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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 2, 2019 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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a counteroffer, but still no deal. the main sticking point is over pay raises. good evening again, everyone with. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. parents in union city and hayward aren't happy because finals were set to take place this week. ktvu's azenith smith is at the building where negotiators have been meeting all week long. >> reporter: talks ended around 9:30 tonight. i just spoke with the teachers union president. he tells me he's disappointed with the outcome of today's bargaining session. he feels the district is not moving as much as the union is willing to. the district contends it can't afford to give into the teachers' demands. >> has there even been any talk chopping from the top? >> reporter: tensions ran high sunday as parents from the new haven unified school trustees at a town hall meeting in union city. >> it's gone on so long and i
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see how much it's taking a toll on my husband and all of the teachers. >> reporter: among those who want the teachers strike to end, the santos family with two children in the district. the father ivan is a teacher at james logan high school. the family is now dipping into their savings because of the ongoing strike. >> there's hundreds of families that they're affecting as they prolong this strike. >> my wife has been on them to stay reading to, stay doing their work sheets and other enrichment things. so their education is still there, but at the same time for me as an individual and a lot of my colleagues, we're exhausted. >> reporter: talks between district managers and the teachers union resumed sunday. the union's negotiating team is proposing a 6% increase over two years. in response the district issued a statement that said in part, "the current proposal would cost nhusd more than $18 million over three years as compared to 17.62 million over three years for the strict has
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a one time 3% raise for the current school year and a 2% fo school year. >> it's sad. it's kind of -- my heart is breaking because our students are suffering. >> reporter: this board trustee endorses a fact finding report to be used as a basis for the settlement. many parents are concerned about high school seniors who are set to take finals this week. the district is comprised of 11,000 students. attendance has been significantly low since the strike began. >> my senior is worried about graduating because she's one of those on my bubble of making sure she got her grades right. so now she's worried about am i going to a graduation? >> reporter: the school principal has told parents graduation is still on, but parents tell me other end of the year activities like grad night and the senior picnic are questionable. the two teams will head back to
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tuesday. >> azenith smith in hayward tonight, thanks for the update. police in walnut creek are investigating a police shooting that happened in a residential neighborhood today. no details have been released including whether anyone was killed or injured. police tweeted about the shooting about 6:40 tonight. it happened in the area of orchard and arlene lane. that's about 1/2 mile south of kaiser permanente medical center. police are investigating an early morning shooting at a hotel in pleasant hill. it happened at the residence inn on ellenwood way not far from highway 680. no one was hurt, but investigators say they found about 50 shell casings outside the hotel. police say there was a large party at the time of the the parking lot there were hit. one round also hit an occupied room. police say many people left before they could be questioned about what happened, but officers say they did with a fe in oakland a person driving an suv was killed today after
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crashing head on into an amtrak train. it happened about 11:10 this morning at the intersection of 85th avenue and railroad avenue coliseum. an amtrak passenger took this video of the crash scene. the oakland fire department says it appears to have been a suicide. the 61 people on board were given bus rides to their destinations. none of the passengers or crew was injured. the three-day california democratic convention ended today. more than a dozen candidates for president pitched themselves to the delegates in attendance. among them were senators bernie sanders, elizabeth warren and kamala harris. >> there were some lesser known candidates who were not greeted so warmly by the crowds. ktvu andre >> next year they'll than normal, and our state will play a bigger role in which
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candidates are actually nominated. progressive bernie sanders among the speakers on the final day of the california democratic convention at the muscone center in san francisco. >> as you all know there is a debate among the presidential candidates who have spoken to you here in this room and those who have chosen for whatever reason not to be in this room. about the best way forward. >> reporter: sanders taking a not so veiled shot at former vice president joe biden who skipped the attention to attend another event in ohio. am some moderate leadinjohn del when he criticized medicare sou good, but it's actually not good policy, nor is it good politics. >> biden widely considered a moderate leads all democratic
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candidates in the latest poll by double, but his three closest rivals, sanders, harris and warren, are progressives. >> when you've got a government that works great for those with money. >> warren who promises tax hikes for the richest americans and to zero out mounting student loans ventured into harris' turf of oakland friday where she held a rally at laney college that drew an estimated 6,000 people. she spoke to delegates on saturday. >> we will end lobbying as we know it and we will make everyone who runs for federal office post their tax returns online. online. >> harris who s other things a tax proposal that will provide $500 to families earning less than $100,000 a year devoted part of her time on stage to attacking president trump. >> he obstructed justice and then hired an attorney general to clean up the crime scene.
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are. >> state party leaders do not see a problem with moderate and progressive candidates competing. >> i don't look at it as a fracture. i look at it as a plethora of choices that we have. >> choices which voters will have several months to consider. convention officials said they had a record turnout with more than 3,400 delegates credentialed to attend. president trump is set to announce his reelection bid at a rally in orlando june 19th. the republican party will hold their convention in september in riverside county. we spoke with ktvu political analyst brian sobel tonight for reaction on the democratic presidential candidates. here's what he said about california senator kamala harris. >> people know her very, very well and you always have to remember conventions are made up of people who are the party hearty. they are the ones who are very much into the politics. how the candidates translate to the american public and to californians leaving the convention and as we march on
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towards the primary is the real question. >> sobel said senator elizabeth warren did well this weekend resonating with supporters. he says she highlighted her policy issues rather than just criticizing president trump. a nationwide measles outbreak has california trying to clamp down even hard other parents who refuse to vaccinate their children, but governor newsom is now giving new hope to parents who oppose mandatory vaccinations. the governor is weighing in on a senate bill that would allow state health officials to review a doctor's decision to exempt a child from vaccinations for medical reasons. newsom is a father of four and says he has concerns about a bureaucrat making a decision that is "very personal." he has seen widespread support. >> these designees from the health department would never actually see our children to examine them. they don't have to and they're complete strangers to us. >> many doctors support the con
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some parents doctor shop to find a doctor to sign an exemption just because fearful of vaccine. if the legislature passions the bill, it would need the governor's signature to become law. speaker of the house nancy pelosi and other top democrats are facing increasing pressure to try to impeach the president. more than 20% of democrats in the house are now calling for an impeachment inquiry to begin. those pushing for impeachment proceedings say robert mueller's findings got the ball rolling and his press conference last week made it clear he is passing the baton to congress. >> i think it's already begun. we've got all of these permitters doing their we're having hearings. we've already won two court cases and there are other cases that are still to be determined. >> critics of the party say impeachment would take time and energy awayti. we're learning more about the man police say shot and killed 12 people at his
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workplshooting last friday at a municipal building was carried out by 40- year-old dewayne craddock. he was an engineer in a public works department. he'd worked for the city about 15 years and resigned without reason on friday morning just hours before the attack. one employee says he came face to face with the gunman three times without being shot. >> it seemed like he was part of a drill by the gun that he was carrying and the way he was walking. >> police say the shooter died after a gunbattle with officers. authorities described as a disg employee. however, there is still no word on a motive. how much would you pay to see the warriors play in the nba finals? so setting amount to sit courtside in game four. find out just how much coming up. >> we are looking into the weather this week. it's going to be a nice one,
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spring-like weather, even a little summer in there. i'll have details after the break. >> the golden state warriors and the nba finals, oakland mayor libby schaaf joins us in studio to talk about a ticket she's giving away to game four. >> we'll discuss all things oakland from potholes to ballparks. >> for all the news, weather and traffic watch mornings on 2 tomorrow 4 to 10 a.m. man, that's a cool looking hot tub. we should check on the baby. he's so sweet.
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maybe too sweet? internet's down. go! your home is only as smart as your internet. get reliable at&t fiber and get speeds up to 300 megabits per second and directv. bundle for 75 dollars a month for 12 months. limited availability. may not be in your area. more for your thing. that's our thing. call 1-800-call-att. the warriors pulled off a
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huge win in toronto tonight beating the raptors in game two of the nba finals. it was a close game up till the end, final score 109-104, the series tied one game apiece. the warrior there's to overcome key injuries and by the end it was demarcus cousins and quinn cook who played a key role in tonight's victory. >> i've leaned on my teammates throughout this moment, throughout this whole process. this is an incredible moment for me, but i'm not satisfied, looking forward to game three. >> the series heads to oakland for game three on wednesday. some key players are recovering from injuries. from a calf injury. fering from someone just paid $50,000 a seat for game four. the identity of the buyer hasn't been revealed. game four could be the last warriors game at oracle arena. the team is set to play across
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the bay in san francisco at the new chase center next season. google experienced a major outage today that disrupted everything from g mail to youtube. things finally returned to normal late this afternoon, but throughout the day users reported errors and slow performance. google said the disruption was related to its cloud service which powers apps beyond the company's own web platforms. the outage also affected a number of other companies including snapchat, citizen and bitly. a humpback whale is swimming in the bay. many people are trying to see it, but experts say the whale does not appear to be in good health. ktvu's leigh humpback an d goes, so it's hard to catch thoses in you're doing a wide angle. >> reporter: he took these photographs saturday evening
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when the whale was being particularly active. >> it does look like he maybe swims and churns up whatever is on the bottom and can swift through that. there can't be a ton of food. >> reporter: while the whale has drawn a crowd mesmerized by its breaching -- >> i've never seen a whale before in person and i wanted to bring my kids out as well. >> reporter: -- these citizen whale enthusiasts are concerned the whale is here and called the marine mammal center. >> over the last three years we've gotten lots of humpbacks coming in to feedby the golden alcatraz, but then they tend to leave and this one has been here a week. it's skinny. it's lost a lot of blubber layers and probably is weak and not doing well. >> reporter: on friday scientists declared a wildlife emergency over the unusually high number of gray whale deaths. since january roughly 70 gray whales have been found dead along the west coast including c
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deaths are from human interaction or other causes, but that's not the case with the alameda visitor. >> this is very different species. this he have different migration patterns. whatever this whale is experiencing is probably not related to what's going on with the gray whales. >> reporter: researchers say people should give the whales space and not boat into the lagoon, but it is helpful to them for people to continue to document and film her from the shore. the marine mammal center says this time researchers are not going to try to move her or force her into deeper water since this is safe water for her to be if she's not feeling well. they also said if people are seeing what appears her circling, that very well could meshe's just sleeping. in alameda, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. telescope an amazing sight. nasa said the snapshot taken by a spitzer telescope is a family portrait of sorts. the image contains both new and very old stars and collection of objects. the massive green cloud that
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dominates the frame is a terial that may eventually clump together to form other objects like stars. near the left center of the image is the colossal star known as v374. >> the thing with that picture, we can't even understand the scale, the size and immensity of what we're just looking at. oh, it's a picture, but this scale is beyond what we can even imagine. we've got showers out there now, notutin the valley up around chico and they're starting to die off a bit, a few lightning strikes up on the skyway just out and magalia and you can see what's left of the storm that was pretty active earlier. we've had a few nights in take row of these active storms that continue probably into tomorrow a little bit. lake tahoe has been seeing downpours and thunderstorms. it's a sort of unusual pattern
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which has brought the midwest severe weather and in the southeast bringing thunderstorms. outside in san jose a temperature of 57 degrees or it will be 57 tomorrow morning. it will be a little drizzly in some parts of the coast. you're looking for clouds tomorrow morning. there's the fog cover and then you see it burn off. oranges are 80s, reds are 90s, that simple. that's about how they go, too. that temperature footprint will last right through this week. we can roll this into right through the week. the reds, the 90s, will start migrating westward, so that will be good back into a more typical weather pattern for us for this time of year because it has typical, hence like two snowfall seasons, very, very active year. things are starting to get back to more normal conditions, at least this week. tomorrow san francisco, 67 degrees, pretty warm. there will be fog at the coast, not a lot of sun, 80 in napa, 86 in fairfield, 87 in
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brentwood. forecast highs for monday will be warmer than today by 5 degrees, 6 degrees, especially inland. even around the bay. then as you get into tuesday and wednesday they come back up. so these 90s i think might be conservative. i think we may see a couple 92's or 3's tuesday and wednesday and then we get a brief cooldown thursday and friday and then we come right back up for the weekend. so it's a good looking week ahead. fog is kind of a constant at the coast on and off and some real warmth for a change. we are learning more tonight about the bay area woman who slipped and fell to her death down a water fell overlooking lake tahoe. 35-year-old dina stephanie espinoza was reaching for a branch when she slipped and was swept over eagle falls above emerald bay according to her brother. fire officials claim the accident friday occurred while espinoza was taking photos
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saying "this is a sad reminder to be cautious when taking selfies." >> everything she did for everybody, so really it was just setting the record straight, world's best sister. eight siblings, she was the oldest. all of those we considered her a mom. she raised a lot of us. >> the victim's brother said he is trying to find peace in the fact that eagle falls was a place of comfort and se for his sister. dina stephanie espinoza was a mother to two teenage sons and worked in the bay area. still to come here, sports wrap just minutes away. here are jason and scott with what they're working on. >> we will have lots more on the warriors' big win in game two including an update on klay thompson's hamstring and joe fonzi with your postgame reaction from toronto. >> the giants and a's doing a little role reversal this weekend. sports wrap coming up at the bottom of the hour.
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retired miami heat legend dwyane wade surprised high school graduates in parkland,
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florida, today. >> time to celebrate and be proud of everything you've done till this moment. >> wade showed up for the commencement ceremony for the stoneman douglas high school class of 2019. he has supported the school ever since the mass shooting february last year that killed 17 people. last year, in fact, he visited the school and honored a student who was killed in the massacre. that student buried in a dwyane wade miami heat jersey. a new9/11 memorial has opened at the former trade center site in new york. >> it honors rescue and recovery workers who got sick or died from working at ground zero. >> reporter: first responders and their families get their first look at the morial glade built to honor the tens o thousands who rushed to ground zero to help in the aftermath of the terror on the twin towers. police officers, firefighters, federal agents and nonuniform
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volunteers spent up to nine months working at the site searching for victims, clearing rubble and breathing toxic fumes leading to thousands of serious illnesses and deaths. >> for some the end of the recovery was the beginning of an even more difficult journey of sickness and disease. tragically not all who labored so valiantly for their city and country in the aftermaths of the attack survived. >> reporter: the glade is a path lined with six granite monoliths weighing 13 to 18 tons each hand chiseled at rock of ages manufacturing company in vermont. inlaid and bound with strips of world trade center steel, the stone point skyward symbolizing strength and determination, crafted to look bruised but not broken representing the strength of human spirit. >> i was thinking about helping put the fire out. >> reporter: former firefighter rob sera graduated the fire academy the day before 9/11 and even though he only spent a few days at the site
11:26 pm
the toxins he breathed led to a debilitating series of illnesses and he said he appreciates the glades message. >> i think it's important because we said we would never forget, right, september 12th, the sense of patriotism and love for this country was palpable and over the last 17 years it seems like people have forgotten, you know. we're still fighting for our benefits in washington. >> reporter: the glade was dedicated on the 17th anniversary of the official conclusiserving as a reminder of selfless heroism and struggles and challenges so many continue to face. in new york rick leventhal, fox news. >> incredible how many people affected. >> really is and just the bravery that they showed going into those twin towers to try and rescue the people and now unfortunately some of them are paying the price. >> that is our report for tonight. thanks so much for joining us! sports wrap with jason and scott is up next. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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the warriors were exactly that in game two. >> spreads his legs and lands awkwardly. >> how they left everything on the floor while evening up the series. >> the giants' bats coming to life. >> he's done it again. he's got two today. >> why the orioles proved to be the cure for what ailed them. >> another streak for the a's, but in the wrong direction. why frustrations are suddenly boiling over in oakland. >> one local pac-12 team plays on while another turns its attention to tomorrow's mlb draft. >> never thought i'd be in this spot. >> sports wrap taking bows and creating buzz now. >> fox 2 sports wrap starts now. now. >> mellow, everybody.


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