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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 28, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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a barrage of destructive storms is battered the nations midsection tonight, unusual high tornado activity with no immediate end in sight.>> we were lucky it took down most of our trees but dallas is still lovable.>> more than 50 tornadoes touched down in five states since last saturday.
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>> oklahoma was hard-hit, then dayton ohio and sinai some of the worst damages on the outskirts of kansas city, at least two tornadoes touched down in kansas this evening. you can see heavy damage left behind east of kansas city, homes were completely torn apart and a number of roads are impassable because of debris. the other tornado was in lawrence on the west side of kansas city. at least 12 people are being treated for storm -related injuries at the hospital, fortunately nobody suffered life-threatening injuries. at least one person was killed in spirit the storms that rolled through ohio and indiana. >> lives were probably saved because people listened to the warnings and twisters formed in a rapidfire line of storms. jeremy says he was born first
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over facebook, then sirens and multiple warnings over his phone.>> i had a mattress on one side and a bucket on top of me.>> reporter: so the house came apart all around you? >> oh yes.>> reporter: john heard the warning from local news, from his wife and got to the basement.>> the house was shaking, it went on feels like forever but probably 10 or 15 seconds. then it was over with.>> reporter: insulae 981-year-old man was killed when a tornado dropped a car on him in bed. first responders spent the day combing through debris to find people who could be trapped, the destruction was massive. loss of life and injury are relatively minimal. credit is given to modern communication and people taking the warning seriously.>> even though they keep hearing the same message, they took shelter.>> reporter: lena continues in el reno where two were killed as a 20 to touch
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down there. president donald trump reached out from the saying that the federal government are fully behind him and the great people of oklahoma. 2 of the tornadoes that touched down were so powerful that they reached a three out of five on the enhanced skill. thunderstorms are still a risk wednesday. the ground is saturated, flooding is a risk and farmers can't get their feet in the ground. unusual weather in the midwest connected to our weather, the jetstream does this, it's a ridge out here. record heat, below average temperatures and in the middle not just a couple days day after day. today is no exception. it's the middle of the night in
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chicago in kansas city and we have severe thunderstorm warnings in this area which is an indication of how powerful this air mass is. it's going to stick around as it moves through the next hours, it's going to linger in the valley, crating severe weather that will continue not just tomorrow for the next few days. until that pattern shifts they are going to continue with that. slightly below average, with that said look out for more weather across the country tomorrow. chicago could have some issues as well is dallas and when i come back we will talk about our weather.>> you can go to anytime for weather information anytime, you can find a section right on our front page. a school board meeting in union city shut down this evening as emotions rise on day nine of the teachers strike.
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the meeting ended when teachers and parents filled the room and shouted down the board that eventually left. we were there with the chaos and the concern over whether there will be a solution when talks resume tomorrow. >> we are now in the second week of the strike and this was absolutely a packed meeting, emotions were running hot on both sides.>> reporter: in union city teachers turn from picketing to native make american prayer.>> we wants to see this and so our community can go on.>> reporter: the community is being put to the test with no easy answers. inside the board meeting emotions erupted, stretched
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thin after nine days, parents frustrated >> we have kids that are staying at home with nothing to do. as a working parents i cannot provide day care every single day.>> reporter: the teachers unions last request was 3.76% and 3.26% annual raises over two years. teachers shutdown the meeting, board members leading the pack when discussing ground to a halt. the superintendent slated to depart at the end of the year was also emotional.>> this is the most amazing district ever. those are some wonderful people out there. this is killing us.>> reporter: the request would require more than $60 million in cuts next year with possible layoffs and school closures.>> i love this district. they deserve it.
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we just don't have it. to see this split this community like this and is to blame the district for the financial situation that the state has put us in is unfair.>> reporter: the students caught in the middle. students coming in downs, preparations canceled because of the strikes. >> it is affecting us. >> it's heartbreaking we had family coming from different cities and friends taking off work.>> reporter: the offer would cost about $6 million with a 3% bonus and a 2% ongoing that was the last offer yesterday, they are expected to resume talks tomorrow at 3 pm. .
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>> you talk to those students being affected there are 11,000 students in the district, what happens with final exams and graduating seniors?>> the district says they are working out what to do about those seniors final grades and transcripts, they say regardless what happens they are planning to hold a graduation ceremony for those seniors.>> let's hope the signs can come together and get this over with. city leaders in oakland are considering the possibility of decriminalizing magic mushrooms and other psychedelic drugs made from plants and fungi. right now members of the safety commission are reviewing the proposal during tonireducing cr supporters say these drugs can help people dealing with mental health problems like ptsd or depression.>> these are
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naturally occurring plants and fungi that have been used for centuries. delegations were that they were risky to health, they caused addiction, lots of risky behaviors and none of that was scientifically based>> reporter: critics say decriminalizing drugs is not a proper substitute for mental health treatment. tonight meeting comes a few weeks after denver became the first city in the united states to decriminalize so-called magic mushrooms. fire crews made quick work of a grass fire north of livermore this evening. the fire started just after 5:00 on a hillside of collier canyon road, about two or three acres burned, nobody was hurt and officials didn't issue any evacuationfield trip nearly turns tragic today when a fifth grader was spotted at the bottom of the pool. thankfully the boys expected to be okay. we explain what happened.>> reporter: the rush to save a 10-
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year-old boys live, cash in these photos. these frantic moments depicting what happens when first responders surrounded the child who was just pulled from the pool unconscious at the antioch waterpark>> when i saw the people doing cpr i got up and saw he was not responding. >> reporter: their efforts were successful, thanks to the quick response from young students who saw the boy at the bottom of the pool and pulled him to the surface. three lifeguards were monitoring that pool where he nearly drowned and are wondering how this happened. we took the questions to the director. one thboy and why it took students to him out. like i said i have not finished reading all the reports i cannot answer the question now but it takes everybody at a water facility to watch out for
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lifeguards are there to prevent incident and are also the first responders.>> this was supposed to be a celebration.>> reporter: two elementary schools and 200 students in attendance, we went to the school learning more for parents waiting to pick up their children but they did not know about the incident until we told them.>> i did not hear anything, i did not get an email or phone call or anything so that is very alarming to see you guys walking up and to hear that this happened at the waterpark and i don't know anything about it.>> reporter: this incident comes during drowning prevention month. if not for the alerts and heroic people involved officials say this could have a before he was found, and last check he was still hospitalized under evaluation. family and friends are telling us htoe be okay.
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the warriors sent us this video of each player boarding the charter jet this afternoon at oakland international. kevin durant climbed on board with his teammates but is not scheduled to play in game one because of his injury. where fans got an up close look at the trophies, the five western conference championships run display. tomorrow those trophies will be on display at city hall in oakland from 10 until 2 pm. a cell theft campaign for advice with would be victims. a concert were students and parents make an appeal to save
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progress from being cut. a controversy in one san francisco neighborhood, why the city wants it taken down.
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this couple says they maintained a zone that slopes down to their property at their own expense. >> we were told by the city you
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care for the land you use the land. >> reporter: 1 1/2 years ago they paid $8500 to replace it because it was falling apart. they say they wanted to maintain the land between their property and the open space for safety reasons.>> there was a mutilated body dumped 100 feet from here two years ago. there's vandalism, there's tagging, there's drug use.>> six months later neighbors complained to the city. sharing photos of the six foot fence they put up and a treehouse on city property. >> i want the fence to come down and the land to be restored.>> reporter: the cities recreation and parks department says it has tried to work out a compromise asking to reduce the height of the fence from 16 to 3.5 feet.
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the couple complied and removed treehouse but failed to keep a gate along the fence open to the public and failed to remove portions of the fence that encloses the city-owned land. now the city has ordered them to take down the fence. >> our job is to protect public land for public use. you can't just build a fence on parkland and expand your backyard.>> reporter: they did not agree to remove the size of the fence because it would be hazardous.>> if they tear this all out tell me that they're not going to have a lawsuit.>> there's lots of places where someone could fall. the couple if they were going to remove the fence. >> i don't know what were going to do. >> reporter: the city says they month, that means friday, to take down the fence. if the couple doesn't supply
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the city will send in a crew to remove the fence at their expense. regulators have a series of proposed meetings that will fund wild fire safety improvements. the proposed raise of $2 billion over the next two years, if the public utilities commission approved the proposal it is estimated that the average bill would go up more than $10 a month. the public meetings in the bay area starts july 9 in san francisco in oakland on july 24 and another one in san jose on juin santa rosa on july 31 we post the details on the times and locations on arts alive, students, teachers and parents rallied to save the
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music program. we live at the house high school where the appeal work and music classes are no longer on the chopping block.>> reporter: some people say music is the soundtrack of life and for some students here music almost died. but basically that didn't happen and i think madonna said it best, today music brought people together. a joy for the parents that went to the meeting. >> we know the program is very exciting.>> reporter: 2 of the three music classes offered were on the chopping block. >> eight and a jazz band and 12 and the band, about 90 to 100. now about 65.>> reporter: this year will be his last, he said he knew he would retire one day but was not planning to go out
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yet. >> i do not think i would be fighting again for this in the last couple months. it might have been the final straw.>> roughly 200 students came together for the jam session. during a 2017, 2018 school year the board cut $3 million from the budget to pay for an increase districtwide. >> it's actually expensive to run class sizes with only a few students. >> reporter: is be that the concert was enough to change the minds of the board. the board decided not to keep all the classes, they looking at adding possibly one more for
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next year. the district says this is a temporary fix for next year, they're working towards a long- term solution. still to come, concerns about safety at the ghost ship warehouse, the testimony in court from the mother of the man that cosigned the lease and she says he argued for upgrades. universal mental health care, the new proposal in san francisco and how companies with payrolls will help fund it.
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a new safety campaign to try to reduce the number of people whose cell phones are stolen on trains and platforms. they also release this video showing exactly how fast it is for somebody to grab the phone and jump off the train. most theft happen this way with outing threats or force of violence, that these take advantage of passengers looking down at their phones and not paying attention to their surroundings. police are handing out these cards telling passengers to
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protect your phones especially if you're standing or seated near train doors or waiting on the platform. they say put away her phone when approaching stops and always be aware of your surroundings. the safety campaign comes amid a sharp increase in theft january through april, more than 400 reports of thefts of phones or laptops. that works out to more than three per day and it is double the number of thefts in all of last year. so far this year police say they have made 29 arrest for robbery or rent. experts agree mental health issues are a big part of the homeless crisis in the bay area. today supervisors outline the plan to get people the treatment they need. >> reporter: this family has struggled with his brothers schizophrenia for years. he was cyom the hospital
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to jail to the streets, never getting the long-term care he needed. he had to seek his brother out to help them. >> driving around san francisco looking for him or finding him making sure he has enough money for food.>> reporter: supervisors unveiled their plan. >> mental health sf will create a 24 hour seven day per week center that will offer immediate care to any san francisco resident that needs it. >> reporter: in office to coordinate care and long-term treatment to make sure those suffering from mental illness or substance abuse don't slip through the cracks. it would be paid for through a combination of medi-cal and a proposed ceo tax for some of the cities largest illnesses.>> your ceo owns 100 times its typical worker and the business pays 0.1% surcharge.
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>> reporter: for now his brother has stabilized, is taking his medication and is attending school. he says he supports the plan hoping that other families don't have to struggle as he did, seeing their loved ones homeless.>> those are the people that you see on the streets. those are people in their houses, in their bedrooms and in the workplace there are some immensely but they are embarrassed to talk about it.>> reporter: the district attorney has already signed on to the idea as has the public defenders office. now the board of supervisors is set to vote on the idea before the end of june. they will then push it to the november ballot and it will be up to the voters of san francisco to decide. patching potholes one by one, city leaders try to catch up on
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maintenance. a rare medline tech, our 4- year-old boy is doing tonight afn fran you san diego.
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nancy pelosi is in san francisco where she spoke at the commencement ceremony for san francisco state university.>> a simple message for graduates, be yourselves. ceremonies just ended with some fireworks.>> reporter: graduations and friends and family are still here, most people have poured out of the park but you can still see lingering excitement. almost 9000 diplomas were awarded and 30,000 guests were here to cheer them on. >> reporter: the ballpark was the scene of wild celebrations, the kinds they have not seen in a while but on this occasion
10:32 pm
everybody was a winner of a well-earned degree. the house speaker spoke with immigration and america's founding values. steering clear of the little guacamole of washington. >> this class is america, you are america because of your diversity and because you subscribed to that special quality of our nation which our founders embrace. optimism.>> she has been in congress most longer than most of these graduates have been alive. she praises the state for its history of social advocacy and justice. and student speakers were bold in their commentary.>> did you know that the average life expectancy of a transgender woman of color is years old. which is preventable.>>
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reporter: graduates come from 37 states, 64 countries with an array of majors.>> criminal law.>> accounting and marketing.>> i might be holding the camera soon.>> reporter: that optimism have a healthy job market reading them.>> i'm going to live life to the fullest. >> reporter: other graduates have more school ahead.>> i really wants to work in a senior home when i graduate. after the next three years. that's where my heart is and i'm just excited to help. own path. glad to have the diploma and the experience that came with it.>> where more confident speaking to everyone. now i'm just me i guess.>> reporter: the speaker ended with simple advice.>> know your
10:34 pm
power. the power that strengthens your individual you.>> reporter: after a five hour ceremony about 10 minutes of spectacular virus, this is the 118th graduating class and its largest ever, also a significant number of students who are the first in their families to earn degrees. nancy has been the commencement speaker twice but this is her first time doing so as speaker of the house. we join her in wishing everyone congratulation. california state senate approved legislation today requiring police officers to train and ways to avoid using deadly force. the bill requires that the use of force policies be standardized, also that officers be taught ways to de- escalate confrontations and learn alternatives to opening
10:35 pm
fire. lawmakers say training goes hand-in-hand with protecting public safety. the citizen be voted today to ban the manufacture and sale of new for products. animal welfare groups rallied saying the industry is inhumane and points alternatives. opponents claim that the law would devastate for retailers and manufacturers. some cities have already passed ordinances banning the sale, the measure now goes to the state senate. now to the ghost of warehouse trial, testimony resumed when the mother of amanda cosigned the lease took the witness stand. she said that her son was essentially helpless against the master tenant derek almenna. we were in court today and explain what the jury heard>> reporter: kathleen is the mother of nicholas who cosigned the lease with derek almenna for what would become the ghost ship warehouse.
10:36 pm
she said her son called her several times hysterically crying asking her to get him because he felt coerced in earlier disputes. she testified he laughed at her when she and her son told her the building needed to be brought up to code. she said he accused her into conventional and he wanted to do things his own way.>> he was a normal person with a long history of making art for burning man and that sort of thing. i think he has a solid record of that. >> reporter: carmen testified i never imagined if i would when asked by the defense why sprinklers were not installed in the building as she once had suggested they said they did not own the building and we did not have $50,000 to install a speaker system. she confirmed she has filed a
10:37 pm
civil lawsuit in the case and asked to remove almenna from her complaints. she's also not suing max there is suing the buildings landlord, the city of oakland and pg&e. >> she's one of 10 witnesses that have become defense witnesses at least for max harris. it says a lot, i think the jury is picking up on it>> reporter: also understand was david harlem who testified somebody had complained about people living in the warehouse, an inspector came out but could not get access into the building less than three weeks before the deadly fire. the jury also read previous testimony from the late robert jacob which, in a trick electrician and nuisance died. he said the city did not have the money to make the needed repairs. the wrapping up the case and the defense might start as early as next week. still to come a blunt assessment from the mayor of oakland.>> the
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worst possible problem i have ever seen in my entire life living here.>> reporter: she was being done about it and why it might just be a dent in the problem. is warming up, temperatures are way up from where they were a few days ago, we should see some low to mid 80s at the beginning of the week. a 4-year-old boy is mauled by a mountain lion, how the boys father intervened in the rear attack.
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a 4-year-old boy in san diego county is recovering after he was attacked by a mountain lion. the boy was on a group hike in a park about 20 miles of san diego when he was attacked, he suffered scrapes and cuts to his head but is fortunately expected to be okay. the boys father ended up scaring the mountain lion off. department of fish and wildlife rangers later tracked down and euthanize the mountain lion, they will now use dna to confirm it was the same outline that attacked the boy. the mast last night linotype was more than 20 years ago. a couple from redwood city is sharing surveillance video of their close encounter with a mountain lion in their own
10:42 pm
driveway. it happened at about 9:30 on thursday night on oakview way in the emerald hills neighborhood anthony was pulling into his driveway when he saw the mountain lion, he called his wife following behind him in her car. >> i said stay in the d don't get out, she reassure her that there was just a mountain lion in the driveway.>> when the homeowner flashes headlights and honked the horn the mountain lion ran down the driveway and jumped the fence into a backyard. the u.s. supreme court today declined to take a case involving a pennsylvania school district policy on transgender students. the decision let stand a current policy that allows transgender students to use restrooms and locker rooms that match their gender identities. although it does not set president the courts decision is a victory for transgender rights.
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on wall street today stocks slumped over concerns about trade with china and recession fears. the dow lost 237 points, nasdaq dropped 29 and the s&p was down 23. investors shifted money into bonds sending yields to their lowest levels in nearly 2 years. the golden state warriors and kaiser person permanente announced a partnership surrounding the new chase center, the plaza will be named tri-city after the thrive health and wellness slogan. it's currently under construction and will include restaurants and art exhibits. the warriors are in toronto and both the giants and the a's in action today. millions of dollars for pothole repairs and why this might just be the beginning. it's time for our memorial day sale on the
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sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it's the final days to save $1000 on the new queen sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, only $1,799. ends sunday. the oakland mayor is hoping to make huge potholes a thing of the past. >> the merlots workers to launch the latest road repair.>> reporter: how does the mayor describe the
10:47 pm
residential neighborhood streets? >> the worst possible problem i have ever seen in my entire life living here.>> reporter: started just this morning and the summer long $7 million pothole repair will begin to address the half billion dollars of deferred maintenance aggregated by damaging winters. >> the commitment is real. a big focus on those underserved areas that have traditionally been left out>> we have oakland are set pay 50% of their income to pay the rent. if they break their rims or their axle and can't get to their jobs or repair that car they have to choose.>> the tires are always flat. we always have a problem with the streets.>> reporter: east oakland residents can hardly believe the rest work in front of their eyes.
10:48 pm
>> when i sighed i said oh my god thgoing to fix it so i'm very excited.>> were working 12 hours per day to patch osholes but this truly is just a band-aid.>> the mayor says the roads are in such bad condition many streets need to be replaced. the cost is $100 million.>> i'm even more excited that the city council just approved a three- year paving plan that will more than triple the amount of paving done in the city. >> the weather across the country right now, look where the heat is. low average temperatures here and severe weather right in here and that pattern has been persistent and continued to persist for the next few days. it is shifting a little bit east, and as it shifts used we
10:49 pm
start to see warmer weather although lake tahoe is still chilly as you see, snow flurries at higher elevations, we are sort of on the west side of the dynamics. there are low clouds and high clouds as well. 60 in fairfield, 60 in concorde. overnight lows about where they were last night. plenty of far to go around, there will be lots of it inside the bay area, berkeley and oakland. you can see it showing up here in the san jose area. low clouds will be around and burn off slowly. tomorrow morning and most areas will have low clouds anthony clears. your day tomorrstly to partly sunny all day, temperatures generally where they were. we had some low 80s today, tomorrow we will have low 80s and then we will lose a couple
10:50 pm
degrees on thursday. tomorrow morning patchy fog, tomorrow afternoon the fog hangs at the coast so that is wednesday. watch thursday. you see the footprints in the morning. that is the cooling as that system goes to the north it takes that inversion and maybe create some vertical thursday morning and drop temperatures. instead of low 80s upper 70s again. mid to upper 60s and then it burns up pretty quick. you season dynamics here, some scattered showers should stay out of our area, the forecast highs tomorrow 80 in santa rosa, 82 in fairfield. these numbers are warmer than they were todaway.rmer than the there is a five day forecast. back up into saturday and sunday with temperatures, you will notice this.
10:51 pm
saturday and sunday back into the upper 80s. there is your barbecue whether one weekend too late. the a's looking for unleavened straight win. we show you if they were able to beat the angels at home. parents and teachers shutdown the school board meeting tonight as a nine-day teacher strike takes its toll.
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the giants and the a's are going different directions. >> they have the special feeling about them. tonight it's not withstanding but they were in last place about two weeks ago and then they put together a 10 game win streak and are already up to second place. it has taken of it for them to do it but in the middle of this 10 game win streak their longest in 13 years. i don't think they were seeing any patients tonight. first pitch of the game by the right-hander. marcus takes them deep. 420 feet to the center. that's home run number six and the a's on the board. now it is 4-2 when alston puts
10:55 pm
it in about the same spot, it's now tied at 4-4, one strikeout earlier but did not get the call and the game-winning hit is given up. the angels come back and win it. the giants played in front of just over 6000 fans in miami and at least two of them right there were giants fans. it looks good early. another first pitch of the game. trevor richards, that's home run number three. it was all downhill from there. marlins go to work in the fifth inning. then garrett cooper and herrera away and gone.
10:56 pm
three homeruns as they pour it on. 11-3 and they hand them their sixth straight loss, dines now a season-high 11 games under 500 two games before game one at the finals and we have some potentially positive news on the kevin durant front. he was on the warriors charter flight bound for toronto this afternoon he has been ruled out for game one but not game two on sunday so there is hope. the warriors are the favorites to be the wrappers with or without durant and first avenue curry who apparently gets very hungry on these flights as you can see.>> he always has four boxes.>> is a creature of habit. this will be a homecoming of sorts for him and that's because he went to middle school in toronto when his dad played for the rob raptors. this is a move he does with the warriors as well where he goes
10:57 pm
back out and get the pass back. you can see some of the same steps back in middle school. he says these finals because of the fact that he lived in toronto have a special meaning for him this time and he gets to satisfy his sweet tooth.>> it's always special to go out there. people are amazing. good energy. >> this map is by no means scientific but according to this metric the entire country minas california, nevada and hawaii is rooting for toronto to win the finals.
10:58 pm
to put it another way the united states is rooting for canada. how they came up with this? it reflects how often the raptors hashtag was used in each state versus the warriors hashtag, so as we said it's not exactly scientific. the raiders have never been shy about signing controversial players, today they signed one and they welcomed an offensive lineman. richie incognito signed with a one-year deal. he was outside for paul last year but prior to that three straight pro bowls perhaps best known for using racial slurs and bullying his teammate when he played for the dolphins. that led to a one-year suspension last month. he pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct for an incident that took place in scottsdale but the general manager says they did their homework and he says you can't have all boy scouts
10:59 pm
on your team. today we also got our first good look at the new $50 million man. that's the wide receiver antonio brown wearing his familiar number 84. and short shorts as he took part in the organized team activities. one writer says he does practice at a different speed. by the sound of it the feeling is mutual. >> he's lining me up in all kinds of positions, carrying up the offense see if i'm able to mentally pick up what i'm doing. another good day, always challenging and always high- energy always detail fundamental. in a couple of months the football season rolls around and we will get a good look.
11:00 pm
growing anger and frustration at the knights board meeting in union city, it was shut down as emotions rise on day nine of the teacher strike.>> tonight will board meeting ended abruptly when teachers and parents filled the room and shouted down the board who eventually decided to get up and leave. we were there with the chaos and have new information about when talks will resume.>> reporter: i just got a message from the union president, apparently they have agreed to


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