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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  May 27, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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investigators no so far. and a change of heart. the reason the san francisco police commission now says it stands behind the police chief just one day after calling on the chief to resign. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on two. good morning. thank you for joining us here on memorial day, monday, may 27th, 2019. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check your weather. here is steve paulson. >> what was it like yesterday? february like? >> it was breezy. >> and rainy. >> a little bit for some. unseasonably strong system. there has to be a row bound and it will be later it week, but powerhouse low. was that a wind producer and for some a rain and thunderstorm producer towards the south bay and it
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was unseasonably cool. a little rebound today. a couple little showers, but scoots through. the breeze will be here but not as windy as yesterday. 50s and 40s. we'll get cool readings here. 43 in pen grove. cold for this time of year. it is coming down into santa clara county but high pressure will slowly build in. mainly 60s today, partly cloudy and a little breezy but not as windy as yesterday, you two. it has been a busy day in japan for president donald trump. he met the emperor and his wife who greeted mr. and mrs. trump. they exchanged gifts include in a american viola emperor and traditional and focus was on trade between the
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two countries. we are currently negotiating a bilateral trade agreement to benefit both of our economies. our goal is to reduce our trade deficit with japan. we move trade barriers and barriers of all kinds so u.s. exports will really have a fair and very profound footing. the president also made an unexpected announcement about a new partnership with japan. a'jaen ma will join our mission to send u.s. astronauts going to space. we will be going to the moon, we will be going to mars and from a military standpoint, there is nothing more important right now than space. he did not give any details of how japan will be involved with the u.s. space program. tonight president donald trump is the guest of honor at the banquet at the palace hosted by
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the emperor. this memorial day could be another long day of contract talks for striking teachers. they negotiated for ten hours yesterday, but there is still no deal. talks will resume this morning at 9 a. m. teachers in union city and south hayward have been on strike since last monday. they want a 10% pay raise over two years, but the school district is offering a 1% pay raise with a 3% bonus. >> the community members have been going directly to the school board members in the last couple of days and saying you need to get this done, this is on you. now the teachers claim $26 million is just sitting in the school district's reserves but the school district says as teachers demands cost as much as $30 billion over three years. the school district said budget cuts are needed to meet the teacher's demands and it could mean closing schools, increasing class sizes and any
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increase beyond the district's last, best and final offer would require serious and significant cuts above the already required cuts and it would jeopardize students safety and threaten the school district's financial solvency. >> >> it is open again after a d.u.i. related crash. the highway was closed after a driver slammed into a power pole yesterday. that crash knocked down power lines across both sides of the road and damaged two power poles and broke open one transformer which put hazardous materials onto the road. they replaced the poles. most of the highway reopened but one lane was closed until late last night until pg&e finished replacing that power pole. close call for people when
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their car collided with an suv and burst into flames sunday morning. authorities say the four people were trapped inside the car when the doors jammed. smoke filled up inside of the car, but they kicked open a door and escaped. everyone is expected to be okay. police arrested the driver who hit the buick on suspicion of drunk driving. 18 people have died in crashing over the last three days. and half of those people were not wearing seat belts. a shooting at dolores park where one man was hurt. it happened about 5:00 last night and police say it was gang related. witnesses say there was a fight before shots were fired. >> i saw people running after
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there were two gunshots. everyone ran in all directions. the park wasn't crowded thank goodness so it wasn't a danger for people. police say the victim's injuries are not life- threatening. so so far no arrests have been made. they found a stun gun, home married pipe bomb. he was spot the in the parking lot of a pet food store yesterday afternoon. he was arrested after officers searched his belongings and made the discovery. the bomb squad was called in. he is a transients who was wanted on a felony warrant. >> the trial is about to start the second month tomorrow. the jury has now heard from prosecutors as well as defense lawyers for the defendants. they have heard from several
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witnesses. we talked to legal analyst who said both legal team haves given points of views that could sway the jury starting with the prosecuting. you have family members of the victims and they are putting on the people, some of the people that were at the fire, some who suffered because of the fire. it has been very moving and very emotional the defense is cross examining to show a lot of people felt safe there. why should they be responsible for this? >> now the defendants each face 36 counts of involve terry manslaughter. legal experts say this trial could go on until the end of august. the presidents and vice presidents of the police commission are standing behind him this morning. this comes one e officers demanded he resign. chief since apologized for the raid on
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was part of an investigation into a detailed report surrounding jeff adachi's death. in a statement yesterday, robert hurst invites the president taylor and that scott's apology was the mark of allier d. they would like to see him continue the reform work he started. they released a statement that read in part, "chief scott made it clear that transparency and accountability are paramount in this criminal investigation. that is why we're seeking an independent impartial third party to take over the case." they are facing burglary and other charges after speeding away from authorities in a car filled with stolen goods. on friday sheriff's deputies stopped a driver for driving erratically on highway 1 and 2nd street. authorities say the deputy was
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getting out of his car when that bmw took off. he quickly tracked down the car after it plowed the teens were hurt, but everyone is expected to be okay. police would only be allowed to use deadly force if it is necessary to prevent death or serious harm to themselves or other. that is a change from the current standard that left officers kill someone if they reasonably fear they are in danger. happening today, there are many events marking memorial day, one of the largest at the golden gate. local boy scouts and volunteers have been placing flags and flowers on the graves in preparation for today's
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memorial day ceremony. a military band will begin playing at 10:30 this morning. the ceremony begins at 11:00. they are holding special tribute. that begins at 11:00 this morning. hayward, chapel starts at 10:30 and that including a wreath presentation. the historical society has its annual with a fly-over. that event starts at 10:00 this morning. a lot happening. >> yes. >> hour time is 4:10. still ahead, they can't get a break from the bad weather moving through that region. coming up, more of the damage left behind in oklahoma and what is in the forecast for people already dealing with property damage.
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>> and an import message for anyone planning to use transportation. what to expect as you head out the door. >> sal is off today, but we're keeping an eye on traffic for you on this memorial day. a view of the bay bridge where we believe everything is moving along nicely. we will be right back. we'll go right to weather. we have clearing out from our really powerhouse system for this time of year. we'll see if warmer weather is on the way.
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welcome back to mornings on two. happening on this memorial day, many public transit systems will be on holiday or sunday schedule. bart will be on the sunday schedule. cal train on their holiday schedule. some will be on a sunday schedule. check ahead online to find out if your schedule has been affected. the central part of the er weather. here is more. >> it has been more than since severe weather rolled through putting millions at risk. powerful thunderstorms have no signs of slowing down. tornadoes, heavy rainfall and strong winds in that region.
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>> pray for the families. people have lost everything. >> reporter: a deadly tornado damaging a hotel and mobile home park. rescue crews continue to sift through the rubble. >> [ no audio. ] >> the kids were still inside. >> reporter: the national weather service says the tornado was part of a severe thunderstorm that slammed the state. the mayor is urging the community to avoid the hard-hit areas. >> this community is broken hearted. we're hurt. this has been devastating. several families have been put out of their homes. >> reporter: this is not the firsdevastation. a tornado measuring 2.6 miles may 2013 breaking the record for the widest tornado ever .
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between tornadoes and flooding there is a state of emergency for all of the state's 77 counties and this region is bracing for even more storms that are in the forecast. time is 4:16. bay area weather for this memorial day weekend hasn't always been the best but that didn't stop a lot of people from enjoy several festivals. the wave waterpark officially opened this weekend. most of the visitors enjoyed the indoor pool area while the lifeguards, they put on hats and jackets to stay warm. some really determined kids braced the chilly weather and made the most of it outside. at the beginning i was cold, but then after i got used to the water and the air, i wasn't. it didn't bother me. very cold up there but the art and wind festival dealt with
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the brittk and windy weather there. the festival and the wave waterpark will be open today, as well. there is a warning this morning if you plan to head to or from the sierra. a winter storm weather and winter weather advisory for today for lake tahoe and parts of the sierra. that warning and the advisories will continue through thursday morning. forecasters say 1 to 2 feet of snow expected above 7,000 feet and 5 to 10 inches of snow at the lower levels in the forecast. >> i can't believe we're looking at pictures of tahoe with all that snow. steven. >> well it has been nonstop since january been favorable for rain-snow and yesterday was one for thunderstorms. near gilroy,.2/3s of an inch. mount hamilton just shy of a .0
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after that it was hit and miss. san jose at .03. there is our very strong end of maiolo. it has taken a turn and gone into las vegas where they will be amazingly cool today. same for part the of the california desert area, into arizona. firing up more thunderstorms. lightning up a little in the mountains although there are still bands. 40s 50s. very cool. 42 on observation in mill valley. upper 40s already. out by the concord pavilion, 47. that is very cool for this time of year. 45 ukiah. and 52 degrees that is las vega degrees. l.a. is 53.
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bakersfield, 51. you can sea just coming down out of the parts of santa clara. this will only be for the morning. then partly cloudy and pretty good. then dry air coming in behind it. a very cool day for us, 50,60 and 70s. we start to see temperatures getting back to near average, maybe above by the upcoming weekend. we would lake to remind you to download the weather app. if the has interactive radar and the seven-day forecast. it has an easy feature for you to upload your weather photos and video. it is a free download. time is 4:19. tragedy at a memorial day weekend trip to a southern california amusement park. up next, the latest on a log ride that malfunctioned and the people who were hurt. and in northern california, a man died after a shark attack in hawaii.
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we have details on where it happened.
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%fo %fo welcome back to mornings on two. an accident sent three people to the hospital. >> reporter: the log ride at castle park capsizes. >> everybody was screaming. it was just -- it was chaos. it was like, you know, scary. everybody ran to try to help. >> reporter: three victims, two adults and a child riding in
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one of the log shaped cars when something went terribly wrong. >> a malfunction on the ride. no water was flowing on the decent when we arrived on scene. we had the one car in question. >> at the bottom is when it is supposed to slow down and it failed to do that. the thing it hit the bottom. >> reporter: that turbulant the caused a female to be ejected. they hit a wall. there were three of them. a woman throughout and looked like she might have hit her face against the rocks. >> abraham and his family were next in line and saw the violent impact. she was like bleeding over her face and she woke up out of the water crying and was flashing water into her and screaming and it was pretty intense. >> reporter: intense and scary enough to send people scrambling for the exits. >> i was ready to go. i was afraid to get on another
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ride because these rides very old. if that wn, another could. i park shut down the log ride and others nearby. others decided not to stay. >> we wanted to get on the rides and we just said forget it. >> reporter: despite the accident, people say it is a safe venue and they won't get scared off. >> i haven't had problems myself with it and the kids always have a good time. >> reporter: no word on the condition of the people who were injured. the accident though is being investigated. time is 4:24. oakland a's the hottest team in baseball right now will be playing the angels this afternoon. they have a nine-game winning
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streak after beating the seattle mariners. >> right center field. and that baby is gone. he homered for the second straight day. the a's wrapped up a three-game keep of the mariners, their longest winning streak of the season. they will host the angels at 1:07:00 p.m. look at the ball boy in the 4th inning. >> you see that? he caught the foul ball, saved the a's bullpen by getting hit by it. gauges are rauf today after losing their 5th game on sunday. the diamondbacks completed a three-game sweep. giants lost 6-2, outscored 34-8 in that series. they will try to change things around tomorrow when they play the marlins in miami.
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>> the two are featured in a mural in san francisco the artwork is part of a campaign that promotes 23 players heading to the world cup in france this summer. the murals were painted in philadelphia, new york city, denver, chicago, los angeles, and portland. we are the home for the women's world cup, the 2019 tournament begins ondown 7th. you can watch all the matches right here on fox and you and i are going to host and have the big watch parties in the city. >> july 3rd. >> in san francisco. >> in san francisco. time is 4:06. still ahead, a crowded field of presidential candidates making tough work for dmc leaders who are preparing the first big debate next month. up next, we'll break down the qualifications the candidates have to beat to be on the stage
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next month. how a hiker lost in uh-huh why when forest survived for two weeks. we're watching the roads even though sal has the holiday off. not much to see there. live pictures. the bay bridge toll plaza. nobody is out there. and unseasonably cool. rain in the area yesterday, but we bottomed out on the temperatures. we'll have more in the next couple minutes.
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this is mornings on 2. it is monday, it is may 27th. happy memorial day. >> i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. hopefully, you can kickback with a cup of coffee or something for awhile. >> you were saying the snow. >> it is unbelievable.
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>> 33 inches this month. >> crazy. memorial day weekend was the last day for the ski resorts. >> they stay open until august. if you thought yesterday was cool, boy was it ever. they should be closer to 65. oakland was 8 below. 63 in san jose, after 76 this time of year. near gilroy there were pretty good thunderstorms. a third of an inch of rain. santa rosa, 11. then it was lower for many locations including san jose. our low has gone right over us so now visiting las vegas, another 24 degrees day


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