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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  June 3, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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on monday morning. and then that's how to address it this morning. >> yeah, that's where we live. and that's going to bump up. the water temratures are still cold and coming up and then that's going 51. they were down to 59 on friday. san francisco is 53 now and then monterey has gone up. one of these days the half moon bay is going to get fixed. i have rattled the cages. they have said we're going to fix it. it's been down for a year other than that. 20 in concord and then going to the northwest and then north-northwest and then at napa. the buildings are responsible for that. ble for that.
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high pressure kicks in. that's going to allow some warmer temperatures today into tuesday which translates into the 60s, 70s and low to mid 80s today . 601 on monday and sal will tell you that things are okay. there is a little bit of slow traffic out there but it's not really about commute. let's go out and see what we have now on westbound 580, the
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richmond bridge. there have been no problems getting onto the span. traffic is a little bit slow but it is not at critical levels yet. this is a look at 80 westbound from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. no major issues at the westbound bay bridge, traffic is backed up almost all the way out to the maze. 880 in oakland does look good and 880 south is getting a little slow after you pass 238. 602. let's go back to the desk . this morning in fairfield gas station is now the scene of a possible deadly shooting. officers are investigating on north texas street right now. that's where we find our reporter with what we know so far. >> reporter: information is limited at this point but there is still an active scene out here. there were multiple fairfield police officers out here and the gas station on north texas street is blocked off by crime scene tape. take a look behind me and you
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can see there is a silver mustang, that's the only car in the crime scene. were trying to figure out if or how this is connected to this crime but the driver side door is open and there is bill a gas pump inside the tank. like i said, limited information but we do know the shooting happened at this gas station on north texas street late last night. according to the fairfield police logs two calls came in at 11:43 pm. 14 shots fired and one for assault with a deadly weapon. both around this location. we are waiting on confirmation from the fairfield police department but from what we've seen at the scene it appears at least one person was killed. like i said, crime scene tape wrapped around the entire gas station still. we don't know why exactly shots were fired or if anyone has been arrested. we reached out to the fairfield police department and are waiting for any information they can give us and we will bring that information to you live after we have it. in fairfield, ktvu fox 2 news . also this morning walnut creek police say one man died
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after an officer-involved shooting. that happened about a half mile south of kaiser permanente medical center. police received several 911 calls from the neighborhood. one came from a woman who said her grandson had threatened her. the man's mother also called saying her son had mental health problems and would be aggressive with officers when they arrived. police say they found a man carrying a crowbar. they say he refused to drop it and then they fired bean bags at him but officers say he reacted by charging at them. two officers fired their service weapons at him. he was taken to the hospital where he died. ktvu's elissa harrington is in walnut creek and will have updates throughout the morning . there is a lot of attention in alameda on a humpback whale in the waters off alameda but the experts say it doesn't look like a healthy wheel. cristina rendon is in alameda right now. good morning. tell us more about this.
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>> reporter: good morning. we've already seen the humpback whale this morning just a few seconds ago. she popped out of the water and was spouting water as well. she is obviously hiding now because we already told you we have seen her but we have seen her and it appears she has made this lagoon her home for the past week or so although experts believe she may be unhealthy. take a look at the video we shot over the weekend. the marine mammal center said she appears to be an adult humpback whale and a lot of people have already come out to check her out and take pictures. over the weekend there were 50 or 60 people gathering here on the coast at alameda and we've also heard a story of one fisherman who tried to pet the wheel.that is a big no-no. researchers recommend that you just stay away from the whale completely. they've seen her skin looks rough so they believe she may be stressed and they say it's very unusual to have a humpback whale in alameda. not only to come here but to stay.
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>> over the past three years we've gotten lots of humpbacks coming in to feed on anchovy out by the golden gate or alcatraz but then they tend to leave. this one is been here for a week and we know from taking photos of it that it's skinny and it's lost a lot of its blubber layer so it's probably kind of week and not doing well. >> reporter: on friday, scientist declared a wildlife emergency over the unusually high number of gray well desks this year. there's actually been 70 since january including in places like marin, san francisco and san mateo. scientists are studying the causes of those gray whale deaths but they do say those cases are unrelated to this humpback whale in alameda. it's a different species and they have different migration patterns. whatever it is that is causing these deaths is unrelated to what appears to be malnutrition here in alameda with this humpback whale and they say because she has chosen these protective waters, they will
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let her be. it would therefore surround and cause or even more stress so at this point researchers are going to monitor her. >> thank you. this morning president trump is in london for his first state visit to the united kingdom. the president and first lady are now at buckingham palace where they are scheduled to have lunch with the queen. t with prince charles and his wife camilla. and end the day with a state banquet at buckingham palace. tomorrow the president will meet with british by minister theresa may just days before she steps down from office. last july when the president made a working visit to britain there were a massive protest. it is expected demonstrators will take to the streets during this visit as well. >> i can understand why, what trumpers here for an what he stands for. >> on wednesday president trump will participate in his first of two days of d-day remembrance events with ceremonies taking place on both sides of the english channel. we will have live reports from london on the president's visit throughout the morning .
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today, teachers in the new haven unified school district are starting the third week of their strike. the striking teachers will be back on picket lines this morning. despite long negotiations over the weekend, both sides say they are no closer to a new deal than they were before. teachers say they are now proposing a 6% pay raise over two years. that is down from the 10% they originally asked for. but the school district says it does not have the money for that either. the teachers union president says parents are worried but still are supporting the teachers. >> very much glad that they understand the condition. of course, they are weary like we are. we think, and the community thinks that what we are fighting for is truly something that should be given or understood. >> school officials say they want students back in class before the school year is over and the last day of school is one week from this thursday.
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officials say graduation and promotion ceremonies will take place even if the teacher's strike continues but some of the other end of your events may not happen. also today a trial was beginning and napa county superior court over a $5 million sex discrimination lawsuit against thomas keller, the well-known chef and owner of the french laundry restaurant in youngsville. vanessa scott allen is a former employee at keller's other restaurant in new york. she says that back in 2016 she was promised a transfer to the french laundry and that she moved to california to start her new job the suit claimed that when management found out that scott allen was pregnant, she was told the position was no longer available. our time is 6:09 am. millions of taxpayer dollars for city college in san francisco. what may appear on the ballot in san francisco and how that money would be spent. plus we have a look at some of the drama in toronto. once again involving warriors
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players and drake. good morning. right now we do have traffic that is getting busier. we're getting to the peak of the commute and summer fog is in play here although it's not too bad when it comes to visibility but it is foggy in lafayette. a good fog bank out there for many. it will burn off sooner in lynden that will allow temps to jump up. we show you how much.
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2. and we talked basketball? the nba finals heads back here to the bay area. the warriors and raptors are tied at one game apiece . kawhi leonard his way back there. last night in toronto the warriors won a very tough, very physical game. the warriors were down five at the half. they opened up in the third quarter with an 18-0 run. steph curry who struggled early , he found his shot. he had 23 points. toronto trailed by just 2 in the final seconds but then andre iguodala made the game- winning shot. >> trying to get up on it. try to knock it away from curry. curry throws -- back to iguodala. he puts it up and it's gone! he drills it with 5.9 remaining! >> that was drama.
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now i can breathe. and look at klay thompson. bandaged up. he led the team in scoring with 25 points but left midway through the fourth with a hamstring injury. at this point we don't know if clay will play in game three on wednesday night. >> he said he will be fine but, he could be half dead and he would say. we will see. meantime the warriors still haven't set of kevin durant will play in game three of the nba finals. he is still recovering from a calf injury and the warriors have not cleared him for prep this. if he can't play wednesday night, there is a chance kevin may be available for game 4 friday night in oakland . there was a lot of trash talk on social media during the game. quentin cook silenced the toronto crowd in the fourth quarter including one of their loudest fans, most well-known, probably, drake. the warrior's twitter account showed an image of drake looking clearly upset with the situation. the caption -- things you love to see.
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according to a report, one fan paid $101,000 for two courtside seats for game 4 of the finals. the name of the buyer has not been revealed. the money may be worth it for whoever can afford those seats. game 4 may end up being the final warriors game in oakland before they moved to san francisco . tonight is major league baseball draft and a lot of eyes will be on the oakland a's. they took a risk in drafting kyler murray in the first round last year. they let murray play one final season at the university of oklahoma. he went on to have a record season and won the heisman trophy and then turned down baseball for football. he was just drafted first overall by the arizona cardinals in april. the a's are hoping for better luck and will draft in the 29th spot today . the giants will draft number 10. the baltimore orioles have the first overall pick . take a look at what happened in san diego yesterday. the game was delayed because of
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a swarm of bees. . are you kenny? took over a fox sports microphone near the old padres dugout. the players got off the field. the fans behind home plate left the stands so the bees could be removed. the game between the marlins of the padres was delayed for about 30 minutes to clean them out of there. >> hopefully -- did they have to destroy the bees? i'm hoping they had a professional beekeeper. >> relocated them hopefully. >> hopefully they took him off to a nice hive or something. >> they use that gas to knock them out. >> we hope no bees were hurt. >> the bees were okay . the morning, everyone. right now we're looking at the east bay commute and we see that traffic is actually getting busier as you are driving on the richmond bridge that it does look a touch
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lighter coming up to the toll plaza. you can see traffic on 80 westbound, 30 minutes at this time is not too bad. getting out to the macarthur maze and at the carpool lanes there's always someone who realizes, now chp is saying they're going to give this person a tickets. you can't adjust try to cut in like this and then massive traffic so chp is now going to say, hey, you, who just cut in, you're going to get a ticket. this is a look at interstate 880 north- and southbound. traffic is okay. and traffic in the east bay is fine. at 6:17 am, by the way, steve, since the road team stolie victory, taco bell is giving away free tacos. that's what i heard. >> today? >> i don't know when. >> steeler game, steely taco. >> that's right. there you go. i will find out when. >> june 18. thank you . let's get to work.
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we do have a fog bank out there but it will retreat with warmer temperatures inland after a cool day yesterday with below average temperatures. livermore, 79. that's not bad for early june. they should be at 82. 77 in san jose. santa rosa, 73. oakland, 4, 66. the average is 70. today warming up. napa, 77-80. concord for early june that's a nice day. 84. redwood city, 75 and 79 in gilroy, 74 and we pump you up to 82. water temperatures are rather cold. the come up a little bit since friday but still bodega bay at 51. san francisco bowie at 54 and that makes for cool ratings for some. here comes that fairfield wind coming down from 20 to 15. still more of a northerly or westerly breeze. the activity on the weekend was for the usual suspects. that was mendocino county in lake county, sacramento valley and around the diablo range but for matt hamilton to henrico state part, lots of thunder. some of that developed into
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thunderstorms. some areas did not get anything but you had the buildups and they were impressive. the low responsible for that is ving o and high pressure is building in. now we will get what is called subsidence and it will not allow the lift in the atmosphere the lord provided so a decrease in thunderstorm activity. 50s on the thames to near 60 for some. cooler on the bay and low 50 in kensington. one observation in the oakland hills at 50. 53, burke way. 52 in the city and a little cooler. 51 and 50 in some areas. you see the thunderstorms firing up. ukiah toward clear lake. calmer today but maybe some buildups as well. the same can be said for the central sierra. a lot of that associated with that low is diving toward southern california and will take the turn. not the activity we saw also a little warmer today. we top out on tuesday with 90s in the but the coast and bay, 60s and 70s.
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the water temperatures are still cold. warmer for most on tuesday. level off wednesday and then a cool down taking us into friday. a rebound on saturday and warmer on sunday . 6:20 am. apple's annual conference is getting underway today in san jose. we have a preview of the event and the big news we expect to hear . plus, new requirements for anyone applying for a visa. the reason social media count will be under the microscope.
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welcome back. we're learning new developments as investigators continue to search for the motive in friday's deadly shooting of 12 workers inside a virginia beach office building. police say the gunman worked with many of the people who died and had to resign from his job as the city engineer just hours before the attack. he still had his building security pass and used it to get inside the building. one man says he came face-to- face with the gunman three separate times but was not shot. >> it seemed like he was part of a drill by the gun that he was carrying and the way he was walking. >> city officials say the gunman had not been terminated from his job and was not in the process of being fired before he resigned. he died in a gunfight with police. there is another memorial for the shooting victim scheduled for tomorrow night . the top democrat in the
6:24 am
u.s. senate says a universal background check bill must be brought to the senate floor for a vote. senator charles schumer said majority leader mitch mcconnell should bring the bill that would require background checks on all gun sales in the united states up for a vote. the house passed similar legislation in february. schumer's remarks come days after the deadly virginia beach shooting. officials say the guns used in that shooting were purchased legally but chuck schumer said the background check legislation could help prevent future shootings . the state department is now requiring most people applying for u.s. visas to submit their social media account information as part of the application process. nearly all visa applicants must now submit their social media username, email addresses for the past five years and phone numbers. in the past, this type of information was only required from applicant who were identified as potential risks. this is part of the trump
6:25 am
administration's enhanced screening of potential immigrants and visitors . top officials from the usn mexico will begin talks today over president trump's proposed tariffs on imports from mexico. the president has threatened to impose a 5% tariff on mexican imports on june 10 and increase the rate every month topping off at 25% if mexico does not do something to stop the flow of central american migrants to the us border . also today at 11 am, san francisco mayor london breed will join other city leaders and committee members for the annual raising of the pride flag at city hall. this comes ahead of the pride weekend in san francisco on june 29 and 30th. the 49th annual pride parade takes place on sunday, june 30 . today the city of santa clara is inviting community leaders to take part in a pride flag raising ceremony at 10 am. that's it santa clara city hall. and at 10:30 am, santa clara county supervisor sidney chavez is leading a media tour of the
6:26 am
new haven inn, a homeless shelter focusing on serving the needs of the lgbtq population. police officers in sacramento said they are being excluded from participating and pride events there. pride organizers in sacramento have asked officers to avoid participating in the city's pride parade if they are in uniform. they say the uniform camera step upset some members of the community. lgbtq is sacramento officers and staff come out reach boots and marched in pride years for years but last year was the first time they were asked not to participate in uniform after the police killing of stephon clark. the department released a statement saying they are disappointed in that decision. it's now 6:26 am. an investigation continues in walnut creek after a deadly officer-involved shooting. coming up in minutes, we have a report on that shooting and what officers have to say about the man who died near a hospital. president trump begins his first state visit to the united kingdom.
6:27 am
lauren blanchard and london with the president's full i tina terry and who he won't be seeing. and we want to take you over to the tower of london bridge. the tower bridge in london. beautiful shot. as we continue to monitor the event today of the president's visit. you are watching mornings on 2. many people living with diabetes monitor their blood glucose every day. which means they have to stop. and stick their fingers. repeatedly. today, life-changing technology from abbott makes it possible to track glucose levels. without drawing a drop of blood, again and again. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest.
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this is mornings on 2 dig. welcome back to mornings on 2 dig. there's the opening about live this morni. boeing shares are expected to slide after it's max airplanes may have had defective parts. that's been an ongoing investigation. we say good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2 did. i'm dave clerk. >> i'm tim cook. thank you for waking up with us. we will have some wide range weather depending on where you are. >> nothing too crazy. fog is back. some of that is down. overall it will burn back. inland temperatures will bump up after yesterday's cold them. the activity as far as that cumulus clouds and thunderstorms, that looks like it will decrease because high- pressure is building in.
6:31 am
that is not as favorable for the conditions. 70s yesterday. upper 70s low to mid 80s today. still a breeze but not 30 or 40 miles per hour. is gone from 2215 and probably continues to drop. that's a sure sign temperatures will warm away from the coast. that activity into sacramento valley coming off the sierra, that will be generated by the afternoon heating. the low responsible is moving south. as it does it will take it with it. the conditions are not as favorable. 50s on many temperatures. low 50s and mid-50s. napa at 50. some low 50s. can -- penn grove up to healdsburg. some of that activity popping up but now it should be quieter. high- pressure will warm us up. 60s,
6:32 am
70s and 80s. it's 6:31 am. i will tell you that things are moderate. not too heavy. we've got some slowing. we've got a new crash on the a short freeway in hercules westbound 80. i want to show you what that's doing to the traffic time. it's up. it's westbound 80 east of the hercules exit. the offramp there. traffic is slow. if you getting to the bay bridge it's also back the. if you're driving in all the lanes except the carpool lane is looking good. no problems on interstate 880. if you look on the other side on westbound there is some slowing heading to the peninsula. no major issues driving there. highway 4 has build in so has 680. it's 6:32 am. let's go back to the desk. new this morning walnut creek lease report a man died after an officer involved
6:33 am
shooting near the kaiser permanente medical center. police say the man charged at them with a crowbar and two officers open fire. we have a reporter on scene with more. >> reporter: police have not released the name of the 23- year-old suspect. he lived out this quiet street in the south side of walnut creek. police say the suspect was smashing windows and threatened his own family members. his mother told police he suffered from mental health issues. this started around 4:40 pm yesterday. walnut creek police received a flurry of 911 calls. the first one came from the suspects grant mother -- grandmother. she told police her grandson was threatening her. the suspects mother call to warrant officers percent was acting violent and had a metal pole and he would be aggressive when they arrived. she told dispatchers her son suffered from mental health issues. one minute after officers arrived they got another call
6:34 am
from a neighbor who said the suspect was banging on his door holding a crowbar and had a red bandanna covering his face. officers found the suspect walking down arlene lane. he refused to obey commands and charged at officers. they fired being bags at him but kept advancing. two officers then open fire. he was hit and taken to the hospital where he died. there were five officers on scene. all of them have been put on leave administration. also this morning in fairfield, police are invested a shooting reportedly involving several people at a gas station. we understand this may be a deadly shooting. reports say it happened around midnight at the a and p.m. near alaska avenue. at least one car was still hooked up to the casting and police found bullet casings and other evidence around the gas
6:35 am
station. no word on how many people may have been hurt or if police have a suspect. we are have -- having a reporter there. right now president donald trump and the first lady are at buckingham palace. it's part of their visit to the united kingdom. the presidents helicopter, marine one landed in the back garden of the palace. the trump's greed to be greeted by queen elizabeth. given a formal welcome ceremony. they are having lunch with the queen and going on a tour of the palace. tonight they will be back at the palace for a state banquet. lauren blanchard live in london. you have the latest on president donald trump's visit. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. while president donald trump and the queen just wrapped up their lunch, they are taking a special tour of a royal collection of photos and artifacts. after that the president will
6:36 am
head down this way where he will attend an event with prince charles and his wife, camilla. today marks the first of three days of the president's visit to the uk. during this first state visit, he will be met with the royal treatment and protest. monday the royals rolling out the red carpet. the first couple will have lunch with the queen. prince charles and camilla then going to a banquet at the state palace. the president holding a bilateral meeting with theresa may days before she steps down from office. one person he will not be meeting is london's mayor who has called the president a global threat. president donald trump firing back. >> i don't like him. >> wednesday he will participate in his first of two days of the day remembrance days. he will and his trip in france
6:37 am
on the 75th anniversary of the day at the american cemetery. the visit sparking protests and a petition signed by over 1 million people. demonstrators who took to the streets last july when the president made a working that -- visit to britain expected to be out again. security is already tight. >> i can understand what he stands for. >> once the president has wrapped up his visit at buckingham palace he will make his way toward this area. westminster abby is beyond some of those buildings behind me. this road back here has been completely shut down to vehicle traffic. we see more police ahead of the motorcade as it makes its way here. the president and first lady will join prince charles and his wife, camilla and they will visit the abby and lay a wreath
6:38 am
at the grave of the unknown warrior. all of that i had of the state banquet later tonight. >> you mentioned and showed us pictures of those protesters. have you had a chance to talk to the protesters? >> reporter: what we've been watching for is to see if there have been some here. the protest will take place tomorrow. we will see if the baby blue blimp flies again. we talked with a few gentlemen who have been wondering around and ask them if they were protesting. they made it clear they were no fans of the president. another man a few minutes ago walked up to me and asked where are the protest that he's trying to find them. he asked for me to point him in some direction.
6:39 am
we have not seen them here. we saw some folks caring what look like protest signs which were they trying to conceal. some of the brits have said buckingham palace is not a place where you protest. they are put texting the protocol of the palace. tomorrow when he meets with theresa may it will be a different story. >> thank you lauren. this thursday mark 75 years since allied forces landed on the beaches of normandy. more than 4000 forces were killed on that day on june 6, 1944. thousands more were injured. president donald trump and other world leaders are holding ceremonies on thursday to mark the event and we have a crew in normandy and bring you live reports through mornings on 2 dig. we have new details in the death of a bay area woman who fell down a waterfall overlooking lake tahoe. the 35-year-old died after she
6:40 am
slipped and was swept over eagle falls while reaching for a tree branch. fire officials claimed the accident on friday occurred while she was taking photos saying, this is a sad reminder to be cautious when taking selfies. >> she did everything she could for everyone. she was the world's best sister. she was the oldest of 8 siblings. >> her brother says he's trying to find peace in the fact that eagle falls is a place of comfort and serenity for his sister. it is 6:40 am. officials trying to decide when to ask voters for a bigger bond measure to pay for maintenance and new construction. the proposed bond would be increased to $845 million and according to a recent poll by the examiner, most voters would
6:41 am
approve it. the schools performing arts center project that's included in the measure could be reduced in an effort to spread the bond funds across several projects. the school is trying to decide whether to put that bond on the november 2019 or march 2020 ballot. demonstrators rushed the stage during a q&a with presidential candidate mullah harris. we have details on the protester and the efforts to try to stop him. literally hopping around san francisco. the start up company that wants to bring rentable pogo sticks to the streets of san francisco. we will check in with allie with a look at what's coming up. coming up at the top of the hour virginia's governor is in the national spotlight again months after he was forced out of office. now he says he wants to connect
6:42 am
with stricter gun control. the movie he needs to do in order to push the new laws. accompanied now owes the naming right to the oakland coliseum. starting today is officially ring central coliseum. how much the company is paying even after the raiders leave oakland. we will be right back.
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luckily, her dorm is about he10 minutesollege. from a hotel by wyndham. ashley's meeting all her in-laws, and she's about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. jeff is flying to... oh never mind. but hey, 10 minutes from a wyndham. he's having the best. day. ever! and he's about... 10 minutes! 10 minutes... from a hotel by wyndham. with over 6,000 hotels across the country, a great hotel by wyndham is closer than you think. book direct at
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in today's health check new researchers linking the affordable care act to lower racial disparities in the care of cancer patients. the findings released yesterday showed the affordable care act led to earlier diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cancer. that study is a major boost for supporters of the law as healthcare is an important issue in the upcoming presidential election. it is 6:45 am. it was a monster weekend at the box office for the latest godzilla movie. >> is there another creature that may stand a chance? >> don't get scared but godzilla, king of the monsters won the movie talk's office with $49 million in movie sales.
6:46 am
it was a big opening globally. $130 million in international ticket sales. disney's live action remake of the movie, aladdin slid down to the number two spot with $42 million in sales. the movie approaches the half billion dollar mark in worldwide sales. in its second weekend. rocket man, the elton john story debuted with $25 million in box office receipts. in dollars and cents is the start of apples developers conference in san jose. it's one of the biggest tech conferences with thousands of developers. apple is expected to get a sneak peek at the upcoming software update to its mac and iowa's platform. bloomberg is porting apple will retire its itunes brand and replace it with separate music, tv and podcast apps. apple executives are expected to announce that i west apps will be able to run on mac. the conference runs through
6:47 am
friday. boeing is telling its airline customers they may need to replace a part on some of the wings of their 737 jets. that's after the problem with the tracks on more than 130 jets. boeing said it is working with the faa and airlines after identity -- identifying the jets that will have those parts as well as others that may have them. boeing says it should take a few days to replace them. once the new parts arrive at the maintenance facilities it will be fixed. most passengers taking uber or lyft, you can't be picked up outside the terminals. now the arriving passengers will have to go to the top of a parking garage where special air is set up for you to meet your drivers. sfl has been looking at ways to improve the traffic flows. drop offs at curbside will still be allowed.
6:48 am
rideshare drivers will still be allowed to drop off and pick up passengers at the international terminal. one of the two scooter companies operating in san francisco has locked up e scooters for now. they are removing the scooters after an abundance of caution after the battery on a scooter in washington, dc caught fire. no one was hurt but officials have investigated the possible causes and say there's no reason to believe this could happen with any of the other scooters. the company expects to have them back on the street either today or tomorrow. hundreds of pogo sticks could soon be coming to san francisco as a new way to get around. the startup company is challenging electric scooters as a transportation option. their slogan, jump into the future.
6:49 am
they believe it's product will be popular with millennials especially those who want to combine transportation with exercise. the company explained to launch an app a service in san francisco by the fall. ikea has a new collection of designs inspired by american tv. the swedish furniture company re-created rooms from popular tv shows including the simpsons, friends and stranger things. for now the design sets are built in ikea stores in the middle east. all the furniture is available to buy along with many of the decorations. it is 6:49 am. lets check in with sal castaneda. what's going on? >> some of these commutes i can tell the general commute by looking at them. for example the richmond bridge. when i look at the richmond bridge and its moderate that's how the commute is. this is one of the busiest commutes. it is busy as you're driving through. 80 westbound same thing goes. 31 minutes is not a bad time.
6:50 am
a few weeks ago when it was raining it was taking three times as long. we are good here when it comes to the bay bridge it's a 25 minute wait. unless you are using the carpooling. this is a look at interstate 880 mac. the san mateo bridge does have traffic. you can see how slow it is. i think i see some flashing lights on westbound 92. there is something right here. that means the traffic will be on the busy side. you may want to think about giving yourself some extra time or using another bridge. let's talk about the commute in the east bay. you can see traffic on the bridge looking good. silicon valley commute is off to a good start. it is 6:50 am. let's bring in steve. >> let's look at the snow survey which continues to be impressive as a percent of normal for that sierra. the
6:51 am
snow equivalent of water is 15 inches, 21 and 17. it was a cool month. still a lot of activity over the weekend. thunderstorms that were popping up. the sierra will have some good buildups. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. for the area of low pressure that was helping to revive the left, that is moving south. not as much coming off the sierra. you can see those lines. a lot quieter around hamilton. some builds up to the south. 50s on the temperatures to a few low 60. east bay temperatures at 53.
6:52 am
sausalito at the coolest right now. 40s in the mountains. 50 in reno. 54 in monterey. the activity over the county should be quieter as high- pressure builds in. not as much favorable live. in southern california it's a different story. hello is kicking out so the thunderstorms are moving out and high-pressure is building in. the fog will burn off. 60s and 70s as well as 80s. looks warmer tomorrow. we will top out with a few 90s inland. leveling off on wednesday and a cool down kicks in on friday. warmer on sunday. coming up in the next hour, you may want to double check your refrigerator. thousands of pounds of chicken
6:53 am
are being recalled. find out why a quick option for lunch is being removed from shelves and how you can stay safe. and out of controls cruise ship slammed into a famous canal in venice. speaking of venice, because we like you. right now we want to show you a live picture of the beautiful grand canal in venice, italy. no out-of-control cruise ships here. it's beautiful. you are watching mornings on 2, ktvu fox news.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 dig. move a protester jumped on stage during a forum in san francisco on saturday and grabbed the microphone out of the hands of senator kamala harris. the senator who is running for president was talking about the gender pay gap at this weekends california democratic convention when this happened. >> watch out. >> hello. >> i'm asking for your
6:57 am
attention for a bigger idea. >> this was an incredible and bizarre scene. the protester was from the animal-rights group. security officers took him away. senator harris came back to the stage a few minutes later. it is 6:57 am. five people were hurt in venice, italy after an out-of- control cruise ships rammed into a dock. that happen sunday morning and one of the busiest canals in venice. look at this. the collision renew the calls for putting restrictions on cruise ships in venice. the ship was coming back to the city after sailing to greece. witnesses described that chaotic scene when the cruise ship could not stop. >> i heard the loud noise of the cruise ship blaring it's worn. >> people were crying and screaming. >> local officials say five women on the riverboat wasn't hurt but all will recover.
6:58 am
the cruise ship operator says they are cooperate with investigators looking for the cause of the crash. today governor gavin newsom expected to address first responders, volunteers and state workers at a summit on emergency preparedness. the california office of emergency services organizes summits in sacramento. officials from counties are sharing what they know and what they've learned about fires, mudslides and other disasters. he's expected to give the opening remarks at 9 am. some state lawmakers want tougher legislation when it comes to vaccine exemptions for children. a new bill introduced in the state senate would require the california department of public health to approve doctors exemption request. governor newsom says he's concerned about this proposal and also about how decisions on vaccines should be made without government involvement. parents around the state are on
6:59 am
both sides of the issue. >> the health department will not see our children and examine them. they don't have too. they are strangers to us. >> public health professionals worry about the growing number of parents choosing not to vaccinate their children in the middle of a measles outbreak. many doctors support the bill because of growing concerns some parents are doctor shopping tried to find a doctor to sign an exemption because they fear vaccines. over night shooting at a gas station in fairfield. we are at the scene this morning. we will have the latest information on what happened. a sight to see in the east bay. a humpback whale in the bay. live in alameda with what has wild officials concerned. good morning and welcome to
7:00 am
monday, it is june 3. we have steve here with a look at our weather forecast. it seems like a bit of doom and gloom underway. >> we thought that we would look back on the month of may. were there any record rainfall? yes, it was. let's get right to it, mount hamilton has the wettest month ever at 4.73. the old record is not that long ago, 1998 was very wet. monterey also set a record rainfall. the oakland airport and napa, the second, the third, and the six wettest maze ever. almost 3 inches and napa, an inch and three quarters at oakland airport. what about san francisco? they were in the top 10. san jose was the ninth wettest.


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