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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  June 17, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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forecasted highs today mid-60s to upper 80s, but right now it is a little cooler, 56 to start out your morning in oakland and walnut creek and also fremont. 58 in redwood city and 54 at san francisco, san jose is at 55 today a little breezy, 18 mph sustained wind nevada and napa 5 mph. sf0 6 mi./h and san jose 30 miles per hour. today we will warm up 5 to 100 warmer than the highs yesterday and you can compare the highest here, santa rosa to about 75 is a high yesterday and today expecting to reach 82, san francisco got to about 59 in today 67, yesterday when we were forecasting those highs without today would be much warmer but the models were off,
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without get into the 90s in some areas but not so much concord will reach 88 is the high which was higher than yesterday at 82. san jose high yesterday was hin okay sal what you have for us?>> the typical commute on the richmond bridge approach although a little slower driving over to the toll plaza, it is not really too long but there is a little waiting, e. shore freeway 20 minutes of not too bad, the backup begins at the macarthur maze for 20 minutes before you make it onto the span a little slowing on highway 4 and slowing in hayward on 880. now back to the desk. oakland police are
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investigating three overnight shootings that injured three people, when officers arrived they found someone with a bullet went to the ankle and moments later a second should which was on macarthur and her 90th avenue and east oakland with no reported injuries and then shortly before 2 am someone was shot in the neck near fairfax and foothill and that person is expected to be no suspect disruptions. one of the two men blamed for the ghost ship warehouse fire gets a chance to testify in court today, harris known as the creative director of the artist colony is scheduled to take the witness stand and earlier witnesses testify they felt harris was trustworthy and he and derick almena are charged with 36 counts of manslaughter, and the judges told the attorneys to be able and ready to call witnesses tomorrow afternoon, ktvu ise co
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blog on our website the caldecott tunnel is open once again for the commute but that is after the fourth bore was shut down because of a shooting which happened inside the tunnel itself and ktvu's elissa harrington joins us live along highway 24 and a driver was injured in the shooting. good morning.>>reporter: good morning, scary stuff considering tens of thousands of people travel through this tunnel on a daily basis, chp says it was an isolated incident so there is no additional threat to drivers this morning and this all happened shortly before 8 pm night when somebody opened fire inside the tunnel hitting another driver in the head. the chp had to shut down the tunnel for 2.5 hours to investigate and the victim was taken to the hospital, also a passenger in the car was not
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hit. the fourth bore finally reopened around 10:45 pm but during that time the traffic was diverted to the third bore. the shooter still hasn't been caught and chp is still looking this morning but we do not have a description of the suspect but they say the vehicle that person was in was white in color but we do not have a make or a model. one person was killed and five people recovering after back to back crashes on highway 101 palo alto and these crashes happen just after 2 am sunday morning. chp said her driver was going the wrong way on the northbound side of the freeway and that driver crashed into an oncoming car and later died on the scene about 30 minutes after the crash and with the chp still on the median of the freeway there was a second crash on the southbound side of 101 and the chp believes a passenger in one of those cars then got out and
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was hit by a nissan altima in a third collision.>> i was waiting, there were people looking at this site and hitting one by one. >> the driver of the nissan altima was arrested on dui charges and it took more than five hours to totally reopen both sides of the freeway. santa rosa police are looking for a gunman who robbed a gas station at 11 pm site on the show station on granville road. the clerk told police the hooded suspect pulled out a silver handgun and demanded cash the clerk handed over the money and the gun was last seen running behind a nearby safeway store and anyone with information on the case is urged to ca police department the man accused of killing a young oakland woman at macarthur bart station last july is due in court today and the judge is scheduled another hearing on the mental competency of john cowell. he is charged with stabbing mia wilson to death after she stepped off a bart train at the station and her sister was also stabbed exrts have given mental
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examinations but disagreed on whether he is fit to stand trial at today's hearing can help resolve that issue. opening statement suspected to begin today in a wrongful death lawsuit against the san jose police department, the family of anthony nunez is suing the city and they claim the 18-year-old was shot by officers while he was suffering a mental health emergency. his family called 911 when he fired a gun and injured himself nearly 3 years ago relatives were told to keep the gun away from him and they say they hid it on the back patio but officer say is caring about one they arrived and police say they were forced to shoot when he wanted a gun at them and an investigation clearly officers of the shooting. tonight pittsburgh city council is instructed to formally commit to joining six other cities and contra costa county to do devout the county's northern coastline. the other cities are hercules,
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oakley and brentwood and they are working on a long-term development program designed to bring 18,000 jobs to the county's 55 mile northern california coastline today a big announcement is expected from one of oakland's largest employers, kaiser permanent lands on holding a news conference later this morning to announce details on what it calls a major project. the mayor is expected to be on hand and kaiser has nearly 12 1/2 million healthcare members one third of whom live right here in northern california celebrations rang out several bay area cities. berkeley hundreds of people checked out the music, the art, the clothing and everything set up along the alcatraz corridor. there was plenty of food and music to enjoy, it commemorates the day and 1865 when slavery
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ended in texas and now it is celebrated as the emancipation of enslaved african americans in confederate states. >> it means is getting out here in celebrating our heritage and our culture and coming together as a community and having fun. it is not just for african- americans but for everybody. there were other celebrations in san jose, oakland and richmond yesterday, the official american holiday is wednesday. up next, a document is out and today marks four years since the deadly shooting inside the charleston south carolina church and the message they are trying to deliver and the role that stefan curry played in helping this film come to theaters. the billing ceo making his first apology after the two air disasters and what he had to say this morning at a big air show in paris. >> good morning, if you're getting on the road soon most
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iran says it will break the
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uranium stockpile limit it agreed to under the nuclear deal in the next 10 days and this development falls the suspected attacks on oil tankers last week in the persian gulf on the us blamed those attacks on iran and secretary of state mike pao said the us is considering a response and all options are on the table including military action. at the same time he says he does not or the us doesn't want war with iran>> we do not want war and we have done everything to deter this and we will continue to take actions to deter iran from engaging in this behavior. >> secretary pompeo says this is evidence that proves iran was behind the attack and there is surveillance video showing iranians removing one of the unexploded this morning the pre of china will make a state visit to north korea later in the week according to chinese state media and the president will meet with the north korean leader during a visit thursday and on friday. the trip would be the first by
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a chinese leader in 14 years. protesters in hong kong are chief executive to resign because of a controversial extradition bill demonstrations are taking place again outside of the office of chief executive carrie lamb, more than 2 million people flooded streets in protest over a proposed bill that would allow for hong kong citizens to be extradited to mainland china chief executive lamb suspended a vote on the bill and definitely and has apologized and protesters say they have less confidence in her ability to protect hong kong's autonomy from china. today san francisco police officers are taking part in the special olympics northern california's torch run and ktvu's cristina rendon is live with a run set to begin a good morning.
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>>reporter: good morning, this is a northern california special olympics torch run that will get started right here at union square a special ceremony will kick things off around 8 am and it will be a very big event of more than 3000 law enforcement agencies coming together for the annual torch run and it is a tradition all about raising money for special olympics proceeds directly benefit more than 23,000 children and adults and this money provides free year-round sports training, competition, excessive school programs and just a few days ago we spoke with sfpd about this special event.>> sfpd participants because it has the right thing to do, we been doing that 20 years now running the flame of hope through the incredible city of st. francis and it gives us an amazing amount of joy to assist special olympic athletes in northern california and we know that by running we are contributing to the cause
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and helping out, to raise much- needed funds to get them to them.>> the torch run wiof h 9 mile the route will pass by the ferry building as well as oracle park before returning to union square and a cable car will follow in case any officers or runners get tired or need a break and various law enforcement agencies have been passing along this torch throughout northern california and it will ultimately end up at uc davis campus which will kick off the 2019 special olympics northern california summer games. so a very big event happening this morning and the events are slated to start at eight this morning and a lot of city officials will be on hand as well and of course we will be here to bring all that information once it begins. live in san francisco cristina rendon. all right safeinated and jo
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us now from the traffic ask.>> are you sure? >> properly is a point of contention but i have had coffee, now let's look at the approach of the bay bridge from the e. shore freeway and that would be a 23 minute drive that is pretty good for this time and we get to macarthur mesa you'll see slow traffic and add a number of 20 minutes before you make it onto the span. highway 24 is slow and we are seeing some of the summer vacation in effect which is good, southbound eight 880 slow traffic through hayward that it gets better as you leave hayward and no slowing and union city or fremont yet and the silicon valley commute is looking pretty good. i do want to mention there is a crash at the corner of san
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antonio and middle roads in palo alto. 6:16 am and we bring in sarah doing the weather for today>> cool start to this workweek which is much different from last week where we saw triple digit temperatures which is a nice sign of relief for those who do not like to be hot. this morning is nice and cool, marine layer to compress because of an upper ridge building meaning the inland clear out sooner. we will see yesterday, this afternoon we are seeing a warm- up of about 5 to 10 then yesterday's temps. it will get even warmer tomorrow but still it will not be too bad. we will not see 100 at all in the next few days which is good news. right now we have a comfortable 57 to start out the morning in oakland, 58 at hayward and 56
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in fremont and san jose 55. san francisco 54. this is a 24 hour temperature change and we are already seeing the high pressure building and we saw that building last night into today and also tomorrow and you see it in temperatures. these are temperatures yesterday compared to today and use the oakland is already 30 warmer compared to this time yesterday, same with hayward, concord is 20 warmer than this time yesterday, so not much but just the slight warming that we are talking about and like i said we are not seeing any type of triple digit temperatures let's keep it into perspective, on to say these or the highs we saw, concord got up to 105 and today's high is 88, santa rosa got to 100 on tuesday and the high will be 82 san francisco was 91 the high that the city got to on tuesday and today
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just a cool and comfortable 67. if you're not happy with the warmer temperatures just be happy it is not triple digits santa rosa sitting at 82 today, oakland 73, hayward 79, fairfield 88 and also concord. highs in the mid 60s to upper 80s, 88 for livermore and 86 at morgan hill. looking at the extended forecast the warm-up continues into tomorrow so today inland sea mid-sixties and tomorrow's inland mid-80s, upper 80s, cooling things off on wednesday. you can look at the areas around the bay and you to upper 70s and then we drop into the lower 70s and low 80s inland. the coast for 60s to wrap up the week but today is a nice
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day but pam we are seeing that warm-up. >> thank you sarah and as she was of the hotter weather it is here and that means an increase in the risk for wildfires and up next what several bay area counties are doing today to try to prevent fires from starting also at a target store over the weekend the lines were long and we will tell you what happened which led to lines of frustrated customers.
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welcome back to mornings on paris air show where the world's biggest plane makers try to sell their planes to the airlines and the boeing ceo is apologizing for the two deadly crashes involving the 737 max. >> safety is sacred in this company. and our people who work in the factories, the engineers who design our airplanes, to all of us in every corner of this business, safety is simply the top priority in everything we do. >> boeing executives say the company is working around the clock to safely get the planes back into service but no word on when that might happen southwest and american airlines have cleared the 737 max jets through their schedules through
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the start of september and boeing's main rival the european airb g to get more sales of its similar sized plane. target stores back in business this morning after computer problems crashed all the registers over the weekend the target is big computer problems starting saturday afternoon. a global system outage shutdown cash registers at all the stores and it lasted a few hours. many shoppers just abandoned their carts and left and then yesterday afternoon some stores were unable to process credit card payments for about 90 minutes. target says that was an issue with the retailers payment vendor adding no payment information was compromised at any time. the maker of ragu pasta sauces is issuing a voluntary recall, the company says some varieties may contain pieces of plastic and the recalled sauces are the chunky tomato garlic and onion and that is in the 45 and 66 ounce jar did in the old
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world style traditional and old world style meet in the 66 ounce jar and so far no reports of any injuries. about 250 about 250000 frozen breakfast burritos are being recalled after there were reports of small rocks inside the take a look at the picture and recall, a pack of frozen a monterey egg, potato, bacon and cheese sauce wraps produced between january 17 to january 18 with best if used by dates of january 17 and 18th of next year in a speech during a commencement ceremony at stanford apple ceo tim cook urged silicon valley tech companies to take responsibility for the problems they create and cook began his speech yesterday by praising the tech firms that have created some of the most revolutionary inventions in modern history and also commended social media platforms that connect half of the world people. then he spoke of data breaches and privacy violations.>>
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lately it seems this industry is becoming better known for a less noble innovation. the belief that you can claim credit without accepting responsibility. we see it every day now with every data breach, every privacy violation and every blind i turned to hate speech, fake news was an international conversation.>> cook did not call out the companies by name but he told the class of 2019 that if you build a chaos factor you cannot dodge responsibility for the chaos. he rounded out his speech with advice to the graduates on leaving a legacy and following their own path to members of his polling team and the reason for the changes before he even officially washes his reelection campaign. and it was close finish, the
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u.s. open at pebble beach, we will tell you how tiger woods and brooks kept her and other top golfers finished but right now we want to take you back down to monterey just down the road from pebble beach or a few miles up the road i should say it is nice, a little foggy and a little cool, you're watching mornings on 2.
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there is the opening bell live this morning on the new york stock exchange right on time. it looks like a little bit of a mixed opening come shares of auction house so the beast soaring in pretraining after announcing a deal this morning and we will talk about that and all the business news coming up in today's dollars and since it >> good morning one and all on this monday morning on mornings on 2, i am frank and for dave and over to pam.>> and i am pam cook, the first before we get to the weather, which is certainly heating up, that means there is an increase virus and calfire is going to suspend burn permits and six northern california counties in napa, sonoma, solana, lake, yolo and colusa county and all fires but campfires will be
6:31 am
banned and those will be allowed in designated campgrounds in areas. but again fire season is here and the fire risk is high and sarah is in for steve to tell us more>> calfire now says while fire season is all year- round.>> after what we have gone through.>> definitely and right now it is going to be cooler thankfully and last week was not so good for a lot, we saw a cool down this weekend and we will continue that this morning but things do warm-up just a bit. we can start off taking a look at the radar. there is widespread clouds and fog and it remains deep and we also see patchy drizzle on the coastal areas which is actually not as widespread as yesterday and we do expect the marine layer to means the inland will clear
6:32 am
did yesterday. just be aware of that as you go out the door, you will see clouds overhead a little 57 at currently at hayward and mountain view, 55 right now san jose and concord sitting at 58 in san francisco a cool 54 it really depends on what you like them if you like the cooler temperatures we have that and if you like the warmer temperatures we have today as well but eight mile-per-hour sustained wind speed and concord and 6 mile for our and navarro and 7 mph at oakland. san jose has 30 mph wind. the marine influence is keeping us cool but things do warm-up, 5 to 100 warmer today than what we saw yesterday, 88 is where we will land in concord and fairfield, san jose will reach 82 and mountain view 77, san francisco 67 and center fail
6:33 am
79. it will be a warmer day today and tomorrow will be even warmer than today, sal , so it depends on what you like although i am partial for the warmer temperatures. >> 73 in oakland and 67 in san francisco is not too bad, thank you. now let's take a look at the roads as you come to the bay bridge, you see traffic is backed up to the maze, not a bad commute and there have been no major issues as you drive into the area traffic continues to look good on 880, 680 a little flowing from concord to walnut creek and along highway 4 but for the most part easing little flowing but the south bay so far so good. one of the two men blamed for the ghost ship warehouse fire could get a to testify in max
6:34 am
harris could take the witness stand today.>>reporter: max harris according to prosecutors worth the creative rector of the ghost ship they argued had a direct role in organizing the illegal party that was going on the night of that deadly fire. leading up to today the attorneys of harris have called character witnesses to the stand, people he was friends with and former tenants who testified he is an honest and trustworthy person and today harris could take the stand himself in his own defense, harris and derick almena both face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the 36 people killed in the fire. there was a party of the and it fire broke out that night and prosecutors argued the victims of that fire did not have any time to escape and harris and derick almena are dibarsonists but at and thr
6:35 am
investigators have never found any evidence of arson is the cause of the fire, the trial resumes around 9 am this morning because of the high interest in the case, the judge said she and other court officials will set up an overflow room to accommodate all the additional spectators. live in oakland allie rasmus ktvu news . president trump is launching his reelection campaign tomorrow and he is facing very tough whole numbers including some leaked by his own campaign that show him trailing many of the democratic candidates in several key states.>> they were fake polls that were released by somebody, it is ridiculous, we are winning in every single state that we have polled. >> despite his denials a senior trump campaign official confirmed that three of the teams five pollsters were fired some of the administration t is
6:36 am
wishes those who work for him hide bad news from him because he responds badly.>> the poll numbers come from surveys dating back to march and a new fox news poll also shows the number of democratic candidates beating the president in several states. >> at least one of the candidates is responding to the recent whole numbers and here is what sen. bernie sanders had to say.>> both go up and polls go to the other part of the poll if i heard you correctly chris is i am beating president trump fairly decisively which is consistent with all of the polling i have seen . >> a recent poll also measured the president's approval rating, 53% say they disapprove and 45% approve the president had a victory when it comes to the economy, 57% feel optimistic and 37% feel
6:37 am
pessimistic. a new law goes into effect in california july 1 which will be on hunters from using any ammunition with lead. the concern is lead ammunition in animals shot by hunters that are then eaten by birds like the california condor or bald eagle can harm the birds and hunters who violate the lead ammunition band will be fined up to $500 for the first offense and also risk losing their hunting privilege. the supreme court could issue some of the biggest decisions of the year and the justices have yet to issue rulings and 24 cases and the court's current term ends in about two weeks earlier this month justice ruth bader ginsburg suggested split decisions on the court could be announced before the end of the term and one highly anticipated ruling will determine whether or not the 2020 census include a question about citizenship. police in vacaville are looking for soft lifters responsible for taking more than $8000 worth of merchandise. a store employee sharing cell
6:38 am
phone video they shot as the suspects strolled through a tommy hilfiger store last week. you see the person in the black hoodie setting the items into a bag and invest your say employees did the right thing by not interfering. the thieves walked out the front door and took off in a newer model chevy suv. two the area men are facing murder charges for hitting and killing two pedestrians at the end of a pursuit with modesto police, rodney rodney kiaros and antonio thousand or driving a stolen car at the time and when officers try to pull them over saturday they took off and started shooting at the officers and the chase ended when they crashed the car into a taco truck seating area killing two pedestrians. those men were arrested and are being held without bail a man three children are safe this morning after being rescued by the coast guard when they became stranded while on a canoe trip in sonoma county and
6:39 am
coast guard station bodega bay released video of friday's rescue and they say that they were stuck near campbell cove after strong wind prevented them from paddling to safety and rescuers used a rope to everyone safely back into the bay and the coast guard said this is a reminder that weather conditions can change quickly and able to always be prepared for the worst four years ago today a white man walked into a bible study class at an historic african-american church in south carolina and near the end of the meeting dylan roof shot and killed nine members of that church and today director brian ivey, actress viola davis and the warriors stuff very are releasing the movie emmanuelle that tells the source of the victims families and the surprising action. here is a clip.>> and act that he presumed would to
6:40 am
our nation's original oh, that god works in the alleged killer never anticipated the ways of the family would respond when they saw him in court in the midst of unspeakable grief with words of forgiveness, he could not imagine that.>> staff curry said he wanted to be a part of the project because the film shows compelling and authentic faith, it has limited showings, it is just today and wednesday at 10 theaters around the bay area. a call for changes on helicopters after last week's crash into a new york high-rise what new york sen. chuck schumer once on board every single helicopter. getting around using
6:41 am
various, which route is thing 50% more ridership than expected>> now let's check it what is coming up in the next hour on mornings on 2. >> good morning, we talked about how most nt says she got an ear full on her recent rideshare ride here in the east bay and what she said the driver say about the lgbtq community and muslims, what she did to document it and why she said that lyft actions in response are not enough now some questions over safety in the dominican republic after the recent deaths of seven american tourists and the shooting of former red sox slugger david ortiz have people rethinking their trips to the dominican republic and we will talk about the safety there with travel experts. we will be right back. compare comcast business to your current provider.
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welcome back, a big weekend of golf, gary woodland is the 2019 us open champ after winning the major at pebble beach over the weekend, a lot of buzz around tiger woods, he bogeyed yesterday finishing 11
6:45 am
back, and the back to back champ brooks koepka challenged woodland going y inbut he ran out of time and could not make up the ground gary rattlin or gary woodland wins that 13 under and this is his first major victory.>> i never let myself get ahead all day today, it is never over it is never over but when it went in that last time it all came out.>> and that was the last one, he birdied 18 in style winning on father's day which is a perfect ending as he has a two-year-old son named jackson and his wife is pregnant with . today's the busiest day in the women's world cup with four matches on the schedule. over the weekend team usa played its first match since the record- breaking 13-0 win over thailand. it was a more reasonable score
6:46 am
women's national dominated in a 3-0 win over chile and team usa has punched their ticket to the knockout round playing sweden thursday two of today's four matches can be viewed on ktvu and the world cup pregame show starts at eight and at nine it is south africa versus germany out of germany wins they will advance to the knockout round than at noon nigeria plays host nation france, nigeria can stay alive with a big victory and france can advance if they went today's match do not forget ktvu is your home for all things world cup and whenever we bring you world cup action on ktvu you can watch mornings on 2 on ktvu plus or we always stream online at our site la taking on the front running dodgers, they wrapped up a series with the brew crew over the weekend with a chance to sweep milwaukee and the giants fell behind in the fourth inning with this ball off the wall. it will die and that will score a run in the fifth, the brewers
6:47 am
did a round tripping and this will wrap around the foul pole and if you hit it it is a homer and it is gone and the giants did not come back and get to sweep losing 5-3. tonight's game against the dodgers starts at 7:10 pm and the oakland a's hosting the orioles tonight at the coliseum, sunday afternoon finished off a series against the mariners, chris davis had a big day, davis shut off his batting with a monster homered to deep center and ramon said i can do it, forfeiting a homerun of his own, but in the eighth the mariners got a hit with them loaded up and they are all coming home, the a's lose on the father's day 6-3 at tonight's game against the orioles will start at 7:07 pm. maybe expressing some franchise fatigue as a result of the weekend box office revealed disappointing numbers.>> we are the men in
6:48 am
black. the men and women in black. >> that is right, men in black international opened in first place with 28 1/2 million dollars in sales from only about half of what each of the three previous men in black movies took on the first weekend in the newest installment features chris hemsworth other franchise reboots also struggled to make a splash this weekend. the secret life of pets two had $24 million and aladdin had a third with 16 at half million and we will sell toy story for does after its release at the end of the week and this is a closer look at the new royal baby is the royal family share this sweet photo of baby archie, sunday morning on instagram this photo shows a glimpse of his face and his father's hand including the message wishing a special first father's day to the duke of sussex. the post already has more than 2 million likes on instagram.>>
6:49 am
a new ferry service in the bay area new service launched earli this year and was expected to carry nearly 500 people a day. while a lot more have shown that . nearly 750 passengers a day and the huge response is reportedly due to overcrowding on the freeways and on the bart and they say they enjoy their commute across the bay much more and a theory of increased revenue is expected to meet expanded service possibly to berkeley, redwood city and treasure island.>> so great it is doing well and a lot of people have been wanting that ferry to the redwood city to relieve that traffic on 101, right sal ?>> especially for the richmond theory and if you look at the interstate 80 you today is not that bad as matter fact let's go take a look at the part of the world, let's go to the richmond bridge, it is
6:50 am
so slow, a little better than normal on some of the commute so we are beginning to see a gradual effect, six minutes at this time of morning to get to this spot isn't bad and we get to the macarthur maze you will see slow traffic waiting at the bay bridge toll plaza unless you are in the carpool lane spirit but we do have some time off for some people as it is a little lighter than usual in oakland and on the east bay with slow traffic on highway 4 and 680 but i have been doing this for a long time and i can start to see some of the june effect is people are on vacation and southbound 680 you do see slowing here in pleasanton so give yourself extra time and on 880 it is slow from hayward to union city. 6:50 am doing the weather for steve it is sarah. >> here i am with the weather forecast, it will be nice to some people, cooler for others, it depends on where you are throughout the bay area, inland will be warmer but the coast will be cooler but everyone is
6:51 am
waking up to the a.m. clouds and we are seeing fog and drizzle along the coast. it will clear up inland pretty soon and we expect to see mostly sunny skies with forecasted highs today mid 60s to upper 80s depending on where you are. the marine layer is expected to compress today as the high pressure builds which means the inland will clear earlier today than it did yesterday if you are out driving early yesterday morning like i was you may have seen some of the drizzle in the east bay and that drizzle is sectioned off just to the coast right now. cool in san francisco at 54 to start, 57 at oakland and 56 four fremont, san jose comfortable at 55 and concord 58. we will warm up 5 to 100 warmer today compared to yesterday and we are already seeing the warm- up. this is the 24 hour temperature change. this is what our yesterday oakland right now
6:52 am
tree degrees warmer than this time yesterday and the same thing with napa and concord 20 warmer than this time yesterday, san jose a bit cooler than what we were yesterday. some areas are about normal, santa rosa about 82 high we are expecting in the normal for this time of year is 82 the same with san francisco, 67 the high expected in the city and today 67 is the normal. livermore will be heating up a little more above average with 88 expected high and 81 is the normal. now let's get an expanded view of the hyannis. fairfield reaching 88, there is a chance vacaville will break 90 and 74 high for richmond and it walnut creek you get to 86 and oakland 70 but cooler, pleasanton about 85. san jose
6:53 am
you will reach around 82 and ju depends on where you are. if y like the 80s go over to daly city with a high of 67 and the same with san bruno. here is a look at the extended forecast. we do see high-pressure really building today into tomorrow so we will see the slight warm-up today but then tomorrow is the peak of the heat is the inland tomorrow will be reaching upper 80s for a lot of those inland cities and around the bay we will have mid 70s today and upper 70s tomorrow, in the 60s along the coast. once you get into the later part of the week and weekend we are going to cool off pretty significantly and these temperatures are below average for this time of year but for now frank the temperatures are not too bad. >> a far cry from a week ago. thank you.
6:54 am
it is a project that would create 150 new apartments for uc berkeley faculty but now the project is under fire from the city of berkeley. up next why city officials have already filed two lawsuits against the project. but first a big turnout in hawaii to clear up some very popular beaches all littered with trash and right now we are give you a beautiful live picture from yosemite national park, tourism is picking up. here are the sites that yosemite falls, you are watching mornings on 2. stay with us.
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6:58 am
senator chuck schumer calls for flight recorders of the helicopters after a helicopter crashed. the ntsb says there is no way to tell if anything unusual happened. the faa's request to require so call black boxes on helicopters for years. search crews are looking for the pilot of a crane -- plane that crashed into a lake. firefighters say it hit power lines before crashing yesterday. witnesses say they saw the plane go down into the water. >> we were going to eat on that
6:59 am
side because everything was close. we k over here and everything was close. there was no power. >> search crews say the plane is about 70 feet underwater. several agencies are working together and that recovery. a lot of searches at waikiki beach over hawaii to pick up trash. hold -- close to 100 people carried up to 10,000 pounds of trash. pounds. >> they say it has to be the first court to ban single-use plastics the end of the year. a florida man has buyers
7:00 am
remorse this morning. he paid diagram for whom he thought was worth about 177,000 bucks. what he really purchased was a strip of land but needs -- between the duplex. making things really complicated his land goes through the garage is of both homes. all roles are open this morning after a shooting inside of a tunnel. we are live in the east bay tell you what happened. and the go ship warehouse trial continues today in oakland. one of the two men is expected to be on the stand today. find out what witnesses are saying.


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