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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  June 6, 2019 12:00pm-12:58pm PDT

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three men and police are offering for information. >>e of what many call the greatest generation. i'm lauren blanchard, in 75th anniversary of the d-day invasion. warriors, raptors, game 4. could it have been a must-win? oakland native and hall-of-famer chimes in. >> this is ktvu folks 2 news at noon. >> good afternoon, everyone. i'm mike mibach. >> and claudia wong, in for gasia. >> we have more on today's commemoration from normandy, france. >> president trump joining french credit macron today. honoring the troops who were part of the largest air, land 75 years ago today, more than 150,000 allied troops stormed
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the beach in normandy. now, allied leaders are paying tribute to what has been called the greatest generation. telling the veterans of today's ceremony that their heroism and sacrifice will never be forgotten. >> you are the pride of our nation. and you are the glory of our republic. and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. >> the normandy invasion is widely considered the turning point of world war ii. and thursday's ceremony focused heavily on the american effort to liberate france, including tributes by french leaders and a fly-by, featuring red, white and blue smoke trails. >> we owe you, all of you who fought, the thousands of civilians who perished and those who are not forgotten. >> president trump emphasized the bond formed between the u.s. and europe during the war. and military leaders say those bonds are still the basis of our modern-day alliances. >> eisenhower was renowned for bringing dispaired groups side by side. all of those attributes of what
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took place 75 years ago, are very, very applicable to what we do today in nato. >> after a bilateral meeting today with president macrone, president trump will be heading back. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox 2 news. police in san jose are looking for the gunman responsible for an overnight homicide. just after midnight, an officer was patrolling the area and heard gunshots. police quickly found a victim who was pronounced dead on the scene. investigators have not yet identified a suspect. and a vallejo man accused of killing the mother of his three children were arrested this afternoon. bernard's family had reported her missing last month. police went to bernard's home to investigate. and when they arrived, they found that the garage was on fire. and once the fire was out,
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bernard's body was discovered. her death has been ruled a homicide. new information this afternoon, santa rosa police are investigating a shooting that happened on a soccer field. and it left four people hurt, including an 11-year-old boy. ktvu's allie rasmus has the story. santa rosa police investigators believe this shooting may have been gang- related. they are offering up to $2500 for information that leads to an arrest of the suspect in this case. the shooting injured four people. three of them, according to police, were innocent bystanders who happened to be at jacobs park at 7:30 when this all happened. the youngest victim, an 11-year- old boy. also a 45-year-old man who is a soccer coach, was injured. police say they are expected to survive. a 20-year-old man showed up at the hospital, a couple of hours believe he be okay. the man who was believed to be the intended target of the shooting was a 20-year-old man. he suffered life-threatening injuries. and police say he is still in the hospital. his condition is now stable. again, this happened at jacobs park as hundreds of people were
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at the park. soccer games and pras were wrapping up. witness said they heard some words exchanged. and should sort of argument happened near the sidewalk at west 9th and link street. they saw a man get out of a dark-colored suv and start shooting. >> one of the two people waiting there started saying some stuff to the people. can i say them right now? >> yeah. >> well, they were saying like, what's up [ bleep ], using inappropriate language. and the car turns around. the guy gets out of the car and just starts shooting. >> we believe it's gang-related because there were some words exchanged and just the nature of the attack in all the circumstances, and there are some details related to it that we're not ready to reveal at this point. >> today, santa rosa police say they will be going back to the area to try and find surveillance video of the suspects and possibly the getaway car. they don't believe the public has anything to worry about, though. they say this area has been known for gang activity in the past. again, they believe this was a targeted, not random shooting.
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in santa rosa, allie fox 2 news. a former elementary school student at a catholic school is talking for the first time about a priest he says sexually abused him. the 52-year-old man said he has chosen not to be identified. he said he reported the abuse when it happened but claims the archdiocese did nothing about t. he claims father john cavanaugh abused him. he and his lawyers want the archdiocese to release the names of all the priests and former priests who have been accused of abuse of children and adults. >> he is the one that molested me. and i want the church to know that they can't keep it quiet because it happened to me. i know it. it happened to me. and they say i'm a survivor. i am a survivor. but i can't be the only one. there has to be more than just me. >> san francisco is one of
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three california archdiocese that have not released a list of accused priests. teachers in the new haven unified school district are now in the 13th day of the strike. and they continue to have thts. >> i, too, appreciate the support of the community. it's exhilarating. it's something i think about at my classrooms. >> more negotiations began this morning. the school district said it presents its last, best and final offer to the teachers union. it includes a 3% pay raise increase this year. and another 3% next school year. and parents of new haven students have filed the first paperwork to recall three of the five school board members. the three board members must be served with a school board notice and will have seven days to respond. the board members can choose to resign or face the recall so parents can get the petition signed. parents say if board members choose to fight the recall, there may not be an election
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until next spring. and mental healthcare workers at kaiser are planning a statewide strike. that walkout is going to be tuesday, at kaiser facilities in san francisco. san leandro and santa clara. it will expand as the week goes on. about 4,000 therapists, social workers and psychologists say they are protesting inadequate pay. staff times and long waits for patients. some nonurgent services are being rescheduled. san francisco mayor london breed is announcing the launch of summer programs in the city to help young people explore internships and future careers. >> ktvu's cristina rendon spoke to the mayor about the program. just minutes ago. good afternoon, christina. >> good afternoon to you, claudine. we are live from oracle park this. is a kickoff for opportunities for all this. is all about work force development and career exploration. this is a live look at all of the students who are going to be a part of this program. there's well over 2,000 that are part of the program. and this is just a small
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portion of them who are here today for the kickoff. just a few minutes ago, we arrived. we were able to grab video of these students coming in. this program, opportunities for all, is going to be for kids ages 13 to 24. and next week, they're going to start a summer program. that includes paid internships. mentor opportunities. and pathways to employment. as well as job readiness and career training. this was all the idea of san francisco mayor london breed. she said this was her idea because when she was young, she owes her life and her career to paid internships. and internships that kind of sparked her career. that's why she wants these student today to have those same opportunities. >> ray lot of kids end up working during the summer in various places all over the city. because they're contributing to helping the families. and this is a way to make sure all kids have access to
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incredible opportunities. i'm excited to be launching this program. >> again, this is just a small portion of the kids that are part of this opportunity for all programs. we understand that more than 2,000 people have already applied and starting monday. 800 of them are going to be ready to kick off their paid internships. they that have signed on topart is dedicating $8 million to it as well. these are paid internships. so they can get a kick start and jump start on whatever they find interesting in their careers. all of this happening right here at oracle park. we'll have more today. for now, we're live in san francisco, cristina rendon, fox 2 news. >> all right, christina. thank you for that. golden state warriors flooded a big win tonight. they lost game 3 and are now down two games to one. this despite a great game from seth curry who had 47 points in the loss last night. team missed kevin durant.
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and the raptors had an answer, it seemed every time the warriors had to play a run. it is not stopping fans. they have been out in full force really at lake chalet. or lake merit in oakland, where espn is broadcasting. that's where we got a hold of sports analyst steven a. smith. and oakland native, gary payton for insight on this series. >> i still think the warriors are in as good a position. they win tomorrow. and make it a three-game series. and they got on win one on toronto's floor again. >> who are you rooting for? >> you know what? because i play basketball. and i'm from oakland, california. you know? i'm neutral. i just want a good team, the better team to win the basketball game. but right now, if golden state has all of their players, i think they're the better basketball team. >> if kevin durant and klay thompson come back, i'm not worried at all. they're just too superior. i think they'll find a way. but those are two incredibly
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big losses and i think that's a lot for anybody to overcome. i still pick the warriors in six. if neither come back, they can't beat the toronto raptors. it's just too much. >> coach kerr hopeful to be back on the court. the game is set for tomorrow night at oracle arena. meanwhile, tickets for game 6 go on sale to the engine public at 4:00 this afternoon. we're learning more about a fan who was kicked out of last night's game, after pushing a raptor's player. according to several reports, the fan is mark stevens. the venture capitalist who is part owner of the warriors. and reportedly, the team says he is not going to be attending any more games during the finals. you can take a look at the video again. here he comes. he falls into that crowd. and there in the blue shirt, he
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kind of gives them a little shove as he's kind of getting up off the cross road of seats. laurry was asked about that incident after that. >> he had no reason to touch me. no reason to reach over two seats and then say some vulgar language to me. it's no place for people like that in our league. and you know, hopefully it never comes back to nba game. lowry said he repeatedly cursed at him. and lowry talked to an nba president about this. the team reportedly apologized to lowry and the raptors. and they say they were extremely disappointed in stevens action. >> close to the action. never want to touch those players. still to come. declassifying files on what is a mythical creature. new details after the fbi confirm its investigated big foot. and the final that was just released to the public. plus, a record number of
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measles. a number of cases in the u.s. reached a 25-year high. and in weather, a bit of a cooldown today, across most of the bay area. still sunshine over san francisco bay. but our warming trend is quickly approaching and could impact your weekend plans. we'll have more on the warmup coming up
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in new york, a west point cadet died and several others hucrash this morning.
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a tactical vehicle the cadets were in flipped over on campus of that military academy. west point officials say a total of 20 cadets who were rising seniors. and two u.s. soldiers were hurt when the vehicle somehow ended up the roadway ending upside down where those cadets do summer training. the name of the cadet who died has not been released. medical officials say there could be a link between three americans who died. edward holmes and cynthia day were found in their home. friends say the couple were healthy when they headed out on vacation. y have died from respiratory failure. there was fluid health and was enjoying time with cided to relax with a drink from the mini bar that was in the room. so had a soda mixed with one of the small bottles of whatever alcohol it was. suddenly, she called out to dan, and he came right over, and she was unable to breathe.
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she collapsed. >> medical experts say she had the same type of fluid in her lungs but the official cause of death has not been confirmed yet for any of the americans. and these deaths come just one year after a pennsylvania woman died at one of the same hotels. 51-year-old yvette monique sport died last year while vacationing at the resort. the report says she had a heart attack. but her sister and relatives say she was healthy and there was no reason for her to die. current e cdc reports that more than 1,000 people have been infected with on state and parts of new york are among the hardest hit areas. the health and human secretary services. according to the cdc, for every 1,000 children who contract measles, one or two will die. let's go now to mark tamayo
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for a check of our temperatures. and i don't mind a cooldown for a day or two. mark? >> that's right. -- we need it. it's kind of refreshing out there. we have an onshore breeze. it is just for today, though, because things will be changing as early as saturday. here's our live cam. you can see a few high clouds. then in san jose, crystal blue skies. shaping up to be a fairly nice day. take a look erday. on the around 3:00, 4:00. most areas cooling off, at least a good 8 to 12 degrees from yesterday's readings. here's the satellite showing you this. satellite picking up clouds in southern california. and a few showers, extreme northern california. but right now, we have that onshore wind, kind of kicking up. and as a result, we are clearing things out. could have a few leftover patches near the coastline. current numbers. right now we have san francisco, 58 degrees. oakland, 68. san francisco 69. and santa rosa in the upper
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70s. our live camera, looking out toward sfo. you can still see some patches of clouds, kind of hanging out near the coastal hills here. today cooler. tomorrow, breezy. cool to nice. and definitely temperatures trending up this weekend. especially by sunday. the main reason for the cooldown is today. this guy. this area of low pressure up nd of settling into northern california. in fact, you can trace the upper level winds here. this is the cooler pattern we are expecting for today. and today one of the cooler days for the week. not too much change for your friday. it will be a little warmer. high pressure wants to rebuild. setting the stage for a warmer weekend. sunday will be the hottest day of the weekend. and that heat could continue, especially inland, into early next week. temperatures are stair-stepping each day. right on through sunday. take a look at the forecasted highs. santa rosa, lower 90s. san francisco on either side. livermore, 90s. and san jose, around 92 degrees. that's the sunday forecast.
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temperatures will be soaring for the second half of the weekend. highs this afternoon, we get a break from the heat. so take advantage of that. and you can see still some 80s, though, for santa rosa, concord, antioch and brentwood. san francisco. still a few watches of fog near portions of the coastline. gilroy, forecast high of 80. and look what is head our way. a lot to talk about here. tomorrow, the winds could pick up espe the hills. it is breezy today. but tomorrow, we could have those north to northeasterly winds that kind of dry things out. with that, that will set the stage for a clear and warmer weekend. sunday, 96 degrees inland. by monday, not completely out of the question. we could have a few spots to the upper 90s. maybe flirting with 100 degrees. if you're not a fan of the heat, claudine and mike, take advantage of today. those temperatures fairly comfortable this afternoon. >> paradise high school will hold the graduation ceremony today. last month, hundreds of
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volunteers turned out to spruce up the campus for the big day. the school buildings mostly survived last year's deadly camp fire in butte county. but even so, they have been in chico. as of april, the student body says the population was about half of what it was before the fire. an innovative way to protect against one of the most dangerous types of crashes and air bags that inflate outside. car. and how quickly it can deploy before impact.
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taking a look at the markets. investors kind of wait for developments in the u.s. trade talks with mexico. you can see here, the dow jones up more than 180 points. nasdaq and s&p500 both slightly up. today at the white house, they are hoping to prevent the new tariffs on mexican imports that are scheduled to start monday. president trump has threatened to impose 5% import on tariffs. unless the president does more to stoplight flow without a deal, the tariffs would go up by 5% a month. until it hits 25% in october. this morning, president trump said it is all up to mexico. >> mexico has been making for many, many years, hundreds of billions of dollars making an absolute fortune from the united states. they have to step up and step up to the plate.
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and perhaps they will. we'll see. they can solve the problem. >> both democrats and republicans have been critical of president trump using tariffs as a tool for immigration. >> reports are talking about cryptocurrency. they use it to validate and protect digital transactions. it is expected to use use what amazon is using computer vision to navigatrying something new with air bags. it's not unusual for half a dozen of them to be inside a car. but german automaker has created the first-ever air bag to be attached to the outside of the car. and it's meant to minimize damage from the side impact. the company says it only takes 150 milliseconds to inflate the air bag, once a threat is
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detected. no word yet on whether any carmakers are interested in the new design. improving what some call a rough neighborhood. improving an area of the tenderloin that has been improved. up next, the search for at least four people who started firing in the middle of a residential neighborhood. seresto, seresto, seresto. jake... seresto, seresto, seresto. whatever your dog brings home to you it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. seresto, seresto, seresto. ohh no, jake. seresto. 8-month. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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people shot, including a child at a crowded soccer field. four people, including an 11- year-old boy were hurt at jacobs park. police believe the shooting was gang-related. three people were shot, including a 20-year-old man who was shot with life-threatening injuries. a 21-year-old man who police believe was the intended target suffered life-threatening injuries as well. and still in the hospital. witnesses say there was an argument then. they on saw a man get out of a dark-colored suv. >> i don't know where these people are. i don't know if it was again related. i don't know and started shooting. >> police say hundreds of people were at the soccer police are now offering a $2500 reward for any information
12:30 pm
leading to the arrest of a police in campbell say they need help in identifying a man who was caught peeping into a child's window. a surveillance camera recorded this video. you can see the man looking into the window. and stepping back and going back for a second look. police say they think he's in his 30s. he does have a goatee. but he does not have a mustache. he is wearing a light-colored, zipup hoodie and jeans. neighbors say they're scared. but they are also glad that police are getting the word out. >> i think it's really bad for this neighborhood. there's a lot of kids in this neighborhood. >> we have a school right here. and so that's really scary, too. that you know, is he out here walking around the neighborhood during the daytime and waiting? >> this is really an invasion of privacy. people should feel safe in their own homes. and we want to identify this person. and we want to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> police say the man ran away when he was confronted by the father of the chwas watching. anyone who recognizes that man or has a police.
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the chancellor at ucsf is criticizing the trump administration to defund medical research, using fetal tissue. the school could lose millions in grants and says the decision undermines scientific research. for now, the decision ends federally funded research. also, a long-time ucsf contract on hiv was not renewed. anti-abortion activists applaud the directive, saying taxpayer money should not be spent on materials oshtained from a -- obtained from abortions. but scientists say it is important foexercised with all appropriate oversight. we believe thestition to be politically-motivated and shortsighted and not based on sound science. ktvu's henry lee tells us what to expect as the two men are on trial.
12:32 pm
>> next week, it will be the defense's attorney to present evidence. attorneys say the prosecution's case was slim. >> there's just so much they missed here. the jury just won't have enough information to condemn. >> the last prosecution witness was the d.a.'s inspector, who testified that max harris described himself as the creative director. >> i don't think they made their case against derek almenna. they certainly made the case that there was an enormous tragged neoakland -- tragedy in oakland. that 36 families were torn asunder. that all of these young people were lost. >> they will start calling witnesses. one of them will be harris himself. derek almenna's defense team will go next. and almenna will also take the stand. henry lee, ktvu, fox 2 news. and henry lee is posting updates from inside the courtroom. you can read a daily log blog.
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r&b singer, r. kelly, pleaded not guilty to 11 new sex assault charges. he was surrounded by attorneys as he entered a chicago courthouse today. among the felonies are four counts of aggravated sexual assault. kelly pleaded not guilty back in february to 10 other counts of sexual abuse against three girls and one woman during a 10- year period. starting in the late 1990s. he is currently out of jail, after a restaurant owner who calls herself a friend of kelly's, posted his bond in that case. vallejo police are trying to identify four people who were recorded on surveillance video, firing their guns in a neighborhood. authorities released the video yesterday of last week's shooting. now, this is in the area of ohio and mendocino streets near interstate 80. the target of their shooting is out of frame. so it can't be seen. but the footage shows the shooters getting into the car with a fourth gunman hiding in nearby bushes. investigators recovered nearly 30 shell casings at that scene, which is west of the interstate
12:34 pm
and not far from the solano county superior court. this video was posted on the vallejo police department's facebook page. and it shows a man and a woman, entering a t-mobile store on saturday and sunday. they wore masks to hide their faces. police say a man ordered them back to the office and ordered them to lie down on the ground. as the robbers then stole electronic devices and made their escape. the male robber ran out. that weapon turned out to be a bb gun. a plan to transform what is known as one of the most troubled street corners. the corner is notorious for drug activity. but the city works on the food marketplace. a nonprofit, called lacocina plans to open the marketplace with new mini restaurants inside. >> it will be a 7,000-square foot building. they'll be able to cook their
12:35 pm
food, prepare and sell seven days a week. now, the hope is that the project will draw a steady flow of customers to the corner and force the drug activity to end or move elsewhere. the market is expected to open this coming winter. for the toronto raptors. despite getting a career high of 47 points from steph curry. >> here comes curry. curry's shake and bake. three-pointers. it goes. steph curry with a bounce. >> the raptors took advantage of the warriors' depleted lineup. and survived everything that curry could throw at them in a 123-109 victory. despite curry's best effort. the team certainly missed klay thompson and kevin durant who were sidelined with injuries. take a listen to what draymond green had to say to the game. >> no one cared that guys were hurt. everybody wants to see us lose. so i'm shower people are happy they're hurt. we just gotta continue to battle. and win the next game.
12:36 pm
go back, toronto. win game 5. come back to oracle. win game 6. and then celebrate. >> sounds like a plan. raptors lead the best of seven series, two games to one. game 1 set for tomorrow night at oracle arena. upon coach steve kerr said he expected thompson playwas thompson watching the game last night from the bench. that strained hamstring. it's official now, we just heard that klay will play for the team tomorrow night. however, there's a separate issue with k.d. he is expected to practice today. but we are also juv just just -- just hearing from the team that k.d. will not play tomorrow. that is just in. klay is in. but k.d. is still out. 12:38. for the first time, people can peek into the fbi's file on big foot.
12:37 pm
revealed that back in 1976. a man from oregon managed to get the fbi to test the hair and tissue tampies that he thought were going to help prove that the mythical creature existed. this is the file. and determined that the hair came from a member of the deer family. if you would like to see the file for yourself, we have posted a link to it on our website. just go to and click on web links. and in today's barrier people. a man who facility. he tells us, his ultimate goal. and in weather for your thursday. a bit cooler for today. no more 90s. warmest locations, we're thinking lower 80s. but this cooldown will not stick around for too long. we're talking another warmup for your weekend. we'll have that forecast coming up.
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it morning, we're oar -- this morning, we are spending a few minutes with a 12-year-old boy. he's got a very special talent for music. and has a wonderful way of
12:41 pm
sharing it with others. in today's bay area people, you're going to hear from 12- year-old christopher. and as you'll see, he and his audience are separated by generations but united by his harkable gift. -- remarkable gift. >> he's not even a teenager yet. >> my name is christopher nguyen. i'm in 7th grade. and i'm 12 years old. >> but here, with the ivory at hifinds a connection to the classical greats. >> i like to play classical music. >> who is your favorite composer >> my favorite is cho pin. write its at the water's edge lodge in alameda. >> we all know him. and we all look forward to him playing every single time he arrives. ♪ [ music ] ♪ his mom says
12:42 pm
it's important to give back. >> we want him to volunteer. to. >> he is amazing. staff love it. they saw what they were doing. and see what he does. and plays. just love having him here. it's been a real blessing. ♪ [ music ] ♪ cha little kid. and we were spellbound by his playing. he played without any music. played by ear. and we were just thrilled to have him. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> early on, his mother says they knew he had a gift. >> he started at 5 st playing had at home. and when we're in the car, he just pulled out music nam notes. my husband, he knows some music. i don't. he went home and tested it. was like, yeah, he is calling out the music notes and is correct. >> he started taking lessons and his skill was undeniable.
12:43 pm
this is christopher at age 6. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> this was chopin two years ago. >> at age 7. he started playing here at the lodge. >> i think he's a genius. a musical genius. we couldn't believe here's this little boy, playing so wonderful on the piano. >> he's astounding. i first saw him three years ago when he was 9 years old. and he walked in this place and blew the doors off the chopin catalog. and i thought, whoa. >> residents here are some of his biggest fans. >> i can't wait to see what he becomes in his older years. >> he just knows the music. inside of him. and through his fingers and his
12:44 pm
brain and everything. he's just marvelous. i'm waiting for him to get to carnegie hall. >> and when his fingers fly across the keys, it is easy to forget that he is just 12 years old. for some, the experience is emotional. >> life is short. shorter for someone than others. i'd like to spend sometime, it's reassuring to know that people are coming along behind you, with gifts. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> but even at 12, christopher knows, there is joy in sharing his gift. >> well, playing in front of an audience pleases me. just lets me know that people admire me. people admire how i play. >> what's your goal? >> my main goal is to become one of the greatest concert pianists of all time. >> yea! [ applause ] >> like did nothing. >> he's very incredible to watch.
12:45 pm
>> beautifulful. >> he but in addition to being the greatest concert pianist in the whole world, which is what he wants to be. he also wants to be a doctor. >>both. >> why not? >> did you? >> my whole one year of piano lessons was not going to hold up. >> mark, do you play the piano at all. >> i gave it a try. but not too great. >> yeah. we try. >> we always try. but so much talent there. and so great to be sharing it with other people as well. great story. our weather for today. lots of sunshine. temperatures cooling off. no more 90s. we're just thinking 80s this afternoon. still pretty warm inland. but here's our live camera, looking out towards san francisco bay. in the clear. moving around quite a bit. so there's a bit of a breeze out there. and you can see the tree branch moving around as well. with our lafayette creek camera here. a few high clouds pay us a visit. and this will be the overall weather story. we really soared yesterday with those temperatures.
12:46 pm
today, we're cooling off. and we begin to work things up ed warming by the weekend. especially by sunday. here's the satellite showing you this. where we do have the low clouds and fog, kind of closer to southern california. a few patches near parts of our coastline. we'll hold onto those this afternoon. but a pretty good onshore breeze. that is having good temperatures. we're not as warm as yesterday at this time. the warmest locations still in the upper 70s. san jose, 69. san francisco, 58. and santa rosa in the upper 70s. we'll check in on some of those wind speeds. and look at this. fairfield, sustained at 23. oakland airport, westerly wind at 16. and a few more reports for an sfo gusting to 25 in san jose. northwest wind at 13 miles per hour. here's a live look at the came see this tree or bush moving around quite a bit this afternoon. winds definitely up there. here is a look at the forecast
12:47 pm
headlines. tomorrow, cool. breezy to nice. and the weekend warming back up to the 80s and 90s. cooldownto this guy. this area of low pressure moving into northern california. today, one of the cooler days of the week. with partly to mostly sunny skies. and that kicks on out tomorrow. temperatures soaring, bay area wide. and by sunday, the warmest locations in at least the mid, maybe the upper 90s. and even the beaches can be back up into the 70s. you see temperatures. they are warming up each and every day. here's a quick snapshot of a few locations on sunday. santa rosa could be approaching the lower 90s. san francisco, 80 degrees. livermore, mid90s. and san jose, 92. that's what's headed our way. that will be over the weekend. for today, not too bad. you can see upper 50s for the coast. warmest locations, around 81 to 82 degrees out towards santa rosa. antioch and brentwood. and fremont in the lower 70s. here's a look ahead at your five-day forecast. it will be breezy for your friday. but temperatures, we're going to warm things up. and it won't be by a little
12:48 pm
bit. a noticeable leap in those temperatures, especially by sunday and monday. hottest locations inland can be close to 100 degrees. if you're not a fan of the heat, looks like we'll cool things off by monday into next week. >> i think i'll be at the beach next monday. we hope you will join us tomorrow morning when we take mornings on 2 on the road. we'll take you inside livermore's wine country. we'll preview the livermore rodeo, which is taking place this weekend. and it's now in its 101st year. and we're also going to show you livermore growing the food scene. we're talking about neighborhoods with breweries and family-owned restaurants, with impeccable menus. we'll also introduce you to a livermore man and the firefighter who saved his life. they were going to talk about the deep bond they formed after a near-death experience in the
12:49 pm
back of an ambulance. it's all happening tomorrow starting at 9:00 in the morning. >> looking forward to that. it is a creative new way to sip your ervings of popular drinks.
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what is his story? dr. oz: the video message she left behind. and a deadly twist no one saw coming. >> can you imagine doing that your children? dr. oz: plus, the alzheimer's/blood pressure connection. are you at risk? coming up next. >> ♪ dr. oz: now. >> this is me. july 29, 2008. it is 12:33 moun
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