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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  June 10, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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and reaching into the low 100 today and those temperatures to peak today and they drop off tomorrow. we do have to get through today so just be aware of it, heat advisories for the bayside communities as well as inland going through 9 pm tonight it does exclude most of the coast but even the coasts will be warm once again with 80s and the 90s expected over areas of santa cruz. here is a look at sfo which broke a record yesterday and downtown san francisco tied a record yesterday, 74 right now in downtown san francisco, oakland at 70, upper 60s in livermore and san jose and oakland also broke records yesterday, santa rosa at 57 which is one of the cooler spots this morning the breezes have died down, we still have the offshore flow but because the breezes of died down especially in the hills there is no red flag warning. a lot warmer this morning, up by 12 at oakland and 11 at half moon bay. we have clouds overhead and they continue to sweep across
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the bay area with a heat advisory until this evening, bay area wide, it includes the sacramento and san joaquin valley's is a look at the afternoon highs, 86 san francisco, 92 at oakland and 105 in livermore i will have a look at the cooling trend and extended forecast coming up in a little bit and how are the highways this morning sal ?>> rosemary right now things are doing pretty well i do have one thing i want to tell you about and that is a deadly crash that happened early this morning. on 101 southbound, this is a video from a little while ago and the scene has been there for hours although they are making progress in getting the lanes (southbound 101, there was someone clearly distraught who is also somehow involved, southbound 101, the activity is confined to the right shoulder.
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moving along, looking at westbound 580, slow traffic on the altamonte pass and 205 and 580 starting slow, coming in to livermore looks alright and into haywood traffic moving along okay if you're driving on interstate traffic moving along okay if you're driving on interstate 880 and no problems at the bay bridge but we are filled in a little early westbound, 50 to a.m. to a.m. >> hot day around the bay area, a heat advisory this weekend extended three today and cristina rendon you are in walnut creek and temperatures are expected to hit 100, good morning. 4 good morning to you and if you thought sunday was hot get ready because today will be even hotter and we're live at walnut creek, just outside the bank, only 50 to a.m. and it is already 70.
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walnut creek, concord, antioch, brentwood, all places that will be toasty and a heat advisory is in effect from 10 am until 9 pm today, near record heat being forecasted with temperatures ranging from 95 up to 105 and officials say the hot weather is not only a big deal for the fire risk but it also lead to heat related illnesses like heat exhaustion and heatstroke young children and the elderly and those without air-conditioning are burnable and those who work outside like this woman who is a driver for fedex. >> we have to keep our doors open and stay hydrated and keep our coolers start with water and keep on moving because it is very not bearable.>> so a spare the air alert is in effect for today and the bay area air quality management district said high temps and light when mixed with the exhaust from cars can all cause
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unhealthy air quality so you're asked to find an alternative to driving alone to reduce air pollution and back out here live you see it is 70 this morning at walnut creek and it is only 5 am so a big segue for today is have that water handy, drink plenty of fluids and stay in the air-conditioning if possible out of the sun and if you have to be in the sun where your sunscreen. cal fire crews remain on the fire lines in the south bay this morning where the malik fire started in the hills east of downtown san jose and ground crews, air tankers and helicopters were called in to battle the flames in the coyote ridge open space and that fire is now 70% contained and has burned across 210 acres and the area is popular with hikers but there are also many electric transmission lines and two major gas transmission pipeline through the hills. >> those lines are in the area of the fire but they are not in
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danger and they are still checking to make sure there is not any damage.>> the cause of the fire is still under investigation and santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez is hosting a town hall meeting tonight where they will focus on repairing for wildfire season and that meeting will start at 6:30 pm at the foothill presbyterian church on mckee road in san jose the biggest fire burning in northern california right now is the sand fire in yolo county outside of the town of rumsey 35 miles northwest of woodland and 45 miles from the city of davis. more than 300 people were ordered to evacuate from the area near county road 41 and state highway 16 as a strong wind pushed the flames since they started saturday afternoon and cal fire said 3.5 mi.2 have burned it but so far no homes have been 700 firefighters are battling the fire on the steep hills where hot weather dried out the graphs. >> when the flame is coming up
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the hill it is heating the product or the fuel ahead of it and when the wind pushes it that makes it worse and that is what makes it more difficult. >> no injuries have been reported at this point and fire crews are focused on putting out the flames and protecting property but still no word on how it started. two big california amusement parks are expected to be reopened after temporarily being shut down by a wildfire which started near magic mountain and hurricane harbor off interstate 5 park visitors say that smoke and ash covered them and the park told him to evacuate when fire crews began closing nearby roads people at the shelter in place near the back of the park and people said fast-moving fire took them by surprise>> that entire hill is now lack.>> there is a big cloud of smoke>> nine were taken to the hospital for treatment of smoke inhalation
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and that fire is still burning in the hills north of magic mountain and it is now about 50% contained. for the latest weather conditions and details on the fires visit our website and will update our twitter and facebook pages throughout the day. hundreds of teachers in the new haven school district are expected to be back in the classroom today after ending their three-week strike. the school district and teachers reached a tentative agreement over the weekend and ratify the new contract yesterday. the deal calls for 3% pay raise retroactive to january 1, a 2.5% bonus for the current school year, 1% increase starting july 1, an additional 1% contingency based on school funding as well and out of roughly 500 votes 60% of teachers voted to pass. >> the yes vote will service of the next set of this whole journey of getting better treatment for the district so i am pleased with what came out.>> the district was with that is all along they were saying 0% for so long and here
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we are at 7 1/2% they are offering it really goes to show they were just trying to punish teachers all along.>> many teachers are saying the agreement is bittersweet and some parents are still going ahead with the recall effort against three of the school board members because of how the strike transpired but defense lawyers and oakland's ghost ship warehouse fire is expected to call a woman to the witness stand today who claims she overheard a group of men talk about starting that deadly fire and lawyers for defendant max harris will call sharon evans to the stand to try to support their claim the deadly 2016 warehouse fire was arson last week the judge ruled she will allow evans to testify, however, the judge said some areas may be inadmissible hearsay. sharon evans she was in east oakland the night of the fire and heard the men think the way we put the wood there they will never get out.
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mexican and us negotiators were able to reach a deal to head off the 5% tax on mexican goods that president trump had threatened to impose starting today and under the terms of the deal starting today mexico will send 6000 national guard troops to its southern border with guatemala where many federal americans cross into mexico on their way to the us. >> if they do what they promised to do with this agreement it is a game changer and we will see this issue reduced. >> migrants who apply for asylum in the us will now remain in mexico while their claims are being processed. the warriors are in toronto for game five of the nba finals and the toronto raptors can clinch their first title in franchise history tonight when they host the warriors and in the meantime kevin durant practiced yesterday and is listed as questionable for tonight's game that he hasn't
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played in more than a month after straining his right calf and his teammates say they are confident about tonight's game even though their backs are against the wall. >> you will see a resilient warrior team and we have had our backs against the wall before with this same group and last year we were down 3-2 and obviously this is a little more daunting being down 3-1. but one we have our backs against the wall we respond the best. >> if you can just when one basketball game you take it from there and if we focus on that mission our history speaks for itself in terms of being able to get that done. when one basketball game and then we will worry about the rest. >> the warriors are seven and two on the road and they close out the clippers, rockets and trailblazers with wins on the road and if the warriors win tonight game six is in oakland thursday night and tonight's game starts at 6 pm the warriors are hosting a watch
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party tonight at the oracle arena and tickets are $25, part of it goes to charity, the whole warriors and game entertainment team will be there along with the regular game night concessions and merchandise. space tourism will soon be an option been coming up, the announcement by nasa on how soon passengers will be able to hitch a ride to the international space station and the price tag. and the giants and dodgers can add another chapter to their hot rivalry and the very tense moments involving pitcher madison bumgarner.>> good morning, we do have traffic moving along pretty well around the bay area and here at the macarthur maze, when you get to the bay bridge we have a backup . >> and the heat advisory continues for the bay area monday as afternoon highs are expected to be anywhere from 10 to 200 above the seasonal average and i will have a look at what you can expect today and the rest of the week coming up. dale's little girl is heading to college.
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>> welcome back, it is 5:14 am and we went to find out the name of a man who drowned this weekend in livermore, park police say the man and his friend rented a boat saturday night and were about 1 mile from the marina and deep water when the man took off his lifejacket, jumped into the water and was never seen again a lifeguard and a diver search for him but they did not find
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his body and so you or until yesterday. the search engine is this one for the pilot of a private plane that crashed into the delta last night, a boater called the coast guard around 5:30 pm yesterday and debris has been recovered and search teams found a backpack with chart in it but the main wreckage is underwater and the plane had been rented from a flight school at the concord airport and officials believe the pilot was the only person on board if you have not made vacation plans for next year there is a new option go to the international space station nasa is officially in the space tourism business and expects to open up the space station for guests nasa says two people will be allowed per year and you can stay up to 30 days and nasa set the price for housing and meal costs.>> it will be roughly $35,000 per night per astronaut but it will not come with any hilton or marriott
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points.>> and that is just the price for the accommodations on the space station, boeing and spacex are so figure out what they will charge to take space tourists to the space station and the united states has been paying russia more than $74 million for each american astronaut who makes the round- trip since the space shuttle was retired in 2011 the volcano on sumatra island in indonesia is on red alert this morning after erupting over the weekend yesterday is sent house of ash and smoke more than 4 miles into the air and so far no reports of damage or casualties but officials say there could be more eruptions and people living near the volcano are being urged to wear masks because of the ash in the air and say at least 3 miles away from the volcano people as we know in the past sometimes those do affect flight. we will keep an eye on that.
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and we have sal keeping an eye on the commute and there has been bad things already in the commute .>> that is right dave, southbound 101 the accident in marin is cleared and we will look at 101 in different parts, gilroy and san jose and the gilroy super can looks good but slowing on morgan hill on northbound 101, when you get to san jose it looks pretty good but some commutes are off to an early start like the bay bridge this was slow just after five meaning traffic coming around the macarthur maze will be slower than usual that we do not have a huge backup on the ramp from 880 so we will see, even though we started early we may not have the volume, here it is june and this ramp is usually backed up a little more but not right now hopefully will stay that way.>> what a beautiful shot with the clouds overhead this morning sal and off to a very mild start, even
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warm in some areas and temperatures once again flirting with records and as we get into the afternoon here's a look at the advisories in place it is a spare the air debris area wide and a heat advisory until 9 pm tonight it does exclude most of the coastline although areas like pacifica low 80s once again today, 90s around the bay and inland committees to be hotter at low 100th in some areas like antioch and concord and livermore expected to hit 105. i hear the clouds we just saw a moment ago moving through the bay area we have the offshore breeze although it is left up in the hills so the red flag warning expired and that was put into place late friday 65 in novato and so a relatively mild start, but warm in downtown san francisco at 73, oakland at 70, upper 60s to start your morning at concord and livermore, 70 over areas of brentwood so chances are you
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are feeling it especially if you do not have a seat afternoon highs 100 in santa rosa which could tie or break a record, sausalito at 90 and for the east bay shore like oakland in the downtown area likely to tie or break a record at 92, 100 at danville and 100 54 livermore south bay, san jose may break a record today at 100, also 100 saratoga, another 11 and the peninsula, mid to upper 90s, 98 redwood city, 86 in san francisco, 20 from tying a record for the afternoon today, sfo and san francisco either tied or broke records yesterday. getting into the bay area tuesday will drop area temperatures but 99 inland is only barely better and as we get into wednesday and thursday low 90s, we carry that trend all the way into the weekend, low 60s at the coast and low 80s at the bay and low 90s
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inland. hong kong dealing with huge protests and coming up the controversial bill that led to protests by hundreds of thousands of people also the weight is almost over, the us women's soccer team will play in the world cup and we will tell you why the players think they have an advantage this year. we're the slowskys.
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2, hokies nhl stanley cup finals will have a game seven, last night the st. louis blues and their hometown fans in a three-game to two lead in the series but the bruins pushed past and they scored first in game six in boston held a 1-0 lead into the third event scored four more times to win 5- 1.>> we were able to rely on everyone tonight and you know we came through but we have got to do it again next week. >> ultimately that is what you need to win.>> game seven is wednesday night in boston and if the bruins win it will be there seven stanley cup and their team history and the st. louis blues hope they can make history by winning their first stanley cup since they joined the nhl in 1967. the women's world cup soccer has begun in france and team usa one the last world cup
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it is the favorite to win this year as well and there are plenty of bay area ties to the steam, alex morgan was a star and her four years at cal, kristin press and kelly o'hara had memorable college careers for stanford and all of that star power has the team poised for another big run this year in france now ktvu fox two home for all things world cup will broadcast many of the matches including the us versus thailand tomorrow morning and the coverage begins at 8:30 am. when soccer is live on ktvu get all of your local news on ktvu plus and we live stream news on the oakland a's continue their road trip in tampa florida against the rays now the a's wrapped up a road trip in texas yesterday and former giant, your mentor or do you remember hunter pence? he plays for the rangers, look at that catch.
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now the a's offense was firing on all sandal cylinders, matt olsen and chris davis hit homers and put the a's up 8-0 and texas then steals home plate for the run but the a's flip the series with a 9-8 win on sunday. now this afternoon's game will start at 4:10 pm. the san francisco giants had the day off before they start their series against the padres and sunday's game featured fire with the dodgers and how and madison bumgarner allowed a splash homer in the first inning and that he had words with max muncy and he took a little too long enjoying that 400 max muncy and he took a little too long enjoying that 402 six home run and the two just kept yelling at each other and it did not escalate beyond that and after that it was a pitching duel the rest of the game and neither team was corrigan and the giants lost 1- 0. here is what muncy said after the game.>> well i hit
5:26 am
the ball and he yelled at manny's i do not watch the ball, you run and i taunted back if you do not want me to watch the ball i can get it out of the ocean. >> you are laughing about it a little bit but are you softening at all?>> no. i will not make that mistake>> the giants have the day off and they will be hosting the padres tomorrow night. we hope you will join us later this afternoon when rupaul's new talkshow from years right here on ktvu. rupaul recently came to our studios talking about how the new talkshow is a continuation of many of his conversations on rupaul's drag race>> on drag race we talk about fun things come superficial things, but there are a lot of heavy topics that we deal with on drag race and i feel we are teaching a new audience how to have those conversations without it being such a downer.>> now rupaul's guest on today's premier show
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is james gordon who just posted last night tony awards and jonathan and drew scott the property brothers the show airs at two the show airs at 2 pm on ktvu and again at 3 pm on ktvu plus. bigstory this morning, i former maj. league baseball star ambushed and shot in the dominican republic, the very latest on the condition of david ortiz this morning after he was rushed into surgery.>> some big changes in the democratic race, i am doug luzader in washington and we will have new polling numbers that will have a lot of folks surprise this morning .>> good morning, we do have traffic that is busy on monday especially at the bay bridge but other bridges are looking good the golden gate whose commute looks fine.
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>> outside the doors today temperatures near record highs once again and i love the look of the current conditions and what you can expect for the rest of today and the rest of the week coming up. yes. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less.
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exactly what you need... yes. ...for your growing family? that's yes for less. everything your pet needs at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. >> good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2 monday, june 10 i am dave clark. >> good morning i am pam cook and thank you for joining us, get ready because it is supposed to be hotter, rosemary orozco is in for steve, but the
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breezes are down. >> yes they are down considerably in the hills so the red flag expired yesterday which is good news. but very hot and dry for the afternoon and inland areas expected to be warmer, around the base similar and along the coastline we may begin to fill a shift as we get into the late afternoon and early evening hours with the bigger cooldown tomorrow. now here's a look at sfo and san francisco starting out at 74. both either title broke a record yesterday and san francisco typically in the 60s, we will be back into the upper 80s to low 90s now santa rosa we have 57, oakland mild at 70 come upper 60s over areas of san jose and livermore, now looking at the 24 hour temperature change almost everybody up from yesterday, half moon bay by 11 and oakland by 12 and concord by 10 fairfield dropped off by 10 and
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in the south bay 100 warmer this morning in san jose and if you look outside your window you may have noticed the cloud cover providing a beautiful sunrise and we are with partly cloudy skies and into the afternoon it will be mostly clear and it is another spare the air day been we also have a heat advisory in place so just like yesterday be careful, take care of your little ones and your pets, make sure they are hydrated. 86 the afternoon high for san francisco and right now the standing record at 88, 95 in san rafael, 100 for san jose also flirting with a record in fact likely to tie or break several records today. temperature small off as early as tomorrow and i will have the extended forecast coming up, good morning sal .>> good morning rosemary, if you do not want to drive home in this hot weather you may not want to drive to work, right now traffic is going to be a little
5:33 am
slow on the solano commutes, the solano county super commute to be exact, fairfield and alejo no major issues, 37 a little slow going over to sonoma and cell phone 680 concord to one greek or walnut creek looking good. the bay bridge is backed up and the silicon valley commute right now looking pretty good and to sunnyvale and cupertino if you want to get a jump, let's go back to the desk. this morning one person has died after a single car crash on highway 101 in marin county this morning around two 215 21 5 am. that car crash happened and it burst into flames and police have not said what led to the crash and the freeway opened fully at around 5 am fire crews are battling a wildfire in the coyote ridge space is of san jose and the
5:34 am
malik fire is now 70% contained and has burned 200 acres and we are expecting an update on the numbers in just a few hours, no reports of any injuries and the cause of the fire remains under investigation the biggest fire though in northern california is in yolo county which has burned 3 1/2 mi.2 and it is only 20% contained. 300 have been evacuated from the area around rumsey is a small community 35 miles northwest of davis, no reports of injuries or homes threatened . for the latest weather conditions and details on the fires go to our website or follow our twitter and facebook pages for updates. a mural of oscar grant on display at oakland fruitvale bart station and 22-year-old oscar grant was shot and killed by a bart police officer on new year's day 10 years ago. that mural is under the bart platform where oscar grant lost his life and a street near to the station was also officially named oscar grant way. bart
5:35 am
worked closely with the family of oscar grant to create this mural and coming up later this morning on the nine wanda johnson, his mother, will be in studio with us talking about the new mural for oscar grant. also today the house judiciary committee is holding a hearing called lessons from the mueller report, former white house counsel john dean is among those scheduled to testify. he worked for pres. nixon and was connected to the watergate coverup. house democrats expecting to tell them why he leaves that president trump allegation obstruction of justice .>> it is not just about this president but about future presidents and how they regard the responsible to an office and the american people expect us to hold this president accountable and to follow facts wherever they lead us and the impeachment decision will be decided by the fact house republicans called today's hearing a political stunt at the house will also likely vote on a resolution this week holding the attorney
5:36 am
general william barr and contempt of congress.>> there is a new poll of the democratic presidential candidates showing former vp joe biden losing some support as other presidential candidates are gaining support. doug luzader joins us live from washington with the latest on the shifting prospects. good morning doug. 4 good morning, we see the numbers leveling off somewhat as iowa gets a lot of attention joe biden is down, pete buttigieg and elizabeth warren are up which are the big headlines out of iowa. iowa has a habit of throwing curveballs and that is why so many democratic candidates were there over the weekend. take a look at this new cnn des moines register poll, first joe biden had 24% is still leading the pack about back in december the same poll had him at 32%. sen. elizabeth warren is on the rise
5:37 am
with a surprising 15% as often indiana mayor pete buttigieg just behind at 14%. beto o'rourke on the other hand seeming to struggle and he was once seen as a formidable contender and is now at the back of the pack but he says the polls only tell so much.>> i do not know this many months out from the caucuses in iowa that these polls indicate what our prospects are. >> real change never comes easy . >> sen. bernie sanders still in a very strong second place but anything could happen in iowa and it is the state gave barack obama his big surge back in 2008 and while current democratic front-runner joe biden wasn't there over the weekend he will be in iowa tomorrow. and these polls become increasingly important as qualifiers for the first democratic debates. back to you. >> thank you doug. and the visit of president trump to iowa tomorrow will include a stop at the ethanol
5:38 am
plant which he will announce his administration's easing of restrictions and in the past federal regulations require the percentage of ethanol and gasoline to be reduced from 15% to 10% in the summer months but the president has approved allowing 15% ethanol use year- round which is a move which could boost corn prices for farmers who have since sales of their products to try to decline because of tariffs in hong kong hundreds of thousands of protesters marched through the streets protesting new legislation which would allow people to be extradited to mainland china to face charges. this week the government plans to bring that bill to the full legislature and critics say it would send suspects from hong kong to the mainland chinese system where there is no transparency or protection for those who may be wrongly accused. the police estimated that crowd of protesters at 240, 000 but the organizers say that more than 1 million took part. the chief executive of hong kong says the extradition law will go ahead and will uphold
5:39 am
justice. a terrifying scene in downtown dallas when a crane collapsed onto an apartment building and killed one person one witness happened to be recording the moment the crane came cashing down and crews found the body of a woman inside the apartment building after that crane tore through the side of the building.>> i saw people hanging out of their windows trying to get out and bleeding. someone said they cannot find their fianci as someone else said their husband was stuck or something. >> the crane is from a seller and renter of construction cranes based in san leandro. former boston red sox superstar david ortiz is resting in the hospital now after being rushed into surgery after being ambushed, shot in the dominican republic. espn said david ortiz was shot in the lower back, the board went through and came out of his stomach and police say that
5:40 am
ortiz was in a bar when a man approached him from behind and shot him. the gunman is now in custody after being captured and beaten by a crowd of people david ortiz is 43 and he spent 20 years in the big leagues including 14 of them with a boston red sox another tourist has died after becoming suddenly and critically ill at a resort in the dominican republic. family members say 67-year-old robert wallace of california became sick april 11 almost immediately after he had a drink from the minibar in his hotel room at the hard rock hotel. the cause of death hasn't been released and the hotel has made no comment. three other americans died in the same area last month, dominican authorities have said autopsies indicated all three indicated death of natural causes pride month festivities are often running up next the
5:41 am
reason members of the lgbtq community protested against this year's parade in sacramento. lawmakers are releasing new numbers about the deaths and illnesses related to the toxins at ground zero in new york and up next we will show you how there is a new push for more money for 9/11 victims. >> good morning we do seem to have some slow traffic especially approaching the bay bridge, a couple of stalled vehicles, nothing serious but we are off to a slow start this morning.>> and record-breaking heat on tap once again for your bay area monday and we will have the current conditions, show you what to expect for today and a cooling trend in the extended forecast coming up.
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5:44 am
weekend with a parade through downtown but some members of the lgbtq community protested the event because of who was allowed to march in the parade. the protesters were upset that event organizers allowed uniformed police officers to take art and the lgbtq center board of directors of vande police officers for marching uniform at the parade because of the stonewall riots. >> they are fundamentally disinterested in protecting you or me and they are only interested in protecting the corporate powers that be. it is important to remember our history and our history but what are we going to do for tomorrow at the same time and how do we get through that to make tomorrow better for people it was not so good for the past. >> organizers reversed their decision in exchange for several lgbtq outreach initiatives by police included adding a community advisory committee, new officer training, community forums and a new liaison. the la pride parade was televised for the first time
5:45 am
ever about 140 floats as well as dozens of groups and organizations march the nearly 2 mile stretch of santa monica blvd. yesterday at west hollywood and this is one of the largest three celebrations in the country is hundreds of thousands of people lined up parade route. and san francisco's getting ready for its pride celebration later this month and that two day event is saturday, june 29 until sunday, june 30 and this year's theme is generations of resistance. the festivities culminate sunday with the parade down market street and that if it's 100,000 people. the san jose city council ban>> a final public hearing on next year's proposed budget and the mayor has proposed a $4.3 billion budget for the 2019/2020 fiscal year and it calls for the city to do more to address housing for low and middle income ranges and the mayor's budget message will also bring back police patrols and other public safety
5:46 am
initiatives. the city council will vote on that budget proposal tomorrow. the mayor will join us on mornings on 2 to talk about his vision for the city, the mayor proposing to expand the city's program that employs homeless people to pick up trash and he will talk about that when he joins us live at around 8:45 am this morning. the union that represents workers at kaiser permanente has called off a strike though there is still no agreement on a new contact. more than 4000 healthcare professionals are set to construct tuesday and more than 1200 of them work at facilities in the bay area and the union says it is making progress in the negotiations with kaiser but the union told workers to reject kaiser's most recent offer if negotiators do not return to the bargaining table. the group has been without a contract since september and they went on a five-day strike in december. there is a restaurant in fresno offering free pizza to customers who can make it through their meal without checking their cell phone, it
5:47 am
is the curry pizza company and they are calling this the talk to each other discount and to qualify everybody at the table has to turn off their phones which will be safely locked away in if they can make it through the whole meal they will get a free large pizza for the next visit. you can also have the option to donate your free pizza to anyone in need in downtown fresno. the restaurant said they have already given away at least 50 pieces so far. >> a spare the air alert is in effect for the bay area and the heat and lighter went to keep unhealthy air lingering, people are urged to drive less and exercise only in the early morning and no would morning and no wood-burning today. take public transportation if you can. >> hey sal have you fixed everything for the folks ? >> i am trying to dave but i have noticed we have a big backup at the bay bridge. now i am looking at the bay bridge and for some reason it got really heavy really quickly.
5:48 am
we do have traffic on the 880 ramp that things are starting to get better and this lane is beginning to and there was a stalled vehicle on the bridge but it did not last too long traffic on the slow side this morning. if you're driving on the e. shore freeway a 24 minute drive from the bridge to the macarthur maze which is not too bad and when you look at some of these other commutes, highway for his slow out of pittsburgh towards concord and the rest of the state commute off to a decent start with flowing in hayward. filling in for steve today is my friend rosemary.>> thank you very much my friend sal , happy monday and we have another hot one our inland communities will be into the 100s today, 10 to 20 above the seasonal average, and with that the heat advisory continues today as well. looking at the shade of orange north bay and east bay and onto the south bay, it does exclude
5:49 am
the hills and most of the coast although if you look really closely you can see the west edge of san francisco included. ocean beach and for those right along the sunset district you will not get any relief today. temperatures back into the 80s for the coast and 90s around the bay, 105 expected for livermore. here's a look at some of the cloud cover this morning, mid and high-level clouds across the bay area and a beautiful sunrise, we have the north and northeast flow which will continue to keep us dry and warm and the fog will not return, at least not until perhaps late tonight into tomorrow were we do begin to see a switch. today temperatures should peak and it is already mile from downtown san francisco reporting 73, 77 in areas of berkeley, upper 60s livermore, concord, we have 58 at napa and 57 at santa rosa, a couple of the cooler spots. here's a look at some of the
5:50 am
forecasted highs and the current record, santa rosa expected to tie a record today, san francisco will get close, oakland you're looking at tying or breaking a record or at least the open airport mountain view to tie a record and san jose 101 the current record so if you hit that today you will also tie. tonight or today 96 petaluma, for many of these temperatures similar to yesterday, 90 at alameda, 104 at brentwood and for the south bay 103 at morgan hill, by the water at santa cruz hot 93 and the peninsula, 95 at woodside 86 for san francisco and 80s for pacifica and half moon bay the extended forecast temperatures do begin to drop tomorrow is still very warm around the bay and inland. but into wednesday even better and then we remain right about
5:51 am
there, the 60s at the coast, upper 70s around the bay up to 80s and the 90s inspected inland thursday through sunday. thousands of customers had their power turned off over the weekend, the areas affected and the reasons they are still recovering from the outages meant to prevent wildfires. plus we have an update on the condition of kevin durant and the warriors are in toronto with hopes of keeping their dreams alive in the nba finals. but first we want to take you outside, a beautiful look at the golden gate bridge, crystal clear this morning but again it is going to be very hot. the good news is the wind has died down a little bit so there's less of a fire danger but be safe. you are watching mornings on 2.
5:52 am
have you heard of the new for the 510 and 341 area codes? no, what is it? starting june 22, 2019, if you have a 510 or 341 number, you'll need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. o.k., but what if i have a 510 number and i'm calling a 510 number? you'll still need to dial 1 (one) plus the area code plus the phone number& so when in doubt, dial it out!
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now you can make feel like the weekend.k with jimmy dean simple scrambles. made fresh with two real eggs, sausage 'n cheese. and ready in seconds. why don't you put a sunday morning shine on tomorrow morning's breakfast.
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2, the chp set a 35-year-old man from oakland was killed when his car went off highway for in concord and down an embankment at 8:30 pm on westbound highway, two cars were involved of the collision just east of the highway and the man who was killed may have been speeding, lost control of his car then drove off the highway landing on the railroad tracks below. a 25-year-old man from
5:55 am
vallejo was arrested for drunk driving in brentwood after a crash that killed one woman with him in the car. that crash happened on lone tree way shortly after 5 am yesterday morning but police say the driver of a nissan sentra veered off the road and hit a power pole in the 23-year- old passenger in the car was pronounced dead on the scene. fedex cutting ties with amazon for deliveries in the united states. the company announced it would not renew the contract for air shipment is set to expire at the end of the month and fedex said and said it will direct its focus on serving the broader e-commerce market been in a statement amazon said it respects fedex decision and thanks the delivery company for serving amazon customers over the years american airlines has announced it will extend its flight cancellations for the boeing 737 max jets and the new
5:56 am
passenger jet has been out of commission the past three months after it was determined that flight control software played a role in two deadly crashes and the airline had previously said cancellations would run through august 19 and that has now been extended until september 3. american airlines is currently doing a software update along with a pilot training program for the 737 max jet. air portugal is holding an event at the san francisco international airport today to celebrate the airlines new nonstop service between san francisco and lisbon starting this week air portugal will schedule five flights a week between the two cities and the council gen. of portugal will be among those attending this morning's kickoff celebration at sfo. and delta airlines is now offering a nonstop flight year- round from oakland to atlantis hartsfield jackson airport and there will be daily flights between the two cities during the summer and the airline will switch to a sunday, monday, thursday and friday schedule in october, the new route opens many of delta's international destinations out of atlanta which is the nation's biggest and busiest airport. coming up, speeding up some of
5:57 am
the bay areas busiest roads, the $100 billion idea which promises to improve our infrastructure. and our bay area heatwave continues to jay, the warnings as the temperatures soar to more than 1000 in many spots didn't>>o far so good for the morning commute, we have had some problems but for the most part we are looking okay here on interstate 680 as you go south. a little bird told me you have the fastest internet and now the best
5:58 am
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>> good morning get ready for another really hot day around the bay area, how warm it will get today along with the rising risk of wildfires. >> we have new video from oakland into our newsroom and it shows a car that drove off the parking lot and was wedged next to a building could we will show you the efforts to get back up and running>> plus for the warriors it is winter night or go home and we have a preview of the warriors must win game five tonight and the chances that kevin durant will play.>> from ktvu fox 2 news this is mornings on 2.>> good
6:00 am
morning, monday morning june 10 i am pam cook. >> and good morning i am dave clark and a heat advisory through the bay area has been extended through today and many parts of the bay area to see temperatures past 100 pam. >> even hotter than yesterday, rosemary orozco and for steve this morning and we're talking about the fire dangers as well.>> you unfortunately the offshore wind has died or fortunate which is allowed the red flag warning to expire but when it is hot and dry it sets up a pattern for the fires of course to ignite easily. giving it a look at a beautiful sunrise. we are looking across the bay we do have clouds in place, mid and high-level clouds this morning and for today as pam and dave were mentioning another hot one and inland cities will go above 100 for some areas and likely to break records. yesterday we broke records or we tied in several areas like


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