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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 24, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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good afternoon. i am allie rasmus in for gasia. >> and good afternoon, also. i am meek mike. memorial day is the unofficial start of tomorrow for us and today is get away day for millions of people across the country including us in the bay area. let's take a live look at the interstate 80 freeway. looks like folks may be starting to head out on the roads for the memorial day weekend. a record number of people are expected to be traveling this weekend. >> yes. now more from jesse gary at mineta san jose airport. >> reporter: people here say this is expected to be a record breaking day with 20,500 fliers expected to leave this airport today, the busiest in 70 years. a lot of the travelers hope to
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have their own little tricks to get through the airport quickly. >> so far so good. i have the tsa perpetual so i am going through straight through the line. i decided to fly first class today. it is all good. >> reporter: travelers will see six temporary gates that will open soon to handle the extra people traveling through the airport today. wear lightweight clothing and wear slip on shoes before coming to the airport >> we are talking about thousands of thousands of travelers coming through security. every time you can save a few seconds on every passenger it is worth it. >> reporter: this is not the only place where people are
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getting away for the weekend. aaa is predicting 5 million californians will hit the roads this weekend, the fifth straight year to see an increase for memorial day. air travel is up 5.2% from last year. last year 14.3 million passengers used the me net tasan jose international arrangement. this year they expect 15 million passengers to use the airport by the end of this year. at mineta san jose international airport. jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. . well, bart travelers are sneaking through the gates and not paying their fares. now officials are looking into new gate alternatives to prevent those cheats from prying the wedges open. bart is planning some maintenance work over the three-
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day memorial day weekend that will effect service at some east bay stations. between pleasant hill and concord will be closed because of repair work on the gates but a bus schedule will be available to help riders between the two stations. bart will close the same stretch of track again on may 8 and 9. prime minister theresa may announced she will be stepping down two weeks from today amid the turmoiled botched brexit strategies. >> with the departure of the conservative leader the race to find her successor is under way. >> reporter: prime minister theresa may appears to bo bound to increased pressure within her own party to resign after repeatedly failing to secure a brexit deal. in an emotional speech may announced she is resigning and said it would be best for the conservative party if somebody else took over.
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>> i will shortly leave the job it has been the honor of my life to hold. 2 second female prime minister, but certainly not the last. i do so with no ill will. but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country i love >> reporter: the embattled prime minister first took the reins in 2016 after voters supported brexit, prompting the then prime minister david cameron to step down. the primary goal was to lead britain out of the european union. three years later that has still not happened. cameron said he knows how painful the day must be. he calls may a dedicated public servant. >> i know how it feels when you realize your time has finished, the country needs a new leader and it is extremely difficult and painful to step outside and say those things. >> reporter: across the united kingdom people are reacting to the shake-up. some feel sorry for may,
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others feel it is time for her to go, unhappy with the brexit delay. >> it is time for her to go. it is a dramatic decision. we all want for it, the majority wants her to leave so if it isn't the majority it isn't democratic anymore >> we feel bad. she tried. >> reporter: at the white house president donald trump who openly criticized one of may's brexit plans last summer says he still plans to meet with her next month. he is heading to england for a state dinner and d-day ceremony. >> i feel badly for tree is a. i like her very much. she is a good woman. she works very hard and is very strong. >> her last day at the nation's leader will be june 7. in the
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newsroom, elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. striking teachers are on day five in the new haven unified school district. the features want a 10% pay raise over two years while the school district's last offer was a 1% pay raise and 1 time 3% bonus. the president of the teach ear's association told us the energy the teachers are showing on the picket lines is the same energy and enthusiasm they bring to the classroom. >> that is very much what is missing in the classrooms. the students come home and say mom, there is nothing happening, can you take me hope home? that is what should be done to make change to get us back to what we are doing best. >> according to the school district student attendance has dropped significantly during the strike. only 12% of the 11,000 students have come to class. ss.
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well, we are following a developing story out of washington, d.c. where the trump administration plans to send more troops to the middle east. the white house notified congress this morning it plans to send 1,500 troops to the region amid growing tensions with iran. the u.s. began reinforcing its presentation earlier this month in response to what is said to be a threat to iran. strong criticism now from democrats and the intelligence community. >> his remarks wrap up a contentious few days in washington. here is more from the white house. >> reporter: ahead of his departure to japan, president trump rallying against the mueller probe, accusing the investigation of being
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politically motivated and tweeted... tweeted... >> the very first was predicated on something they knew was false and they knew that before they made the application. >> reporter: the president's remarks coming one day after the trump administration ordered the intelligence community to cooperate with the attorney general's review of what prompted the russia probe, the order allowing william barr to declassify any information he sees fit. democrats immediately firing back and adam schiff accusing the president and attorney general of conspiring to weaponize law enforcement and classified information. this as the house speaker earlier this week says the president is engaged in a cover-up. >> it is part of the trump and republican plot to dirty up the intelligence community. >> reporter: the up coming cover of the new yorker magazine depicting the attorney general, as well as senators mitch mcconnell and lindsey graham polishing the
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president's shoes. on fox & friends graham responding. >> i think i have something to offer to him. he is doing a really good job. >> reporter: the house judiciary chairman says robert mueller is willing to testify to lawmakers in private and also make a public statement. on twitter this morning he says he does not know why democrats want to speak with mr. mueller and claims tracks are just looking for trouble and want a do over. the trump administration has proposed rolling back discrimination protections for transgender in health care. the health and human services department released a proposed regulation saying gender identity is not protected under federal through prohibits discrimination and health care. this would reverse polsighs in the obama administration that shows it does protect transgender people seeking
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health care services. abortion providers in alabama filed a suit this morning to try and block the nation's most stringent abortion law. the aclu and planned parenthood announced the lawsuit just before 7:00 this morning. the new law would make performing an abortion at any state a felony for the provider with the only exception when the woman's health is at serious risk there are new developments in the assault case against mario batali, celebrity chef. he pleaded not guilty to allegations he forcibly kissed and groped a woman at a boston restaurant in 2016. he was released and ordered to stay away from the woman. he ceased operations at his restaurant after four women
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accused him of inappropriate touching. we are hearing former movie mogul harvey weinstein has reached a tentative $24 million statement for lawsuits against him. a attorney said an economic agreement in principle has been reached and more than 16 civil suits have been filed against weinstein and his company. he still faces criminal charges of rape and other sex crimes in new york and is expected to go on trial in september. well, a $19 billion disaster aid package blocked this morning. this would include wildfire victims in california. the disaster aid package has the support of president trump and has passed through the senate. yesterday democrats said the house will try again to pass the measure during a session some time next week. missouri is still in the middle of a relentless spring storm season. drone video shows the widespread damage from this week's large tornado that cut a mile-wide path from the south
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end of jefferson city north to the missouri river. the swollen river is projected to top a levee some time today and potentially flood the airport already evacuated. there are no reports of deaths or missing people in jefferson city, but the storm system is blamed for three deaths in southwest missouri. in mississippi farmers are dealing with floods that are threatening their livelihoods. flood waters in some areas are not expected to recede until early july. water from heavy rain in recent months combined with melting know from the upper mississippi delta. about 800 square miles of farmland is under water and farmers say they will be lucky if they can plant anything this year. >> we hope the insurance will be healthy enough where we can get back to farming next year. >> some property owners say the flooding would be borrow if the army corps of engineers had built a pumping station but it is said they only build projects that are authorized. authorized.
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this will be a may that will probably go down in the record books for many be it on temperatures, how cool it has been or maybe on rainfall. there could be rainfall records set this weekend. another system is coming in on sunday. more on that in a second. the arizona diamondbacks are in town. i would bundle up tonight. there is a big old fog bank out there. i don't think temperatures are going very far. there will be a pretty good breeze. one system coming in from the southwest and one from the pacific northwest. not as cold but breezy. low clouds will not be far away. another low is on the way. we have had many come into northern california, drop into southern california, nevada and also arizona giving them unseasonably cool temperatures. yesterday was warmer in santa rosa, then las vegas, palm springs an phoenix. in fact, las vegas was 22 degrees below normal. they were hard pressed to get
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to 70. well, into the rockies there is snow and severe weather ahead of that. we have another low coming in and there will be activity in the mountains today and tomorrow. then for everybody on sunday. probably into monday. there could be some very impressive totals coming in, especially to tahoe truckee, the central sierra and the san joaquin valley and shasta. keep that in mind. for us it looks like sunday morning we will get rain. the good news is it should be out of here by late morning, early afternoon. it will be cool and breezy. yesterday we had convective activity popping up. much quieter today. the pattern is not as conducive for that. we had a south wind yesterday. today we have a westerly breeze and bigger fog bank. water temperatures are cold. 51 in bodega bay. really, the fog bank ramped up overnight into the bay. we will see more of that into
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tomorrow, i think. we are running 2 to 10 degrees colder than this time yesterday. santa rosa is minus 10, way down from the 7 or 78 they had yesterday. the system taking form is in the pacific northwest coming out of vancouver and seattle and it will drop down on top of us late saturday, more likely early sunday. there will still be activity over the weekend, especially to the north, northeast california, over the sierra. again, if you are going up there. but here comes the low. watch how it settles in over us early sunday morning. there will be rain, the possibility of thunderstorms. we saw the same thing last sunday. remember that? then the system kicks up by noon. beginning to make the move to central and southern california. then it will start to take the turn late sunday and monday, and las vegas again, keeping them very cool. even in the mountains the next couple of days a lot of activity in the form of rain, thunderstorms and high elevation snow. for us today 50s, 60s and 70s. this will be cooler than yesterday. this theme will continue into
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saturday. clouded up with rain late saturday. early sunday maybe some thunderstorms. then it will kick out. some of it may linger into monday and improving on tuesday. another dead whale was discovered, washed ashore in morin county this time. the gray whale was found at the point reyes national seashore. 13th dead whale found in the area sincing beginning of march. biologists have performed necropsies on 11 of the whales and it is found they mostly died from malnutrition of ship strikes. 36 whales have been found dead this year, almost three times the number from all of last year according to national oceanic and atmospheric association when there were only 13. and more dead leopard sharks are washing up in the east bay, especially in alameda. >> researchers say they aren't sure why. >> reporter: when lauren went
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for a walk on alameda ecrown beach she saw this and took a picture. >> we saw a three-and-a-half food leopard shark in distress, washed up in the sand struggling, flipping other back and forth. >> reporter: by morning it had died. what is what about 100 of them have been doing, washing up on bay area beaches in recent weeks. crown beach gets many of the carcasses because of big currents. those familiar with the shark dieoff say it has been happening in san francisco bay for years in late spring and early summer caused by a parasite in the water. >> the parasite essentially infects them and it gets into their brain and making them essentially get disoriented and they start swimming near the beach. >> reporter: some years are worse than others. 2017 saw thousands of leopard sharks die. this year would be as bad because of the wet winter >> there is a convergence of
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the high tide pushing them inward, then the animals seeking inland and near shore waterways for pupping and then they run into this cloud of packages. >> reporter: this is also effecting other species of fish. >> it is alarming because we are losing so many animals. especially this time of year. >> reporter: there are so many unanswered questions surrounding the phenomenon. the california department of fish and game is conducting a study to try to get to the bottom of what is going on out there >> if we can, we will take a sample and we will send it off to a lab to be tested. >> reporter: the public is urged not to try to help 2 struggling leopard shark. by the time it reaches the shoreline it is too far gone to rescue. the dieoff should end by august, at least until next spring. in alameda, rob ross, ktvu fox 2 news. still to come, the trade war between the u.s. and china having an effect on many of the products you buy.
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honda is recalling thousands of suvs because the airbag could deploy unexpectedly. it effects 118,000 honda cr-vs in the united states. honda says the problem seems to be caused by a defect in the airbag wiring harness. they will install protective covers to fix the problem. best buy is warning they will be increasing prices if president trump follows through with another round of tariffs on chinese imports. the ceo says the store would have to pass the increased costs on to customers. president trump increased tariffs on $200 billion in chinese airports from 10% to 25% earlier this month and proposed to implement another round of sheriffs and electronics are some of the most effected products. there has been a lot of legislative activity in sacramento ahead of the holiday weekend. under a new legislation a customer would only get a paper
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receipt upon request. if the senate approves it and the governor signs it it would tague effect in 2022. the state assembly passed a bill extending the california family paid leave program. workers on family leave right now are entitled to 60% to 70% of their pay for six weeks. assembly bill 196 would change that to 100% of a worker's income for people making up to $100,000 a year. the bill moves to the state senate. it is the weekend of music, wine and good food in napa. bottlerock 2019 just kicked off 30 minutes ago. here is a live look inside the festival under somewhat overcast skies. it is pretty up right now but it will fill in over the weekend. the first two bands took the contagious at noon. our frank mallicoat is there giving us the thumb's up. we will go to him coming up next. next.
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welcome back. we are tossing it to frank mallicoat soaking in bottlerock. how is it going out there? >> reporter: you want rock & roll, you got it! you want blue grass, country, it is all going down. here in napa it is day one of bottlerock. janet shaw just kicked it off. she is from oakland. by sunday 80 bands will have played here in napa at bottlerock. by the way this is completely sold out. it has been for months. there are four different stages of music to pick from, whatever you want to hear, not to mention dozens of restaurants and wiries all selling their goods.
12:32 pm
it is all one big party but it starts and stops with the music. >> neil young is someone i am exciting to see. >> reporter: i hear he is amazing in concert. >> i am sure et. he is from our generation. >> reporter: how about you? >> i am here for the wine! >> really good food. we are always looking forward to that. a lot of people. good music, everyone is dancing, especially toward the end of the night. like last year bruno mars was crazy! >> reporter: well, security as you might imagine is very tight here. 120,000 people coming through the gates in the three days. no danya bacchus are -- backpacks are allowed. parking, by the way is an issue. third street here, the main drag, is shut down during the show. get here early. you can shuttle downtown here to bottlerock if you like and park there. some of the residents are charging $50 a pop if you want
12:33 pm
to park in their driveway. if you want to do that, feel free. the wine, by the way is a little expensive, too. about $14 a glass, but it is a beautiful day and well worth it. tomorrow another big day. we have neil young and other headliners. of course the biggy on sunday is santana and mumford and sons. in napa it is about the wine and the music and they will be rocking the next three days. live from napa, frank mallicoat, ktvu fox 2 news. >> appreciate that. have a great weekend. a man is under arrest in san jose accused of vandalizing the memorial there. the police street crimes unit identified him as a suspect, after damages the veteran's wall memorial. he sprayed it up with graffiti.
12:34 pm
henry lee was in court when one who escaped the deadly ghost ship warehouse trial gave details about how she survived and how one of the defends tried to save others >> reporter: carmen frito seen here from an earlier court hearing left the stand after describing trying to escape the warehouse. her call and other 9-1-1 calls were played in court. she said she saw max harris running toward the fire and helping people get out. she told the jury she never thought the warehouse was a fire hazard because of police visits, engines rolling past and deputies workers there. >> they looked through the place thoroughly and closely. they looked and saw it was safe for children, three young children, to be living in that space. that is a big reason why she
12:35 pm
and others felt safe living there. >> reporter: the former oakland fire investigator maria sabatini wrapped up three days on the stand and acknowledged the defense attorney said she could not rule out arson or the defense theory that molotov cocktails started the blaze. >> this was set by someone. maybe they were high, maybe they were drunk. maybe they were angry because they could not get upstairs. this fire was intentionally set. >> reporter: the attorney for max harris says arson fires are not foreseeable. >> we are looking for reasonable doubt. we only need to raise a reasonable doubt that fire was an arson. if there is an reasonable doubt then mr. harris will be acquitted. >> reporter: the d.a. says regardless of the fire's cause, derick almena and max harris are responsible for unsafe conditions that trapped the 36 people that died. the defense disagrees. >> there is no legal case in the united states or california that says a tenant or a sub- tenant is responsible for the conditions of the building.
12:36 pm
they are scapegoats for the landlord. >> reporter: the fourth week of testimony beginning tuesday after the memorial day weekend. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. it has been nearly 25 years since 14-year-old jenny lynn was found stabbed to death in her castro valley home and today friends and family will be honoring the teenager. she was never found and tonight her family is hosting a memorial service at 7:00 p.m. at the castro valley library. the city of vallejo started its search for a new police chief by asking residents what kind of leader they want. >> yes. ktvu's deborah villalon reports the vacancy comes with the department and turmoil and questions about officer conduct and use of force. >> this community is a tough community. it has real spirit of redemption, a real backbone. >> reporter: about 100 vallejo represents gather to talk about who they are, and this what
12:37 pm
they want. ey want. about half a dozen candidates are hoped to be recruited. this forum seeks input on what residents value. the mayor wants someone community-minded. as risks widen between officers and residents after a series of high profile fatal shootings of young black men. and incidents of questionable force on and off duty. many residents want a reform. the mayor doesn't disagree >> oakland needs to keep listening to what our community has to say. >> reporter: has that been lacking? >> i would not say it has been lacking, but what i can say is that we need more during this
12:38 pm
critical time. >> i don't know what type of training the department has received but it received training. >> reporter: oakland chief howard jordan hired to advise on the selection says he has an open mind and is listening. >> the community has a concern about the way they are being treated by police. >> reporter: an attorney for a family of a loved one killed by police says a preservation of life is what they are after. >> they want to stop the deaths and they want to stop the violence. any chief that is on board with that, we are on board with >> it runs crazy, things go terribly bad. >> reporter: without accountability, residents say, the culture can't change. >> we have a chance to see the young officers learn from those who offend rather than repeat in the system obviously broken. >> reporter: deborah villalon, ktvu fox 2 news.
12:39 pm
. critiques representing california police chiefs and officers are dropping their opposition to a bill in the state legislature that would change the definition of deadly force. it would allow police to use legal force only if necessary, a change from the current standard of reasonable. the bill was revised to say that officers would not lose their right to self-defense if they use objectively reasonable force. there are unalarming new numbers about the number of people in alameda county that experienced the trauma of losing an infant. >> county health officials say infant mortality among african- americans is more than double the state average. ktvu's alex savage explains some of the factors. >> reporter: a moment to comfort her baby boy even though she was the one needing comforting. she was about to share the traumatic loss of her baby girl publicly for the first time. >> she was drinking her bottle
12:40 pm
and i heard her through the phone, i said take her immediately to the hospital in oakland. >> reporter: her journey to motherhood was never easy. jennifer and her husband had one son aaron born premature when they decided to grow their family it nearly ended her own life. >> i was very sick. i actually contracted sepsis from the pregnancy. i was hospitalized >> reporter: she ended up delivering her daughter, emily at 35 weeks. but at four weeks old emily contracted meningitis. >> we found out she has strep meningitis, which effects pregnant women. because i had her prematurely i was not tested. >> reporter: she says emily went into a coma and eventually died. what happened to jennifer and her daughter isn't rare >> with researchers say pre- term birth is the new driver for infant mortality. >> reporter: according to the
12:41 pm
california public health department infant mortality over african-americans is 11.8% compared to 7.2% in alameda county. that late has risen from 8.6% in 2013. parent voice of oakland says the increase is attributed to stress related to racism and socioeconomic factors. >> if you are secure, if you have to choose between child care or your rent -- there are so many factors in being a parent and mother. >> reporter: they say it is time to shift the narrative and with the help of women like jennifer, these issues can be brought to light >> it is a public conversation that will definitely help change the tide and provide hope and encouragement >> if i can create that, then i did my job >> reporter: alyana gomez, ktvu fox 2 news. still ahead this noontime, a talking mural. an interactive new exhibit
12:42 pm
sharing residents of san francisco to residents of san francisco and the inspiration about it and how it with us created. and the long holiday weekend is here. what we can expect from the weather. steve paulson is back with the weekend forecast. no one's journey begins with a trophy.
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national oceanic and atmospheric association is predicting 15 major hurricanes
12:46 pm
will be in the forecast for this up coming season. last year hurricanes caused $15 billion in damage. it is a cool may in the desert southwest, even for some of us, even though our temperatures have moderated. today is a cooler day. the low has been in the four corners. it is beginning to eject out but even with no inland heat we are getting a huge fog bank out there. in the mountains, if you have travel plans up there will will be thunderstorms and cold conditions, maybe some high elevation snow. our best opportunity for rain would be sunday morning as the low drops in. i will show you that in just a second. even going out to next week the sierra will be pretty active along with northern california, northeast california. that is convective cumulous clouds and thunderstorm activity yesterday. today probably not anything like that because we have not nearly the moisture coming off
12:47 pm
the sierra yesterday. so, a little quieter today but, boy, the water temps are cold. 51 in bodega bay. more of westerly breeze. concord, fairfield and napa 2 to 4 degrees colder than yesterday. santa rosa minus 10 compared to this time yesterday. with the low kicking out, guess what, another one will be on the way late saturday to sunday morning. there is still going to be activity in northern sacramento valley, tahoe along the crest of the sierra, yosemite for saturday. this is late saturday coming into northern california and it comes right over us sunday morning. 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. don't be surprised if another round of thunderstorms pops up for the bay area. heavier rain will be to the east and south even as far as southern california. it won't be warm. it will be windy and cool and the bulk of the rain will start
12:48 pm
to move out of the picture, but there will still be plenty in the mountains and central valley, southern california and central arizona. and the beat goes on in the sierra and northern california even into next week. while we will generally see warmer temperatures the next couple of days will be unseasonably cool. 50s to 70s and rein on sunday morning. maybe lingering showers on monday. this unusually cool day continues. a unique mural in san francisco is now on display at the san francisco museum of modern art that features images of more than a thousand people. you can actually listen to their voices and hear their stories. >> that is right. it with us created by an artist named as one of "time magazine's" 100 most influential people. amber lee talked to the artist and some of the subjects. >> reporter: french artist j.r. created this mural as a way to
12:49 pm
learn about san francisco, a city of economic disparity and diversity. the promise of san francisco is large scale, digital mural on display at the museum of modern art. it captured the images of 1,206 people. >> it is really a mural of san francisco. from the richest person to the poorest. >> reporter: from the homeless to the famous all connected by the project. j.r. interviewed every single person in the mural by visiting neighborhoods across the city in a large truck that functioned as a mobile studio. >> no one is more important than the other. everyone is under the same light. >> reporter: he asked them how they wanted to be remembered, including one woman with muscular dystrophy. >> to be part of this social landscape is really important. >> reporter: his subjects included public figures. >> draymond green showed up in front of city hall and then
12:50 pm
came inside to talk. >> reporter: the public can listen to green and others with an ipad provided at the museum or through a free app. green, a michigan native, spoke about his love for his adopted city. >> it is such a great city. i have come into my manhood here. i love it here. i feel like i am home here. >> reporter: and the founder of salesforce is seen holding a sign and talking. >> one of the most important things for me at salesforce is not just trust and innovation but equality. >> reporter: this is the first time participants are now seeing the finished work. >> it is amazing. very awesome. >> reporter: the one-time graffiti artist takes street art to a new level. j.r. is in the mural himself. this work is his way of inspiring people to learn about those around them. >> i want people to stop and listen to each other and take a look at each other. that is what this mural is about. >> reporter: it will be up for one year. it is located on the street
12:51 pm
level in the public space area of the san francisco museum of modern art so it is free for everyone. in san francisco amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. . coming up, a new high speed ride is in vallejo. six flags discovery kingdom debuts. it is batman roller coaster this holiday weekend. he's so sweet. maybe too sweet? internet's down. go! your home is only as smart as your internet. get reliable at&t fiber and get speeds up to 300 megabits per second and directv. bundle for 75 dollars a month for 12 months. limited availability. may not be in your area. more for your thing. that's our thing. call 1-800-call-att. shopfor up to 40% offal day eveon appliances...first use your sears card and get an extra 10% off.
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all right, a quick look at the markets before the closing bell. all up and positive, the first time in a while we have been able to say that. well, mother nature is dealing another blow to a community that is still trying to get back on its feed from flooding. and a compromise on a controversial use of force bill making its way through the state capitol. we will talk live with the president of the california police chief's association
12:56 pm
about why the organization is no longer opposing that particular bill. and a new batman roller coaster ride is debuting at six flags discovery kingdom and this morning frank mallicoat went not on one, but two wild test rides. take a look... take a look... he was such a trooper doing that on live television. batman the ride is a 4d roller coaster and one of the most advanced rides in the country. the ride is 12 stories tall and allows riders to face each other as they tumble throughout the ride. >> there really is no ride like it on the west coast. it is the first of its kind. you will flip head over heels several times and spin freely as you go across the track. it is not like anything we have had in a park before. >> batman the ride is part of the new d.c. section of six flags. the roller coaster officially opens to the public tomorrow at
12:57 pm
4:00 p.m. if you are hitting the roads, buckle up, put the phones down and have a very safe memorial day weekend. thank you for watching, everyone. our next newscast is at 4:00. 3 i wish i was warm and buttery. aww man. download the jack app and order my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants.
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