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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 11, 2019 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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what happened when we bring a thermometer there on a bart car to take the temperature. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 news starts now. er day of te climbing to the triple digits. i'm julie haener. >> cooler temperatures are in the forecast, but today the hot weather caused a variety of problems. a statewide flex alerted and at an hour ago. cal iso is asking people to conserve energy until 10:00 tonight due to the high demand for electricity. they suggested leaving air conditioners 78 degrees or higher, and they asked everyone to turn off unnecessary lights and appliances. >> the hot, dry weather field a grass fire that spread to home in san jose. the flames broke out at about 12:30 in the east handles a foothills on mcvay avenue at hubbard way. neighbors say no one was home at the time. one firefighter
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suffered a heat relathe blister was second day of problems for bart riders. triple digit temperatures can cause the tracks to warp, leading to delays, and temperatures inside some board cards can be unbearable. live coverage from jana katsuyama. she is in marinda, and you actually took the temperature inside some of those bart cars. over 100 degrees. >> reporter: frank, it really was. we used a temperature scanner that we got from one of our engineers at the station and went into some of the bart cars. there was a huge difference between those that had air conditioning and those that did not. a lot of problems today for anyone who was riding bart during the commute hours. the evening commute tuesday for thousands of bart riders was a test of patients. we boarded the dublin pleasanton line. >> there were 10 minute delays. they said the delay was due to heat on the truck. >> reporter: the second day of he to know better than mondayci degree temperatures cost equipment malfunctions and rail tracks to warp. bart shut down some tracks causing delays throughout the system. >> we are about 10 minutes away
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due to heat. >> yesterday we were held up because a medical problem. somebody fainted on the train. today, they said the tracks are overheated, and so here we are standing around. >> reporter: a heat wave has bart passengers complaining about temperatures inside cars with no ac. we brought a temperature gauge to find out how hot it was getting. with infrared temperature reader, we measured 107 degrees in the car. >> today is by far the worst. yesterday wasn't that bad. i don't know what it is about today. >> i think i just lost moving s bart officials said they differed scheduled maintenance today till the weekend, so technicians could work on car malfunctions due to the heat. we saw one bart technician answering customer service calls. >> we got a. >> reporter: parts of the older train karsh shutdown the
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electricity and ac went overheated and needed to be reset. we follow the technician as he boarded several trains been a one car too broken to fix. the technician went to the car alerting passengers so they did not have to suffer. >> all cars are different. find a nice, cool car. all cars are different. they have their own ac. >> reporter: many people said they did not realize that the cars were different temperatures , and ac was separate, so that was definitely something that they learned today, and bart also said if you do have a problem in the future, you can text them with the car number that is listed on each individual car, and they will try to get a maintenance technician out there. >> tough commute on bart. jenna, thank you. not to chief meteorologist bill martin. he's tracking the records and cool down already happening. >> it's indicated by the dropping of the heat advisory which dropped a few hours ago, and that the excessive heat
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warning in the central valley. that is been dropped within the last few minutes. we have records today, and it was hot, one of the hottest days we've seen in the last few years. those are of 97 in san francis that tied a record . it beat a record yesterday. that san francisco record is a big deal because it is old. 102 in napa. it is a hot day. one of the things that is coming up here is you know, we got heat advisories, we had extreme heat advisories, we've had issues at the beach because people are flocking out there with rip currents, so it's just one of those runs up weather that is now finally winding down the that you are seeing some cooling along the coast now. san francisco is about six or seven degrees cooler than it was last night this time, so with said these onshore winds are going to try and temperatures the other way, so that he does not overcome the, but the records should be, and the advisory should be. when we come back, we will expand all that, and i will see
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you in a bit. more than 30,000 pg&e customers in the bay area lost power during the heat wave today. more than 18,000 of them were in east bay. another 7,400 homes and businesses were without power on the peninsula, 2,500 customers in the north they without power, 1,700 in south bay, and about 100 homes and businesses lost power in san francisco. one of the city that was hit the hardest was berkeley with more than 7000 customers affected this afternoon. debora villalon spoke to some folks there about the inconvenience. >> reporter: two days in a row. like so many of these outages, berkeley is hit of customers ca estrada in berkeley. no way to products cold or run the espresso machine. to got to start somewhere. >> reporter: customers try to stay cool, some escaping their homes also without power. >> hot. to not have a fan working or anything, hot there, so i came down, get out, get around. >> reporter: up and down college avenue, starting about
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4:00 p.m., these were the signs of the times. shuttered businesses as blistering temps, heavy demand, and stress on the system all combined. the transformers and other equipment just can't cool down fast enough. >> especially the underground equipment, they just can't cool down. >> reporter: berkeley police shot this video at mlk jr. wait at addison at the turn of the outage. the intersection close with smoke streaming from an ecological manhole. it is unclear if that failure was linked to the outage. the intersection reopened with utility crews evaluating the problem. even though the heat is expected to ease, two hot days back to back are had lasted quite a open during outage were rewarded when ended for them an hour earlier than predicted. >> it's an unusual heat wave. people are using more power than norm
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california in the new climate. >> well, i was get an acai bowl because it is very hot outside. >> this moment disappointed to find a dark cafi and strutting anymore stifling nights with no ac and a seven month old. >> i had to put her in bed with a cloth over her body. it was just so hot in our trip. we were up every hour last night crying, both of us. >> reporter: and a quick check of pg&e's outage map shows a half-dozen trouble spot, even at this late tages stretching f phoenicia to san jose. debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. in the south bay, a small vegetation fire spread to a house in the foothills of east san jose. the fire started about 12:30
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this afternoon on a hillside near mcvay avenue at hubbard way. a neighbor told us he was inside his house with his 1- year-old daughter and his mother-in-law when he heard several pops . than the power went out, and he looked out the window and saw flames. everyone managed to get out safely. >> i got the call at work, and i was just happy to hear that they made it out safely. that is my primary concern, so i am so grateful he was home. >> investigators are looking into whether powerlines cost fire. neighbors say the house that was damaged belongs to an o was hayward police say a man was arrested this afternoon for allegedly setting a fire on a grassy hillside the that fire burned about two acres ongrove way. the busy area with a lot of shops and housing. they say a resident spotted the arsonist loitering in the area, and police took him into custody at about 1:30 today. we have developing news tonight from san leandro or police are investigating a
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deadly police shooting. they said happened at 4:15 this afternoon at a home on martin boulevard. police say they received a 911 calls about a man holding a machete in the street and exposing himself to children near his home. officers say they try to reason with the man, but he would not cooperate. they say he then pointed an object at them to look like a gun, which prompted one of the officers to open fire. the man's name has not been released , but officers say he was a 56 your latina. the contra costa coroner's office has identified the pilot who died when his small plane crashed near antioch sunday night. investigators say 22-year-old: berkeley was the only person on board that single engine plane when it went down in the delta east of winter island. his plane had taken off from buchanan field in concord. the national transportation safety board is investigating the cause of the crash. the golden state warriors arrived home at the oakland international airport one day after their bittersweet game five victory in toronto. this
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thursday, the warriors plan home the nba finals, they will have to do it without their star player, kevin durant. amberley is out that oracle tonight, and amber? this will be the warriors' last game ever at oracle. >> reporter: absolutely, it will be an exciting night, but as you said, the warriors will have to find a way to win without kevin durant the that we spoke with an orthopedic surgeon who tells us if the rent suffers from a ruptured achilles tendon. athlete with that type of injury usually take one to two years before they are able to return to playing the way they did. >> reporter: the warriors arrived at oakland airport tuesday afternoon after what many described as a gutsy win in game five. noticeably missing was star, kevin durant . he's in new york to see doctors about his achilles injury. >> an injury is always there, always ready. it is the sixth man on every packable court. >> reporter: dr. warren strudwick is the team physician for the oakland raiders. he has not treated to rent, but it on the video he has seen, he believes durrant may have
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suffered a ruptured achilles tendon. >> they will think that someone hit them or kicked them in the back of the leg, and they turn around, and there is no one there. property achilles tendon connects three calf muscles to the heel bone to strudwick says athletes usually undergo surgery to repair the tendon, rather than allowing it to heal naturally. >> reporter: the risk for reinjury is lower. the team has not yet said what the severity of durrant's injury is. >> he is a significant injury, whatever the injury is. >> reporter: the warriors will play without the rent thursday night their last game at oracle arena. fans say they will miss it. >> i mean that energy from the people that shoot the teachers into the stands and do that to get the crowd riled up, and even some of the people serving drinks and food. they have been the same people for many, many years. >> the other stadium in the league. it gets out of there. and i don't know, had a hometown feel. >> reporter: ralph walker
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retired from his job of director of team security for the warriors, which included working as stephen curry security guard. he was also an oakland police officer for 26 years before joining the team. >> it's just history when i think about the oracle. we used to call at the coliseum. there was no differences when anyone. once you got in that arena, everybody was on one page, all for each other and for the warriors or the team. >> reporter: a-team spokesman tells me the warriors will be practicing here at oracle tomorrow, and fans will fill the arena thursday for game six, making history with that their beloved warriors. live in oakland, amberley, ktvu fox 2 news. a new option to get around downtown san jose. the fleet of new e-bikes making its debut. a strike vote at sfo, why workers say they don't have enough -- they don't make enough to survive while catering hundreds of flights per day. we're quote and a little bi
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i will have the details, what you can expect coming up.
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city leaders in mountain view are still debating a controversial ban to outlaw parking of oversight vehicles on city streets overnight. the vote is not expected for at least another hour. supporters of the public ban point to public health and safety concerns. opponents the it discriminates against the homeless and low income residents. it is an issue being debated all around the bay area, as high rents force many people to find alternative living situations like an rv. 1,500 airline kitchen workers serving flight at sfo are considering going on strike. the workers took a strike vote tonight, as ktvu alyana gomez reports one job should be enough. >> it's just the reality. >> reporter: overcome with that emotion, ione santiago shared
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his crew. they were working for the airlines, and now can't afford his $1700 medical bills on top of the $200 amount health insurance premium. >> it is hard to pay that amount of money because that is >> reporter: the base salary for an airline food truck workers about $47,000 a year. santiago and his son rent a room in a house to keep costs down so he can try to say for his two other children overseas. you try to save money for your family in the philippines. >> i have a little bit of money. >> reporter: santiago another sfo online catering workers who are local are voting whether or not to safter months of negotiates with that sky chefs and americans united and delta airlines are in contracts with that those companies to handle their in-flight food and beverage services. >> this is a billion-dollar industry that is making huge
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profits, and so we're looking to improve the standards for the airline kitchen workers that help provide the planes what they need to take off. >> reporter: the workers aren't on average about $18 an hour. less than 50% of them have company health insurance. >> we are prepared to fight to get a good contract. >> we work hard. all the people work hard. >> reporter: alyana gomez, ktvu fox 2 news. the city of oakland is launching a new funds to help developers build more affordable housing. the mayor says the $260 million loan fund a portable housing developers with that philanthropic and corporate investors. preserve existing housing, as well as to build new units. the mayor says she hopes this will be part of a large-scale regional solution to the bay area housing project. >> the level of red tape that different cities are imposing on new housing developments is hurting the whole bay area, including the residents that
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live in those communities. >> the mayor said in particular she hopes to see denser affordable housing developments built around transit centers. jurickson france salesforce transit center is set to reopen on july 1st. the transit center has been closed since september when cracks were found on two support beams above fremont street. beams over first string were also repaired and they were similar to one that cracked. transfer a joint powers authority said today an independent panel determined the repairs have made it safe to reopen the $2 billion hub for bus service. people living in downtown san jose have a new way to get around, electric bikes. lyft today unveiled a new fleet of e bikes under the name bay we'll. the company showed up the station with that a new evite rented next to city hall plaza. this is the first time electric bikes will be available in a bike share in san jose. the bike rentals are two dollars for a single trip, $15 for monthly membership.
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all righty, so the temperature today, we had those records second day in a row. a lot of records and big record that that. over 100. temperature tomorrow will be a little bit cooler. seabreeze. let's see. take about eight to degrees of. yet, take about seven degrees, a degrees of the inland valley, and in the bay and coast you can take off -- in the country can take a 15 degrees, so we'll six significant cooling. we are seeing that already. the bay is down to 64. san francisco at this time last night was 79, so they are down, indicating a winship there. we can see the wind shift in these when accenture's. you can see that west wind at sfo 50 miles per hour. it's a good sign. as i mentioned down in salinas, you are seeing some strong, onshore wind as well with that fog trying to work his way up
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the cost. tomorrow night at this time we will sea fog , and i think we'll sea fog coming through the gate perhaps by afternoon tomorrow. with that that said, forecast highs tomorrow, they are they are. still hot inland. you will still find hundreds far inland they valleys be the most inland they valleys will be mid-90s, upper 90s, but that is still swaddling, but it's a 105, 106, 103 like we saw today. high-pressure is weakening enough that things are going to start to go our way in terms of cooling down the heat advisories. the excessive heat warning has been dropped, and we're getting a break, and it will continue to cool right friday. you will see in the five day forecast there's a neat little deal where we are going to stay. i'm calling in mild compared to the temperatures we have been seeing in the five day, so you'll see temperature tomorrow that have a warm to hot cooler on thursday, friday, and saturday and sunday too, so it's no we wish for the heat. be careful what we wish for because it is fun to up the
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beach days and all, but in the last couple of days they've been swaddling and almost dangerous with that the heat advisories been a better pattern coming our way. team usa is off to an amazing start in their first game of the world cup. mark will tell us about the record-setting day by a former cal player. a san francisco man honored tonight with that the carnegie medal for saving five people from a burning suv in mendocino county in 2017. nick anderson pried open a door and said two children. he then went back three times for the others. the carnegie medal is presented to community members who risk their lives to save others. be back in a moment. . you know when you're at ross and suddenly realize great minds shop alike? yes. that's yes for less.
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exactly what you need... yes. ...for your growing family? that's yes for less. everything your pet needs at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. what a beautiful night out at what is it? >> they change it every other week. >> a lot of empty seats out there. >> the people that were there were loving it. like i said earlier, they are kind of used to this in san diego, l.a.. get the shirtsleeves up during a night game this time of year, and that was the last case. when was the last time you sat outside without a wetsuit in the bay? beautiful night to play
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baseball. the giants did a little bit of that. they would like to see a little bit more of this from stephen dugger. two run it in the sometimes cheap seats. 3-1 san francisco, but the padres. evan longoria with that a shot to left up against the car out there. two runs are going to score. joe panick scrambling around third. fortunately for the giants, the throw was off. two run double for save. 6-five finals. taking it to tampa. >> he looks like he's played in the 70s. sixth inning, three runs for the a's. two of them from not olson. his tent homerun already.
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3-2 it is, but one pitch later just to make sure, crush davis. he was swinging the bat like we are used to. that is his 14th. 4-2 lead, and 4-3 final. he finally gets to save his 15th of the year. still waiting for an official update with that regard to an mri concerning the achilles heel of kevin durant. he did go to new york, at this is a video prior to the game last night for those who still think maybe the warriors coerced him into playing when he was not quite ready. he sure looked immobile there, and of course everybody knows by now he came out, hit three threes, looked very, very good considering the long layoff, so it all came down crumbling down. it has not been officially diagnosed as a ruptured achilles, but that is what we are going with that as of right now. he visited a specialist in york no official word as of yet. you hear about team usa women soccer today? record-setting performance all the way around. look out for that. they are the favorites taking on thailand in their opener. 13-nil. alex morgan from diamond bar,
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down in los angeles county, has five goals. that ties american record for most goals. 13-0 is also most goals ever scored in world cup soccer for women, and the widest point differential. check this out. taking you to fenway park. down the right field. line deep and up against the wall. the outfielder, brock holtz forgets that there might be a ball in play by the time somebody realizes. he scrambling around for his 14th homerun of the year already, and that is the sporting life right now. >> a hitting machine. see you later. >> tonight. this portion of fox 2 news brought to you by mercedes- benz, the best or nothing. 9605, listen at work.
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