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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  June 17, 2019 5:00am-5:58am PDT

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cool temperatures, 56 to start off at oakland and 58 at concord and 55 walnut creek and san jose is at 55 and san francisco 54. we will warm up and still not as hot as we thought it was going to be yesterday we thought we would reach 90 some spots we're hitting just shy of that and inland cities, 88 is where we expect to end up in concord and 79 the high expected for san rafael. san jose you will be at 82. it will warm up nicely we just have to wait a few hours. until then, sal what is going on with the roads? >> right now sarah a good- looking start, some of the freeways are getting a little slower, 580 at 205 this commute always slower at this time and right now have slow traffic on 205, there was a crash and it is being moved, traffic will be
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a little bit slow and once you get to livermore and pleasanton it is better. if you are driving on interstate. if you are driving on interstate 80 it when the major issubridge the d traffic is flowing normally through the entire called the cut tunnel but that is after was shut down last night after a shooting inside the tunnel and ktvu's elissa harrington joins us now to explain what we know so far.>>reporter: morning, one person was shot inside the caldecott tunnel inside the fourth bore headed westbound and someone opened fire from inside another moving car and hit the driver in the head and the chp shut down the tunnel for 2.5 hours to investigate and westbound lanes were also closed.
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the victim was taken to the hospital and a passenger in the car wasn't hit and the fourth court reopen around 1045 the fourth court reopen around 10:45 pm. we do not have us suspect description but chp said the car may have been white in color but we do not know the make and model and is for the victim that person is being treated at the hospital with serious injuries. was a deadly scene on highway 101 at palo alto is video shows a driver speeding past the crash scene and plowing right into someone involved in an earlier crash, one person was killed and five others were hospitalized, ktvu's leigh martinez has more.>>reporter: the chaos began at 2 am sunday as the driver got on northbound 101 driving in the wrong direction and then collided head-on with an oncoming mercedes in the wrong way driver's vehicle fire and the driver was trapped inside. >> the officers on the scene did all they could to attempt
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to extricate or pull the party out of the vehicle and they were unsuccessful.>> the wrong way driver died on the scene and while officers were investing that crash traffic slowed on the southbound lanes and a bmw slow down but was struck from behind by a honda civic carrying the driver and three passengers.>> i was waiting and people going through were looking at this side and hitting one by one. >> within seconds of first responders rushing to attend to the new victim a nissan ultima speeds through.>> some of the by another rties got out of vehicle on the road. serious co. >> this afternoon chp said a pe to stanford hospital and the
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passenger who was struck in the highway remains in critical condition and is for the driver of the nissan. >> he was arrested under suspicion of dui. >> chp said these types of accidents are the reasons why they work so hard to get impaired drivers off the road and as for rubbernecking chp says as a driver you have to be alert and aware of your surroundings and remember your responsibilities behind the wheel if you are a victim of the crash chp says it is asked if you find a safe way to quickly get off the highway. in redwood city leigh martinez ktvu. two bay area men are facing murder charges for hitting and killing to pedestrians at the end of a pursuit with modesto police. rodney kiaros and antonio gazo were driving a when en the men crashed the car into a taco truck seating area
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and killed two pedestrians, the men were without bail.>> one of the a chance to testify today max harris on his the creative writer of the artist colony is scheduled to take the witness stand and earlier witnesses testify they felt harris was trustworthy and harris and derick almena are charged with 36 counts of manslaughter in the deadly fire and the judge told the attorney of derick almena to be ready to call his witnesses tomorrow afternoon. ktvu will continue to cover that trial every day that court is in session we're posting updates from inside the courtroom about what is happening, go to our website to read a daily blog of the trial. the man accused of killing a young oakland woman at the macarthur bart station last july is due back in court today. the judge has scheduled another hearing on the mental competency of john cowell who is charged with stabbing mia wilson today after she stepped off a bart train and her sister was also stabbed but did
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survive. three experts have given him mental examinations but the disagreed on whether he trial o hearing it up resolve that issue. as president trump is launching his reelection campaign tomorrow he is facing tough whole numbers and that includes some by his own campaign that shows him trailing many of the democratic candidates in several key states.>> they were fake bowls that were released by somebody who is ridiculous, we are winning in every single state.>> despite his denials a senior trump campaign official confirmed three of the teams five pollsters were fired for leaking the numbers. >> it is another example of some of the reporting we have seen over time about the trump ministration that folks who work for him hide bad news from him because he responds badly. >> delete polling numbers come from surveys dating back to
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march and a new fox news poll also shows many of the democratic candidates beating the president in several states. >> at leasof the candidates are not responding to those recent poll numbers and here is what bernie sanders had to say. >> polls go up and pulled her down but the other part of the polis i heard you correctly chris is i am beating president trump fairly decisively which is consistent with all of the polling i have seen. >> recent polls show the president's approval rating, 53% say they disapprove and 45% to approve. the president did have a victory when it comes to the economy, 57% say they feel optimistic and 37% feel pessimistic. opening statements are expected to begin today in a wrongful death lawsuit against the san jose police department, the family of anthony nunez is suing the city claiming the 18-
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year-old was shot by officers while he was suffering a mental health emergency. his family called 911 when he fired a gun and injured himself nearly 3 years ago. relatives were told to keep the gun away and they say they hid it in the back patio but officers that he was carrying a gun when they arrived a police say they were forced to shoot when he pointed a gun at them and an investigation clear the officers of the shooting. an update for you and an incredible story of survival.>> are you happy to be home? yeah.>> that is four-year-old navon jackson and his back home after accident we shooting himself in the head three months ago at one point he was on life support and his family was not sure he would survive. doctors say he is getting stronger every day th cannot walk, and the grandfather not as strong ashe left but they remain confident he will eventually be able to
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walk once again the family said he found a loaded gun underneath a pillow and his mother's boyfriend was arrested in connection with the shooting and faces a number of charges including child endangerment. summer camps are the newest battleground in the fight against measles and coming up will show you what is being done to stop an outbreak as kids enjoy their summer break.>> and the latest for the search for a pilot who crashed into lake tulloch .>> good morning, the commute getting a little more crowded here on the san mateo bridge but it looks good to the peninsula.
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this morning today is the start of the paris air show where the world's biggest playmakers try to sell their aircraft to airline customers and boeing ceo is apologizing for the two deadly crashes involving a 737 max jet.>> safety is sacred in this company. and our people who work in the factories, the engineers who design our airplanes, to all of us in every corner of this business, safety is simply the top priority and everything we do. >> boeing executives say the company is working around the clock to safely get the 737 max aircraft into service again and
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the boeing ceo would not speculate as to when that might happen. southwest and american airlines have cleared the deck of the 737 max is from their schedule through the start of september and boeing's main more sales of its similar size plane in the air show lasts through the end of the week. now this is live at paris where plane makers are showing off some of their aircraft and you can see the boeing european competitor airbus. the airbus should be ready for customers by the year 2023 and will fly up to 4700 nautical miles and meanwhile france, germany and spain agreed to develop a joint european fighter jet and air combat system that could control drones and satellites. search crews are looking for the pilot of the plane there crashed into a lake in calaveras county, cal fire said a single engine plane power lines for diving into
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lake tulloch yesterday about 50 miles east of stockton witnesses say they saw the plane go into the water and the several ocked out power to the hours. the power was out and we were going on that side of the restaurant every thing was closed so we came back over here and everything was closed as well.>> search crews say the plane is about 70 feet underwater and several agencies are working together in the recovery operation. a big announcement expected from one of oakland's largest employers. kaiser permanente plants told a news conference later this point to announce details on what it calls a major project. the oakland mayor is expected to be there and kaiser has nearly 12 1/2 million healthcare members and one third of them live here in northern california did the number of confirmed cases of his highest levels and that could affect summer plans for many families and there have been hundreds of cases in york and mostly were
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in brooklyn and nearby suburban counties and now summer camps in the area are requiring measles vaccinations for all campers many of those camps are where kids from orthodox jewish communities spend their summers and in the past many of those families claimed religious exemptions. >> it is apparent right to choose or refuse vaccines for their own children been>> i understand freedom of religion, we all do and i have heard those against vaccines theory but i believe both are overwhelmed by the public health risk.>> now gov. cuomo has made it tougher for students to avoid being vaccinated as he signed bill that ends religious exemptions and the new york times reports 26 26000 students in york had religious exemptions last year calfire is expected to suspend burn permits and six california counties because of the extreme high fire risk and
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napa solano, lake, yolo, and colusa county's all outdoor fires will be banned except campfires. >> it was surprising that they are still allowing campfires.>> i would agree uld be the full to do not take all the precautions. >> not necessarily but sal i know you have talked to a lot of calfire representatives in the past and has always been an organized fire rings or there has been proper containment of the fire.>> i know, all of us have been doing this a long time and we all know what will happen if a targets out of control but let's switch gears to the gilroy commute. gilroy to san jose driving up into the valley it looks pretty good and we're hoping for a lighter day now that we are in a vacation season, a little bit of slowing into morgan hill.
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yes it is vacation season, sometimes people get on the road and they will not do the morning commute that is normal and that will help us a little, this is interstate 880 at the oracle arena and traffic is moving well in both directions's. and here at the bay bridge it is a little bit slow in the metering lights have been switched on but it is not that bad it is a 5 to 10 minute delay perhaps before you get onto the bridge filling in for steve today it is sarah. >> you forgot my name.>> i was going to say rosemary. you wear the same bright colored dresses. >> well it is the morning and i am happy to be here to deliver this forecast and for everyone who is so sick of the triple digit temperatures last week we saw that cooldown and that relief this week and bringing us into this workweek as you
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wake up this morning to low clouds inland and the fog remains pretty deep and there is patchy drizzle in the coastal areas but not as widespread as yesterday. the inland will clear sooner today than it did yesterday because the marine layer is expected to compress today and the highest today will be 5 to 100 warmer than yesterday and the forecasted highest mid- sixtt for now we have mid-50s for most of the region, if d8 in concord and 59 at hayward, mountain view 58 and san jose 55 and san so i cooler start and a breezy start to the day, fairfield at 18 mile-per-hour sustained winds and oakland 7 mph. sso walking 5 mph and half moon bay nine minus power. it is a windier morning, but as
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i said inland will clear today sooner than it has the past few days. highs today sitting just about normal for santa rosa reaching about 82, normal for this time of year is exactly that. the same with san francisco, san francisco is on par for the average the sum of your and oakland a little above average, the highs expected in oakland today around 73 and normal for this time of year is 71. forecasted highs today we will look expandrosa 82, san francisco had about 67 and hayward 79, antioch is expected to be 84 and fremont you should see about 78, pleasanton 85 and livermore 88 and gilroy you'll hit 84. looking at extended forecast we
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have the warm-up in high pressure building today into tomorrow so you're going to see the warm-up take us into tomorrow and then we will drop down a little bit wednesday into thursday and we will see cooling into the weekend. if you take a look at the temperatures you can see below average for this time of year and the start of summer is just a few days away and the temperatures are much different than what we saw last week but i'm sure a lot of people do not mind. >> i am okay with it the and by the way i sent two espressos to sal . the time is 5:20 am and the president is again at odds with the new york times, a report that president trump says is all lies. in the us women's soccer team as another victory under their belt, highlight and a preview of what is on tap today coming up. we're the slowskys.
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the warriors hope it would be one more victory parade in oakland but the nba championship parade takes place this morning north toronto beginning at 7 am and it goes from the raptors practice facility to the toronto city hall 2 million fans expected to line the streets to watch the raptors this morning and it a 9 gary woodland is the 2019 u.s. open champion after winning at pebble beach and mighty fine fashion and a lot of buzz was
5:24 am
around tiger woods but he finished 11 strokes off the leader and justin rose had the lead going into the weekend but a three over in the final round think his chances winning the open-ended raining defending champ brooks challenge woodland going into sunday, however he could not make up a four stroke deficit, gary woodland sank a big birdie on the 18 on his way to a 13 under at his first major victory. >> it all came out of me and i never let myself get ahead of me today, i told myself it is never over, and when it last goes in it all came out>> it was a big birdie on 18 winning a father's day picture-perfect ending and he does have a two- year-old son and his wife is regnant with twins due in the b
5:25 am
with a chance to sweep the series and the giants fell behind in the fourth inning and in the fifth the brewers will wrap a home run around the foul pole and that will be gone as well the giants could not come back and they did not get the sweet, losing 5-3. denies games against the dodgers is set to start at 7:10 pm. and the oakland a's host the baltimore orioles tonight at the coliseum, sunday afternoon they finished the series against the mariners and it was chris davis that day for the kids in attendance and davis showed us some of his batting skills with a monster home run to deep center and ramon mariana put the ace up in the fourth inning with a homework of his own but then in the eighth they got hit with bases loaded, they lost 6-3 and ainst orioles will begin at 7:07 pm. today is a very busy day, the
5:26 am
woman's world cup in france there are four matches on the schedule, over the weekend team usa played its first match since the big record-breaking and somewhat controversial 13-0 victory over thailand and much more reasonable scores, the women's national team dominated and a 3-0 victory over chile, they punched their ticket into the knockout round and they will play sweden thursday. two of today's four matches can be viewed right here in ktvu and the world cup pregame show starts at eight and at nine it will be africa versus germany, south africa rather. if germany does when they will advance, and nigeria will take on france at noon, france could advance if they win today's match and again ktvu is your home for all things women's world cup and whenever we bring
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you world cup action on ktvu you can still watch mornings on 2 we have to go over to ktvu plus or to where we will be streaming the games. up next a bold robbery in broad daylight caught on camera now police need help to identify the culprits and to help bring them to so surprising new poll numbers that could spell a lot of trouble for president trump coming up in 2020. more on that when we return.
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2 monday, june 17, i am frank malik of, for sleeping in dave clark. >> he does not sleep in, he is making coffee, good morning i am pam cook and it is nice to have frank and sarah in for steve and you are doing a great job on the weather. >> thank you, and thankfully steve left me with good temperatures as i do not have to report any triple digit temperatures thankfully as we left those last week and this is a newer week. we are starting off the week cooler than what we saw last week but it will be warming up. up to clouds and fog and coastal dr this afternoon it will warm-up 5 to 100 warmer than yesterday and tomorrow the peak heat of
5:31 am
the week, and then things will die down a little bit when it let's start talking about your morning if you're going out the door you can expect to see the clouds will burn off earlier today than yesterday. yesterday the clouds and the fog went well into the afternoon hours good temperatures cool at 56 at oakland, also fremont, 55 for san jose. san francisco is at 54. we will warm-up 5 to 100 warmer than what we saw yesterday, concord and fairfield you will have high 80s in san francisco 67 and san jose you will have about 82. what's going on sal ?>> what is your name again?>> oh come on >> you know what their, let's
5:32 am
start with the bay bridge up to the toll plaza where you will see a little bit of slowing but it is only about 10 minutes deep and it will keep going but not too bad. no major issues as we look at the east bay commute as we are off to a nice start and some of the drives are doing well. the silicon valley commute looks good and is i'm looking around to see any red on the map i do not solano county, going over to around 12 going over to around 121 mostly off to a good start. now back to the desk. >> one of the two men blamed for the ghost ship warehouse fire will get a chance to testify in court today. max harris could take the witness stand a little later today. good morning.>>reporter: good morning, prosecutors say that
5:33 am
max ayres was the creative director of the ghost ship warehouse and argue that he and derick almena are to blame for the deaths of the 36 people who died in this warehouse fire almost 2 years ago and the trial started in april and now harris could be taking the stand in his own defense and he and derick almena faced 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the 36 people killed in the fire and the night of the fire there was a party and a fire broke out and prosecutors argued the victims had no time or no way to escape and that harris and derick almena are to blame but their attorneys have argued the fire was set deliberately by some unknown arsonist and therefore they are not to blame but investigators have never found any evidence that the fire was arson leading up to today harris is attorneys have call for character witnesses to the stand, former friends, acquaintances and tenants that harris has testified is
5:34 am
trustworthy and honest and this trial resumes at 9 am this morning. the judge in the case said that she and other court officials are planning on opening up an overflow room to accommodate all the spectators because there's been a very high interest in watching this trial. police in vacaville are looking for shoplifters responsible for taking more than $8000 worth of merchandise. one store employee share this cell phone video they shot us the suspect strolled through tommy hilfiger store last week and you see the person in the black hoodie something items in employeethe right thing by not interfering. the thieves walked right out of the front door and took off in a newer model chevy suv. the lapd is investing the deadly shooting of a man at a southern california cosco for an off-duty la police officer police say that 32-year-old
5:35 am
kenneth french attacked the officer who is holding his young child friday night at a costco store in corona and the officer fired his service weapon killing french and critically injuring his parents in the officer was treated for his injuries and released. french is family told los angeles times he was mentally disabled. east bay congressman mark desaulnier is hosting a town hall to discuss the mueller report today and it is the second one on the subject and the first meeting was last month at walnut creek and mark desaulnier will discuss the mueller report's conclusions on interference in the 2016 presidential election as well as safeguards needed to protect the nation's democracy and future elections. the town hall is set to go at harding elementary school on fairmont avenue and el cerrito from 6:30 pm until 8 pm tonight. jury selection begins today in the military trial for the navy seal accused of war crimes, special operations chief edward gallagher facing a dozen counts which include
5:36 am
murder, attempted murder and obstruction of justice. people who work with him claimed he shot unarmed civilians in iraq including a school-aged girl and an older man. they also say he stabbed a teenaged boy who was being treated by us medics in the boy later died and there's evidence that gallagher and his commanding officer posed for photos with the boys body this trial is set to begin in san diego. the supreme court soon issue some of the biggest decisions of the year. the justices have yet to issue rulings and 24 cases and the course current term ends in about two weeks. earlier this month justice ruth bader ginsburg suggested split decisions from the court to be ticipated re the end of the ruling will determine whether the 2020 census can include a question about citizenship. iran says it will break the uranium stockpile agreement that it agreed to in the next 10 days and this development follows suspected attacks on
5:37 am
oil tankers in the persian gulf and the us blames those attacks on iran and secretary of state mike pompeo says the us is considering a response and all options are on the table including a military action and at the same time he says the us does not want war with iran.>> we do not want war and we have done what we can to deter this and iranians should understand clearly we will continue to take action that will deter iran from engaging in this kind of behavior. >> secretary pompeo says the us has evidence proving iran is behind the tiger attacks in the was already released surveillance video apparently showing iranian sailors removing an unexploded mine from one of the takers. president trump blasting the new york times for publishing a story about the united states ramping up its efforts to hack into the russian power grid and the newspapers that is all part of an attempt to combat criminal and cyber warfare and they also state as part of a bolder strategy to combat russian
5:38 am
interference here in the us. the president says the report isn't true but the times is standing by its story and secretary of state mike pao was asked about the story during an appearance on fox news sunday >> i have seen the story this morning but i have nothing to say about the contents of that and i do not talk about intelligence matters but president trump has been crystal clear . we will do everything that we can to prevent any country from interfering in any election in the united states of america wish the ll continue to work previous administration had done the same >> the times said that two sources told him it is possible the president had not been briefed on the hacking effort and the report also says us officials are also examining how russia may launch its own cyberattack on power grids here in the us president trump is facing new tough whole numbers as he
5:39 am
prepares to launch his reelection campaign tomorrow. many of the democratic presidential candidates will appear together at a forum today in washington dc and that is where ktvu's doug luzader is this one with the latest, good morning.>>reporter: good morning, much of this depends on how much you trust the polls and if you do president trump has ground to make up . it was tough to get a glimpse of president trump yesterday as his motorcade returned to the white house from playing golf but he is gearing up this week to announce his reelection campaign and just like back in 2015 when he made his now famous escalator ride in trump tower to announce his bid he is an underdog in a new fox news poll shows just about every top gin of error even him or if he has been dismissive of the entire field. >> everybody knows joe does not her frankly, and i see bernie sanders is not doing well at all. >> there have been changes for
5:40 am
democrats. front runner joe biden's lead has narrowed and bernie sander has dropped some 10 points since march. >> i explain it that polls go up and polls go down but the other part of the pole if i heard you correctly is i am beating president trump fairly decisively which is consistent with all of the polling i have seen.>> on the rise is elizabeth warren but they're likely to be plenty of changes ahead as gloves begin to come off and today 10 democratic candidates are expected to face off at the poor people's campaign forum here in washington. and on twitter this morning president trump is deriding what he calls fake polls it back to you. up next thousands of students graduated from stanford over the weekend. when we come back you will hear from apple ceo tim cook, his message for the graduates and
5:41 am
for tech companies as well. >> o.j. simpson stepping back into the public spotlight and we will show you his first message to his area bridges it is a nice start and if you're driving on 92 san mateo bridge that looks good to the peninsula. >> clouds, fog and coastal drizzle to start off the morning but we will warm up nicely this afternoon. what you can expect after the break.
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5:43 am
welcome back, we do have some breaking news we are covering, we want to take you live to las vegas or you can see this is a large fire at an office building. we are told this is east of the las vegas strip near the hard rock hotel and casino if you know the area. it started about 3 am and the
5:44 am
building does have several if those are any , not clear businesses on the street level or retail type of businesses. again a live picture from las vegas but no word yet on how that fire started. we will continue to update this story throughout the morning so stay with us. you may want to check your pantry, the maker of ragu pasta sauce is issued a voluntary recall on the company says some may contain pieces of plastic, chunky tomato garlic and onion in the 45 and 66 ounce jars are recalled, the old world style traditional and old world style meet in the 66 ounce jars, so far no reports of any injuries. 250000 pounds of frozen burritos are being recalled after being reported to have small rocks inside and
5:45 am
is there for the eight packs of frozen monterey potato bacon wraps, products produced between january 17 and 18th with best if used by date of january 70 than at seat and 18th of next year. the new service from richmond to san francisco launched earlier this year and was expected to carry about 500 people a day but it is carrying nearly 750 passengers a day. a huge spot is reportedly due to the overcrowding of freeways and bark and the writers say they much more than the roads as well and the in berkeley, redwood city and even treasure island a lot of san francisco police officers will be lacing up the running shoes this morning for a good cause but the special olympics northern
5:46 am
california law enforcement torch run will make its way through the city streets today beginning with a ceremony at 8 am with the mayor and the police chief at union square and the 9 mile run will go past locations like oracle park and the ferry building but at a speech during the commencement ceremony in sanford apple ceo tim cook urge silicon valley tech companies to take responsibilities for the problems they create and he began yesterday's speech by praising the tech firms as they have created some of the most revolutionary inventions in modern history and also commented that social media platforms connect half the world's people. then he spoke of data breaches and ations.>> lately it seems this industry is becoming better known for a less noble innovation. the police that you can claim credit without accepting responsibility. we see it every day now with every data breach, every privacy violation, every blind i turned to hate speech, fake
5:47 am
news poisoning our national conversation. >> he did not call other companies by name but he did tell the class of 2019 that if you built a chaos factory you cannot dodge responsibility for the chaos. he rounded out speech with advice to the graduates on leaving a legacy and following their own path to success.>> i cannot remember who was my commencement speaker 1000 years ago but it was not the ceo of apple. >> i cannot either and mine was not either. >> and how about you sal , you went there? >> i cannot remember offhand but i do remember that the after party was the party to be at. probably should not go into it little slow as you drive on 580 and 205 which typical, we're
5:48 am
not getting what i hope to see at some point during the summer when these commutes get light. but i would commutall and it is normal and once you get to livermore it is looking okay. just a touch pleasant and as you drive southbound on 680 and likewise from 238 down to hayward have slow traffic and more at tenison. traffic looking good as you drive into san jose from this point and at the bay bridge it is backed up for attend a 15 minute wait and once you are on the bridge it looks good and even though it is overcast the fog is not low enough to impact visibility for drivers. sarah is here in place of steve this morning. >> you remembered my name this time, thank you. we do have cooler temperatures to start off your monday morning and of little fog, if you look at the camera at s sf
5:49 am
sfo. we have fog and coastal drizzle plus some clouds to get going and the persistent onshore flow and partial clearing means it will be cooler at the coast today but inland will really warm up. nearly 100 warmer than yesterday and tomorrow is when we will see the heat peak because of high pressure continuing to build today into tomorrow and the weakening of the west wind which will bring temperatures up and more seasonal for this time of year. for now it is cooler, 56 at oakland and walnut creek, 59 for hayward and 58 for redwood city and san francisco is sitting at 54 with nap at 56. a cooler start to the day and a breezy start. 80 mile-per-hour sustained when in fairfield and 7 mph in oakland. s sf sfo about 5 mph, san jose
5:50 am
14 mph sustained wind speeds. it is breezy and cool and if you go out the door now you will need a jacket, depending on where you are going it will warm up. inland shows forecasted highs today at 88 for fairfield and concord, brentwood could break the 90s. we are expecting oakland to get to 73 and berkeley a comfortable 72. so it will be nice throughout the region, san jose you see a high of 82, gilroy 84 and pleasanton 85. so really similar to what we saw yesterday inthe warm-up for sure and it will continue into tomorrow. you can see inland temperatures will upper 80s and some low 90s and around
5:51 am
the bay we will see upper 70s, mitoday and on the coast we will see highs in the 60s. if we get into the later portion of the week the temperatures dropped out just in time for the start of summer and we will see unseasonably cool temperatures but today is not too bad. massive demonstrations continue on the streets of hong kong. the message they are trying to deliver to government leaders and a florida man hopes to break a box office record of his own and see what this three- hour movie is not a problem for a fan of the avengers but first we want to take you outside. san francisco, just a little fog overhead, you are watching mornings on 2. a little bird told me you
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back, oj simpson is a low-profile session released from prison two years ago but this weekend made a very public debut on social media come he launched a twitter account saturday and said to his followers he would be able to send all his thoughts and opinions on everything the 71- year-old said he had a little getting in to do.>> this is yours truly and coming soon to
5:55 am
twitter you will get all of my thoughts and opinions on just about everything, there is a lot of fake oj accounts, this one @therealoj32 is only official one, god bless and take care>> as of this morning he already has 622000 followers. a florida man is on a mission by setting a world record by watching the latest avengers movie every day. he has seen the avengers in game 117 times and he wants the to beat the guinness record for watching the same movie the same or any times and the last record was the man infinity wars 103 times. >> i work 10 snack and then com here>> if you think watching the same movie more than 100 times would be boring he disagreed saying that each
5:56 am
showing is a different express and even though he's already beaten the record he wants to watch the movie to hundred times to be on the safe side but now coming up we are following the latest development after a shooting inside the caldecott tunnels and we will talk about how long one of the boars was closed and the war of words between the united states and iran continues this morning and the new threat iran is issuing after being accused of attacking two oil tankers.
5:57 am
5:58 am
the ghost ship warehouse trial continues today and oakland and the key witness that is expected to take the stand this morning.>> the caldecott title has reopened after a shooting late last night and alive report in just minutes on the search for is mornings on 2. >> thank you for joining us on this monday morning june 17 i am pam cook, and i am glad to see.>> and i am frank mallicoat
5:59 am
and now over to sarah for the weather. good morning, it will be warming up a little today which is nice because i thought it was too cold this weekend. last week was insane and really hot but we will not get anywhere near that. unseasonably cool temperatures over the weekend and last week it was on season was well because it was so hot but today it will just be slightly warmer been waking up this morning to clouds and fog and drizzle longer coast but it will clear out and be a mostly sunny day today for the inland areas we will see cooler temperatures along the coast because of the persistent west the marine influence is pushing and heavy. forecasted highs today mid-60s to upper 80s, but right now it is a little cooler, 56 to start out your morning in oakland and walnut creek and also fremont.
6:00 am
58 in redwood city and 54 at san francisco, san jose is at 55 today a little breezy, 18 mph sustained wind nevada and napa 5 mph. sf0 6 mi./h and san jose 30 miles per hour. today we will warm up 5 to 100 warmer than the highs yesterday and you can compare the highest here, santa rosa to about 75 is a high yesterday and today expecting to reach 82, san francisco got to about 59 in today 67, yesterday when we were forecasting those highs without today would be much warmer but


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