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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  June 3, 2019 9:00am-9:58am PDT

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a humpback whale spotted in swim. and researchers say they are concerned. the mayor explains how crews are being dispatched to fill potholes. the salesforce transit center has been closed for months, in san francisco. how they are bracing for the transit hub to be open, next. [ music ] it is still little bit foggy, although steve says the fog is going to burn off later, we will get into the 80s in some places, a lot of people are looking forward to summer vacation with a car ride, one plan is being announe world.
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they are hoping to launch nonstop flights from sydney to london by 2023. they hope to pick the right aircraft for the long route, it will be a 21 hour flight. >> it depends on how comfortable you make it. >> i would rather take my pogo stick to work. >> that is a great idea. the airlines has scrapped previously announced plans because of costs and concerns, they want passengers to all drink water, currently the longest flight in the world is 18 hours 45 minutes, from new york to singapore, that is just too long. >> that is almost a full day. >> i like nonstop flights. but when you throw 21 hours in, sometimes it takes a little bit to walk off will never complain
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the fiveflight to new york again. >> a 21 hour flight on coach since particularly miserable. >> ion a late-nigt, which we know was deadly. three mine three men were shot at the gas station and one of those was arrested. sarah is on the scene with new information. >> good morning. investigator's have wrapped up the scene, take a look behind me. there is still some activity. police are gone, but there is a crew wrapping up and cleaning up this gas station which is still close, this happened around 12:00 last night and fairfield the police arrested the 22-year-old for murder and attempted murder, after police say he shot and killed one man and seriously injured another man. this shooting happened at an arco gas station just for midnight, fairfield police say
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when they got to the gas station, they found the men who were shot, a 30-year-old man from fairfield died on the scene other was taken to the hospital with life- threateninthe third man walked local er with non- life- threatening gunshot wounds, and we talked to the man who says he heard it all happen. >> i was concerned about those fireworks, i ran the other way, - - i thought it was fireworks at first. i ran the other way to take cover. >> the silver mustang was in this seen before police broke it down. it is still here, police told us that it is connected to the crime and they would not tell us exactly how, they did say that the car does not belong to the victim or the suspect, but did say it is somehow connected to those parties. and fairfield, ktvu fox news. the oakland city council
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president wants to fire the director as he kicks off a $100 million plan to the roads. she wants to absorb the department back into public works. i spoke with the mayor in the last hour, she says she is against the idea, saying it is a threat to her plans to fix street across the city. >> she cuts and completely eliminates the department of transportation, and changes the way that we do this, where the three year plan would now take seven years, i don't know about you, but i cannot wait to drive on some smoother roads. >> the mayor calls the plan surprising, but the city council president has said that the plan will save the city of oakland some money, kaplan will present her own version of the budget today and the city council has until june 30th to vote on it. the transit center will be reopened as soon as they can, they are already preparing for the transit hub to reopen by
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making certain elevators, escalators and lights are all working. the trans bay joint powers authority previously set end of june as a target for reopening, officials announced that the working to repair the cracked steel beams has been finished, they may announce a new opening date within one week or two weeks. this humpback whale near alameda has been there for one week, and biologists are worried, because it does not look like that whale is particularly healthy. christina is in alameda with the story. have you seen the whale so far this morning? >> we have, throughout the morning, i will step out of the way so we can catch a glimpse of it, it keeps popping out of the water for just a couple seconds at a time, and it appears that it is very active and a lot of people have come out with cameras and cell phones to take a picture, the marine mammal center says they
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believe that this is an adult female that for some reason decided to we saw her doing a full breach out of the water, this is the video that you are looking at now, a lot of people have been coming out taking photos and video, researchers say they have taken photos as well and they noticed the skin of this whale looks rough, they feel that she could already be stressed, they also say that she looks skinny and has lost her blubber layer, indicating that she is probably weak and not doing well, they say it is very unusual to have a humpback whale make it this far out into the bay. they are typically senior out alcatraz or golden gate bridge. to have wednesday this long is unusual. some people say others are trying to pet it. >> there was a fisherman's boat that said that they wanted to make sure it was not entangled,
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and that they wanted to pet or touch it or something and i said no, no, it is a 2-ton animal, do not go anywhere near that. >> on friday, scientists declared a wildlife emergency over the unusually high number of gray whale deaths this year, there have been 70 deaths so far. scientists are studying the cause of those deaths, they say those are unrelated to this humpback whale. they have different speech and migration patterns and whatever is calling causing this whale to be thin, stress, or skinny is completely unrelated to what is causing wells to die. we have not been able to see it in the last minute or so, and they want these areas to be
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calm, protected, they will keep monitoring her to see if she is safe or if she will move out of her own. happening today, a new school district strike, teachers are back out on the picket lines this morning, despite long meetings over the weekend. they are no closer to an agreement, they say they are closing that 6% pay hike from the 10% of the originally proposed, the district says it just does not have the money for that. the teachers union president parents are concerned about the strike but still concern themselves with the teachers. >> i'm glad that they understand the condition, they are weary as we are. we think and the community thinks what we are fighting for is something that understood. >> school officials say they want students back in class, before the school year is over. graduation ceremonies will take place even if the year events may not happen.
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a lot of people know about june gloom if you have lived here for a while, steve will talk about that and more. >> definitely, june gloom is in place, it will burn off sooner inland, and we are looking briefly back on may, rainfall totals in hamilton and monterey, breaking records going back to may 1998. sacramento broke the market going back three and a quarter, to 1889, oakland airport was closed, the second wettest may, ever. for napa, the sixth wettest 2.9, i thought the same thing kathy said, that reading is killing me, i want to go pour some water in that rain gauge and rounded off. i agree with you on that. seventys yesterday, upper 70s and lower to middle 80s today, 84 degrees in concord, and
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thunderstorms are the big story for many over the weekend, not so much in the day. sacramento county, and mount hamilton, down along the santa clara valley and down toward the southern end of the valley as well, it is more quiet today, and over the sierra i believe they will still get some buildups. the low responsible for the left is coming down, and temperatures today will start to warm up, there is not much of a breeze, it is a little bit onshore, 60s for some and other areas in the fog are in the 50s, look at 60s, 90s, clearlake and vacaville, and 70, alameda, berkeley, 87. morgan hill, gilroy, cupertino, san jose, santa clara, close to the upper 70s. fiftys, 60s on the coast and in the city, closer to redwood city, it is 79 degrees. tomorrow, about the same but a little cooler, and a big cooldown on friday.
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here we go again, warmer by sunday, 83 degrees. there are new maintenance orders for the boeing 737 jets, and the possible problem with the wings of those planes. president trump and the first lady continue a trip, and we will hear about teresa may, next. dale's little girl is heading to college. luckily, her dorm is about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. ashley's meeting all her in-laws, and she's about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. jeff is flying to... oh never mind. but hey, 10 minutes from a wyndham. he's having the best. day. ever! and he's about... 10 minutes! 10 minutes... from a hotel by wyndham. with over 6,000 hotels across the country,
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president trump is in london for his first state visit to the united kingdom, hitting the royal residence of prince charles and the duchess of cornwall, earlier they stopped by westminster abbey, where they went to the tomb of the unknown word worrier, and
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they started today with a ceremony at buckingham paulus, they will head back this evening for an official state dinner. and lauren is in london, covering the presidential visit for us. >> president trump receiving the royal treatment in britain, welcomed by the queen for the official state visit. a royal gun salute setting the tone, as president trump and the first lady arrived at buckingham palace for an elaborate welcoming ceremony. then it was off to a private lunch with the queen and the members of the royal family including prince harry, but no megan markel. there was a visit to the abbey before a state palace earlier t want to celebrate an amazing partnership between our countries. >> tomorrow the president will meet with teresa may, just days before she is set to step down,
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they are expected to talk trade. despite the worm welcome at buckingham palace, others, not as much, the mayor putting an op-ed in the guardian calling president trump a global threat, saying they should not be rolling out the red carpet, he fired back in a tweed has air force one was lending in the uk, saying she has been foolishly nasty to the visiting president of the united states, by for the most important ally of theni he stole he is a stone cold loser. he will also make a trip to france on thursday, where he will take part in a ceremony marking the of d- day. an investigation is underway in walnut creek after a man was killed in an officer involved shooting, his family said that he suffered mental health issues, bring to officers, the man charged at them with a crowbar, alyssa has
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been speaking with witnesses. >> we are getting a better idea of what happens, this man according to witnesses was carrying a 4-foot long prybar, this all happened in less than two minutes, they say that is how fast police showed up people have been - - people have been leaving flowers for him, everyone around here knew that he had mental health issuese-mail to let neighbors know about his struggles. i spoke to a man who saw that shooting happened and he said - - i spoke to a man that saw what happened. to i think police were telling him to stop and lay down. he just charged down the
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street. i don't know whether he was charging them, or just trying to get out, they said stop, stop, and there were three or four co- shots. >> neighbors tell me this man had outbursts before and sometimes he would block the street or bang on car windows and shouted, police have been called to the neighborhood before. is all started yesterday at 4:40 in the a flurry of the first came from the suspects grandmother, she lives on a small cul-de-sac, she told police her grandson was threatening her. the suspects mother also called to let them know that her son had mental health issues. he broke a sliding glass door and was threatening th a metal another resident, officers arrived, the suspect it refused
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to obey commands and charged at them. they fired a beanbag but it did not stop him, and officers opened fire. i spoke with one neighbor, whose brother was the last to speak with the suspect. >> my brother was going to take his daughter, someone approached him on this driveway. the gentleman at that time saw police coming from the other end, off orchard by the rocks, that's when they pretty much told him to drop his weapon, my brother said he just didn't drop his weapon and he charged at them. >> i got a chance to speak with the brother, the less want to speak with the suspect. he had his high school age daughter in the car.
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he said he could tell by the look in his eyes that something was very wrong, he told me when officers arrived, they came to arlene lane through orchard, over the backstreet right behind me, when they arrived it was about two minutes until the shots were fired. everybody was extremely upset. the suspect died at the medical center, at john deere medical center. new details in the death of a bay area woman who fell down a waterfall overlooking lake tahoe, the mother died after she slipped disruptive the false. fire officials claimed the accident on friday happened when espinoza was taking photos, they said that this is a sad reminder to remain cautious while taking selfies.
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>> she was the world's best sister. she was the oldest sibling. she raised a lot of us. >> her brother says he is trying to find peace in the fact that eagle falls is a place of comfort and serenity for his sister. a trial is continuing in napa county superior court, over thomas keller. vanessa scott allen is a former employee colors other restaurant in new york, she alleges back in 2016, she was promised a transfer and she moved to california to start her new job. when management found out scott allen was pregnant, she was told the position was no longer available. the san francisco mayor london breed will join private city hall ahead pride
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weekend,bite is inviting community leaders to take part in a pride flag raising ceremony, and at 10:30, cindy chavez is leading a media tour of a homeless shelter focusing on serving the needs of the lgbt population. coming up, the warriors have even to the series against the raptors. how the team hopes to keep momentum going in game three. a major league a small draft is getting underway tonight, we will have more on one of the top hits expected there. like cordl ones, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit
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seresto, seresto, seresto. t details on this state program call or visit last night in toronto, it was another highly physical contest, the warriors were open five and a half, they had a
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huge 18-0 run, steph curry scored 23 on the night, they trailed by just two, and a great place clinching shot. here it is. >> they try to knock it away, steph curry throws at. back to andre iguodala. back to andre iguodala! he drills it for five points. >> i love that crowd reaction. the warriors when 109-104. thompson scoring 25 points, he left with a hamstring injury, so far we do not know if he is going to break game three on wednesday night. >> clay said that he would be fine, clay could be half dead and he would say that, so we will see.
9:25 am
>> in the meantime, the kevin durant will play a game three of the final, he is still recovering from a calf injury and it is not clear if he can play, if he cannot play wednesday night, he may be available for game four, set for friday night in oakland. there was a lot of back-and- forth on social media during this game as well. >> crowd reaction and silence, quinn took silenced that toronto crowd, and the loudest fan in this picture, you can see it here, he is stunned, the warriors twitter account shared this look at drake, looking clearly upset. and one fan page $101,000 for portside seats to game four of the finals, the name of the buyer has not been revealed, the money might be worth it for the person who can afford those seats as it may be the final warriors game in oakland before they moved to san francisco. and tonight is the major league baseball draft, a lot of people
9:26 am
will be watching the oakland athletics after they took a risk drafting kyler murray last year, you know how that played out, they played one final season at the university of oklahoma, he was a heisman trophy winner, he was just drafted first overall by the arizona cardinals, they are hoping for better luck, they will track in the 29th spot today, the giants will be drafting the tenth spot and multiple orioles have the first overall pick. and a game was delayed because of a swarm of bees. the padres left the field behind home plate, also getting way, i would get away as well. the game between the marlins in the padres was delayed by about eight minutes. coming up, a close look at google business practices, the antitrust investigation into
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we are learning new developments has investigators continue to search for a motive in friday's deadly shooting of 12 workers in a virginia beach office building. the gunman worked with many have the people who died and had resigned from his job as a attack. he had his building security pass and used it to get into the building. he came face-to-face with the gunmen three separate times, and was not shot. >> it was something about the way he was carrying it and the way he was walking. >> he had not been terminated and was not in the process of being fired before he did this.
9:30 am
there is a memorial scheduled for the victims thursday night. a scandal almost kicked the mayor out of office, he also called for stricter gun laws, he has been battling to upgrade his public image since a photo of a man in black face appeared on his page of his medical school yearbook. investigators say they cannot positively identify the person in the photo. the top democrat in the unit united states senate said the bill requiring universal background check should be brought to a vote, seeing mitch mcconnell should bring it for a vote requiring background checks on all gun sales in the united states, the house passed similar legislation in february.
9:31 am
the guns used in that shooting were purchased legally, chuck schumer says legislation fochec storms, now they are bracing more from conway, arkansas. >> it looks like we are having a problem with the audio, so we will tell you more about that later. for the meantime, we will check more on the top stories of the day. we will go to dave clark in the newsroom. the man accused of dragging a woman and her daughter down a flight of stairs in san jose during a robbery is a mother an- old daughter were walking upstairs to see a pediatrician when pablo cabrera grabbed her
9:32 am
purse and pulled her and her child cabrera is facing charges other similar crimes, he could also face hate crime charges as well. happening today, most passengers taking luber or lyft rideshare will no longer be picked up outside of the terminals. the arriving passengers will have to go to the top of the parking garage were a special area is no set up to meet the drivers. they've been working on improving the traffic flow and moving the pickup location away from the curb is expected to help. drop-offs at curbside will still be allowed, and right share drivers can still drop off and pick up passengers at the international terminal. starting today, oakland athletics fans can now call the coliseum by new name, the name change was approved on friday by the oakland and alameda county coliseum authority. they will pay $1 million per year for the naming rights for
9:33 am
the next three years, and the company has the option to renew that deal for a fourth year. and that is a brief look at some of the top stories that we are working on. >> dave, thank you. we will go to steve paulson for his forecast because it is a little bit cloudy today. >> a little bit. coastal temperatures are warming up and we have the summer pattern, meteorologically summer started on june 1st but we are not usually starting the snow survey. it is still so far up there, there is more showing, the northern sierras are 212 for the year, that include south lake tahoe, mammoth, statewide average, 196%, there is still a lot of liquid up there, quite impressive, and may helps to slow down the smell the snow melts. thunderstorm activity was huge,
9:34 am
especially in mendocinnta clara valley over the weekend, it is quieter today, the low responsible for that could be firing up over the sierras, i think more dry air will be spilling and for the areas to the north, we have 60s for some the east, san jose is 61. near the coast, you are probably still dealing with some fog, high pressure went up for a couple days and we will get another cooldown, a couple weeks. thunderstorms move out, high pressure builds in, tuesday will probably be the warmest day for most, today we are looking for 60s, 70s, 80s. will be warmer on tuesday, a big cooldown into the week, and a rebound will take us into the weekend. authorities are calling for a ban on cash happened on the busiest canals in venice, that cruise ship ran into a small tourist boat, jackie hendrick explains what happened.
9:35 am
a horrific collision happened in sunday after and t control cruise ship crashed into a dock and hit a tourist riverboat and injured multiple people. an eyewitness called it a very dramatic scene. [ speaking foreign language ] >> there were a lot of voices of people crying and shouting and talking all together. >> the collision happened at 8:30 local time on one of the busiest canals in venice. >> you could hear the loud noises of the cruise ship. >> the cruise ship was unable to stop its momentum before it rammed into the terminal, plunging into the much smaller boat, the incident caused many bystanders on land to run away for safety. >> we could hear the voices of people crying and screaming. >> the opera was built in 2004 and can carry more than 2000 passengers.
9:36 am
the cruise ship is returning to venice after traveling to greece, venice is popularly known for tourist attractions and cruise ships, but the accident has renewed calls for the band of these vessels in the city, which many say because traffic in the canals. >> i am subject to change my mind now. this was tragic, terrible, dramatic. >> the cruise ship operator said it is cooperating with local authorities investigating the cause of the accident. in new york, jackie heinrich, with fox news. customers are being told they need to replace a part on some of the wings of the 737 jets. boeing is working with the faa after identifying jets that are most likely to have potential issues, going says it
9:37 am
should take one or two days to replace the tracks, and the new right into minutes facilities. a new york times investigation found - - the state department expressed concern after last year the shipping company primarily conducted business in china, james chow has also gifted millions to his daughter and her husband, who is senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. a key north korean senior official was shown on state media, after reports he had been sentenced to hard labor because of the sale of us and north korean summits. he was seen on his farm middle right, shown on state media seated near a musical
9:38 am
conference. he has been the north korean top nuclear negotiator and the south korean newspaper reported that he had been sentenced to hard labor, over the failed summit. the scene is key repair also reported that five other north korean officials had been executed due to the failed summit. actor kevin spacey appeared in a nantucket courthouse for another pretrial hearing his sexual assault case, this hearing came as a surprise as he is not required to attend. he has already pleaded not guilty to charges of indecent assault and battery. the accuser deleted text messages of the encounter before turning over screenshots of select text messages to the police. the district attorney's office claimed that this was known and was hidden from the defense until now. until now. federal regulators are now looking into company business
9:39 am
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he's having the best. day. ever! and he's about... 10 minutes! 10 minutes... from a hotel by wyndham. with over 6,000 hotels across the country, a great hotel by wyndham is closer than you think. book direct at here is a look at the dow jones big board, down less than a quarter%, the dow jones is down because of weaker many fracturing data and china trade concerns on the nasdaq is down for more than one 3rd%, after concerns with google and facebook. top officials will begin tops talks over imports from mexico, the president has threatened a 5% tariff on
9:42 am
mexican imports june 10th and increasing the rate every month, topping a 25% if mexico does not do something to stop the flow of central american migrants to the us border. the justice department is watching an antitrust investigation into google, and google is accused of giving products better screen placement over competitors in online searches. the fcc decided not to take action over previous concerns. most people are being required to submit social media application e-mail addresses fo the past five years, and phone numbers. in the past, this type of information was only required with potential risk. today is start of a worldwide tech conference. apple is expected to see a sneak peek at upcoming software
9:43 am
updates, apple reportedly retire the itunes brand and replace it. the conference run through friday, at the convention center san jose. a one day closure will close all sephora stores and offices, it comes two months after an incident with an r&b artist, the singer said she was racially profiled at a store and calabasas, claiming that the employee called security to make sure she was not stealing. electric scooters have been locked up for now, they are removing the scooters out of an
9:44 am
abundance of caution, no one was hurt in that incident, skip officials have investigated possible causes, and there is no reason to believe this could happen with any other scooters, they expect to have those on the street today or tomorrow. a puppy stolen from a pet store has been found in san francisco, the chihuahua mix was brought to san francisco animal care and control, there are no details on how the puppy ended up in the city, iris was stolen from a petfood expressed last saturday. there is no word if they have made any arrests. san francisco firefighters made an unusual rescue over the weekend. firefighters saved a raccoon. the animal got stuck on some telephone wires in the mission district. one of the firefighters got on a ladder with a large net and was able to get enough to shake
9:45 am
it. officials are trying to decide when to ask for a bigger pond measure to pay for maintenance and new construction at city college. the proposed bond could be increased to $845 million. according to the san francisco examiner, most voters would approve that measure. the performing arts center project approved in the measure could be scaled back in an effort to spread the bond funding across multiple projects. there trying to decide whether to on the or march 2020 ballot. the baseball season ended saturday for the ncaa regional. but for one player, a new adventure is set to begin. the mlb draft is underway tonight and one player is expected to be a top draft pick. scotty has that story. >> i don't think this one has any doubts. >> reporter: andrew vaughn
9:46 am
speaks softly. >> the basic reason is to keep it simple. >> he carries a very big stick. >> there we go! >> it is a really good feeling and you know you've got it. it is incredible. it is something i never take for granted. i've seen him play and hit baseballs as far as he can. >> there are few who can hit the way he does. have that raw power, he can hit the ball up field. that is special. >> it is special and historic. only xavier navy has more home runs. less season he slogged his way into the national spotlight, winning the golden spikes award as always baseball player of the year. an unbelievable experience. >> the undrafted first baseman in santa rosa. >> it was a huge chip on my
9:47 am
shoulder and it made me do so much better. it was a good feeling. >> the major league scouts may have overlooked andrew luck, they won't make that same mistake twice. on monday he is expected to be a top five pick in the major league baseball draft. >> i just want to try to get to the top. >> he is going to be on the news every single day, on the network, we will be talking about him for the rest of his career. >> we know that it is entirely possible, thanks to a rare combination of ability and humility and humility. >> he is a humble guy and a hard worker. he loves the game and enjoys being on the field, he loves going the right way every day and he has a great mental makeup for the game of baseball, with so many highs and lows, very talented. >> play likeit special, just do thing, play with my guys, that
9:48 am
is it. >> israel to the left field, way out of here. 50 home runs in three seasons. >> baseball guys have the same. >> he might be a future giant or ace. >> coming up, you never know when a new fashion trend can go.
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many states are still dealing with severe flooding and residents are racing, and a disaster has been cleared in oklahoma county's. they are also busy sandbagging, getting ready with more rain in the forecast for the week. now is your chance to win a fox news mug, go to our website and click on the contest tab at the top of the page. entries are excepted from now until 1:00 p.m. today, so do not miss out on your chance to win. are talking about. don't forget you can take a picture and send it over to us. a major health scare at downtown los angeles police stations, at least two of the employees are being treated for
9:52 am
typhoid fever, there is no word yet on how they got it, the bacteria is typically found in water contaminated with sewage, i feuded fever is rare in the united states, people can spread the bacteria to others. some state lawmakers say they want to pass strict legislation when it comes to being exempt, just for children. a new bill would require the california department of public health to sign off on request, the governor says he is concerned about the proposal and decisions about vaccines should be made without government involvement. parents across the state fall on both sides of the issues. >> they would actually see our children to examine them. they don't have to, they are complete strangers to us. >> public health of professionals are concerned about a growing number of parents were choosing not to vaccinate their children, admitted measles outbreaks. many doctors support the bill over growing concerns that some parents will doctor shop to
9:53 am
find a civilian a physician to sign an exemption because they fear vaccines. and international critical trial study was conducted using a drug in combination with a common form of hormone therapy. after 42 months, 70% of those treated were still alive, compared with 46% of those who received just hormone therapy. the study is significant because it looks at younger menopause. people who use dating apps are more likely to use unhealthy ways to control their weight. according to a study, women who use dating apps were 26 more times likely to use unhealthy weight control methods, workout turned recluse. >> a public appearance has not been made since 2014.
9:54 am
a friend of simmons will make a comeback, after taking some time to care for himself, after years of taking care of other people, simmons needs private time to get himself together, he says. it was a monster weekend for the latest godzilla film. godzilla, king of the monsters when the box office with $49 million in ticket sales, about half the sales compared to the previous opening weekend. there was a big global opening for international sales. the live-action remake of aladdin slid down to the top spot, $42 million in sales, approaching the half billion dollar mark in international sales, rocket man debuted with $25 million in box office receipts. ikea has a new collection of designs inspired by american tv culture.
9:55 am
they've re-created rooms from the simpsons, friends, a only furniture is available to purchase along with many decorations. coming to san francisco, a new way to get around, a swedish startup company as a transportation often option, the slogan, jump into the future. they believe products will be popular with millennials, especially those who are looking to combine transportation and exercise. they are planning to launch an app based service in symphysis go by fall. >> you need a helmet for that. >> is all fun and games until you pull that hamstring. >> do not pull your hamstring. and upcoming designer is getting attention today after a breakthrough design turn headset a recent fashion show, models on the runway were either weat a fashion
9:56 am
show in london, the models could then deflate the doubloons, to reveal themselves in unique robert dresses. the designer received an award for these colorful collections. how do they do it? >> a good point, there must be some mechanism to still get oxygen. interesting. >> pogo sticks or scooters? you have the option. >> scooter, especially if you're going to work. >> i am just going to walk. i would say neither. i am prone to accidents. seriously. that is our show for the morning. thank you for joining us. we will see you back here at 6:00. 6:00. californiafers free specialized phones... like cordless phones,
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