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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  June 11, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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for the warriors in toronto. the dreams still alive, but they will have to do it without kevin durant. the latest on what the warriors are doing today. this is mornings on 2. good morning. thank you for joining us here on "mornings on 2", tuesday morning, june 11th. i'm pam cook. >> you watched the game, didn't you? >> i watched the game. that was a nail biter. >> we're also talking to mark tamayo, in for steve this morning. more of the same? >> more of the same. although it will at least begin to cool things off a little across the bay area. hopefully. >> it's not enough for all of us who do not have air conditioning. >> it has been quite the challenge. >> the entire bay area is covered with that intense heat. today, we'll begin to see a little change. take a look at all the records from yesterday and monday. lots of triple digits. 101 degrees. san francisco, 97. just amazing. half moon bay, 89 and still
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livermore, 100 degrees. this was yesterday. today, still somewhat triple digits out there. so taking a look at the map right now. all of the advisories in yellow. the one difference here is near the immediate coast line and for san francisco. yesterday, they were under a heat advisory. no longer the case for today. and an excessive heat warning for the bay area sections, inland sections as you can see later on today. that's 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. current numbers, still very warm. starting off this tuesday morning in the 60s and 70s. except half moon bay. 59 degrees. we could see a bit of change primarily near the immediate coastline for today. here's the satellite view. showing you a few high clouds, moving into southern california and approaching the bay area. clear skies, right now, and still off to a warm start. and take a look at some of the projected numbers later on today. warm to hot. san francisco will go to mid- 80s. there's a chance that that sea breeze holds off. could be approaching the 90- degree mark. and still another round of
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triple digits inland. we'll talk more about this heat. and maybe the relief from the heat coming up in a few minutes. let's check in with sal now, he's standing by with a traffic update. good morning to you, sal. >> good morning, mark. right now, we have a nice- looking commute for the most part. for the bay area. let's start off with 580 westbound. we did have a little slowing here through the construction zone, through the altamonte pass. no problems once you get to pleasanton and hayward, castro valley. this is a look at the oracle arena. and at the bay bridge, it is light. at 4:02. let's go back to the desk. an excessive heat warning in the bay area is in effect for much of today. record or near record high temperatures from 100 to 105 degrees. the heat is causing a number of issues, including power outages. and system wide b.a.r.t. delays.
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cal fire hopes to gain containment. it's called the calaveras fire. it has burned 35 acres. this is video shot from skyfox 2, showing how close the flames came to several homes there. crews were able to turn back the fire. there's where you can see how close it got to the homes. according to the latest numbers from firefighters, that fire is 80% contained now. we should get an update in a little bit this morning. >> pam, fire crews are also making progress in the malec fire in san jose. it is 90% contained. that's expected to reach 100% later this morning. the malec fire has burned 210 acres since sunday afternoon, when it began in the coyote ridge open space. and in yolo county, all evacuation orders from the sand fire has lifted. that burned more than 3 1/2 square miles in a rural area northwest of davis. the fire started near the town
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of rumsy. it's now 50% contained. investigators are still trying to determine how all of the fires started. your time is 4:04. the hot weather could shut down b.a.r.t. again today, causing system wide delays. yesterday afternoon, during rush hour, there were heat-related delays as long as an hour. affecting delays in all directions because of mechanical problems on the tracks. b.a.r.t. says the tracks tend to expand in hot weather. the crews are installing new equipment that can better handle the heat. pg&e crews are working around the clock to restore powers that were overwhelmed by the heat. street lines across the east bay were dark. and more than 8,000 homes and businesses lost power during the hottest part of the afternoon. but most of them are back online this afternoon. the biggest outages are in oakland and san jose. they have a combined total of 1100 customers still without power. our time is 4:05. the warriors are heading back
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to oakland for one final game on thursday at oracle arena in the nba finals. last night, they pulled out an exciting win in toronto. i know you were watching. they still trailed the raptors, three games to two. kevin durant was on fire early in the game. had 11 points in 12 minutes. but then that happened. in the second quarter, his lower leg injury flared up again. warriors trailed by 6, with about three minutes left. then they got clutch shots from the splash brothers. >> gets a look. fires away. ties the game. steph curry from downtown. and in pursuit. iguodala. one fake, one dribble, one shot. got it. golden state retakes the lead. warriors took the lead in the final seconds. but toronto had a chance to pull out a win right there with kawhi leonard.
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didn't work. it was kyle lowry, i'm sorry. got a shot at the buzzer. but draymond green had a piece of it. and the warriors won, 106-105. game 6 is thursday night in oakland. after the game, the warriors announced that kevin durant has an injured right achilles. he will have an mri today to determine how bad it was. kevin durant was on crutches and wearing a walking boot. they're expected to leave toronto around noon eastern time. the next update on kevin durant's health, probably won't come until late this afternoon. espn is already reporting, the warriors believe durant tore his achilles. durant seems to be in good spirits despite what happened. this is what he posted on instagram, i'm hurting deep in n my soul right now, i can't lie. but seeing my brothers get this
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win is like taking a shot of tequila. i got new life. ubs. a swing of emotions can be a common thing in sports. this was the city and entire country on the verge of a championship celebration. and the raptors missed the last- second shot that could have won it all. both teams know the math of what needs to be don done from here on. but after the game, it was the emotion of one of the biggest stars going down. steve kerr said she didn't know what to say. >> i told the team, i didn't know what to say. on the one hand, i'm just so proud of them, the amazing heart and grit that they showed. and on the other, i'm just devastated for kevin. >> we went out there and gave
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all he had, sacrificed his body. i just feel so bad for him, to be honest. >> i don't believe there is anybody to blame. but i understand this world. and if you have to, you can blame me. >> how do you guys press on from here, emotionally? >> we do it for kevin. we do it for "k." i can tell you this. he wants us to compete at the highest lev. and we'll think of him every time we step on the hardwood. >> for a couple of weeks now, we'll speculate about when the warriors will be at arackle arena. we now know it's game 6. this morning, alameda county fire investigators are looking for the cause of a fire inside an empty building in san leandro. that fire was reported shortly before 11:00 last night at the former dan martinelli poultry company on marina boulevard. there has been a homeless camp
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set up near that building, which is not far from san leandro hospital. fire crews say there are no reports of injuries. new this morning, passengers on a flight from sfo made an unexpected stop in portland. look at this video sent to us by a viewer. alaska airlines flight 1323 from san francisco to seattle, was diverted to portland late last night. the cabin filled with smoke. firefighters were waiting for the plane when it landed. no reports of injury. we're still waiting to find out why there was smoke in the cabin. biden has events scheduled in four cities in iowa today and tomorrow. president trump is scheduled to attend a fundraiser and visit an ethanol plant. it's the first time the two will campaign in the same state on the same day. former red sox star, david ortiz is in boston now this morning, continuing to recover, just days after he was shot in an
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ambush, in his native dominican republic. now, ortiz was met by fans when he left the intensive care unit of a hospital. on sunday, ortiz was at the dial bar and lounge when he was ambushed and shot in the back. ortiz was rushed to the hospital, where doctors removed his gallbladder and part of his intestine. his liver was also damaged. >> i do trust that he will be fine. that's all i want from everybody here, you know? just stay positive. and keep praying for him. >> now, police say the man who is accused of shooting ortiz confessed. but they would not elaborate on what the suspect told investigators. police say they do not believe robbery was the motive. >> wow. all right. our time is 4:10. still ahead, because of the bay area heat. many are headed for the beach to try to cool off. coming up, the warning from rescue teams, after a teenager was pulled under water. and a helicopter crashed into a high-rise in new york. killing the pilot.
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we'll tell you what authorities are saying about the accident. and the local connection to the building involved. good morning. right now, we do have traffic that is moving along pretty well. if you are driving on westbound bay bridge, into san francisco. and in weather, the bay area in the clear right now. and record-breaking heat of course that was the big story yesterday. still today, heat advisories and excessive heat warnings. we'll talk more about your forecast coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 4:14. immigrant women in the bay area, advocates and advertisers will all meet today, demanding justice for asylum seekers. they want the court to overturn the decision by attorney general jeff sessions to limit asylum. they say it severely limits access to asylum for refugees who want to escape violence in their native countries. the event starts at 10:00 this morning. it will be at the courthouse on 7th street in san francisco. federal investigators are search for example crews this morning, after a helicopter pilot flew over a restricted new york city air space. then crash-landed on the roof of a high-rise in midtown manhattan. the chopper went down on 54th
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near sky avenue, near times square. if killed the pilot. we have also learned that the building is partially owned by cal pers, california state pension fund. for some people, the crash stirred up memories from the 9/11 attacks. i want to say the most important thing first. there is no indication at that time that this was an act of terror. and there is no ongoing threat to new york city based on all of the information we have right now. it is believed the pilot was the only person on board. he is identified as tim mccormack, a former fire chief in upstate new york. the helicopter was being used for executive travel. a new york congresswoman is calling on the faa to ban nonessential helicopter flights over manhattan. time is 4:16. a tragedy in san francisco, where a 14-year-old boy dropped at a
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popular beach off chrissy field. yesterday afternoon, the teenager was with a group of friends in waist- deep water, when he lost footing and slipped. the currents dragged him out. rescue crews found him about 25 yards out. they tried life-saving measures, but the teenager died at a nearby hospital. the park service says since this is a federal property, not a beach for swimming, no lifeguards are out there. some regulars say you should stay out of the water because you may not know what is under your feet. because you're not really sure what is going to happen, once you're knocked off your feet. you're unaware if it's going to drag you back or push you forward. >> now, the teenager and his friends were not supervised by adults. he was a san francisco resident. he only turned 14 a week ago. for the third straight day, a spare-the-air alert is in effect throughout the bay area. air quality is expected to be unhealthy today, as we continue to see very hot temperatures. officials want to remind people to limit how much driving you do.
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if you are going to exercise, going outside to exercise, you should try to get your workout in very early in the morning. the vta will be offering free ridings to cooling centers in santa clara. the rides will be from 8:00 in the morning until 8:00 tonight. for a full list of cooling centers in your area, you can check our website, just click on web linkings at the very top of the page. there's a lot of people with small children. elderly. if you don't have air conditioning, it's really important to get to a cooler spot like that. >> it is. time is 4:17. sal is over there. you ready to take care of the folks, sal? >> that's right, dave and pam. here to help you now if you are in gilroy. we'll take a look at this commute for you. gilroy to san jose. it is a nice-looking drive up to the san jose area, through morgan hill. and coming in from hollister to gilroy into the san jose area. looks very nice.
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bay bridge is light. no problems here. we're off to a nice start. if you're getting up early, you're going to hit the road soon. i would say the entire east bay commute is to your liking. it's 4:18. good morning to you. and we're still talking about another round of warm to very hot temperatures now. some areas, coastal spots and maybe around the bay, we're going to shave off a few degrees. but still, plan on another hot forecast for today. now, the one change we're tracking here no longer a heat advisory for the coast here, and san francisco, no longer under a heat advisory. but san francisco, instead of the 90s. yesterday we saw that. this afternoon, we're thinking 80s. and basically a difference is how much recovery or relief you have overnight. the areas do that don't cool off much overnight. they have the excessive heat warning. here's the satellite, showing you scattered high clouds, moving into central california. we are waiting for the fog to come to the
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rescue to cool us off. but most areas right now, still reporting clear skies. looks like half moon bay, one of the cooler spots. 59 degrees. san francisco, one sensor here showing 71. and 70s out toward concord and walnut creek. here's a live camera. looking at sfo. and the plan for today. starting out this morning in the upper 50s to the 60s to the 70s and into the afternoon hours. once again, another round of triple-digit heat. 102 degrees for the warm and the hot end of the bay area temperature range. so here's this area of high pressure. it has been in charge of our weather pattern. that offshore flow is beginning to weaken. as a result, we'll bring in some cooling for the immediate coastline. but still, another round of hot temperatures inland. this fog will come in wednesday, thursday and friday. that will bring in more pronounced cooling. just have to wait for that to happen. santa rosa, still 99ing degrees. oakland, 90. san francisco always a tough
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call, with kind of a transition day like today. mid-80s, 85 degrees. san jose, 96. and san mateo in the lower 90s. here's a look ahead, your five- day forecast. you can still see temperatures, very hot today. i guess you could consider 97, still hot for tomorrow. but we are heading in the right direction. more pronounced cooling as we head toward thursday and friday. as we head toward the weekend, still pretty much the same story. by weekend, 60s, 70s and 80s. just relief on the way. just have to wait one more day. even into tomorrow. we want to remind you, too, to download the ktvu weather app. it has interactive radar. hourly updates and the seven- day forecast. and also really easy feature to upload your weather photos and video. the ktvu weather app is a free download. time now is 4:21. dub nation, fired up. they are heading home. we have reaction from fans who
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watch the game from inside oracle arena. ♪ [ music ] ♪ welcome to my house ♪ ♪ play that music too loud
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the warriors still alive in the nba finals after a heart-pounding 1-point win last night. fans watching at oracle arena were ecstatic and tell our amber lee, they look forward to coming home for one last game in oakland.
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the final minutes of game 5 have fans on the edge of their seat, testing their emotions and putting some to tears. a win by the slimmest of margins. one point sends a crowd into a frenzy. >> amazing. amazing. just a gutsy performance. incredible. >> we're looking great. we got two more to go. two more to go. close out game 7 in toronto. the energy in here is crazy. and i'm just excited to be here. and excited to get this win because the warriors will prevail. >> from the start, fans were loud and proud, at 13,000 strong. cheering on the road warriors. >> camaraderie from the whole bay area. we're here to support, even in this building. it's almost like they can feel us from here. toronto. >> steady rain down here on
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orackally. as soon as the warriors won, they were thrilled the warriors showed what they were made of. game 6 will be played right here at oracle arena. in oakland, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. time is 4:25. meantime, team usa and its quest to be champions starts today. some began the global tournament with a victory. now, team usa has a chance to do the same thing. they'll play thailand today. you'll see it right here on ktvu fox 2. some of the veteran players know there is a lot of pressure to repeat as world cup champions. we have a rich history of success within this program. and that's one of the reasons we set high expectations for ourselves. today's match between team usa and thailand starts at noon. right here on ktvu fox 2.
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our coverage begins this morning with a special world cup pregame show. the ktvu fox 2 news at noon can be seen on ktvu plus and our website, during today's world cup match. and the san jose earthquakes are hosting world cup watch parties at avaya stadium. all 52 matches will be aired on the stadium's big video board, including today's team usa match. viewing parties and parking. it's all free. food trucks, inflatables and more are being brought in for soccer fans and their families. the oakland a's continue their east coast road trip today, during yesterday's game. the a's struggled against tampa pitching. chris davis struck out with the bases loaded. >> no. >> yeah. they couldn't score a run off rays starter charlie martin. they do play again this afternoon at 4:10. >> chris davis? no. >> i know.
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time is 4:27. with more hot days ahead this summer, many of us can expect pg&e to cut off the power in order to prevent wildfires. up next, we'll take a look at the rae tough decision to turn off the power and for how long. is this going to be the matchup in 2020? i'm doug luzader in washington. we'll tell you where both of these guys are going to end up today. going to be in the same state. that's just ahead. good morning. right now, we do have traffic that is off to a very nice start as we take a look at the east bay, traffic is moving well. both directions, 880. and weather in the bay area, in the clear once again. we are tracking more excessive heat warnings and heat advisories. another hot forecast for today. we'll let you know when cooling arrives.
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good morning to you. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is tuesday, june 11th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us today. i'll let you know, target is out of fans. i gotta tell you. we went looking and other people beat us there. >> it's one of those deals, where you don't think about it, thenault of a sudden -- then all of a sudden. >> another bad day. coast side, at least will shave off a few degrees. but always, at least in this case. we're still waiting for the fog to come to a rescue. and the fog is really not here just yet. today, minor cooling coast side. take a look at the record today. you can see the records from monday afternoon. santa rosa, 101 degrees. san francisco, amazing. downtown 97.


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