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stick around but also a controversial witness is expected to take the stand today and the ghost ship warehouse trial in her testimony that could help clear the two men on trial. >> from ktvu fox 2 news this is mornings on 2 suck.>> thank you for joining us on monday morning june 10 i am pam cook. we have a heat advisor again across the bay area which has been extended through today and the hot weather has many people concerned about the possibility of a wildfire and walnut creek after a fire broke out in that area last summer.>> i am nervous with the wind because of the wildfires of course we had a fire not long ago that came close to our home and we had to evacuate so it is always a concern.>> is always on hot days it is important to stay hydrated, limit your exercise, provide shade and water for your pets because more hot weather is on the way. in fact rosemary will it be
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hotter today than yesterday?>> it will be hotter, you are right, we will go above 100 for some inland communities and today temperatures will peek along the coastline where we may get a bit of relief as the southerly surge begins to move towards the coastline. this is a look at sfo, san francisco this morning starting out at 74, never pulled off in the overnight santa rosa a nice drop for you though, upper 50s which is nice relief, upper 60s oakland, livermore and san jose. as we get into the 24 hour temperature change notice we are warmer by a lot in some areas, a word or hayward up by 11, all of this will continue to carry us into the afternoon and fairfield one of the only spots starting out a bit cooler
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with a like of wind compared yesterday morning. clouds moving through the bay area which may provide us with a beautiful sunrise and as we get to the afternoon we all have mostly clear skies and for today the heat advisory will remain in place until nine. it is very widespread. temperatures back into the 70s and 80s along the coastline, 80s and 90s around the bay and inland cities 90s and shades of pink indicate temperatures of 1000 plus i'll have a look at the numbers and show you the cooldown coming up in a bit, now let's jump onto the highways, morning sal >> rosemary good morning, off to a nice start this early monday morning however there is a problem in marin county, southbound 101 car turned over and unfortunately it turned into a fatal crash. you will see that traffic is going to be slow if you're driving in the area. please
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give yourself extra time but no major problems because two lanes are getting by and it is early in the morning but two lanes are taken away now the commute here in livermore valley, the altamont pass commute traffic still looking good over the altamont pass and approaching to tracy and the livermore super commute or excuse me, tracy super commute, no problems on interstate 880. traffic looks okay getting to the bay bridge. now back to the desk. calfire crews remain on the fire lines in the south bay this morning where the malik fire started in the hills east of downtown josi. ground crews and air tankers and helicopters were battled into battle the flames and the coyote ridge open space and that is an area popular with hikers but there's also a lot of electric transmission lines and two major gas transmission pipelines running through the
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hills >> those two lines are in the area of the fire, they are not in danger but they are checking to make sure there is not any damage>> the cause of the fire is still under investigation and santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez is hosting a town hall meeting tonight with a focus on preparing for wildfire season and that meeting will start at 6:30 pm at the foothill presbyterian church on mckee road in san jose the biggest fire burning in california right now is sand fire at yellow county just outside of the town of renzie dirty 5 miles northwest of woodland and 45 miles from the city of davis more than 300 people were ordered to evacuate the area near county road 41 and state highway 16. strong went has pushed the flames since the fire started saturday afternoon and calfire said they have not burned homes but at least seven buildings and barnes have burned so far,
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700 firefighters are battling the flames on the steep hills where high temperatures have dried out the grass. >> when the flame is coming up the hill it is already heating the product or the fuel ahead of it and when the wind pushes it that is making it worse and more difficult for us.>> no injuries have been reported so far and fire crews are focused on putting out the fire and protecting property. fire investigatorsstill do not know how the fire started two big california southern amusement parks are expected be reopened after teens have really shut down after wildfire yesterday and the flames are magic mountain and hurricane harbor just off interstate 5, park visitorssaid that smoke and ash covered them in the park told hundreds of guests to evacuate and when the fire crews began closing nearby roads they told guests to shelter in place near the back of the park and people say the fast-moving fire to them by surprise.>> the entire hill is
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black.>> nine people were taken to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation and the fire which is still burning in the hills north of magic mountain is now 50% contained for the latest weather conditions and details on the fires as well to or follow us on twitter and facebook as we will update the stories throughout the day. the chp is investigating a deadly crashing car fire on highway 101 that crash was reported at to 15 a.m. this morning in the southbound lanes in corte madera. one person was killed in a car crash, the car caught fire after the crash, but officers say they are not sure whether the victim was inside when it happened but the cause is under investigation hundreds of teachers in the new haven school district are
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expected to be back in the classroom today after ending their three-week strike the district and teachers finally reached a tentative agreement over the weekend and ratify the new contract yesterday and that deal calls for 3% pay raise retroactive to january 1, 2.5% bonus for the school year and a 1% increase starting july 1 and an additional 1% contingency based on school funding out of roughly 500 votes 60% of the teachers voted to pass that deal>> this or service for the next step in the whole journey of trying to get better treatment from the district so i am pleased with what came out of this. >> the district were saying 0% for so long and here we are at 7.5% they are offering it really goes to show they were trying to punish teachers all along. >> many teachers are saying the agreement is bittersweet and some parents are still going ahead with the recall effort against three of the school board members because of how the strike transpired put
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defense lawyers and the ghost ship warehouse style are accepted the call a woman to the sand today who claimed that she overheard a group of men talk about starting the deadly fire and lawyers for defendant max harris will be calling sharon evans to the stand to support their claim the 2016 fire was arson and the judge ruled last week that she will allow evans to testify, however, the judge also said some areas may be inadmissible hearsay. evans claims she was in east oakland the night of the fire and heard the men saying the way that we put the wood there they will never get out. president trump says he is confident that mexico will follow through on promises to stem the flow of central american migrants to the us and he said if not he will go back to the plan of imposing tariffs mexican and us negotiators were able to reach a deal to head off the 5% tax on mexican goods the president threatened to
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impose starting today and under the terms of the deal starting today mexico will send 6000 national guard troops to its southern border with guatemala where many several americans cross into mexico on their way to the us. >> if they do what they promised to do with this agreement is a game changer and we will see this issue reduced.>> migrants who apply for asylum in the us will now remain in mexico while those claims are being processed. the warriors are in toronto for game five, the raptors clinched the first title in franchise history when they host the warriors tonight if they win. kevin durant briefly practiced yesterday at is listed as questionable for tonight's game, he has not played in about one month due to the strained right calf. his teammates say they are feeling, about tonight's game despite having their backs against the wall. >> you will see a resilient team, we have had our backs against the wall before with this same group and last year
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we were down 3-2 and obviously it is more daunting being down 3-1 but we usually respond best like this. >> we just need to win one basketball game and take it from there and if we focus on that mission from our history speaks for itself in terms of being able to get that done, when one basketball game and we will worry about the rest. >> the warriors are 7-2 on the road during the playoffs and closed out the clippers, rockets and trailblazers with road victories and if the warriors went tonight came six is in oakland thursday night and tonight's game starts at 6 pm in the warriors are hosting a watch party again at oracle arena with $20 tickets, proceeds of that going to charity and the warriors and game entertainment team will be there along with regular game night concessions and merchandise it should be something else tonight.>> space
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tourism is soon to be an option, the announcement by nasa on how soon passengers can hitch a ride to the international space station and the price tag for that trip. plus the giants and the dodgers can add another chapter to the heated rivalry and the tents moments involving the giants pitcher madison bumgarner>> could morning we have traffic moving along pretty well if you're driving on most area commutes including the bay bridge will tell you more coming up. >> and seasonably hot weather will continue through the bay area as we get into monday afternoon and i will have a look at the current conditions, what to expect for today and when the cooling trend will kick in coming up.
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2 two. we are waiting to learn the identity of a man who drowned in livermore this weekend at the lake, east bay regional park said the man and his friends rented a boat saturday night and were about 1 mile from the marina and deepwater when the man took off his lifejacket and jumped into the water and was not seen again. one lifeguard and divers tried
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to search for him but were unable to find his body until lately yesterday. the search continues this morning for the pilot of a private plane that crashed into the delta last night, a boater called the coast guard to say the plane went down in the water north of pittsburgh around 5:30 pm a site and some debris has been recovered and search teams have found a backpack with aeronautical charts but the main wreckage is still underwater. the plane had been rented from a flight school at the concord airport and officials believe the pilot was the only person on board. if you have not made your vacation plans for next year considered the international space station. nasa has now officially gotten into the space tourism business and is expected to open up the station for guests and nasa says two people will be allowed per year and they can stay up to 30 days in space agency set a price for housing and meal costs. >> it will be roughly $35,000 a night per astronaut but it will not come with any hilton or marriott points. >> that is just the cost for the accommodations on the space station, boeing and spacex are still figure out what they will charge to take you to the international space station.
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the us has been paying russia more than $74 million for each american astronaut who makes the round-trip since the space shuttle was retired in 2011.>> 4:15 am,, if you had $70 million would you take a trip to the international space station sal ?>> no but i would you earthly things good morning everyone and pam, now let's look at this commute, the gilmore commute southbound 101 traffic, it looks like may picture may have frozen. southbound 101 and corte madera there is the crash where the vehicle ran off the road and caught fire and unfortunately one person did diane this crash and they are still doing this investigation, southbound 101 as you drive down towards corte madera and i do want to mention the drive is going to be
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affected because to left lanes are taken away but it is still early enough in the investigation there we are, central marin fire so that investigation and they are still trying to wrap it up. if it is there for much longer it will start affecting the commute. let's talk about the gilroy commute to san jose, it looks all right getting up into san jose with no major issues in morgan hill all the way up into the west valley, most commutes are doing well and here's the bay bridge and it is light now let's get over to rosemary.>> thank you so much sal, fair skies overhead this morning, temperatures ranging from the upper 50s in the north bay to the mid-seventies in downtown san francisco. the warm air will continue and in fact today is expected to be the hottest day and right along the coastline we may begin to fill a trickle of the onshore breeze through the afternoon. as we know timing is a very big deal when it comes to the
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onshore breeze. today we are going for that 80s and 90s along the coastline, around the bay mid-90s, inland cities will continue to warm up as well. low 100s expected for the harder areas today. with that a heat advisory in place until 9 pm tonight for everybody except the coastline and except for the hills, so the north bay and east bay and out to the south bay and even san francisco on the west edge, areas like ocean beach and sunset district you are included as well it includes widespread over the sacramento and san joaquin valley areas today again expected to be the hottest day generally light wind, calm conditions sfo and mountain view, northeast breeze in hayward around 5 mph so they have died down considerably which has allowed for the red flag warning over the north bay hills to expire we are with
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another spare the air day though as we feel smoke coming our way from the fires burning in the north, right now 58 in santa rosa, take a look at downtown san francisco, 74, 7471 concord. for the afternoon one for the east bay 90s in oakland and low 100's for antioch for the south bay 100 san jose and 93 by the water at santa cruz and for the peninsula 98 redwood city and a very warm 86 in san francisco. sfo and temperance cisco titer broke records yesterday but now temperatures drop off tomorrow but still very warm. a little better going into wednesday through friday. low 90s and the forecast for inland cities instead of low 100 we will continue that trend into the weekend. 4:19 am, we would like to remind you to download the ktvu weather app and not just for the rain but heat as well, we
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have interactive radar and hourly updates of the seven day forecast also an easy feature to upload your weather photos and video and it is a free download. massive protests in hong kong, coming up the controversial bill that drew hundreds of thousands of people to the street and also the for your weight is almost over and the us women's soccer team is returning to action in the world cup and here's a reason the players believe they have an advantage this year.
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welcome back to mornings on two . the world cup for women is underway in france and team usa when the last world cup and it is the favorite for this year and ktvu's scott reese has more.>>reporter: it has been a long time coming. four years to be exact but now it is world cup game on for team usa.>> the players are excited and we are excited and a fantastic atmosphere we feel building.>> it is an excitement we have expressed before, the the us has 3 cup titles to its credit and never failed to reach the tournament semifinals>> i hope that will stay the same, how successful the team is on the field and this program has always had that, that has been at the core of everything we do.
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>> we have players who can obviously play multiple positions, a lot of quality players coming off the bench, we have it all and will be ultimately up to us to go over there and get it done and it is exciting to put it all together.>> being the age i am i feel i am on my way up still so i'm looking forward to this tournament and making a mark in the way that i really want to.>> expect to see a whole lot of great goals over the next month as team usa expects to augment its world legacy and no question this group is supremely motivated to do just that and for all the right reasons been >> i love being around this team and playing at the highest level and that is why i show up everyday. >> we are delighted we are healthy and we're ready to get this thing going and it will be a remarkable world cup and think the level of competition from the last one has exponentially increased. the different teams now rising from it will be a very open
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world cup and we are excited to go out and attack it did>> house that is this version of team usa? 2015 hero and all-time great carli lloyd will come off the beach or bench and if you're looking for x factor keep your eye on alex morgan, the us has never lost a game in which she has scored a goal. scott reese ktvu fox two new>> do not forget we are your home for everything world cup and will air many matches including the us versus thailand tomorrow morning and our coverage starts at many matches including the us versus thailand tomorrow morning and our coverage starts at 8:30 am and when soccer is live on ktvu you can still catch local news on ktvu plus including mornings on two tomorrow morning and we live stream on the oakland a's continue their road trip in tampa florida, they wrapped up a road trip in texas yesterday afternoon and former giant hunter pen place for the
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rangers and had a nice grab in the first inning the a's offense was firing on all centers and cylinders, not olsen and chris davis both hit home runs to put the team up 8- 0 and texas came back stealing home plate for the rent, but they had a 9-8 went on sunday and this afternoon's game starts at 4:10 pm. the giants have a day off before starting this is a guest padres, madison bumgarner had a home run in the first inning had words to say with max muncy who took a little too long admiring his for two for 26 foot homer and the two kept yelling at each other but it did not escalate beyond that. after that hit was a pitching to all the rest of the game and no team scored again, the giants lost 1-0 and here is what muncy had to say after the game. >> i hit the ball and he yelled at me and he said do not watch the ball, you run and i responded back, if you don't want me to go get out of the ocean that he kept mouthing
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off. he was fired up about it. i do not hope it turns into something because i do not want on my shoulders.>> a lot of people on the social media making fun of that and the ocean is actually the bay and they do host the padres tomorrow night former major league baseball star ambushed and shot in the dominican republic, coming up what we are learning about the condition of david ortiz this morning after being rushed into surgery did>> big changes in the democratic race, we will have new polling numbers and it will have a lot of folks surprised this morning.>> good morning we do have traffic affected in marin county by a major crash but the rest of the commute looks pretty good if you are driving across the bridges. >> your record temperatures expected once again today and in fact inland cities to peek
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in the low 100 that i'll have details on what you can expect for your neighborhood coming up.
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>> thank you for joining us for here on mornings on two, monday morning june 10 i am pam cook and i hate to tell you that it is going to be hotter today than yesterday for most of us. rosemary is here to give us the news. the fire danger is intense. >> yes it is, and it is very dry and the wind fortunately has calmed down so the red flag warning has expired but very height at the hot. so getting into the afternoon for today so please be aware of it but be aware of how you feel because a heat advisory is in place for the possibility of heat illness here is a look at


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