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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  June 14, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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he will have a tough time filling her shoes. plus, it didn't end the way the warriors wanted. the toronto raptors are the new winners after beating them in game 6 of the finals. and there is more bad news for the warriors. the latest on klay thompson's knee injuries. this is mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us here on friday morning, june 14th. i'm pam cook. that was really tough watching klay go down. >> it was tough. good morning. i'm dave clark. we're also talking about friday weather to get you going. steve paulson is in. >> he was hot. >> i heard a lot of political analysis saying, they didn't really beat the warriors, the defending champions -- anyway. they gave it a good run. >> they did. we do have a huge fog bank.
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ize is out there. a spin in the atmosphere. see that spin, that went right over. the santa cruz mountains right now. that really has produced a little bit of drizzle and roaring wind out for some. 50s on the temps. are you going to fill in the rest of these? we'll see. maybe, maybe not. 56, livermore. there see? had to wake up a little bit. the city, 54. it is for most of these temps. even low temps. 52 in pen grove. so there are some cool, cool readings. but that wind. still. look at. that 44 miles out to fairfield. that is amazing. that is just a delta wind that will make it all the way out to sacramento. cooling continues. that system sweeps through. the low clouds mightemperatures a lot of upper 70s now.
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or very low 80s. 4:02. on a friday. and sal is here and will tell you that it's quiet. >> it is quiet. steve, i think you need to reboot that tsr80. >> you think? >> only you and i know what a tsr80 is. let's go look at the westbound 580. 205. traffic is moving along pretty well. livermore, pleasanton. hayward. not a bad commute. and as steve said, we are starting off with a nice, quiet commute for the most part. there are small things am but for the most part, things are doing very well. traffic is moving well in front of oracle arena. and here at the bay bridge. it is light. 4:03. let's go back to the desk. >> all right. thank you, sal. it was an amazing and rough night. the warriors lost the final game last night.
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>> toronto raptors beat the warriors 116-114. toronto started out to an early lead. but the warriors quickly responded. it went back and forth, 14 lead changes in just the first half. but the turning point came right here. klay thompson th a knee injury, left the game. toronto took the lead fourth quarter. warriors lead by 1 point. steph curry took one last shot, hoping for a game winner. >> iguodala throw its to green. catches it. back to curry. puts up a 3. won't go. cousins. picked up. they dive on this. >> base drive. but the warriors were out of timeout. raptors held onto win, 114-110. toronto is celebrating their first nba title in the team's 24-season histor and kawhi leonard is the
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final's mvp. after the game, the warriors confirmed klay thompson suffered a torn acl in his left knee. thompson left the game in the midst of another great performance in the finals. he had 34 points in 32 minutes. thompson left the building on crutches, much the same way kevin durant did after tearing his akealies in game 5. we have post game reaction from oracle arena. >> as acknowledged by their long loyal fans issue the warriors truly lived up to their name on their jersey, despite the fact they failed to win a third straight nba championship. after the game, it was pretty much acknowledged that the better team won in this series. >> a group of guys like this don't come around together and do what they did over the last five years. i can't tell you my gratitude in terms of just put in this position and to be with this group and to coach them and to help
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them, i could not be any luckier. >> i think the way we have talked and described this journey and whatnot. i don't think there's ever been a situation where we've taken anything for granted. we all can hold our head high that we gave it everything we got. >> five-year finals run. and we have a lot to be proud of. and -- >> i think we'll figure out a way. i think you can rest assured we'll figure out a way to be very competitive going forward. >> everybody thinks it's kind of the end of us. that's just not smart. we're not done yet. i don't see it happening, though. >> now, the reports are that klay thompson suffered a torn acl in his left knee. in addition to that, thompson is a free average and there are contract issues on the horizon. fair to say, this will be a very busy off season for general manager bob myer n. oakland, joe
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fonzi, ktvu. >> after the seasons, the warriors and their fans bid farewell to oakland. the new chase center in san francisco. coming up in our next half hour. fan reacted to that. plus, we'll take a closer look at the future of oracle arena. >> that was just amazing. everybody cheering, chanting warriors. the last, they brought like nine seconds on the clock. and it was over. but the fans were all just there. it was just a rough one to see. >> the emotions up and down. then when you saw klay go down, it just sucked the air out of the room. >> like. like i said to steve, a lot of sports analysis. they're not done yet. >> no, they're not. realizing it was a last game at oracle. a lot. >> a lot of emotional reaction, we hear about that. it's sad to see them leave.
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but new home over there. and we'll get more reaction throughout the morning. >> all right, pam. our time is now 4:07. meantime, if you ride b.a.r.t., more fare hikes are coming. yesterday, b.a.r.t. board approved a budget for the 2020 fiscal year. it included a 12% fare hike, spread over 4 years and takes effect in 2022. some board members voted no on the fare hike, saying now is not the time. and the riders we talked to agree with that. >> it's not a happy experience. i can't say i enjoy it. it's a painful experience, in most. and frankly, when you see on b.a.r.t. and experience on the train is not good. >> i've been riding for 14 years. and trains get dirtier. it's a little tough to take. >> b.a.r.t. claims $400 million will be generated by the fare hike. also, the b.a.r.t. board approved a pilot program, one that gives low-
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income riders a 20% discount on fares. >> governor newsom's state budget has been approved. it sets aside more money for public schools, wildfire prevention. affordable housing. and healthcare for some undocumented immigrants. lawmakers are still hashing out some bills through so-called trailer bills. but they passed yesterday and will provide framework for state spending for the next fiscal year, which starts july 1st. the budget also includes $80 million from marijuana taxes to pay for child care for low-income parents. that the state would give $660 million to local government to tackle homelessness. and allocate 130 million in drinking water to parts of california. police in san mateo want your help to identify a suspect in a sexual assault.
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take a electric at newly- released surveillance video and photos of the person they're searching for. police say a woman left a bank of america on el camino real. the man wanted for questioning, described as being 5'4," weighing about 120 pounds. take a look. if you have any information, call the police. another high-level of the trump administration is leaving. white house press secretary sarah sanders, stepping down from her post at the end of the month. it was an emotional moment in the east room of the white house yesterday when sanders made the announcement yesterday alongside the president. she took a very different tone from her predecessor, sean spicer. and according to some analysts, it was a better fit for president trump's style. >> sanders is a rare find. heattitude toward the press. so she sort of picked up his combativeness.
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>> sanders will be remembered for getting rid of the daily white house briefing. no reason was begin for her departure. a federal watchdog group says one of president trump's top advisers should be fired. kellyanne conway, they said, should be removed from office for repeatedly violating the hatch act. that law prevents them for using their political position for campaigning. she showed support for an alabama candidate in 2014. new video claiming iran was involved in an attack on an oil tanker in the middle east. the trump administration is blaming iran for yesterday's attack on two tankers near the gulf. the video shows iran's revolutionary guard, removing an unexploded mine from that japanese-owned ship, suggesting
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they were trying to get rid of evidethe ship'sone o objects just before the attack, suggesting the tanker was not damaged by mines. these unprovoked attacks present a clear threat to international peace and security. all done in the floim of navigation. and unacceptable campaign of escalating tension by iran. >> this comes just as japan's prime minister was wrapping up a trip to iran, trying to ease tensions between the united states and iran. he said he has no intention of sending japanese troops to respond. right now, it will be harder than ever to tell what is real and fake on your favorite websites. growing concern that so- called, "deep fakes" could play on 2020
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elections. we'll show you the campaign under way to lure people and jobs away from california. bay bridge looks good. if you're trying to drive to san francisco. you don't have a lot of company, might like the displays who drive across the bridge. nothing fake about the forecast. it's cool and going to remain cooler. there's also drizzle out there. we'll have a fine-tuning forecast for you.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the democratic committee has announced the presidential candidates who will take part in the primary debate later this month. 20 candidates qualify, including joe biden, bernie sanders, kamala harris, pete buttigieg, and eric swalwell. the debate will be held june 26th and 27th. with 10 candidates appearing. to qualify, the candidates had to hit a polling or fundraising flesh hold. only two didn't qualify. they are montana governor steve bullock, and massachusetts congressman seth moulton. shows joe biden with a 4-point lead over elizabeth warren.
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bernie sanders has 17%. followed by kamala harris with 13% and h 10%. the presidential race will be front and center "the issue is." you can watch that tomorrow morning at 6:30. east bay congressman eric swalwell brings his campaign. he is due to appear at two events. take part in the road to the white house town hall series for the silicon valley leadership group. and ktvu radio. then at 10:15, swalwell will speak at the commonwealth. sounding the alarm about fabricated videos called "deep fakes," ahead of the 2020 election. these are computer-generated videos, but they look like the real thing. ktvu's maureen maylor shows us
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what they look like. >> see? i would never say these things. >> this is an example of a deep fake. but theyeated -- they created it. >> we need to be more vigilant about what we trust from the internet. >> the manipulated videos, made possible by artificial intelligence algorithms can be hard to detect, and present a nightmarish video. >> it is very extensive. highly trained professional editor, can now be done by an amateur. >> these people are able to cut off the movement of their targets. you can turn a world leader. >> including an example from a uc berkeley researcher where senator elizabeth warren's face was put on a saturday night live's
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body. another was these fabricated people, fake faces, created with artificial intelligence. time is 4:18. good news this morning. all ace trains are going to be running this morning, after service was disrupted yesterday because of a gas lake in livermore. that was near the union pacific track. says pg&e fixed that to be clear. that shutdown cost major traffic jams during yesterday's early morning commute. 4:15 is the time. let's check in with sal. >> pam? >> sal. we really need friday's traffic jams to kind of uplift our spirits after last night. >> really? i was going to play all sad songs. sad songs, all by myself ♪ sookay. we'll do something else. we haven't come up with a theme
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yet. i'll get my team on it right away. you can see traffic is moving along really well. no major issues. maybe we'll pay ska. ska music? no? loo this a look at the east shore freeway. traffic is moving along really well. there have been no problems driving through. and there was a little drizzle coming in. northbound 280 looking pretty good, getting up to highway 17. we're off to a good start. not a lot of plains. runway one left. closed. it's 4:20. now, we'll have eric carmen soft '70s today. >> my goodness. >> all right. well, i'm all by myself now.
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but i'll tell you about the forecast, which continues to be cooler. boy, i'll tell you, from one extreme to the other in four days about that. in santa rosa, 73. there's something wrong with the downtown santa rosa. they said that is not possible. somebody please acknowledge that. the airport was 73. i think i buy that. 73 today. normal is 82. 62 in the city after being in the 90s. three days ago. now you're in the 60s. and now that's 4 degrees below normal. that's below livermore. 79. 85 is normal, san jose. 81 is normal the so temperatures, which is way above right now. look at that spin in the atmosphere. that's all of this date. that's why i is water vapor. that is producing as sal said. e is here on our friday morning.
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54 seems popular. mid-50s. a lot more 50s now. couple of 50s toward sunnyvale and san jose. even east bay temps. to orinda and danville and blackhawk. not much of a change here. temperatures are -- because the overcast is in place. travis, fairfield had gusts of 45 miles to the southwest. only down to 40 now. west/southwest at oakland. around american canyon. hidden brook. just off the chart here. water temps cool again, 53 to 55. bodega bay. that fog is cold once it gets onshore flow coming in. monterey is at 56. a lot of low clouds down toward the peninsula. pattern where cloud deck is not going to budge much today. even inland temps, which were
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still on the warm side to maybe a few yesterday are done. 50s, 60s and 70s. a little warmer as we go in. >> time is 4:22. actor cuba gooding jr., making headlines after he surrendered and turned himself in to police. up next, what the oscar winner is doing. and hit with a massive fine. the reason the ritz carlton is being ordered to pay more than $1 million.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. actor cuba gooding jr., the 61- year-old actor denies allegations that he groped the woman in the new york bar. his lawyer says video from the bar will prove he is innocent. >> mr. gooding has not acted inappropriately in any shape or form. nothing in the video could even be considered ambiguous. >> a second woman has also accused the actor of forcibly touching her in a manhattan restaurant in 2008. but because the alleged incident happened more than 10 years o, the statute of limitations has to issue charges that overlap. the actor is expected back in court on june 26th.
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if he is convicted, he could face up to a year in jail. time is 4:26. ritz carlton in half moon bay was fined $1 million by the california coastal commission. they said they didn't provide access to beaches. all beaches are open to the public. the ritz carlton didn't post signs that said the beaches are free and open to anyone. that fine is the biggest the coastal commission has ever handed out. an organization in arizona has launched a campaign to lure people to california n to live in phoenix. you may have seen these cars driving up and down highway 101 and 280 with the messages, astruggles are real and time to get out. the greater phoenix counsel council says the blame is high tech workers and knowledge workers. >> the knowledge workers would be those in
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i.t., engineering, software development. they are having a time living in california because of the spiraling comforts. we want to provide them with an alternative. >> 60,000 californians moved to the phoenix area last year. time is 4:27. we're still thinking about warriors. they are recovering from losing to the nba finals. next season, they're going to be gone from the oracle arena. no matter how optimistic the city might feel for the future. >> coming up, early predictions of what could be in the future of oracle arena. president trump will have to find himself a new press secretary. and he is under pressure now to fire another top staff. we'll tell you why.
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good morning to you. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's june 14th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. it is my friday. i'm going to share with everyone. >> that's good of you. >> i got goose bumps yesterday. in the evening. it was a little chilly. i loved it. every moment of it. >> i'm glad you're leadership. >> thank you. there's fog out there. >> a lot. there's drizzle out there as well. on a steve paulson friday. >> all right. you can have it. >> all right. let's get to it here. around the coast and bay. temperatures which came down a little bit on wednesday, came way down yesterday. and they'll continue that inland as they now go below average. couple of days ago, they were all above. amazing a pattern in june. that's what we're seeing. 62 in san francisco. 66. normally, you see the little spin in the atmosphere, which is just
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enhancing th


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