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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  June 17, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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bystanders. good morning and thank you for joining us for mornings on two monday morning june 17 i am pan cook. how is whether looking?>> the weekend has been much cooler than what we haven't seen the last few days with no triple digit temperatures which is good news for lot. so to get out the door this morning it will be slightly warmer today than what we have seen the past couple of days, 5 to 100 warmer, but waking up to clouds which have pushed inland and we are seeing fog and coastal drizzle. tuesday we will see the high- pressure strength and a little more and we will see a bigger warm-up. monday into tuesday is when we will be seeing warmer temperatures and your extended forecast will cool down a bit. right now starting off the cool 56 to get you out the door at oakland, 55 at san jose, 54 at
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san francisco. so mid to upper 50s across the region, but it will warm up. highs today expected to reach 5 to 100 warmer than what we saw across the region yesterday. when you are driving around today in the morning commute you may see some fog and clouds along the coast and the bay, you can see clouds and fog in the future cast and as you move forward to 7 am this morning not too much as what we have seen the last few days but you can see it when you're driving around. and sal what is the morning commute like ?>> good morning and it is starting off well sarah and if you're starting on altamonte pass it looks good on 580 westbound and a little bit of slow traffic on 205, not too much but a little bit, once you
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get to livermore and pleasanton it is looking good with no major issues as you drive to 238 and interstate 880 and interstate 8 8680 commute looks good and if you're driving toward the bay bridge toll plaza it is light. now back to the desk the call the cut tunnel is completely reopened this morning but that is after the fourth bore was shut down because of a shooting which happened just before 8 pm last night via the chp said the driver was shot in the head but is expected to survive, that person was taken to the hospital and is not being identified. the chp says the passenger in the car wasn't hurt and investigators believe the shooting was an isolated incident but they are asking anyone who saw it to take place to call it was a deadly scene on highway 101 in palo alto as video shows a driver speeding past the crash scene and
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plowing into someone who was rl one person was killed and five others taken to the hospital. leigh martinez has more.>>reporter: began at 2 am sunday, a driver got onto northbound 101 driving in the wrong direction and collided head-on with an oncoming mercedes and the wrong way driver's vehicle caught fire and the driver was trapped inside. >> the officers on the scene did all they could to attempt to extricate or pull that party out of the vehicle and were unsuccessful. >> the wrong way driver died on the scene and while officers were investigating traffic slowed on the self down lanes and a bmw slowed it down but was struck from behind by a honda civic carrying a driver and three passengers.>> i was just waiting and people were going through and people looking at this side and hitting one by one >> within seconds of first responders rushing to attend to the new victim a nissan altima
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speeds through.>> some of the passenger parties got out of the vehicles and as far as we know right now at least one passenger was struck by another vehicle and they are in serious condition >> chp says a total of five people were taken to the hospital and the passenger who was struck in ghway remains in critical condition and as for the driver of the nissan altima. >> he was arrested under suspicion of dui did>> chp said these kinds of accidents is why they work so hard to get impaired drivers off the road and as for rubbernecking chp said is a driver be alert and remember your responsibilities behind the wheel and if you are a victim of a crash chp says it is best if you find a safe way to quickly get off the highway in redwood city leigh martinez ktvu two bay area men are facing murder charges for hitting and killing two pedestrians at the end of a pursuit with modesto
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police 24-year-old rodney hero's and antonio gaza were driving a stolen car when they were pulled over saturday, the men took off and start shooting when they taco truck seating area and killed two people but the men were arrested and being held without bail one of the two men blame for the ghost ship warehouse will testify today, max harris known as the creative director of the artist colony is scheduled to take the witness stand and earlier witnesses testified they felt harris was trustworthy and harris and derrico minna are charged with 36 counts of manslaughter in the deadly fire and the judge told the attorneys to be ready to start calling witnesses tomorrow afternoon we will continue to cover the trial every day that court is in session and we are posting updates from inside the courtroom on what is happening just go to the ktvu website to read a daily blog of the trial.
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the man accused of killing a young oakland woman at the macarthur bart station last july is due back in court today, the judge is scheduled another hearing on the is charged with stabbing mia wilson to death after she stepped off a bart train and her sister was also stabber survived entry experts have given him mental examinations but disagreed on whether he is fit to stand trial for today's hearing could help resolve the issue. as president trump is launching his reelection campaign tomorrow he is facing tough bowling numbers including lakes by his own campaign that shows him trailing many of the democratic candidates and several key states. >> there were fake poles released by somebody, it is ridiculous, we are winning in every single state that we have polled. >> despite his denials a senior trump campaign official confirmed three of the team five pollsters were fired for
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leaking the numbers >> it is another example of some of the reporting we have seen over time about the trump administration which is full work for him hide bad news from them because he responds badly. >> now those leaked numbers come from surveys dating back to march and the new fox poll also shows many democratic candidates eating the president and several states. at least one candidate is responding to the recent polling numbers and this is what sen. bernie sanders had to say. >> the polls go up and the polls down and the other part of the pole if i heard you correctly, chris, is i am beating pres. fairly concisely which is consistent with all of the polling i have seen.>> a recent poll also measured the oval rat 53% say they disapprove, 45% approve and the president did win when it comes to the economy, 57% they feel
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optimistic, 37% feel pessimistic. opening statements are expected to begin today in a wrongful death lawsuit against the san jose police department, the family of anthony nunez is suing the city and the claimed 18-year-old was shot by officers while he was suffering a mental health emergency. his family called 911 when he fired a gun and injured himself nearly 3 years ago and relatives were told to keep the gun away from him. i say that they hid it on the back patio but officers that he was carrying a gun when they arrived police say they were forced to shoot when he pointed the gun at them an investigation clear the officers of the shooting. an update now for you on an incredible story of survival.>> are you happy to be home?>> yeah. >> that is little four-year-old native on jackson back at home after accidentally shooting himself in the head months ago and it one point he was on life
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support and his family wasn't sure he would make it. doctors say he is getting stronger every day but still cannot walk his grandfather says the boys right side isn't as strong as his left but they remain confident he will eventually be able to walk again. the family says he found a loaded gun under a pillow on his mother's boyfriend was arrested in connection with the shooting and faces a number of charges including child endangerment. summer camps are the newest battleground in the fight against measles and coming up we will show you what is being done to stop the outbreak as kids enjoy their summer break. plus the latest on the search on a pilot after a crash into a lake.>> good morning, traffic is off to a nice start if you're driving on westbound bay bridge approach, light as you come up to the toll plaza.
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>> after a cool weekend we see a slight warm up to start the work week and i will have that extended forecast coming up.
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>> welcome back, today a big announcement is expected from one of oakland's largest employers, kaiser permanente plans all the news conference
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late this morning to announce details on whaa major projec. the oakland mayor is expected to be there and kaiser has nearly 12 1/2 million healthcare members and one third of them live in northern california. the search continues this morning for a pilot of an airplane that plunged into a lake in calaveras county yesterday at lake tulloch and authorities are trying to figure out what caused the plane to go off course and hit power lines here is more on the story. >>reporter: people in calaveras county are in disbelief after a single-engine plane crashed into lake tulloch just before noon on sunday. >> there was a rescue boat and they were circling one area. >> tuolumne county sheriff's investigators say the plane appear to go down with the pilot still on board striking pilot or power lines before plummeting into the water.
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>> he we >> it left voters on the lake stunned.>> i've heard of little planes going down but nothing out here. >> first responders said the planes emerged around 70 feet in the water making it difficult for rescue crews to recover the aircraft and witnesses say the plane had been flying low but that is not all that unusual for the poker flat area. >> they have airshows here every year and sometimes they fly too low. >> the crash knocking out power for hundred living and working in the area disrupting some father's day plans. >> the power is out and we were going to eat on that side at the restaurant but every thing was closed and we came back over here and everything was closed as well>> tonight the focus is on the search. still no of of confirmed
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cases of the measles has hit its highest level in 27 affect plans for many faof cases in new rooklyn and nearby counties and now summer camps in the area are requiring measles vaccinations for all campers. any of those camps are where kids from orthodox jewish communities spend their summers and in the past many families claimed religious exemptions from vaccination.>> it is a parent's right to choose or if you's vaccines based on their faith. >> i understand freedom of religion and we all do and we wish but it and i have heard the anti-baxter's theory, but i believe both are overwhelmed by the public health risk. >> now gned a bill that will and religious exemptions and the newer time reports 26 26000 students had
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religious exemptions this morni and six counties because of the extremely high fire risk in napa, solana, lake, yolo and colusa county's and all fires will be banned except campfires on campground some private pretty good property. >> good morning if you're driving on the gilroy super commute, it has been a nice drive from gilroy and hollister from the whole area looks pretty good to start continuing into morgan hills. traffic is looking good coming through and into the . for the have a nice drive in the valley right now with no major delays
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and that is what you get for getting up early, get your commutes into the latter part of july and hopefully we will see lighter traffic here for the summer time. this is interstate 880 at oakland in front of the oracle arena, traffic moving well in both directions. and here is traffic at the bay bridge which looks pretty good. filling in for steve today, good morning sarah.>> good morning sal, cool and breezy this morning, a little fog and drizzle along the coast, similar to yesterday and we continue to see these cooler temperatures radar shows how far spread the fog and the marine influence is pushing inland. starting out the day with that cloudy and foggy weather. but we are going to have relief which will clear up and we will see some warmth later today, 5 to 100 warmer today than what we saw yesterday. right now 56 to start at oakland and 55 at walnut creek
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and 58 at concord and san jose is 55 in san francisco is that 54 a cooler day. but later today it will warm up the models were a little off yesterday and we thought it would be reaching 90s but we dropped the temperatures down a little bit, and it will get warmer, santa rosa's high yesterday was 75 and today it will be 85. so you can see all across the region we will warm up did not as much as we thought we would but still significantly warmer than yesterday san francisco got to about 59 yesterday and today we expect them to get to 69. here are some extended views of the highest, fairfield and concord up to 88 today and 79 at hayward and 69 in san francisco, san jose up
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looking at the extended forecast you can see we are slightly warmer today and the ridge of high pressure builds tonight into tomorrow so we will see warmer temperatures tomorrow and it will drop down on wednesday through friday. into the weekend we are expecting an unseasonable cooldown. highs inland are in the low 80s by the weekend but today shaping up to be a nice day you may need a jacket going out the door but inland things do warm- up. we would like to remind you that you can download the ktvu weather app that has interactive radar and hourly updates on the seven day forecast and also an easy feature to upload your weather photos and video and it is a free download. the president is again at odds with the new york times, coming up a report in the paper that president trump says is all lines and the us women's soccer team has another victory under its belt, highlights in a preview of what is on tap for today.
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>> welcome back, gary woodland is the 2019 u.s. open champion, a lot of buzz was around tiger woods and he was 11 and of the leader and justin rose had a lead going into the weekend but a three over in the final round sank his chance, the reigning champion brooks koepka challenged but could not make up the four stroke deficit.
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>> it all kind of came out to me and i never let myself get ahead today and i kept telling myself it is never over, and when that last one went in it all came out.>> icing on the cake, winning on father's day was a picture-perfect ending, he has a two-year-old son and his wife is expecting twin girls in august the giants are in los angeles playing the dodgers tonight and they wrapped up the series against the brewers over the weekend with a chance to sweep the sears and the giants fell behind in the fourth inning when the ball hit off the wall and in the fifth the brewers hit a home run and the giants could not come back to get the sweep and lost 5-3 and tonight's game against the dodgers starts at 7:10 pm. and the a's the baltimore orioles tonight the coliseum and send afternoon they finished the series against the mariners and it was chris davis
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that day of her kids in attendance he showed off his that in the second with a monster home run, now the a's up in the fourth inning there is another home run but in the eighth the mariners had a hit and the a's lost on the father's day six the a's lost on the father's day 6-3 and tonight's game starts at 7:07 pm today is the busiest day in the women's world cup with four matches on the schedule and over the weekend team usa played the first match since the record-breaking 13-0 win over thailand and it was a reasonable score as the women's national team dominated in the wendover chilean team usa has punched its ticket to the knockout round and they will play sweden thursday. two of today's four matches can be viewed right here on ktvu and the world cup pregame show starts at eight at nine it is south africa versus germany and of germany wins they will advance to the knockout round. and at noon nigeria win and france could advance if they win. ktvu is your home for world cup
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and when we bring you world cup action on ktvu still watch mornings on two on on the did a robber in broad daylight was caught on camera and now police need your help to identify the culprits and help bring them to justice and surprising new poll numbers that could spell out trouble for president trump in 2020 .>> good morning, we have a nice- looking drive if you're coming up to the bay bridge. a little bit of delay in the outside cash lanes could>> we have a roller coaster of a forecast this week with a warm- up early on in cooldown in time for the first day of summer. i will explain coming up. the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate.
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today, life-changing technology from abbott
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is helping hunt them down at their source. because the faster we can identify new viruses, the faster we can get to stopping them. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest.
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>> good morning and thank you for waking up with us on monday morning june 17, i am pam cook. sarah is in for steve this morning with a nice forecast.>> depending on what you like, i am a fan of the really hot temperatures but i think i am alone.>> i think more people like mild temperatures. >> i would say so and i do not think a lot of people like 95 like i do. some new but we do have a little bit of everything for everyone this week, it is a roller coaster this week and we can start off by looking at the weather headlines and look at what you can expect going out the door this morning. you can expect clouds and fog and coastal drizzle. low clouds are pushing inland and the deep fog does remain. we expect the marine layer to compress today is an upper
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ridge builds which will clear the inland earlier than what we have seen the past few days. highs today expected anywhere from the mid-60s to upper 80s depending on where you are. here is a look at radar and you can see how far inland the clouds and the fog does go this morning but like i said it will clear out inland earlier today than yesterday and the day before the right now 56 at oakland, 58 at hayward and in concord, 56 at fairfield, san francisco is at 54. it is a cooler day that we do warm-up 5 to 100 warmer today compared to yesterday, these are the highs yesterday and the highs we are expecting today santa rosa could get up to 85 and concord 88. what is going on out on the roads sal ?>> off on a good stcommunity, fairfield and vallejo no issues driving into the bridge and 680 looks good to the concord area.
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if you're driving on 80 westbound from the bridge traffic looks nice and here at the bay bridge the outside cash lanes are getting crowded but the middle lanes do look good as you drive into san francisco now back to the desk. police in vacaville looking for shoplifters responsible for taking more than $8000 worth of merchandise and a store employee share this cell phone video they shot as a suspect strolled through a tommy hilfiger store last week and you see the person in the black hoodie stuffing the items in a bag. investigators said employers did the right thing by not interfering and the thieves walked out the front door and took off in a newer model chevy suv one person has been treated


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