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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  May 30, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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. it is thursday, may 30. i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. friday-eve as we like to say. >> yes. >> a nice wm weekend but mr. drizzle was out this morning. throughout the day? >> well, mainly in the morning. but it is over the bay. we have light rain and drizzle that will be with you if you are anywhere around the bay. i think southward saturday is the better opportunity. the system is dropping in that will fire up some more thunderstorms in mendocino county and lake county. today will be a little closer. over the sierra they will been bubbling up again. they die down at night and will pick up again. the spin in the atmosphere is dropping into northern
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california enhancing the fog, giving us drizzle and really ramping up the on shore wind gusts. 50s on the temps here. cooler today. the area to watch again is mainly north of santa rosa into napa county and the diablo range. that will allow some cooler temperatures, as well with 60s and 70s today instead of low and mid 80s. 4:31. allie, what are we focusing on? the super commute from the north bay. fairfield, vacaville, on 80 things in that area look good. no problems getting through vallejo. through hercules things look good there, as well. there is one thing that we see on the chp news not popping up on the west. westbound 80 east of san pablo avenue there is a report of a brush fire so be aware of that. the rest of the east bay things look good this morning. the drive from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze
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just 17 minutes. yesterday during the worst of the commute with the crash on the bay bridge this was up to two hours so hopefully, knock on wood, we don't see that today and it is a much easier drive. the bay bridge toll plaza is filling up a little bit. still no delay and the metering lights are not on yet. tonight democratic presidential candidate amy klobuchar will be here in the bay area. the senior senator from minnesota will be in san francisco at manny's restaurant on 16th street. the event starts at 7:30 tonight. she served as a prosecutor, telecommunications lawyer, elected to the senate in 2007. she is here in the bay area ahead of the california democratic party convention that starts tomorrow in san francisco. senator klobuchar is ranked 1% in a new democratic presidential poll with 5,000 registered voters surveyed around the country. joe biden was ranked number 1
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at 38% followed by vermont senator bernie sanders at 20% chen elizabeth warren at 9%. south bend indiana mayor pete beauty judge and kamala harris are tied at 7%. democrats may be closer to an impeachment effort after robert mueller's first public comments on the investigation. doug luzader has more from washington. >> reporter: robert mueller's speech is a question of what he emphasized. >> if we had confidence the president had not committed a crime we would have said so. >> reporter: that falls short
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of the exoneration the president often spoke of but he tweeted this... tweeted this... >> no smokeing gun, not even a single new nuance. >> reporter: the trump team brushed it all aside but mueller said he could not consider charging the president because of justice department guidelines and suggested congress could pick it up from here. >> he left a vague and tangled mess and he definitely said congress, you are the ones that have to sort this out. >> the special counsel clearly demonstrated that president trump is lying. >> reporter: the house judiciary chairman jerry nadler is still non-committal but more and more democrats are on board, including more and more presidential candidates, now, but this really is a question for house speaker nancy pelosi who has a big decision to make. >> we are on a path that we would hope that if it is justified for the impeachment that it would be clear to the
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senate as well. . >> reporter: but there is absolutely no buy-in at this point from republicans in the senate. back to you. >> doug luzader in washington. thank you. the time is 4:35. here at home thiefs in the north bay found out the hard way that gasoline and smoking don't mix. investigators say they were sigh siphoning gasoline from vans and trucks at a u-haul lot when they triggered a fire. now the suspects are being be searched for and at least one will have serious burns >> reporter: no one will be driving these u-haul vehicles any time soon. the fronts melted away in an early morning fire. a pickup truck took a brunt of the blast. it and a few other vehicles that caught fire have been towed from the yard where surveillance cameras keep watch
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on the fleet. sonoma county fire found plenty of evidence abandoned by the thieves. 55-gallon drums being siphoned into, plus tubes and funnels and a smaller jug already filled >> well, look what gas prices are here in california. they are upwards of $4 a gallon. we see this spike when we have those increases in fuel costs. >> reporter: santa rosa avenue is blanketed by security cameras and has traffic at all hours so investigators are getting good leads and they are checking with hospitals in case a suspect showed up injured. deborah villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. san jose police need your help tracking down a backpack thief caught on camera. take a look. police say this man stole a backpack from a car in a parking garage on 1st street. the suspect used then a stolen credit card to buy a new skateboard at the santa rosa plaza but police say the worst part of this is that backpack
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held the only copy of the victim's phd thesis. if you have any information about the crime, backpack or suspect, call santa rosa police. the san mateyo county's sheriff's office released a sketch of a man that exposed list to two girls on their way to taylor mill in millbrae. take a look at the sketch. he is described as black or latino, 5'8" and 20 to 30 years old. police released surveillance video of the suspect's car, a newer model silver sedan. if you have information call the san mateyo sheriff's office. deputies believe this may be the same man that exposed himself to two girls on mosswood lane on may 5. the body of a missing 5- year-old girl has been found in utah. the uncle of lizzie shelley
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drew up a map telling police where to find the child's remains. 21-year-old alex whipple is charged with her murder. he visited the home friday night and on saturday morning both were gone. >> he was her uncle. her mother's brother. how much closer could she have been to somebody and trusted him. >> authorities say they made a deal with whipple that he would not get the death penalty if he would tell them where to find her body. a new report from the world health organization shows tobacco is still killing millions of people around the world. 8 million people die every year from tobacco use, 1 million of them from secondhand spoke. the report questions the claims that electronic cigarettes are a healthier alternative. >> the claims that these are less harmful, we don't know. there is no evidence to demonstrate that >> the report was released ahead of world no-tobacco day tomorrow. it is a day set aside every
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year to raise awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco use. the time is 4:38. happening today the public will have a chance to speak out about major expansion plans at stanford university. a public meeting is set for 6:00 tonight at the palo alto city hall. the mercury news says the county wants the university to significantly increase the planned number of housing units for staff and faculty. the university wants to build 550 atf and faculty housing units. the county wants almost 2,200. ed byes for a private lunch with warren buffett has reached aball time high. there are still two more days to go. the toped by is $3.5 million. the winner can invite up to seven friends and the money benefits glide memorial church in san francisco which provides services to the homeless, sick and hungry. the bidding ends tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. the highested by in the 20 year
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history of the event was $3.5 million. the time is 4:39. the tiniest baby on record to survive birth is now home after five months in the nicu at a san diego hospital. it is a micro preemie baby born in december at 23 weeks and three days. the baby weighed 8.6-ounces. doctors named her sadie and told her father she would probably die within an hour of being born but she hung on and even gained weight. sadie is now breathing and eating on her own >> oh! she grew to five pounds and given the graduation cap to wear on her last day in the hospital. now the baby is home >> gosh, that is incredible. one pound. wow! >> yes. the time is 4:40. a berkeley woman is making history on mount everest. we will show you what she accomplished during a particularly dangerous climbing
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season. and how rescue crews are treating brothers stranded for hours after an avalanche blocked their only route out. and we are checking on the commute from tracy in a minute but here is a live look at 280 and san jose. things look good. a lot of drizzle out there on the coast and bay. a weak system is dropping in. from areas to the north pretty good build-ups later today. we will take a look at that coming up.
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in lafayette there was overwhelming support to fly the rainbow flag in honor of pride month. the lafayette city council voted unanimously to raise the flag saturday june 1. lafayette joins richmond, concord, pleasant hill and walnut creek in flying the rainbow flag for the month of june. the city of dublin rejected the idea but plan to look at the issue again next tuesday. the san francisco 49ers announced a new creation of their new lgbtq fan club called pride. the issue of lgbtq rights was front and center during last night's town hall in levi's stadium and santa clara. supporters say professional sports are key to spreading the message of inclusion and tolerance >> because it matters. because it is who we are. we care about inviting all our fans in and making sure everybody feels safe and welcome. >> the team says if you join
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49ers pride you are eligible to march with the 9ers during the san francisco pride parade in june. our time is 4:47. later this morning the san francisco giants wrap up their series against the miami marlins. madison baumgardner was on the mound last night. he had a solid start. brandon belt tied the game and won with in solo home run in the 4th inning and then brandon craw ford laced this hit in right field and the giants fell behind late in the game. they could not come back and lost 4-2. they will try to snap a seven game losing stream when they play miami. the as have today off after last night's game went into extra innings. the as had to come back several times. here is the fame time home run in the th after the team was
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down by four runs. they had to launch another comeback in the 9th inning the down by two and managed to tie it up in 7. sending the game into extra innings. no third comeback in the games for the as, losing 12-7. they host the houston astros tomorrow night. a new study say as proposed new oakland as ballpark could be a big boost to the east bay economy. the study was commissioned by the as and says the stadium would generate 7.3 billion in economic benefits over ten years and create 6,100 jobs. the oakland as are proposing to build a 3,500 seat ballpark but tenants are opposing the plan to build the new stadium. >> hopefully they can work it all out. you saw what it did in san francisco, the ballpark there. >> we will see.
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yes. 4:48 is the time. allie is in in for sal again today. sal, the lucky guy is down at disneyland and will give us a preview of star wars: galaxy's edge. >> yes. and i am here covering traffic. hopefully today is better than yesterday. so far things are looking good. let's show you the drive from tracy. central valley a little slowing at westbound 205. stop and go through the altamonte pass and that clears up once you get into livermore. this is westbound 80 and the hercules and pinole area there is a crash that is moved off to the shoulder. it looks like debris or something in the two right lanes so be aware of that. the bay bridge toll plaza is filling up as the morning goes on. the cash lanes are a bit backed up. same with the carpool lanes. metering lights are not on yet. and the golden gate bridge, this area doesn't have too much of a back up, pretty much never, but there is something we want to point out here and
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that is some of the mist and drizzle that steve paulson has been mentioning. it caught me by surprise when i headed out the door. i didn't expect to turn on the windshield wipers. >> well, it is there. >> but it will burn off and go away? >> but it will last a little longer today, allie. >> okay. well, if you missed it the percent of normal for sierra's snow is amazing through the roof. 203% for the northern sierra, same for central and southern sierra is 173%. the rate of snow melt actually slowed down in the last week to ten days because we had the systems dropping in producing higher elevation snow, cooler temperatures and the thunderstorms continue to fire up there out of the sacramento valley, trinity county popping up, anybody in lake county today, you can see the thunderstorms. a better opportunity today because there is a weak little dispurr balance dropping in. you can see the circulation
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dropping straight down out of the pacific northwest that will enhance the activity later today. warmer yesterday. some temperatures hit to low to mid 80s. today we will ease back on that because of an on shore wind due to the system dropping in. possible thunderstorms north, santa rosa to napa north and the diablo range. the water temperatures are very cold, 50 to 53. look at the 28-mile per hour gusts out of travis. the on shore breeze is out to davis and vacaville, even at the napa airport, a big change from yesterday when we hardly had any breeze at all. 50s on most of the temps from lake county to northern napa county. we will see if that drift into solano or contra costa today. santa rosa, napa, sacramento north, then this low the drift all the way to central california, so saturday may be a better opportunity for san jose, santa cruz mountains and the santa clara valley, but a little change here today. fog, drizzle, sun, clouds,
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showers, breezy and cooler, with 50s to 70s and warmer tomorrow, easing back a little on saturday and warmer inland, dave, sunday to monday. >> thank you, steve. i am incredibly proud, humbled and grateful to be here. a graduate of ucsf's medical school makes history. we will tell you about his very unique accomplishment, coming up.
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making it through medical school is hard enough, and even harder when you are an undocumented immigrant and worrying about what can happen to you or your family. >> as an undocumented person there is always the risk of being deported. >> reporter: this student goes by the name nu, the first undocumented student to ever graduate from the ucsf medical
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school. he even won the best exemplifying qualities of a physician award. >> i am incredibly proud, humble and grateful to be here. >> reporter: in 1999 when nu was 9 years old his parents decided to move the family to the u.s. because of economic hardships in thailand. this he came on a tourist visa and never left. >> we didn't talk to anybody about it and we really tried to keep it hush-hush for that fear >> reporter: they settled in milpitas and later moved to sacramento. >> they got jobs as a waiter and waitress. they were hopeful by making this move our family as a whole would have a brighter future. >> reporter: he became part of daca, for children of parents in the u.s. illegally. the future of the program is currently in limbo. he plans to become a family physician working in downtrodden communities and hopes his story can inspire
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others to achieve their goals even while his immigration status could cloud his future. >> i would rather live looking forward and being hopeful, then to be paralyzed by the uncertainty of what could happen. >> reporter: in san francisco, rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. the time is 4:57. still ahead, is it possible the raptors could steal the nba crown from the warriors? the nba finals started tonight and a preview of game 1 between the warriors and raptors and a fun way to enjoy the game, coming up. and we are getting a new look inside the disney attraction star wars: galaxy's edge. and sal is there with all the new attractions and i am here keeping an eye on traffic while sal is
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there. so far everything is looking good. here is 24 through lafayette. traffic moving at the limit. a little coast drizzle and bayside drizzle, as well. cooler today. we will keep an eye on lake can a, sonoma county and napa county for build-ups. more on that in a moment.
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thank you for being here this morning at 5:00. i am is thursday, may 30. i am pam cook. >> welcome to mornings on 2. i am dave clark. let's get right to it. thank you. we have thunderstorms firing up over the sierra and also up into lake county yesterday. i think


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