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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  May 27, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm david dave clark. let's see if we can go outside and do barbecuing. >> we have snow numbers for yeah here. >> they are winding down, but there could be a little up there today. these are the season totals now. sugar bowl 624. squaw 715. average about 350 to 450. kirkwood 590. the fifth largest ever. 167% of normal for this time of year and there are still pockets where they have measured ten feet in the mountains. how about that? >> wow! yesterday's temperatures or the left and what they should be on the right. not even close. livermore 62, should be 81. might get to that later in the week maybe. our low has moved out of the
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picture. it moved into northern arizona and nevada. probably temperatures 20 degrees below average. las vegas amazingly cool even for in the desert southwest. in the mounts you can see there is still a little bit so they are not done yet. water temperatures very cold, 51 to 55. fog will have no problem forming. a little coming down there. some around santa claire but that is it for us as the low kick out and the high starts to build in. partly cloudy and mostly 60s for most of the highs. it has been a busy day in japan for president donald trump. he became the first world leader to meet with the new emperor. the emperor and his wife greeted the president and first lady at an outdoor ceremony. they exchanged gifts including
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an american made viola for the emperor and a bowl for the president. the focus was on frade between the two countries. we are currently negotiating a bilateral trade agreement that would benefit both of our economies. our goal es to reduce our trade deficit with japan, remove trade barriers and barriers of all kinds so that u.s. exports will really have a fair and very profound footing. the president made an unexpected announcements about a new partnership with ja ban. >> japan will join our mission to send u.s. astronauts in space. we will be going to the moon and mars very soon. it is very exciting and from a military standpoint there is nothing more important right now than space. give details of how japan will will be involved, but he is the guest
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of honor at the bank cut hosted by the emperor tonight. this memorial day could be a not long day of contract talks. they negotiated for ten hours yesterday, still there is no deal. talks will resume this morning at 9:00 a.m.. teachers in union city and south hayward have been on strike. they want a 10% pay raise over the year. >> the community members have been going directly to the school board members it last couple of days and saying you need to get this done. this is on yeah. now the teachers are claiming $26 million is just sitting in the school district's reserve us, but the teach herb's demand, budget cuts are needed to meet the teachers' demand is which may
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mean closing some schools, eliminating social workers and increasing class sizing. the school district said it would require cuts above the already required cuts. it would jeopardize students' safety and threatening the school district. that is open again. the high was come closed after a driver slammed into a power pole early yesterday. that crash knocked down power lines and damaged wo power poles. that broke open one transformer that released hazardous material under the road. they were called into cloneup the mess and highway reopened.
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theyfrancisco police investigating a shooting at dolores park park. one man was her. it happened around 5:00 last night. there was a fight before the shooting started. >> i saw people running after i heard two gunshots. everyone ran in all directions. the park wasn't corroded so it wasn't a dance jer for people. p the injuries are not liveonkval and so far no arrests have been made. >> >> police in the park found a homemade pipe bomb, stun gun and drugs and burglary tools while arrested a wanted felon. >> he was arrested after police searched his belongings and squ take care of that pipe bomb. police said he is a traction
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cent and was on a warrant from sanoma county. the ghost ship warehouse trial is about to start this second month tomorrow. the jury has heard from pros too cars and two defense lawyers. also from several witnesses. we talked to michael cardoza who says they have given points of view. you have family members of the victims, and they are putting on the people -- some of the people at the fire, some suffered because of the fire. it has been very moving and very emotional. the defense is cross examining to show that's a lot of people felt safe there. so why should they be held responsible for this? the defendants each face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter and legal experts say the trial until the end of august.
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the president and vice president of the san francisco police commission are standing behind san francisco police chief this morning one day after there was a de bland for him to resign. >> he since apologized. that search on may 10th was part of an investigation into a leaked police report about the sir tances. in a statement released yesterday, the police commission said chief scott's apology witness the mark of allier d. it went on to say they want to have him finish the reform work he had begun. he made it clear that transparency and accountability. that is why they are speaking
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an independent party to take over the case. ktvu's alyssa joining us. >> reporter: this has to do with underground tunnel the and if cars or trains should be a loued to use those tunnels. this started friday and elon musk wax the first to send out a tweet. he talked about tunnels are the safest place to be in an earthquake when he posted about the boring company starting to dig some tunnels. twitter said they are for trains not cars. he said trains should be on surface, cars below. that is when bart chimed in. a tweet on the agency's account read we carry 28,000 people through our through our tube under the bay because of the capacity of train. that is nearly twice as much as cars over the bay. why wouldn't you prioritize
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those that carry far moreover i demonstrate how the two carry way more people than cars after could. musk did not tweet back. he has not responded to bart. live in dublin, fox 2 news of the >> thank you. happening today, there are many events around the bay area marking memorial day, one of the largest at the golden gate national cemetery. 145,000 servicemen and women are buried there. local plow scouts been placing flags and flowers or the parades in preparation for today's sem mere. a military band begins playing at 10:30 this morning. it starts at 11:00. san jose, the oak hill memorial park is holding a special tribute for the troops who dade
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75 years ago in the normandy invasion during world war ii. that begins at 11:00 this morning. hayward's chapel of the times startings at 10:30 and a wreath presentation with a view irr playing taps. they hold their ceremony with a military fly-over. that begins at 10:00 this morning. our time is 5:10. faith in the central part of the country. they can't get a break from severe weather moving through that area. coming up, we'll show you the damage left behind in oklahoma and what is in the forecast for people already dealing with a lot of damage. and as important message. if you plan to use public transportation on this memorial day, what to expect as you lid out the door. >> as you wonder what is happening on the roads, it is the tol plaza. no one is up there.
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welcome back to mornings on two. you can explore the great barrier reef. a submarine service is called scoober and it is $2,000 for two people. a driver will pick you up and youth be flown by a helicopter
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to an island to board the submarine. uber says the underwater experience will only be a available for a limited time for a limited number of riders. >> this is more normal. happening today, many public transit systems will be on holiday or sunday schedules. bart will be on a sunday schedule. they will have their holiday schedule. you should check ahead on lane to find out if your schedule has been faked. the central part of the country continues to be impacted by severe weather including deadly tornadoes. people in oklahoma are cleaning up, but they could see more extreme weather. here is more. >> it has been trying for us and our community. >> reporter: it has been more than a week since severe weather rolled throug central u.s. putting millions of people at risk, but the
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powerful thunderstorms are showing no signs of slowing down. tornadoes, heavy rainfall and strong winds. >> we pray for the families. people have lost everything. >> reporter: a deadly tornado striking oklahoma damaging a motel and mobile home park. dozens were injured. rescue crews continue to sift through the rubble. the tornado took the house out and the kids were still inside. >> reporter: the national weather service said it was part of a severe thunderstorm that slammed been put ounot the first time they suffered this kind of devastation.
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one touched down in may 2013 and broke the record for the widest tornado ever observed according to the national weather service. between tornadoes and noting, there is a state of emergency for all the state's 77 counties and this region is bracing for more storms in the forecast. jeff paul, fox news. time is 5:16. in the sierra there is a lot of snow and some holiday traverse were caught off guard. many didn't expect to see fresh snow on the ground. they didn't plan for a snowy holiday weekend, but they still in jeeped themselves. >> it is freezing. i wasn't prepared for this atit the first time. >> here is ra warning this morning, a winter weather advisories in effect for today
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for lake tahoe sierra. that warming and advisories will continue flew thursday morning. the forecast says 1 to 2 feet snow expected above 7,000 feet and 5 to 10 inches of snow at the lower levels. you'll need chains until at least wednesday. expect travel delays. a >> feels more like that. >> i would agree. yesterday was almost very much like end of february, early march. was off-and-on rain and temperatures in the 50s and 60s and season totals, sugar bowl 624. f590 at kirkwood. fifth largest ever oy record and the snow equivalent is 167%
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of normal. an incredible year. res servers are almost awful. they are 94% to 97%. that is why they are releasing water. that dropped.2/3s of an inch of rain. santa rosa over a tenth of an inch. the season total at 48:04. for the season, they are over 48 inches of rain for the water he. >> san jose -- there is the 48.04. all are between 102 and 135% of normal. las vegas about 20, 24 degrees below average today with off- and-on rain. the desert of the southern done this coming down from the north moving into reno right now and
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moving into truckee. there will be more snow up there today. temperatures, well our temperature cool. so is the water temperatures. 51 to 56. a brisk 51. hill valley at 42. 47 napa. 41 in kelseyville. 40s for poke valley, napa, another observation in napa. that it very cool for this time of year. 52 in sacramento. las vegas at a brisk 53 for them. even 57 at palm springs. our system is just about done. are you seeing the pass looking to be to the least of it. we will be a big severe weather maker once it crosses the
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rockies. 50s to 60s. that would be about it. partly cloudy to mostly sunny. warmer temperatures. inland temperatures will warm up. 5:20. memorial d trip to southern california amusement park. up next, the latest on a log ride that malfunctioned. and a man died from a shark attack in hawaii. we have details on where that happened.
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welcome back. an accident hern california amusement park sent three people to the hospital. here is the story from riverside. >> reporter: the sky fox log ri park capsizes. >> everybody was screaming. it was just chaos. it was like you know scary. it was like everybody ran to try to help. >> reporter: three victims, two adults and a child riding in one of the log shaped cars when something went terribly wrong. a malfunction on the ride. no water was flowing. we had the one car in question. >> reporter: right at the bottom is when it is supposed to slow down and it failed to do that so the thing hit the bottom. >> reporter: the turbulants caused an adult female hit a w there were three of them. a woman throughout and looked like she might have hit her face against the rocks, the rock face and line and saw
5:24 am
the violent impact. she was like bleeding over her face and she woke up out of the water crying and was like splashing water into her bloody face and screaming and everything. it was pretty intense. >> reporter: intense and scary enough to send people scrambling for the exits. >> i was ready to go. i was afraid to get on another ride because these rides are very old. if that ride can break down, another one could. i was afraid to get on a ride. >> reporter: the park shut down the log ride and other rides nearby. some late arriving parkgoers decided not to stay. >> we wanted to get on the ride the and get the whole package but we said forget it. >> reporter: despite the accident, they say it is a safe venue. today's incident won't scare them off. >> will you bring your kids and everybody has a good time. i haven't had problems myself.
5:25 am
my kids always have a good time. >> that report in riverside. no words on of ople injured but accident is being investigated. oakland a's are the hottest team in baseball right now. they will play the angels. a's have a nine-game winning speak after beating the mariners. >> left, right center field. and that baby is gone. >> he homerrd for the second straight day. he also homered. the a's wrapped up a three-game sweep of the mariners. again, this afternoon they host the angels. that start the at 1:07. one of the best plays was not by a player. watch the ball bay in the 4th inning. he snags the foul ball and saves them from being hit. >> giants are lost after losing
5:26 am
the 5th straight game. the diamonds had a three game sweep. giants lost 6-2, out scored 34- 8 in the they will try to turn things around tomorrow when they play the marlins in miami. >> the national team is featured in a neural in san francisco. the artwork is part of a campaign that promotes 23 players going to the world cup in france this summer. the mural is located at the streets. murals were also painted in philadelphia, new york city, denver, chicago, los angeles and portland. we're the home for the women's world cup. the 2019 tournament begins on june 7th. you can watch all the action right here. a crowded field of democratic candidates preparing for the first debate next month. up next, we'll break down the qualifications they have to meet to make it on stage next
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month. we have an amazing story of survival. how a hiker lost in a hawaiian forest managed to sure rave for two weeks. sal is off today, but we're keeping an eye on whatever traffic there might be. a live look on 880. just a few cars out there. beautiful start to the day. and it will be a little warmer today even though below average. not as windy, as well. we start to change, but fog is still there even though there is no inland heat. did you know comcast business goes beyond fast with a gig-speed network. complete internet reliability. advanced voice solutions. wifi to keep everyone connected. video monitoring. that's huge. did you guys know we did all this stuff? no. i'm not even done yet. wow. business tv.
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this is mornings on 2. welcome. it is memorial day. it is monday, may 27th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us on this memorial day. weather has been kind of crazy. >> all the heat in the southeast. all the cold in the southwest so it is a little flip-flop here. we still have temperatures that for some today will be about 5 to 10 below average but some in the southwest vegas today 73. what is normal? 94. that is amazingly cool. livermore only 62, normal 81 degrees. santa rosa 16 degrees below average. once yeah get to the end of may and make we will later an inch.
5:31 am
that pushed your season total over 48 inches there. normal is 36. hayward, san jose, palto alto, redwood city, around 4.03. into arizona that will keep them cool as well. for the sierra, more snow from the northeast. that will keep that going. 50s and 40s on the temperatures. there are low 40s for a few and accum little showers. might clip santa clara county. 50s, 60s. a few upper 60s today.
5:32 am
5:31. back to top story president donald trump in japan for four days of meeting with ways to work together. he made history becoming the first world leader to meet with japan's new emperor. the focus was on frade between the two countries. president donald trump was the guest of hon now hosted by the emperor. in your exit polls are suggesting populous parties gained some seat in the partly. and french president is to appear for dee feet. leading critic e european union. many show this is anti immigration sent timent throughout europe. the first debate is less
5:33 am
than a month away. the rules forgetting on our come complicated but as doug luzader reports from washington, the political stakes are high. >> reporter: imagine one podium at a debate and then multiply that by 20. that is what the first democratic debates may look like and even the bun didn'ts are confused. this is the largest in american history. >> the democratic national committee is talking about 20 candidates on wo stages over two days to give most of the field a shot. but with more than 20 candidates running, narrowing that field with become complicate the. >> they have rules to qualify for the debate. there are wo days. first, you prove that you're popular and hit 1% in three ole
5:34 am
be from one of four states, iowa, new hampshire, south carolina or nevada. >> you prove you're good at fundraising. 200 donors come from each of 20 states. if this isn't enough to narrow things down, the dnc will sea you need to meet these. now if you're saying go biden or sanders, that is a cake walk but lesser known are scrambling. >> you can go on and give 1 dollar to help me get up there. >> if you don't qualify and your don't end up getting on that debate stage for the first, doesn't that kill your candidacy before it is gone? no. >> they will face president donald trump but whoever scores
5:35 am
the nomination will have to get through all these podiums first. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. we'll scott pelley is a talking about why he lost his job in 2017. he said his contract was not renewed because he described a hostile work environment for women and men. they responded saying scott was expressing his own opinion. we dis a be. the future of the motorcycle ride is not clear right now. it has been held every memorial day weekend for 31 worries, hon noel service members and those missing in action but, yes' ride may have been the last one. the pentagon's high security fees and red tape make it too hard to keep the event going. president donald trump in a tweet said the event will be
5:36 am
back near year and hopefully for many years to come. the founder says a lot of changes have to be made before that can happen. starting next year, video game addiction will officially be listed as a medical condition. the organization says it isn't how much time people spend on these but gaming disorder will be diagnosed when there is higher priority on gaming other than school, work, or personal relationships. that pattern would have to be repeated rather than on a few occasions. >> die. now 2 if horses have died. the horse hurt its left front leg and lost blood flow to the
5:37 am
leg and died. they were closed for racing for most of march while they investigate possible causes leading to the deaths of horses. races resumed after the board approved several new safety measures. a 65-year-old man in the sacramento area was killed in a shark attack enemy wit. he was found unresponsive in the water saturday about 60 yards off the beach. witnesses say when he was pulled a shore, one of his legs was gone. >> he looked unconscious. we could see they were trying to do cpr on him. smiley was an optometrist and graduate. he was an avidscuba skier.
5:38 am
the last deadly shark attack was april 2015. there are signs posted. not kno shark was involved in the attack but tiger sharks are most commonly responsible. 5:38. making a remarkable recovery after being lost for more than two weeks in the forest and spent 17 days alone with a broken leg. here is more on her amazing story. >> reporter: amanda eller is back at home after surviving an ordeal with nature she will never forget. >> i have the most gratitude and respect and appreciation. i can't even put it into words. they had been looking for the dangerous terrain. she had gone for a hike 17 days
5:39 am
before she was found. she had a had turned around and she had been on a trial before may 8th. walking over lava rocks and thick veg station and unage to locate her. then a helicopter crew found her and airlifted to a local hospital where she was reunited with her friends and family. >> the last 17 days of my life -- it is my lie. there were times and it came down to life and death and i had to choose. i chose life. >> she told them she had fallen off a 20-foot cliche.
5:40 am
she is luckily to be alive. they spotted her on friday nearly 7 miles from where she started out. they had been streams and jun culs for almost two hours. she lost around 15 pounds while she was lost. the power of prayer. it could move mountbattens. in new york, laura engel, fobs news. thank you. lock at these pictures of amanda moments after she was arrested. he says volunteers took time off from work, even some vacationers gave up their holidays to help in the search. at one point the two leaders of the search chartered a helicopter to scout are yays that had not been search so they could direct them and that is when they spotted her waving her arms. >> that is a great photo.
5:41 am
glad she is okay. >> yes. >> 5:40. the fallout for the company's role in the opioid epidemic. >> if you have the cash like pam, you can win lunch with warren buffett. you can tell the current bed and more coming up. and here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza out there. >> not many cars heading into the city. a lot of low clouds over us. cool temperatures yesterday. still snow in the mountains. not done yet. we're the slowskys.
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welcome back. 5:h3. a major drug company forced to pay up after accused of being a big part of the opioid epidemic. the big settlement and why the company still says it did nothing wrong. >> reporter: the state of oklahoma and the pharmaceutical industries reaching an $85 million settlement sunday days before the israeli owned company was set to go to trial over allegations they helped fuel the opioid crisis and other companies. the largest generic drugmaker saying the settlement does not stab lib any wrongdoing on the part of the company. but according to oklahoma's attorney general testify va, johnson & johnson and the makers of oxycodone used defective marketing campaigns, down played the risks and sent
5:45 am
an over supply of painkillers. the settlement funds will help to fight the state's opioid crisis. it could help federal lawmakers. there is a court trial where the majority of cases are pending. the trials are still expected to start on tuesday. in new york, fox news. >> california lawmakers will debate a bill for large group insurance plans regulated like small group plans and protect people from increases. they said this will drive up
5:46 am
premiums and encourage employers to move to self insurance which is not regulated by the state of california. friday is the deadline for the state assembly and the senate to either pass or reject bills that originated in each of those chambers. you could have lunch with warren buffett. this is the 20th year of the auction. last check the current bid more than $2 million. last year's winner paid $3.3 million to have lunch with him and bidding ends at 7:30 friday night. disney's wishes certainly comingent comes to the movie box office. oh great one who summons me. i stand by my oath loyalty to wishes three. his wish holiday weekend projected to learn
5:47 am
about $207 million worldwide since its debut. now this live action movie stars will smith playing the genie. he is playing the role that robin williams made may nus and animated version in 1992. >> we're only halfway through 2019 but already a blockbuster year for disney with two highest grossing movies of the year so far. "avengers: endgame" and captain mar val. they have combined to earn almost $4 billion worldwide. >> the street corner has been declared a national treasure. the national trust for historic press vervation is recognizing it as the epicenter of the 1960s counterculture and home to the first hippie boutique and the grateful dead, janice joplin and jimi hendrix all lived in the area.
5:48 am
a 15 year absence. they can be found at the new section of the zoo's great 8 passage they were transferred from other zoos. the zoo said the pair getting to know each other slowly. they will eventually live together. for now, you can view them only during limited times. >> give them some space. 5 lon 48. steve has his forecast. >> a little better today. not as cool as yesterday, but still below average. by the end of the weakway would be near that or above. sierra snow keeps adding up and there is more this morning. showers through wednesday. now squaws up to the average 350 to 450 but sugar bowl 624. north star now at 602. any way you look at it there are drifts that are ten feet and the water content is about
5:49 am
17 23 inches liquid and 167% of normal this year. >> santa row? went over. they had 89 to 92. san francisco, 25 and three quarters. only charged 20 and three quarters. so the snow and the rain has made for one incredible year. >> thunderstorms popped up. 63 and santa rosa that pushed yeah over the 48 inches for october 1st to ept 30th. red wad city, palto alto, .03, .06. las vegas the high today 73. what is normal? 94. by the end of the week they will be there, but not today.
5:50 am
unseasonably cool. right there coming by reno, carson city. saw some rain and snow beginning to move back into the sierra. 40s, 50s on the temperatures. low 50s on the mateo coast and union city and fremont. 47. 45 up in ukiah. truckee at 34 degrees. moving into northern arizona. not gone to southern california but windy and cool there. coming down mainly around the valley, stockton, patterson and tracy, might clip some areas, maybe santa clara valley but most, breezy and build ups here. the trend is better than most. mostly sunny. looks like they are going to
5:51 am
near average and maybe above. >> time is 5:50. hawaiian airlines apologize. how the thousands of dollars for some flights. still ahead a memorial day symbol. what it means for me. first, a live look outside. we're at the golden gate bridge. here is one car, maybe a second one. look how open the brim is right now. you can see the sky floor . you're watching mornings on two. this is not a bed.
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%fo %fo comb back to mornings on two. our time is 5:54. every memorial day, a red poppy is used as a symbol to remember those who lost their lives fighting for the country. ktvu went to a memorial that displays hundreds of thousands of poppies for memorial day and tells us why that is so significant. >> reporter: each poppy represent as man or woman killed in service to our country since world war i. it started in world will when thbeing burynd and was moved by the red poppies growing among the white crosses. he picked up on that and she wrote a corresponding poem, we shall keep the faith and she
5:55 am
lobbied with the american legion to make it the symbol of reremembrance which it is today. >> they are quite packed in there to get all 645,000 in here. there are a series of panels how it became to be the symbol of remembrance and how they died since world war ii world war i and it hasn't ended. >> the america's longest war. world war i, the bloodiest conflict was in world war ii. >> in world war ii. >> it is a mobile wall, a platform put here notion to the lincoln memorial. what happens to this after? >> we break it down and take it back to san antonio and we hope to do this everyier on the mall or someplace to raise awareness. >> you were in the navy for 30
5:56 am
plus years. you have friends who didn't come back. this touch point is real for you. as you have gotten older from the tame you signed up to now, do you feel as though there is a part of america that has become pretty disconnect smithsonian >> yes, i do. that is why they came to put the wall up to help all americans remember what memorial day is about and aware them and educate them to the great heroes who didn't come home. >> >> time is 5:56. nationwide memorial day events taking place. it is taking place right here in the bay area to remember those killed while in the armed forces. president donald trump is in japan meeting with the new emperor. we'll tell you how the wo allies, what they are talking about when it comes to trade, security and outer space. >> what little traffic there is
5:57 am
on this memorial day monday. these are live pictures of the golden gate bridge. just a handful of cars out there right now. >> after yesterday's february- like system, you have to figure this time of year it has to warm up, but more so by the end of the week. we'll show yeah how show you how much.
5:58 am
5:59 am
a weekend afternoon in dolores park and who was responsible. >> those who gave their lives while servek in the military. the ceremonies being planned around the country and right here in the bay area. from ktvu facts 2 news, this is mornings on two. good morning. thank you for joining us this morning. we want to take yeah live to washington where ceremonies are taking place to remember americans. this is the annual wreath laying ceremony that will take place at arlington national cemetery. there are several events there at arlington national and also to the world war ii memorial this morning. we're looking live. a beautiful day to honor those
6:00 am
who lost their lives serving our country. the country pauses to honor those. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. we're checking the weather to see how it will affect your day. steve paulson is in his office. >> not as bad as yesterday. >> nicer on the other side of the country though. >> nice there. >> beautiful. >> southeast is hot. we are not but we will begin a warmup after today. temperatures yesterday, when you're at 19 degrees below average, livermore, 62, you should be 81. it tells yeah how cool it is. rain made it yesterday to the end of


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