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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 13, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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his three-point shot in the final seconds wouldn't go in. >> no regrets at all. again what we've been able to accomplish and even the siended. we've to the a lot of great memories in this building.
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>> this will likely be remembered as one of the all-time greatest games in nba playoff history. >> everything this team has been through, i'm extremely proud of the guys the way bee fought. it was great. but we lost. >> the warriors lived up to their name. true grit tonight at oracle. >> the turning point came in thf klay thompson to a knee injury. warriors fans cheered to the final buzzer. >> mark was pacing in the newsroom tonight. one of the best games. >> watching basketball half a century, and it's certainly in
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my top-five. usually you think of professional sports as cut-throat. winning everything is. not high school, college, where it's the spirit and all those things. this was a game where even though the warriors lost, if you're a warrior fan, you have to feel fantastic. the guts they showed, the class, the tenaciousness down to the final seconds. i'm a warrior fan, grew up with them. i'm proud of what they put out there. >> especially the obstacles they faced during the playoffs. >> it's the incredible injury run here. it's just something i have never seen in professional sports. that many of them. and it happened again. this was a sweaty palm, gut-grinder from the beginning. neither team led by more than 10. great ball movement here. klay thompson was rolling. fired away. 30 points
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on just ten shots. the warriors were up 4 late in the 3rd. here's where it happened. he goes down attempting to dunk. he was fouled. landed awkwardly. you see the shock on warriors' fans faces and the pain and frustration. klay came back and shot two free throws. looked like he wanted to come back. at the hospital now. they hang stuff. steph curry, not his best game from outside. danny green, unbelievably looks like he's gonna hand the warriors a victory by throwing the ball out of bounds. the zoorz plenty of
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time left to get a buck tote take the lead. 9.6 seconds. dangerous pass from iggy to draymond. loose ball after the miss. scramble ensues. draymond will get it. but they had no timeouts left. that is an automatic technical foul. toronto shot a free throw. and they get possession of the ball. time runs out on the warriors. 114-110 final. the first title ever for the toronto raptors. an excruciating defeat for the warriors who were hoping to send it to a game 7 on father's day. the warriors showing a lot of grit, a lot of class. and nothing to be ashamed off in the last game at oracle. joe, you were there. extreme ebb and flow of emotion out there.
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>> reporter: i think you characterized it very properly. people were living and dying over possession, knowing this was the last home game in this arena, no heart what. but the thing everybody felt, the injury bug has been a theme throughout this entire postseason for the warriors. and it struck once again big-time tonight. there was just a feeling like my goodness. how are we gonna overcome this? and the to raptedors are a very good team. what happened then was the folks in canada for the first time in their history celebrate an nba championship. so they had it, the warriors had a chance to take the possession, take the lead. they could have taken the lead with a two. but it didn't work out for them.
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one thing that i heard people talk about in the clubhouse, no matter what, they will have nothing but fond memory was this run and this building. >> we have had a lot of great memories in this building. i think it's iconic in the sense of our entire history of this organization and how we got to this point. and hopefully every fan that was in this building appreciates the journey and the ride. every fan that was watching how oakland held us down for 47 years. >> a group of guys like this don't come around together and do what they did over the last five years. and i've been lucky enough to be their coach. that's what i told them in the locker room. i can't tell you my gratitude in terms of just being put in this position. i could not be any luckier.
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>> reporter: what an incredible run it has been. and the thing we can say about the warriors, they made it feel that dominance is normal. and there was an aura that this may be the end of the run. and they said they still have some surprises in store, some basketball left in them.wie big contracts coming up. this will be a very interesting offseason. in terms of what the warriors do moving forward and moving to that new building in
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san francisco. >> a lot is gonna transpire off the court in the next few months. they always say a war of attrition. i've never seen a more pure example of that. you gotta take what's given to you. but no kevin durant. evin durant. >> the warriors have the championship heart. they ran out of knees and tendons. >> they've gotta feel good about what they showed. >> oh, yeah. >> amber, not the ending they
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wanted. >> reporter: >> reporter: there is sadness and disappointment here that the final game here ended in a loss. but they take great comfort in knowing that the warriors are a great team and will come back stronger than ever next year. fans left oracle this thursday night after the last warriors game at the arena. heavy hearts but undaunted. >> >> they are an amazing group of young men. >> reporter: strong emotions from the start. ed history unfold. >> it's an emotional game for everybody.
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>> reporter: the lead singer for a san francisco rock band sang the national anthem and reminisced about oracle in the past. >> it's pretty cool out there. it's magical. >> reporter: also on the hearts and minds of fans, kevin durant, who is recovering from surgery for a ruptured achilles tendon. one young fan describes his encounter. >> he patted me on the shoulder, and i was looking straight up, and he was looking down smiling at me. >> reporter: fans had faith in the warriors. >> lifelong fan. i love the team. whatever happens, i'll be there for them. >> thank you, i love you, kd.
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>> reporter: many fans tell me they plan to attend the center next year but the memories they have at oracle will last them a lifetime. >> a lot of good memory memories. >> what's next for oracle when the warriors leave? more concerts and shows are likely. there is the possibility of arena football and/or women's professional basketball. one consultant is not anticipating a bright future for oracle. >> i think there is a major question mark no matter how optimist the city and the county might feel for a future. >> sports fans we talked to says they'd like to see a pro sports team sign on. but if the a's move to adium, the entire complex would likely be redeveloped. >> on, you'll find more
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on the future of the arena. impossible food promotion for a free impossible whop serstill happening tonight despite the warriors' loss. the free meatless burger promotion is available at the burger king closest to the arena. higher tariffs for bart riders. the fare increase on top of hikes already planned. >> the air conditioners are off tonight in most homes. temperatures have dropped significantly. weekend is around the corner. >> a high-level departure at the white house. sarah sanders' emotional announcement that she is stepping down. >> it's one of the greatest jobs i could ever have. i've loved every minute. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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take 25% off our best active brands! save on young men's under armour tees... women's nike shorts - just $26.25... kids' nikes - only $39 dollars... and men's adidas - $56.24... plus - get kohl's cash! kohl's. it was an emotional moment in the east room of the white house thursday. >> i want to thank you for an
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outstanding job. >> reporter: president trump's press secretary announcing she's leaving the white house at the end of june. >> i'm a mom. i have three amazing kids. and i'm gonna spend a little more time with them. >> reporter: sanders called the job the honor of her lifetime. >> i couldn't be prouder to have had the opportunity to serve my country. particularly to work for this president. it's one of the greatest jobs i could ever have. i've loved every minute, the hard minutes. >> reporter: and there were many hard times during her two years. she took a different tone from sean spicer and was perhaps a better fit for president trump's style. >> i think sanders was quite a rare find and appropriate personality. he has an advarial attitude toward the press.
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>> reporter: sanders never strayed from seriously defending the president. then in march, she ended the tradition of press briefings entirely. >> whether successor will resume that. >> reporter: the president has not named a successor. the timing is critical. >> i think it make sense to leave now. because you'd like to have a new person in place before the 2020 campaign for reelection starts up in earnest. >> reporter: it will be difficult to fill sanders' shoes. >> i think she will be very difficult to find a successor for. this president is very hard to please, especially on aed me role. >> reporter: a challenging role with a president who often prefers to state his own views on twitter. >> in this white house, you wake up at 5:00 am, and the first thing you check is what did the boss tweet at 3:00 am last night? >> reporter: president trump
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praised sanders with a tweet. "she is a very special person with extraordinary talent. i hope she decides to run for governor of arkansas." >> i'm gonna continue to be one of the most outspoken and loyal supporters of the president. >> as for her future, sanders' father, mike huckabee, was governor of arkansas from 1996 to 2007. and did she did not rule out president trump's suggestion. a government watchdog agency says white house advisor, kelly ann conway, should be fired. the u.s. office of special counsel says she has repeatedly violated the hatch act. it prohibits federal workers from using their positions for political campaigning.
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a national committee announced the list of presidential candidates who will take part in the first primary debate later on this month. 20 qualified including joe biden, elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, kamala harris, pete buttigieg, beto o'rourke, cory booker, and eric swalwell. it will be held in two nights with ten candidates appearing on each night. the candidate his to hit a polling or fundraising threshold. only three did not qualify. montana governor, steve bullock. the mayor of mira mar, florida. and mas mats congressman, seth moulton. a new poll of democratic voters in california shows joe biden with a four-point lead over elizabeth warren. bernie sanders has 17%. kamala harris with 13%. and pete buttigieg with 10%. police in campbell arrested a man accused of peeping into a
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child's bedroom window. a camera captured footage of the man outside the window of a 1:20 am on june 3rd. michael edward brothers is behind bars being held on $100,000 bail. he has prior convictions for peeping and prowling. he may have committed similar crimes. bart's board of directors has approved another series of rate hikes. the board approved a budget for the 2020 fiscal year. they also approved a fare increase that will go into effect in 2022 after the current round of fare hikes is complete. the new increase of 12% will be. some board members voted against it, saying now is not the time. and riders agree. >> it's not a happy experience.
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>> i've been riding it for 14 years. the trains get dirtier and more crowded. it's a little tough to take. >> bart says the fare increase will generate $400 million. erate $400 million. a fire in concord destroyed three rv's and burned grass land. you can see the heavy smoke from the highway. fire officials managed to stop the fire from spreading and no one was hurt. the cause now under investigation. checking in on off kwabt ine last 24 hours, certainly. a lot of fogoast. it's pushing well inland.
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quite a bit in the last 24 hours, certainly. a lot of fog along the coast. it's pushing well inland. and you see that push in in the last couple of hours. a big plug of fog over in the east bay. temperatures cooling everywhere. air conditioners probably not running, even in the livermore valley tonight. this fog really makes a play. this is some significant intrusion into the inland bay valleys. so marine layer is pretty deep. a couple thousand feet. the darker green represents the sea breeze. those are 50s. it's pretty coolute there right now. 6 degrees cooler than last night. tomorrow is not gonna be cold, just cooler. temperatures outside right now, generally in 50s. there's sfo. fog back in the cost tomorrow. fog in the bay tomorrow morning. a slow-burn. generally in the 60s and 70s. a mild day. a resort hotel in half moon
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bay hit with a large fine. why the ritz carlton is being ordered to pay more than a million dollars. >> two oil tankers attacked near the persian gulf. you know when you're at ross and you find.hmmm. a price that has you, like... okay. that's yes for less. say yes to the latest spring trends at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less.
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under state law all beaches are open to the public. the commission said the hotel did not post signs stating that the beaches are free and open to everyone. the fine is the largest that the commission has ever handed out. new tensions in the middle east tonight. iranian officials are denying mike pompeo's assertion that iran is responsible for a pair of attacks today on oil tankers in the gulf of oman. >> good afternoon. >> reporter: secretary of state, mike pompeo, says this is iran's work. >> iran promised the work it
10:26 pm
would interrupt the flow of oil through the strait. >> reporter: citing intelligence on the weapons and resources used, level of expertise required, and he says no other proxy group in that area could have acted with such sophistication. >> she's unprovoked attacks present a clear threat to international peace and security. a blatant assault on the freedom of navigation, and an unacceptable campaign of escalating tension by iran. >> reporter: one month ago, john bolton said iran was almost certainly responsible for attacks on four other tankers nearby. iran denied involvement in all the attacks. the foreign minister suggested they were designed to thwart ongoing discussions between the iran supreme leader and the japanese prime minister.
10:27 pm
abe said he was in iran to calm the situation between the united states and iran, whose supreme leader refused communication from president trump. >> i have no response to trump's message. i'm not giving him any message because i don't consider him worthy of exchanging messages. >> reporter: the president tweeted "while i very much appreciate prime minister abe going to iran, i personally feel that it is too soon to even think about making a deal. they are not ready and neither are we." officials say the pentagon dispatched the uss bainbridge to the incident and rescued 21 sailors. s. coming up, online videos
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designed to deceive. the growing concern that they could influence the presidential campaign. >> we'll head back to oracle for more on the incredible effort of the warriors tonight. ight. >> reporter: in the south bay, a new memorial pays tribute to veterans and first responders. irst responders. i've been waiting my whole life for this. ♪ you ready? are you? ♪ woo. ♪
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a new memorial will be unveiled in las gatos this weekend, honoring veterans and first responders and 9-1-1 heroes. >> the process is seven years in the making. >> reporter: the memorial dedication ceremony will be healthed on saturday. held on saturday. behind me, you can see that the memorial is built lit up. those behind it call it a world-class tribute. located on the front lawn of loss gatos' civic center, vietnam veteran in awe of what he sees. >> i looked at it and did not realize it was gonna turn out so
10:32 pm
beautiful. we are saying that it is the crowned jewel of the coyne. >> reporter: one of the few municipalities in the county had no tribute to veterans. $1.5 million in fundraising. >> i think about all of those that didn't come home and all of those that did come home. >> reporter: a tribute to those killed in action. >> that ties in our country with our military sacrifice. >> reporter: the memorial recognizes first responders with the historic fire bill, and 9/11 heroes who lost their lives on flight 93. >> a lot of people i don't think
10:33 pm
have put together the dots to see how heroic their actions were. >> reporter: the honors of liberty. y. >> people do care. and that's what this is all about. >> reporter: george hall has a paver to remember his family members who served. george's own son, an army ranger, after five tours in iraq and safgs coming home. >> in my view, they're all heroes. >> reporter: for veterans and their families, the magic of the memorial, a place of healing for those with invisible wounds. >> we've seen it now, thee, four times. veterans will go to a memorial and come back feeling like they can restart their life. it really truly is a healing experience. >> reporter: the dedication ceremony is set for this saturday morning with state and local dignitaries in attendance.
10:34 pm
state lawmakers approved the first budget from governor newsome. it's a $215 billion spending plan. it addresses the teacher shortage and housing. the governor has 12 days to review and sign it. it includes $80 million for marijuana taxes to pay for childcare for low-income parents. the state would give $650 million to local governments to advocate for homelessness and clean up drinking water in california. fire safety had been a big concern at the oakland warehouse. more on the testimony. >> reporter: this former resident of the ghost ship warehouse took the stand.
10:35 pm
the artist who moved out months before the inferno said fire safety was a concern of those who lived there, especially before parties and events. he testified "we were always trying to be proactive about the danger of fire. it was always on our minds." the prosecution asked "you were aware there wasn't any sprinklers in the building." "i wasn't aware" he answered. he also testified that max hair was honest and trustworthy. harris and almena are facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. >> it was not their party. it wasn't a party thrown by the ghostship. >> reporter: mary alexander reps many of the victims'
10:36 pm
families. >> the number of people who have come forward that talked about what a fire trap this was, the amount of fuel that was in there. it meant that this place was a tragedy waiting to happen. >> reporter: they say coming to the trial can be frustrating. cyrus lost his sister sarah in the fire. she was 30 yeerldz. >> the therapy part is just being around with other families, sharing loved ones stories and how great everyone was. everyone was. >> reporter: harris is expected to take the witness stand on monday. >> max harris will certainly get up there and say he wishes he did something differently. something he valid known, something to change these events. he feels tremendous guilt. >> reporter: almena's turn will begin, presenting his defense perhaps as early as next
10:37 pm
tuesday. it's called time to get out. the campaign underway in the bay area to lure people and jobs away from california. >> the big cool-down is underway. s underway. >> and major new develops tonight closing the books on three sonoma county murder cases.
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a large tree came down today in san francisco crushing a large car. no one was injured. the massive tree crushed that one car and badly damaged two others. the video was posted on the citizen app. new information on a gas leak in livermore that forced the h-train to shut down tonight. the agency says all trains will resume regular service tomorrow. a gas leak was reported around midnight. union pacific informed officials that pg&e repaired the gas line and the tracks are now clear. it was a case that baffled
10:41 pm
police in sonoma county for years. two young people killed sleeping on a beach in jenner. now that case is finally over. sean dallon pleaded no contest to killing 22-year-old lindsey cutshawl and jason allen in 2004. he entered a no contest plea for the murder of his brother four years ago and pleaded no contest in the attempted bombing of a man in durnville in 2004. prosecutors in the south bay announced they will no longer file charges against people arrested for possessing small amounts of illegal drugs. the santa clara county district attorney's office says a person would only face charges after a second offense for drug possession within a year. the idea is to divert those first and second-time offenders into
10:42 pm
drug treatment programs rather than the criminal justice system. >> they're gonna be moved out of the criminal justice system where they do not belong and put into the public health arena. >> the new policy is expected to go into effect by the end of summer. there an exodus from california? the new campaign hope to capitalize on so-called california struggle struggles. >> bill martin joins you in a few machines with the forecast. st. you know when you're at ross and suddenly realize
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10:46 pm
as the so-called knowledge workers. >> the knowledge worker would b, software development. even they're having hardships living in california because of the spiralling cost. >> 60,000 californians moved to the phoenix area last year. and they aren't trolling california. they just want to remind residents about the struggles of living in a state with such a high cost of living. fabricated videos called deep fakes. they are computer-generated but look like the real thing. >> there is increasing concern that they could influence the upcoming presidential election. >> i would never say these things. >> reporter: this is one example of a digitally fabricated video. it's not really president obama speaking. >> we need to be more vigilant
10:47 pm
with what we trust from the internet. >> reporter: the manipulated videos made possible by artificial intelligence can be hard to detect and present a nightmarish scenario for the election. >> not only may fake videos be passed off as real. but real information can be passed off as fake. so it is increasingly difficult for the public to determine what is true. >> video editing has become very good and inexpensive. >> reporter: a few examples. >> these people are able to coopt the head movements of their targets. if married with convincing audio, you can turn a world leader into a ventriloquist dummy. >> reporter: including one where senator warren's face was put on
10:48 pm
a saturday night actor's body. others are photos of fabricated people. fake faces created with artificial intelligence. >> i think facebook and youtube and other technology could analyze these videos and say this doesn't look right. it doesn't mean ban them but look at it further. >> reporter: that analyst says some of the responsibility lies with social media users. checking the source and not passing on videos that turn out to be fake. two pitbulls are recovering after being left in a hot car in triple-digit heatrom holster poe animal care responded to a call for two dogs left inside a car where temperatures hit 101 degrees. officers forced their way into the car and rescued the dogs. they were treated for heat stroke. the owner was cited for leaving pets unattended in a hot car.
10:49 pm
>> the heat is done for now but it was hot. the records, the heat advisories, the warnings. now the fog is coming back. and the wins are going this way. the current fog situation this is. all the way up to the north bay, the east bay, in the santa clara valley, almost. these are el viso and mountain view as well. the fog is back. the temperatures have cooled off significantly. these are tonight's currents. got pretty cool pretty fast last night. we had the sea breeze pick up late in the afternoon. san jose, minus-5 from where they were last night. tomorrow is gonna be a little bit cooler. and tomorrow afternoon will be a little cooler. a cooler day tomorrow with clouds and fog lingering at the coast. and around san francisco and oakland. it will slow to burn
10:50 pm
off and then partly sunny. the forecast overnight lows, there they are. 62 in fairfield. more like 60 there. those temperatures onshore are gonna be in the 50s and low 60s at best. and then the clouds in the morning, and a little bit of clearing in the afternoon. that's tomorrow but it's also a bunch of days. we've got a pattern that has set us up that is a weak trough to the north and the east of us. that's close enough to us that the marine lay serall stretched out. what's is gonna be like the next few days? just like this. when this temperature footprint comes up for tomorrow, roll it into saturday, sunday, and into monday. it's gonna be similar to this. the fog is back though and i gotta tell you it's none too soon for my money.
10:51 pm
it's nice to get a little bit of a break from that heat. that was oppressive heat. the bart train, i've seen that happen before. the tracks get hot, they warp a little bit. flower the forecast highs. the cool is back. the weather is about what you'd expect for this time of year. maybe a little below average for this time of year but still very nice. late word about klay thompson's injury. and it is not good news, warriors fans. brace yourself. mark up next with an update. >> a nursing assistant arrested for sexually assaulting a patient. ent. get dad a great gift from kohl's...
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10:55 pm
usually a six to nine-month recovery period. unbelievable. kevin durant and klay thompson available on the free agent market. both now with debilitating injuries. one tumultuous offseason. here's how the game unfurled tonight in the last ever at oracle. klay thompson came out smoking. shortly after that, ending a fast break, the awkward landing. and the shock on the fans. the pain on the face of klay, and the frustration exhibited by curry. yet they hang tough.
10:56 pm
the irrepressible raptors, a number of contributions. drake and his friends and jurassic park in toronto are all feeling good. but the relentless warriors, and a great contribution from cousins to the hoop. but here comes that man again, huge performance. toronto up 26. danny green with a terrible pass throws it right out of bounds, trying to get over. and the warriors only down a point with 9.6 seconds left. a dangerous pass by iguodala. draymond green
10:57 pm
to steph. loose ball. time running out on the warriors. all draymond can do is call a timeout. however, they had no timeout left. that's an automatic technical and a shot for toronto. they were able to run out the clock and win their first-ever championship. 114-110 the final. in six games, the r.a..ors are, the raptors are champs and the warriors are dethroned. >> reporter: as acknowledged by their local fans, the warriors truly listened up to the name on their jerseys, despite the fact they failed to win a third straight nba championship. it was pretty much acknowledged that the better team won in this series. >> a group of guys like this don't come around together and do what they did over the last five years. i can't tell you my gratitude in terms of just being put in this position to be with this group and coach them and to help them. i could not be any luckier. >> i think the way that we have
10:58 pm
talked and described this journey and what not, i don't think there's ever been a situation where we've taken anything for granted. we all can hold our head high. >> we have a lot to be proud of. i think we'll figure out a way to be very competitive going forward. >> everybody thinks on the kind at end of us. that's just not smart. we're not done yet. i don't see it happening though. we'll be back. >> reporter: the reports are that klay thompson suffered a torn acl in his knee. in addition to that, he is a free agent and there are contract issues on the horizon. this will be a very busy offseason for the general manager. >> one tumultuous offseason for the warriors. great to pebble beach.
10:59 pm
the u.s. open underway. after you see the scenery which is incredible, the temperatures cooling down. the gallery is huge. to see it. we unfurl the shot of the day. the par 3, 12. 202 yards. rory sab tinny. and it doesn't come any better than this. that's why they call it an ace. he needed that shot too. he shot only an even par for the day. despite that shot. and of course, tiger, a synonym for the word golf. >> pretty much. >> 30 at seven. he shot a 70. and he's one under. in the hunt, you might say. then the two-time defending champ, koepka. par three it. 69 on the afternoon. finished late. dustin rose at a bird tow finish his round of six under 65. justin rose is the one-shot leader. the next few days are gonna be filled with warrior news and eventually some of it
11:00 pm
might be good. that's the sporting life for right now. right now. lifelong fan. i love the team. whatever happen, i'll be there for them. >> a thrilling last game at oracle arena. but the warriors come up short. and toronto raptors.


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