs 75. all around 20 to 24 degrees below average for this time of year. low clouds and fog making a good push. another low is dropping in. this one will be here late saturday and sunday. there will be rain to thunderstorms. watch it here developing sunday morning around 9:00. it will head out, but not until late sunday. this is las vegas again for monday. we are not done yet. 50s to 70s on the temps. down from yesterday for most. we are losing that south wind and getting more of the west wind. i will expect rain on sunday,
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pam. >> okay. we will get ready. thank you, steve. 6:22 is the time right now. a phenomenon that happens in san francisco bay around this time of year. coming up, what is in the water that is causing sharks to wash up on shore? and san francisco city leaders are discussing the idea of no right turns at red lights. the proposal to make city streets safe.
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♪[ music playing ] well, one of my favorites,
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the allman brothers. norths released grainy video of a man saying he has pulled brakes on subway lines 40 times since february and caused hours of delays for thousands of bay commuters and think that he may be using a train to access the trains from the bam door. well, the 13th baby gray whale has washed ashore, found dead in the bay area since the beginning of march. scientists at the marine mammal center performed necropsies on 11 of the whales and it is shown they have mostly dies from malnutrition or hit by ships. 36 whales have been found dead this year, almost three times the amount from last year. people are also noticing more dead and dying leopard sharks washing up on bay area
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beaches, especially in alameda. marine biologists and researchers say about 100 bay area leopard sharks have been washing up on the beaches. it has been happening on the san francisco bay in late spring and summer for years because of a parasite in the water. >> there is a parasite that is like a little guy that swims in the water and infects them and it get into their brain and makes them essentially get disoriented and they start swimming near the beach. >> some years are worse than others. 2017 saw thousands of leopard sharks die. this year would be just as bad because of the wet winter. the california department of fish and game is conducting a study to learn more about this die-off. in breaking news from london that is impacting the entire globe. we are following this when we return. prime minister theresa may
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stepping down and the odds on favorites to replace her. and more than 40 million americans are heading out this memorial day holiday. the local airport expecting to break records.
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. we have all the business news effected by prime minister theresa may stepping down here on dollars and cents. >> it is friday, may 24th. i am dave clark. >> and good morning, i am pam cook. and if you are going to enjoy that three-day memorial day weekend you may be wondering what the weather will be like. >> i think rain on sunday. today will be cooler. we had some activity, a line forming to the east yesterday but today we will be quieter with a westerly breeze and bigger fog bank. yesterday santa rosa went above average. not something we have seen too
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much with. livermore 74. the water temps are quite cold, 51 to 56. the fog needs a little help and that is what it is getting with the lows that keep dropping in. another one taking a turn in the four corners and two more on the way. one for us on sunday morning is coming right over the bay area. i don't think how we will warm up that much. gusts almost to 30 throughout the morning out to travis and over san pablo bay. 40s for a few, 50s for many. noticeably cooler compared to yesterday. pittsburg and brentwood were in the 60s this time yesterday. now they are in the 50s. low to mid 50s and low clouds near the coast with 50s and 60s there. and more on the low dropping in and rain on sunday and cooler temperatures coming up in a bit. 50s, 60s and 70s today. you know that song midnight rider, the song greg allman wrote, my most favorite.
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>> i never hear that song that it doesn't put a smile on my face, so, thank you, steve. well, steve and i go out to watch the airplanes, because number one, we are both geeks in this business. the only airport in the country that has air delays is laguardia on the east coast. the san francisco airport does not. if you are taking a flight out it should be okay. they are not predicting any major delays. you know how things go and there goes the southwest airlines flight on runway 1 left. nice. and here is the i-580 commute on the approach. not a typical traffic day on this memorial day friday because people often use this day to travel. the traffic gets heavier later, usually starting around noon. the drive today will be lighter
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earlier and heavier later. 6:33. back to the desk. breaking news this morning from the united kingdom. earlier today prime minister theresa may announced she is resigning. she is stepping down as leader of the conservative party on june 7. she admitted defeat in trying to take britain out of the european union. it was due to leave the eu on october 31 but the parliament still has not approved the terms. >> in a democracy, if you give people a choice, off duty to implement what they decide. i have done my best to do that. i negotiated the terms of our exit and a new relationship with our closest neighbors to protect jobs and security and union. i have done everything i can to convince and please the vast field. sadly i have not been able to do so >> the conservative party members will pick a new leader who will then be the prime
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minister. the process begins with conservative party members in the parliament forming a short list of candidates. the names discussed include former alone london mayor. well, on the national mall on washington, d.c. for memorial day you can see the 133-foot long display of more than 645,000 poppies which honors every service member who gave their life to defend the country since world war i. the red poppy flower is a traditional symbol of sacrifice made by veterans. the time is 6:35. >> it has been nearly 25 years since 14-year-old jenny lynn was found stabbed to death in
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her castro valley home. today friends and family will be honoring her. will killer has never been found. the memorial service is at 7:00 p.m. at the castro valley library. and there will be a walk following to remind the public of the unsolved murder and raise awareness of child safety. the ghost ship warehouse trial will resume on tuesday after the memorial day weekend. ktvu's henry lee was in court yesterday as one woman that escaped the fire gave details about how she survived and said how one of the defendants tried to save those inside >> reporter: the former ghost ship tenant carmen frito went from the stand as she described escaping the warehouse. she saw defendant max harris running toward the fire and helping people get out. she told the jury she never thought the warehouse was a fire hazard, especially because of prior visits by police, engines from a nearby fire station rolling past and cps workers making sure the
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tenant derick almena's children were oak living there. she said i don't think i have ever lived anywhere with such presence of government officials. >> they looked at it closely and thought it with us safe for three young children to be living in the space. that is why she and other tenants felt safe living there >> reporter: at the courthouse in oakland, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. now we are hearing former movie mogul harvey weinstein reached a tentative $44 million settlement to resolve sexual misconduct lawsuits. his lawyer told a bankruptcy court judge an economic agreement in principle has been reached. more than 15 civil lawsuits have been filed against weinstein and his company. he is still facing criminal charges of rape and other sex charges and crimes in new york. he is expected to go on trial
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in september. and also new this morning, it just came in, celebrity chef mario batali pleaded not guilty in a boston courtroom this morning to allegations that he forcibly kissed and groped a woman at a restaurant in boston back in 2017. mario batali is charged with indecent assault and battery. he was released and ordered to stay away from the woman. he stepped down from daily operations of his famous restaurants back in 2017 after four women accused him of inappropriate touching. the city of emoryville is responding to the dublin city council's refusal to fly the pride flag at city hall. emoryville's city event will be on june 8. they will not only rise a pride flag at city hall like it does every year but it will display a second flag in solidarity with the dublin lgbtq community.
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on wednesday night the city rejected a motion to raise the flag for pride month saying the flag poles are reserved for federal, state and city flags only. it is 6:39. this weekend marks the unofficial start of the summer season and it is really getting off to a fast start at one bay area airport. we have jesse gary at mineta san jose airport. it has been busy there all morning. what is it like out there now? >> reporter: good morning to you again, dave. we had the crush early on an hour ago because the first flights leave at 6:30 here. that was the crush of people getting here, making sure they were inline, through security screens and on the planes to take off at 630:67:89 it has calmed down ally now behind me but airport officials say they expect a record of 27,500 fliers to take to the skies from this airport today. the highest total in 70 years.
6:40 am
we talked to some of the passengers to find out what it is like to get away for the long holiday weekend. >> it has been pretty busy. traffic wasn't bad this morning, though. >> reporter: so, what do you do to try to get through the line and traffic? >> be patient. just be patient. i don't have any extra tricks. >> so far so good. i have the tsa precheck. i jump to the front of the line. i am doing good [ laughing ] >> reporter: once inside the terminal, travelers will be seeing temporary gates soon opening to help handle the summer crush. last year 14.3 million passengers used mineta san jose
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and they expect that number to swell to 15 million this year. the new gates won't be finished for another seven to ten years and the temporary gates are a bridge between now and then. >> we are breaking records. last friday was our busiest day ever. tomorrow we are expecting another record-breaker and that should be repeated all summer. >> reporter: and the airport is not the only place where you will see a lot of activity. aaa predicts 5 million californians will hit the road this is holiday weekend, the fifth strait year to see an increase. air travel up 5.2% from last year at this airport. live at mineta san jose international airport, jesse gary. we will talk again in another hour. >> jesse, good to see you. the time is 6:41. san francisco city leaders are debating a new traffic safety idea.
6:42 am
under the plan drivers won't be allowed to make right turns at red lights. the san francisco examiner says muni's board of directors are floating this idea in response to the high tomorrow your number of traffic related deaths in san francisco this year. new york city and washington, d.c. have brought up similar ideas to improve traffic safety back there it is a feud between two tech billionaires. still ahead, the social media post from elon musk that takes a jab at jeff bezos of amazon. plus, everyday life in art. the amazing mural, this one from san francisco, showcasing interactive portraits of people in san francisco. and allie rasmus, what is coming up in the next hour of mornings on 2. >> good morning to you out there. in the next hour one of the most popular vehicles on the road, but now a warning this morning for honda drivers. they are recalling 118,000
6:43 am
suvs. the problem with the airbags that could be deadly. eadly.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. in a couple hours the first lady and president will depart for japan where the president will meet with the japanese prime minister and the topic will include north korea and the u.s. trade dispute with china. missouri still in the middle of the relentless storm season. drone video shows us all the tornado damage. one of the tornadoes was three miles long and a mile wide. it stretched from the south end of jefferson city north toward the missouri river. the river is swelling and expected to spill over a levee some time today. it may flood the city's airport which has already been evacuated. so far no word of deaths or missing people in jefferson city. the storm is already blamed for at least three deaths in
6:47 am
southwest missouri. here at home wildfire officials for the state say here in the bay area we have to get ready for the possibility of wildfires as temperatures begin to heat up. it got us thinking of the danger of the thousands of people living in lafayette, moraga and orinda. you are getting wildfire guides in the mail. it was put together by agencies in contra costa county and has notification tips, evacuation tips and how to be ready now. >> we want any resident or citizen to find this easily, get your family ready, no what police, fire, the community groups want to you know and you don't have to go out and google it and try to find it in a bunch of different locations. >> earlier this year lafayette practiced evacuating home on spring hill road. officials say the areas we
6:48 am
mentioned is vulnerable. the neighborhoods are in hills, surrounded by trees, and many only have one way out. well, a new internet service will be available after successfully launches 60 new satellites into orbit by spacex. spacex. the falcon 9 rocket launch from the florida yesterday. this was the first phase since founder elon musk's plans to provide a station capable of beaming signals from space to customers around the world. musk is hoping the venture will help his other space projects including developing spacecrafts that can fly paying customers to the moon. he also took a jab at jeff bezos' plans to build floating communities that orbit the
6:49 am
earth and house 1 million people in space. elon musk reacted on twitter saying makes no sense. in order to grow the... the two billionaires have a long history of sparring over their space ambitions. sal, are you taking care of things on the roads? >> i am trying to. dave and pam, it is a different commute as it always is, as long as i have been doing this, the friday before memorial day some people don't go to work. you can tell by the bay bridge toll plaza that is traffic is lighter. and you may leave yourself to believe that it will be a light day. it is not going to be a light day. later today about noon people will hit the roads trying to get out of the bay area. so many people i would not recommend being on the roads, for example on i-80 or 580
6:50 am
trying to get out of the bay area about 3:00 or 4:00. that would not be a good idea. northbound 880 we have slow traffic here. this is northbound 880 as you drive into downtown oakland. we don't have anything major going on here but we have slowing. there was a crash at high street just a little while ago. here you see it. you can use westbound 580. a much better ride to get around the problem. 6:50. steve? >> thank you, sir. let's get right to it here. a major fog bank today. not as much moisture coming taupe sierra to trigger the thunderstorm activity yesterday afternoon. not so much today. most of the moistures that cooled off. cooler from napa.
6:51 am
81 in fairfield yesterday, 74 today. a little cooler. the water temps have gone down. you get the north breeze along the coast. bodega bay is dropping now to 51 cold degrees. here in the bay area, las vegas and the four corners amazingly cool weather for this time of year and it is continuing today.
6:52 am
another low might be dropping in next week for the sierra to keep the beat going there. i would expect temperatures to be near average to below, certainly by sunday maybe way below. 50s to 70s today. overall not much change saturday. then a big change on sunday. rain possible and thunderstorms into early monday. >> steve, thank you. the time is 6:52. a new report says americans are making a big mistake when it comes to saving your money.
6:53 am
coming up in the next hour, we will tell you why not all savings accounts are created equal, and you may have the wrong one. and couples who want to get married, the picture postcard destination being offered today in contra costa county for your wedding.
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man, that's a cool looking hot tub. we should check on the baby. he's so sweet. maybe too sweet? internet's down. go! your home is only as smart as your internet. get reliable at&t fiber and get speeds up to 300 megabits per second and directv. bundle for 75 dollars a month for 12 months. limited availability. may not be in your area. more for your thing. that's our thing. call 1-800-call-att. welcome back, you want to
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get married and you want to do it fast with out spending a lot of money, las vegas is not your only option, you can get married at the summit of mount diablo, today only, between 10 am until 3 pm, the county clerk of contra costa county will offer 16 appointment, and as of this morning, there were so still some spots to get married. the marriage license cost $86. we are getting our first look at a very unique mural in san francisco that features the images of more than 1000 people. the artist, jr, that is him right there, he chronicled this mural as a way of looking at the city of san francisco. jr visited neighborhoods all across san francisco and interviewed every single person
6:57 am
in that mural. >> so, it is really a mural of san francisco, it represents the richest to the poorest, everybody is under the same light. >> to be a part of the social landscape is really important. >> you can listen to the voices of each of the 1200 people seen in that mural, including this, or you can listen through a free app, the mural will be there for a year, it is at the ground floor of the museum and it is free and open to the public. today is also the last of three days of graduation ceremonies at san jose state university. there are two commencement, the first, the college of social
6:58 am
sciences holding their ceremony at 10:00 this morning. it'll be followed by the davidson college of engineering commencement at 3:30 this afternoon. more than 1600 students are graduating from san jose state, this week, that includes 46 receiving their doctorates. the city of san francisco will pay for a program that will continue providing free tuition at san francisco city college for the next 10 years. london breed said the state will invest $15 million per year in that program. free city college covers the cost of tuition and other expenses if you are an eligible san francisco resident. ben and jerry is, they are introducing a new flavor if you love coffee, you can now get your coffee fix with cold brew caramel latte. it is a mix of cold brew and sweet cream ice cream with salted caramel swirls, doesn't that sound good? but the sweet and salty take on coffee ice cream is only available at selected 7-eleven
6:59 am
stores. two people are recovering after their small plane crashed into a house north of dallas texas, the homeowner and her three kids were home last night, look at the pictures, that plane crashed right into the front of their house. nobody on the ground was hurt. a spokesperson for the faa said it happen just a quarter-mile from a nearby airport but it is still not clear if the plane was taking off or trying to land. theresa may announced she is stepping down, after not delivering on her brexit plan, we have all about the emotional announcement she made overnight. and, it is being called one of the world's most anticipated new roller coasters of 2019, it is right here in the bay area, we are at discovery kingdom with a preview of the new ride.>> from ktvu fox 2 news ,
7:00 am
this is mornings on 2. >> good morning, thank you for joining us, and welcome back, it is friday, may 24, i'm dave clark.>> we have steve paulson to talk about a little bit of everything for this memorial day. >> today is not bad, but sunday looks like rain. i know you are not happy because it is not hot.>> we don't want too much rain, we have to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. >> we have an onshore breeze and figure fog bank and yesterday, i will show you the outlook here, not so much today, if you're going to the mountains, yes. there will be something to storm activity. below is going to drop in for us right over the bay area, sunday morning, that is going to pick up some rain, that will continue as well. the mountains are seeing some pretty good totals. almost 2 inches of rain for


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