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tv   KTVU Mornings Weekend Edition  FOX  June 16, 2019 7:00am-8:28am PDT

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from ktvu fox 2 news this is ktvu mornings on 2 happy father's day to you dads out there. we are following reagan is this morning in palo alto to crashes to check out on a section of highway 101. one deadly collision involved the warren way driver there was a second press we have video. it happened on the same place on the other side of the freeway. we will date you in a live report. votes are in. it is harder to get food at sso. they have overwhelmingly approved going on strike. we will tell you what they are upset about and what could happen next the u.s. women's open and is getting ready to
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take on a couple of hours after the record setting when against thailand. there's a big watch party getting underway now. we will have more coming up we will talk about the weather. good morning, to you. >>reporter: good morning, ladies it is the girls show. it is chilly outside. like yesterday morning. things will warm up more. still, definitely cooler start to the father's day. we can take a live look at san francisco. i am getting a chill looking. it's a cold start to the morning. if you look at the radar, you can see how far the fog stretched out. this is going to be a cooler day. much different than the last couple days. look, see how far out the clouds and fog extended. it is cool. temperature-wise, temperatures now, in the mid to upper 50s across the 56 in san jose, 52 in san
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francisco. definitely similar to what we saw continue to see cooler temperatures all morning. things will warm up. is looking at the father's day forecast it will warm up inland around the coast it will be pretty cool. we are expecting high between the 60s and 80s. definitely a warmer day inland van yesterday. the coast is what we will see. looking at the highs, while normal for this time of year. santa rosa 77, normal for this time of year, 82 degrees. san francisco, six for lower than normal with six 701 68 more , it will warm up more about 80 degrees, that is for two average for this time of year normal is 81 degrees. san jose, 77 normal is 79 degrees . and like i said, let's start, but it will warm
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up. we expect warm up monday and tuesday i will talk about that coming up.>>reporter:>> php investigating two separate collisions in palo alto, within minutes of each other this morning. one person died, others are injured. alyssa harrington is live, chb wrapped up an investigation. alyssa. >>reporter: good morning, the chb investigating these happened 30 minutes apart. we saw tow trucks take away three vehicles, two had a severe damage to the front end. one person dead and several others injured. here's video from earlier this morning. at one point lanes in both directions of one-to-one will shut down. southbound lanes reopened, nor down lanes slowly reopened, traffic is normal. this started at 2 am, a wrong way driver slammed into oncoming traffic on northbound
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101. the wrong way driver died. speak of this vehicle caught on fire. it's unclear if the injuries are due to flames or impact. direct 2:41 am another religion in the south bound lane north of the road. tsp says, a woman got out and walked in lanes of traffic she was hit by a third vehicle. the driver was arrested on suspicion of dui for people total were hospitalized. investigators are determining if the collisions that happen so close together were related. they believe, the drivers in the second class, may have been looking over to the other lane, to look at the lights and incident that was happening. they collided. ktvu fox 2 news a family and
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antioch is mourning the loss of a two-year-old background in the backyard swimming pool like this is the fifth drowning in the past week. a two-year-old child, is the latest drowning victim from the bay .. you please say emergency crews responded to the home north francisca way where the boy was found in a backyard zooming pool. paramedics tried to revive him he later died of the hot will. our departments across the bay have already responded to a number of water accidents. every incident takes a toll. especially with little kids. it takes a toll on us. we get several drownings all year. it is starting awfully quickly. the latest drowning march 5 drowning in one week. a 31-year-old man, fell off of vote and never resurfaced. his body was recovered, the next day. two days later, a 14-year-old boy drowned while swimming in the bay.
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on tuesday, 34-year-old man disappeared, while swimming at the south end of simpson beach. his body was found the next day. a 21-year-old jockey drowned in the late it is unclear if he jumped or fell overboard the boat. >> people think they will be okay they don't need a life jacket. it's encouraged to wear life jacket. you never know, circumstances. but small children, adults need to be on alert. spiegel you hear about drownings, there watching kids, the phone rings or something. they take their eyes off. direct just this critically, an accident can happen. by the time first responders arrived, sometimes it is too late. france forlight jacket
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on how yourself in trouble without one expert say, stay calm. i can help you stay afloat longer. ators say, flames spread to the neighborhood where one from december damaged. canada comes were threatened. this video shows flames in the . near east 18th, there are no reports of injuries. investigators are looking for information about who may have been using fireworks. chb is asking for hope located what was shot and killed a man on interstate 80 in vacaville. officers were called to what was reported, after crass on the eastbound side of the freeway. when they arrived they found a man in a pickup truck that had bullet holes in it. the driver was dead. officers closed interstate 80. they searched for possible suspects. the freeways were reopened, but
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no suspect was found. opening statements expected to begin tomorrow in a wrongful death lawsuit against the san jose police department the family of anthony nunez is suing the city. they claim he was sent by app service, while he was suffering a mental health emergency. the family called 911. he fired a gun and injured himself in 2016. relatives were told to keep the gun away from him. they should it. police officers say, he was carrying a gun when they arrived on scene. they were forced to shoot and kill him when he pointed a gun at them. under the food service workers at the airport have overwhelmingly approved going on strike. 99 point 8% of the workers that provide meals to united american and delta airlines, voted to strike. workers say, they earn an average of $6000 a year, they say medical care costs brings i the workers union did not say
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when the strike might begin to permit environmentalists as we told you yesterday, saturday documenting wildlife and plants in the .. now they want an environmental impact report file, before any construction begins. they have hired an artist to show people what they think the development will look like. the city need passing. the millions of dollars developers will pay to build these units. environmentalist say it will endangered the ecosystem. when the housing and defenses and infrastructure, and stormwater, coming out into the bay, that will have a huge impact on the water while here. humans -- >> it will pose a safety risk because there is rosen. they believe it will require people to pay for the roads, that will benefit people who do
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not live there now. commencement at stanford is happening. administrators announce the school has lost on campus. there is no word yet, because of death. the school is in touch with the student family and is offered support. this is the fourth report of student debt at stanford since last february. ceo tim cook, is the features weaker at today's commencement goal credits him for speaking forcefully about this responsibilities facing our society today. it is stanford's 120th commencement. the ceremony begins at 9:30 am. the women face jilly and expect another blowout victory today. they beat thailand last week 13- 0. shealy is 39th in the world. a victory today and the u.s. will advance to the next round.
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there is a world cup watch party starting. entry is free. warnings on you will end on ktvu at 830. then we will go to ktvu plus. we will sell the women's world cup as we just talked about the open from pebble beach from 11 am until 7 pm. speaking of the open, the final round will start in a few minutes. coming up at the bottom of the hour, pebble beach or palo alto. plus,? what are they doing for working people?>>, harris is blasting the president.
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good sunday morning. the vendor owes with my father. really nice . that's a nice on the start of sunday morning. the very cool start to the sunday morning, as well. look over the bay bridge now it is a foggy, cloudy start. things will warm up inland, the coast will be cool. we will talk about the warm-up coming up. biko conrad harris is using her platform to offer changes in trade policy the trump card increasing tariffs have hurt american families. >> rking people of america, deserved to have a president who is concerned about them and their lives.
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getting those jobs, not having trade policy that about a tweet and his ego. do you know what is going to come out of that trade policy? it's already started. i call it the trump trade tax. biko she was at an event in las vegas. she's campaigning for mcdonald's and other large companies to pay $16 minimum wage. they screwed up in a televised debate june 27. the major candidates are paying close attention to african- american voters in the south. the carolina primary are hoping to secure key endorsements.>> blue candidates make a splash in reds dates. they are courting colors of. it is one of the highest african- american unemployment rates, in the nation. >> you see that expressed in the
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inequality of wealth. an educational access, senator cory booker, tell south carolina voters, he feels a kinship with them. he says, he knows their struggles all too well as his time as mayor in newark, new jersey. biko thayer art intimate urgencies. south bend mayor speaks frankly, about how african- americans vote democrat. he is not taking that for granted. >> when you're not from a community of color you need to work more, in order to demonstrate what you hear. direct lisbeth warrants that the key to victory for democrats in 2020 is to engage all americans. >> donald trump is going to do whatever he thinks helps donald trump. the way that we win, is to go out and talk to people across this country. we talk about our plans for the future. democrats go to the primary on february 29 of next year.
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in new york, fox news. trump is kicking off his campaign tuesday come with a rally in florida. to register for ticket with 75,000 progressive come in already. the building where the rally is only held 20,000 people. secret services will not allow anybody and after that many people are inside. you can be invited to join the tailgate party can watch on big screens outside. all 17 grandchildren of barbara and george bush honored with the ceremony. the gathered at the george bush presidential library. the president would have turned 95. mrs. bush te it was the first time since the president was buried. all grandchildren have been together. >> let's check in with how
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the father's day forecast is shaping up. biko is shaping up to be another cool day. it's different than what we saw earlier in the week. people did not like the really, really hot temperatures, that was early last week. things have obviously changed. let's take a live look. definitely, a cool, cloudy foggy start to a deep layer of fog extend well inland. really it's affecting temperatures, macon is really cool this morning mid 50s all across the region. look at the major cooling we have seen. in the last few days, tuesday, the highs, look at that. concord reached 105 yesterday, 73. tuesday in santa rosa, it was 100. 74 degrees yesterday. much different than what was on earlier in the week. we will see one attempts. for now, it is nice and cool to start out father's day.
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cool, cool, cool 52 degrees. 54 in oakland now. 55 in fremont. 58 and san jose. like i keep saying, cool start, but things will warm up inland. you can look comparing yesterday to today. it is warmer. not much. when you get really far inland like hundred 73 degrees is the high we saw yesterday. today, we expect 84 degrees. definitely going to be warmer today than yesterday. still, really not bad. if you have father's day plans or ballgames at oracle, it will be 63 degrees. giants are playing through and that starts this afternoon. if you have any plans to go to the a's game it starts at 1:05 pm. forecasteda nice day 74 expect
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hayward. 77 san jose. anyone in fairfield. it will warm up a little bit. pretty similar to what we saw yesterday. we are going to see a warm up in the middle and the beginning to middle, of next week. monday and tuesday, warmer days, wednesday 92 degrees. that's the high we are expecting. then we dropped off, just a bit thursday. i think a lot of people are going to be happy with these cooler temperatures. i love the really hot weather. 95 degrees i'm okay with that.>> yesterday, i had a sweatshirt. it was freezing. >> it was really cold. i need a break and then we will go back to it. thank you. today is father's day. if an importing for a lot of
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dads. the census bureau released new data, 60% men in the u.s., fathers. the report reflected from 314, when they asked about gratuity history, for the first time. the report says recorders fathers are married only three quarters of men are fathers, by 50. there are several father's day events happening today. more than two dozen food trucks will be there from 11 am until 4 pm. dads can try their best at being a pirate. tickets are sold out online. you could get some at the event. it will be held from 10 am until 6 pm. from a major milestone for the 850-year-old cathedral in paris. still to comefirst mass, since the devastating fire plus efforts to speed up the rebuilding process. warriors fans, you can get in free involves food. more on that, coming out.
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this is how driving should feel. the tech-advanced nissan leaf. the best selling electric vehicle of all time. this is nissan intelligent mobility. ♪ only one track is running through san francisco until 6:30 pm tonight delays will last 20 minutes during this time. the agency says, delays could last one half an hour from 630 to 8 o'clock tonight, oscar is move maintenance vehicles out of the trackway. it will take place next sunday. as the warriors look to next
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season, other teams are doing what they can to bolster rosters for the lakers have just added one of the most skilled man in the league. the lakers have agreed to trade three players and three first- round draft picks to the new orleans pelican for anthony davis. the average nearly 26 points and 12 rebounds a game this season. the lakers with lebron james and now anthony davis, the early favorites to win the nba championship next year. the trade will be official in several weeks. they hope there will be one more victory. the nba championship will happen in toronto tomorrow. pac goes from the raptors practice facility to toronto city hall. there are predictions as many as 2 million fans reets to watc morning. it is toronto's first championship fridge since blue jays won the world series in
7:26 am
93. it is not another title, but warriors will leave france with tasty treats. taco bell ran a promotion. the fast food chain, will give away doritos logos tacos. if they win on the road, the raptors and toronto's you can pick up your free tacos by visiting a taco bell this tuesday from 2 pm to 6 pm. the florida man on a mission to set a new world record by watching the avengers movie every single day. he has seen a venture and game 117 times. he wants to eat the guinness world record for watching the same we beat the most times. he beat the last record who watched infinity wars 103 times. >> i work 10 or 12 hours. i i t i drive here.
7:27 am
>> that's crazy. i am sorry. he works 12 hours. avengers is a long movie. you think that would be boring? it's showing is a different experience. he's already beat the record for he wants to watch it 200 more times to be safe. i wonder if he has to do it and that peter. i don't know if it will be and the theater 200 more days . that's too much popcorn. 90 minutes from now the world cup. is a world cup watch party. plus, about the outage on the target store and what caused cash registers to go dark. he's so sweet. maybe too sweet?
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welcome back. cruising on a sunday afternoon, by smokey robinson. it is a smooth way to get us started. happy father's day to all bay . dads. welcome back two mornings onto . sarah is here, filling in for rosemary. it looked cold in that photo. >> i had my windshield wipers on when i was driving to work today. there was a little bit of misty drizzle. maybe i was being a little bit dramatic. >> i had my heat on. because it felt really cooler, you know sterday was cool as we we expect these temperatures to last. tomorrow we will warm up. let's take a live look over the bay bridge right now. it is a foggy, clout cloudy
7:31 am
start. they have pushed inland. it is cool across the region. you can tell in current temperatures right now, we are in the mid to upper 50s. 54 degrees and walnut creek and oakland. san jose has 58 degrees. the cooler start to the day similar to yesterday. we can compare the tabs. this time yesterday, to this time today. not much different across the region. slightly cooler and warmer in fairfield. really, not much of a change. tomorrow we will get warmer. the father's day forecast is shaping up to be a little bit warmer inland, that it was yesterday. concord will reach mid 80 yesterday it reached 73 degrees forecasted highs about six degrees to mid 80s. partly sunny. we will see cl are expecting another warm-up.
7:32 am
not too bad though. i will explain that in my extended forecast. speak of one person is dead and five people are seriously injured after two separate collisions on 101. the first crash and one driver near the road exit. the wrong way driver died. the other driver was seriously injured. 30 minutes after that, the ch p still on the meeting there was a second crash on the south 01. right knee. two cars were involved in the collision. you can see one of the cars got out and was hit by a third car. a total of four people from the crash were hospitalized at one of them had major injuries. the police do not know if the crackles were related.
7:33 am
all lanes of 101 in both directions are open again. vacaville police are searching for a group of thieves caught on video, stealing from a store. in most robberies, the criminals get in and out as quickly as possible. they casually took their time. why they did not seem concerned about getting caught. >>reporter:>> robbery caught on camera. this video capturing thieves in the act as they walked into this tommy hilfiger outlet store, and started to pack bags of merchandise. other criminals strolled to the front door, grabbing as much clothing as they could carry.>> when you think about that?>> that's a lot of money. that's not go they took off with more than $8000 in stolen items. store employees did by and
7:34 am
watched it happen. >> we are not trained.>>reporter: more and more retailers that prohibit workers from intervening. because there is so much liability involved. we have occasions, where people had guns. criminals are catching on to this trend. it can be why these slow-moving thieves did not seem concerned about repercussions.>> employees notified police about what happened. i the time officers arrived, shoplifters were gone. 11 please do lean on employees to identify them. no customers or employees were injured. security experts, that in itself is a win. because $8000, is nothing. it is just stuff a life is
7:35 am
worth more than that.>> that was bridget reporting. police officers say, they took off and the newer model suv. if you recognize the people in the video, ask to call vacaville police. a deadly shooting at a cosco involved an off-duty officer. 32-year-old french salted that off-duty officer inside the store. the officer whose name is not released, fired his service weapon several times. french was fatally shot. the officer was treated and released for his injuries. >> i don't have any concerns. not much of a crowd. >> emergency officials, say they are concerned, emergency exits are connected to a locked system.
7:36 am
if there is a fire and the sprinkler turns on, people can get out immediately. in a case like this, there's a 15 second delay, before the doors unlocked. target is apology for a global outrage for global outage, that caused cash registers to go off-line. this prevented people from checking out. this caused long lines. target temporarily close some stores including the one in san francisco. the company blamed the failure, on an internal technology issue. the store was impacted for about two hours yesterday.>> someone nice work here. you let us know, all the registers were out. so, they did not know when they were backed up. they were going to if we wanted to just take things and put them in a cart and hold onto them, they would let us purchase them later. >> target said, after the initial thorough review, this was not a data breach.
7:37 am
no guest information was compromised. because sweden isup a victory against thailand. they are leading 3-0. there will address to the next round. it is another loss for talent, is not as bad as the 13-0 blowout against the u.s. coming up in the next hour, we will go live to the stadium, where the u.s. women world cup watch party is happening. the final round of the u.s. open at pebble beach is going to start soon. 11 underpar he tees off at 2:30 pm. he's looking to win the first major with three of the top four players in the world are right behind him. they include number one ranked player cup. he's tied for third. the number five player tiger woods, is tied for 27th place. >> i fought back.
7:38 am
i was able to clean up rounds, the first two days. i'm in a good spot. you come with intentions, and of later when. now we go out and get ready in the morning. have some fun. see what happens. >> local golfer, who is doing well is 22-year-old amateur fred. he's tied for 17th place. coming into the tournament, he knew today would be a special day. he supposed to be getting his degree in product design at stanford. he skipping today's commencement ceremonies, he wants to finish the u.s. open. because he's an amateur when i get prize money. stanford has told him they will send them the diploma. is a big sports day we will end at 8:30 pm then we will be hanging around from 8:30 am to 10 am. we will show the women's world
7:39 am
cup than the u.s. open from 11 am until 7 pm. alcohol arrests have become, and it popular rafting event called the american river. this year, the annual rafting gone wild spectacle, has moved from sacramento to yuba city. few people showed up. those who did come to party had trouble accessing the river due to road closures.>> it has been shut down. will have to go somewhere else. i get it. they don't want crazy people doing what they do. if there's alcohol involved or marijuana, you are always going to have those outliers, those groups that ruin it for everybody else.>> in past years, the event has drawn thousands to the river in sacramento. authorities reported a lot of drinking, often leading to medical emergencies and fights. water safety and yosemite
7:40 am
national park this weekend.>> by the time i got here, they pulled me out of the water. i was exhausted. i was tired and cold i was shaky. just imagine, when it would be like without this equipment all the effort it would take, just to stay alive. time is a critical moment it is so important with this. how really dangerous this water is. >> this is rangers doing swift water training, yesterday. each year, ranger saved 20 visitors. according to the parks website, water related accidents are the second most common cause of death in the park. thousands of protesters in hong kong are calling for changes. i want to show you live photos of the streets in hong kong today. demonstrators are filled those
7:41 am
streets. they are calling for general strike tomorrow. you can see lots of people. it looks relatively calm. hong kong's chief executive has suspended a bill that would have allowed hong kong citizens, to be extradited to mainland china. they demand, he resigns. uk handed hong kong to china in 1997. hong kong maintains a separate legal system. human rights groups, say mainland china has threatened the economy in recent years. one of the attacked oil tankers is safely in the united water. the crew arrived in dubai after the ship was attacked. the ussr he blamed iran for the attack. they reject the allegation accusing the u.s. running a propaganda campaign against iran. russia and china do not offer terms to the new 2015 nuclear deal, by july. the u.s. withdrew from that
7:42 am
agreement, last year. they reintroduced the sanction on iran. safety will be top of the mind update . parks and cities. coming up tragedy in the east bay. we will talk about the high number of drownings we have seen in the past week.
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really good, start to the day. it is cool but comfortable foremost. it will warm up as high pressure builds and winters weekend. it will be a little bit warmer today than yesterday. i will explain all that, coming up. facility in mexico says people and children are separated. they arrived without children across into the country with the cases involved children as young as six years old. the trump administration and and family separation policies last year. the patrol says it only happens if children do not belong to the families. the pain felt by migrants who do not know where children are, grandparent, the people are distraught. all i can do is, believe speak of the city says, new mexico senators started an
7:46 am
investigation to prevent similar cases in the future. reports on france state they have received less than 10% of the $950 million, that will rebuild the notre dame cathedral in paris the french president is hoping to speed up reconstruction efforts. >>reporter: the disaster we have had in the computer. the cathedral,lding its first mass saturday, two months after a massive fire engulfed this iconic landmark. the consecration at the place of worship. 30 worshipers attended the mass, wearing hard hats amid safety concerns.>> there is a risk of collapse. there are many issues with the
7:47 am
cathedral. it cannot function properly.>>reporter: it ignited inside the cathedral on april 15. it destroyed part of the roof. it takes hundreds of firefighters to extinguish the blaze. authorities announced the main structure had been preserved. don was undergoing restorative work. the artistic treasures of the cathedral, including the crown of thorns were removed before the fire began. however, it remains unclear where the co-the fire originated from the construction site >> it will be like this for the next few months.>>reporter: donations continued to pour in an effort to renovate the 850- year-old historic landmark. it could cost more than $1 billion. >> it will take time, of course. it will take a lot of work. we will succeed. >>reporter: the french
7:48 am
president set a goal of rebuilding notre dame in five years. experts say, that's highly unlikely. the french parliament debating the law that will expedite the reconstruction. fox news. speak this that fire broke out one week ago outside of the small town of ramsey. before it was put out, the flame consumed 2500 acres. it destroyed seven structures including outbuilding. two people were injured. they will be okay. call that is expected to banned in sonoma, napa and toluca county spirit is telling people to get rid of dead vegetation.
7:49 am
dispose of debris. call fire responded to more than 1700 buyers. fires. it is starting to be fire season. is looking a lot more normal. the fog is completely gone for a few days, it made its way back we are really feeling marine influence. >> we will start by looking at the future cast. you can see how deep the fog and clouds and how much they pushed inland this morning. this is why we were so cool this morning. you can see it went inland. tomorrow, you can see get tha morning hours, like we did today. the last couple of days, we have seen the fog and clouds will not see that to start up the work week tomorrow. it will still be cooler, but
7:50 am
will not be as cool as it has been this weekend. it will warm up. right now, we feel cooler temperatures. in the 50s across the region right now in san francisco 52 degrees to start off the father's day morning. 56 in redwood city. 54 degrees in walnut creek 55 in livermore and clearfield a cool start to the day. it is definitely a nice break from what was earlier in the week. things will warm up a bit. not too much. a little bit today. 74 degrees is the height we saw in santa rosa yesterday. today we will get to 77. san francisco 59 yesterday. before, is what expect today. concord though, we will see heat up. you can see 73 degrees in concord yesterday. today we will see 84. this is lower than average for this time of year. normally we see temperatures warmer than where we will be today. for a lot of people they
7:51 am
welcome back forecasted highs for today it will be a nice comfortable day for the most part. bear lake made at grees expecte 81 degrees in expected high. walnut creek land at 81 degrees today. pleasanton at 80. oakland 68 degrees it is going to be a cool father's day across much of the region. then you get and lynn, it will be warmer. it will be sunny, but for the most part it will be a pretty nice day, overall. 76 in santa clara. 83 in gilroy. 69 degrees in sunnyvale. 61 the high expected in bailey city. 68 degrees in san bruno. it will be a cool 60 degrees. the coast, is going to see that morning influence. when you get and lynn, it will
7:52 am
heat up a bit. you can see there's going to be another warm up. pressure build. we will see of the way here. we will see the week will be midweek tuesday into wednesday. things will cool down, a little bit thursday. 92 degrees is the highest temp we are expecting. nothing compared to what we had last week. >> 92 is okay with me. low 90s is my threshold. just in case you were wondering.>> all right. in a moment will tell you why the panda population is on the rise.
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accused killer is causing a stir in social media. he launched a twitter account. >> coming soon to twitter, you will get to read my thoughts and opinions on about everything. it should be fun. i have getting even to do. speak up it is unclear what simpson means in an interview he said the twitter account will be as you heard, a lot of fun. he has things to straighten out. in two days, he picked up half 1 million followers. the 71-year-old all-star and actor is living in las vegas.
7:56 am
he has been keeping a low profile. he was released in 2017 for robbery. last wednesday, it has been 25 years since his ex-wife and her friend were stabbed to death. simpson was ultimately acquitted of those killings. the a's look to take a series against the mariners. the offense exploded last night for 11 runs on 13 hits. they had a three minus zero lead and cruised to victory. eight of the nine players had one hit. a solo homer in the second inning. take a look. he reached base four times. he drove in two runs. they pounded the mariners, 11- 2. the giants had a consecutive win today. it will extend the longest winning streak of the season. they beat the birds for second straight day yesterday. they trailed 4-0 but came back to rally and when.
7:57 am
it was one of the best of offensive runs of the season. they beat the brewers 8-7. the panda population is stabilized. it's increasing good and doesn't baby comes to researching breeding facility in southwest china are learning skills from others. they have been separated from parents after six months for breeding. they are not able to be with mothers until they are only three months old. going panda population makes that possible. the second world cup match in one hour from now. we are going live to the stadium, where there is a big watch party happening. plus and update on the crashes in palo alto this morning.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
from ktvu fox 2 news , this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> looking outside this morning, it is gray and chilly. if you were sweating and in sweltering heat earlier this week, this weekend might be a welcome sight. it will warm up soon enough. welcome to ktvu mornings on 2. happy father's day. it will warm things up, happy fathers day.>> we began with highway 101. they are back opened this morning in palo alto following two crashes. one of which was deadly. we have video of the second collision that happened at the same place on the other side of the freeway. we will show you that. possibles drake in the coming
8:01 am
weeks. it could affect how you workers, recently approved going on strike. what exactly they are fighting for. the women's soccer team goes for the second one of the world cup. we will be live at the stadium, there will be a watch party. we will have that great showing. they are trying to make it. bring a blanket. dress in layers. last week, there was no way everybody was in shorts. everybody's wearing jackets.>> did not think i was going to have to wear tights under my skirts anymore.>> these temperatures will not last too long. right now, my goodness. look at the clouds and fog taken over the golden gate bridge this father's day. it will be chilly along the coast throughout the day. inland though, it will warm up a bit things are going to be
8:02 am
nice today for father's day. father's day forecast, clouds and highs between 60 and 80's across the region. not too bad for father's day. if you plan on going outside, grab that jacket just in case. you can see how far out the clods and fog stretch inland. it affects temperatures across the region similar to what we saw yesterday. these temperatures you can see concord at 58 degrees right now. same with fairfield. 54 and oakland in walnut creek. 52 to start out your morning, and san francisco. cooler start to the day. similar to yesterday. it will warm up a bit today. cooler than normal for this time of year. today, the high in santa rosa will be 77 degrees. using normal, for this time of year is 82 degrees. earlier this week we were
8:03 am
breaking records. we were so well above average. it was unbelievable. now, we are below average. , the expected high as 68 degrees. below average. livermore is on par 80 degrees is the expected high. it is normal. we are expecting the highs to be slightly warmer. we have high pressure building. contraflow is weakening. that will affect us in the middle of the week. speak of federal investigators are looking into the rough landing of a jet at newark liberty international airport, in new jersey. the tire blowout as the jet touched down. it veered left of the runway. it left the passengers and crew with minor injuries. some delay operations are back to normal. hundreds of food service workers at the international airport have
8:04 am
approved going on strike. 98.9 workers who provide mills to delta voted to strike. they earn an average of $36,000 a year and save medical costs range two $9600 a year. more than half say they cannot afford it. they want higher wages and access to healthcare the workers union has not announced when the strike began. the fair mourning the loss of material boy, who drowned in a backyard pool. by vargas arrived at home at seven 30 friday night. they performed cpr but the child died at the hospital. this is the fifth drowning in the 10 one in the past two weeks. speak up every incident, it takes a toll. especially with little kids. it takes a toll. we get several drownings throughout the year but, it starts awfully quickly. >> investigators believe, drowning was an accident.
8:05 am
no other details have been released. today's commencement at stanford, administrators announced the school lost another student. the undergraduate was found at a campus residence. no word on the cause. school is in touch with the family. it is offered support. this is the fourth report of student debt at stanford since last february. the school credit or speaking forcefully about challenges and responsibilities. it is stanford's 120 at commencement. the ceremony begins at 9:30 amr president are breaking a big tech company that it could become a big campaign issue. speak up it is an unconventional campaign billboard in the center of silicon valley. the candidate behind it is not
8:06 am
a surprise. america's the beltway warrants plan is to break up google and amazon. because they want to be on fire in the baseball game. they also, want to run a bunch of teams in the game. many of the democrats running have weighed in.>> we are heading into another gilded age. harris takes a more cautious approach. the california senator, has held fundraisers intertech heavy backyard. she still throws a bone to the democratic party base. >> there is no question in my mind that needs to be serious regulation. pettitaborted the e candidate, who calls it a bad idea. speak i don't think the president shld >>reporter: big tech has been
8:07 am
the darlings of democratic hopefuls. barack obama was way ahead in harnessing power. security breaches through anger. now, some democratic candidates are leading a populist attack. speak of the fact that, jeff basalts wanted taxpayers to pay for his helicopter landing pads shows how he was from the beginning. speaker does anybody know how much amazon paid in taxes last year? zero. >> trump has attacked amazons leader on his social media twitter. trump has at times sounded a lot like his democratic rivals. he has not called for a big tech breakup. dan springer fox news. speak a we are one hour away from the u.s. women's soccer team second match. the americans will face chile.
8:08 am
back here in the bay area , there's a watch party in san jose. good morning, to you, alyssa. >> >>reporter: is a watch party fans are beginning to show up. i am not the only one wearing a puffy jacket. people are bundled up. it is chilly out here this morning. they are given away copy and paste three. there are games. it will be fun. chile has to win to stay alive. they will played their hearts out. the u.s. team is coming away from a huge win against thailand. the final score was 13-0. the team from chile has one of the best goalkeepers. they played chile twice. they won both matches. thailand took on sweden this morning. sweden won that game 5-1. this is the first match for the women's team they will play in
8:09 am
paris. if you want to join in on this watch party, it is free to enter. the concession stand is open. there are lots of activities for the entire family. live in san jose. plan for speak of mornings on tubal end in 30 minutes. we will go to ktvu class. they will show the game. it is the u.s. open, from pebble beach. that's from 11 am to 7 pm.>> police under fire today. the release of the video of the arrest and the lawsuit that has been filed. a little bird told me you
8:10 am
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the police are asking for help on whoever shot and killed a man in vacaville last night on i 80. they responded to a call at 6:30 pm last night. when they arrived, they found a man inside of the cup truck. it had bullet holes in it. the driver was found dead at the scene. they closed interstate fact and locate evidence th were reopened, no suspect was a wrongful death lawsuit against the san jose police department.
8:12 am
the family is suing the city in federal court. they claimed the 18-year-old was shot by officers, while he was suffering a mental health emergency. the family called 911 when he fired a gun and injured himself on independence day in 2016. relatives were told, keep the gun away from him. they hit it. officers say, he was carrying a gun when they arrived. they were forced to shoot and kill him when he pointed the gun. the officers were cleared of the shooting. video of a police arrest is called shocking and controversial. >> the guns were drawn yelling obscenities that young children. the incident happened, late last month police got a call, the family had stolen from the dollar store. attorneys representing the couple, say that dr. took the doll to the store without parents knowing. police acted with excessive force, when they pulled the couple over, and threatened to shoot the father. spiegel there were 12 officers
8:13 am
that all looked at discussed. the guy was acting. speak of the minute that video came to our attention, we began an internal investigation. i cannot go into detas. because the family said, the officer used unnecessary force. the store sells, and internal investigation into the shooting is underway. the family is seeking a $10 million lawsuit. the mayor released a statement saying, i recognized to get to the bottom of this issue, we are going to have some uncomfortable painful conversations. i, like many others am sick over what i have seen in the video. it is unprofessional. police art investigating 61 crashes. police officers say, car
8:14 am
crashed tire flew 150 feet into the air. it flew through the window of a business. the driver ran off. he was found later hiding and taken into custody. bart writers expect delays up to 30 minutes today. why there only single tracks running through san francisco today.
8:15 am
8:16 am
this is a cool song. let's get it started, by mc hammer. happy father's day, everyone. let's take a live look out tran you cannot this is the story we have been dealing with, for the last couple of days the fog will taper off. it is shaping up to be a cool father's day. we will see a warm-up in the middle of the week during we will talk about the extended forecast, coming up. only one track will be until six 30 p.m. tonight. delays will last up to 30 minutes. the agency says, delays killed last 30 minutes from 6:30 there moving maintenance vehicles away. it will take place next sunday
8:17 am
as well. one of the largest employers in oakland has a big announcement tomorrow. kaiser permanente is holding a news conference at 88 m to what it calls a major project in oakland. it will include the mayor. earlier this year, kaiser announced it paid 5 million for an apartment building. it is extending affordable housing. kaiser has nearly 7 half- million healthcare million. the third live in northern california. investigators say, a fire was started by a brush fire. the east contra costa buyer posted a video showing flames in the . near east 18th street. no reported injuries. there looking for any information about who may have been using fireworks here. environmentalists are finding this cd to building housing development at point bilotti. as we told you yesterday on mornings on two, it is hurting
8:18 am
animals in the .. they want an environmental impact file, before construction begins. they even hired an artist to show people what they think the development will look like. the millions of dollars to developer is willing to pay to build these units. environmentalists say the housing units would endanger the ecosystem. speak out when there is housing and infrastructure, and storm water coming out into the ll ha it would pose a safety risk. there are few roads into the . now. they believe it would require people who live in richmond now, to pay for roads and other infrastructure. if you are going outside to celebrate, you might want to bring a jacket. that's a good idea. spiegel bring a jacket or blanket, whatever it takes
8:19 am
because, it is a cool start to father's day. temps now, are very similar to what we saw yesterday. there are clouds and fog keeping is very cool. dig alive look at the golden gate bridge. fog is coming in hot. although it is called. here's a look at the weather headlines from the next couple of days today. we start out with clouds and partly sunny expected today. we do expect a warm-up. high-pressure builds. as onshore flow weakens we will see a slight warm-up. the warmest days this weekend things will cool down just a bit. really not too much. right now though, it is definitely cooler 54 degrees to get the morning started in oakland. 56 in hayward and fremont. 58 in concord, 52 in san francisco. it's a cool day like yesterday.
8:20 am
it much temps are very similar. definitely, below average for this time of year. we are checking anywhere from 10 degrees below average for this time of year. sure everybody wants to know what the father's day forecast is. if you have any plans on heading over to the giants game, it will be cooler. 53 and 63 is the high expected to one of 5 pm is when the game starts partly sunny at oracle park. bring a jacket. if you plan on going to the a's game, a similar story. 67 degrees is the expected high. 107 p.m. is the start time for the game. grab a jacket you won't need a jacket. look at the comparison. and a lot of people were complaining about the triple digit heat. it has cooled down. we have something for everybody. look at san francisco the high on tuesday was 91 degrees.
8:21 am
the high yesterday, was 59 degrees. very, very different forecast than what we talked about a couple days ago. summer is a couple of days away. things will warm up a bit throughout the next couple of days. the forecast of high today, not too bad. to be a very nice day. in san francisco the eight degrees high in oakland today. 84 warmer in concord. concord is about ra it's warmer today than compared yesterday. 84 in antioch, 80 high brentwood. a quick look at the south bay 77 degrees at the expected high- end san jose. anyone in morgan hill. here's a quick look at that 5- day forecast. you have that 84 degrees high today inland. it's going to warm up just a bit into the upper 80s for inland. may be reaching a low 90 by wednesday. midweek, is when we will see
8:22 am
the warmest temperatures. they are looking to cool down just a bit. it's really not too bad. for the start of summer around the corner, i feel like we saw the summer temperatures a couple of days ago. now it's not too bad. >> what a difference a couple days make, right? thanks. new opposition for uc berkeley faculty. on campus, the city is challenging project. on father's day weekend the bush family honors the late president. in a moment, the special gathering at the bush presidential library.
8:23 am
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to stop from forming a closer relationship with saudi arabia. they have introduced a bill,
8:25 am
that would slow down the process of selling arms to saudi arabia. some senators say, any weapons they sell will be used in the ongoing civil war with yemen. that civil war has resulted in thousands of civilian deaths. saudi arabia is an ally. speak up many adversaries like to cover all relations with saudi arabia. we cannot do that, we would lose saudi arabia as an ally. we would be handing the region to iran.>> the crown prince says pressure caused the murder of the columnist in istanbul year. mark will host a town hall tomorrow, to discuss the mueller report. is the second town hall on the subject matter. the first st month, was held in walnut creek. it featured an overgrowth overf
8:26 am
it will point out interference in the 2016 election. the town hall is harding elementary school. it goes from 6:30 pm till 8 pm tomorrow night. all 17 grandchildren honored george bush in the late first lady. they gathered at the presidential library. the president would have turned 95 and mrs. bush would have been 94. she died in april. he died, seven months later. it was the first time since the president was barry, all the grandchildren have been together. all right. day 27, one last check on the weather.>> cooler start to the day. taken alive look out, at the golden gate bridge. cloudy today and much of the region. it is pretty body and clouds
8:27 am
extending inland. things will continue to stay cooler than normal today. the highs and lend about 77. things warm-up to start off the work week. a little bit not too bad. it is interesting, because last week you could not get relief anywhere across the bay area. now you can see temperatures have evened out. it is not too bad for the start of summer. it is not that bad. >> we were not even in summer yet. spiegel it is not that bad. it is normal. yeah, yes. the temperatures are not too bad. i prefer 90 degrees. 92 degrees, is not that bad. speak up coverage from the women's world cup. that is coming up next. we are going to ktvu fox 2 news
8:28 am
plus . thank you, for watching.
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