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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 2, 2019 10:00pm-10:58pm PDT

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snail mail! we were invited to a y2k party... uh, didn't that happen like, 20 years ago? oh, look, karolyn, we've got a mathematician on our hands! check it out! now you can schedule a callback or reschedule an appointment even on nights and weekends. today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'd rather not. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2. a big weekend for democrats wraps up in san francisco after three days of more than a dozen presidential candidates vying for votes and support. >> what we need is a leader that cannot just senators cory booker, kamala harris, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren just a few of th democratic convention. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. it ended with speeches from
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those who want to win the white house. now what it means for the election moving forward. >> the convention highlighted the two sides to the democratic party, candidates with radical ideas, many of them getting positive reactions while some moderates got booed. progressive bernie sanders among the speakers on the final day of the california democratic convention at the moscone center in san francisco. >> as you all know, there is a debate among presidential candidates who have spoken to you here in this room and those who have chosen for whatever reason not to be in this room. about the best way forward. >> sanders taking a not so veiled shot at former vice president joe biden who skipped the convention to attend another event in ohio. some moderate leading candidates did not receive warm
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responses from delegates like presidential hopeful john delaney when he criticized medicare for all. >> medicare for all may sound good, but it's actually not good policy, nor is it good politics. >> biden widely considered a moderate leads all democratic candidates in the latest polls by double, but his three closest rivals, sanders, senator kamala harris and senator elizabeth warren are progressives. >> when you've got a government that works great for those with money -- >> warren who promises tax hikes on the richest americans and to zero out mounting student loans ventured into harris' turf she will end lobbying as we know it. and we will make everyone who runs for federal office post their tax returns online. >> harris who has pitched among other things a tax proposal that will provide $500 to families earning less than $100,000 a year devoted part of
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her time on stage to attacking president trump. >> he obstructed justice and then hired an attorney general to clean up the crime scene. >> state party leaders do not see a problem with moderate and progressive candidates competing. >> i don't look at it as a fracture. i look at it as a plethora of choices that we have. >> choices for which voters will have several months to now consider. convention officials say they had a record turnout with more than 3,400 delercand will now be part of super tuesday meaning the state will play a bigger role in the outcome of a presidential election. president trump is scheduled to announce his reelection bid at a rally in orlando june 18th. the california republican party convention will be held in september in indian wells down in riverside county. i'm andre senior, ktvu fox 2 news. >> ktvu political analyst brian sobel joins us now with more on this. what do you think about joe
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biden's decision to skip the convention? >> i think you heard a lot of veiled shots against him, but at the end of the day he's the odds on favorite to come out of this nominee, may be knocked off, but now you have to be very careful in the way that you handle joe biden, because if he is the nominee, you'll have to work with him. >> what's your assessment of how the candidates did, their message, the reaction to that message? one thing that elizabeth warren held a separate rally and the turnout was huge. >> i think elizabeth warren really comes out of this as a star in the sense that they brought policy, positions and that sort of thing because i've been saying for the longest time if the campaign devolves to we don't like the guy that's in the white house, but we don't have anything to counter it, he may very well be reelected. she is saying i've got issues upon which i want to run and she's staked those out both at the convention and at laney college. >> what about senator kamala
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harris? she is also running for president. she is from california. does that give her an advantage at this convention? >> people know her very, very well. you have to remember conventions are made up of people who are the party hearty. they are very much into the politics. how the candidates translate to the american public and to kamala harris will obviously do very, very well in california. how she does around the country remains to be seen. >> there has been a lot of talk and debate about the idea of trying to impeach president trump. senator kamala harris has come out and said, "i am in favor. i think he should be impeached." house speaker nancy pelosi talked to the convention and there were a lot of people as she was talking saying impeach, impeach, but she has come out at least so far saying that she is against trying to impeach the president. what are your thoughts on impeachment? >> it's a dangerous road on one level because if you go through the impeachment process, in the senate he will not be
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convicted. meanwhile democrats have an opportunity here to tell their story, but if it gets bogged down in impeachment proceedings, that's going to be a problem, yet when i was in washington d.c. a few days ago and in some members of congress offices, it's split. it's a perilous road whatever way you go. >> in the big picture does the onvention in california really matter? >> well, all these state cotogether the the democratic candidate, but what we need to these candidates come through here because california is a very rich state and this is where the money is. >> brian, thank you. we'll leave it there. stay with us for more coverage of the convention. coming up at 10:30 we will speak with the chairman of the contra costa republican party about the candidates. police in walnut creek are investigating a police shooting that happened in a residential neighborhood today. no details have been released including whether anyone was
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killed or injured. police tweeted about this shooting around 6:40 tonight. it happened in the area of orchard and arlene lane. that's about a 1/2 mile south of kaiser permanente medical center. we'll have more information as soon as it becomes available. teachers from a dozen schools in union city and hayward are preparing to return to the picket lines tomorrow as the keteenters made a counteroffer to the district in hopes of ending the walkout. now we go to the office of education in hayward where tiators have been meeting all day. >> reporter: the groups met to review the new offer and in the last half hour both teams after meeting all day left the building, no deal was made. parents and teachers tell me they didn't anticipate the strike going on this long. >> has there even been any talk about okay, maybe we should be chopping from the top? >> reporter: tensions ran high sunday as parents front the new haven unified school district
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meant with school board trustees at a town hall meeting in union city. >> it's gone on so long and i see how much it's taking a toll on my husband and all of the teachers. >> reporter: among those who want the teachers strike to the santos family with two children in the district. the father is a teacher at james logan high school. the family is now dipping into savings because of the ongoing strike. >> there's hundreds of families that they're affecting as they prolong this strike. >> my wife has been on them to stay reading to, stay doing their work sheets and other enrichment things. so their education is still there, but at the same time for me as an individual and a lot of my colleagues, we're exhausted. >> reporter: talks between district managers and the teachers union resumed sunday. the union's negotiating team is proposing a 6% increase over two years. in response the district issued a statement that said in part, "the current proposal would cost nhusd more than $18 million over three years as
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compared to 17.62 million over three years for the previous public proposal." the school district has offered a one time 3% raise for the current school year and a 2% salary increase for thcoming school year. >> it's sad. my heart is breaking because our students, they are suffering. >> reporter: board trustee saying she endorses a fact finding report to be used as basis for the settlement. many parents are concerned about high school seniors set to take finals this week. the district is comprised of 11,000 students. attendance has been significantly low since the strike began. >> my senior is worried about graduating because she's one of those on my bubble of making sure she got her grades right. so now she's worried about am i going to go to graduation? is there going to be a graduation? >> reporter: that parent tells me the school principal has said graduation is still on, but events such as grad night and senior picnic are in limbo because they are still trying
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to find chaperones to replace teachers. talks resume tuesday. >> has to be stressful for everyone involved. azenith smith in hayward tonight, thank you. we're learning more about the shooting massacre in virginia beach where a long time city employee opened fire at a municipal building. 12 people were killed. investigators say there are still no clear answers as to why the gunman carried out the attack. fox news christina coleman tonight with the latest on the investigation. ia beach community is grieving victims of friday's mass shooting after a man opened fire on a municipal building in the coastal virginia city. >> the suspect, this will be the only time we announce his name, is dewayne craddock. he was an engineer with public utilities. >> reporter: the suspect worked for the city about 15 years and resigned friday morning hours before. police say he entered the building with a security pass. he then shot at people on three different floors killing 12 people, 11 city employees and a
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contractor. people were also injured including a police officer. one employee came face to face with the gunman three times without getting shot. >> it seemed like he was part of a drill by the gun he was carrying and the way he was walking. >> reporter: investigators found two illegally purchased handguns at the building and a expressers and recovered more guns in his home. the u.s. was called on to vote on common sense bipartisan gun violence prevention legislation that the house already passed. the veteran city engineer died after a gunbattle with police officers. authorities described him as a disgruntled employee. however, still no word on a motive. >> he was not terminated and he was not in the process of being terminated.
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so hopefully we'll put that piece of this to rest. >> reporter: a vigil is set to take place tuesday evening at a virginia beach church. in los angeles, christina coleman, fox news. >>area woaching new heights. after the break she tells us about her record breaking climb up mount everest. >> and the weather is warming up this week. we'll find temperatures back into the 90s in some locations. see you back here with the forecast. >> an exciting game two in toronto ends with the warriors win. we'll have the highlights right after the break.
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it's gone! andre iguodala rules it with 5.9 remaining. >> the warriors pull off a win in toronto to beat the raptors in game two of the nba finals. it was a close game, though, right up until the very end. >> 109-104, the series tied one game apiece. ktvu's jason appelbaum is here. the warriors almost gave it away at the end, but andre iguodala came through with a three-point shot. >> yeah. this was a real group effort across the board and i think they showed why they are the two time defending champs tonight against toronto in toronto. they had to overcome key injuries and late game scoring drought to gut this one out against the toronto raptors and former president and huge basketball fan barack obama in the house, . warriors trailed by 5 at the 2nd half. draymond green 17 points, 10 rebounds, nine assists, eat defense. warriors grow cold down the
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stretch and when danny green hit the corner, the raptors are only down two with 26 seconds to go. final moments, warriors held scoreless for five minutes and 33 seconds, but andre iguodala sizes it up, knocks it down, the biggest shot of the game that. ices it as the warriors escape and win it 109-104, head home with the split. joe fonzi was at scotiabank arena in toronto and has postgame reaction from game two. >> reporter: it's a formula the warriors had to use before. their slogan is strength in numbers, which you still would have had a hard time finding someone that would say quinn cook and demark had us cousins would be on the floor at crunch times and the warriors would win the game. >> it was great. we came in thinking all right, he can maybe play 20 minutes and he gave us almost 28. we needed everything he gave out there, his rebounding, his toughness, his physical presence. we needed all of that. so i thought he was fantastic. >> i've laid on my teammates
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throughout this whole process and this is an incredible moment for me, but i'm not satisfied, looking forward to game three. >> this has been our m.o. since i've been here, next man up mentality. guys rest. guys get hurt. everybody has confidence in each other and it was good to see the ball go in. obviously at this stage every possession means so much. so it was a great, great win for us. >> reporter: the warriors get their twin in game two in toronto, but it wouldn't be this postseason without injuries. clay thompson has a tight hamstrung and is day to day. what we do know is the warriors have a couple days to again try to really up. they got their split and now they'll try to take care of business. in toronto joe fonzi, ktvu fox 2. >> klay thompson will be the big story line headed into game at oracle. will he play?
10:17 pm
mri happens tomorrow. he was asked about it. he's one of the toughest guys on in the nba. he says he will play. it's not up to him. it's up to the doctors, but if you're a betting person, i would say klay thompson probably out there for game three. >> things are exciting. see what happens wednesday, jason, thanks. so guess how much courtside seats are going for for game four at oracle arena. incredibly someone just paid more than $100,000 for two courtside seats to game four. that's about $50,500 per seat. that is a record for the nba finals. the name of the buyer hasn't been revealed. game four could potentially be the last warriors game at oracle arena or there may be three left depending on how long the series goes. after that the warriors move across the bay to chase center which is under construction not far from at&t -- wait. what is it? it's oracle park. not far from oracle park.
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doing pretty good around here and if stays that way. it's a late spring pattern that carries us through this week with numbers going or eclipsing today's numbers, 80 in fairfield, 79 in fairfield, tomorrow 84. santa rosa will go in the mid- 80s tomorrow. we'll see more mid-80s and towards the middle end of the week some low 90s. so a warm-up but not without the thunderstorms we've been seeing really the past week and a half, two weeks in the sierra nevada continue going on especially up around butte county, plumas county, oroville, chico, outside paradise. quincy, la porte, up by mount lassen and that should be the end of it for a bit in the mountain. a few showers up aroun ukiah.
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probably one of the nicest week this afternoon with seasonable temperatures and heat back to the low 90s the middle end of the week. it's breezy throughout the bay. when i come back, we'll set you up with the next few days and what to expect in the week coming up. see you back here. a berkeley woman who reached the summit of mount everest in a record breaking two weeks shared her experience with us today. 33-year-old roxanne vogel reached the summit may 27th and is back home in the bay area. most climbers typically take two months to reach the summit from nepal, but vogel traveled through tibet where permits are much more difficult to get. she said she learned about the two week climb from an expedition consultant who suggested she give it a try. >> at first i laughed it off and said thuple weeks later i was like why not? i have the capabilities to train this way. we have access to the hypoxia
10:20 pm
chamber. why not me? >> a hypoxia chamber is a high altitude simulator that vogel used for three months. her next trip is antarctica, the last stop for her to reach the seven summits, the tallest mountains on each continent. from scooters to bikes to ride shares there is no shortage of ways to get around, coming up a very unique transportation coming for san francisco. >> concern from scientists, why they're worried about this humpback whale that's been spending time in the bay coming up.
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♪ grab your things, ♪ salutations. coffee that is a cup above is always worth the quest. nespresso. tis all i desire. did thou bring enough for the whole kingdom? george: nespresso, what else? the humpback whale is swimming in the bay you and a lot of people are coming out to see it, but experts say the whale doesn't appear to be in l wildlife authorities issued a state of emergency over the large number of whale deaths. ktvu's leigh martinez has more. >> reporter: jim griggs' photography subject since thursday has been a humpback
10:23 pm
whale in alameda. >> when he doesn't jump, it comes and goes. it's pretty hard to catch those unless you're doing a wide angle. >> reporter: he took these photographs saturday evening when the whale was being particularly active. >> it does look like he maybe just swims in a circle and churns up whatever is down on the bottom and can swift through that, but there can't be a ton of food. >> reporter: while the whale has drawn a crowd mesmerized by its breaching -- >> i've never seen a whale before in person, so it's a great opportunity for me and i wanted to bring my kids out as well. >> reporter: -- these citizen whale enthusiasts are concerned that the whale is here and have called the marine mammal center. >> over the last three years we've gotten lots of humpbacks coming in to feed on anchovy by the golden gate or alcatraz and they tend to leave. this one has been here a week and it's skinny. it's lost a lot of its blubber layers. >> reporter: on friday
10:24 pm
scientists declared a wildlife emergency on the unusually high number of gray whale deaths. since january roughly 70 gray whales have been found along the west coast including in marin, san francisco and san mateo. scientists are studying to determine the cause, but that's not the case with the alameda visitor. >> this is very different, very different species. they have a different migration pattern. so whatever this whale is experiencing is probably not related to what's going on with the gray whales. >> reporter: researchers say people should give the whale space and not boat out into the lagoon, but it is helpful to them for people to continue to document and film her from the shore is. the marine mammal center said researchers are not going to try to force her into deeper water or move her since this is safe water for her if she's not feeling well and they say if people are seeing what appears her circling, that very well could mean she's just sleeping. tired of scooters? well, how about pogo sticks?
10:25 pm
yeah, pogo sticks. hundreds of them could soon be coming to san francisco, the new way, yes, to get around. a swedish startup company called cangoroo is challenging electric scooters as a transportation option. their slogan? jump into the future. the company believes its product will be popular with millennials, especially those who are looking to combine transportation and exercise. the company is planning to launch an app-based service in san francisco by the fall. coming up taking a different look at the candidates running for president. after the break a bay area republican leader will join us with his thoughts on the 2020 election. >> also ahead the pentagon sends a message to the white house following an order from the administration during a presidential visit overseas. >> a cruise ship slams into a dock and a smaller boat in one of the most famous waterways in the world. coming up witnesses describe what happened. >> and something for music fans, this wednesday night rap artist tiga will host a free
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live streaming concert on the concert starts at 7 p.m. all you need to do is tune in on >> closed captioning for the 10:00 news brought to you by mancini sleep world.
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our coverage of the california democratic convention continues now. it was a big weekend for democrats. >> more than a dozen presidential candidates were in san francisco vying for support from their party. joining us now for a different
10:29 pm
perspective is max schoop, chairman of the contra costa republican party. what is your thought on joe biden skipping the convention? will that hurt him in the end? >> no. i think it will help him. he was campaigning in ohio, a swing state he will need to win, and i think it helped him with moderates not being a fringy left wing which i think will help him in the long run unfortunately. >> most progressive candidates. we want to replay something he said over the weekend and get your reaction. let's listen. >> when it comes to healthcare, there is no middle ground. healthcare is a human right, not a privilege. >> your thoughts on bernie sanders at the convention. >> well, i think he represents a passionate fringe of the party. he's kind of like the ron paul that republicans have where it's very
10:30 pm
activists based to have what they like to hear, but a recent wall street journal poll said only 18% of americans viewed socialism favorably. while he will have a warm welcome in the bay area or in california, that's not going to really resonate in a lot of swing states he will have to win. i think it's a long shot for him. >> senator elizabeth warren had some big crowds here. she seemed to do very well. one of the things that she did was talk about breaking up big corporations. let's listen to that and then we'll get your reaction. >> we'll pass the biggest anti- corruption plan since e. we will end lobbying as we know it and we will make everyone who runs for federal office post their tax returns online. >> so your thoughts about senator warren. also she had some very detailed policy. would it be a mistake for democrats just to run against president trump as opposed to saying this is what we are for?
10:31 pm
>> i do think it would be a mistake to run against him because in the swing states that are ultimately going to matter trump has improved the economy for them. it's a different story in california, but i think they need to have ideas and alternatives but it needs to be a viable alternative. a lot of the things elizabeth warren talks about is turning healthcare into the dmv. i think it's interesting she's going after a lot of the big tech companies because they tend to be supportive of the major democratic candidates and not as favorable to republicans and i think it's interesting to some of the biggest donors to the democratic party. i think it might be popular rhetoric, but i'm not sure it translates into an electoral win. >> let's look at the big picture. there are 20 democratic candidates trying to unseat president trump in the 2020 election. out of all the candidates who do you see as the nominee for the democrats and who would pose the biggest challenge for president trump? >> i think the nomination is a long way off. a lot can happen.
10:32 pm
i think joe biden does present the biggest threat because he's someone well known. a lot of people like to know -- they'll vote for someone that they know rather than someone they don't like mayor pete. a lot of people still don't know him. at the end of the day it's who can win the working class people in swing states like wisconsin and ohio and i don't see a lot of the democratic candidates doing that other than joe biden. we'll see if the democratic party can stomach him in a primary. >> if he ends up being the would president as far as trying to defeat biden? >> i think it would be a contrast in record, how has trump cord because i think done really well under trump unlike under obama's presidency. >> thank you for coming in, matt. for more on this weekend's convention, you can go to or follow us on facebook and twitter. president trump headed to europe today for a five-day visit starting in the united kingdom. on his agenda a symbolic meeting with queen elizabeth. mr. trump will also make his first presidential visit to
10:33 pm
ireland and thursday pay his respects at normandy on the 75th anniversary of d day. meantime the pentagon has a message for the white house. stop politicizing the military. this comes following a trump administration order to have the navy ship named for the late u.s. senator john mccain hidden from view during a presidential visit to japan. acting defense chief patrick shanahan is considering sending out formal guidance to military units in order to avoid similar problethe future. nancy pelosi was met with chants of impeach when she spoke at the california convention this weekend. she and other democrats are under increasing pressure to impeach the president. fox news jillian turner shows us comments recently made by former special counsel robert mueller have only increased their determination to have mr. trump brought up on charges. >> reporter: about 50 out of 235 democratic members are calling for an impeachment inquiry to begin. that's about 20% of the caucus as it stands. while speaker pelosi is holding
10:34 pm
firm to her commitment to further investigations before making any determination about moving forward with impeachment, the big question dogging her now is how long she can hold the tide at bay. yesterday when discussing special counsel robert mueller's findings at the california democratic party's convention, she was met with chants of impeach. some democrats are going a step further today claiming impeachment have basically already begun. they say robert mueller's findings got the ball rolling and his press conference this week made clear he's passing the baton to congress. >> i think it's already begun. we've got all these permitters doing their work. we're having hearings. we've already won two court cases and there are other cases that are still to be determined. >> mueller very specifically said it's on congress now to continue after he put this report forward that clearly indicated that there is potential corruption
10:35 pm
obstruction of justice. >> reporter: critics of the party meanwhile sale the i word is consuming the democrats taking away energy that may cost them real legislative priorities. >> nancy pelosi knows this talk of impeachment is obscuring everything democrats are trying to do in the house. >> reporterthe past couple weeks pelosi has gone from saying impeachment is off the table to if her caucus proceeds with impeachment, there would need to be an ironclad case. in washington, jillian turner, israel confirms its army struck a number of military targets in syria overnight in response to the two rockets syria launched toward the golan heights hours before. images show at least one rocket impact on the israeli side of the border while in syria at least three soldiers were reportedly killed by israeli rockets. coming up here tragedy in
10:36 pm
lakota lake tahoe. >> we are tracking a warm-up around here. it will feel more like spring and summer going through this week. >> also several people are hurt after a cruise ship accident in italy, the dramatic video showing the moment on of impact.
10:37 pm
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two people were hurt after a fire started at an apartment building in oakland.
10:39 pm
the fire was reported just after 11:00 last night at 24th street near wallace not far from highland hospital it. took firefighters about 30 minutes to put the flames out. the injuries are not considered life threateniwho lived four- unit complex are displaced now. the fire department says it appears the fire started in the kitchen. italian authorities are calling for a ban on cruise ships after a cruise liner hit a small riverboat on a canal in venice. the video you see behind me was taken from that cruise liner as it slowly hit the smaller boat on the famous waterway. the accident injured five people and it stunned people who watched it happen. fox news jackie heinrich shows us what happened. >> reporter: a horrific collision in italy sunday after an out of control cruise ship crashes into a dock hitting a tourist motorboat injuring
10:40 pm
multiple people. one eyewitness described it as a very dramatic scene. >> altogether there of voices of people crying, shouting and talking. >> reporter: the collision happened around 8:30 a.m. local time on one of the busiest canals in venice. >> we heard the loud noise of the cruise ship blaring its horn and releasing the anchor. >> reporter: local port officials say the cruise ship, the msc opera, was unable to stop its momentum before plunging into the terminal causing many bystanders on land to run away phenomenon safety. >> i heard a choir of voices of people crying and screaming towards the big cruise ship over what's happened. >> reporter: the msc opera was built in 2004 and can carry more than 2,000 passengers. the cruise ship was returning to venice after traveling to greece. venice is popularly known for its tourist attractions and cruise ships, but the accident has renewed calls for the ban of vessels in the city which many say causes heavy traffic
10:41 pm
in the canals during summertime. >> i've always been positive about these ships, but i have to admit i could change my mind now because th terrible and dramatic scene. >> reporter: the cruise ship operator msc crui authorities investigating the cause of the accident. in new york, jackie heinrich, big numbers from the sierra, coming up it may be june, but there's still a big snowpack up in the sierra. >> and a beautiful week ahead here in the bay area with even warmer weather in store. chief meteorologist bill martin has the complete bay area forecast coming up.
10:42 pm
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the family of a bay area woman is heartbroken tonight following a devastating accident at lake tahoe. they say the mother of two slipped and was swept to her death in a waterfall. we have more now on what happened. >> reporter: eagle falls was a place of comfort and serenity for stephanie espinoza. >> i couldn't think of a better place for her to die and there couldn't have been a worse way for her to die. so it's really, really bittersweet. >> reporter: the 35-year-old bay area native was taking in the views in emerald bay friday when deputies say she slipped and was swept over the waterfall. her brother nick martinez still believe it. >> world's best sister, eight siblings. she was the oldest. all those weekends at home, she
10:45 pm
raised a lot of us. >> reporter: espinoza was a mother two teenage sons and worked in the bay area. they want to be really clear about what happened. >> really setting the record straight. >> reporter: when the north tahoe fire protection agency announced her death, they said a young woman was out taking photos when she fell saying this is a sad reminder to be cautious when taking selfies. >> that was so far from the truth. she was a very responsible protective mother. she would never put her kids or herself in harm's way. >> reporter: he said she didn't even have her cell phone with her when she was swept away by the water. he's just praying his sister is at peace watching over her family now. >> very much in the moment enjoying life and that's exactly what she was doing at the time of her death. >> water plummets 150 moving extremely fast because melt from the record snow fall in the sierra. you mighit, but we'll show you a group of
10:46 pm
kids who were practicing baseball in iowa and they didn't seem aware that a funnel cloud was in clear view during their practice. the little league team of 5th and 6th graders in the town of montezuma kept throwing the ball around. one of the parents said when you look at this, it might seem like they were careless for the kids to keep playing. they said no one panicked and that the storm was far off. well, they probably knew the parents there, too. the storms especially in the mideast and even hero here rotating super cell like that move from the east. it's not coming at you. it's going the other way. that's what storm chasers do, too. they stay on the south side of the storms because they generally almost always move to the north, northeast. with that said temperatures today did get up there. 82 the warm spot santa rosa, 79 antioch, livermore, 74 in morgan hill. thunderstorms popping up. they've been getting them up
10:47 pm
there. butte county has been getting hammered really the last week, week and a half magalia, out of oroville. these are still going on. even though it's nocturnal thunderstorms which implies a lot of energy in these storms this is a lot of instability in the middle and lower atmosphere. 56 in oakland now, 59 in livermore, nice out there, a little fog along the coast. tomorrow will be foggy at the coast, but we'll see plenty of sunshine. that sets us up tomorrow with a day that will be mostly sunny like this with temperatures orange 80s, look at this, even some reds show up. i don't know if we'll see 90s. we'll see upper 80s in our warmest inland valleys. that temperature footprint is with us all week pretty much. it will go up and down a little bit. towards the middle of the week we'll get into some low 90s almost for sure. that's going to be one of the warmer runs we've seen. there's no rain in our forecast. the mountains, those thunderstorms will pop off again tomorrow. they should die down a little bit after that as we get into
10:48 pm
wednesday and thursday die off quite a bit. clouds tomorrow morning, fog at the coast, partly sunny, mostly sunny and nice. san francisco is 67 degrees for a daytime high, not bad. that means 87 in brentwood, 86 in fairfield and temperatures in the santa clara valley just following suit, 89 in morgan hill and gilroy, nice day monday. tuesday temperatures stay warmer as well. they go back up to the low 90s. wednesday we'll see low 90s and we'll get a bit of a cooldown with a push of fog as we pretty classic ring week. the grasses and weeds are starting to come in now for you allergy sufferers. some good news from the sierra, california water officials now say the amount of snow in the sierra is even greater than the 2017 snowpack that pulled the state out of a
10:49 pm
five-year drought. the department of water resources says as of may 30th, the sierra snowpack measured 202% of average because of all the late season storms and california depends on the snowpack for a lot of our drinking water. operators at squaw valley ski resort also say they've received so much snow that they plan to stay open until at least july 5th. godzilla, king of the monsters, came in no. 1 at the box office this weekend, but it made less than expected. >> godzilla. >> this is the sequel to the first godzilla in 2014. it got poor reviews and brought in only about half of the $93 million that the first godzilla earned during its first film, disney's live action aladdin remake, dropped to second place. the elton john rocketman was in third and the horror film ma was in fourth, john wick
10:50 pm
chapter three parabeluum rounds out the top five. jason appelbaum next with sports. >> and then the vaccination debate, why governor newsom says he has doubts about stricter vaccination laws.
10:51 pm
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jason's here now. warriors come up big in toronto, game two, exciting series. >> yeah. it was not easy for the warriors today, but they did what they set out to do tonight in toronto, come back home with at least a split to oracle for game three on wednesday. look who was there, our cameras caught up with former president barack obama, his arrival in toronto, the 44th president, a big hoops fan. kawhi leonard, 34 points, 14 rebounds, raptors up by 12, but the warriors opened the 2nd half on an 18-0 run. klay thompson, you saw him hit the three, but he would come down awkwardly later on this shot attempt, almost ing it a left hamstring tightness. mri tomorrow. he says he will play. demarcus cousins huge tonight, drives he had 11 points and 10 rebounds. warriors up 5 inside 30 seconds, but danny green cuts it to two with 26 seconds left,
10:54 pm
kind of a crazy sequence. the warriors scoreless for 5 1/2 minutes, but when shaun livingston finds andre iguodala, he knocks down the three-point dagger with seven seconds to go. that ices it for the warriors tonight. they win 109-104, even the series a game apiece. draymond green is one assist stop shy of a triple double. >> as big as andre's shot was, we've come to expect andre to hit big shots. since he's been here i've seen him hit several game winners and put the icing on the cake of several wins. >> his play in the 2nd half was really inspiring at both ends. he did a fantastic job. he's hit a lot of big shots in the finals before, so he was unfazed. >> fresh off a 10-game win streak the a's are riding a five-game losing streak and the sun didn't come out in oakland, but this young man not a fan of sun block, no. don't put it on me, dad.
10:55 pm
bottom 7 astros up 4-2. laureano hitting streak extended to 15 games. next inning matt chapman going to tie it up. that's no. 16 on the year for chapman, third most in the american league. a's hit four homers tonight, but not enough. here comes the birds as we go to extra innings, top 12, michael brantley singles to right off lou trevino and young miles straw motors around from second. he slides in safe. the astros hand the a's their fifth straight loss 6-4. giants bruce bochy's last trip to baltimore and the orioles give him a special engraved set of rye from a local distillery, giants down 1- 0 in the 4th when evan longoria breaks out of his career high 0- 21 slump, three for four, 3 r.b.i. and in the 6th brandon crawford, solo home run to left. crawford had two home runs on the day, his first multi-homer
10:56 pm
game in four years and bruce bochy, fist bump, handshake, i don't know, but he wins his 999th game with the giants as they win in a rout 8-1, take two of three from the worst team in baseball. ncaa tournament stanford facing elimination today taking on fresno state tied 4-4 when duke kinman hits it back up the middle. brandon wolf comes around from second to score. are kinman is thrown out at second. stanford takes the lead in the 9th, tying run at the fresno state, but dosbach tosses it back to first. they are pumped. stanford stays alive wins itthird time tomorrow at 7:00 to see who advances. all eyes will be on pebble beach a week from this thursday when the men's u.s. open comes to town. today the women's u.s. open and on the par 5 15th lee phipps,
10:57 pm
she would birdie the hole and wins by one stroke, gets the champagne shower, walks away with the first ever $1 million winner's check for a woman's event. on the men's side patrick cantlay comes from four back. i'll be back with more with scott reiss on sports wrap at 11:30, but now it's time for more news. coming up next here at 11:0a mental toll. there's a lot of teachers that are riding a roller coaster. >> talks resumed today but agaiwith no deal, the teachers strike in the east bay entering its third week tomorrow. >> the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. there has been an offer and a counteroffer, but still no deal. the main sticking point is over pay raises. good evening again, everyone with. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. parents in union city and hayward aren't happy because finals were set to take place
10:58 pm
this week. ktvu's azenith smith is at the building where negotiators have been meeting all week long. >> reporter: talks ended around 9:30 tonight. i just spoke with the teachers union president. he tells me he's disappointed with the outcome of today's bargaining session. he feels the district is not moving as much as the union is willing to. the district contends it can't afford to give into the teachers' demands. >> has there even been any talk chopping from the top? >> reporter: tensions ran high sunday as parents from the new haven unified school trustees at a town hall meeting in union
10:59 pm
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