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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  June 7, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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a little chilly this morning. steve paulson is here to tell you if it will stick around. >> it was a little chill in the morning. >> i thought it was fine. >> i'm not complaining i'm just reporting that it's a little cool. temps.are below average on these across the board here santa rosa 50. san francisco 51. our observer michael polanski says i'm 50 and oakland 51 and livermore and san jose is close look at those water temps. the san francisco buoy water temp is 51. bodega bay a brisk 50 degrees. a few high clouds coming in, patchy fog but it will be mostly sunny. partly sunny in the morning. the on shore breeze is in place. today will be one of those nice days. 60s, 70s and you see these higher clouds coming over us now so a lot of cloud cover in the morning and then tomorrow we'll start to get that breeze going
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more northerly. 40s, 50s. they're now 45. gilroy is at 44. kell's in there. bolder creek in upper 40s. campbell. even a couple observations around san jose. south san jose at 47. once this goes through everything says sunshine and warmer temps and we will warm it upstarting saturday. more so on sunday. we'll have that coming up in 10 minutes. 6:01 on a friday. still good? >> i would say still good. it's better than normal, steve. a good example ask yes, it is filled in but if you pay attention you can see look see right there i don't know if you can see the white arrow usually we have a big back up all on this ramp and this morning it's just not there and that means it's not quite as deep as it normally is. there will be some slowing as you can see here on the east shore freeway, the traffic is going to be moderately heavy
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with no major problems. traffic continues to be all right with the commute here. if if you're driving in san jose, this commute is looking good and right now so far if you're taking a flight, i know it's friday, some people are getting off on vacation and no significant air delays expected right now from sfo. i'll keep an update on that for you. right now sfo and really all the airports in the country are looking normal. 6:02 let's go back to the desk. new this morning police investigating a drunk driving crash. it involved a teenage driver. look at these pictures. police say early this morning a 17-year-old driver hit a parked car and flipped his own car on lacey drive late last night. someone was inside that parked car talking on a phone. they suffered minor injuries. >> we saw one destroyed car on a sidewalk which was a mini van and we saw one flipped over car in the middle of the road. >> police say the teenage driver
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had two passengers with him. all three of them had minor injuries. we also saw at least one liquor bottle on the street after the crash. tonight the warriors host the toronto raptors. the yar yours are down two games to one in the best of 7 series. there's some mixed news. kevin durant will not play tonight. he's still recovering from that strained right calf. but klay thompson will be on the court after that injury. could also be one of the time or could be the final warriors game at oracle arena. one of the team's minority owners is now banned from all nb a games next year. he was sitting court side when he shoved one of the toronto raptors players. ktvu's alyssa harrington has the
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story. >> this man happens to be a minority owner of the team. he was ejected from the game, fined $500,000 and is not allowed back for a year. here's video of that heated moment. it happened in the 1st quarter of game 3. kyle lowrie went for a loose ball and ended up colliding with fans sitting court side. a few of those warriors fans patted him on the back and even helped him get up while another fan wearing blue reached over and shoved him instead. also shouted at him. lowrie said stevens cursed at him several times. he lives in atherton. it took the nba less than 24 hours to hand down the punishment. players including lowrie talked about what is not acceptable fan behavior. >> what i think and what i feel is a guy like that shouldn't be apart of our league. i'm being honest with you that's my personal opinion. that's how i feel. >> i don't it was necessarily
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how we handle business here. as a warriors organization and franchise we have a high standard and do things with class and professionalism. >> i will also personally apologize to kyle and to the raptors that's unacceptable. >>stein's stevens apologize in a public statement. he said what i did was wrong and there's no excuse for it. stevens said he reached out directly to lowrie and the raptors organization to apologize alyssa harrington ktvu fox 2 news. lebron james is just one of many current and former nba players talking about that incident between kyle lowrie and mr. stevens. le bron posted this video offed the incident on his instagram account saying along with a statement in part that said stevens knew exactly what he was doing which was so uncalled for.
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he knew the rules than just the average person sitting watching the game court side so for that something needs to be done asap. kyle lowrie suggested that mark stevens be banned for life. this was not the first high profile incident between players and fans this season. remember this the utah jazz banned two fans for life after they used racist language against an oklahoma city star russel westbrook. and the nfl issued lifetime bans for fan behavior. last fall a fan did this -- he threw a beer into the face of kansas city chief's tyrek hill. that fan was banned for life. and in 2015 the detroit lions banned a fan for life after he shined a laser pointed into the eyes of an opposing quarterback and kicker. well the wife of one of the warriors majority owner says she
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had to disable her instagram account after getting threats from fans of beyonce. it all started at wednesday night's game. beyonce and jay-z whether sitting next to the owner and his wife. beyonce was sitting there in the middle and fans said she looked upset. some people flooded mist curen's instagram. she said she was just asking the couple if they wanted a drink since the warriors invited them and that she was leaning in to hear what jay-z was saying. today members of the board are expected to see for themselves the destruction caused by the campfire. the sacramento bee reports executives with the utility are keeping quiet about their visit to the town of paradise. so quiet that the paradise city leaders have been unable to get details. now the campfire killed 85
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people and destroyed 18,000 homes and businesses. cal fire investigators concluded that pg and e equipment sparked the fire. accused the city of taking the belongings of the homeless. some of the homeless people claim that san francisco public works department confiscated personal items like survival gear, medicine, and family photos that have been passed down for generations. the advocates are creating a video project called "stolen belongings" some of the homeless accused the city workers of keeping the items for themselves or selling them at flea markets. some of the confiscated items can't be returned like food and soiled bed linens. the jackpot for tonight's drawing has grown to $530 million. that is the 7th largest
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megamillions lottery jackpot. the largest jackpot was $1.5 million. if i win, i'm taking us all to toronto to watch the next game. >> all right i'm going. >> okay. time is 6:09 still ahead kicking google out of the pride celebration in the south bay. we'll tell you why some want to leave google out. >> also what the government is doing to try to end those annoying robo calls. >> good morning. we have a mostly good commute. a couple of issues have popped up. this is a look at the richmond bridge. so we're going to tell you some things that just came in and also take a look at some of these commutes. >> a little system clipping us here. lows are pretty cool for this time of year. everything is pointing towards a warm up on the weekend. including the coast. we'll take a look coming up. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. welcome back to mornings on 2. today could be the last chance to prevent those new tariffs from mexico. president trump said on monday he will propose a 5% tax on all mexican imported products to reduce the flow of central american migrants trying to cross the southern border into the u.s. progress is being made in their talks aimed at preefrnting the
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tariffs. and tariffs on chinese goods is already having an impact on the worldwide economy. president trump said decide on whether to increase the tariffs soon. now he's considering an extra $300 billion in tariffs. >> a will make that decision i would say over the next two weeks. probably right after the g20 summit. >> the trump administration says tariffs are the most effective way to change the u.s. china trade relationship. china has responded with tariffs on $60 billion in american products. and here's a quick reminder to watch our new political show, the issue is. this week's guest include cory booker of new jersey. answer our questions on immigration and guns. the issue is airs saturday morning. it's followed by mornings on 2.
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a group representing seek americans is claiming a historic victory with the military. an airman is now being allowed to wear a turbine along with keeping a beard and hair. he is the first active airman granted this religious accomodation and he says he feels the country is embracing his heritage and will forever. federal regulators gave phone companies the right to block those calls without getting permission from customers. ktvu's jana katsuyama has more on this for you. >> there are about (500) 000-0000 robo calls per month in the u.s. about 14 per person. cheap software has allowed companies to make robo calls without much cost but the fcc ruling has some draw backs. or impose any penalties for phone companies who do nothing.
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>> and that is a significant loophole in the law. if phone companies don't feel like doing this then you're not going to see any improvements. the fcc ruling does not provide robo call blocking for free. >> they will charge fees for the privilege of having your number protected from robo callers. if if that happens, we may end up with a two tier system. >> it's still unclear how the major phone companies will react. verse says that their land line customers can sign up for third party blocking immediately but didn't mention the mobile customers. at&t, sprint, and t-mobile say they're still trying to figure out how to respond to the fcc ruling. reporting from the newsroom ktvu fox 2 news. later this morning, mornings on 2 is hitting the
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road for a zip trip to livermore. mike and gasia and sal's going to be there too we'll give you a taste of the town showing the city's great restaurants and wineries. plus we're playing zip trip trivia about all things livermore. make sure you join us for the full hour starting at 9:00 a.m. live from livermore here on mornings on 2. >> that's going to be fun to see all of that. sal, you're going to be joining them shortly as well. and frank mallicoat. i've been out there to the wine country. >> i had a real assignment. my little thing is always going to be taste of the town. so unfortunately the bosses here are holding, cracking the whip saying you've got to go out there and taste stuff. >> you're going to eat and drink? >> eat and drink. my goodness that's just terrible isn't it. i'll suffer through somehow. >> i know. good morning everyone.
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let's go out and take a look at what we have on 80 westbound. carquinez bridge. when you get to the bay bridge you can see the traffic is backed up. there's a little bit more of a back up but it's better than it normally is. looks like 880 oakland camera went down. i would say this commute's better than it has been for the first four days of the week. there's just been a new accident reported southbound 680 at andrate road. there it is. it just popped up as i was talking about it. the fire department is on the way. southbound 680 at andrate. 6:17. let's bring steve in with today's forecast. >> i will not be there today. i was going to talk to some folks from charles r. winery but i will not be there sgr but you're going to be here doing the weather though. >> yes, i will be.
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charles already sent a tweet out. a shout out to a couple of wineries. pam mcgrail. >> steven kent, the list is long. that will be a good show out there. temperatures near average. a little above, a little below. now after today, they're going way up again. temperatures are going to warm up here. now if if you're in the city you're going to freak out or near the coast, you might like this but a lot of people don't. sunday looks very warm. i'm probably a little conservative on that 84 in the city. not on santa rosa. then temps are really going to rock it up. so we'll ease into it. look how cool it is. san jose at 52 and that's the warmest. that's amazing for this time of year. san francisco 51. what's the water temp? 51. see how that works there.
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bodega bay cold at 50 degrees. cloudy in the morning. 60, 70s. normal as you see is 80, low 80s for this time of year. we do have an on shore breeze mostly out to the delta. that's the higher cloud ban going through right now. but by the time that boot scoots out of the picture here. 44 by brentwood. berkley's at 39. napa airport made it to 45 up in the oakland hills. 49 to 50 degrees is a popular number even throughout much of the area in san francisco. that's very rare to see. usually there's a little difference but not today. but everything says sunshine and warmer temps. i'm going to stick to the old
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school rule of thumb. so saturday, sunday, monday fog should start to come back pam tuesday. 6:20 is the time. the obamas are getting into podcasting. the company that landed the deal. >> and the women's world cup starts today. we're going to tell you what's special about this year's uniform. a little bird told me you have the fastest internet and now the best mobile network too?
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♪[ music ] ♪ i love this intro. it kind of sets the mood. mick jagger and the stones. this is from the 80s and 90s. because the temperatures are going to be in the 80s and 90s. start me up. thank you for someone who came in on twitter. her handle is slyn. i don't know what the s. stands for. it should be shirley. thank you for the request. if there's a special song you want to hear i'll play your requests every friday morning. we're doing an abbreviated
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version of traffic jams. just give me one more request or so. >> all right sal, thank you. well the 2019 fifa women's world cup starts today when host nation france plays the opening match against sal castaneda. the united states women's team. team usa's first match is tuesday against thailand. >> now the 2019 women's world cup kicked off today for most players this is the first time they're wearing uniforms specifically designed for them. in the past athletic companies made the women's uniforms as versions of the men's uniforms but this year the designs are made specifically for the women taking into account fit, function and style. nike designed for 14 teams. and conducted surveys and focus groups and spent hours meeting face to face with the players.
6:25 am
>> but also. >> the idea that in 2019 is the first year that the women's world cup gets their own specific jerseys is kind of mind blowing when you think about it. >> some players came up with unique designs. france's players opted for polka dots and sweden's features a col collage of female role models. including spain and south africa tomorrow morning. you can always catch its local news on ktvu plus if the matches are airing during our regular newscast. >> the st. louis blues are one win away from winning the
6:26 am
stanley cup. last night the st. louis blues beat the boston bruins 2-1. the blues were leading 1 to nothing in the final period when they undercut a bruins player. he went down to the ice allowing the bruins to get the puck and score a goal. boston believes the ref should of called it for a penalty. >> looked like a trip baseded on the fan reaction. just whatever. yeah. sometimes those calls don't go your way. nothing you can do about it now. >> well the blues lead the series 3-2. they can win it all at home sunday night. the somber ceremony in paradise what the high school class president has to say about bouncing back after the devastating wild fires. >> and we are out at oracle arena. live with what could be the final warriors game ever at the arena. and right now we want to take
6:27 am
you live for a little beach moment in santa cruz. it's going to be pretty nice steve at the beach today. the weekend. head to the beach. there's a live look at santa cruz. you're watching mornings on 2. we're the slowskys.
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from ktvu fox 2 news this is mornings on 2. >> and there's the opening bell live this morning at the new
6:30 am
york stock exchange. disappointing report on jobs. there's the live bell. but stocks are actually hanging in there. barnes and noble shares are up on news it is being sold. and we're going to have all your business news coming up. >> did you hear sal. he said he never saw people so excited when the opening bell is gone. >> i mean, when you're making money it's exciting. >> yeah, i guess it is. thank you for joining us for mornings on 2. it's a pam friday. it's june 7th i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm pam cook thank you for joining us. sharing the finals friday. we're all in blue and gold today. >> sal is right. they're very excited there. >> i'm going to have to read. normally i see who's ringing the bell and why i will get back to you. >> who is involved pam? >> revolve is a clothing company going public. they're making money.
6:31 am
if you like cool weather this will make you happy if you don't and you like the warmer weather then you'll like the weekend. forecast highs today on the left and what's normal is on the right. close, a little above, a little below. temperatures are set to make a move starting tomorrow. up 50. bodega bay san francisco buoy very cold at 51 degrees. the low in the city has been 51 for three straight hours. the water temp 51. mostly sunny and partly cloudy. there's still enough of a breeze but nothing compared to yesterday when it was roaring about 30 miles per hour. that will translate into 60s, 70s, 80s. that's the higher cloud deck coming over at the bottom of this system. 40s and 50s. napa airport was down to 43 and once this system clears then we'll have mostly sunny skies and then by tomorrow high pressure kicks in and temps are on their way up.
6:32 am
today, 60s 70s, upper 70s low 80s. not as excited as those folks are in the new york stock exchange. >> they are very excited. >> i think they knew they were going to be on television. >> that's me on tv. >> right. >> i think they're calling their stockbrokers. >> maybe that too. good morning everyone. westbound 24. steve and i are geeks and we watch the market that's all i'll say. >> westbound 24 as you drive up to the tunnel. a little lighter than usual. this is the summer season so you might see people on 80 in both directions. some people get away on friday and at the bay bridge it is backed up. i'll tell you what's different. we don't have the big back up coming in from oakland. let me do it this way. usually a huge back up there.
6:33 am
that tells me one thing and if you're willing to wait, this will start clearing up for you unless there's a crash. this is a look at interstate 880 in both directions. we have a problem at the andrati exit. there is a little bit of a back up on 680 as you pass the mission exit. let's go back to the desk. a san mateo police officer is in jail accused of using snapchat to talk to someone he thought was a teenage girl. 40-year-old robert davies is accused of inappropriate messaging with an underaged girl. there was an anonymous tip last month from a concerned citizen who posed online to find pedophiles. the unidentified victim and he told her he is a bay area police
6:34 am
officer. >> if the suspect believes it's a 16-year-old girl on the other end then the suspect should of terminated that conversation. >> now in a statement, the san mateo police chief wrote this. this alleged conduct if true is in no way a reflection of all that we stand for as a department and is a front. the nba finals is tonight at oracle. the warriors are hoping to even out the series after losing game 3 on wednesday. and the team will get some much-needed help. yellow carpet rolled out christina. >> yeah, good morning to you. the yellow carpet is rolled out here in front of the northgate or cal arena and klay thompson is going to be back tonight on the court. fans early this morning outside
6:35 am
of lake chalet restaurant. take a look. >> warriors! >> this video was taken around 5:00 this morning all those fans lining up outside the restaurant on lake merit just to get a spot inside for one of those espn broadcasts. but really, you would think it was like 5 in the evening the way that crowd was partying. we even saw bam bam the dog. check him out the remote control mazarati getting a lot of attention. they're excited to have klay thompson back on the court for some much-needed help. >> i'm going to say we're going to bring it home. i think it's going to be an easy win. we had a couple of issues before but i think we've got it this time. i have high confidence in that. >> so there were a few raptors fans in the audience and they were pretty loud as well saying
6:36 am
that they believe the raptors are going to win to want at oracle. but dub nation was even louder saying no way this will not be the last game at oracle arena in oakland. so back out here live, klay thompson he's going to be back there tonight on the court and we understand that tickets are still available to tonight's game. i checked online just about an hour ago if if you want to just get in the door it's going to cost you about $600 to $800. court side you're looking at more of $20,000 to $30,000. we're live outside oracle. ktvu fox 2 news. meantime a minority team owner of the warriors is now banned from the team for the next year after he shoved a toronto raptors player during game 3 of the nba finals. mark stevens sitting court side when he pushed kyle lowry.
6:37 am
lowry says stevens also cursed at him. mark stevens is a multibillionaire he lives in atherton. the nba suspended him from all league activities for the next year and they fined him a half million dollars. >> a guy like that shouldn't be apart of a -- shouldn't be apart of our league. i'm being honest with you. that's my personal opinion. that's how i feel. >> i will also personally apologize to kyle and to the raptors that's unacceptable. >> mark stevens is taking full responsibility for what happened and issued a statement saying, "what i did was wrong and there's no excuse for it. mr. lowry deserves better and i've reached out today to directly apologize to him and other members of the raptors and warriors organization." well the current high bid for an nba package will sit with
6:38 am
the mayor at a luxury suite for tonight's game. highest bidder will be allowed court side for warm ups. proceeds benefit oakland promise. a program which helps high school students go to college. that auction ends at noon today and you can bid by going to our website time now 6:38 and contract talks continue . the school district says it has made its final offer. one option includes a 3% pay raise for the rest of the current school year and another 3% raise next year and a 3% bonus. a second option is for a one time 4.5% bonus this year and a 3% raise next year. now the teachers union countered with a 6% raise over two years and back pay for every day of their strike. the union president says they're researching the impact of this
6:39 am
proposal and they're looking at all their options. meantime three bay area cities are on top of a new list of the least affordable cities if you're a teacher. usa today examined how much teachers make and how much they spend on housing. santa cruz was ranked as number 1. followed by san jose, san francisco, honolulu and santa rosa. that report says mid career teachers in san jose and san francisco earn about $77,000 a year but they spend about 64% of their income on rent. the most affordable city on the list is johnstown, pennsylvania. teachers make about $20,000 less than bay area teachers but they only spend about 16% of their salary on housing. there's a push by some activists in the lgbtq community to ban google from this year's
6:40 am
gay pride parade. the focus is on youtube. youtube is refusing to kick steven crowder off the platform. gay journalist complained to youtube about crowder's repeated homophobic harassment but youtube says crowder's content did not violate youtube's policy of service. the move reverses a previous decision by the lgbtq center to ban uniformed officers from pride events. now the center claims that many transand lgbtq people of color would be revoked. the police department has also agreed to an advisory community. >> no matter who's at the center and who's at the police department moving forward. we will have a partnership that the public can hold us accountable. >> we really want to make sure we've got it right because they have to continue this
6:41 am
relationship. things are only going to get better. >> the department also agreed to host forums with the police chief and members of the gay community. sac pride 2019 kicks off tomorrow. time is 6:41 hundreds of students at paradise high school are waking up this morning proud high school graduates. >> with the circumstance yesterday paradise high held its first graduation since last november's campfire. most of these students lost their homes when the flames spread through the town. the senior class president says he's proud of his classmates for graduating despite losing everything. >> although there are hundreds of words i can use to describe paradise i will try to wrap it up in one. strength. for some of us, strength came from the things we did that made us tough. >> they're tough all right.
6:42 am
paradise high school was one of just a few of the buildings in town there still standing after the campfire. but the students have been going to stool in nearby chico. plastic pollution in monterey may be in the food you eat. up next, the concerns about what's in the water that you may not even be able to see. >> plus extending bart into san jose. how long bart plans to test those tracks before they start the new service. we're the slowskys.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. new this morning the u.s. navy released this video of the near collision of the u.s. and russian warship in the pacific ocean. this happened earlier today near the philippines. you're looking at video this is from the u.s. s. chancellorville. they blame each other. both sides say the ships were forced to perform emergency maneuvers to avoid a collision. this comes days after u.s. fighter jets intercepted three russian jets off the coast of alaska in two days. and actress lori
6:46 am
lafayettelin may be sued over that college scandal. they're among 33 perpetrators who were arrested on conspiracy and fraud charges in a scheme to bribe their children's way into elite universities. the charges against the couple carry maximum sentences of 20 years each. we have new numbers on the job market. the labor department announced this morning that employers added just 75,000 jobs during the month of may. that was much less than expected. it does keep the unemployment rate at 3.6% and the markets are actually holding study on that news. barns and noble has reportedly reached a deal. minute has agreed to buy the book seller $683 million. barns and noble has been searching for a new owner after years of declining sales. also one of the largest book
6:47 am
sellers in the u.k.. the production company backed by former president barack obama and michelle obama. their company higher ground was formed last year to create content that entertains and inspires viewers. spotify says the multiyear agreement will cover podcast covering wide range topics around the world. obamas signed a deal with netflix last year. bart is one step closer to opening its new silicone valley extension. the 21-year-long project. the 6-month long process will allow a one way ticket is expected to cost 775. bart says the extension should open by the end of next year. tell me what you think
6:48 am
about this. walmart wants to deliver groceries right to your refrigerator. employees would bring food to your house, put them right in many your refrigerator when you're not home. the employees are going to wear a body camera so you can see what they're doing at all times when they're in your house. right now walmart plans to test this this in kansas city, pittsburgh, pennsylvania, and vero beach, florida. >> hmm that's a hard pass for me pam, back to you. >> no comment. >> sal you're heading off to livermore let's change subjects. hopefully you won't hit a lot of traffic. >> you know what i've been watching the traffic heading out to livermore from where we are. it's going to be fun. hope you can tune in at 9:00 to see us in livermore. let's go to 680. pleasanton you can see traffic
6:49 am
is going to be busy because of that crash it's blocking one lane. unusually slow here but this morning since it is lighter everywhere else you might be able to use 580 and then go 580 and then go 880. 880 a little slow in hayward. so far, that's a decent alternate. that's what i would do. or maybe you can get on the freeway. if if you can somehow make your way onto the freeway after andrati you'd be this much better shape. let's talk about 880 north and southbound in oakland that looks good and there are no problems here at the bay bridge it's already beginning to get just a little lighter and let me go back to the bay bridge. i wasn't quite done with that yet. can you see the traffic is busy. of look at the 880 ramp things look good and that's a sign of things getting lighter as the morning goes on. this is the cool before the warm. today will be nice. 60, 70s, low 80s. it's all avrm for this time of
6:50 am
year. really uniform on the lows. the lo in san francisco has stayed at 51 for three hours. there's a direct correlation there. mostly sunny. nice to mild to warment 60, 70s, and low 80s. starting saturday and topping out sunday or monday. right now monday looks to be the hottest day. right now this will include the coast and you folks in san francisco. i know you might want to plan ahead. it does look warm to hot. anything over 70 too hot for some. there's still an on shore breeze. can you see the air flow arrows are am copping out of the west southwest and that band of higher clouds is drifting over us for the mornings. 40s and 50s. the napa airport is 9 degrees cooler. oakland minus 6. andal month and black hawk at
6:51 am
48. look for a mostly sunny partly cloudy today but high pressure is on its way for the weekend. get ready. temperatures are on their way up and they'll continue to go up all throughout probably into monday. time is 6:51 there are many benefits having a college degree but it doesn't always mean an equal playing field in the work force. coming up in the next hour we'll tell you why the gender pay gap is worse if you have a bachelor's degree. >> and the warriors are getting the credit. we'll take you inside coming up. >> right now though, i want to take you outside. ♪ [ music ] ♪ a little music and we're live in sonoma. be careful crossing the street here okay. keep your eyes open. you're watching mornings on 2 on ktvu fox 2 news. now you can go. yeah.
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the 80s are back for a brief
6:55 am
moment in your life. >> you're flash dancing aren't you. >> yes, sir. 83 for this one and i want to thank our crews for coming in on the facebook rage and requesting this song. it's 80s and 90s today because of the temperatures this weekend. according to steve if there's a specso you want to hear i have just one more slot. i'm leaving a little early today to go out to livermore. you know this. hit me up on social media use the hashtag "ktvu". time is 6:55 a 27th horse has died at the santa anita race course. rescue attempts didn't work. the horse was euthanized. state lawmakers promise they're going to hold hearings about all this. organizers of the breeder's cup they're now considering moving november's event because of what's been happening with these
6:56 am
horses. well four hikers have been rescued from near the top of mount rainier. the hikers started climbing mount rainier in washington state last month. park officials got a distress call. the group's tent was damaged by strong winds. they were stranded at more than 13,000' up that mountain. crews were having a hard time getting to them because of the high winds and the rain. yesterday, the hikers were rescued by helicopter. they were taken to a hospital when there was a break in the weather. >> there were chunks of ice coming down about the size of bowling balls moving at great velocity they sustained some injuries and blunt trauma from the rocks hitting them. >> the helicopter ride and it just lands right behind us. >> last week a hiker died and two others were hurt in the rock
6:57 am
slide in that same area where these climbers. a protester interrupted amazon jeff bezos during an interview. when a woman from berkley ran onto the stage and started shouting about chicken farms. a spokesman for the group says the woman was protesting conditions at a california poultry farm that supplies amazon. security guards took her off the stage. jeff bezos was talking about satellites into space when that unidentified woman rushed the stage. 6:57 new research is showing how widespread plastic pollution is in the monterey bay. a study by the monterey bay aquarium research institute and the aquarium found that microplastics everywhere from the surface to the bottom of the
6:58 am
sea. they measure 5 millimeters or less. those plastics are eaten by smaller sea creatures which are then eaten by the bigger fish that we eat. >> if there's a silver lining to this this work, it's that 40% of the plastic polymers that we found are from a material called pe.t which is used in many single use berj and food containers. this is a problem we can solve. we simply don't have to use single-use plastics. >> the authors of a study say if if a protected area like monterey bay is swamped with high plastics taeks likely the world's oceans are littered with microplastics. the nba commissioner and members of the golden state warriors they're getting a big boost in breathing new life into an rec center in east oakland. alyana gomez takes us inside the ira jenkins recreation center.
6:59 am
>> i group up at a recreation center and i know how important that was to my growth as a person, as a basketball player. >> nba defensive player of the year and the heart and soul of the warriors draymond green with touching years at the nba care's learn and play zone encouraging to use this revamp center to strengthen their body and mind. >> as you go use those tablets, as you go use those computers you want to strengthen your mind during those things but the physical activity is what also will make your mind sharper. >> you should strive to be the very best in the world at what you do and by having this facility and having these incredible people as role models that's what will enable you to do it. >> the oakland center as the new tools to do it with a new kitchen, library and more. alyana gomez ktvu fox 2 news.
7:00 am
from ktvu fox 2 news , this is mornings on 2.>> good morning, thank you for joining us friday morning, june 7, i'm pam cook.>> and we are doing warriors colors. i'm dave clark, steve paulson, always cool, even when it gets hot outside. >> i don't know about this weekend, i might have to find some shade, but today is okay. a lot of high clouds coming er


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