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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  June 3, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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one man is dead and another seriously injured after a shooting at a gas station in fairfield and how witnesses described the chaos moments after shots were fired.>> a sight to see in the east bay, a humpback whale spotted in an area where they are not usually found and why biologists are concerned. >> the apple worldwide developers conference underway the city of san jose and we will tell you about some of the new features they plan to launch later this year.>> one man is dead and another critically injured after a shooting in fairfield late sunday night and the fearful police department arrested the man suspected in the shooting after he checked into a hospital this morning we have more details.>>reporter: this gas station is opened now but it was shut down for about nine hours as fairfield police investigated this deadly shooting and neighbors are pretty shaken up. a caffeine craving brings marsha lee to discuss station in fairfield every morning.
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>> i am here and i come and get my coffee at 6 am and i stay with the clerks and everyone until seven or eight bit>> but monday shed a much different start to the day. >> there were police everywhere and floodlights in a body was on the ground. >> fairfield police say that a shooting just before sunday night at arco here ñ34-year-old man enters the injured another man and officers arrestedfor . i heard i thought it was fireworks. this person said he was across the street when shots rang out.>> i ran the other way and try to take cover. >> and the theaters are trying to figure out why it happened but they say it is not random. as for marsha lee she will keep getting her morning coffee from this gas station but hopes it will never happen again. >> guns need to be laid down and we have to do something about them. we're losing too many people
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been >> the police department wants to hear from you and if you heard or saw anything in this area late last night give them a call. a humpback whale is getting a lot of attention in alameda but very biologists say the whale doesn't appear to be in good health. cristina rendon live in alameda and any plans to try to guide the whale through the bay and out through goldengate?>>reporter: that afternoon and at this point the answer is no. officials say they will let him be and they do not want to disturb it and they feel she has chosen these protected waters and the slogan off of the coast of alameda to be safe and maybe gain her health back and so for now it is quite a site for all the people coming out to take a look at her because there has never been a humpback whale here in alameda but they do believe that she may be malnourished. a humpback whale is making her home in the bay off of alameda, drawing a crowd.>> so, just
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right here in the lagoon in alameda it is amazing. >> the marine mammal center said the skin on the adult female whale looks rough indication may be stressed and humpback whales have been spotted in the past two years feeding on anchovy near the golden gate bridge in alcatraz but they tend to leave didn't >> this one has been here from a week and we know taking photos that it is skinny and lost bloggers that it is probably we cannot doing well>> that diagnosis makes some people sad. >> i came respects to dying and. >> this prompted the national oceanic and atmospheric administration to investigate the 70 whales found dead and they say that those are unrelated to the malnutrition of this humpback whale and they are asking the public to keep a safe distance. >> there is this fisherman boat and they said they wanted to
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make sure the whale was not entangled and wanted to touch it or something and i'm like no. it is a two ton animal. do not go anywhere near that. >> i know there are fish here as people do fish so if it is feeding i hope it will be healthy enough to swim out and join the whale pod. >> again the marine mammal center does not plan on forcing the whale out of the lagoon and they will just monitor her hoping she will eventually leave the lagoon on her own and just a few seconds ago she did pop up out of the water mike and you missed it. she is very particular when she decides to come out, she has been coming out all morning since we have been here since 6 am and more are excited to come out to watch her this afternoon as she makes her home here in alameda. >> hopefully she can find her way back to the pacific. christina thank you. apples worldwide developers conference is underway in san jose and one of the biggest tech preferences of the year
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with thousands of developers and apple is showing off new versions of its apple watch, and, ios and apple tv in the of a new version of apple music. >> apple music with over 15 million songs and curated music video playlists and now with multi user reports, everyone in the home get their own personalized music experience. you will be able to hear lyrics to your favorite songs in sync with the music. >> apple is also launching an apple credit card and apple arcade later this year and this conference runs through friday at the mckendree convention center in san jose the state of california is taking a big step in the fight against opioids and just a short time ago our attorney general announced california will file a lawsuit against the drugmaker purdue pharma and the company's former president and
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this lawsuit accuses the company of an engaging and the unlawful practices of the marketing and sale and distribution of opioids, six californians die each day from opioid overdoses and in 2017 70,000 americans died. a trial is beginning a napa county superior court over a $5 million sexual determination lawsuit against thomas keller from the well-known chef of french laundry restaurant and this former employee at kelly's other restaurant in new york, she comes back in 2016 she was promised a transfer to the french laundry and moved to calvary to start a new job and the suit claims when management found out scott allen was pregnant she was told her position was no longer available. the new haven unified school district teachers are in their third week of their strike despite longings over the weekend, both sides say they have not gotten any closer to an agreement teachers said they are now proposing a 6% pay hike over two years down from the 10% they originally wanted
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but the district says it doesn't have the money for that the codirector of the award- winning speech and debate team at james logan high school spoke from the picket lines this morning and he quoted the team's nationally acclaimed founder when he talked about what he hoped students would learn from the strike.>> we are continuing the legacy of training students in this community to use their voices as their drum to fight for social justice until equity becomes the real. so being her now speaking before you this morning it breaks my heart to say it but i really want this to end >> school administrators say they would like to have teachers back in class before the school year is over and the last day of school is one week from thursday and the district says graduation and promotion ceremonies will still take life even if the strike goes on the other end of your events may not happen. the nba finals back in oakland with the warriors and the raptors tied, the warriors were down five at the half last night and opened the third quarter with a very impressive 18-0 run and stuff curry played
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not at 100%, but he did get a shot and scored 23 on the night, and the final seconds john livingston made a great play to find a wide-open player and he came up with the game clinching shot. >> they are going to try to knock it away from stuff curry and curry throws it, and he puts it up and it is good. andre drills it with 5.9 remain. >> warriors when 109-104 and klay thompson led the team in scoring with 25 points but left the game midway through the fourth quarter with a hamstring injury and so far we do not know if you will play in game three on wednesday night our sports anchor will have postgame reaction here. >>reporter: the mood was obviously much more upbeat for the warriors as they went to the locker room after beating the raptors and give number two and getting out of toronto with
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the 1-1 split. it is a dynamic that served them well throughout this championship run but once again they used their entire bench with quinn cook and demarcus cousins on the floor during crunch time. >> we needed everything that he gave out there come his rebounding and toughness and physical presence, we needed it all and i thought he was fantastic.>> i am leaning on my teammates throughout this moment and throughout the whole process. this is an incredible moment for me but i am not satisfied i am looking forward to game three. >> it is good to see the ball go in and obviously at this stage every possession means so much so it was a great when. >> you have vintage warriors of the last five years>> as big as andre was, it is like andre to hit big shots and since he has been here i have seen him with
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several game winners and i have seen him put the icing on the cake>> is playing in the second half was really inspiring at both ends and he did a fantastic job that he has had a lot of big shots in the finals before so he was unfazed>> at this point it would be impossible to predict the warriors starting lineup for game three or for that matter who will be on the floor at crunch time that we do know that they have a couple of days to get healthy for this amazing run continues on wednesday back at oakland. in toronto joe fonzie ktvu. three and four are in oakland and according to reports one fan paid $100,000 for two courtside seats for game four and the name of that buyer hasn't been revealed and the money may be worth it for whoever can afford them game for could end up being the final warriors came in oakland before they move to san francisco. we follow the latest develop this out of walnut creek and what we are learning about a deadly officer involved shooting that just happened.>> more rain expected across the
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central united states this week is areas like this are already dealing with record flooding i am casey steagall in conway arkansas and how residents are cupping or coping is coming. >> and we have this live picture of downtown san francisco, just how high temperatures are expected to climb in some parts of the bay area this week.
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>> wheeling about new developments as investigators continue to search for a motive in friday's definition of 12 workers inside a virginia beach office building and the gunman worked with many people who had died and resigned from his job as a city engineer just hours before the attack. he still had his building security path and he used it to get inside the building on friday but one man said he came face-to-face with the gunman three separate times but wasn't shot.>> it seemed like he was part of a drill by the gun he was carrying and the way that he was walking. >> city officials say the gunman had not been terminated from his job and was not in the process of being fired before he resigned but he died in a gunfight with the least and there is another memorial for the shooting victim scheduled for tomorrow night. the california emergency management preparedness summit is now underway in sacramento and it is hosted by the gov.'s
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office of emergency services governor newsom is that it is a call for action for emergency managers and first responders across the state to plan collectively and prepare for large-scale disasters.>> the whole purpose of this is to set the table, set a different tone and a tenor, accountability, responsibility and resolve accountability because. looking for us to lead. to take care of them and make sure they are protected and safe. >> the goal of the summit is also to give the local officials the tools they need to handle disasters and emergencies or community space. we continue to monitor the situation in the midwest where cleanup continues following a series of storms and a residence in other parts of the country are bracing for more rain as they cope with the effect of severe flooding i'm casey steagall has the latest from conway
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arkansas.>>reporter: floodwaters swamping homes in oklahoma and residence in weber's falls were forced to evacuate when the rain started a few weeks ago and now they are returning and sorting through what is left. >> it is so overwhelming. it tears her heart out because that is a lifetime of work gone. >> over the weekend president trump declaring a major disaster in three oklahoma counties and it also sunday the democratic presidential candidate nato o'rourke touring flood damage communities along the arkansas river.>> so impressed and inspired by the way neighbors of humans are coming together to help one another out. >> is the floodwaters trouble southeast volunteers in low- lying areas of arkansas are busy sandbagging getting ready is more vein is in the forecast this week. >> we do not have flood insurance. and we're just trying to keep it out of the house. >> i grew up on the creek here and i have seen it out of the banks 1000 times but nothing like this. >> and darden l arkansas where lovie breached last week
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officials say there is less of a risk of widespread flooding but communities further downstream are not out of danger. arkansas is expected to get more rain later this week and into early next week so flash flooding is already a major concern where water levels are extremely high. that is the latest from, arkansas casey steagall ktvu fox 2 news. now that we are into meteorological summer which starts june 1, it is about 18 days away technically, but we have the june gloom back and we that we would take a look at some of the may rainfall records and there were some mount hamilton, sacramento and monterey all set may rain records and these were the wettest totals ever format and mount hamilton 4.73 and monterey's to .81 beat marks going back to 1998 and that was a very wet year sacramento was
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3.42 the the 3.25 back in 1889 in oakland airport was close at second wettest and sfo was third and napa, it was 2.996 wettest may on record and let's take a look at snow as well, it is starting to melt and then the month of may kicked in and did it slow down from to 12, 100 196 is a statewide and you melt that equivalent down to water that is how much liquid has to melt so incredibly slow down on the melting process and now into june it will probably accelerate. they're still been thunderstorms over the sears yesterday on sunday temperatures below average again which we saw a lot of that in the month of may and today i start to go above and these are the normal temperatures this time of year from inland is going up and the coastal temperature is about average saturday and sunday timeframe was those thunderstorms. they were coming up the seer and of course from hamilton
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along the santa clara valley come just a lot quieter today with high pressure building in and that gives downwardmotion to the air versus a low which with lingering giving upward motion they will still pop up over the seer because due to the amount you get a lift anyway there's a lot of moisture that has to cool and condense it for most locations we are seeing a rapid decrease and temperatures are running a little bit above-average as you might imagine for most unless you are near the coast for the bank were looking for little warm-up today and more so tomorrow high pressure is nosing in and so far the key has been the pattern is transitory, nothing walks in or stays there and we have low pressure on the weekend, a cooler pattern and today it is warmer, carrying it into tuesday and wednesday and then another low will sweep in for thursday into friday temperatures will go up in london start to come down later
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in the week and the coast and the bay not changing much and the water temperatures still pretty cold in the low to mid 50s, warmer for those inland, ate his dinner 90 but the coast and the bay was the 60s and 70s. 90 towards clearlake, but the 60s and 70s by the water and 80s in the interior, 72 san leandro, livermore 82 and brentwood 87 and eight is for the santa clara valley, cupertino around 80, 50s and 60s on the coast and upper 60s on south san francisco, mid 70s to upper 70s on the peninsula with redwood city the warmest at 79. warmer tomorrow on the coast and the bay and then the transition on wednesday where system sweeps into cool down on thursday, big time cooling on friday and warming back up a little bit on saturday but more so on sunday.>> still to come, a royal welcome for president trump as he arrived at buckingham palace this morning and how his first official state visit has gone so far and
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the protests and criticism he is already facing .
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president trump began his weeklong trip to europe with a royal welcome at buckingham palace and as lauren blanchard tells us not everyone is happy about his visit.>>reporter: president receiving royal treatment here in britain as he is welcomed by the queen for an official state visit. a royal gun salute setting the tone as president trump and the first lady arrived at buckingham palace for an elaborate welcome ceremony.
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then it was off to a private lunch with the queen and members of the royal family including prince harry but no megan markel and a visit to westminster abbey all before being honored with a state banquet at the palace later this evening. >> america is our closest ally and we want to sobered an amazing partnership between our to countries >> tomorrow the president will meet with british prime minister theresa may just days before she is set to step down and the two are expected to talk trade despite the warm welcome at buckingham palace others not as much the city's mayor pending an op-ed in the guardian calling president trump a global threat saying they should not be rolling out the red carpet. the president firing back in its wheat as air force one was landing in the uk saying this man who by all accounts has done a terrible job as mayor of london has been foolishly nasty to the visiting president of the united states and by far the most important ally of the
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united kingdom he is a stone cold loser who should focus on crime in london and not me. president trump will also make a trip to france on thursday where he will participate in a ceremony marking the 75th anniversary of d-day in london lauren blanchard ktvu fox 2 news officials from the us and mexico have started their talks over the proposed tariffs of president trump on imports from mexico and he has threatened to impose a 5% tariff on mexican imports on june 10 and increase the rate every month topping off at 25% if mexico doesn't do something to stop the flow of central american migrants to the us border stocks are mixed right now and afternoon trading on wall street as much as internet is of weighed in on the market and the nasdaq is down close to 2% and the dow jones down 64 points and both google's parent alphabet and amazon are currently at negative territory. boeing stock is down close to 2% and this afternoon is the company said they may need to
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replace a part on some of the wings of their 737s. boeing says it is working with the faa and airlines after identifying the jets most likely to have those intentionally defective parts boeing says it should take one or two days to replace the parts once they arrived at the maintenance facilities. one of the two scooter companies operating in san francisco has locked up there is scooters for now. they are moving their scooters after an abundance of caution after batters on a scooter in washington dc caught fire, no one was hurt and skipped officials have investigated all possible causes of the fire is a there is no reason to believe it could happen with any other scooters. the company expect davits scooters on the streets of san francisco today or tomorrow a big weekend for democrats in the city of san francisco and up next more on the three- day convention that included appearances for more than a dozen presidential candidates. a man shot and killed by police in walnut and the new information that we are learning about this case.
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a look at some of the top stories were following this monday afternoon, leaf in fairfield that have a suspect in custody after deadly shooting just before midnight. officer say a 30-year-old man was killed and one other person seriously hurt during a shooting at the amp and gas station on north texas the amp and gas station on n. texas st. near alaska avenue, 22-year-old souljah corbin was arrested
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when he walked into a hospital with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound police say it was not a random shooting and are still looking for more information from witnesses. the marine mammal center is keeping an eye on a humpback whale that has been in the lagoon in alameda for the past week and researchers think that she may be week thing that she looks thin and has lost a lot of her blubber layer and it is unusual to have a humpback whale make it to alameda scientists say forcing her out of the lagoon could be stressful so they plan to monitor her for now and hope to see improvements.>> the apple worldwide developers conference is underway in the city of san jose and this morning's apple ceo tim cook shut off new versions of the apple watch, and ios and apple tv which will include a new edition of apple music and apples also launching an apple credit card and arcade later this year and this conference goes through friday at the mchenry convention center in san jose. >> walnut creek police shot and killed a man they say charged
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at them with a private on the south side of town near kaiser hospital in arlington the suspect had mental health issues. ktvu's elissa harrington has the story>>reporter: this is the quiet cul-de-sac or the 23- year-old suspect was shot in by one lisa neighbors up-and- coming by leaving flowers and notes for the man they knew as miles. all of this to place within a minute and two minutes from when i came down the driveway it was that quick. >> he was the last person to speak with the suspect before he was shot by police, he was taking his teenage daughter to run an errand when a man approached him in his driveway and started shouting.>> his face had his shirt wrapped around it and up and over his head so all i could see was the eyes. and he had i would say it was this long or longer a metal rod and he is looking at look at the stick the lord gave me.>> fanning lives in this quiet
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park mead never had any said officers told the suspect multiple times to put down his weapon and they fired been back shots and the suspect charged within two officers fired their service weapons and neighbor myles maynard heard the commotion and washed from his window did>> i think they were telling him to stop and lay down. he just charged down the street at them. i don't know whether he was charging them or just trying to get by but he was running towards them and they said to stop and then hang bank bank, three or four shots>> this all started on sunday around 4:40 pm, the first call they received was from the suspects grandmother saying her grandson and and his mother also called thing that he broke a sliding glass window and was acting violent and he warned officers that he might be aggressive when he arrived. she also
12:33 pm
alerted them to his mental health issues and another neighbor called 911 and reported the suspect banging at the door with what looked like a crowbar police released a statement saying the department is deeply saddened the incident and neighbors say the suspect was often seen riding his bike and he sometimes did have outburst they knew that he had mental health issues and they are sad it got to this point. >> it is tragic and we wish there had been a way to find them help just to get on my soapbox a moment, we need to provide help and service prior to getting to this point. mental health is historically underfunded and underappreciated the officers involved in this incident have been placed on paid administrative leave and the das office is joining the investigation. investigation.
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>> the nba finals back in the bay area with the warriors and rappers tied at one game apiece.
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i have heard analysts say the warriors are one of the best third-quarter teams in playoffs. >> that is not an accident when you have a coach like they do who can read the room and make halftime adjustments, they come out and that has been the trend and it held true last night but here is the thing, they developed this annoying habit of spotting opponents double- digit leads and they got away with it in the portland series because the blazers are not a championship caliber team but the raptors are legit you saw what happened in game one of the warriors cannot erase the deficit last night but they absolutely did and it was a thing of beauty. they played well at the end of the second quarter only to be down five at the have time but then 18-0 and in a blink they are up double digits and on the warriors have a double-digit lead it is something. staff such a phenomenal stretch.>> game one they scored 109 and they lost and last night they locked it down defensively and when they do that they put these rounds together and they are awesome. >> what about offense?>> on the way to work today there was
12:45 pm
this debate on the radio about why did you shoot the ball? my response to myself is i am a pro and i can make this and win the game. the sequence is wild, credit shown livingston, that could have been a turnover and the raptors had a chance to win, but andre was wide-open from was it the correct thing to take a shot? maybe not, if you take it down to three seconds and then you should, no matter what happens toronto would only have an 80 foot hail mary and you could argue that but the fact is andre made big shots in his career. he is not a great three point shooter and prior to last night he was zero for 11 the last five games a buddy made when early in the game last night. >> looking ahead to game three you are concerned about injuries.>> and we should be, they are walking wounded, seth curry not himself in the first half complaining of dehydration
12:46 pm
and he went to the locker room a few minutes, andre got flattened on the screen and he left and came back and the two injuries that linger another we are concerned about going forward, lavonne looney who has been an important cog, he will have an mri and cat scan today, a left chest contusion. and clay thompson, hurt his hamstring on the three point attempt, he will have an mri today. he said he expects to play on wednesday but all athletes so yeah i will be fine and expect to play but if the bottom line is if clay does not go and katie doesn't come back wednesday all the sudden wednesday night looks different.>> who knows what the startup will be and demarcus cousins was so great. now we have stanford baseball with a big game. they could go to the superregional.>> yeah it is one game to move on tonight and they had to win and they faced two elimination games yesterday and they had to win early in
12:47 pm
the day and come back and play for our game in the evening and when that just to stay alive and of course one more today stanford and fresno tonight at 6 pm.>> the june weather has kicked in and it is rather tranquil and normal but without we would take a look back at the month of may one last time is when record rainfall for the month of may which included mount hamilton which surprised me because i had not seen a running total at their 4.73 inches was a record in the same for moderate at 2.81 inches, both breaking records back to 1998, sacramento 3.42 inches. it was close for the oakland airport the second wettest month of may at 1.77 inches, and napa you think they could get the .01 but they settled in at 2.99 inches, that was far greater than the napa airport so in town had a lot more rain than out by the airport. there is a huge difference always interpreters and in this
12:48 pm
case rainfall concord junks or jumps from that up to 84. some of these are closer to normal and the bigness with the thunderstorm activity popping up in the central sierras and also over the sacramento valley, mendocino and lake county we have a lot drier air, come mount hamilton along the diablo range we had some buildups over the weekend and there could be some today but the low-pressure system source is moving cell. now there will be more activity over the sierra, but it will be far less as severe. high-pressure kicking in and that will put a lid on things, temperatures will warm up inland and not much of a breeze but there is a little bit of a northwest or westerly component for some good temperatures running a little warmer for some and yet over by the bay and the coast they're running through, and lynn thames are trying to jump up a little today. this afternoon temperatures take a little bit bigger jump
12:49 pm
and another system comes through but not until thursday or friday, so today into tuesday and wednesday the inland temps will warm up and thunderstorms moved out of the picture so we're going with a warmer pattern for a few days. the 60s and 70s, near average on a lot of these temps to 80, they were over some and tomorrow looks to be the warmest day and it looks to be the same for someone wednesday here comes a big cooldown on friday, breezy and much cooler and sarday starts off pretty nice, sunday back to the 60s into the 80s and some inland near 90. actor kevin spacey appeared in a nantucket courthouse today for another pretrial hearing in his sexual assault case and his appearance today came as a surprise since his attendance isn't required he is accused of groping a young man at a bar in massachusetts three years ago and he's pleaded not guilty to charges of indecent assault and battery and his attorneys say the accuser deleted text messages from the incident before turning over just select screenshots of other text exchanges to the police kevin
12:50 pm
spacey's attorney times the das office knew this and they hid it from the defense until now, the cosmetic's retail chain sophora will be closed for diversity during wednesday and the one-day closure includes all stores, distribution centers and corporate offices. this is two months after an incident regarding this r&b thing, she was racially profiled at a sophora store she climbs and an employee called security to make sure she was not doing a tradition comes to an end at the california state fair, what is replacing this year's fireworks shows amid increasing concerns about the risk of wildfires this wednesday night this wrapper will be hosting a free life streaming concert on and this concert starts at 7 pm, all you need to do is click on -ephone. get details on this state program. call or visit
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>> looking at stocks before the closing bell one last time and the nasdaq having a bad day down was to 2% and the dow jones up and down throughout the day and currently trading at down 60 points. june is pride and there are events taking place around the bay area celebrating lgbtq community today at 4 pm will have the flag raising through a tour through the nation's second homeless shelter focusing on helping some of those in the lgbtq community today on the four. and out of control cruise ship ran into a dock and her during people in venice italy and this was sunday morning and one of the city's busiest canals and the collision renewed calls for replacing restrictions on bishops in venice and it was returning to the city after traveling to greece and witnesses described the dramatic thing when the cruise ship was unable to stop.>> we heard the loud noise of the cruise ship blaring it's horn and releasing the anchor.>> there were voices of people crying and screaming,
12:54 pm
over what happened.>> the collision injured five women on the riverboat but all are expected to recover the cruise ship operator said it they are cooperating with authorities investigating the cause of the crash. officials are hoping to reopen the sales force training center a significant in the san francisco reports that workers are planned for the transit hub to reopen by making sure everything is working and the joint powers authority previously said the end of june was the target date for reopening and work crews announced a few weeks ago they had finished repairing the cracked steel beams which come to the shutdown months ago. a review panel says it may announce the reopening date within one week or two. oakland city council president wants to cut the city's new department of transportation and fire its director just as he kicks off his $100 million plan to fix damaged roadway has been was a proposed move in an alternative budget friday, wanted to absorb the department known as oak
12:55 pm
department transportation back into public and i spoke to the mayor on mornings on two today and she said it is a threat to her plans to fix city streets.>> she cuts and completely eliminates the department of transportation as she changes the way that we do this, paving with a three-year plan, it will now take seven years and i don't know about you but i cannot wait to drive on some smoother roads.>> the mayor calls caplan's plan to present but the city council president says the plan will save the city money. kaplan will present her own version of the budget today and the city council has until june 30 to vote. starting today fans of the oakland a's can call the policy by its new, ring central coliseum in the name change was approved unanimously by the oakland alameda county coliseum authority and under the deal ring central will pay $1 million a year for the next three years, the belmont based company has the option to renew for a fourth year.
12:56 pm
safety experts are warning parents about burn risks at the playground this summer with an average 90 to gray raising the temperature playground equipment to about 1400 and the american bar association says it can result in a third-degree burn after five seconds the consumer products safety commission recommends parents and guardians to check playground equipment first, dress kids and long pants and watch for signs of burns and overheating. big changes coming to this year's state fair in sacramento and organizers have announced they are swapping out the traditional fireworks show for high-tech alternative. 80 drones will light up the sky instead and the expos had issues with fireworks in the past. in 2015 a mortar round exploded on the ground causing a fire in the show was cut short and they are also considered to be more environmentally safe especially due to while fire danger and the drone shows will be on friday through sundays in the california state fair is july 12 through the 28th. >> i worked at the state for 25 years ago delivering food to the food booths at the clock in
12:57 pm
the morning.>> not involved in the fireworks. >> not at all. thank you for watching everybody as we give you this alive look at san francisco on a monday afternoon. get outside and enjoy the day.
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inside the children of god sex cult. >> people are manipulated and punished. >> joaquin phoenix and rose mcgowan grew up in it. how hard is it to get out? >> why don't they leave? their loyalty is to the tribe. murder thatold case is closer to being solved. >> coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: season 10 starts now.


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