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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  June 10, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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morning, monday morning june 10 i am pam cook. >> and good morning i am dave clark and a heat advisory through the bay area has been extended through today and many parts of the bay area to see temperatures past 100 pam. >> even hotter than yesterday, rosemary orozco and for steve this morning and we're talking about the fire dangers as well.>> you unfortunately the offshore wind has died or fortunate which is allowed the red flag warning to expire but when it is hot and dry it sets up a pattern for the fires of course to ignite easily. giving it a look at a beautiful sunrise. we are looking across the bay we do have clouds in place, mid and high-level clouds this morning and for today as pam and dave were mentioning another hot one and inland cities will go above 100 for some areas and likely to break records. yesterday we broke records or we tied in several areas like
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san francisco, sfo and oakland. the hayes and the sky today with the spare the air alert in place and even though the offshore wind has died down it is still with us in the offshore wind could bring smoking to the bay area today is those fires continue to burn to the north. the heat advisory is for most areas excluding the coastline areas near ocean beach are included but pacifica and half moon bay even though back into the 80s today no advisories for you but here is a look at some of the cloud cover in place and you see that flow coming from the northeast although it is light, 73 right now in downtown san francisco upper 60s in livermore, and for the afternoon here are some of the areas expected to get close to tying or breaking a record from santa rosa at 100, you will break the tie, san francisco 86 the afternoon high just shy of the record, oakland to break a record at the airport, 98 mountain view just the current
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record at san jose, very close to tying or breaking a record at 100 expected for you when i come back i love the detail look at the afternoon highs for the rest of the region and the cooldown on the way and now let's check traffic with sal .>> hello rosemary this is a look at the east shore this is a look at the e. shore freeway if you are driving inland from hercules to vallejo or richmond, it will be a 28 minute drive which is not too bad at six been driving around to a crowded bay bridge toll plaza we do have minors things like a couple broken down cars and they moved them in that caused an early start that was a little long for the normal but things are getting back to normal. when you look at east bay e. bay hwy. for traffic is around pittsburgh, some people are taking summer vacations which is helping us out, hayward to union city the traffic is okay and downtown san jose looks at
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on 280. now back to the desk. >> and as we have been telling you it will be hot again today around the bay area and the heat advisory for this weekend is extended through today and ktvu's christina rendon is live at walnut creek and i checked with rosemary and she said it is supposed to be 101 at walnut creek today. >>reporter: yes it is going to be very hot and good morning pam, summer has not officially started but it has already felt like summer with temperatures from this weekend and we know it will be warmer today here and walnut creek it is already 6 am and the temperature is already rising and latest check is 71 according to the bank. if you thought sunday was hot today will be even hotter, rosemary was imagining inland areas will seek 100's, we're talking when walnut creek, concord, antioch and brentwood, all of these cases are expected to get dangerously hot in the heat advisory is in effect from
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10 am until 9 pm. it excludes the coast areas or coastline so near record heat being forecast, temperatures ranging from 95 to 105. officials say the hot weather not only raises the fire risk but it leads to heat related illnesses like heat exhaustion or heatstroke so if you have young kids or the elderly and those without air-conditioning, all of those are at risk, even for those who work outside like this woman we spoke with yesterday in san jose who said she is a driver for fedex. >> we have to keep our doors open and stay hydrated and keep our coolers stocked with water and keep on moving because it is very not bearable. >> a spare the air alert is in effect today as well in the bay area air quality management district said unhealthy air quality is a possibility when hot temperatures mixed with
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white went and exhaust from cars, you are asked to find an alternative to driving alone to help reduce air pollution so again a heat advisory in effect all day today, inland areas are going to see hot hot temperatures so be sure to have your water with you if you're going to be outside and where that sunscreen and if at all possible try to stay indoors especially in the air- conditioning live in walnut creek this morning resting rendon ktvu fox 2 news calfire crews in the hills of san jose are still fighting flames of the malik fire and we are near there right now, you just got an update on the firefight allie rasmussen>>reporter: good morning, yes that malik fire, you can see the chart hillside behind us and the coyote ridge open space area and you do not see any flames and that is because firefighters really stop the spread of the fire overnight and the latest updates that i just got from
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them off the phone, 85% containment of the malik fire, it is burned 210 acres which has not grown it all since yesterday which is good news here. this fire did not threaten structures or prompt any evacuations. but yesterday calfire pulled out all the stops to contain this fire, there were ground crews, air tankers and helicopters who were called in to battle the flames and this area is pretty popular with hikers and there's also electric transmission lines, two major gas transmission pipelines running through the hills and there were concerns about it yesterday, it's here from the chief.>> those lines are in the area of the fire and they are not in danger but they're still checking to make sure there is no damage to them.>> and there was not in the cause of the fire is still under investigation santa clara county supervisor cindy shabbos is hosting a town hall meeting tonight with a focus on preparing for wildfire season and that meeting starts at
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cindy shabbos is hosting a town hall meeting tonight with a focus on preparing for wildfire season and that meeting starts at 6:30 pm at the foothill presbyterian church on mckee road in san jose. the good news and good progress overnight on the malik fire in south santa clara county, 85% contained. and the amount burned is still 210 acres which did not grow since yesterday so that is the good news here, a lot of progress made overnight live in santa clara county allie rasmussen ktvu2. the biggest fire burning in northern california right now is still in yolo county burning just outside the town of rumsey which is 35 miles northwest of woodland and 45 miles from davis . more than 300 people were ordered to evacuate from the area near county road 41 and state highway 16, strong wind has pushed the flames since the fire started friday afternoon and calfire says it has burned 3 1/2 mi.2 but no homes have burned, 700 firefighters are battling the flames on the steep hillsides were high temperatures of dry the grass. >> when the flames are going up
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the hill it is heating the fuel ahead of it and when the wind pushes it it makes it worse and that is what makes it more difficult for us. >> it is just 20% contained so far and her injuries are reported the fire investigators still do not know how the fire started. thousands of pg&e customers have their power back on after the first of what is expected to be a wave of land power outages to help prevent wildfires and on friday the national weather service issued a red flag warning signaling high fire danger. the planned outage saturday morning at first included about 1600 customers in parts of napa, solana and yolo county's other power was back on later that night but that is when pg&e turned off power for more than 20,000 customers uber and butte county's the deactivated lines are being checked for damage or fire hazards like
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vegetation that could interfere with live wires. to get all the latest weather conditions and details on the fires go to or follow our twitter and facebook pages. the warriors are in toronto for game five of the nba finals and the raptors can quench the first title in franchise history when they host the warriors tonight. the warriors feeling very confident they can make a comeback and kevin durant briefly practiced yesterday and he is listed as questionable for tonight's game. he has not played in about one month because of that strained right calf but his teammates say they feel confident about tonight's game despite having their backs against the wall.>> you will see a resilient warrior team and we've had our backs against the wall before with this same group and with last year we were down 3-2 and obviously this is a little more daunting being down 3-1 but usually when our backs are against the wall we respond the best. >> we just need to win one basketball game and take it from there and if we focus on that mission you know our
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history speaks for itself, in terms of being able to get that done from just when one basketball game and will worry about the rest.>> yeah they have a pretty good history. a close out the clippers, rockets and trailblazers with road victories and if the warriors went tonight game six back in oakland on thursday and tonight's game starts at 6 pm. >> tonight the warriors are hunching to watch party at oracle arena and those tickets are $25 and part of it goes to charity the whole warriors in game entertainment team will be out there along with game night concessions and merchandise for you. five us tourists have now died and the dominican republic since april. the latest was a man from california and we will tell you how authorities are responding reducing commute times around the bay area from a new
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plan to try to increase the traffic flow but it comes with a big price tag. we will tell you how much money it could cost you. >> good morning, right now traffic moving along okay mysterious including the sonoma grade as you go south.
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>> welcome back, new this morning, look at this, new video from oakland of a bizarre car crash scene this suv became stuck on the ledge of a parking
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lot and now it is wedged next to a building police told our ktvu newsgroup that the suv switched to self to four-wheel- drive which contributed to the crash this happened in the parking lot of the lakehurst residential hotel near lake merritt in oakland and no one was hurt. all lanes are open again on highway 101 after a deadly crash and car fire this morning at about to 15 a.m. in the south bound lanes at corte madera and police say one person was killed in the crash and when the cruise first arrived they found a car on fire and it was on its roof two lanes of highway 101 was closed until the scene was cleared at 5 am and the cause is still under investigation did hundreds of teachers in the new haven school district are expected to be back in the classroom today after ending their three-week strike in the district and the teachers finally reached a tentative agreement over the weekend and
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ratify the new contract yesterday. the deal calls for 3% pay raise retroactive to january 1 2.5% bonus for the school year and a 1% increase starting july 1 and an additional 1% contingency based on school funding out of roughly 500 votes 60% of the teachers voted to pass the deal. >> the yes vote will service for the next step in the whole journey of trying to get better treatment from the district so i am pleased with what came out. >> the district was bargaining a bad face all along, they were sang 0% all along and here we are at 7.5% they are offering it really goes to show they were trying to punish teachers all along.>> many teachers say the agreement is bittersweet and some parents are still going ahead with the recall effort against three school board members because of how they handled the strike 6:16 am from defense lawyers and the oakland ghost ship warehouse trial expects to
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call a woman to the witness stand today who claims she overheard a group of men talk about starting that deadly fire and lawyers for defendant max harris call sharon evans to the witness stand trying to support their claim that the deadly 2016 warehouse fire was arson did last week the judge ruled she will allow evans to testify, however, the judge said some areas may be inadmissible hearsay. a mural of oscar grant is on display at oaklands fruitvale bart station and the 22-year-old was shot and killed by a bart police officer new year's day 10 years ago and the painting is located under the bart platform where grant was killed and a street adjacent was officially named oscar grant way. bart worked closely with his family to create the mural and coming up today on the nine wanda johnson, his mother, will join us on set to talk about that mural. a 100 billion-dollar plan to improve traffic flow in the bay area is starting to take
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shape. according to the mercury news the plan called faster bay area is set to raise $100 billion in taxes over several decades to redefine the transportation network all across nine counties. in order for that measure to appear on the ballot the state legislature would have to pass a bill allowing the vote in it would be similar to the bill which placed regional measure three on the ballot and voters approved that measure last year to raise bridge tolls for transportation projects. now we will check in with sal for look at traffic and there was a fatal accident in marin county near corte madera and hopefully that is all cleared up.>> yes those lanes are open pam and the marin county commute is normal. now let's look at the rest of the e space commute where traffic will be busy on westbound bay bridge, coming up around the corner, there have been no major issues and when you get to the bay bridge
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you'll see it as crowded as normal but we had earlier things that are now gone as well so things are settling down for the morning commute. now highway 4 so this morning through pittsburgh and walnut creek but lighter volume, southbound 880 during a crash, silicon valley commute off to a nice start. now let's bring in rosemary for today's weather.>> it will be another hot one from inland communities into the 100 area and low 100 even, 105 the afternoon high for livermore and expected to break records once again today. those temperatures will peek into the afternoon at a cooldown begins tomorrow, although as we know, it takes a couple of days before those inland areas feel it. it is kind of like a wave, the coast gets it first and then the bay and the inland cities, you will get that relief last. today ladies off the coast
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today and 90s expected around the bay and low 100 inland, we broke a few records yesterday and likely to break several today. here is a view of the cloud cover off the coastline and the bay, mid and high-level clouds gave us a beautiful sunrise and into the afternoon we will be partly cloudy though mostly clear and temperatures overnight to cool off for some areas like napa and santa rosa in the upper 50s now but look at downtown san francisco which has been holding in the 70s the entire overnight and into this morning. it has not really cooled off in san francisco, 69 in oakland, 67 at livermore and 70 outside of your door at san jose. and the afternoon these numbers are a lot like yesterday and even a little hotter and far inland cities, 100 at santa rosa today which could tie or break the record, 90 at sausalito and for the east bay 92 oakland and 101 walnut creek and 104 at brentwood and for the south bay 100 san jose
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which is close to standing record, 93 at santa cruz and 98 for sunnyvale in the peninsula 95 at woodside and 86 in san francisco which is 20 shy of tying a record, 83 at half moon bay, you will break the record in the current record is in the 70s. looking at the extended forecast temperatures to begin to drop off tomorrow and the coast will feel it first perhaps late tonight into tomorrow morning, the inland cities still nearing 100 on to say but it does get better. we are in the low 90s by wednesday for the inland cities, low 80s around the bay at low 60s at the coast and look at the trend into the weekend not much change with mostly sunny skies for the afternoons california wildfire season is here and fire crews are very busy. efforts to a fire under control at magic mountain amusement park north of los angeles as visitors were forced to evacuate. and burger king's meatless
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burger has arrived in the bay area where you can try out bk's and possible whopper. and now we want to take you to this volcano on sumatra island in indonesia where there is a red alert this morning after it erupting over the weekend which sent clouds of ash and smoke more than 4 miles into the air yesterday. so far no reports of damage or injuries but officials say there could be more eruptions.
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2 , mexican and us negotiators were able to reach a deal to head off at 5% tax on mexican goods that the president had threatened to impose starting today and under the terms of the deal, starting today mexico also send 6000 national guard troops to its southern border with guatemala where many central americans cross into mexico on the way to the rest. president trump says he is confident that mexico will follow through on those promises to send the flow of central american migrants to the us and he said if not he will go back to the plan of imposing tariffs. >> if they do what they promised to do with this agreement it is a game changer and we will see this issue reduced.>> migrants who apply
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for asylum in the us will now remain in mexico while their asylum claims are being processed. tomorrow president trump is going to iowa where he will announce his administration's easing of restrictions on ethanol and now in the past federal regulations require the percentage of ethanol and gasoline to be reduced from 15% down to 10% in the summer months for the president has approved allowing the 15% ethanol use year-round which is a move that could boost corn prices for farmers who have seen sales of their products to china decline because of tariffs many of the democratic presidential candidates spent the weekend campaigning and i will as a new poll shows former vice president joe biden losing some support and other candidates are on the rise the the cnn des moines register poll shows biden is still in first place at 24% but back in december that same poll had him at 32%. bernie sanders is in second place 16%, antedates whose numbers are on the rise include elizabeth warren 15%, pete buttigieg behind at 14% and
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beto o'rourke once considered a leading candidate has seen his campaign struggle and he says the polls only tell so much>> i do not know this many months out from the caucuses in iowa that these polls really indicate what our prospects are.>> joe biden was not among the candidates campaigning in iowa over the weekend but he will be there tomorrow. today the house judiciary committee is holding a hearing called lessons from the mueller report. former white house counsel john dean is among those scheduled to testify, he worked for pres. nixon and was connected to the watergate coverup and house democrats expecting to tell them why he believes that the president engage in obstruction of justice there was a shooting scare that unleashed panic at a pride parade at the nation's capital, what happened this and people running for their lives. and are you looking for an out of this world vacation?
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nasa's new plan to open up the international space station to tourism might be interesting. we will tell you how much that will cost. but first we want to take you up to space now, a little look at the earth from the international space station is crystal clear. you are watching mornings on 2.
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>> welcome back to mornings on
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2, just ringing the opening bell and new york this morning but there it is alive, the tao set up about 100 150 points or the dell set to open at 150 points and hoping to avoid tariffs kicking in today, we will continue to watch this coming up on today's dollar and since>> thank you for joining us i am dave clark.>> good morning i am pam cook, thank you for joining us and rosemary orozco is in for steve and unfortunately talking about the heat and it will be worse than yesterday and have i heard from everybody. >> yes everybody will feel it, inland hottest, 1000 plus expected today but around the bay along the coast as well no ac, it is really hot in the afternoons when you do not have air-conditioning to cool you
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off. here's a look at the advisories, the red flag warning for our heels that were in place over the weekend has expired which is good news, we still have the northeast flow although went is generally light around the region and including in the hills a lot lighter. here is the heat advisory for the bay area communities and inland cities which does exclude most of the cost, but along the west edge of san francisco you are included in the heat advisory which is until 9 pm tonight, temperatures get into the low 100 and livermore should hit 105, the temperatures drop off tomorrow though though it will take a while before getting too comfortable weather and the spare the air alert continues into today with a hazy sky which comes from the very warm and hot and sunny conditions as well as the fires burning to the north. now here's a view from up above, we do have cloud cover
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in place, and there is that northeast flow that continues to keep us dry and warm, and brings some of the smoke into the neighborhood, 58 at napa and 57 at santa rosa, then getting into the central and south they look at those numbers, 75 downtown san francisco, 70 at san jose, and a look at few of the records to get close or to be beat today, livermore and arias over san jose going about 100, areas at san jose the standing record at 101. so you're looking at possibly breaking a record, san francisco within a couple of degrees and oakland airport likely to hit a record if we had 92, 98 at mountain view and i look at the extended forecast including the cooldown coming up. but it 6:33 am we need to get on the highways this monday morning, hello sal .>> hello
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rosemary, would you have traffic that will be slow which is a typical monday on the bay bridge. it is backed up to the maze and metering lights are on and we did have sold vehicles on the bridge which made things a little slower unless you have the carpool sticker or you have three people in your car you cannot use the good lanes for and highway 4 westbound looks good and silicon valley commute starting off okay, 280 san jose to downtown does not look bad, now back to the desk a driver who admitted to using methamphetamine before leading police on a high-speed chase through the south bay is expected of crashing into a minivan and killing that driver this happened early this one with chp drivers noticed a bmw driving erratically in san jose and they chased that car until it ran a red light off highway
6:34 am
101 and hit the minivan the driver of the van died and a passenger was sent to the hospital in critical condition, the bmw driver was arrested and his passenger might be arrested as well as you just heard rosemary say today will be really hot around the bay area and the weekend heat advisory has been extended for today ktvu's cristina rendon is in walnut creek now and it is expected to hit 100 there, what does it feel like now?>>reporter: good morning dave, it is comfortable right now but it will only last a few more hours check out the beautiful sunrise in front of what appears to be the mount diablo direction, a beautiful son but it will be a scorcher today not just walnut creek but much of the inland areas like concord, antioch, brentwood,
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all of those cities expected to see very high temperatures and the heat advisory will be in effect from 10 am until 9 pm today and with this heat there is that risk of fires. and it means people could get very sick, heat exhaustion and heat related illnesses as well, so if you have small children or the elderly try to keep them indoors as much as possible and keep them hydrated. be sure that everyone stays safe during this potentially dangerous heat.>> yes i will be inside an office all day which it will not affect me which is why i'm getting out here now and i do disaster preparedness as a living and that is why i'm here as a consultant but i need to be running early i get my exercise done early everybody needs to drink a lot of water and dehydrated.>> a spare the air alert is in effect today and the air quality management district said unhealthy air quality is a possibility when hot temperatures mixed with the light wind and exhaust from car
6:36 am
. you are asked if possible to try to find alternative routes when you're commuting this morning just to reduce air pollution now back out here live another gorgeous look at this monday morning sunrise but it is going to be a very, very hot one if you're going outside be sure to have your sunscreen on, stay hydrated, drink plenty of fluids and officials want you to avoid the possibility of heat exhaustion or heatstroke. live in walnut creek cristina rendon.>> but he advisory means high fire danger continues and fire crews in the south they are battling a wildfire in the coyote ridge and that mallet fire is 70% contained, it has burned 210 acres and we are expecting an update on the numbers this morning but no reports so far of any injuries in the cause of the fire remains under investigation. the biggest fire in northern california is still in yolo county and that fire has burned 3 1/2 mi.2 and only 20%
6:37 am
contained. 300 people have been evacuated from the area around rumsey a small community 45 miles northwest of davis. no reports of injuries and no homes are threatened.>> two big southern california amusement parks are expected to reopen today after a wildfire force them to close temporarily and this started near magic mountain and hurricane harbor off of interstate 5, park visitors said smoke and ash fell on them and amusement park officials told them to evacuate when the fire crews started shutting down nearby roads lead to shelter in place near the back of that amusement park and many said the fast-moving fire surprised them.>> it was all black. >> there was a big cloud of smoke. >> nine of park tests were taken to the hospital and treated for smoke inhalation and that fire still burning in the hills north of magic
6:38 am
mountain is now 50% contained. the san francisco board of supervisors is expected to be in e-cigarettes and vaping in the city and the committee has recommended the full board approved at least one of two measures and the bill would ban the sale of e-cigarettes and vaping devices until they are approved by the fda and they are considering another proposal that would ban the sale, manufacturing and distribution of tobacco vaping products on city-owned property.>> for every individual adult that quit smoking cigarettes using electronic cigarettes, 80 youth and young adults would go on to become regular cigarette smokers.>> opponents of the van set will force some e-cigarette and vaping shops to close on the board of supervisors is set to vote on the two measures next week. the state of texas to become the 15th state to ban
6:39 am
the sale of cigarettes, e- cigarettes and other tobacco products to anyone under the age of 21 and the law in texas would take effect september 21, california passed a tobacco 21 law in 2016 and there's a push to raise the minimum age to buy tobacco from 18 to 21 nationwide and it comes as the use of e-cigarettes and vaping products have gone up dramatically among teenagers a former boston red sox player is in the hospital after being rushed into surgery following an ambush and the dominican republic. espn said david ortiz was shot in the lower back and the bullet went through and came out of his stomach. police say that ortiz was at a bar when a man approached him from behind and shot him and they say the gunman is in custody after being captured and beaten by a crowd of people. ortiz is 43 and he spent 14 seasons with the red sox another tourist has died after becoming suddenly and
6:40 am
critically ill at a resort and the dominican republic and family members say 67-year-old robert wallace of california got sick april 11 almost immediately after he had a drink from his rooms minibar at the hard rock hotel. the cause of death hasn't been released and the hotel has not commented three other americans died in the same area last month, american authorities have set autopsies indicate all three died of natural causes. more racehorses have died at santa anita racetrack and now at least 29 horses have died at the race track since december. a spokesperson for the california horseracing board is that a horse was euthanized saturday after being injured during the 10th race and on sunday a three-year-old filly reportedly collapsed and died after a heart attack. the horseracing board has had santa anita racetrack suspend the remaining days of its current schedule which is set
6:41 am
to end june 23, however, santa anita management decided to continue racing. seven people recovering from injuries after the washington dc pride parade. video shows hundreds of people running away when they thought they heard gunshots along the parade route saturday and police say that one man threatened another person with a bb gun, no shots were fired but the man who had a bb gun was arrested on weapons charges and disorderly conduct. coming up the weather was not the only thing getting hot at the san francisco giants gain we will tell you what i dodgers hitter it really ticked off the pitcher madison bumgarner and what they have both said to reporters after the game. there is a bay area connection to last night's big winner of the tony awards and have a look at some of the top winners.>> but first let's check in with claudine wong that is coming up. >> good morning dave and pam, coming up at the top of the hour you may want to check your
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freezer that is because kroger has recalled three berry products nationwide and will have details for you on the highly contagious virus that could possibly be lingering in your fruit. plus starbucks is making another move and they want to go greener and what the seattle- based coffee chain company says it will start doing with this disposable coffee cups. we will be right back. are we tnot yet.? at crystal geyser we put our mountain source on our bottle... that's cool. ...because we bottle at our mountain source. crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source.
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>> and in dollars and cents today working nationwide rollout of its was impossible whopper expense to the bay area today and the fast food giant announced impossible whoppers sales will begin this morning, at more than 100 burger king restaurants across the bay area this follows successful trial runs of the meatless burger and other parts of the country. their goal is to sell impossible whoppers at all seven 7200 of its restaurants, and possible foods a bay area company. and there is a recall of makeup created for young girls and teenagers and fda is warning people to stop using the judge of makeup immediately and the agency says trace amounts of asbestos has been found in the kids eyeshadows and this kit
6:46 am
includes lipgloss and nail polish, they have not commented on the recall and clears will provide customers with a full refund if they return that make up kit and employers in the trade industry are worried about the potential shortage of electricians and the most recent data from the bureau of labor statistics so there could be as many as 60,000 unfulfilled electrician positions by the year 2026. the tool manufacturing company ideal industries says it has seen some success in convincing college students to become electricians and trade schools say they are trying to show young adults the potential for a dependable career that does not require a four-year degree. we hope you will join us later this afternoon when rupaul's new talkshow premieres right here on ktvu fox 2 and rupaul easily joined us in our studios to talk about how his new talkshow is a continuation of many of the conversations you have seen on rupaul's drag race>> on drag race talk about
6:47 am
fun things and superficial things but there are lots of heavy topics we deal with on drag race. i feel we are teaching a new audience how to have those conversations without it being such a downer. >> now rupaul's guests on today's premier show is james gordon or james gordon who posted last night's tony's rewards and jonathan andrew scott. the musical that was born in berkeley with less ice big winner at the 73rd annual tony awards. yeah a total of eight tony's including best new musical the hit playset and how was first developed on a stage in berkeley four years ago, and rachel chapman took home best director for it and she's the only woman to direct a broadway musical this season. >> there are so many women who
6:48 am
are ready to go and there are so many artists of color who are ready to go.>> now alley stroker took home tony for best featured actress in the revival of oklahoma, she is the first performer in a wheelchair to win a tony. the sql to the movie the secret life of pests was the number one movie at the box office this weekend.>> i am going to die.>> the secret life of pets two took in $47 million in his debut weekend but a disappointing opening after the first film brought in more than $100 million in his first days. worldwide the movie made $97 million now the latest film in the x-men franchise struggled in his opening weekend, the movie dark phoenix brought in $33 million at the box office and the lowest opening weekend
6:49 am
ever among the 12 different x- men movies and aladdin added $24 million to its total. if you have major vacation plans for next year consider this, the international space station. nasa is officially getting into the space tourism business and it is expected to open the station up for guests and nasa said two people will be allowed per year and they can stay for up to 30 days the space agency even set up a price for housing and meal costs>> it will be roughly $35,000 a night for astronaut but it will not come with any hilton or marriott points.>> know marriott points boeing and spacex are still trying to figure out what they will charge you to get there. just a heads up about the possible price? the us has been paying russia more than $74 million for each american restaurant or astronaut who has made that
6:50 am
round-trip i asked sal earlier and i asked you if you have $74 million would you go to the space station?>> no.>> that is two or make that three.>> what will happen is when we are in the home or not here on this earth years and years from now, with our grandchildren it will become affordable to do it. if i came back i would say yes, right pam? >> it was the same as going to hawaii. >> good morning everyone, let's take a look at what we have with this morning's commute. i will show you the traffic at the toll plaza is normal which is to say if you drive your everyday it will look either much the same, it is crowded all the way out to the maze unless you are using carpal, and it is clear from pittsburgh, 680 to concord and walnut creek and southbound 880
6:51 am
we had earlier problems and this commute is a little slow. what we think maybe happening is the volume may not be there and the commits will start to get better and if you have the option of waiting it out, today will be a hot day, some people may not want to be driving this afternoon with those really high temperatures so public transportation is an option. it is a spare the air day and the air district would love it if you could take public transit rotation and speaking of the weather in the airless go on over to rosemary, hello. hello sal and we look at another spare the air day, heat advisory in place in london, going until 9 pm, temperatures just as warm as yesterday and even hotter for some of the inland cities and today is expected to be the hottest day, anywhere from 10 to 200 above the seasonal average. it is likely to either meet or
6:52 am
break records today into the afternoon. here is a look at some of the cloud cover where seeing overhead this morning, we had a beautiful sunrise and we have had some really pretty sunsets as well. unfortunately some of the smoke due to the fires brings us the orange and the reds that we see into the sunsets and sunrises. now we do still have the northeast flow and you do see the arrows and they are generally light. with that the red flag warning for the hills due to heightened fire danger was allowed to expire yesterday although we are still very warm and very dry, 64 in novato right now, upper 60s santa rosa and napa so it is a nice start, but downtown san francisco 75, you will not need a jacket. 70 at san jose, here's a look at some of the temperatures expected to get very close or break records today santa rosa going to 100, san francisco is
6:53 am
86 which is 20 shy of tying a record, san francisco and sfo are both with records or tied yesterday. oakland at the airport if you hit 92 he will break the record of 90 and mountain view to tie the record at 98 and san jose close at 100. half moon bay is expected to break a record, 90 for the afternoon high, 96 at petaluma and 90 by the water, 90 at alameda, antioch going to 103, southbay we have 103 for morgan hill, if you go to the boardwalk in santa cruz 90 through the afternoon high, 98 redwood city, 84 daly city and 84 pacifica. temperatures begin to cool slightly on tuesday but still a very hot one for the inland cities but then wednesday into
6:54 am
the weekend nice, the 90s for inland cities, 60s at the coast.>> it is a generation no known for building self- identity around academics and career success, coming up in the next hour which generation is more success driven than any other? and the women's world cup in france is underway now next all the hype surrounding team usa trying to compete as world cup champions. right now we want to take you out live with music with live pictures of beautiful monterey. this is beautiful, don't you want to be there? you are watching mornings on 2.
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from a hotel by wyndham. with over 6,000 hotels across the country, a great hotel by wyndham is closer than you think. book direct at >> welcome back to mornings on 2, the oakland a's continue their road trip in tampa florida against the race and now the eighth wrapped up a road trip in texas yesterday, former giant hunter pence is for the rangers and look at this catch in the first inning. got it. now the a's offense was firing on all cylinders, matt olson and chris davis both hit homers and put the a's up 8-0 but texas stormed back, including texas home. they scored a run.
6:58 am
but the a's split that series with a 9-8 when yesterday and this afternoon's game starts at when yesterday and this afternoon's game starts at 4:10 pm. now the giants had the day off before they started a series against the padres and yesterday's game featured some fire with the dodgers and. madison bumgarner allowed a splash homer in the first inning and that he had some words for the guy who hit, max muncy, ran around a little slow admiring that for 26 homer and they were yelling at each other. it did not escalate beyond that but after the hit it was a pitching duel the rest of the game and neither team scored again, the giants lost 1-0 and here is what muncy said after the game.>> you know i hit the ball and he yelled at me and he said do not watch the ball, you run and i responded back and i said if you do not want me to watch the ball go get it out of
6:59 am
the ocean.>> you are laughing a little bit and are you softening at all?>> no been>> there has been a lot of criticism of that remark on social media and muncy called the bay the ocean, the giants host the padres tomorrow night.>> the women's world cup has begun in france and team usa won the last world cup and it is a favorite to win this year and there are plenty of bay area ties to this team, alex morgan was a start at her four years at cal, kelly o'hara also has had a great college career, all of the star power has the team poised for another big run this year in france. ktvu fox 2 is your home for all things world cup and will air many of the matches including usa versus thailand tomorrow morning and the coverage begins at 11 am. and when soccer is live on ktvu you can still catch local news on ktvu plus and we will live
7:00 am
stream the news on>> brace yourself for more hot weather is temperatures are expected to soar well into the triple digits for some areas of the heat advisory continues. here live in the south bay fire crews are battling a wildfire. wild from "ktvu" this is warnings are too. >> monday june 5th. i am in for garcia but >> i empty persons ready for a really hot record-breaking day and some places into the triple digits. >> we are talking about a cool down and we will take any degree we can


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