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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 10, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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what we don't like is relying on fancy technology for help. snail mail! we were invited to a y2k party... uh, didn't that happen, like, 20 years ago? oh, look, karolyn, we've got a mathematician on our hands! check it out! now you can schedule a callback or reschedule an appointment, even on nights and weekends. today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'd rather not. the warriors claw their way back tonight to stay alive in the nba finals with a game five victory. kevin durant reinjured tonight just after getting cleared to play. i don't believe there is anyone to blame. but i understand this world. if you have to you can blame me.
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i run our operations department. president of basketball operations about myers back tears tonight as he revealed kevin durant suffered an achilles injury. the warriors ended up beating the raptors 106-105 in a game that came down to the final seconds. game six is thursday. it will be the last game the warriors ever play at oracle. they will be facing the toronto raptors without their star per layer. we have team coverage tonight. up at the arena in toronto. amber is at oracle arena in oakland were thousands of fans watch the game. first sports director with more on the game and kevin durant's injury. >> reporter: if ever there was a win the did not feel like victory this is it. all the focus nationally even globally on this game before it started was all about kevin
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durant and possibly a courageous return leading the warriors to a comeback victory in the series. the fountain 3-1. the way it started in toronto tonight the warriors stay alive. he took the court look like he had not missed a step after missing a month. he hit three threes. he had 11 points and 12 minutes. the warriors take an early lead. it looked very resurgent. with nine minutes and 46 seconds left in the quarter. he will go down and grabbing what appears to be his achilles. he was immediately led to the locker room. you had the sense this was serious. he left shortly after with his agent. the warriors general manager the medical staff. the warriors continued to grind. let most of the way. leonard star for toronto hit 11 terrazzo points in a row. raptors led by 6 with three minutes and five seconds left. a true terry fleury. he buries the shot.
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the lead is cut completely. warriors go on a 9-0 n. steph curry with 31. and then klay thompson with a beautiful shot from way out. the splash brothers come through. clay had 26 points. but yet the relentless raptors down one final 6.7 seconds. kyle lowery with the championships on that shot. the warriors will celebrate although rather subdued in front of a shocked canadian crowd. the thought they were going to be witnessing the championship. 106-105 final. warriors are back in the series 3-2 coming back to oracle on thursday night. as we mentioned we have joe font these bending by in canada. you were there and you saw the range of emotions. so ecstatic. were all the warrior players and their fans to see them come back.
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then it was all pulled out like a road he went down with the injury. to my mind it was an immediate sense that this is a serious injury. as it turns out it is an achilles injury. what are you finding out from your vantage point tonight? >> reporter: no question about the fact the warriors immediately found out what kevin durant means to the team. both teams know the math in terms of winning a championship. nobody was talking about that after the game. it was the emotion of kevin durant going down with a serious injury. it was surprising the way the crowd initially reacted when he went down. >>
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you saw lowery and danny green motioning to the fans here that we understand the emotion. we understand you want to win a championship. you do not boot when another player goes down with a serious injury. the player the warriors themselves are describing is the best player in the game. even though the warriors were able to hang on for the very thin and emotional victory. they came off the court as happy as they were to extend the series they were thinking about their fallen star. that dominated the conversation afterward. and all of the post game press conferences starting with warriors general manager. kevin it is an achilles injury. i don't know the extent of it. he will have an mri tomorrow. he was cleared to play tonight. that was the collaborative decision. i don't believe there is
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anybody to blame. but i understand this world. if you have to you can blame me. i run our operations department. you can see how emotional bob myers was. there is no one to blame. he said the medical staff had cleared kevin durant to play from the injury. this was a separate injury. it was the same leg but an achilles. that is one of the most serious injuries in sports that will involve a long rehab. there is no way we will see kevin durant for some time on the basketball court. his teammates are very emotional about that. it was something mentioned by every single person in the post game news conferences including those of the raptors. and how sad they were to see as well.
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we'll have more on this in sports. you can see what an emotional time it was in toronto. the warriors got the victory. it was kevin durant who was on everybody's mind. complete roller coaster of emotions. we will check in later. kevin durant for his part released this on his instagram. going to be loud for game six at the oracle. i'm hurting right now. i can't lie. seeing my brothers get this victory was like taking a shot of tequila. i got new life. at least he is taking a positive view as positive as you can getting that kind of devastating news. as we mentioned we will have a lot more in sports and just a little later. and what this means for the off- season. kevin durant is a free agent. it is going to be a major story that will be fluid as we continue. they're going to get an mri tomorrow. we'll find out a lot more tomorrow. now to amber at oracle arena. warrior fans despite what
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happened to kevin durant went wild as the final buzzer sounded.>> reporter: they sure did. tonight oracle arena was loud. very loud. fans are ecstatic with the victory. they are upset with kevin durant's injury. they say it was important for them to be here for this watch party. because they wanted to show support and they were rewarded. the final minutes of game five had fans on the edge of their seats. testing their emotions and putting some to tears. a victory by the slimmest of margins. one point send the crowd into a frenzy. amazing. a gutsy performance. incredible.>> we have two more to go. two more to go. >> the energy in here is crazy. i'm excited to be here.>> reporter: from the start fans
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were loud and proud. 13,000 strong. cheering on the road warriors. from lottery from the whole bay area. we are here to support even in this building. >> reporter: fans get the royal treatment for the watch party. from the pregame show to the giveaways. as a team weathered another storm. kevin durant who return to play for the first time after being sidelined. for over a month reinjured his leg during the first half. no matter what their love for the team is that fast.>> we hope for the best. no matter what the situation is we as fans have their back. hopefully by us being here. proud to be from the bay area. proud to have this as my team. it means everything to be here tonight.>> reporter: confetti rained down on fans at oracle as soon as the warriors won.
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a celebration that fans are savoring. they are thrilled the warriors showed what they are made of. and of course game six is right back here at home at oracle. last game ever at oracle for the warriors. today's scorching temperatures from grass fires the power outages to systemwide bar delays. a number of problems. parts of the bay area shutter record temperatures. a look at some of those records. second straight day of record heat. heat advisory spare the air day. excessive heat warning. the big record in san francisco. yesterday tied a record. 97 degrees but the old record was 1985. the reason i bring up san francisco. these records go the way back. when you get a record in san francisco. sfo has been around 50 years. the airport. we are talking over 150 years. these numbers are pretty
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impressive. these are some of the numbers. 101 santa rosa. 97 a record in oakland. oakland at the airport downtown was 98. gilroy 104. big numbers all over the place. these weren't records necessarily. just the lay of the land. excessive heat advisory warning is going to continue tomorrow in central valley. throughout the bay area the excessive heat warning has gone away. the heat advisory will stay up all day. there were going to drop it tonight at 9 pm. they will leave it up tomorrow. with temperatures right now we have 84 degrees in walnut creek. 85 degrees concorde. they are running ahead of where they were last night at this time. another warm one or hot one inland. cooler at the coast. a cooling trend to come. we'll talk about that when i see you next. the heat sent a lot of people to bay area beaches. but tragedy struck for one family. a 14-year-old boy drowned off of crissy field.
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deborah is in the city tonight with the effort to save him.>> reporter: this speech was just swarming with rescuers in the water and overhead. the teenager was under too long. almost 90 minutes. crissy field went from a refuge in the heat to a rescue seen in minutes. both jeske's a diverse and a ladder high above scouting for a child who slipped underwater. the 14-year-old boy he was with a group of seven friends and waist deep water a few feet from shore. he lost his footing and did not know how to swim. >> his friend tried to help. once they realized they could not help they did the next best thing.>> reporter: his buddies between 13 and 15 rush to call 911 and stayed put. enabling rescuers to mark the spot and focus their frantic search. and murky water feeling around
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on the bottom a diver was able to find the boy and about 15 feet of water 25 yards out.>> that diver was able to bring him to the surface of the water. immediately start life-saving measures.>> reporter: aggressive cpr rotating paramedics trying to restore a heartbeat. by that time the boys parents and siblings had arrived. with help from a somali translator were consoled and kept informed. they were here when we located him in the water. they were here when we loaded him onto the evelyn's. they were able to be the with their son at the hospital. in the pronouncement of death. >> reporter: in the aftermath the beach reopen and quickly field. people again frolicking in the water. i told him what happened. and you guys have to be careful.>> reporter:'s mom supervising a half dozen young teenagers. i'm sitting here watching them. wherever they move. it is very important. you don't know. even though they swamp. >> reporter: the victim and his friends do not have an adult with him. there are warning signs.>> this
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is not a site that has lifeguards. it is not a swimming beach. it is a beach. apple is a 14-year-old cancel. the bottom dropped off suddenly. it is disconcerting. >> you are not sure what is going to happen when you are not off your feet.>> reporter: >> the role of a lifeguard is prevent that from happening.>> reporter: a former lifeguard hopes the park service considers bringing in some trained ice. who know what to look for.>> to observe what kind of level swimmer everything everyone is. those who are weaker swimmers pay closer attention to them. >> reporter: the closest beach with a lifeguard is stinson beach in marin county. the park service said it will withhold the name of the boy out of respect for his family. he turned 14 only a week ago. we know he was from san francisco.
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as were all the kids he was with. that was interesting hearing the one person saying the water drops off suddenly. is that what they think might have happened he was walking out and all of a sudden fell off into deeper water? >> reporter: fall off that ledge so to speak. and maybe some panic sets in. there is strong currents. you are being bustled around. if you don't know how to swim you don't know how to respond. his friends tried to grab him. and just could not get a grasp on him. are hot weather coverage continues next with a grass fire in the south bay became close to some homes. the message tonight to other homeowners in the region is fire season ramps up. hot weather turns the evening bart commute into a mess. the long delays blamed on today's hot temperatures. protest outside city hall in oakland. the competing budget proposals up for consideration that brought out the crowds tonight.
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calfire make quick work of a brush fire in the milpitas hills at about 3:30 pm. sky fox was overhead as the calaveras fire burn 35 acres and moved close to some homes. tonight officials say the fire
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is 80% contained. it burned east of milpitas in the hills southwest of calaveras reservoir. one of two significant fires in santa clara county in the past 48 hours. she is in san jose tonight where authorities are sending a message to residents to be prepared.>> reporter: is seems every day we are talking about a vegetation fire somewhere in the bay area. the good news the milpitas fire officials tell me homeowners help to minimize the fire spread. at the peak of the hot weather in the south bay monday afternoon fire crews are busy in the milpitas hills. making repeated airdrops given the steep terrain. for airtran the flames came so close to his home on calaveras road. i'm hoping no one is inside. i hope they evacuated similar than i did. there is people's lives involve. there are properties. it is
10:19 pm
scary when things like this happen.>> reporter: >> there's a fire over here. we have two choppers in the air. and two planes dropping off retardant. >> reporter: 80 firefighters helped to knock the fire down. a half-dozen structures written but spared. worried about her horse among 150 horses boarded on the hill.>> it is so early for fires. it is a concern. it has just begun the summer. it is so hot.>> reporter: firefighters say this is just the beginning. within three weeks the weather shifted from rain to heat. hot temperatures and gusty winds means grasses can cure out in a matter of hours.>> the temperatures over 100 degrees. humidity is very low in the teens. we are busy. having a fire every day. over 20 or 30 acres.>> reporter: at a town hall meeting in the east san jose foothills and area at risk for wildfires officials drove home property preparedness.
10:20 pm
summer came out is with a vengeance. >> reporter: wildfires are on the forefront of everyone's mind. we have had seven of the largest fires in california's history in the last five or seven years.>> reporter: supervisors sidney chavez is concerned with fire resources. santa clara county when we get a call we go to where people need. other places are more nervous and they are not moving the resources at the same way they used to.>> reporter: tonight the biggest message prepare early. not only with the sensible space but evacuation plans. especially if you live in an area with limited access. i just checked with calfire for the milpitas fire. crews will be there overnight for hotspots. we have updated information on the brushfire that is burning in south san jose. the fire is 90% contained at this hour.
10:21 pm
calfire is that they expect full containment tomorrow morning. the fire has burned 210 acres since it started yesterday in the coyote open space preserve. they're looking into whether it is linked to an active gun range in the area. the hot weather created major systemwide delays on bart. the problems began just as rush hour get underway. the delays were as long as an hour in some cases. affecting trains in all directions. bart said the extreme heat cause mechanical problems on the tracks. writers were not happy especially because many who were stuck on the trains that the air-conditioning wasn't working. this is not the first time i have been on bart. when it broke down in the summertime. hopefully they get faster at repairing things. the other two times this is happened to me it has been pretty quick. this time it has been over an hour. >> writers are expensing delays. the wait times are shorter during rush hour. hart said the tracks tend to expand in hot weather.
10:22 pm
crews have been working to install new equipment that can better withstand the heat. thousands of people are without power across the bay area. many homes and businesses lost power this afternoon as temperatures soared. this was the scene this year evening in downtown walnut creek. many cities open up cooling centers and offered free admission to swimming pools. here's where we stand tonight. 5630 customers are without power in concorde. san mateo 1689. it walnut creek 1122. emerald hills san mateo county 822. orinda 591. so far there is no estimate on when power will be restored in any of those cities. still ahead tonight a pursuit in san jose ends with a bmw slamming into a minivan at 120 miles per hour. what we are learning about the man under arrest in connection with the deadly crash. it was meant to make traffic smoother. it is having the opposite effect.
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the chp is investigating a
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shooting on interstate 280 in san francisco that sent two people to the hospital. it was reported 1:30 pm in the northbound lanes south of the san jose avenue exit. the people that were hurt suffered minor injuries from gunshot wounds. the highway patrol shut down all lanes for 20 minutes. the offramp the san jose avenue was also close as officers investigated. it has been reopened. a high-speed chase ended tragically in san jose this morning when a bmw pursued by the highway patrol crashed head on into a minivan. the driver of that minivan was killed. his passenger was critically injured. the driver of the bmw 28-year- old alexander apparently admitted to the chp he had been using methamphetamines. before the chase the highway patrol spotted him driving erratically and attempted to make a traffic stop. the chp said the suspect took off because there was a warrant for his arrest. the highway patrol said the bmw was going 120 miles per hour.
10:27 pm
when it crashed into that minivan. concern over sfo new rideshare pickup location after customers complained about long wait times. over the past few days lived in over customers reported waiting over an hour for their carpet the pickup zone open last wednesday on the fifth floor of the domestic parking garage. a spokesperson for sfo admitted the worst backup was last night when a vehicle stalled in the garage. they remain committed to evaluating the impact of sfo's new pickup location. coming up a protest into a open city council meeting. the passionate public comments onto budget proposals that drawn out meeting late into the night. witnesses and the go ship warehouse trial. the testimony about how gang members might have started the deputy fire. a victory for the worries tonight came down to the final seconds. it came with a heavy cost. another injury for kevin durant. mark will update us later in
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processes gathered outside city hall this evening amid a budget battle inside. they are considering to budget proposals one of them from oakland mayor. the other from board president
10:31 pm
rebecca kaplan. that meeting started at five this afternoon. have they taken any votes?  >> reporter: they are still devitt bathing. the public comments did not end until past 9:30 pm. the room was packed and people spoke out passionately about the need for oakland to have more affordable housing cleaner streets more help from the homeless and fire prevention resources. many other issues but the problem is how to pay for it all. community and labor union groups rally at oakland city hall monday voicing concerns about the mayor's proposed budget.>> a lot of condominiums are being built. we don't see enough affordable housing being built. that is what we are looking for the mayor to do.>> reporter: union members which represents 2000 city employees that their contract expired june 1. they need a larger pay raise for the next two years.>> the city has offered 2% raise.
10:32 pm
i believe the price of living the cpi is now 3.5% 3.9%. something commiserate with keeping workers level with the price of living. >> reporter: the union and other groups spoke in support of council president rebecca kaplan's budget proposal. affordable housing homelessness taking care of blight and trash detecting the public health and maintaining our parks. these are core values that are shared throughout the community.>> reporter: the mayor said she would like to find all the items mentioned in kaplan's budget. the said it overestimates revenue by $100 million. to spend more money than you have is a financial disaster. >> reporter: she's at the city is facing a 40% increase in pension and healthcare cost in the next five years. the mayor disagrees with some of kaplan's proposed cuts. the big difference between the administration's proposal and present kaplan's proposal is
10:33 pm
that she cuts 9 1/2 million dollars from our police department.>> reporter: publiccomment in support of kaplan's budget lasted more than three hours. some students got up to speak in support of the mayors funding of oakland promise which provides college money for oakland students. we can help students prepare for college. i feel like the city council should understand that giving a kid $100 scholarship around oakland is motivating them to go to college and do fulfill their dreams.>> reporter: they blasted the budget itself. think there was no way because the revenue and expense are not standardized. >> a better expense picture. a better revenue picture. more time to consider. a chance to really think about both sides.>> reporter: right now the city council is hearing a report about the budget analysis for both of the proposals. it could be quite a while before they take any vote
10:34 pm
tonight. the defense kicked off his case today in the oakland go ship warehouse trial. several witnesses were called including a woman who said a group of unidentified men were laughing and happy about the fires that killed 36 people. brooke was in the courtroom and has today's developments.>> reporter: defense attorney started by calling max harris's former art teacher. she testified years ago harris wanted to learn about world religion ethics and morality. she could think of zero examples of dishonesty from him. his supporters to still standing by outside the courthouse while inside sharing evidence was up next. she witnessed the fire and claim she heard and saw a group of men and black hoodies gloating about how fierce the flames were at a nearby taco truck. testifying they said no one is going to make it out of the
10:35 pm
building alive. no one is going to survive. evidence is fearful the men might be associated with a latino game. this isn't something the defense is making a. mr. evans has no motivation to do this. she was the truth to come out.>> reporter: families of the victim were not buying it. prosecutors tried to poke holes in her timeline and credibility.>> it doesn't sound credible to me. >> it doesn't matter how it started. it could have been prevented and it wasn't. >> reporter: michael russell was called. he lived at the go ship was there the night of the fire. he was on the first date and testified they watched a movie in his trailer. russell claimed hearing shouting seeing an orange glow and smoke. he also said several unidentified men were running down the hall. a woman at the bottom of the backstairs shouting this is the will of the spirits in the forest. don't come down the stairs.>> my son died and 35 other people died. because of the negligence. of having such a fire trap.>>
10:36 pm
reporter: would enrage many was oakland fire chief stood behind his decision to not tell his firefighters there might be up to 50 people was still inside. and claim if he had it would've caused hysteria and prevented firefighters from putting out the flames.>> had they known and been instructed to go up there to the second floor and break the windows. break the ceiling. do something to get them out. more people would've been alive.>> reporter: that frustration is shared by those families doing the fire department and city claiming they are responsible for the tragedy.>> we would not be so angry and heartbroken today if they had at least tried. but they didn't try. that man understand today is not sorry.>> reporter: leaving jurors thinking families upset and everyone questioning should have been done to prevent the tragedy. still ahead a
10:37 pm
helicopter crashed into a high- rise in new york city today killing the pilot. what authorities are saying about the accident that for many people brought back memories of 9/11. another hot one tomorrow. possible records in some places but a heat advisory. we will see you back with the specifics. david ortiz back in the u.s. tonight. the treatment he is receiving after being shot at a bar in his native dominican republic. you know when you're at ross and suddenly realize great minds shop alike? yes. that's yes for less. yep! yes, yes, yes ,yes, yes... yes. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. listen to your mom, knuckleheads. hand em over. hand what over? video games, whatever you got. let's go. you can watch videos of people playing video games in the morning. is that everything? i can see who's online.
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at ross. yes for less. a helicopter crash landed on the roof of a high-rise in midtown manhattan today the pilot and bringing back memories of the september 11 attacks. the fire departments we the pictures of the rubble on the rooftop. the helicopter went down on the roof of a 54 story skyscraper on seventh avenue near times square. the impact shook the building. the crash happened during the rain and cloudy conditions. there is no indication it was anything other than an accident. i want to say the most important thing first. there is no indication at this time this was an act of terror. there is no ongoing threat to new york city based on the information we have right now. the helicopter was being used for executive travel. it is believed the pilot was the only person on board. tim mccormick former fire chief
10:41 pm
in upstate new york. the ntsb is investigating the crash. former red sox star david ortiz in boston receiving medical care one day after he was shot in ambush in dominican republic. police escorted his ambulance to a hospital where fans gather to wish him well. he was at a bar in santo domingo when authorities say a gunman approached him from behind and shot him at close range and the torso. doctors say they removed his gallbladder and part of his intestine. the gunman was not immediately identified or arrested. the motive for the shooting is under investigation. a former gynecologist at the ucla student health center has been charged with sexually abusing patients. university set the charges against doctor james stems from conduct with two patients in 2017 and 2018. he works at the center for nearly 30 years. he was let go last year after the allegations surfaced. he surrendered to law enforcement today.
10:42 pm
prosecutors say the 62-year-old is charged with two counts of sexual battery and one count of sexual exploits haitian of a patient. with more hot days ahead the summer you can expect more power shutoffs to prevent wildfires. up next a look at how pg&e makes a decision. bill martin is back with his complete forecast. he will show us when temperatures will start to back off a little bit. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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i've been waiting my whole life for this. ♪ you ready? are you? ♪ woo. ♪
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evacuations have been lifted a yellow county were a brush fire has burned more than 2200 acres. the sand fire broke out saturday outside rumsey. cal fire said containment has grown to 50%. more than 1100 firefighters are working the fire lines. an effort to lower the risk of wildfires pg&e shut off power to 27,000 customers and five counties over the weekend. the critics say pg&e should be doing more than just cutting off power.>> reporter: pg&e wildfire safety operations center was monitoring potential fire conditions following this weekends shutoffs. consumer advocates firefighters
10:46 pm
and electric utilities all agree on one thing for sure. the fire season is in fact starting much earlier than ever before.>> reporter: to impose a public safety power shut off pg&e and other utilities must have these conditions. a red flag warning declared by the national weather service. forecasts of steady winds above 25 miles per hour with wind gusts of 45 or greater. in the shut off targeted area. low humidity levels generally 20% or below. and critically dry vegetation that could fuel a wildfire. on top of that a shutoff can be called by on the ground observations from utility field crews. we are constantly weighing the balance to make a determination of when is the appropriate time to call for one of these.>> reporter: they try to give as much notice as possible. 48 hours if they can. and then 24 hours before the shut off and then finally just before the shut off a final notice. either by text email or a phone
10:47 pm
call. >> powered shut off should only be used as a last resort. pg any needs to make sure it trims the trees. it needs to make sure that it does the conductors and insulated wires. to stop fires. >> reporter: during a shut off while pg&e customers do get some measure of fire protection pg any loses income and customers lose service. business or property such as food. they reported that 50% of the people power was restored after 36 hours. of being out. that means that 50% is more than 36 hours. this>> reporter: it is not just a matter of swooping flipping the switch. that is because the real state before any power can be restored every inch of every line in the
10:48 pm
shut off area it must be eyeball to make sure it is all intact without anything laying on top of the wires that can start a fire. we had a lot of records today. there are so many. san francisco being the most impressive. the records go so far back. it is all impressive. tomorrow will be toasty as well. albeit a bit cooler. a trend of cooling will be going on the next few days. these were the highs. from other cities. 102 livermore. it is hot. right now 85 concorde right now. 81 livermore right now. 11 degrees warmer in fairfield. you are starting out warmer tomorrow. some areas are cooler along the coast. a slight seabreeze. overall we are warmer than we were last night at this time. that means it will be a warm day tomorrow. we have a bit more of an onshore flow developing. we should see more cooling costs in bayside. it is only a couple degrees.
10:49 pm
inland you will notice it a couple degrees. if you were at 104 today you will be 101 tomorrow. you won't notice the difference. once you're over 100 it is hot. it is hot in the city right now. you can be wearing shorts and flip-flops in san francisco which is not the case typically in june. the forecast highs tomorrow red is 90. purple 100. see how the heat the warmth goes right through the coast again. this earlier had faulk trying to show up. pulled it out. that is what i was thinking. the fog doesn't come back until wednesday. that is coming up from the south. high-pressure is dominant and keeps us going in this pattern. with a slight cooling trend not because the weather is letting up. it gets so hot in linn. the cooler moisture off the ocean gets drawn in. that creates a thermal low. it rises in the cooler air gets pulled in. no way you can stop that. that is why our heat waves only
10:50 pm
last couple days. we would generally cool. it is going to be slow. these temperatures are cooler. lower if you will. but there is still 100 pittsburgh. 100 antioch. 100 pleasanton. a spare the air day tomorrow. a heat advisory tomorrow. excessive heat warning in the central valley tomorrow. it will be another hot day tomorrow. not as hot as today. today took the cake. we might see a couple records tomorrow. there is the five-day forecast. hang in there. if you see something like a spark or a fire call 911. this time of year the fire danger is high. they will respond. keep that in mind so you can be a citizen firefighter by helping out if you see anything. coming up in sports to nice bittersweet warriors victory. he came with a serious injury to kevin durant's achilles' heel. the sports director is up next. a safe haven for lgbtq
10:51 pm
vandalize. the troubling discovery today in the south bay.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
mark is here now. warriors bittersweet victory tonight. it was a huge victory. one point game. it is one of those things.
10:54 pm
there is no training manual to learn how you are supposed to react to this. the team wins. they are still alive. could this be a career and therefore kevin durant?>> reporter: you don't want to go there. with the way modern medicine is. if it is determined which it has not it is a ruptured achilles. is certainly the worst injury you can sustain as a basketball player. so much revolves around how well you jump and all those things. we don't know that yet. we do know kevin durant has sustained and achilles' heel injury. but to the extent we don't know. there will be an mri tomorrow. it really took the shine off of what was a great returning moment for probably the greatest player of the world. he shows up tonight in toronto. his first appearance. immediately bangs three threes. he had 11 points in 12 minutes. what a difference he makes. 9:46 left in the second quarter. he goes down.
10:55 pm
you see him grab the lower leg. it appeared he grabbed near his achilles. it is reportedly not the same injury he sustained to his calf. he is led off the court. and soon leaves the arena with a boots on and in crutches. the warriors know they will have to get other performances to make up for it. demarcus cousins does that for the most part. he will come through here on the miss. with the put back. you have 14 points and six rebounds. in a game he may bay not have made an appearance in had katie not gone down. steph curry. game after game he continues to pop. the warriors continued to grind it out. let most of the way. leonard takes over. at one point he had 11 of the raptors points in a row. they led by 6. with 3:05 left. away from a championship. the warriors go on a 9-0 run. steph curry has something to do
10:56 pm
with that. he had 31 points tonight. that tied it with one 1:22 left in the game. klay thompson on the other end after some great ball movement hits a three with 56.6 seconds left the warriors lead by 3. klay thompson 26 tonight. the relentless raptors down one. final six seconds. it actually was dream on green hitting a hand on lowery's shot., blocked it. a shot that could've won the championship. instead leaves canadian fans and shellshocked. courtside 106-105. warriors are in the series again. down 3-2 heading to oracle thursday night. a swing of emotions can be a common thing in sports. it is hard to find one more dramatic than what happens to the warriors and raptors in game five. this was the city an entire country on the verge of a championship celebration.
10:57 pm
the warriors stage one of their dramatic comebacks. the raptors missed a shot that could have won at all. both teams know the math of what needs to be done. after the game it was about the emotion of one of the games biggest is going down. steve kerr did not even know what he was supposed to be feeling. i did not know what to say. because on the one hand i'm so proud of them. just the amazing heart and grit they showed. on the other i'm devastated for kevin. >> he gave us what he had. he sacrifice his body. i feel so bad for him to be honest. i don't believe there is anybody to blame. but i understand this world. if you have to you can blame me. >> how do you press on from here emotionally? we do it for kevin. we do it for kay.
10:58 pm
i can tell you this but he wants us to compete at the highest level. we will think of him every time we step on the hardwood.>> reporter: we have been speculating about when the final worrier game will be at oracle arena. we now know. it is thursday night in game six. as for kevin durant he issued this on his instagram account. as he is well aware the nation is going to be loud. for game six. i'm hurting deep in the soul right now but i cannot lie. i see my brothers getting this win was like taking a shot of tequila. i have new life. at least he is keeping a positive attitude. he will undergo an mri tomorrow. to see the exact extent of this achilles injury. the a's had to pack it up over the weekend. they are in texas. this morning middle of the night basically they are in tampa.
10:59 pm
it looks like they were out of gas as youngster making a first ever start. it came out early. the a's are winding up on the short end. randy taking. anderson d. his first big- league start. taking a hit away from him. kevin kerr meyer has got it. that is a beautiful catch. the a's could not getting anything done offensively. a two run homer. the a's like i said could not get the offense rolling. 6-2 is your final. the giants have the night off. that is the sporting life. one that will be remembered for a long time by all bay area warriors fans. we will see what happens thursday night. the drama continues. it is 11 pm and time for more news. they live to fight another day. our computers are down.
11:00 pm
fans and everything is down. from power outages to brushfires to delays on bart. the hot weather created a number of problems in the bay area today. the weather is cooling off a bit. the effects from today's heat are still lingering. today's temperatures shattered records and parts of the bay area. let's get to bill martin for the latest on how hot it got today. record highs all over the bay area. the big one san francisco at 97. the breaks the old record in 1985. the story 97 degrees in san francisco is ridiculously hot. the second day in a row. they tied a record yesterday. san francisco records go way back. you will see a bunch of records here. a place like oakland airport that hasn't been around that long. it is not a big a deal.


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